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					                            Dreamers of Tomorrow Association
                                   Monthly Electronic Newsletter
       Issue # 1                           Volume 1                   Thursday, June 1st.,2006

                       “We positively impact youth to lead Egypt’s future.”

Letter from the Chairman

             As I welcome the launch of the first issue of our Monthly
Newsletter, I am proud to say that 2005-2006 was a truly remarkable year
for Dreamers of Tomorrow Association. Never before in our nearly
8 year history has the Association conducted creative programs and more
activities in many different fields that are directed to youth.
        Dreamers of Tomorrow is a            Accordingly, they worked hard on
non- governmental, non- profit               creating innovative programs and
association that was established in          activities that could positively affect
1998 to bring support and to create          youth through developing their
programs changing young lives.               skills and potentials and through
The idea came when a group of                prompting effective participation to
young graduates thought of a way to          prepare a generation able to lead
serve their society and to participate       Egypt's future.
in its development. They also                The association focuses its work on
thought of the development of their          areas that target its objectives for
fellow youth as the best way to do           promoting               cross-cultural
so, believing that youth are the main        communication and accepting of the
stimulator of development in any             other; rooting the value of
society.                                     volunteerism; enhancing educational
                                             process through innovative learning

and encouraging students to have              providing supports to young people
voice; improving job and livelihood           as they build their capacities and
skills for young adults; and                  strengths. This is a mission that we
promoting gender equity and values            will continue to build upon in 2006-
of democracy and participation. The           2007.
Association builds its scope of work          I personally want to thank Prof. Dr.
on these objectives as it aims at             Hossam Badrawi, the founder of
focusing on programs related to               the Association who gives the whole
Education and E-learning program,             team his full support for the success
Advocacy and awareness program,               of our work. Special thanks to all the
Developing      individual       skills       Association’s team who were so
program          and          Women           generous with their time and energy
empowerment.                                  supporting this year’s activities.
We seek a process of human growth             Also, I want to thank all of our
through which adolescents moves               partners for their generous
from being taken care of – to taking          contributions and support in 2005-
care of themselves and others.                2006.
Therefore, our policy, funding, and
programming are directed at


Amr Abdallah

Mona Okeil                 Fatma Zaki
Yasmin Hani                Hazem Elshorbagi
Mohamed Elkalla            Nelly Omar
Dr. Gamal Elkhateeb        Dr. Hani Negm
Nour Rabei                Tamer Yousef
Nermin Mounier             Noura Anwar
                Mona Wahba

"We positively impact youth to lead Egypt's future"

       Dreamers of Tomorrow is a non- governmental, non-
profit association that was established in 1998 to bring support
and to create programs changing young lives.
Although local efforts have achieved great progress in               Mark your Calendar
advancing youth skills than ever before, a great number of them          June 27th:
grew up with little education, scarce job training, limited                 Dreamers
opportunities for productive employment, and little hope. Yet,              Forum on
many associations in Egypt are working hard to create                       using Tailor
innovative programs and practices to fill these voids and to                made program
                                                                            in Marketing.
meet urgent needs. Dreamers of Tomorrow is dedicated to                  July 11th:
focus its attention on youth and their problems aiming at                   Dreamers
preparing a generation capable of leading the future.                       Forum on
"We seek a community where every young person is a                          Emotional
responsible individual; gains the chance to contribute and                  Intelligence.
serve others; and obtains the opportunity to learn values and
marketable skills"
Our objectives:
       o Cross cultures: Opening minds to the cross- culture concept and
           rooting the value of acceptance and respecting the other.
       o Rooting volunteerism: rooting the value of volunteerism in
           young people‟s hearts and minds to enhance the sense of public
           community service.
       o Innovative learning: enhancing the educational opportunities
           available to young people both inside and outside of school.
           Special emphasis is placed on making education more relevant
           to young people‟s needs and application of technology to
           expand and enrich their educational opportunities.
       o Youth employment: improving the job and livelihood skills of
           young people, as well as promoting workplace improvements
           and enhancing skills that make their job experience more
           positive and productive.

o Life skills: equipping young people with essential skills for
   living including crisis management, self – esteem, effective
   communication, decision making, critical thinking, teamwork,
   and leadership skills.
o Gender equity: promoting equity and excellence in the society
   by the multi dimensional concept; women empowerment.
   Empowering women includes holding the key in solving major
   social problems and understanding their legal rights.
o Health education and awareness: preparing young people to
   lead healthy lives and make informed decisions concerning key
   health issues.
o Democracy and youth participation: emphasizing democratic
   principles and dialogue among generations and encouraging
   youth participation in the political, economic and social life.
Our scope of work:
We aim at focusing on 6 main programs:
- Cross – culture program: the core goal of such a program is to
   provide an opportunity to interact with the outside world and
   exchange cultures, experiences and skills between Egyptian
   youth and young people overseas through cultural exchange
- Education and E-learning program: the program is directed to
   both the student and the teacher in order to improve the
   educational process. The program encourages e- learning,
   information technology and a knowledge based community.
- Advocacy and awareness program: a program that supports
   youth participation and awareness of principles of democracy
   and participation.
- Community service program: a program that aims at preparing
   a responsible generation capable of carrying out the
   responsibility of serving the public community through
   volunteer efforts.
- Developing individual skills program: a program based on
   providing youth with the professional and life skills essential to
   join a highly competitive labor market.
- Women empowerment project: a program dedicated to support
   women positive contribution in societal activities and
   enhancing their productive skills.

A Path to Volunteerism

       W      hat has been lost in our today's society is the sense that citizenship
implies any real responsibility. All too often, we look to government to solve our
problems or provide for our needs without a basic understanding that, as citizens, we
are co-creators of our own development. In focusing too selfishly on our own needs,
we overlook the need for engagement in the public good.

Moreover, our society is currently             making donations to being            an
facing a critical situation, where             instrument of development.
governmental and non-governmental
efforts need to be intensified and built       The reasons for volunteering are varied
upon in order to fulfill the                   and differ from one person to the
requirements       of     development.         other. Yet, whatever the reason is,
Volunteering      is    an     effective       volunteerism can be truly rewarding
mechanism to attain this objective.            for both the giver and the recipient, it
Volunteerism is a form of civic                creates a win-win situation, enriching
responsibility which involves the              one's own life while working to benefit
giving of time or labor without the            others.
expectation          of        monetary
compensation.                                   First of all, volunteering makes an
                                               important economic contribution to
The concept of volunteerism in Egypt           the society. Second, participation has
is deeply embedded in its history and          long been as an essential element of
culture. It has been embodied by the           good governance and development.
religious and social practices that            Third, volunteerism helps to integrate
encourage assisting and giving to              into society people who are excluded
others .All religions exhort people to         or marginalized. Finally, volunteering
give time and resources to good                has a role to play in promoting full
causes. Yet, volunteer work lacks              employment by enhancing the
organization and an appropriate                employability of unemployed people.
framework to a great extent. Up until          For those who are in search for paid
recently, it also took the form of             employment, volunteering can boost
philanthropic or charity work, usually         self-confidence; provide access to
through monetary donations. But the            workplace      networks     and      an
philosophy of volunteerism has slowly          opportunity for the development of
been changing from being a                     specific       marketable        skills.
philanthropic work that focuses on             Volunteering can also lead to the

creation of new jobs by developing              attractive, up-to-date     image     of
services, which are later taken over by         volunteering.
the state and market and turned into
paid jobs.                                       Service learning is a way in which
                                                people learn civic responsibility.
Despite these benefits, in many                 Through service learning, students
countries there is an inverse                   participate in projects to help or serve
relationship between volunteering and           the needs of other people. By getting
social      exclusion.      The     most        their hands dirty and actually doing
marginalized groups in society are the          work, students experience the value
least likely to participate. The barriers       and impact of giving to people and
to participation are well documented:           learn to be productive members of
poverty,      unemployment,        youth        society.
alienation, and poor organizational
practice.                                       In addition, civil society organizations
For volunteering to contribute most             should work hard to raise the
effectively to social integration, it is        awareness of youth about the value of
essential that opportunities for greater        volunteerism and the channels
involvement are opened up to people             available for volunteering. They
from excluded groups.                           should promote volunteerism as a way
                                                of life and a necessity not as a
Moreover, Most of the youth in Egypt            charitable act.
are either unaware of the channels
available for volunteering in the               Finally, despite their numbers,
society, or not interested. There is            commitment, and impact, volunteers
some discussion about whether the               worldwide have not received due
disengaged youth of today will become           recognition, nor has volunteering been
the engaged adults of tomorrow.                 situated as a central component of
Volunteering transforms those youth             international development strategies as
from passive recipients to active               it should be. The limited awareness of
providers. In doing so, it can redefine         the role, scope and importance of
the perception of youth as a cause of           volunteerism     still   hinders    the
problems to a source of solutions               effectiveness of development policies
                                                and programs in their contribution to
Governments have a role to play in              human development.
promoting volunteerism among young
people through many ways including;             Today, may be more than ever before,
promoting volunteerism within the               caring and sharing are a necessity, not
education    and     youth   services,          a charitable act.
developing specific programs to                 Nermin Mounier
encourage      youth     volunteering,
working with the media and other
stakeholders to present a more

                       Prof. Dr. Hossam Badrawi
Hossam Badrawi:
Physician, perfectionist, founder of many NGOs, NDP member,
And Businessman.
Many hats to wear
By: Yasmin Hani
The name Hossam Badrawi may well conjure up a single image,
 that of the handsome, smiling face. When we hear his name, we
remember Intellectual Property Rights Law, Accreditation and
Quality of Education, Anti-Corruption initiatives, New economic
Policies and Creation of Successful NGOs. An Intellectual who deserves
Community Times had the honor to interview Dr. Badrawi and move
through his activities, role in society and ask for his future aspiration.
In the coming lines, excerpts of the interview:

Q: Dr. Badrawi, it‟s well known that you are an advocate for youth. Can
you tell us more about that?

A: Well, I advocate for youth to promote their role in the society. 65 per
cent of the Egyptian population is young who are an asset. "They are
better than those before them and they are better than we think." It is
time another generation be given access to decision making on all levels.

"We should be courageous enough to open the door for them. If we create
a critical mass within the political circle and within civil society I believe
Egypt can take off."

Q: Being a leader for reforming education, how do you find the effect of
education on youth skills these days?

A: It's not the number of schools or universities that indicates whether or
not a country offers a decent education. Rather, you "should look at
whether the students are competitive or not, have skills or not, have
access to information, are capable of self-learning and whether they can
compete internationally, or just locally".

Q: We knew about the international nursing project as a project of a new
created NGO called education for employment, can you tell us about the
organization and how it helps solving the problem of employment of

A: The International Nursing Career Program has been created in
partnership with the Nile Badrawi Hospital, this nonprofit nursing school
will provide an accelerated, second Bachelor's Degree in Nursing to
unemployed university graduates.

By linking unemployed youth with public and private hospitals, the INCP
will begin to alleviate critical shortages of nurses in Egypt and the
Middle East, improve the status of this vital and undervalued profession,
and provide unemployed individuals with quality employment and a
stable career path.

Q: As your are the founder of Education for employment organization,
you are also the founder of other NGOs. Tell us more about these NGOs
and your interest in civil society work

A: Civil society can make a difference and has a major role to play in all
fields. That‟s why i‟m engaged in many NGOs related to different fields
such as the American Chamber of Commerce, the New Civic Forum,
Egypt's Economic Forum, the Egyptian Society for Youth Development
(Dreamers of Tomorrow) and the Businessmen's Association for Social
Development (Takafol). "We have to activate civil society through
empowerment: education, training and giving people responsibility. It is
only this kind of dynamic that can create democratic citizens."

But such goals require political will. "That is why I am in politics. If it
was not needed I would not have become involved."

    “ We                                             Celebrating GDA, Persistent Organic
                                                     Pollutants. A vision for a better clean
    Activities During
                                                     Environment: For many years, Egypt has been effective in
    2005-2006,                                        exerting great efforts in managing different kinds of pollution.
                                                      In this context, Egypt has signed the Stockholm convention on
    Participated in                                   persistent organic pollutants and ratified the treaty in 2003.
                                            Therefore DOT has launched a one day seminar under the title
    Conferences and                         “Celebration of GDA, Stockholm convention on persistent organic
                                            pollutants: a vision to a better Egyptian clean environment”. The
                                            objective of the project is to Celebrate GDA & develop and formulate a
    Involved in new                         milestone for a national awareness campaign about the danger of the
    Initiatives                             persistent organic pollutants and thereby strengthen national capacity
                                            and enhance knowledge and understanding amongst decision makers,
                                            managers, the industry, agriculture and the public at large on POPs.
                                            On one hand the seminar addressed the sources of these pollutants and
                                            its negative effect on health and environment, in addition to its
                                            economic, social and cultural effect on the Egyptian society. On the
                                            other hand, the seminar addressed the progress achieved in
                                            implementing Stockholm Convention in Egypt and the future steps as
                                            well.It worth mentioning that the Egyptian Ministry of Environmental
                                            Affairs launched a project to implement a plan dealing with this kind of
                                            pollutants under the name “National Implementation Plan Project of
                                            POPs Convention”.
           "Volunteers as social leaders, second phase", Minia
    In the context of the project "Volunteers As Social Leaders Project", the
                                                                                                  "Youth leadership" is any
    Association has implemented the second phase of the project in the governorate                   opportunity or activity
    of Minia, in the period from 30th of March to 2nd of April. 37 students from                       that builds a young
    different faculties in Minia were trained on different professional, real life skills          person’s skills, including
    as well as hard and soft skills in management and leadership.                                     the ability to actively
    The project aims at preparing and qualifying university students to become                           create and affect
    social leaders and responsible citizens in their communities.                                 change. A young person
    The practical side of the project will involve internship in local NGOs in                    doesn’t necessarily have
    Minia in order for the students to get first hand experience and act as real                  to lead an activity to be a
    social leaders.
                                                                                                  leader. Youth leadership
                                                                                                   can also be about using
                    Networking:                                                                        leadership ability to
                                                                                                    influence others and to
                                                                                                   create positive change.
     Arab Reform Forum

Third Arab Reform Forum, Challenges and Concerns                        On the recommendations of the First Arab Reform
Facing the Civil Society”                                               conference "Arab Reform Issues: Vision and
Under the theme “Challenges and Concerns Facing the Civil               Implementation", held at Bibliotheca Alexandrina 12-14
Society”, the Arab Reform Forum at the Bibliotheca Alexandria           March 2004, ARF designed a web portal under the name
held the Third Arab Reform Conference, 1-3 March 2006.                  “Info Mall” through which the Arab civil society
Dreamers of Tomorrow among other representatives of civil               organizations would present their activities.
society from 18 Arab countries attended the Conference, which
looked into the best practices and reform methods by reviewing           According to the proposed web design, a dedicated
Arab and global successful models, especially as regards                workspace for the Arab civil society organizations will
microfinance loans and their impact on women empowerment,               show the organization‟s name, contact information,
youth employment, transparency, human rights and                        activities, areas of interest and all related news. Serving
environment. The Conference also examined the organizational            this purpose the Info Mall as a separate website is
framework of civil work through legislations, management and            launched, to be accessed through Bibliotheca Alexandrina
funding, and the importance of such issues in correlation with          website then to the ARF link or directly through the ARF
reform in the Arab countries. The 3-day discussions featured key        website. Thus, the Info Mall aims at presenting the Arab
experts who met to exchange views on the best mechanisms for            civil society organizations and their activities as well as
dealing with these important issues, with the aim of achieving          enriching their knowledge of other organizations,
reform and implementing best practices through joint work, an           providing the opportunity for the Arab civil society
initiative that was adopted by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina two          organizations exposure locally, regionally as well as
years ago, and culminated in the Alexandria Declaration                 globally.

      Arab Youth Forum                                                 Dreamers of Tomorrow was one of the pioneer
Believing in the importance of the dialogue with other partners         organizations that registered in the Informal in order to
and learning from others‟ experiences, Dreamers of Tomorrow is          allow for the largest audience possible to hear about its
a participant in the Arab youth forum hosted by Bibliotheca             activities and take part in them.
Youth from 18 Arab Countries took part in the Arab youth                      Seminar     on "Creating job opportunities
forum held in Bibliotheca Alexandria, 8-10 February 2006, in
order to discuss important issues and problems facing the Arab                in Egypt
world and to agree on a mechanism for reform.
                                                                            The Association has participated in a seminar hosted
The forum discussed several problems through 4 axes which are:
                                                                            by Faculty of Economics and Political Science on the
1-The culture of democracy and participation
                                                                            9th of May, 2006 under the name "Creating job
2-Youth and employment issues
                                                                            opportunities in Egypt". The Association , among
3-Preparing Young Arab Leaders
                                                                            other 7 youth NGOs, has given a presentation on its
4-Youth and visions of the future
                                                                            activities and programs that aim at enhancing youth
                                                                            skills and creating job opportunities for youth.
     Info Mall
           Upcoming Events                                                first part Egyptian delegation to the US for 3 week
                                                                          internship in Congress during August 2006, and US
                     The Egypt-US Parliamentary Exchange                 delegation to Egypt during June-July 2006.
                        Program 2006, Second phase                                   Volunteers as Social Leaders, Third
           The American Council for Young Political Leaders in                          Phase, Alexandria
           collaboration with both Badrawi Technical Bureau and           DOT is preparing for the implementation of the third
           Dreamers of Tomorrow Association are planning for              phase of its project titled "Volunteers as “Social
           the implementation of the second phase of the Egypt-           Leaders" that will take place in Alexandria.
           US parliamentary Exchange Program for the year 2006.
           The second phase will be divided into two parts, the

                            Civil Society
                              In Action

   Dreamers of Tomorrow, among another 10 youth-led NGOs, have joined the
   effort to establish the first Egyptian Federation for Youth NGOs.

   Our Vision:
   We seek
      -Effective youth development
      -Effective youth NGOs
      -Effective participation among the sectors working on youth development

 Our objectives
      - Promoting youth participation in the development of themselves and their
      - Empowering youth and giving them the opportunity to discuss and solve
          their own problems.
      - Developing youth NGOs
      - Promoting effective coordination between youth NGOs
      - Establishing a network of youth NGOs and decision makers.

Our Scope of work:
      -Conducting researches and studies on youth development
      -Putting protocols for national issues
      -Investing in human resource
      -Providing financial and technical support, exchanging experiences and
      developing the standard of the services presented to society

                          Safar Fund: What is and how to apply

         Dreamers of Tomorrow Association is a partner NGO in the Safar Fund.
Being a good opportunity for Egyptian youth to learn through exchanging ideas and
experiences, the Association supports all youngsters who are working the field of
civil society either volunteers, staff or activist to apply for Safar grants. Safar is an
initiative developed by the Arab Forum aiming at supporting communication and
youth exchange among Arab youth who work in the field of community development.
Safar Fund gives the opportunity to travel, communicate and network among Arab
youth for the cause of learning through creating successful dialogues between youth.

Travel Grants:

Safar Fund supports youth in different ways through providing about 200 travel grant
during 2006-2007 for Arab youth. These grants differs as follows:

   1- grants provided for individuals to visit youth initiatives and exchange
   2- Grants provided to attend meetings, conferences, workshops…etc. all over
      the Arab world.
   3- Grants provided to support the participation of diversified groups to attend
      events organized by a partner NGO.

   If you are a young man\lady between 15-35 years old, an activist or a volunteer in
   any youth initiative or youth NGO, you can apply for a grant. Application is
   available through the website:

To contact us:


Phone #: +962 6 5687557

                           “CROSSING GLANCES”
                            PHOTO COMPETITION
                              (deadline - July 3)
                 Mediterranean youth photograph themselves
Young and aspiring photographers             visions for the future. They are
from 17 Mediterranean countries are          expected to „speak‟ about the
continuing to submit their work to a         importance of intercultural exchanges
competition organized by “Crossing           and closer cooperation, all the topics
Glances”, a project financed by the          the photographers are asked to focus
European Commission‟s MEDA                   on.
programmed aiming at giving young            Through the winning photographs
people from the region an                    one will get to know more about the
opportunity to get to know each other        historical, political, economical,
and share experiences and                    cultural and religious situation in the
expectations.                                Mediterranean region, as well as the
The competition is open to under 30-         relationships, similarities and
year-olds from seven southern EU             differences between its youth.
member states, namely Italy, France,         The deadline for submitting photos to
Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia and          the competition is July 3rd.
Malta, and their 10 partners in the          The project “Crossing Glances” has
Mediterranean region, which are              an internet site in four languages
Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon,             (Arabic, French, English and Italian)
Morocco, Palestinian Territories,            with information on the competition,
Israel, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey.           the collaborators from each country,
Through their lens, youngsters from          the content, events etc. Its address is:
Europe and the Mediterranean‟s are           http://www.euromedcrossingglances.
expected to bring out some of the            org/site/index.php
regions intertwined historical roots,
its shared values and their common

GEMINI           Horoscope                                                                     Proverb
Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is governed by                          “A diamond with a flaw is worth
Mercury. People born with Gemini ascendant are generally
tall, upright and have a straight body with comparatively                            more than a pebble without
long hands. Their complexion is moderate, fair or dark with                               imperfections.”
attractive eyes and slightly long nose. Gemini is an airy                                  Chinese Proverb
sign. Therefore, Geminians are mostly carefree in life and
possess positive approach towards life. They are versatile,
restless and are fond of frequent changes.
Profession: Gemini is known as a dual or common sign and
                                                                                           Diet Tips
due to their dual nature, most of them prefer to pursue more          In our monthly newsletter we choose a selection of
than one occupation at a time. However, they might commit             diet tips and tricks that has been used to help stay
mistakes because of their dual nature. They are blessed with          on a diet...some of these things are very simple and
intellectual and innovative qualities. Their grasping power is        very commonsense, but I've found that some people
quite strong. In addition to this they possess excellent
analytical, assessment and decisive powers. Above all they            just don't realize the little tricks of the dieting
are good listeners, excellent speakers and possess global             trade. So here is our first tip that you can use in
awareness. They can become good detectives, research                  your dieting:
scholars, editors, journalists, financial consultants,                . Eight, 8 oz. glasses of water everyday...this is a
consultants, teachers, software experts, astrologers,                 common diet tip and most people know this, yet they
engineers, businessmen, share brokers, mathematicians,
advertisers, announcers, analysts, authors, editors                   still don't drink enough water during the
depending upon the strength of the planets in their birth             day. There are some very important reasons for
chart.                                                                drinking water, first off, its zero calorie, zero
                                                                      chemical, zero caffeine, and the ideal thing to curb
                                                                      your appetite. Drinking water will flush out the bad
                                                                      toxins in your body, will get your kidney's working,
             Poem of the Month                                        and even help your metabolism speed up a
                Standing by,                                          little. Drinking water also takes up space in your
                 All the way.                                         stomach, it reduces the cravings just a bit, and will
     Here to help you through your day.
                                                                      make you feel a little more full when you do eat your
               Holding you up,                                        calories for the day. If you want an added benefit
             When you are weak,                                       from water, make sure you drink cold water, this
     Helping you find what it is you seek.                            will speed up your metabolism a bit and make you
             Catching your tears,
                                                                      burn up a few extra calories. Remember that when
                When you cry.                                         you are losing weight, the fat that you are losing
  Pulling you through when the tide is high.                          sometimes has stored toxins in it, drinking water
                                                                      will help flush out those toxins.
                Just being there,
            Through thick and thin,
      All just to say, you are my friend.
1    2    3          4    5    6    7            8    9    10

11                   12                          13

14                   15                          16              Crossword:
                                                                                              51. A compartment in
17             18              19        20                                                   front of a motor vehicle
                                                                 inert gaseous element        where driver sits.
                          21        22
                                                                 occurring in the
                                                                 earth's atmosphere in          Down:
23                   24             25           26   27   28    trace amounts.           1. Informal terms for a
                                                                 23. Indian nun and       mother.
               29              30        31                      missionary (born in      2. Loose or flaccid body fat.
                                                                 Albania) dedicated to    3. The elementary stages of
32   33   34         35                  36                      helping the poor in      any subject (usually plural).
                                                                 India (1910-1997).       4. A small cake leavened
37             38                   39                40   41    25. Lower in esteem.     with yeast.
                                                                 29. According to the     5. A loose sleeveless outer
42                        43   44                     45         Old Testament he was     garment made from aba
                                                                 a pagan king of Israel   cloth.
46                        47                     48              and husband of           6. A three-tone Chadic
                                                                 Jezebel (9th century     language.
49                        50                     51              BC).                     7. An accessory or adjoining
                                                                 31. The chief solid      anatomical parts or
               Across:                                        component of                appendages (especially of the
                                                              mammalian urine.            embryo).
                    1-A master's degree in                    32. A federal agency        8. A sock with a separation
                    fine arts.                                established to regulate     for the big toe.
                    4. A Chadic language                      the release of new foods    9. A city in northern India.
                    spoken south of Lake                      and health-related          10. An official language of
                    Chad.                                     products.                   the Republic of South Africa.
                    8. Tastelessness by                       35. A flat wing-shaped      18. The content of cognition.
                    virtue of being cheap and                 process or winglike part    20. Inhabitant of the island of
                    vulgar.                                   of an organism.             Cebu.
                    11. A white linen                         36. A radioactive           21. Any of numerous local
                    liturgical vestment with                  element of the actinide     fertility and nature deities
                    sleeves.                                  series.                     worshipped by ancient
                    12. In bed.                               37. United States           Semitic peoples.
                    13. Title for a civil or                  chemist who developed a     24. A carriage consisting of
                    military leader                           method of radiocarbon       two wheels and calash top.
                    (especially in Turkey).                   dating (1908-1980).         26. Type genus of the family
                    14. (British) A                           42. Fleshy and usually      Arcidae.
                    waterproof raincoat                       brightly colored cover of   27. A toxic nonmetallic
                    made of rubberized                        some seeds that develops    element related to sulfur and
                    fabric.                                   from the ovule stalk and    tellurium.
                    15. An outlying farm                      partially or entirely       28. (Akkadian) God of
                    building for storing grain                envelopes the seed.         wisdom.
                    or animal feed and                        45. A colorless and         30. A soft silvery metallic
                    housing farm animals.                     odorless inert gas.         element of the alkali earth
                    16. An undergarment                       46. The basic unit of       group.
                    worn by women to                          money in Western            33. English theoretical
                    support their breasts.                    Samoa.                      physicist who applied
                    17. The blood group                       47. Resinlike substance     relativity theory to quantum
                    whose red cells carry                     secreted by certain lac     mechanics and predicted the
                    both the A and B                          insects.                    existence of antimatter and
                    antigens.                                 49. Someone who works       the positron (1902-1984).
                    19. Of or belonging to an                 (or provides workers)       34. A promontory in northern
                    aecium.                                   during a strike.            Morocco opposite the Rock
                    22. A colorless odorless                  50. (Irish) Mother of the   of Gibraltar.
                                                              ancient Irish gods.

38. Divulge information or      the top of an extinct volcano.   44. (of light) Lacking in
secrets.                        41. An Arabic speaking           intensity or brightness.
39. Type genus of the           person who lives in Arabia or    48. One million periods per
Alcidae comprising solely the   North Africa.                    second.
razorbill.                      43. Leaf or strip from a leaf
40. A island in the             of the talipot palm used in
Netherlands Antilles that is    India for writing paper.

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