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					 Twitter Marketing Tips - 7 Unorthodox Strategies to
              Use Twitter For Business
 Twitter marketing is a highly effective way to drive traffic to your content and establish
an online presence in the quickest amount of time. Here are 7 "weird" ways to unleash the
                    immense power of Twitter in your small business.

                                     1. Be Vulnerable

 To be naked is to be human. When you start sharing your hopes, dreams and fears, you
connect with people on a visceral level. Remember, people buy from who you are before
                                they buy what you sell.

                                    2. Tick People Off

   There's a saying that when you try to please everybody you will please nobody. Be
    opinionated and the people who adore your persuasion will become your fervent
                          followers. Polarization creates sales.

                                    3. Tweet Nonsense

This sounds crazy, but hear me out. People hit up Twitter to chill and catch up with news.
 People don't go on Twitter to do business, at least not deliberately. Hit their funny bone
                          and they'll respond by noticing you.

                                     4. Become Yoda

 People are addicted to positive thinking quotes on Twitter. The more motivation quotes
  you Tweet out, the more you get tweeted. The end result: People think you're a deep
                             thought leader worth following.

                                   5. Start Dealin' Cool

  Again this bears repeating, people don't go on Twitter to be sold to. Instead, they go to
  find breaking news and time-wasting Youtube videos. Here's the key: Give them what
 they want (the cool), and they'll give you what you want (the green). So go on Digg and
                                   tweet those links away.

                                   6. Be a Master Asker

Don't be afraid to ask for a specific action on your Twitter feed, for example a retweet. If
you don't ask for retweets, people will not give you one. If you don't ask for props, they
                     may not give you one. Ask and you shall receive.

                                   7. Ooze Sex Appeal.
Be as suave with people as you would in real life. Offer compliments, be amicable, crack
      a joke or two. You'll be surprised how well this translates in the online space.

             And this will help you get as much Twitter traffic as possible.

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