Budget Information and Templates by qpv40869


									           PART II

Budget Information and Templates
                 This section contains the templates necessary for
                 completing budget information for the 2004 Annual
                 Update to the Master Plan. These templates are
                 consistent with existing financial reporting requirements.
                 Please refer to the Financial Reporting Manual for
                 Maryland Public Schools for definitions and guidance.

                 The budget information is forwarded with annual
                 updates to the comprehensive master plan. In addition,
                 the school system must submit a proposed budget for the
                 use of the ESEA federal funds in accordance with federal
                 reporting requirements.

                 Attachment 1: Total Revenue Statement
                               & Budget Narrative

                 Attachment 2: Total Expenditure Statement

                 Attachment 3: Total Full-Time Equivalent
                               Staff Statement

                 Attachment 4: School Level “Spreadsheet”
                               Budget Summary

                 Attachment 5: Transfer of ESEA Funds

                 Attachment 6: Consolidation of ESEA Funds for
                               Local Administration

The mission of Somerset County Public Schools is to unite the best efforts of our entire
community in order to assure that all students achieve high standards, graduate from high school,
and are equipped with the skills and behaviors needed to attain success in a rapidly changing

The budget approved by the Board of Education for FY 2005 will continue the implementation
of the Master Plan as submitted last year.

Somerset County Public School has entered into an exciting period of time. The FY 2005
budget, with an increase of 5.4% over FY 2004 budget, marks the beginning of the system’s
realignment of schools. The community has embraced the concepts presented for the
realignment, the staff is excited about the positive changes coming and the students are looking
forward to beginning the new school year.

At the close of FY 2004, Woodson Middle School was closed for renovation to become an
elementary school (PreK to 5) within the next two years. Sixth and seventh graders from both
ends of the county will be housed at the Somerset 6-7 Intermediate Center in Westover. The
remaining two schools (Whittington Primary and Marion Sarah Peyton Elementary) remain
unchanged until the opening of the new Woodson School. Students in the northern end of the
county will be educated in one of three elementary (PreK or K to 5) facilities: Princess Anne
Elementary; Greenwood Elementary; and, Deal Island Elementary. The JM Tawes Technology
and Career Center will continue to serve high school students in the career or vocational track.

Eighth grade will be added to each high school which currently serves grades 9 – 12. The
students in grades 8 – 12 will be served in the current high schools; Washington High in the
northern end of the county and Crisfield High at the southern end. Eighth and ninth graders will
be part of an “academy”, and will be housed in the same buildings as older students, yet will be
separated from the higher grades. The academy setup will help ease the younger students into
the expectations and rigor of high school.


As stated previously, Somerset County Public School’s increase in revenues from FY 2004 to
FY 2005 was 5.4%. Sources of revenue are from the county, state and federal governments, with
some other revenues received from interest earned on investments and school building rentals. A
breakdown of the revenues and their percentage of change from FY 2004 to FY 2005 are in the
table on the next page.
   Type of           FY 2004            FY 2005             Change           % Change
   Revenue           Approved           Approved
                      Budget             Budget
   County            8,562,017          8,499,357           -62,660              -.7%

  Other Local          95,000            205,000            110,000            115.8%

State Revenue        14,523,893        15,901,496          1,377,603             9.5%

    Federal          3,518,134          3,544,775           26,641               .8%
  Prior Year          267,515            282,422            14,907               5.6%
Total Revenue     26,966,559         28,433,050         1,466,491         5.4%

The Somerset County Commissioners have opted to fund Somerset County Public Schools at
maintenance of effort for FY 2005. With the declining enrollment, this resulted in a decrease in
the local appropriation of .7%. While the local appropriation declined, the Commissioners did
approve over $2 million for capital projects which include the beginning stages of renovating
Woodson.      Somerset County is an economically depressed area, with a limited tax base.
However, inexpensive land prices are attracting investors and retirees to relocate in Somerset
County, which will hopefully help the tax base in the future.

Other local revenue increased by $110,000. This increase relates to cashing in a certificate of
deposit that was established prior to 1995. The purpose of the CD was to offset any
unemployment costs resulting from employee layoffs that could be incurred by the school system
in response to the challenges of a declining student population, as well as the economics of the
county. At the advice of our external auditors, Pigg, Krahl, Stern and Company CPA, we will
close out this CD in FY 2005 and use it as a source of revenue in the operating fund.

State revenue increased over $1.3 million from FY 2004’s approved budget. This is a result of
the Maryland legislature taking action to fully fund the “Thornton Bill” which increases state aid
to local education agencies. The formula used in “Thornton” calls for three more years of
additional funding; however, in light of the current economic situation of Maryland as a whole, it
is difficult to predict if the funding will be available or if state aid will have to be reduced in
future years.

Federal revenue increased .8% from FY 2004 to FY 2005. Somerset County has been the
recipient of numerous federal grants to assist with school reform, technology education and
improvements and has been successful in Medical Assistance billing, which supplements the
special education budget. Federal funds, while not guaranteed, are a vital part of Somerset
County’s finances, with federal grants funding 10% of the total FTEs employed by the school

Mandatory Increases: $1,040,300
In order to be competitive in the market for highly qualified teachers, Somerset County must
ensure that salary and benefits are comparable to the surrounding counties. Increases in salaries
are negotiated by the Teacher’s Association of Somerset County (TASCO). For the first time,
agreements were negotiated with classified employees and administrative and supervisory
employees. All groups agreed to a 2% increase, which resulted in a cost of $490,000.

Health insurance continues to escalate; the projected premium increase in FY 2005 was 15%. To
help in the retention of our staff, Somerset County Public Schools increased its cost share for
husband/wife, parent/child and family coverage from 50% to 75%. This resulted in an increase
in participation during FY 2004, which coupled with the increased premiums resulted in an
overall budgeted increase of $412,300. Somerset County Public Schools has joined the Eastern
Shore of Maryland Educational Consortium’s (ESMEC) health insurance plan to participate in a
larger group of employees which will hopefully help contain costs in the future. SCPS joined the
ESMEC group in FY 2004 and had to contribute a “call” amount of $100,000 in addition to its
monthly premiums. This call amount was removed for the FY 2005 budget.

Just as health insurance continues to increase, other types of insurance do the same. Somerset
County budgeted an additional $65,000 to cover the increases in workers compensation, general
liability, comprehensive, property and unemployment insurances. Additionally, the system will
have to purchase flood insurance to provide coverage for its school on Smith Island. SCPS is a
member of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) which allows us to
manage coverage to our specific needs. Membership also allows us to participate in the decision
making process of coverage levels and risk. It also provides us an avenue to help control costs
by being part of a larger group, as opposed to acting individually.

Somerset County encompasses a large area (both land and water) to provide student
transportation for children attending the public school system. The distance for children living in
Deal Island attending Washington High School, is over 17 miles (one way). Due to the rural
make up of the county, it is difficult to achieve economies of scale in bussing children. A 2%
hourly increase (increasing the hourly rate to $14) and $.02     per mile (increasing the per mile
rate to $.91) were negotiated with the Bus Contractors Association. Additionally, estimates were
included for the realignment; as the need for busses from both ends of the county to transport
students to the Somerset 6-7 Intermediate Center had to be considered. The overall increase in
student transportation for FY 2005 was $60,000.

As Somerset County continues to invest in various technologies, there will be the need for
maintenance and support contracts, license agreements, etc. For FY 2005, this increase was

New Initiatives: $161,000
One new initiative in Somerset County, is the purchase of a new core reading series. During FY
2004, SCPS was notified that it qualified as a Reading First participant. As such, a new reading
textbook series was selected for purchase in FY 2005. The series includes the five elements of
reading: phonemic awareness; phonics; fluency; vocabulary; and comprehension. This is
reflected in the Master Plan strategy 1.1.32
The second initiative for the 2005 fiscal year is the budgeted purchase of a computer based
assessment and intervention tool (Master Plan 1.3.3). This software will enable us to target each
student’s deficiencies and work toward the goal of eliminating the achievement gap. The school
system has decided to purchase the Plato system.

Additional Positions: $623,448
As a part of the realignment process, as well as Somerset County’s dedication to providing a
quality education to its students and its commitment to the strategies in the Master Plan, a
number of new positions were funded. The majority of these positions were instructionally
related, with only 2.5 positions funded that were not directly related to the classroom. Master
Plan references are in parenthesis following each position. The approved budget included: a
Student Information Analyst (4.3.3); PC Technician (1.6.1, 1.6.2); 2 Kindergarten teachers and
assistants (completing the implementation of all day kindergarten – 1.1.59); a Computer
Repair/Technology Teacher to start a new program at the JM Tawes Vocational School (1.1.14);
2 Disciplinarians (High School) who will also be teaching students (4.4.4); a Dean of Students –
Elementary (4.4.4); an Academic Support Instructor (3.6.4); a physical education assistant
(4.4.4); an ELL teacher (1.4.1); an Alternative to Suspension Monitor (5.1.4); a Gifted and
Talented Coordinator/Career Counselor for the Somerset 6-7 Intermediate School (1.5.1); 2
Special Education classroom assistants (1.3.4); 1 IEP assistant for a special education student
(1.3.4); and, a .5 custodian at Deal Island School (4.4.11).

Revised Bridge to Excellence Strategies: NONE

Continued Funding of Bridge to Excellence Strategies: $263,543
In the preparation of the FY 2005 budget, Somerset County Public Schools continued funding
various strategies as written in its Master Plan. Additionally, as part of the development of the
budget, principals were requested to specifically designate items needed for their schools,
particularly in light of the realignment. These requests were reviewed in the context of resources
available and what was in comparable schools in the county. A result of this was funding for
science tables and chairs at one high school, band chairs and music stands for another. The
copiers at each school were reviewed and new lease agreements arranged. These items totaled
$50,000 in increases for the FY 2005 budget.

As previously indicated, two new kindergarten classes will be set up in FY 2005. In addition to
the staff (teachers and assistants), materials and equipment are necessary to set up the
classrooms, making the environments a child friendly place for learning. Over $26,000 was
budgeted to complete these classrooms. With the addition of these classes, Somerset County
Public Schools will have implemented full day kindergarten for all its students well ahead of the
mandatory deadline of FY 2007.

Staff development needs were continued with increases ($27,000) designated for stipends and
consultants. The stipends are after school and summer programs and the consultant costs will be
used to bring in individuals with expertise in math and reading to help our teachers provide the
best instruction to our students. Additionally, funding was provided for training of staff in
working with and retrieving information in “Power School”, the student information system used
by SCPS.
Technology continues to be a high priority in our county with $125,000 allocated for computer
equipment in FY 2005. It will be used to replace 10% of the classroom computers in the county,
replace two elementary computer labs, replace batteries on the mobile computer labs and
purchase LCD projectors for each school.

Redirected Funding/Budget Reductions: $638,800
In order to fund the new positions as well as the new reading textbook series, staff members of
Somerset County Public Schools had to prioritize their needs, look at positions as related to the
Master Plan, and make some difficult decisions regarding the funding of some programs.
Fortunately, most savings in the staffing area were a result of retirements ($268,800); there have
been no layoffs. Each year, the staff will continue to assess and analyze each position in the
school system for its relevance to the Master Plan.

With the closing of Woodson Middle School, some operational savings were recognized. These
savings ($35,000) enabled us to maintain some budget items at the FY 2004 level or make
minimal increases. Electricity deregulation will continue to have a major impact on the costs of
running our school buildings. As a member of the Energy Trust of ESMEC, we are able to
competitively bid for electricity as part of a larger group. The cost of heating oil, will also be of
concern to SCPS as the war in Iraq continues and the supply is volatile.

Recognizing the need for the new elementary textbook series, supervisors in the school system
worked together, agreeing to reductions of $43,000 for one year to help offset the cost of the new
reading books. These reductions will be difficult to reinstate without full Thornton Funding.

Other: $20,000
Other expenditures included the increased cost of educating students placed in surrounding
counties by other agencies (out of county placement) and the costs of educating students placed
in various treatment centers. These increases are budgeted at $20,000.
(Current Expense Fund)

                                                             Local Unit
     FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                                                          2004                 2004           2005
                                                                                                        Final Prior
                                                                                                       Year Actual
                                                                                                         Revenue        Original
                                                                                         Original      ESTIMATED       Approved
                                                                                      Approved Prior   UNAUDITED      Current Year
REVENUES                                                                               Year Budget         +++          Budget
  APPROPRIATIONS                                                        8,562,017     8,562,017        8,499,357

  OTHER REVENUE*                                                           95,000       146,403         205,000

                        Foundation                                      9,181,549     9,162,913        9,495,838
                        Economically Disadvantaged (Comp Ed & EEEP)        3,317,583     3,317,565        3,942,703
                        Special Education** (includes non public)          557,149       550,116          724,205
                        LEP                                                82,815        82,815          118,841
                        Transportation                                  1,253,200     1,253,200
                        Guaranteed Tax Base                                                              306,419
                        Transportation                                                                 1,289,022
                        Governor's Teacher Salary Challenge               107,130       107,130
                        Other (specify)*** Fine Arts                                          24,467         8,581          24,467
  TOTAL STATE REVENUE                                                                     14,523,893    14,482,320      15,901,495

                        Title I-A - Local System Grants                                    1,097,561     1,176,609        1,110,969
                        Title I-A - School Improvement
                            Title I-B1 - Reading First                                           0                   179,476
                            Title I-B3 - Even Start
                            Title I-C - Migrant Education                                   97,781       97,781       98,878
                            Title I-D - Neglected and Delinquent
                            Title I-F - Comprehensive School Reform                        271,997      205,866      271,997
                            Title II-A - Teacher Quality                                   270,501      270,501      272,571
                            Title II-D - Education Technology                               28,115       32,269       30,043
                            Title III-A - Language Acquisition                               9,124       12,488        9,468
                            Title IV-A - Safe & Drug-Free Schools                           32,050       16,125       28,685
                            Title IV-B - 21st Century Learning Centers
                            Title V-A - Innovative Education                                33,425       38,936       25,096
                            Title VI-B2 - Rural & Low-Income Schools Prog.                  77,521       58,570            0
                            Title VIII - Impact Aid
                            Homeless Children and Youth
                            IDEA - Special Education                                       586,972      698,462      636,659
                            Adult Education                                                 87,855       84,536       87,855
                            Work Force Alliance                                            108,500       89,014       90,000
                            Medical Assistance                                             200,000      246,849      285,000
                            Infant and Toddler                                              59,791       67,318       59,791
                            Gear Up                                                        192,659      166,451      182,000
                            Dropout Prevention                                             123,498      123,498            0
                            Perkins Career and Technology Education                         71,104       71,104       75,975
                            Improving Teacher Quality (addtl funds)                         60,000        5,790            0
                            Enhancing Education through Technology
                            (competitive)                                                  100,000      101,660      100,000
                            Service Learning                                                 9,680        8,914
                            Other (specify)***
  REVENUE                                                              3,518,134    3,572,741    3,544,463

  OTHER RESOURCES/TRANSFERS****                                               0            0            0

TOTAL REVENUE                                                                            26,699,044   26,763,481   28,150,315

PRIOR BALANCE AVAILABLE FY 2002                                         267,515      267,515      282,422
               FY 2003 Fund Balance made available for FY 2004^                            247,000      247,000
                   TOTAL REVENUE, TRANSFERS AND FUND BALANCE                                                             27,213,559      27,277,996   28,432,737   $   1,219,178

"+++Includes revenue received on grants issued in FY 2003 that were carried over in FY 2004
*Tuition, payments and fees, earnings on investments, rentals, gifts and other non-state, non-federal revenue sources.
**Shound include state revenues from formula funding as well as non-public placement funding.
***Add lines as needed for all other fund sources in the Current Expense Fund.
****Nonrevenue and transfers.
^After budget completion

Rev. 5/2004
                                                                                                                                       $26,981,491    28,433,050
                                                                                                                             $        (232,068.00)           313
                                             Budget Variance Summary Table
                                             Local School System: SOMERSET

                                         Prior Year       Year                                         UNAUDITED
                                         Approved       Approved                                       ESTIMATED
                                          Budget         Budget         Change   % Change               Prior Year
                                               2004          2005                                              2004
Local Appropriation                      $ 8,562,017     8,499,357   -$62,660       -0.7%                 $8,562,017
Other Local                                                      $
Revenue                                  $    95,000       205,000  $110,000       115.8%                   122,432
State                                                            $
Revenue                                  $14,523,893    15,901,496 $1,377,603        9.5%                 14,488,682
Federal                                                          $
Revenue                                  $ 3,518,134     3,544,775    $26,641        0.8%                   417,266
Other                                                            $
Resources/Transfers                                              -         $0                                59,375
Prior Year Balance                       $ 267,515         282,422    $14,907        5.6%                         0
Revenue                                  $26,966,559 $28,433,050 $1,466,491          5.4%                    267,515

Change in Expenditures:
  Mandatory Increases
             Salary increases for teachers, A&S, and classified - steps + 2%       490,000
             Increase in other insurances to include: workers comp;
             general liability; comprehensive; property; unemployment               65,000
             Increase in Health Insurance premiums                                 412,300
             bus contract increase                                                  60,000
             increase in maintenance/support contracts                              13,000 1,040,300
  New Initiatives
  1.1.32     New Elementary Textbook series                                        111,000
  1.3.3      computer based assessment and intervention                             50,000   161,000
  Additional Positions
  4.3.3      Student Information Analyst                                            41,126
  1.1.14     Computer Repair/Technology Teacher                                     40,000
  4.4.4      Disciplinarians/Dean of Students (3 positions)                        188,000
  1.1.59     Kindergarten Teachers (2)                                              63,012
  1.1.59     Kindergarten Assistants (2)                                            30,000
  3.6.4      Academic Support Instructor                                            34,417
  4.4.4      Physical Eduation Assistant (Elementary)                               15,500
  5.1.4      Alternative to Suspension Monitor                                      22,000
  1.4.1      ELL Teacher                                                            40,000
  1.5.1      Gifted & Talented Coordinator/Career Counselor - Intermediate          67,603
  1.3.4      Special Education Assistants (2)                                       30,000
  1.3.4      IEP Assistant (1) part time contractual                                14,000
  1.6.1;     PC Technician
  1.6.2                                                                             30,000
  4.4.11     Custodian .5 FTE                                                        7,790   623,448
  Revised Bridge to Excellence Strategies
  Continued Implementation of Bridge to Excellence Strategies:
  1.1.4     science consumable kits                                                  20,500
  4.4.11    replace science tables and chairs, band chairs, music stands, etc        20,000
  1.6.1     computer equipment                                                      125,000
  4.4.11    lease copiers for schools                                                30,000
  4.3.4     increase in staff development stipends, consultants for reading/math
            intervention                                                             27,000
  1.1.59    materials and equipment for 2 new kindergarten rooms                     26,043
  4.3.4     staff development for student information system                         15,000     263,543
  Redirected Funding/Budget Reductions
  4.4.4     Eliminated 3 VP for Instructionally driven Disciplinarians and Dean
            of Students                                                            (195,000)
            savings through retirees                                               (268,800)
  4.4.4     decrease in operation of plant due to closing of Woodson Middle
            school; increases were minimal                                          (35,000)
            decrease in insurance call                                             (100,000)
  1.1.32    various material allotments reduced for 1 year to pay for new
            reading text                                                            (18,000)
  1.1.32    secondary textbook allocation reduced for 1 year to pay for new
            reading text                                                            (25,000)
  Other (must not exceed 10% of Change in Total Revenue) out of county,
  treatment center                                                                    20,000    20,000
  Total                                                                            1,466,491 1,466,491

Notes:   Add lines as needed to describe major budgetary changes.
(Current Expense Fund)
                                                               Local Unit
                                                           FISCAL YEAR 2005
                                                     TOTAL SUMMARY BY CATEGORY

                                                                   2004 UNAUDITED,
                                                              2004 ESTIMATED                                  2005                       2005
                                                      Original                                                            FTE Staffing
                   Category                          Approved*
                                                     Prior Year      Final Prior Year           Original Approved   Current Year Budget
                                                      Budget       Actual Expenditures         Current Year Budget
  201       Administration                                706,100               669,332                     710,001                     6
  202       Mid-level Administration                                          1,947,401
            Office of the Principal                     1,779,841                                        1,239,233                       24
            Administration & Supervision                  132,307                                          521,745                      11.5
   203      Instructional Salaries                     11,121,588            11,176,866                 11,554,950                     260.5
   204      Textbooks & Instructional Supplies            657,717               824,256                    836,998
   205      Other Instructional Costs                     829,464             1,009,708                  1,025,886
  206       Special Education                           2,499,644             2,467,034                  2,549,580                        52
  207       Student Personnel Services                    183,499               172,372                    283,857                        7.5
  208       Health Services                               292,031               292,490                    220,368                          9
  209       Student Transportation                      2,006,708             1,893,543                  2,037,394                          5
  210       Operation of Plant                          1,727,515             1,782,408                  1,738,694                       29.5
  211       Maintenance of Plant                        1,044,705             1,034,867                    949,685                        10
  212       Fixed Charges                               3,977,366             4,209,082                  4,538,908
  213       Food Service                                     3,996                                           5,676
  214       Community Services                                                    24,683
  215       Capital Outlay                                  10,000                                         219,762
            Undistributed Federal Funds
            TOTAL EXPENDITURES/FTE                      26,972,481               27,504,043             28,432,737                       415

* Does not reflect budget amendments approved by local jurisdictions during the fiscal year.
**Include fuderal funds and federally funded positions in Budget (Original and Prior Year Budget AND Original Approved Current Year Budget)
and FTE columns.

                                                         26,981,491                                      28,433,050
10/2002                                                       9,010                                            313
                                     Local Unit

                                FISCAL YEAR 2005

                                                    2004                  2005
POSITION TYPE                           Prior Year Budget   Current Year Budget
Superintendent, Deputy,Assc, Asst                     2.0                   2.0
Directors, Coord.,Superv.,Specialists                 9.0                   9.0
Principal                                            10.0                  10.0
Vice Principal                                        4.0                   1.0
Teachers                                            229.0                 236.0
Therapists                                            3.0                   3.0
Guidance Counselor                                    9.0                  10.0
Librarian                                             4.0                   3.0
Psychologist                                          1.0                   1.0
Nurse                                                 9.0                   9.0
Other Professional Staff
Secretaries and Clerks                               24.0                  24.0
Bus Drivers
Paraprofessionals                                    54.0                  60.0
Other Staff                                          44.0                  46.5
TOTAL FTE STAFF                                     402.0                 414.5

Rev. 10/2002
FISCAL YEAR 2005                                                                                     Local School System:                             Somerset
Enter the Amount of Funds Budgeted for Each School by ESEA Programs and Other Sources of

                                                                                       Title II -   Title III -                     Title V -    Title VI -
   School Name            Poverty     Title I - A      Title I - D     Title II - A        D            A         Title IV - A          A            B        Other       Other             Total
   In Rank Order by       Percent    Grants to Local    Delinquent     Teacher and     Ed Tech       English      Safe and Drug-    Innovative    Rural and                                 ESEA
Poverty (High to Low)     Based on   School Systems    and Youth At     Principal      Formula      Language       Free Schools     Programs     Low-Income
  After school name,      Free and                        Risk of      Training and     Grants      Acquisition         and                        Schools
                                                                                                                                                                                          Funding by
 indicate (SW) for T-I    Reduced                        Dropping       Recruiting                                 Communities                                                              School
  Schoolwide schools       Price                           Out            Fund
and (TAS) for targeted     Meals
assistance T-I schools.

Ewell School                                                                                                                                                                          -

Princess Anne Elem
SW                         68.2%     262,719.00                                                                                                                                       262,719.00
Greenwood Elem
SW                         64.1%     249,798.00                       43,807.00                                                                                                       293,605.00
Somerset 6-7
Intermediate               63.3%                                                                                                                                                      -
Marion Sarah Peyton
SW                         62.9%     175,503.00                                                                                                                                       175,503.00

Whittington Primary
SW                         53.9%     178,733.00                       185,236.00                                                                                                      363,969.00

Washington High
School                     50.6%                                                                                                                                                      -

Crisfield High
School                     48.9%                                      43,528.00                                                                                                       43,528.00
Deal Island School
SW                         47.4%     59,220.00                                                                                     25,096.00                                          84,316.00

 School System
                                     165,886.00                                                                                                                                       112,056.00
  Programs and
  School System
   Support to
     Schools                            19,110.00                                       30,043.00      9,468.00       28,685.00                                                       141,136.00
 Nonpublic Costs                                                                                                                                                                      -

                                       1,110,969.00              -        272,571.00    30,043.00      9,468.00       28,685.00      25,096.00           -            -           -       1,476,832.00

2004 Annual Update                               Bridge to Excellence Comprehensive Plan                     Page 14
         ATTACHMENT 5-A
         TRANSFERABILITY OF ESEA FUNDS [Section 6123(b)]
         FISCAL YEAR 2005                                                                             Local School System:        Somerset

         Local school systems may transfer ESEA funds by completing this page as part of the Bridge to Excellence Master Plan submission, or at a later
         date by completing and submitting a separate Attachment 5-A form. Receipt of this Attachment as part of the Master Plan will serve as the required
         30 day notice to MSDE. A local school system may transfer up to 50 percent of the funds allocated to it by formula under four major ESEA
         programs to any one of the programs, or to Title I (Up to 30 percent if the school system is in school improvement)* . The school system must
         consult with nonpublic school officials regarding the transfer of funds. In transferring funds, the school system must: (1) deposit funds in the
         original fund; (2) show as expenditure – line item transfer from one fund to another, and (3) reflect amounts transferred on expenditure reports.

         50% limitation for local school systems not identified for school improvement or corrective action. 30% limitation for districts identified for school
         improvement. A school system identified for corrective action may not use the fund transfer option.

         Funds Available for Transfer           Total FY        $ Amount to be            $ Amount to be transferred into each of the following
                                                   2005         transferred out                                programs
                                                Allocation          of each
                                                                                         Title I-A    Title II-   Title II-   Title IV-    Title V-
                                                                                                         A           D            A           A
         Title II-A                                             $
         Teacher Quality                        $272,571.00    -
         Title II-D                             $               $
         Ed Tech                                30,043.00      -
         Title IV-D                             $               $
         Safe and Drug Free Schools             28,685.00      -
         Title V-A                              $               $
         Innovative Programs                    25,096.00      -

            (*) A school system that is in school improvement may only use funds for school improvement activities under sections 1003 and 1116(c) of ESEA.

2004 Annual Update                   Bridge to Excellence Comprehensive Plan                  Page 15
      ADMINISTRATION [Section 9203]                                                                    Local School System: Somerset
      FISCAL YEAR 2005

      Section 9203 of ESEA allows a local school system, with approval of MSDE, to consolidate ESEA administrative funds. In consolidating administrative
      funds, a school system may not (a) designate more than the percentage established in each ESEA program, and (b) use any other funds under the
      program included in the consolidation for administrative purposes. A school system may use the consolidated administrative funds for the
      administration of the ESEA programs and for uses at the school district and school levels for such activities as –

                       · The coordination of the ESEA programs with other federal and non-federal programs;
                       · The establishment and operation of peer-review activities under No Child Left Behind;
                       · The dissemination of information regarding model programs and practices;
                       · Technical assistance under any ESEA program;
                       · Training personnel engaged in audit and other monitoring activities;
                       · Consultation with parents, teachers, administrative personnel, and nonpublic school officials; and
                       · Local activities to administer and carry out the consolidation of administrative funds.

      A school system that consolidates administrative funds shall not be required to keep separate records, by individual program, to account for costs
      relating to the administration of the programs included in the consolidation.

      If the school system plans to consolidate ESEA administrative funds, indicate below the ESEA programs and amounts that the
      school system will consolidate for local administration. Provide a detailed description of how the consolidated funds will be used.

         Title I-A          Title II-A         Title II-D         Title III-A          Title IV-A           Title V          Total ESEA
       (Reasonable      (Reasonable and       (Reasonable     (Limit: 2 Percent)        (Limit: 2      (Reasonable and     (Reasonable and
           and            Necessary)              and                                    Percent)        Necessary)          Necessary)
        Necessary)                             Necessary)

2004 Annual Update                  Bridge to Excellence Comprehensive Plan              Page 16
 NONPUBLIC SCHOOL INFORMATION FOR ESEA PROGRAMS                                                         Local School System: Somerset

 Enter the complete information for each participating nonpublic school, including mailing address. Use the optional “Comments” area to provide
 additional information about ESEA services to nonpublic school students, teachers, and other school personnel. For example, if Title I services are
 provided through home tutoring services or by a third party contractor, please indicate that information under “Comments.” For Title I services, include
 written affirmation signed by officials at each participating nonpublic school that consultation has occurred. NOTE: Complete Attachment 6-A for Title
 I-A, Title II-A, Title II-Ed Tech, and Title III services. Complete Attachment 6-B for Title IV-A and Title V-A services. Use separate pages as

                                                            Number of Nonpublic School Participants (Students, Teachers, and Other School Personnel)
   NONPUBLIC SCHOOL NAME AND                                      Title I-A                              Title II-A       Title II-D Ed Tech         Title III-A
                                             Number Nonpublic T-I       Students          Students          Staff        Students     Staff      Students     Staff
                                              Students Served AT
                                                                     Reading/L.Arts     Mathematics
 No participation                           Private

2004 Annual Update              Bridge to Excellence Comprehensive Plan          Page 17
   FISCAL YEAR 2005                                                                                   Local School System : Somerset

   Enter the complete information for each participating nonpublic school, including mailing address. Use separate pages as necessary.

                                                   Number of Nonpublic School Participants (Students, Teachers, and Other School Personnel)
                ADDRESS                              Title IV-A                   Title V-A
                                                                                                                Comments (Optional)
                                               Students           Staff     Students          Staff

   no participation

2004 Annual Update              Bridge to Excellence Comprehensive Plan          Page 18

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