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Entry Form
Prerequisite: FBLA members must have previously earned the Future Award, the Business Award, and the
Leader Award to compete for this level. FBLA members must complete 14 activities, plus a resume (see
requirements below.) Complete and submit this form, with all required documentation attached, postmarked by
March 1. This award requires students to submit information in a bound portfolio (report) format. Pages must be
standard 8½" x 11" paper. Scrapbooks and loose or bulky portfolios are not acceptable. The format will be as
 Cover on card stock with the following information: Student name, school, state, FBLA Business
     Achievement Awards Program—America Award.
 Resume highlighting business classes taken, work experience, FBLA leadership roles, FBLA conferences
     attended, FBLA awards received, FBLA offices held, and any community service activities
 America level member entry form.
 All documentation for the Service, Progress, and Education sections of the America level member entry
For ideas on completing the activities, as well as required forms, refer to the Chapter Management Handbook. The
America Award is presented at the National Leadership Conference with a lapel pin.

SERVICE (Complete four activities from this section. The first two are required.)
 1. Required. Complete the FBLA Recruitment Project. (Details are included in the FBLA-Recruitment Project
      information sheet on page VI-24. Please include the report with your entry.)
 2. Required. Create at least one local chapter newsletter highlighting some of your chapter’s activities.
      Distribute this to your chapter members. (Attach a copy of the newsletter and a 100-word description on how
      it helped chapter communications.) Date Distributed: _________________ Adviser’s Initials: _________
 3. Participate on a committee to plan a free enterprise project to promote American Enterprise Day. (Complete
      the Project Activity Report form found in the Local Chapter Organization section of the CMH, page I–25,
      and prepare a copy of a news release. Use the format found in the Public Relations section of the CMH.)
 4. Do something special for Adviser Appreciation Day during FBLA-PBL Week for your local or state adviser.
      (Attach a one-page summary of what you did for your adviser. Include a thank you letter to your adviser in
      proper business format.)
 5. Plan an adviser-approved social activity for your local chapter. (Complete the Project Activity Report form
      found in the Local Chapter Organization section of the CMH, page I-25.) Adviser’s Initials: _________
 6. Volunteer to work on a project in conjunction with a charity such as the March of Dimes or a state-sponsored
      service project. (Attach a 100-word essay on what you learned.)
 7. Plan and participate in a literacy project. (Attach a memorandum to your local chapter adviser describing the
      benefits that you gained and complete the Project Activity Report form found in the Local Chapter
      Organization section of the CMH and prepare a copy of a news release, page I-25.)

                                                                                     (2004–2005 FBLA Version)
CHAPTER                MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK                                                                      V–1

 8. Participate in a service activity sponsored by your school or the community. (Attach a 100-word summary of
       the project.)
Entry Form (continued)

EDUCATION (FBLA members must complete two activities in this section. The first one is required.
 9. Required. Entrepreneurship. Complete the Current Events Internet assignment. (Attach page VI-25.)
 10. Communications. Plan and prepare a report for regional/district, state, or national competition, i.e., Business
       Plan, American Enterprise Project, Community Service Project, Local Chapter Annual Business Report, or
       Partnership with Business Project. (Attach the entry form or registration form indicating at which conference
       the report was submitted, a copy of the report cover, table of contents, two items of documentation from the
       appendices section of the report, a 500-word summary of the project and present at a local chapter meeting –
       include an outline of the presentation with your documentation, and a disk copy of presentation/
       Date: _________ Copy of Agenda from Meeting Attached: ____ Yes Adviser’s Initials: ________
 11. Entrepreneurship. Participate in a co-op, internship, or 25 hours of a job shadow experience, and submit a
       500-word report with appendices to include at least two scanned photos, a letter from the business that you
       worked with, a news release prepared for your local newspaper, and two additional items of supporting
       documentation. Give a presentation at a local meeting. (Attach this report and an outline of the presentation,
       and a disk copy of presentation/PowerPoint®.)
       Date Presented: _____________ Meeting Agenda Attached: ____ Yes Adviser’s Initials: ________
 12. Communications. Complete a leadership project (e.g., prepare and present a workshop for a chapter or state
       event, help plan a chapter or state event, present a workshop about leadership to elementary students, etc.),
       and prepare an electronic presentation describing your project. (Attach a project cover title page, a 500-word
       summary of your leadership project, an outline of your presentation, a copy of the completed project activity
       report form [Local Chapter Organization, page I-25], and a disk copy of presentation/PowerPoint®. Present
       at meeting and submit two items of supporting documentation from your project.)
       Adviser’s Initials: ________ Date Presented: ______________

PROGRESS (Complete eight of the activities listed below. The first three are required.)
 13. Required. Complete the requirements for Membership Mania or recruit three new professional members.
       (Attach completed Membership Mania form on page VI-44 or professional division membership applications
       (Local Chapter Organization, page II-10) and proof of payment.)
 14. Required. Secure a letter of recommendation about your leadership skills and why you are deserving of the
      America Award from your adviser. (Attach a copy of this letter.)
 15. Required. Participate in the National Fall Leadership Conference or the National Institute for Leaders
      Program. (Attach a copy of the completed review sheet found on page VI-26, a copy of your certificate of
      participation – NFLC or graduation diploma – IFL, and a copy of the conference program.)
 16. Help present the FBLA new member induction ceremony or officer installation ceremony at a local, regional/
      district, or state meeting. (Attach a copy of an agenda or a program.)
 17. Attend a service organization meeting, e.g., Kiwanis, Jaycees, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, March of
      Dimes, etc. and give a presentation about FBLA. (Attach a letter to the organization’s president summarizing
      what you learned and an outline of your presentation. The Induction Ceremony or officer installation is
      located in Local Chapter Organization pages I-19 – I-20.)
 18. Submit an application for the Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship. (Attach a copy, page VI-49.)
 19. Read an article in Tomorrow’s Business Leader, and write a one-page summary of/reaction to the article.
 20. Plan an activity for your local chapter in which you participate in a joint project or social event with an
      FBLA-Middle Level or a PBL chapter. (Attach the completed Project Activity Report form from the CMH,
      page I-25.)

 21. Meet with a local leader such as a mayor or state legislator to discuss the benefits of FBLA. (Write a press
      release about this activity – attach a copy of press release. Include at least one scanned photo.)
Entry Form (continued)
 22. Develop a chapter promotional exhibit about your FBLA chapter for parent-teacher conferences or for a
      school event. (Attach a copy of a photo of your chapter exhibit and a paragraph describing the effect on the
 23. Visit at least one school that does not have an active FBLA chapter or FBLA–Middle Level chapter. Meet
      with school officials to encourage them to charter/reactivate a chapter. (Attach a 100-word description of the
 24. Invite a school administrator to a chapter meeting, a state meeting, or a state- or national-sponsored FBLA.
      (Attach a copy of a letter or invitation.) Adviser’s Initials: ________

(Please type or print clearly.)
Member’s Name:                                                   Chapter Number: 12878
Lead Adviser’s Name: Shannon Anderson-Rush                       Salutation (circle one): Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms.
School Name: North Forsyth High School                           Lead Adviser’s Phone: 770-781-6637 x2421
School Address: 3635 Coal Mountain Dr.                           Lead Adviser’s E-mail: sanderson-
City, State, Zip: Cumming, GA 30040
Verified by: Signature of Lead Adviser:

(National use only)
Date Received:                                                   Date Processed:
FBLA RECRUITMENT PROJECT                                         In addition to the research and creation of the report,
                                                              an itinerary should be prepared detailing the visit to the
FBLA leaders must be ready to recruit new chapters.
                                                              state. This itinerary should cover the moment that you
    For this report assignment, you have been given the       walk out the door en route to the airport to the moment
task of preparing a presentation for a group of interested    that you land safely back in your home town on this
business students in Alaska. A vocational director who        simulated trip. Be sure to allow adequate travel time.
is in charge of several school districts in the Anchorage     This itinerary should be included in the appendices of
area has become interested in our organization through        your report.
browsing our Web site.
                                                                 This simulated trip should last no longer than five
    You are to assume that you will be traveling to this      days (this includes arrival and departure. In order to
state to give a presentation to a group of 500 interested     get a good airfare, a Saturday night stay is often
students and faculty members from several of these            necessary.) The budget should be somewhere between
schools (they will meet in one place) who want to form        $1,000 - $1500, though the lower the cost, the more
FBLA chapters. You are to prepare a PowerPoint®               impressed FBLA-PBL will be, since the recruitment
presentation about the opportunities that FBLA                travel budget for this trip has been donated by a
provides students and teachers and a FBLA brochure            business person from this state who is interested in
that you can distribute to your audience. Both the            seeing FBLA being developed as the student
PowerPoint® outline and the brochure need to be               business organization of choice. Please include both a
included as appendices in your report. You must also          budget and a pie chart itemizing the trip expenses in
include a disk or CD of the presentation.                     your appendices. Students need to make sure to allow
    You are also to prepare a detailed report on this state   for meals during the visit, both in their itinerary and in
to understand what the students may be like. Reports          their estimated expense list.
must be prepared on the computer and must include a           The following is a list of Web sites that may help for
title page, table of contents, page numbers, and              researching the state and making simulated travel
appendices. You will need to make simulated travel            arrangements on the Internet.
plans using the Internet – both hotel information and an
airline itinerary. You are to attach the airline itinerary     American Express Travel
and a description/hotel information in the appendices of         (
your report. Plan your research as if the meeting will be
                                                               Travelocity (
held in Anchorage – a joint meeting for all participants.
You should research and include the following in the           Orbitz (
body of your written report:
                                                               Hotels and Travel on the Net
 Facts about the state (population, geographic area,            (
   demographics, government structure, economic
   system)                                                     Business and Travel Online (

 Economic facts (exports, imports, chief agricultural         International Travel Network (
   products, currency, transportation modes available)
 Travel information (methods/costs of travel to the
   country, methods of travel while in the state and
   hotel accommodations)
 Eating habits (general costs of meals/restaurants,
   what people tend to eat, etc.)
 How FBLA can benefit the students in this state
   (opportunities that they will gain, skills, educational
   benefits, etc.)
 How the FBLA-PBL Web site can be used to
   enhance student opportunities

                   FBLA Current Events Scavenger Hunt
                   America Level Award

Student’s Name: ____________________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Go to
  1. Click on News Summary. List 2 of today’s top headlines.
  2. What is the “Word of the Day”?

  3. Take the Daily News Quiz. What was your score? ______________

Go to
  4. What happened during this week in history?
  5. What is going on in the Music and Entertainment Industry?

Click on
  6. List three of today’s top stories.
  7. What does your daily horoscope say?

  8. What are two of today’s top business stories?

Click on
  9. What is one of the top entertainment stories?
 10. What is one of the top headlines from the Sports section?

                 National Fall Leadership Conference or
                 Institute for Leaders Summary Review Sheet
                 America Level Award

Student’s Name: _____ ___________________________________________________ Date:__________________

   Check one
   ________ National Fall Leadership Conference
   ________ Institute for Leaders
   (If you checked Institute for Leaders, please indicate what track you attended in the
   Please attach a copy of your certificate of participation (NFLC) and a program or your graduation
   certificate (IFL) and a copy of the program.

Name of Session/Workshop #1: _____________________________

Name of Session/Workshop #2: _____________________________

Name of Session/Workshop #3: _____________________________

Name of Session/Workshop #4: _____________________________