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media information 2007


media information 2007

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									media information 2007
Island Business – essential reading for an essential readership

What is Island Business?
Island Business is the Isle of Wight’s only dedicated business magazine.   “The Sixty Mile Publishing Co has totally
Published on behalf of the Isle of Wight’s Chamber of Commerce,             transformed Island Business magazine. It
                                                                            has gone from a magazine that was once
Tourism and Industry, it is the island magazine where business people
                                                                            worth a cursory glance in an effort to while
can access extensive information, analysis and advice that affect their     away 23 minutes on the Red Jet, to what is
companies.                                                                  now a well written and produced,
                                                                            worthwhile, interesting read. For an erudite
                                                                            insight into what is happening in business
• 10 issues per year
                                                                            on the island there is no need to look any
                                                                            further than Island Business magazine.”
• over 4,000 copies distributed at key outlets
                                                                             Tim Sewell,
• extra copies printed for Mid-Winter, Mid-Summer and                        Head of sponsorship, Skandia

 Cowes Week bumper editions
                                                                           “Island Business magazine has in the past
• posted to over 1,100 island businesses and decision-makers                year become a real asset to island
                                                                            businesses and residents alike. The range
• high quality editorial                                                    of subjects covered and the in-depth
                                                                            interviews make Island Business a must-
• targeted and effective advertising medium                                 read every month. Island Business
                                                                            magazine’s broad appeal and distribution
                                                                            network make it the perfect media to
                                                                            advertise our business.”
What is the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce                               Sara de Winter,
Tourism and Industry?                                                       Marketing co-ordinator, Quay Arts

The Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Industry is an
independent, non-political, non-profit making organisation run by local
                                                                           “Congratulations to The Sixty Mile Publishing
                                                                            Co. Island Business is now consistently
business for local business.                                                providing more articles, features and
  The Chamber is recognised as being the voice of island business.          professional comment for the island’s
                                                                            business community than ever before.
It has a membership of more than 900 businesses, from start-ups to
                                                                            Our decision to advertise is a reflection
local and regional subsidiaries of multinational companies. On their        on the effectiveness of the coverage in
behalf, it has strong influence over national and local decision-makers     Island Business.”

and opinion formers.                                                        Brian Marriott,
                                                                            Managing director, Marriott Design

Who reads Island Business?
                                                                           “I know through analysis and personal
Over 1,100 copies of Island Business magazine are distributed to Isle of    feedback that Island Business magazine
Wight Chamber members and local and South East policy-makers.               places my clients message in front of the
                                                                            right people; decision makers. For this
Chamber members include large and small companies, across every
                                                                            reason Island Business magazine has
sector of business – from tourism to retail to heavy industry.              and continues to be a core component
  Another 4000 copies are distributed at key locations for business         in my and my clients business and
                                                                            marketing objectives.”
traffic, including Southampton Airport, the Red Jet terminals and
                                                                            Dale Howarth,
vessels and the Wightlink FastCat and Hovertravel terminals. The
                                                                            Jigsaw Sales and Marketing Consultants
magazine is also available at key business hotels and business centres,
SEEDA headquarters and trade shows and events.
Island Business – effective advertising for a targeted market

Why advertise in              A D V E R T I S I N G R AT E S
Island Business?
                              Premium editorial position
Targeted readership
Island Business is the          No of insertions                      Quarter              Half            Full            DPS
business magazine for           across one year                         page              page            page
the Isle of Wight. You
                                x1    (Chamber member)                  £310              £435           £730           £1245
know exactly who you
are reaching when you                 (non-member)                      £370              £515           £860           £1400
advertise – businesses
                                x3    (member)                          £290              £410           £695           £1190

Decision makers                       (non-member)                      £350              £485           £815           £1385
Island Business is              x6    (member)                          £275              £385           £660           £1125
received by over 900
heads of business. You                (non-member)                      £330              £465           £775           £1315
know your advertising is        x10 (member)                            £260              £360           £620           £1055
being seen by the people
                                      (non-member)                      £310              £430           £730           £1245
who have the power to
                              Run of page
Value for money
Island Business is the
                                No of insertions                      Quarter              Half            Full            DPS
perfect medium for
                                across one year                         page              page            page
businesses to promote
their services to other         x1    (member)                          £280              £395           £665           £1120
businesses competitively.             (non-member)                      £330              £465           £775           £1310
Our rates and advertising
                                x3    (member)                          £260              £365           £625           £1065
packages mean you can
reach your audience in                (non-member)                      £310              £435           £740           £1255
an effective and efficient
                                x6    (member)                          £245              £350           £590           £1000
                                      (non-member)                      £295              £415           £695           £1190
Positive brand association      x10 (member)                            £235              £335           £555            £890
The Isle of Wight
Chamber of Commerce,                  (non-member)                      £280              £395           £655           £1120
Tourism and Industry is a
not-for-profit organisation
                              Classified section
that is highly respected
                              Classified advertising is available on request for as little as £40 per insertion. Please contact
for its work. Advertising
                              classified@60mile.co.uk or Island Business sales on 01983 209 892 for more information.
in its member’s magazine
enhances your credibility     Advertisement Features
                              The above rates do not apply to Advertisement Features which Island Business only accepts
                              with the express permission of the Editor and are subject to a 25 per cent surcharge. Any
                              such material must comply with our Terms & Conditions which are available upon request.
   Mechanical Specifications

                                                                                                       Trim          (width) 420mm x (height) 297mm
                                                                                                       Bleed         (width) 426mm x (height) 303mm
                                                                                                       Type area     (width) 360mm x (height) 267mm
             Double page spread                                          Full page
                                                                                                       Full page
                                                                                                       Trim          (width) 210mm x (height) 297mm
                                                                                                       Bleed         (width) 216mm x (height) 303mm
                                                                                                       Type area     (width) 180mm x (height) 267mm

                                                                                                       Half page (horizontal)
                                                                                                       (width) 180mm x (height) 130mm
                                                                                                       Half page (vertical)
                                                                                                       (width) 85mm x (height) 267mm
                                  Half page (H)
                                                                                   Half                Quarter page
                                                                                   page                (width) 85mm x (height) 130mm
                                                 page                                                  Classified
                                                                                                       A. (width) 87mm x (height) 30mm
                                                                                                       B. (width) 87mm x (height) 64mm

Supplying Digital Material for Island Business Display Advertising
 Format - Files must be Apple Macintosh, we do         PDF Files                                              bigger than the document trim size (i.e. iB page
 not support PC software. Files must be the            We require composite CMYK PDF files using              trim size =210mm wide +20mm and 297mm
 correct size                                          Adobe Acrobat Distiller 4 or 5. All images high res    high +20mm) page position must be centre.
 (see Mechanical Specifications table above            CMYK.                                                  All files to be supplied on disk with colour proof*
 for sizes)                                            ALL FONTS EMBEDDED. Pages must be saved as             or via email* as a composite tiff or print
                                                       individuals and not double page spreads.               ready pdf.
 File types – Photoshop up to V7                       A minimum 3mm bleed is required around all             Send to production@60mile.co.uk
 Images must be supplied as CMYK high                  pages to ensure that any images or tints do not        * Please inform us beforehand if files are over
 resolution 300 dpi TIFF files. Photoshop files must   end up short of the page. It is recommended that         15MB
 be saved as flat TIFF files no fonts, or layers.      the text or subject matter does not fall within        * Island Business magazine and it’s publishers
 Illustrator up to V10                                 5mm of the trim edge to prevent any of the               cannot be held responsible for colour alterations
 All text must be outlined and images embedded         content being trimmed.                                   for Ads supplied without a colour correct proof.
 and saved as Illustrator EPS files.                   The paper width and height must be set to 20mm

Editorial Contact:                                     Production Contact:                                       Advertising contact:
Louise Bateman                                         David Miller                                              Amanda Bartlett
Tel: 01983 209 892                                     production@60mile.co.uk                                   Tel: 01983 209 892
E: louise@60mile.co.uk                                                                                           amanda@60mile.co.uk

                               Island Business magazine is published by: The Sixty Mile Publishing Co Ltd
                               31 Cambridge Road . East Cowes . Isle Of Wight . PO 32 6AH . T. 01983 209 892 . e. info@60mile.co.uk

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