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									50 years committed to the
future of industrial design

It all began in 1953 at an industrial design congress                                     50 years after being founded, Icsid now counts over
in Paris, where Jacques Vienot, a French industrial                                       150 member organisations in more than 50 countries,
design pioneer, tabled the idea of creating an inter-                                     representing an estimated 150,000 designers from
national organisation to support the aims of national                                     educational institutions, promotional and professional
industrial design associations. In 1957, after much                                       organisations, as well as consulting practises and cor-
discussion and debate on the best way to do this, the                                     porations. Amongst the thousands of design organisa-
first Executive Board of the International Council of                                     tions around the world, Icsid is still unique in bringing
Societies of Industrial Design was elected at a special                                   together a truly international range of design voices,
meeting in London. Shortly thereafter, the official reg-                                  which gives a broad perspective to each one of our
istration took place in Paris and Icsid was born. Back                                    projects. By facilitating international collaboration,
then, we consisted of just twelve societies from ten                                      Icsid represents the multi-faceted nature of design
countries.                                                                                today and utilises the resources of its members to im-
                                                                                          prove the world in which we live – hence our guiding
Icsid soon gained an international reputation as the                                      principle:
leading organisation for industrial design and worked
with many world bodies to develop the profession
and initiate a movement committed to using design
to improve the world around us. Numerous activities
have taken us around the world, where more than 20
                                                                                          Global solidarity and design
countries have hosted an Icsid Congress and General                                       for a better quality of life
Assembly, and engaged leaders in design education,                                        around the world.
promotion and professional practice into its programs
and its work. By the late 1970s, Icsid’s membership
consisted of 52 societies from more than 30 countries.

       Today, Icsid exists to:

       •   Research design principles and the evolution of design
       •   Advance the profession of design, its status in society, and the protection of intellectual property rights
       •   Further design education and the continuing development of practicing designers
       •   Promote design activities and well-designed products, services and systems in the world’s regions
       •   Develop a better understanding of design for the benefit of all human beings

The Icsid 50 logo has been created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design
Even though Icsid has grown a great deal since 1957, we
                                                                                                                                                               Logo Usage
continue to gain strength in the organisations that embody
our international member base. Icsid members are central to         The Icsid 50 logo has been provided to all Members in
our success and play a large role within the organisation, by       celebration of our 50th anniversary year. We encourage
supporting and leading initiatives in their home countries and      you to use it as widely as possible to show that you are a
beyond. In return, Icsid strives to be the voice of its             proud member of Icsid during this special year.
members by supporting and promoting their projects and working
together with them to improve the quality of life around the
world through better design.                                        Suggestions for usage
These goals are achieved in a number of ways:                       Letterhead
                                                                    You may want to use the logo on your letterhead
eNews • our monthly newsletter is circulated to thousands of
design professionals and enthusiasts and highlights member
and industry news from around the world.

www.icsid.org • the portal through which the network comes
together for information on design-related activities, events
and news.

Congress • a biennial forum for international networking and
discussions on pressing issues. The next congress will take
place in October 2007 in San Francisco.

General Assembly • a biennial opportunity to shape the
direction of the organisation, where members can voice their
opinion and elect the Executive Board. The next general
assembly will also be held in San Francisco.
Endorsed Events • a wide range of international design              Displaying the logo on your own website is a great way
events, including competitions, conferences, exhibitions and        of showing your support to our celebration. Remember to
workshops that conform to international standards and are           link back to www.icsid.org
promoted throughout the network.

Special Projects • larger-scale projects that go beyond
‘regular’ endorsements, such as developing global competitions
and international collaborative concepts.

Interdesign Workshops • a solution-based forum for
                                                                                         Q u i c k T i m e ™       a n d       a
                                                                             T I F F      ( U n c o m p r e s s e d )       d e c o m p r e s s o r
                                                                                 a r e      n e e d e d       t o       s e e       t h i s      p i c t u r e .

designers from different countries and cultures to meet and
work together to solve a local design problem with international

Regional Meetings • an opportunity to discuss issues that
are pertinent to a specific region and to develop strategies to
advance the design profession in that area.
                                                                    The Icsid 50 logo may be used on other promotional
Education Network • an online resource where education              materials for anniversary celebrations, events and
members connect with each other and with other membership           publications. Members are encouraged to use the logo for
pillars to share experience, post and read articles and feature     any event in connection with the anniversary.
outstanding work.

Icsid Corporate Innovators • a program that identifies and
develops partnerships between Icsid and companies that realise      Guidelines
the value of innovation through design.                             When using the logo, we ask that the following simple
                                                                    guidelines be respected:

                                                                    1. Do not change the colours of the logo
   You can become involved in any or all of the activities listed
                                                                    2. Do not separate elements of the logo,
   above by contacting the Secretariat at ngriffiths@icsid.org         i.e. graphic elements must remain with text
     We look forward to working with you more in the future!

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