Who is the person I most admire

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					Who is the person I most admire
Antti Tuisku is twenty years old. He is interested in singing. He looks cute. He is 171cm tall. His
hero is his dad. He is happy, helpful, and brave. He lives in Helsinki, but his Mum and Dad live in
Rovaniemi and his sister lives in Oulu. I like him because he is cute, he has a voice and good looks.
He favourite CD is Christina Aquilera‟s ``Stripped``. And his favourite colours are black and red,
but he also likes blue. His favourite food is Chinese. His best song is “Vaarallinen” (“Dangerous”).
He has got glasses and black hair and brown eyes. His pet is a dog. His is a singer. He took part in
the competition called ``Idols``.

He is the best singer!

Mandi 6A

Who is the person I most admire
Antti Tuisku was born in 1984, in Rovaniemi. He is twenty years old and he is a singer. He has
brown hair and sometimes he uses glasses. He joined the competition, whose name was “Idols”. He
was third. So, he became a singer. He lives in Helsinki, Finland. He is brave and very helpful. He
has mum, dad and one sister. He has a dog. Because he has a good voice and he is cute, I like him.
Before he became a singer, he worked in a shop called Siwa. He has done his CD, and its name is
Ensimmäinen. („‟The first‟‟) My favourite song on this CD is Vaarallinen. („‟Dangerous‟‟) This
song is very nice. Antti Tuisku is nowadays very famous. One day he says: „‟I could go back to the

This was a story about my idol! I hope this interested you.

Who is the person I most admire
My idol is my best friend, her name is Heidi. She is 12 year old and she was born in Finland. She is
very nice and kind. She‟s interested in cats. She has a cat and her cat‟s name is Tatu. She has so
many posters and cards of cats.

She plays volleyball and the violin. She often draws, because she likes to draw. She‟s good at maths
and arts. She can speak Finnish, English and Swedish.

Oh! I forgot to tell about my friend‟s appearance. She‟s thin and tall. She has light hair and blue
glasses. I like her because she doesn‟t care what kind of person I am and she‟s got a good sense of

Thuy 6A

Who is the person I most admire
Hey my name is Finlandina. Today I tell you about my best friend. Her name is Johanna. Johanna is
such a special friend because she can keep secrets and we are good friends. Johanna has brown hair
and brown eyes. He has a gerbil and one cat. Her hobbies are gymnastics and running. She has got a
nice voice; she often sings at home. Johanna is class in 6B and I am in class 6A. Johanna has two
sisters and two brothers. Her brother is so nice and kind. Johanna has a dream and that is such a nice
dream because she wants to help people.

Finlandina 6a

Who is the person I most admire
Sara is 12 years old and she lives in my neighbourhood in Vantaa. Sara is about 160cm tall. Sara`s
horoscope is Aquarius. She‟s got glasses, red hair and blue eyes. In her family, there are Mother,
stepdad and two sisters. Sara is my best friend because she is funny and kind. I have lots of fun with
Sara, she makes me laugh. We spend a lot of time together and we have so much fun.

Saana 6A

Who is the person I most admire
Her name is Lotta-Noora Emilia. She is 160cm tall. She is 12 years old. Her hobbies are basketball,
playing the piano, theory of music (and riding.) In her family, there are Lotta-Noora, her mother and
father. And she was born on 28 April in 1992.

Her favourite subject is music. Her horoscope sign is Taurus. Her favourite colour is pink. Her
favourite food is pizza. Her favourite animal is a horse. She lives in a big house in Vantaa, Finland.
She has got blue-eyes, light hair and she is cute. She is funny, kind and understanding. Her shoe
size is 40. Her favourite TV programme is “Salatut Elämät”. Her lucky numbers are 2 and 9. Her
favourite actor is Jim Carrey. And her best friend is me.

Janina 6a

Who is the person I most admire
I admire Venus Williams, because she is a famous tennis player. I play tennis, too, but Venus is
much better than me, of course! Venus was born in Lynwood, California on June 17 1980. So, she
is now 24 years old. She has brown eyes, brown hair and brown skin, too. I think that she has a
wonderful smile. Because she is a famous tennis star, she has lots of awards and money, naturally.
That‟s why I admire her, too.

Venus‟ sister, Serena is a great tennis player, like Venus. Serena and Venus have also played some
double games together. Venus started playing tennis already as a child. That‟s why she is so good at
tennis. I think that she practises every day, so her ability doesn‟t vanish.

When I am an adult, I want to be just like Venus Williams. As famous as her. As rich as her. And of
course, as good at tennis as her.

Piia 6A

Tatu the cat – A cat that I admire
This is not a person but actually an animal that I most admire. It‟s my cat. It‟s called Tatu and he is
ten months old. The thing that I admire most about him is how beautiful he is. When he licks
itself… when he sleeps on the floor… The food that he likes is called Nutro. He is crazy about it.
He likes a yellow mouse toy. He doesn‟t like when someone pulls his tail. It is a pure bred cat and
its breed is Holy Birmese. His hobbies are sleeping and eating. When Tatu was little, he was afraid
of everything. The only thing that he ventured was sleeping in his basket. But with a little time,
sniffing and patience, he came out of there. Now Tatu is a cat, who has got lot of courage to bite
people. I love Tatu even though he bites me, because it is the thing that I most admire.

Heidi 6A

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