Best Buddies Walk-a-Thon Pledge Form by qpv40869


									Lake Tahoe Bike to Work, School and Play 2009 Pledge Form
      Thank you for supporting the Lake Tahoe 2009 Bike to Work, School and Play!
      All proceeds raised will go directly to funding the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition Public Bicycle Rack Fund.
      Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $20.00.
      Any Questions? Email:

Fundraiser Information

Name: _______________          Address: ___________________________________                             Phone: ________________

  Sponsor’s Name                          Address                                Phone                 Amount        Maximum      Miles logged
                                   (include postal code)                                             pledged per      amount          and
                                                                                                       mile ($)       pledged     Amount paid

 Please make checks payable to Tahoe Bicycle Coalition Public                    TOTAL:
                     Bicycle Rack Fund

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