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					                                                                                                                                                  Estimated Real Property Tax

                       BUDGET                                                                                                                      2005-2006             2004-2005
       BALDWINSVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY                                                                 Budget                                       $1,177,000.00        $1,119,500.00
                                             2005-2006    2004-2005
                                                                                                    Less Estimated Revenues                        $137,000.00          $147,500.00
                                              Budget       Budget                                                                                $1,040,000.00          $972,000.00
   Salaries                                                                                        Less Appropriated Fund Balance                         -$0.00         -$20,000.00
      Professional                             297,400      287,815
      Clerical                                 304,395      285,295                                 Amount to be Raised by Property Taxes $1,040,000.00                 $952,000.00
      Custodial                                 35,830       34,285
      Total Salaries                          $637,625     $607,395
                                                                                                                                    Tax Rate Comparisons
      Retirement & Social Security               98,165       83,760                                 Estimated Tax            2005-2006               2004-2005            $ Increase*          % Increase
      Workers Compensation, Disability,                                                              To Be Raised            Estimated Tax            Actual Tax
        Unemployment & Health Insurance         80,810       81,795                                                              Rate*                  Rate*
      Total Benefits                          $178,975     $165,555
   Library Materials                           157,800      159,650       Lysander                      $679,972.00               $0.65                  $0.62                $0.03                5.0%
   Office Supplies, Postage & Printing          21,600       20,700       Van Buren                     $264,539.00               $0.65                  $0.62                $0.03                5.0%
                                                                          Clay                           $95,489.00              $11.90                 $11.33                $0.57                5.0%
   Insurance                                     7,600        7,500
   Utilities                                    58,000       54,500                                   $1,040,000.00
   Telephone                                     3,500        3,500                                                               *per $1,000 assessed value
   Professional Fees & Dues                      2,500        2,600
   Education and Training                        6,000        5,500
   Equipment Repair & Rental                    19,000       19,000
   Building Maintenance, Custodial Supplie      42,200       41,000                                                           Annual Library Tax Comparisons
   Computerized Circulation System              28,800       26,600
   Equipment                                    13,400        6,000                                             Annual Library Tax Bills for Homes with $100,000 Market Value
   Total Operating Costs                      $360,400     $346,550
                                                                                                 Lysander                                 Van Buren                                      Clay
Total Expenditures Budgeted                  $1,177,000   $1,119,500

   Payment in Lieu of Taxes                     68,000       75,000                                         FOR                                        FOR                                          FOR
   Fines and books sold                         36,000       36,000                                         SALE                                      SALE                                          SALE
   Interest from Investments                     3,500        8,000    Sold for                      $100,000.00                                                                          $100,000.00
   Cash Grants                                  10,500       10,500                                                                            $100,000.00
                                                                       Assessed at                   $100,000.00                               $100,000.00                                  $5,500.00
   Local Revenues                               19,000       18,000
   Total Estimated Revenues                   $137,000     $147,500
                                                                       Estimated     2005-2006              $65.46                                  $65.46                                         $65.47
   Appropriated Fund Balance                         0       20,000    Actual        2004-2005              $62.32                                  $62.32                                         $62.33
   Total Revenues Before Property Taxes       $137,000     $167,500    Increase                              $3.14                                   $3.14                                          $3.14

   Property Tax Levy                         $1,040,000    $952,000        This chart shows annual tax bills for homes with a market value of $100,000 located in each of the three towns of the
                                                                                                                    Baldwinsville Central School District.                                                  Estimated
Total Revenues Budgeted                      $1,177,000   $1,119,500                                                                                                                                        Actual
            2004 ANNUAL REPORT                                         INVOLVEMENT WITH THE COMMUNITY
                                                                            Summer concerts at Paper Mill Island, co-sponsored with
                   BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                                            Towns of Lysander and Van Buren Parks & Recreation
  Edward McManus, Jr., President Nelson Butler, Vice-President
                                                                            Teen Photo Contest sponsored by Baker Studio of
      Barbara Aitken Donna Arseneau Susan Downey
                 John Lewien     David Lower
                                                                            Monthly art exhibits by local artists and school children
                     L IB R A R Y U S E F O R 2 0 04                        Book talks and tours for Baldwinsville school children
                   IN T E R E ST IN G ST A T IS T IC S:                     Book collections delivered to local Senior Centers and
                                                                            donated to the Baldwinsville Visitors
             Circulation of materials:              349,849
             Attendance:                            275,873
                                                                            Center                                       WALKING

             Interlibrary loan requests filled:      42,946                 Walking Tour of Baldwinsville                   OF

             Reference questions answered:           19,632                 developed by Librarian Bonnie                                          3 3 E as t Ge ne se e Stre e t
             Program attendance:                     13,376
                                                                            Kisselstein, available for sale in print                        Baldw i ns vi lle , Ne w Y o rk 1 30 2 7 -25 7 5
             Computer users:                         17,105
             Active patrons:
             Collection size:
                                                                            and on video, filmed by local public
                                                                            access station 98
                                                                                                                         NEW YORK
                                                                                                                                          PROPOSED BUDGET
The Board of Trustees and library staff members take pride in their
services to the Baldwinsville community. Highlights of 2004 include:
                                                                            “Stump the Librarian” contest at Seneca River Day
                                                                            Library book cart drill team debut in Halloween Parade            2005 – 2006
                                                                            Assemblyman Will Barclay grant to purchase DVDs for
     Weekly “Wired Wednesday” computer classes, featuring
     beginning to advanced topics, as well as individual instruction
                                                                            children and adults ($1,666)
                                                                            Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour grant to sponsor          ANNUAL REPORT
     Monthly Open Mike nights highlighting local talent                     Simple Gifts music program, residency, and concert ($1,408)
     Craft classes featuring different basket designs each month,           Local Library Services Aid (LLSA) grant from New York
     among others                                                           state to fund library activities ($9,044)
     Summer Reading Programs for preschoolers through adults
     Operation Smart: Science and math projects for girls
                                                                            Community Development Foundation grant to sponsor               BUDGET VOTE
                                                                            “Read and Play” programs and toys (through library system)
     Operation Slither, featuring live reptiles
     Yu-Gi-Oh card game tournaments for young adults                   OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST                                                   and
                                                                           Friends of
     Story Time sessions serving 2,965 children aged 1 to 7
     A “Read and Play” group focusing on parents as the first              the Library                                                    TRUSTEE ELECTION
     teachers and encouraging reading                                      continues to
     Camp Bookworm, a library overnight for 3rd and 4th graders            increase
     A bi-monthly Writers' Group and monthly Book Discussion
     Group, “Books for Breakfast”
                                                                           and provide
     Gingerbread house making
     Expansion of Book-on-CD and DVD collections to meet the
                                                                           support to
                                                                           the library
                                                                                                                                                 April 28, 2005
     increasing demand                                                     through many
     A new toy collection purchased with funds from “Read and
     Play” grant from the Community Development Foundation
                                                                           fundraising activities
                                                                           Public access computers have been upgraded; additional
                                                                                                                                              10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
     Hoover’s database, containing                                         educational games have been installed on the children’s area
     listings for over 12 million private                                  computers                                                        315-635-5631 (voice)          315-635-6760 (fax)
     and public companies                                                  Onondaga County Trustee of the Year was BPL’s Susan    
     Additions made to local history collection                            Downey