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									                                       Friday, February 14, 2003 •   13

Best of


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                             Shop for Mom
       Candy Shop

14                         • February 14, 2003

       t’s    easy       to     forget       sometimes            that
       Williamsburg offers one of the best forms
       of entertainment imaginable for College                                                                                                                                                Dessert:
students: eating. From the decadent desserts                                                                                                                                                  Death by
offered at The Trellis, to the various rich coffees                                                                                                                                           Chocolate
at Aromas and sweet confections at Wythe                                                                                                                                                          It may seem obvious that
                                                                                                                                                                                              The Trellis provides the best
Candy Shop, Colonial Williamsburg provides                                                                                                                                                    dessert in Williamsburg with
                                                                                                                                                                                              their disgustingly decadent
abundant opportunities for palatable indulgence.                                                                                                                                              and unbelievable array of
                                                                                                                                                                                              confections. Any dessert at
Once you’ve gorged yourself, check out the Flat                                                                                                                                               The Trellis is bound to satis-
                                                                                                                                                                                              fy, from the Chocolate
Hat Editorial Board’s suggestions for everything                                                                                                                                              Temptation to the simple
                                                                                                                                                                                              Strawberries and Cream. But
else Williamsburg has to offer for the fourth                                                                                                                                                 it is ultimately the layers of
                                                                                                                                                                                              chocolate brownie cake,
year running, including where to pick up that                                                                                                                                                 chocolate ganache, cocoa
                                                                                                                                                                                              meringue and chocolate
perfect gift for mom and dad and the best place                                                                                                                                               mocha mousse cake — cov-
                                                                                                                                                                                              ered with more chocolate
to get it on when you’re feeling randy.                                                                                                                                                       ganache, topped with choco-
                                                                                                                                                                                              late mousse and mocha rum
   Text by Sara Brady, William Clemens,                                                                                                                                                       sauce — of the Death by
                                                                                                                                                                                              Chocolate that has won over
Kimberley Lufkin, Lindsay Moroney, Belle                                                                                                                                                      this category for two years
Penaranda, Dan Schumacher, Megan Syrett
and Lisa St. Martin. Photos by Lauren Bryant,
Lauren Putnocky and Lisa St. Martin.

       Cheap Eats:                           Comfort Food:                     College. And, despite difficulties        those who would rather stay on
      Dunkin’ Donuts                        Wawa Chicken Soup                  with the rule in the past few years,      land. Also, what is not well
    It’s 3 a.m. You’ve been trying          On another cold, rainy             the administration has done little        known about this restaurant is that
to relate Kierkegaard to Kerouac        Williamsburg night, all you want       to let this cat out of the bag.           its desserts are as creative and
for the last six hours. Sleep threat-   is to be curled up at home in front                                              delicious as those at the Trellis
ens to overtake your philosophy-        of a fire, under a blanket accom-        Coming Attraction:                      but without the chocolate.
addled mind, and your stomach is        panied by a really trashy book or        The New Cheese Shop                     Moderately priced, well-lit and
gnawing at itself, demanding            a really trashy booty call. When          Since it was announced last            friendly, Berret’s is the place to
food. You dig through the couch         none of the above is an option, or     spring, the most anticipated addi-        go when the family is in town.
cushions, pillage the ashtray and       you’re too dependent on Tylenol        tion to the area has been the big-
even clean out the pockets of all       Flu to be feeling randy, pop into      ger, better Cheese Shop scheduled             P i z z a : Papa John’s
your jeans in the laundry. The          Wawa for a cup of steaming             to be located on Duke of                     One of the most important
result? $1.71. Where can you find       chicken soup.                          Gloucester Street. Currently, the         aspects of delivery pizza is that it
satisfaction?                               Unlike the canned variety,         Cheese Shop crams tons of delica-         arrives on time and it arrives hot.
    The cheery Richmond Road            Wawa’s soup features a full serv-      cies, beers and deli goodness into        Papa John’s, with their delicious
Dunkin’ Donuts, of course, where        ing of noodles, vegetables and         a small store on Prince George            doughy crust and enjoyable
nobody knows your name, but             chicken, all suspended in a thick      Street.                                   sauces, is great at keeping the
you can get a large iced coffee         broth that’s just salty enough. Pair      The new location, formerly             pizza hot and getting it there
with enough sugar to put you into       it with one of Wawa’s custom-          occupied by A Good Place to Eat,          quickly. Unlike most things in
insulin shock, plus a handful of        made subs and not only do you          promises to offer the sandwiches,         Williamsburg, the campus special
greasy, sugary heaven for mere          get to push more buttons on the        bread ends and house dressing for         is actually a good value. Plus, if
pennies. Late at night the staff of     order screen, but you might not be     which it’s famous and then some.          you flirt with the person on the
the 24-7 shop will throw in two or      so lonely for that booty call after    However, the moving date keeps            phone, it’s easy to get a discount.
three pastries for the price of one,    all.                                   being pushed back, meaning stu-
if you ask nicely and tip them.                                                dents will still have to wait for
                                                Kept Secret:                   the best change to Colonial
   D e l i v e r y : Mr. Liu’s                  48-Hour Rule                   Williamsburg. With an expanded
   You can only order in pizza so          The best-kept secret in             menu, indoor seating and a pri-
many times before you start to          Williamsburg is the infamous 48-       vate party room in the basement,
resemble a pie slathered with           Hour Rule. It’s so well-kept that      the new Cheese Shop promises to
tomato sauce and mozzarella.            even second semester seniors           be the best thing since sliced
                                                                                                                                                                          F l o w e r S h o p : The Flower Cupboard
That’s when it’s time for the hot       aren’t always aware of its exis-       bread — French bread, that is.                                                           For the purposes of adding         ply drop in and create their own
soups, veggie-laden entrees and         tence or its implications. Simply                                                                                            color to any drab dormitory           arrangement from the selection
savory dumplings at Mr. Liu’s.          put, the rule prohibits students        Dinner with Parents:                                                                 room, showing appreciation or         in the shop. Balloons can be
Not only is the food top-notch,         from having more than 48-credit                     Berret’s                                                                 cheering up on a dreary day,          added for minimal cost and extra
with tender, flavorful meats and        hours in one department count              Not quite as famous, nor as                                                       The Flower Cupboard, located          cheer. Flowers are not the only
crisp vegetables with no MSG,           toward graduation. Students are        expensive, as the Trellis, Berret’s                                                   on North Boundary Street, is          items available at The Flower
but the delivery service is speedy,     not warned on their DARS reports       offers Williamsburg’s best spot                                                       your one stop shop for cheer,         Cupboard, however. Any of the
polite and best of all, free. Tip the   or during registration if they are     for dinner with the parents. The                                                      happiness and joy. The Flower         novelty items in the front room
staff well, because they work hard      about to violate the rule. Violators   friendly, well-lit environment is                                                     Cupboard offers a variety of          are perfect for a small gift or a
to ensure your food is delivered        risk not being able to graduate on     perfect for a casual family meal.                                                     fresh-cut flowers and flower          complement to any flower
hot, fast and not spilled all over      time and having to take overloads      Berret’s specializes in seafood but                                                   arrangements. Students can sim-       arrangement.
the inside of the bag.                  during their final semesters at the    offers selections for children and

                                                                                      Place to Shop for Dad:                           rants. Don’t be fooled by all the construction        spices is irresistible, and the garlic naan is the per-
                                                                                               Online                                  that’s going on; IHOP is still running smoothly.      fect appetizer. More importantly, you get the feel-
                                                                                   Face it, unless your father is a colonial history   The only qualm is the staff who are either surly or   ing that Nawab doesn’t baste all its food products
                                                                               buff, there’s really nothing to buy him in              fun depending on whether you’re in the smoking        in lard like the Center Court.
                                                                               Williamsburg. You could try Ace Hardware for            section or not, but this can be overlooked because
                                                                               power tools or pick up a College shirt from The         the food is well worth it.                                     Graduation Speaker:
                                                                               Campus Shop, but how many green and gold                                                                                  Bob Woodward
                                                                               shirts does a man really need? So instead just go             B a t h r o o m : Swem Library                     Who? That’s the general reaction elicited
                                                                               online to or eBay and get him some-              For the best in restroom enjoyment no facility    when the administration announces the spring
                                                                               thing he’ll really want. The selection is better, the   comes close to matching the pleasures of the          commencement speaker, such as Brent Scowcroft
                                                                               prices are more reasonable and there aren’t any         Swem bathrooms. The restrooms of Swem are in          in 2001 and Lamar Alexander in 2002. It’s high
                                                                               tourists to fight with.                                 a league of their own when it comes to style.         time for a speaker who would really speak to stu-
                                                                                                                                       There are no harsh fluorescent lights to damage       dents. Former Washington Post managing editor
                                                                                           T r a d i t i o n : Yule Log                the eyes and make everything painfully obvious.       Bob Woodward exemplifies the qualities the
                                                                                   Sure, Princeton has its Nude Olympics, but for      The cleanliness is also commendable. But what         College has tried to foster in us all these years:
                                                                               fond memories you’ll remember for years to              really sets these particular bathrooms above all      dedication, perseverance and an inquiring mind.
                                                                               come, the College’s Yule Log Ceremony beats             the rest is the inclusion of a monthly newsletter,    Woodward and partner Carl Bernstein broke the
                                                                               random nakedness hands down. Vice President             “The Throne,” that covers all sorts of hygiene and    Watergate scandal that brought down the Richard
                                                                               for Student Affairs Sam Sadler’s yearly incarna-        library trivia.                                       Nixon presidency. During his tenure at The Post,
                                                                               tion of “’Twas the Night Before Finals” always                                                                Woodward also uncovered the Pentagon Papers
                                                                               pokes clever fun at the situations we thought were           C u s t o m e r S e r v i c e : : Ukrop’s        and helped build the reputation of the fourth estate
                                                                               so important throughout the year, and President            The best customer service award goes to            The Post now enjoys. Besides, Robert Redford
                                                                               Timothy Sullivan’s arrival as Santa Claus is well       Ukrop’s, where you can find everything you’re         played him in the movie version of “All the
                                                                               worth standing under a sooty torch for an hour.         looking for and have your groceries taken to the      President’s Men.”
                                                                               Plus, the array of multicultural participation          car for you. The staff at Ukrop’s is friendly and
                                                                               includes readings of the Christmas story from the       courteous, and willing to help customers find                  S u p e r m a r k e t : Ukrop’s
             C a n d y S h o p : Wythe                                         Book of Luke, the Hanukkah story, an explana-
                                                                               tion of the observance of Ramadan and the origins
                                                                                                                                       whatever they need. And while you might wait in
                                                                                                                                       long lines at other grocery stores, the checkers at
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Simply put, Ukrop’s is the supermarket of the
                                                                                                                                                                                             gods. Its prices may be a little higher than other
                                                                               of Kwanzaa. Finally, there’s nothing like listening     Ukrop’s are quick and efficient to help you save      grocery stores around Williamsburg, but trust us,
     If Ukrop’s is the supermarket of the gods, Wythe Candy Shop,              to the Gentlemen of the College tirelessly caroling     time.                                                 you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Their killer
  located in Merchant’s Square, is where they go when they’re done             as you assign a trouble to each leaf of a holly sprig                                                         combination of size, selection, freshness and
  grocery shopping. There aren’t too many confections that you can’t           and then cast it into a roaring fire.                               V e g e t a r i a n : Nawab               friendliness can’t be beat. With items ranging
  find at Wythe. It isn’t just the selection of delicious treats that makes                                                               When Dining Services’ mounds of greasy,            from gourmet sandwich trays and sushi platters to
  Wythe special, it’s also the attention to detail and customer service            P l a c e f o r B r e a k f a s t : I HOP           chunky and unidentifiable meat products make          organic foods and pharmaceutical prescriptions,
  that make the shop stand out. It might be more expensive than Wawa,              Even with all the assorted breakfast places         even the most faithful meat-o-phile gag, Nawab        Ukrop’s has virtually everything that anyone
  but you won’t find its selection anywhere else. Whether you want             around town, the one that stands out is the reliable    provides an escape. While arguably one of the         could need. Be forewarned: if you shop at
  something chocolate, crunchy, gummy, gooey or all of the above,              International House of Pancakes. Serving its cus-       best restaurants in Williamsburg, Nawab also pro-     Ukrop’s, you will become used to their level of
  you will be sure to find it at Wythe Candy Shop.                             tomers breakfast for dinner or dinner for break-        vides multiple and varied options for vegetarians.    excellence and won’t be able to buy groceries
                                                                               fast, IHOP has tastier choices than most restau-        The vegetable patia’s combination of mango and        anywhere else.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   February 14, 2003 •                              15

                                                                                                                                         penny. For the cost-conscious, try out the ridicu-      hint of that flavor south while accepting
                                                                                           I t a l i a n : Sal’s by Victor               lously tasty turtle brownies for $1.50 each. Now        William and Mary Express. A wide assortment
                                                                                     If you’re looking for great Italian food with       if we could only get them to have the same hours        of flavored cream cheeses, scrumptious
                                                                                  great prices, Sal’s by Victor is the place for you.    as Wawa.                                                muffins, a pleasant and clean dining area,
                                                                                  With the quality of their pizza, pastas and parme-                                                             helpful service and great value means Big
                                                                                  san cheeses, you’d think that you were in the                     E t h n i c : Chez Trinh                     Apple offers almost everything a bagel lover
                                                                                  middle of New York City — except for the rea-              To any readers who have yet to try Vietnamese       could desire.
                                                                                  sonable prices. Nestled in the back corner of the      food, you need to. We at The Flat Hat enjoy eat-           Another bonus: if you buy food in bulk,
                                                                                  Williamsburg Crossing Shopping Center on               ing, and moreover we enjoy eating excellent food        rumor is they give you lots more for free. The
                                                                                  Richmond Road, it’s a little out of the way for        that is reasonably priced. Vietnamese food tastes       epitome of a college food shop, Big Apple
                                                                                  run-of-the-mill tourists. Sal’s is the perfect place   much more like mild Thai than traditional               employs College students, hangs student
                                                                                  to take your parents when they come down to            Americanized Chinese food. Chez Trinh has a             posters and gives out Tribe sports information
                                                                                  visit and is close enough for students to walk. Just   wide variety of chicken, beef, tofu and seafood         cards.
                                                                                  make sure you don’t try to get dinner with a large     dishes ranging from very mild to Dante’s Inferno.
                                                                                  group of people on a Friday night — you’ll be in           We recommend the spring rolls, which are              S a n d w i c h e s : The Cheese Shop
                                                                                  for a long wait.                                       light, crunchy alternatives to deep-fried egg roles.        The unanimous winner for the third year in
                                                                                                                                         The great prices, delicious food and attentive wait     a row, The Cheese Shop successfully defends
              Place to Shop for Mom:                                                        C o f f e e S h o p : Aromas                 staff will keep you coming back for more. The           its title of the Best Sandwich ever. College
                                                                                      There is nothing in Williamsburg that can          only downside of Chez Trinh is its location.            alums have been known to beg their undergrad
                 Master Craftsmen                                                 quite match the atmosphere of Aromas. The              Located off the beaten path can be good for             friends for holiday gifts of house dressing to
                                                                                  amazing selection of coffees, teas, sandwiches         locals, but if your parents want to go there, make      liven up dull lunch fare.
     When shopping for a gift for        handcrafted and made to last             and delectables makes Aromas the coffee shop of        sure you go with them; they are located in the              The smell of fresh, hot French bread, deco-
  mom, try Master Craftsmen for          for generations.                         choice for most of the College population.             Stein Mart shopping center across the street from       rated with thin slices of roast beef and creamy
  top-of-the-line gold, silver and          While some of the items               Whether you want to grab a quick bite with a           the Monticello Shopping Center.                         Swiss cheese could bring a hungry carnivore
  pewter jewelry and other col-          may seem a little pricey, your           friend, catch up on reading or groove to local                                                                 to his knees. Thick, savory and inimitable,
  lectibles. A majority of the           mom is sure to love gifts from           bands, Aromas has a hip, relaxed and friendly                  B a g e l s : Big Apple Bagels                  Cheese Shop sandwiches are worth the trip,
  pieces found in this store are         Master Craftsmen.                        feeling that will help you get your work done. It’s       Although far from New York City, the bagel           the price and even being in Williamsburg for
                                                                                  pricey, but you’ll find their desserts worth every     capital of the nation, Big Apple Bagels brings a        long periods of time.

       Addition to Williamsburg:                              of free ice cream in one day. Even better, the selection of
          Wal-mart Supercenter                                flavors includes the ever-popular Cherry Garcia,
    Located just off Route 199 on East Rochambeau             Chubby Hubby, Bovinity Divinity and Chunky Monkey,
Road, the brand new Wal-mart Supercenter is a gift from       all served in that inimitable Vermont style in your choice
the cash-depleting gods.                                      of cone, cup or sundae. As a special treat, take a whole
    While Wal-mart has always had a reputation as the         gang of friends and get the Vermonster, a sundae big
ghetto fabulous stepchild of the one-stop shopping fam-       enough for you and all your ice cream-craving cronies.
ily, this vast, sparkling empire of goods (which includes
groceries, a hair salon and even a McDonald’s) could                      M e x i c a n : Tequila Rose
easily win over even the staunchest Target devotee’s              While price is sometimes the only factor in defining
heart. It takes a bit longer to get there by car, but it’s    a good restaurant, Tequila Rose provides the best of both
worth it. Stock up on necessities like laundry detergent      worlds: cheap and satisfying. You find all the staples of
and Betta fish, even if it’s 2 a.m., because this glorious    Mexican restaurants here, as well as the authenticity that
establishment, as if it’s not great enough, is also open 24   few provide. The quesadillas and enchiladas are espe-
hours.                                                        cially noteworthy, and unlimited chips and salsa never
                                                              hurt. But perhaps the best item on the menu is the gen-
             P l a c e t o S t u d y : Swem                   erously large lime margarita — just don’t forget the salt.
    Newly renovated, filled with good resources and
peacefully quiet, Swem Library is the spot to go to on                         D e l i : Paul’s Deli
campus when students need to hit the books. Although              Paul’s Deli is the perfect hangout for students of all
sadly understaffed, those working will go out of their        ages. Alumni and sports nuts will love it for the old
way to be helpful. The best part about studying in the        memorabilia from former Tribe athletes. With a jukebox
library is that it has what every good study spot must        full of great tunes and plenty of space for a large group
offer: people-watching opportunities.                         of friends, Paul’s has a wide selection of food ranging
                                                              from pasta to subs.
         H a m b u r g e r : Second Street
   For the best hamburger in Williamsburg, try one of                    H o t C h o c o l a t e : Aromas
the many selections at Second Street. Only a short drive         With less caffeine than coffee, hot chocolate is a
from campus, Second Street offers a variety of ham-           great cold-weather comfort drink. Most notable is the
burgers that can appeal to all tastes. Combined with deli-    hot chocolate made by the drink experts at Aromas using
cious french fries, these burgers are sure to satisfy your    one of the best chocolates, Ghirardelli. Made with either
hunger.                                                       skim or 2 percent milk and topped with a mountain of
                                                              whipped cream, the hot chocolate at Aromas far sur-
                                                                                                                                                  F i r s t - D a t e P l a c e : A Carroll’s
               F a s t F o o d : Wawa                         passes any other that Williamsburg or the surrounding                Williamsburg can be the per-        dining halls alone for dinner,             Upon arrival the mood is set
    How did we ever survive before being able to buy                                               area has to offer.          fect place for romance. A simple        because while it may just be the        with dim lighting and candlelit
Wawa subs 24 hours a day? Since the opening of the                                                                             walk down Duke of Gloucester            two of you, eating food from the        tables. A date can start and end
convenience store last year, Wawa has, without a doubt,                                                                        Street at night or sitting on           UC does not necessarily scream          with drinks or can begin with
become the best place to find fast and affordable food,                                                                        Barksdale Field on a clear, starry      “I want you.”                           drinks and end with dinner or
day or night.                                                                                                                  night are perfect ways to show             One place to consider strongly       dessert. Either way, a pleasant,
    Stocked with made-to-order sandwiches, coffee and                                                                          someone you care. But there is a        for your first date would be A          relaxing evening at A Carroll’s
every type of snack food you can crave at 3 a.m., Wawa                                                                         lot that happens in between “just       Carroll’s Bistro, located on            will be special to both of you and
instantly became a College staple overnight. And don’t                                                                         friends” and “we are one,” such         Boundary Street. This classy            a great place to return if you are
forget to try the deliciously cheap store brand green tea                                                                      as the nerve-wracking but very          restaurant specializing in gourmet      lucky enough to celebrate
for just over $1.                                                                                                              important first date.                   martinis is perfect (especially if      anniversaries. And, if the
                                                                                                                                   A first date is the way to show     you are 21) because it is within        evening ends too soon, A
        I c e C r e a m : Ben and Jerry’s                                                                                      someone who considers you a             walking distance from the               Carroll’s is only three blocks
    Three words: free cone day. Yes — Ben and Jerry’s                                                                          friend that you want to move into       College. A date here provides           away from DoG Street, so the
is a Williamsburg spot with fabulous ice cream, count-                                                                         that uncharted territory. To do         both of you the chance to dress up      walk to the capitol could end the
less delicious flavors, fun furniture with stories to read                                                                     this, you have to stop going to the     and prove that you clean up well.       perfect first date.
while you eat, but best of all, free cone day.
    There are three shops in the area and that equals a lot
                                                                                                                               Place to Hook Up:                      windows and excellent lighting.           right (Trivial Pursuit,anyone?).
                                                                                                                                   Your Room                          Although the moveable stacks are          Everyone from the theater major to

                           Worst of Williamsburg                                                                                This year, The Flat Hat will not
                                                                                                                            tell its readers to get it on in places
                                                                                                                                                                      still as frightening as ever and the
                                                                                                                                                                      tables are always packed with kids
                                                                                                                                                                                                                the Dali-in-training can utilize their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                talents with 14 different activities
                                                                                                                            such as the wooden gazebo by              who never, ever shut up, this is a        like sculpting things out of clay and
    C a m p u s E a t e r y : The Marketplace                 there. Sure, there are nice, comfy chairs and ether-          Swem Library or the bleachers at          vast improvement from cubicles in         humming impossible tunes like
       Among one of the greatest misconceptions at the        net ports, but the UC basement just isn’t for work.           Zable Stadium, former winners of          seedy poop-colored rooms. It’s            “Stairway to Heaven.”
   College (including that one about the girls on cam-        There’s a reason there are pool tables, video games           this dubious award. Nor will we           hard to imagine how awesome the               Best played with at least six
   pus being ugly — so not true) is that the                  and multiple televisions. Even without all the                recommend the Ewell practice              final product will look, which at         people, the game is great for week-
   Marketplace is the best dining establishment here.         entertainment it would still be a bad place to study          rooms, Barksdale Field or dorm            this rate, could take about 14 years.     end nights when neighbors aren’t
   Sure, OK, if by the best you mean the worst. Stale         because of the twin distractions of the Students’ X-          lounges. And for goodness sakes,                                                    trying to sleep, because everyone
   desserts, more carbohydrates than anyone could             Change and mailboxes. Think about how often you               there is nothing more unappetizing         B o o k s t o r e : Barnes and           playing will be screaming and
   ever need, lack of options, long lines, overcrowded        check your e-mail while you work: imagine how                 than to look over and see a couple         Noble College Bookstore                  laughing, loudly. Guaranteed. You
   tables … the list could continue. Vegetarians and          much you’d check your mail if you were in close               scrumpin’ at the UC Center Court              Hipper-than-thou independent          don’t even have to be inebriated to
   vegans have it particularly rough at the                   proximity to the mailboxes. And really, who would             during dinner. May we go so far as        bookstore lovers may scoff, but           enjoy it.
   Marketplace, as they don’t have the option of              rather spend time studying instead of browsing the            to suggest your room?                     Barnes and Noble College
   Burger King or Chick-Fil-A to fall back on if the          X-Change for food?                                                Just think: no more grass stains,     Bookstore, though it reeks of cor-          Colonial Attraction:
   fettuccini is looking particularly bland. While the                                                                      no possibility of Campus Police           porations, is still the best bookstore         Kimball Theatre
   entrees at the UC Center Court are hardly excep-               Thing To Do When Bored:                                   crashing the party and shining            in town. It’s better than Books-A-           Voted the best colonial attrac-
   tional either, the all-you-can-eat cereal and gigantic                                                                   flashlights in your face, and no mat-     Million by a long shot, with its          tion Williamsburg has to offer,
                                                                        Google yourself
   salad bar are accessible alternatives. The Freshens                                                                      ter what anyone says, it’s always         superior selection and cooler             Kimball Theatre is within walking
   station at the Marketplace, a veritable oasis of                                                                         more fun on a bed. Yes, for most          ambiance.                                 distance of the College on Duke of
   smoothies and Brown Roof parfaits, is still fabu-                                                                        College students, there is that pesky         The throngs of tourists may           Gloucester Street. Although it is
   lous, but Flex Points tend to vanish quickly there.                                                                      roommate thing. If making arrange-        intimidate students, but the cafe is a    smaller than average, this unique
                                                                                                                            ments is not an option, be creative.      pleasant place to study. Although         theater screens films that may be in
                 B u i l d i n g : Dillard                                                                                  Do it when the roommate’s in class        most people just like to gawk and         limited release or have historical
      As bad as the crumbling ceilings in Millington              Procrastination technique #1: Check the away              or at work, or something. Just don’t      not actually buy anything (unless,        content. Last year, Kimball made
   Hall and the decrepitude of Tucker Hall are, no one        messages of everyone on your Buddy List until                 bring it outside. Please.                 of course, it’s the beginning of the      an effort to play movies nominated
   has to live there. The Dillard Complex is another          AOL Instant Messanger blocks you temporarily.                                                           semester), that new book smell is         for Oscars as well.
   story. Being exiled three miles from the main cam-         Technique #2: Alphabetize your CDs. Then your                          Renovation:                      enough to make a bookstore visit
   pus is bad enough, but the residents of Dillard are        videos and DVDs. Then color-code your clothes.                         Swem Library                     delightful.
   also far enough in the wilderness to be attacked           Final, desperate, need-a-hobby technique: Go to                   The renovation at Swem Library
   regularly with infestations of ants, moths and infa- and type in your own name, just to                 is, without a doubt, the most note-         Thing to Do When
   mous ladybugs — the queens of all insectoid evil           see what comes up.                                            worthy the campus has seen in               B o r e d : Play Cranium
   and tyranny. It’s also mildly disturbing to sleep in a         Follow by searching for the names of all your             years. Since it’s the library, every-         The colorful board game
   place that used to be part of an insane asylum.            relatives, friends, roommates, friends’ significant           one can benefit from the drastic and      Cranium hit the shelves a couple of
                                                              others, pets, professors, manicurists and grocery             visible changes it’s undergone since      years ago, but its popularity on
                 Place to Study:                              store clerks until your eyes glaze over. Truly,               the dismal days. Students actually        campus has just gone through the
                                                              Googling oneself betrays a desperate need for                 like studying at the library now,         roof. One round is quick enough
                  UC Basement                                 either a change of major or eight hours’ uninter-             thanks to the snazzy new furniture        even for those with the shortest
     Don’t study in the University Center basement.           rupted sleep. Get out of the room, or the comput-             (while the graffiti was endearing,        attention spans, and you don’t have
   Don’t even pretend you’re going to get work done           er lab, and get some fresh air, for pity’s sake.              people wasted more time reading it        to be a giant egghead with Coke-
                                                                                                                            than studying anyway), gigantic           bottle glasses to get the answers

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