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									                                    MEDIA RELEASE | June 10, 2008

                                    Top Designers Explore Future of Digital Village in Vancouver’s
                                    False Creek Flats
                                    Vancouver, B.C - Great Northern Way Campus (GNWC) has completed Phase 1 of
                                    a major planning exercise for the re-vitalization and development of its 18.3 acre
                                    former industrial site. On Saturday, June 7th, three teams consisting of
 BRAD FOSTER                        prestigious architects, landscape architects, urban planners, and experts in
 Director of Marketing &
                                    sustainable systems conducted a planning charrette. The teams presented design
                                    and development concepts that aim to transform the place into a model district
 TEL       778.370.1005             of the city emphasizing leading edge sustainability practice, academic excellence,
                                    and entrepreneurial vigor.

                                     “The exercise was a tremendous success in creative place making. Each team
 Great Northern Way Campus          delivered unique and innovative concepts for the future development of this site,
 577 Great Northern Way
                                    creatively demonstrating sustainability, connectivity with the adjacent
 Vancouver, BC V5T 1E1
 Canada                             neighbourhoods, and the alignment of a new light rail transit line and station,”
                                    said, GNWC President, Dennis Pavlich. “Together they will bring vibrancy to a
                                    planned campus and residences in a new commercial and new age industrial

                                    “Also critical was each team’s demonstration of how we can ensure the social
                                    and financial success of the development through innovative phasing and
                                    retention of existing buildings on-site,” he added, emphasizing the need to work
                                    with the city and the surrounding community as well as with technology

                                    The planning exercise explored urban design, site planning and overall
                                    sustainability opportunities for the former industrial site (and surrounding
                                    neighbourhood context). The concepts developed by each team will inform the
                                    development of a master plan outlining the preferred evolution of GNWC
                                    together with appropriate complementary land uses, public open spaces, roads
                                    and community amenities. Each team clarified key project issues including:

577 Great Northern Way
Vancouver, BC V5T 1E1                                                                                          
                                           THE GREAT NORTHERN WAY CAMPUS | PRESS KIT

    Commercial space and jobs
    Financial parameters
    Site statistics and land use ideas
    Context plans and relationships
    Illustrative site plans
    Building form and character
    Campus and neighbourhood character
    Transportation and parking strategies
    Sustainability, including addressing greenhouse gas emissions, low levels of
    water consumption, and innovative uses of storm water and waste water.
    Alternative modes of transportation
    The need for a light rail transit line and station
    Ways to attract students and young people to the site
    A variety of housing types
    Making GNWC a cultural destination to stimulate activity
    Design for 24/7 operation
    Open space

The planning charrette was preceded by a vision symposium and a series of
academic, community and business roundtables. A public Open House will be
hosted on campus on Saturday June 21, 2008.

Phase 2 of the planning process will begin in the coming months, following the
GNWC Board of Directors endorsement of the draft master plan.

For further information on the planning process please visit or contact Brad Foster at . Imagery is also available.

GNWC gratefully acknowledges the Province of British Columbia for its support
of the Symposium, Roundtables and Design Charrette.

About GNWC
Great Northern Way Campus (GNWC), located in the industrial area of
Vancouver, BC , is a place for unique, collaborative university campus
environment that combines the strengths of four leading academic institutions:
University of British Columbia; Simon Fraser University; Emily Carr University of
Art + Design and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. As part of an urban
area, the campus has the mandate to intersect arts, technology and the
environment in a manner that bridges academia with industry, artists with
technology, and innovation with development. It is an integrative environment
that builds community and celebrates innovation.


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