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                                                                                              Best of Barcelona

                                                               Barcelona (5)

                                                Palma de
                                                Mallorca (3)

Number of overnight stays in parentheses. This tour may also be reversed.      The mosaic whimsy of Gaudî’s Parque Guell is sure to put a smile on your face.

  Program Fee includes:                                                                      Day 1 Flight                                                       Day 3 Barcelona
  ■   Round-trip airfare                                                                     Overnight flight to Spain • Spend the night                        Guided sightseeing of Barcelona • Your
  ■   5 overnight stays in hotels with private bathrooms                                     flying across the Atlantic.                                        guided tour takes you past the controversial
      (8 with extension)
                                                                                                                                                                and still-unfinished La Sagrada Familia (the
  ■   European breakfast and dinner daily
  ■   Full-time EF Tour Director
                                                                                             Day 2 Barcelona                                                    Church of the Holy Family), where you will
  ■   3 sightseeing tours led by licensed local guides:                                      Arrival in Barcelona • Touch down in Bar-                          make a photo stop. This masterpiece of twist-
      Barcelona • Tarragona archaeological site                                              celona, Spain’s second-largest city and the                        ing spires and colorful mosaics was designed
      Eixample district                                                                      capital of Cataluña. Queen Isabella and King                       by Gaudí, who estimated it would take 200
  ■   1 sightseeing tour led by your tour director: Sitges                                   Ferdinand V received Columbus in Barce-                            years to complete. You will also see some of
  ■   1 walking tour: Barcelona
                                                                                             lona upon his return from the Americas in                          Gaudí’s other works during our panoramic
  ■   5 visits to special attractions:
                                                                                             1493. Barcelona played a prominent role in                         bus tour of Paseo de Gracia, one of Spain’s
      Parque Guell • Picasso Museum
      Tarragona archaeological site
                                                                                             the overthrow of Spain’s monarchy in 1931,                         most cosmopolitan streets. Check out Plaza
      Casa Milà (La Pedrera) • Dalí Museum                                                   and was also the last city in Spain to surrender                   de Catalunya and Plaza España, a bustling
  ■   Experiential learning: Flamenco dance lessons and show                                 to Franco in 1939. After clearing customs, you                     six-street intersection that boasts the Magic
  ■   Whisper headsets                                                                       are greeted by your EF Tour Director, who                          Fountain of Montjuic, a fountain that puts on
  OPTIONAL: Montserrat                                                                       will remain with you throughout your stay.                         a fabulous show of water, lights and music on
  WITH EXTENSION: All of the above PLUS:
                                                                                             Walking tour of Barcelona • Barcelona,                             the weekends. Then enjoy a marvelous harbor
  ■   1 sightseeing tour led by a licensed local guide:
                                                                                             known as “La Gran Encisera” (the Great                             view from atop Montjuïc Hill, where much
      Palma de Mallorca
  ■   1 sightseeing tour led by your tour director:
                                                                                             Enchantress) has inspired countless artists—                       of the 1992 Olympics took place. Here, you
      Soller and Valldemossa                                                                 Miró, Picasso and Dalí all lived or studied                        will see the former stadium and the Olympic
  ■   2 visits to special attractions:                                                       here at the beginning of their careers. Experi-                    Rings. Continue to the Plaza de Colon, a
      Palma Cathedral • Castillo de Bellver                                                  ence the spirit and romance of Barcelona on                        square built in honor of Christopher Colum-
                                                                                             our EF walking tour. Your tour director takes                      bus (“Columbus” is Colon in Spanish). Finish
                                                                                             you down Las Ramblas, the tree-lined pedes-                        your tour in the 14th-century Barrio Gótico,
                                                                                             trian boulevard that W. Somerset Maugham                           the oldest surviving part of the city, and home
                                                                                             called “the most beautiful street in the world.”                   to the stunning Barcelona Cathedral, built in
                                                                                             Wander among the newspaper kiosks, flower                          the Mediterranean Goth style.
                                                                                             and bird stalls, and performers, from human                        Visit to Parque Guell • You’ll also visit the
                                                                                             statues to street musicians to fortune tellers.                    Parque Guell, a World Heritage Site designed
                                                                                             Restaurants, cafés and hotels abound, as do                        by Antoni Gaudí. The beautifully landscaped
                                                                                             tourists and locals alike.                                         park is decorated with playful Modernist
                                                                                                                                                                mosaics. Visit the Room of a Hundred
                                                                                                                                                                Columns, a covered market with 84 pillars,
                                                                                                                                                                and see the Casa-Museu, where Gaudí lived
                                                                                                                                                                from 1906 to 1926.
Visit to the Picasso Museum • Pay tribute                        Barcelona. With nearly 300 sunny days each                         by the Catalán painter in 1984 to promote
to Málaga’s native son, Pablo Picasso, who was                   year, its attraction is obvious. There is another                  the study and understanding of modern and
born here in 1881. The Picasso Museo Mála-                       draw, however: Carnaval. The lively festivities,                   contemporary art.
ga, which opened in 2003, boasts an extensive                    costumes and parties that abound the days                          Optional excursion to Montserrat • Opt to
selection of works from the private collections                  leading up to Lent draw hundreds of thou-                          journey northwest to the picturesque town of
of Christine Ruiz-Picasso, the widow of Pica-                    sands each year from all over Europe.                              Montserrat, which inspired composer Richard
sso’s son Paul, and their son, Bernard. Both                                                                                        Wagner as he wrote Parsifal. Its rugged moun-
the permanent collection and the temporary                       Day 5 Barcelona                                                    tain setting provides a dramatic backdrop for a
exhibits highlight the artist’s role in shaping                  Walking tour of Modernist district • Discov-                       9th-century monastery whose basilica houses
20th-century works.                                              er the best of Barcelona’s Modernist buildings                     the Black Virgin Mary of Montserrat.
Flamenco Evening • You will better under-                        as you explore the Eixample district, dominat-
stand the soul of Spain after a flamenco dance                   ed by architects Gaudí, Domenech i Montaner                        Day 6 Barcelona
lesson followed by a performance of this tradi-                  and Puig i Cadafalch. You will visit the Casa                      Excursion to Figueras • Join an exciting
tional art form. Born of Indian, Moorish, Ara-                   Milà, an apartment complex with two stra-                          excursion to Figueras, a fascinating Catalan
bian and gypsy influences, flamenco dance is                     tegically positioned courtyards, allowing for                      city on the exquisite Costa Brava. You’ll visit
a passionate display of intricate heelwork and                   light in every room. The rock-like structure,                      a one-of-a-kind theater museum dedicated
clapping, accompanied by songs and guitar.                       which features no straight lines, causes people                    to the surrealist world of renowned Spanish
Your lesson will introduce you to the different                  to frequently refer to it as “La Pedrera,” or                      painter Salvador Dalí. The Museu Dalí is the
movements and give you a chance to practice                      rock quarry, and its unique balconies resemble                     most visited museum in Spain after the Prado
them yourself!                                                   moving waves. The unique building was cre-                         and a true delight for everyone who appreci-
                                                                 ated by Gaudí after being commissioned by                          ates absurdity, fantasy and participation. Con-
Day 4 Tarragona • Sitges • Barcelona                             businessman Pedro Milà i Camps, who was                            verted from an old theater in 1974, Salvador
Guided sightseeing in Tarragona • A local                        inspired by another of Gaudí’s work, the Bat-                      Dalí created the museum as a repository for
guide introduces you to Spain’s most impor-                      tló, which you will also see. The Casa Battló is                   some of his most famous works, including Soft
tant Roman town, Tarragona. Explore the                          now a musuem, but even the interior of this                        Self-Portrait with Fried Bacon, Port Alguer and
ancient streets inside its 2nd- and 3rd-century                  1905 building is much as it was when cre-                          The Girl from Figueres. Don’t miss the living
Roman Wall, including Las Ramblas, which                         ated. Marvel at the bold colors that shimmer                       room designed as “The Face of Mae West,”
offers excellent views of the lower part of the                  from the delicate tiles covering the outside.                      with the famous red sofa as her lips.
city. As you peruse Tarragona, discover the                      Continue past the triangular Casa Terrades,
many reasons UNESCO declared it a World                          which was built in just two years, from 1903                       Day 7 Barcelona • Home
Heritage Site, including its circus (A.D. 81-                    to 1905. See the Baro Palace, which Puig i                         Return home • Your tour director assists with
96) and praetorium, or governor’s residence.                     Cadafalch’s designed with two totally different                    the transfer to the airport, where you’ll check
Tour director-led sightseeing of Sitges •                        façades because the building sits in a narrow                      in for your return flight home.
Your tour director shows you around the love-                    space that faces two different streets. You will
ly village of Sitges, about 20 minutes south of                  also see the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, created                       EXTENSION
                                                                                                                                    Day 7 Barcelona • Mallorca
                                                                                                                                    Transfer to Mallorca • Today, board a ferry
                                                                                                                                    and cruise across the Mediterranean Sea to
              Casa Batlló was designed by Gaudí for a wealthy aristocrat in Barcelona; today, the building functions as a museum.   Mallorca, largest of the sun-soaked Balearic
                                                                                                                                    Arrival on Mallorca • Arrive on the island of
                                                                                                                                    Mallorca, home to the world-famous resort of
                                                                                                                                    Palma. Named for its many palm trees, Palma
                                                                                                                                    was for centuries a favorite vacationing spot of
                                                                                                                                    Spanish royalty.

                                                                                                                                    Day 8 Mallorca
                                                                                                                                    Guided sightseeing of Palma • An expert
                                                                                                                                    guide introduces you to the local highlights.
                                                                                                                                    Stroll through the narrow streets of the seaside
                                                                                                                                    Old Quarter and visit the town’s cathedral,
                                                                                                                                    scenically overlooking the Bahía de Palma.
One of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the           ing back to before the 14th century. Visit the
world, its construction spanned four centuries.       main square, Plaça de la Constitució, and the
(Inside lie the tombs of Mallorca’s last two          adjacent 16th-century Església Parroquial de
kings.) Your sightseeing tour also includes a         San Bartolomé, its Modernist façade belying a
visit to the Castillo de Bellver, a 13th-century      beautiful Gothic interior. Then take a trolley
fortress that once served as a summer residence       down to the picturesque coastal town of Port
for royalty.                                          de Sóller. Later, travel by bus to Valldemossa,
                                                      known mostly for the Cartuja de Valldemossa,
Day 9 Mallorca                                        the former monastery where Frédéric Chopin
Optional excursion to Sóller and Vall-dem-            and his lover, George Sand, spent their fa-
ossa • Head to Sóller, where you’ll spend             mous “winter of discontent” (1938-39). Sand
time exploring this charming town. Situated           later recounted their four-month stay in her
about two miles inland from its port, Port de         book Winter in Mallorca, which is available
Sóller, the tranquil town lies in a large, fertile    in local stores in almost every language. Later,
valley, famous for its orange groves and ter-         return to your hotel.
races of ancient olive trees. The valley and sur-
rounding Tramuntana Mountains have long               Day 10 Home
been a favorite destination for people who            Return home • Your tour director assists with
enjoy walking, nature, eco-tourism and swim-          the transfer to the airport, where you’ll check
ming, or people simply seeking a peaceful             in for your return flight home.
getaway from the hustle and bustle of Palma
de Mallorca. Getting to know the town can
be a fascinating experience, with houses dat-
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