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 Issue 29, August 2009
The title of our newsletter is Olé! The letters O, L and E are the initials for Olive Leaf Extract. In Spain, where olives are at the very heart of their
   culture, the word ‘olé’ (o-lay) means ‘bravo’ or ‘perfect’ - and that’s what thousands of people are saying about our life-changing extracts.

 New Generation                                               Olive Leaf...
 Olive Leaf?                                                  Best of 55 Medicinal Herbs!
 Do your childhood memories include a
 daily tablespoon of cod liver oil? Or maybe
 a good shot of castor oil was your parent’s                  Research conducted at Australia’s Southern Cross University (SCU) has
 torture of choice!                                           identified the olive leaf as the most powerful, radical-scavenging antioxidant
                                                              of 55 medicinal herbs. ¹
 From the reports we are receiving it seems
 that a whole generation of Aussie kids are                   The research team from SCU’s Centre for Phytochemistry & Pharmacology
 now being dosed daily on our fresh-picked                    tested the 55 herbs using the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC)
 Olive Leaf Extract. But this generation’s tonic              method. Their objective was to prioritize the herbs for further studies.
 is different …                                               The herbs tested included antioxidant rich species such as Milk Thistle,
 While cod liver oil and castor oil were pretty               Ginseng, Tea Leaf, Black Cohosh, Sage and Virginia Skullcap.
 tough to swallow, our product development
                                                              This study supports previous research showing that liquid extracts made
 team have won the support of children
                                                              directly from our fresh-picked Australian olive leaves have 400% greater
 across the nation by adding some totally
                                                              antioxidant power than Vitamin C, and are much more powerful than the
 natural, mixed berry flavouring to our OLE.
                                                              ‘super juices’ such as Noni, Goji, Acai and Mangosteen.
 The number of bottles leaving our warehouse
 on trucks every day proves that they have                    This outstanding result for the olive leaf yet again confirms the cell-protecting
 created a winner - or maybe it’s due to the                  and healing potential of this wonderful tree.
 secretive adults (like myself!) who take the                 ¹ Wojcikowski, K., N.D., Stevenson, L., Ph.D., Leach, D., Ph.D., Wohlmuth, H., N.D., M.N.H.A.A., & Gobe, G., Ph.D.,
 Children’s Mixed Berry OLE as the flavour of                 “Antioxidant Capacity of 55 Medicinal Herbs Traditionally Used to Treat the Urinary System: A Comparison
 choice.                                                      Using a Sequential Three-Solvent Extraction Process” The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine,
                                                              Volume 13, Number 1, 2007, pp. 103–109
 Whatever the reason, the very pleasant
 flavour should ensure that this generation
 doesn’t choose to stop taking their daily
 health tonic on their 18th birthday!
                                                              Tour Olive Leaf
 With 400% more antioxidant power than
 Vitamin C, clinically proven cardiovascular
                                                              Australia Online...
 benefits, and its suitability for the whole
 family, we’re expecting our fresh-picked                     Have you ever wanted to actually visit
 Olive Leaf Extracts to be around for the long                the pristine olive groves where your
 haul. Maybe even for generations.                            fresh-picked Olive Leaf Extract is grown,
 Sincere thanks again for your ongoing                        harvested and produced? Now’s your
 support and belief in the healing benefits of
 this amazing tree.                                           chance, and it’s free!
                        May your years be                     Simply visit www.olea.com.au and go to the “Olive Grove Video” link under
                                                              “About Us” Click on the PLAY ( ) symbol in the middle of the screen and Voila!

                                                              – you’re amongst the olive trees!
                        Kind regards,
                                                              The video is a few years old but still gives you a stunning tour of the beautiful
                        Julian Archer                         400 acre property. It takes you right through from the history of the Archer
                        Business Development                  family’s health discovery to the modern operations at Olive Leaf Australia.
                        Manager                                                                                                                                         Enjoy!

                   What will our extracts do for you?!
    Five years on OLE                                        it works                                                   what I would be like on the recommended
    “After initial use the changes to my overall health      “We are a family of five                                   dose. Whooo hooo... Go Granny.”
    were quite dramatic. Energy and overall wellbeing        who have been taking                                                      Roz Tucker, Aberfoyle Park, SA
    improved. Now my wife and daughter also use              your olive leaf extract                                    A winning combination
    your Olive Leaf regularly. A great product which         for approximately two                                      “A very happy dermatologist on a recent
    we promote where we can. We are 85 and have              years now and haven’t                                      visit claimed my skin is looking the best it
    been using Olive Leaf for five years.”                   looked back. Since our                                     has ever been. Along with exercise, plenty of
                    Edmund (Jock) Leadley, Malanda, QLD      three children have                                        water and your Olive Leaf Extract I feel this is
    A gift from the                                          been taking it, they                                       a winning combination” .
    gods                                                     haven’t been sick for                                                      Bruce Paterson, Blackburn, VIC
    “Where do I begin                                        over a year now. Thank
                                                             you for making a great                                     i have never felt better!
    to tell of the                                                                                                      “I have been taking your Olive Leaf Extract
    unbelievable results                                     product the whole
                                                             family can take. I am forever recommending your            for 18 months. I’m still sleep deprived from
    I received as a result                                                                                              my toddler but I have never felt better!
    of taking your Olive                                     product because I know it works”  .
                                                                                   Christine Bortolotto, Kilmore, VIC   My husband, mother, work colleagues,
    Leaf     Extract!!!!!!?                                                                                             housekeeper and neighbour are all now
    I have been taking it                                                                                               taking Olive Leaf Extract. Thank you for such
    for approx two years                                                                                                a great product!”
    now & the feeling                                                                                                               Belinda Wilson, Mount Crosby, QLD
    of well-being is
    extraordinary. I take                                                                                               Fantastic
    the prescribed amount for cardiovascular health                                                                     product
    and the assistance to my system. I just feel                                                                        “I would just
    sensational all the time. More energy and a sense                                                                   like to thank
    of well-being. I have recommended it to people                                                                      you for such
    I have met all over the world. Thank you for                                                                        an     awesome
    delivering to the world, a gift from the gods.”                                                                     product. I used
                       Karl Cotter, Hornsby Heights, NSW                                                                to get a nasty
                                                                                                                        health condition
    Excellent, Superior, High Quality Product                                                                           whenever I was
    “I travel excessively, and I am constantly searching             “The olive tree is surely the                      emotionally
    for products that may benefit me in which ever                                                                      or physically
    country I may be in. Often these are alternative or              richest gift of heaven.”                           stressed. Since
    complementary heath products. Whilst some have                   Thomas Jefferson – President of                    I started using your Olive Leave Extract
    been successful, the effect was often short term.                the United States from 1801 to 1809.               regularly nearly two years ago ... it has reduced
    Having recently been gifted a bottle of your Olive                                                                  to such a rare occurrence; I forget I even have
    Leaf Extract, I started taking 15mls every morning                                                                  the problem. I find I have much improved
    and have never been in such great shape! My              Wow, wow and double wow!
                                                             “Wow, wow and double wow! I have suffered with             energy levels. Not so much in terms of more
    energy levels have soared! My overall health has                                                                    energy, but rather, less of the highs and lows
    improved. People comment on how great my skin            a health problem for the last ten years. I am now
                                                             digging, weeding, raking, sweeping, ironing etc etc        of energy that used to be the norm for me.
    is looking and I appear to be so much healthier! I                                                                  Once again - thank you! I’ll be sure to keep
    have been on your OLE for 4 months now and do            for hours on end with ABSOLUTELY no problem.
                                                             Yesterday I went to my doctor who was amazed at my         passing around the message to everyone I
    not believe this will prove to be another short term                                                                can about this fantastic product.”
    fix – I’m sold on it and am in for the long haul! This   recovery. Guess who else will be taking it now. As for
                                                             energy levels, I worked in the garden eight hours for               Tara Smithyman, Sunshine Coast, QLD
    product is now an integral part of my morning
    supplementation. It is an excellent, superior, high      two days straight without getting tired and was still      Recommend it to anyone
    quality product which I believe many others would        working when it became dark. I will be 60 in a couple      “After using the product for only two weeks,
    also benefit from.”                                      of months. Thank you, thank you for giving me my           I feel fantastic. I would recommend it to
                      Jan Burns, Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND       life back. PS. I only take 5mLs a day. Can you imagine     anyone.”
                                                                                                                                           Nicole Winch, Canberra, ACT
    Feeling “me” again
    “If you don't have the energy you once had, then          Apology from Julian                                       Triumph in natural health and healing
    try Olive Leaf Australia’s Extract and you'll never       I’ve just finished reading some of the many               “I feel I must let you know how amazed I am
    look back! Being a full time mum with a 22                exciting testimonials we receive. It’s really             by your product. It was suggested by my local
    month old and a 4 month old, I certainly needed           encouraging to hear all the wonderful health              health store that I try your Olive Leaf Extract
    something to pick me up in the mornings, help                                                                       and after three doses on the first day, my
                                                              improvements in so many people’s lives. I                 listlessness picked up and I could literally feel
    me survive the late afternoons and enjoy my               apologise that we are unable to print most of
    evenings without wanting to fall asleep. I'm still                                                                  my energy level returning. After losing time
                                                              the health improvements you send us. Due to               off work, having no ‘Merry Xmas or Happy
    up and down throughout the night and on the go
                                                              strict, and necessary, government legislation             New Year’ I could not be more impressed
    all day long. After taking OLE for 2-3 weeks, I've
    noticed a huge change in my energy levels and             we can only report very general testimonials (or          with how I came back to the land of the living
    how I feel. So have my family and friends. I would        strongly edited ones) that do not mention any             so quickly. Family and friends who saw my
    recommend your product to everyone. Thank you             specific diseases or serious health conditions.           rapid improvement were equally impressed.
    for helping me feel me again!”                            However, please keep sending us your reports of           This product is a most reassuring triumph
                      Renee Lamble, East Bentleigh, VIC                                                                 in natural health and healing. Regards and
                                                              all the health improvements you have seen as              many thanks.”
                                                              they are very encouraging and they also guide                                   Sue Terry, Cranbourne, VIC
                                                              us as we plan further research into specific
                                                              health problems.

       Nature’s healing methods are careful, deliberate and thorough but they need time. Don’t expect
       major health improvements after one dose. Follow the recommended dose, live healthfully, be
                                  patient and allow nature to do its work.
                                    These testimonials have been extracted from signed written reports we receive. Actual results may vary.
      The Ancient Olive Tree
                                                                                                                                      Live Long!


                                                                               Photo: Marco Busoni. www.marcobusoni.net
                                                                                                                               ery old olive trees have been described
                                                                                                                               as being “beautiful in their ugliness”.
                                                                                                                          Their weather-beaten and time-worn trunks reveal a strength
                                                                                                                          found in no other fruit tree.
                                                                                                                          The cities of Rome, Athens and Jerusalem all have hallowed olive
                                                                                                                          trees whose ages have been lost in time.
                                                                                                                          Olive trees have a range of powerful polyphenolic antioxidant
                                                                                                                          compounds in their leaves. These protecting agents, along with
                                                                                                                          other biological attributes, enable the trees to withstand attacks
                                                                                                                          from pests, viruses, decay and disease across thousands of years.
                                                                                                                          So how old do they grow? That’s actually not easy to ascertain.
                                                                                                                          There’s even been an entertaining novel written on the topic: The
                                                                                                                          Angel Tree – The Enchanting Quest for the World’s Oldest Olive Tree.
                                                                                                                          We know that the olives in Jerusalem’s Garden of Gethsemane
                                                                                                                          have continuous historical records since AD 70 – when the
                                                                                                                          Romans cut down all the trees around Jerusalem. So that’s a
                                                                                                                          grove of trees celebrating their 1,939th birthday this year! And
                                                                                                                          their roots are probably much older.
“The trees’ trunks are tormented by an agonized                                                                           There are olive trees in Montenegro, Crete, Croatia and Portugal
striving. They are twisted, they kneel to pray,                                                                           with fairly convincing arguments given for ages of 2,000 years
they raise their arms, members tyrannized by                                                                              or more.

movement, all elbows and knees.”                                                                                          There are also seven olive trees in the Galilee region with good
                                                                                                                          evidence that they could be 3,000 years old – and they still bear
(description of ancient olive trees by 20th century Greek author,                                                         fruit every year!
Stratis Myrivilis)
                                                                                                                          Based on sheer size, and some scientific analysis, the ancient
Old Olive tree near Ithaca, Greece –               Ancient Olive Tree in the
                                                                                                                          “wild olive” tree near Santu Baltolu in Sardinia looks the oldest
estimated at 1,500 years.                          Garden of Gethsemane,                                                  at an estimated 2,500 to 3,000 years.
                                                                                                                          However, the most widely accepted “oldest olive tree” is the
                                                                                                                          Olive Tree of Vouves in Chania, Crete. With a 12.5 metre trunk
                                                                                                                          circumference and age estimates of more than 3,000 years it is
                                                                                                                          certainly one of the great evidences of the olive tree’s longevity.
                                                                                                                          There have been a few pretty tough seasons since 1,000 BC!
                                                                                                                          Regardless of which gnarly icon is the ‘most ancient’, we can
                                                                                                                          each be thankful for the healing and protecting compounds
                                                                                                                          which the noble olive supplies to each of us through its freshly-
                                                                                                                          picked leaves.

Sardinian olive tree said to be 3,000 years old.

                                                                                                                              The Olive Tree of Vouves” in Crete – believed to be the oldest in the world.

     100% Refund                                              Do your young children
       If you are not totally, completely
                                                              like the taste of OLE?
      and 100% satisfied with our Olive Leaf
    Extract for any reason whatsoever, simply                  Olive Leaf Australia has developed a very child-friendly Mixed
    return the empty bottle to the manufacturer                Berry flavoured Olive Leaf Extract. The berry aroma and taste
    (see Customer Care Centre details below)
                                                               make it super-suited for children’s palates and also means that
      with your proof of purchase receipt and
                                                               it mixes pleasantly into their juices or smoothies.
      your full purchase price will be refunded
                     immediately.                              Just like the rest of our range, it doesn’t contain any artificial
     Customer Care Centre                                      flavours, colours or preservatives, and no alcohol, added sugar,
          (07) 5424 6771                                       lactose, starch, yeast, gluten or animal products are used.
    767 Bischoffs Road, Coominya, Qld 4311                     If you’re looking for a natural medicine for your children or
                                                               grandchildren we invite you to try this 200mL powerhouse. You
                                                               might get hooked on the flavour too!

                                                                       Olive Leaf = 4 Seasons
                                                               Australians are quickly realising that our Fresh-Picked Olive
                                                               Leaf Extracts are a year-round health tonic with a wide range of
Give yourself a                                                significant health benefits.

new leaf on life!                                              Hundreds-of-thousands of people are already using our globally unique OLE in
                                                               Winter. And our increasingly strong Spring, Summer and Autumn sales show that
Our high-strength Olive Leaf Extract is a 100%                 it is being embraced for an ever-widening range of health conditions and general
natural, multi-use health food supplement.
                                                               wellbeing year round.
Olive Leaf Australia's high strength extract
contains a range of very powerful antioxidants                 Ongoing scientific and medical research in Australia and abroad is providing
                 and has free radical scavenging               increasing evidence for the many testimonials that are sent to us by happy users.
                   properties. It also contains
                   mild astringent properties                  We thank you each again for your wonderful, ongoing, year round support.
                   (a barrier against infection)
                   and has been traditionally
                       used to help relieve fevers.
                         It helps to maintain a
                           healthy cardiovascular
                           system and assists in
                           the maintenance of
                           normal heart function. In
                           addition to alleviating a
                           range of health problems,
                           people use it as a daily
                           tonic in their good health
                           maintenance programs.
                           Olive Leaf Australia's
                                                                Visit our NEW website! www.olea.com.au
                           high strength extract is               • History • Uses and Applications • Testimonials • FAQs
                           economical and 100%
                         Australian grown. It is
                       made from fresh ‘alive’                Need more Newsletters?         If you would like to receive extra copies of our Olè! Newsletter,
                leaves harvested from selected                      simply let us know how many copies you would like and we’ll forward them to you.
trees on our property in the Brisbane Valley.

Manufactured by:                                              Distributed locally by
Olive Leaf Australia Pty Ltd
Distributed by
                                                                                                                             Our Goal
                                                                                                                 To continue to provide a liquid Olive Leaf
Olive Products Australia
Coominya QLD 4311                                                                                                  Extract that is more bio-effective and
                                                                                                                 broad-spectrum than any other product
 Information in this newsletter is not diagnostic. It is in                                                                    on the market.
 no way to be used in place of advice from a registered
 health care professional. Neither Olive Leaf Australia nor                                                       To price our liquid Olive Leaf Extract so
 Olive Products Australia directly or indirectly dispense                                                             that everyone who needs it can
 medical advice or assume any responsibility for those
 who choose to treat themselves. Always read the label.                                                                       afford to buy it.
 Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your
 healthcare professional.