Looking Toward the Future of Homewood by rraul

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									                                                                  Homewood, Illinois U.S.A.                                                   AUTUMN 2000

Looking Toward the Future of Homewood
                                   In 1998, the Village               Why did the Village            goals that will positively      objectives within
                                adopted a five-year strategic       undertake this process of        impact on the development       Homewood and helps to
                                plan. This plan was devel-          developing a strategic plan?     of our community. The           foster improved services,
                                oped over a period of sever-        The answer is that the           strategic planning process is   economic development,
                                al months through meetings                                                                           increased sources of rev-
                                 with individuals from the                                                                           enue, and reduced operating
                                    police, fire, public works,
                                                                                   Village of Homewood                               costs.
                                             community                            Mission Statement                                     It is vitally important that
                                               development,                                                                          a community have a vision
                                                                            The Village of Homewood is a vital, dynamic
                                            finance and                                                                              of its future. Our strategic
                                                                             community committed to maintaining a high
      is the theme for this     administration departments,                  level of services within a framework of fiscal          plan serves to establish a
  issue of the Key. As the      as well as individuals from                   responsibility and to fostering a successful           vision for the future of
  Village enters the 21st       several of the Village’s 21                 business environment. A safe, clean, beautiful,          Homewood. Without such a
                                advisory boards, commit-                     progressive, friendly, neighborly community,            vision, a community will
  century, it is crucial that
                                tees, and commissions.                               the Village lives by its motto of               struggle in its attempts to
  it knows where it is                                                                 Home, Sweet Homewood.
                                The outcome of these                                                                                 better itself. Instead of being
  going and how we as
                                meetings was an ambitious                                                                            proactive and in control of
  a community plan to
                                strategic plan for the              Village is committed to bet-     an opportunity for Village      its future, a community
  get there. A five-year
                                Village that includes a             tering our community. A          officials to evaluate where     without a vision will lan-
  strategic plan sets a         mission statement, six              strategic plan helps to          we are as a community, how      guish and be controlled by
  vision for the future of      primary strategic issues fac-       accomplish this by system-       well we are performing, and     external forces such as eco-
  Homewood, guiding             ing the Village, thirty one         atically identifying, organiz-   where we want to be in five     nomic conditions, advance-
  the Village into the          objectives, and 176 specific        ing, and documenting the         years. It forces us to focus    ments in technology, and
  new century.                  action steps to be                  specific actions that must be    on addressing the most          societal changes, as well as
                                implemented.                        taken to accomplish the          important issues, values and             Continued On Page 8

                      Light Up Homewood for the Holidays
            Thanks to those     and diversity of residential       Workshop is again offered         be available for purchase.
       who participate in       displays that warm the             through the Park District.        For information, call the
this project, Homewood          hearts and raise the spirits       Create a renewed sense            Park District at 957-0300 or
takes on a special glow         of the entire community.           of community, get your            957-7275.
during the holiday season.      Our community spirit is also       whole neighbor-
Using light as the universal    evident in the wonderful           hood involved.
symbol for celebration, resi-   displays that greet shop-          Creating a family’s
dents and merchants alike       pers at the boutiques and          holiday message                                                     Visit Homewood
continue to share their hol-    shops in the downtown              on these 4 foot by                                                        on the
iday traditions by lighting     area, as well as the various       5 foot illuminated                                                  World Wide Web!
their homes and properties      malls in the Village.              cards is a great
for the holidays. Everyone        For those who have               family project for
who drives through              admired the beautiful holi-        adults and children                                                 www.village.
Homewood this time of           day cards on display in            alike. A limited                                                   homewood.il.us
the year can’t help but be      the neighborhoods, a               number of pre-
impressed by the number         Holiday Yard Card                  painted boards will
                                                                            Homewood’s 2001 Millennium Celebration
                                                                              For the purists who look at 2001 as the                      viewing. As an added attraction, guests will
                                                                            start of the “real” millennium, Homewood is                    be able to have their pictures taken with a
      November 9               Voter Registration Re-opens                  planning a second millennium celebration.                      “2001” backdrop and be
                                                                            Building on the popularity of last year’s                      able to
      November 23,             Thanksgiving Holiday Observance
                                                                            event, this year’s program will once again                     purchase this
        24 & 25                (Village Offices Closed)
                                                                            be a family affair for residents of all ages to                special keepsake for
      December 1               Park Dist. Tree Lighting Ceremony            enjoy. The party will be on Saturday,                          a nominal fee.
                               7 pm, Irwin Park                             December 30th, beginning at 11:00 a.m. at                      Proceeds will be
                                                                            the Homewood Fire Station. Music will be                       donated to local char-
      December 23,             Christmas Holiday Observance
                                                                            provided by Homewood’s favorite resident                       ities. Spread the word
        25 & 26                (Village Offices Closed)
                                                                            disc jockey Dennis Cappetta. Other enter-                      and make plans now
      December 30              Millennium Celebration                       tainment is also planned.                                      to bring your family,
                               Fire Station 11 am                              At noon, everyone will celebrate the com-                   friends and neighbors
      December 31              Community Auction - Last Day to              ing of the new year with balloons, hats and                    to Homewood’s very own 2001 Millennium
                               Save Receipts                                noisemakers. Refreshments and more enter-                      Celebration!
                                                                            tainment will follow. In addition, Fire                           Volunteers are needed. Please contact
      December 30              New Year’s Holiday Observance                Department apparatus will be on display for                    Boni Otto at 206-3377.
        & January 1            (Village Offices Closed)
      January 21               Community Auction (James Hart)
                                                                               Public Service Directory                                    Homewood-Flossmoor Park District . 957-0300
                                                                                                                                            Marie Irwin Community Center. . . . . 957-7275
    Board - Commission - Committee Meetings                                   Teach your children how to use 9-1-1 in an emergency
    All meetings are held at the Village Hall, 2020 Chestnut Road, at the                                                                   H-F Senior Activity Center. . . . . . . . . 957-7275
    times and locations listed unless otherwise announced. A monthly        Village of Homewood (main number) 798-3000                      Racquet & Fitness Club . . . . . . . . . . . 799-1323
    schedule of all meetings is posted in the lobby of the Village Hall.     Police Emergency. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-1-1          Ice Arena. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 957-0100
                                                                             Fire & Paramedic Emergency . . . . . . 9-1-1                   Dolphin Lake Pool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 798-0085
      • Appearance Commission:            Nov. 1, Dec. 6, Jan. 21;           Police Dept. non-emergency. . . . . . . . 798-2131             Lions Club Pool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 799-2223
                                          7:30 pm, Council Chamber
                                                                             Fire Dept. non-emergency . . . . . . . . . 206-3400
      •   Beautification Committee:       3rd Wednesday; 7:30 pm,                                                                          School District 153. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 799-5661
                                                                             Public Works Dept.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 206-3470
                                          West Conference Room                                                                             School District 161. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 798-2651
                                                                             Building Dept. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 206-3470
      •   Committee of the Whole:         1st & 3rd Tues. as scheduled,                                                                    Homewood Flossmoor High School. . 799-3000
                                                                             Health & Environment . . . . . . . . . . . . 206-3479
                                          7:30 pm, Council Chamber                                                                         St. Joseph’s School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 798-0467
                                                                             Community Development . . . . . . . . . 206-3385
      •   Community Relations Commission: 1st Monday; 7:30 pm,                                                                             Homewood Christian Academy . . . . . 799-6912
                                          West Conference Room              Homewood Public Library. . . . . . . . . 798-0121              Homewood Area Chamber of Commerce 206-3384
      •   Economic Development Committee: 2nd Tuesday; 7:30 am,
                                          West Conference Room
      •   Homewood Heritage Committee: 3rd Thursday; 7:30 pm,
                                          West Conference Room
      •   Plan Commission:                2nd & 4th Wednesday; 7:30 pm
                                          Council Chamber

      • Seniors Advisory Committee:          3rd Monday; 7:00 pm,
                                             West Conference Room
      • Storm Water Committee:               Nov. 13, Dec. 18, East/West
                                             Conference Room
      • Village Board of Trustees:           2nd and 4th Tuesdays; 7:30
                                             pm, Council Chamber
      • Zone Board of Appeals:               2nd & 4th Thursday; 7:30 pm,
                                             Council Chamber

    The Village Key is circulated quarterly to all residents
    and businesses in the Village of Homewood, Illinois.
         Comments or questions can be directed to:
                Village Key Editorial Staff
      2020 Chestnut Road, Homewood, Illinois 60430

                          To place an advertisement in the
                          Village Key, please contact:
                          Midwest Suburban Publishing
                          (708) 633-4800

President’s Message
  Before each issue of the “Village Key” is produced I am given the         products are said to make our lives easier
central theme for that particular issue. In the past they have related to   (which a great many of us will say is
Village activities such as Homewood Days or block parties, but now          debatable!). But when all is said and
I have been given the more difficult theme of “A Vision for the             done, it is still the basics that prevail.
Future.” I believe it was Harry Truman who once said “Nothing               Whether it is the year 2000, 2010 or even
happens in the future that hasn’t happened in the past,” so let’s begin     further into the future, family values and
by looking at the past.                                                     community are what really matter.
  Having moved to Homewood over 30 years ago, raising our chil-                Homewood affords, and will contin-
dren, and now seeing some of them doing the same, in town, I sup-           ue to offer, activities for all people,
pose I can be considered a long-time resident. However, my thirty-          young and old, that make our town so
plus years of residency pales by comparison whenever I listen to the        livable. This continues to attract fami-
“real old-timers,” those who were born and raised here, who entertain       lies seeking what we all wanted—a
me with stories of years ago. They recall when a brick and coal yard        great place to live and raise our fami-
was at the site of the Flosswood condos (183rd Street, west of the          lies, and a community where folks smile at, Richard A. Hofeld
Metra tracks); our Police Department had just one car; the first stop-      wave to, and look out for one another. We Village President
light in town was at Ridge and Dixie; farm fields were south of             and our families know the firefighter or
183rd Street, and Doepp’s pond was the favorite swimming hole.              police officer by their name. Those hard-working folks in Public
  Even I can remember the 4-way stop signs (not signals!) at 183rd          Works take the time to explain what they are doing and how a partic-
Street and Kedzie, 183rd Street and Harwood, and Ridge and Riegel;          ular piece of equipment works—where I walk down the street and
when Aurelio’s was on Ridge Road, Van Drunen Ford was at what is            kids as well as seniors always greet me with “Hello Mayor!”
now Chuck’s House of Magic, and Al’s Deli was in Southgate.                    One of our local businesses has the corporate name “Mayberry”
  The changes that have occurred over the past 30 years direct the          (as was the neighborly, “down-home” town in the old Andy Griffith
community toward the future. The Village, like us and our lifestyles,       show). And in so many ways we too are Mayberry.
is in a constant state of flux. Businesses that weren’t even thought of        No, none of us know what the future will bring—we can’t predict
ten, five, or even two years ago, now appear to be the norm.                it. But based upon our past, Homewood’s future is bright. Our
  What is now the “cutting edge” of technology will soon be an              Mayberry will always exist, not only in our memories, but now and
everyday experience. Electronic gadgets and computer-based                  into the future as well.
                                                                     that Village bills (including   our towns. Now it is the res-          Advisory Appointments
                                                                     water bills), real estate       idents’ turn to support them.             Village President Richard

Community                                                            transactions and receipts
                                                                     from Park District pro-
                                                                     grams are not eligible.
                                                                                                     Please remember to shop
                                                                                                     locally. An updated list of
                                                                                                     prizes is available on the
                                                                                                                                            Hofeld, with the approval of
                                                                                                                                            the Board of Trustees,
                                                                                                                                            appointed several residents

                        NEWS                                         To assist residents in col-     Community Auction website              to boards, commissions and
                                                                     lecting their receipts,         www.1FastLink.com/Auction.             committees that serve as
                                                                                                                                            advisories to the Board of
                                                                     Auction envelopes are
                                                                                                                                            Trustees. Reappointments
 Community Auction                be held on January 21,             available at the Homewood       Volunteers Needed!
                                                                                                                                            include Don Thomas,
                                  2001. At the end of the           Area Chamber office (locat-        The Village is currently
    The Villages of Homewood,                                                                                                               Appearance Commission;
                                  receipt collection period,        ed in the Advance Bank           seeking volunteers high
 Flossmoor, and Glenwood,                                                                                                                   the Reverend David
                                                                    building at 18300 Dixie          school
 and the Homewood Area            locations for tallying the                                                                                Speerbrecker and Charles
                                                                    Highway, Homewood) and           age or
 Chamber of Commerce are          receipts will be announced.                                                                               Ranlett, Ethics Commission;
                                                                                                     older to
 sponsoring a Community           At that time, participants        at the Village offices in                                               Murray Barr, Zone Board;
                                                                                                     work as
 Auction to encourage local       will be provided a voucher        Homewood, Flossmoor, and                                                John Elashik, Sr., Fire and
                                  for the amount of the             Glenwood. Additional                                                    Police Commission; Bill
 shopping and to reinforce to
                                  receipts submitted indicat-       locations to pick up these                                              Edwards and Gene Olson,
 the residents that strong
                                  ing the participant’s total       envelopes are Final                                                     Senior Advisory Committee;
 local businesses equate to
                                  bidding capacity.                 Touch, Homewood Glass                                                   Cheryl Redell and Julius
 convenient shopping and
                                                                                                                     Volunteers Shawn       Davenport, Community
 services for all of us. Spend-      Receipts from all busi-        & Mirror, Lorenz                                 Capporelli (top)
                                                                                                                     and Loretta            Relations Commission.
 ing money locally is a rein-     nesses in the three villages      Appliance, Nielsen’s                             Lipinski (left) tape   New appointments include
                                  (retail and service) are eligi-   Bakery, Shaver Chevrolet,                        board meetings for
 vestment in the community.                                                                                          re-broadcast.          Linda Riley, Community
    The ability to bid on items   ble, provided the business        and Suburban Electric in                                                Relations Commission;
                                  name and address are on the       Homewood, the Flossmoor          camera technicians for com-
 at the Auction will be based                                                                                                               Emmett Cassidy, Village
                                  receipt. The total on the         Station, Fresh Starts, Kluger    munity service program-
 on the receipts for purchases                                                                                                              Treasurer. Residents inter-
                                                                                                     ming. Volunteers film
 in the three villages from       receipt will be the value for     Furs, and Marc Allen Spa in                                             ested in serving on a Village
                                                                                                     Village Board meetings and
 October 1, 2000, through         the auction, with the excep-      Flossmoor and The Blue                                                  commission, committee or
                                                                                                     other events for re-broadcast
 December 31, 2000. The           tion of individual purchases      Bird, Byron’s Schwinn,                                                  board can obtain an applica-
                                                                                                     on Homewood’s Cable
 more receipts residents col-     for amounts over $5,000           Signs Now, and Enterprise                                               tion form at the Village
                                                                                                     Channel 6. Previous experi-
                                  (cars, furs, jewelry, etc).       Rent-a-Car in Glenwood. In                                              Hall.
 lect, the more they will be                                                                         ence is desirable, but not
 able to bid on goods and         These receipts will be            the past, many of these local    necessary. Training will be
 services donated by local        counted as $5,000.                businesses have supported        provided. Interested? Call
 businesses at the Auction to     Additionally, please note         fundraisers and events in        Boni Otto at 206-3377.
Properties Honored with Beautification Awards
   Homewood’s residential and       Howe, Craig Westlund at          Niel family at 18420 Klimm,        fronts, condominiums or
business Beautification Award       17618 Roosevelt, Don Weber       and the Simon family at            apartments, and public
winners were honored October        & family at 2206 Spruce, the     18465 Palmer. Owners of 135        buildings were awarded
20 at a reception held in the       Michael MacDonald family         additional residential proper-     Certificates of Appreciation
Marie Irwin Community               at 1822 Sycamore, the            ties will be mailed Certificates   for showing an exemplary
                                                                                                                                     Landmark Award: Poplar
Center. Thirty-seven resi-          Zoellick family at 1662 Ridge    of Appreciation for their beau-    appearance in the overall
dences were recognized as           Rd., Theresa Boyle & Al          tification efforts.                curb appeal. Certificates
Beautification Award winners,       Piña at 1649 Cedar,                 Two years ago, the              were awarded to Avant
and the owners received a cer-      Margaret, Robert & Julian        Committee selected the             Garden, Inc., Balagio,
tificate featuring a photo of       Gorman at 1724 Pine, the         Homewood Beautification            Bannon Floor Coverings,
their property. Honored this        Quinones family at 1550          Landmark Award to be pre-          Blackberry Harvest
year for exhibiting exemplary       Burr Oak, Charles &              sented to residential properties   Dollhouse Museum &
property maintenance, and           Guadalupe Shields at 18004       that continue to display excel-    Shoppe, Cameo House,
excelling as attractive assets in   Hood, the Seaton family at       lence for at least five years      Caribou Coffee, Carlson
their neighborhoods and the         1230 Ridge Rd., Diane Long       after winning a beautification     Wagonlit Travel, Cherry Landmark Award: Tarpon
community, were Jesse &             at 18124 Aberdeen, Joseph        award. Selected this year to       Creek Enterprises,             Elder Road Apts.), Audrey
Gaynell Moore at 3233               Weitzel at 1857 186th Pl., the   receive this special one-time      Cilantro, Ltd., Family Video, Ongman (2131 Ridge Rd.
Mallard, Bob & Audrey               Kurstin family at 18455          award are: Duke & Arlene           Heartland Health Care          Apts.), 2136 Ridge Rd. Apts.,
Fischer at 18225 California,        Homewood Ave., the Hartley-      Mayer at 18021 Tarpon, Joan        Center, Hollywood              2025 Maple Rd. Apts.,
Jim & Pat McGrath at                Winterfeldt family at 18520      Lonstine at 1862 Olive,            Entertainment, Homewood        James Wehling (2047 Cedar
17950 Governors Hwy., the           Homewood Ave., the Muncie        Lillian & Ray Goodwin at           Florist, Homewood              Rd. Apts.), 1665 Ridge Rd.
Rarity family at 3051               family at 1753 Terrace Rd.,                                         Professional Bldg., Just       Apts., 903 Elder Rd. Condo-
Hedgerow, Stanley R.                the James Goldberg family                                           Between Trends, Kingston       minium Assoc., Martin Place
Holmstedt at 2046 Maple,            at 1205 Heather Rd., Richard                                        Cleaners, James J. Kreuz,      Condominiums (18133-39
Bev & Bud Laxton at 17642           Alt at 18525 Hood, Wallace                                          DDA & Gregory J. Duffner, Martin Ave.), Samuel Briones
                                    Faust & Dawne Sulski-Faust                                          DDS, Modern Tuxedo,            (1910-1912 Ridge Rd. Office
                                    at 1237 W. 183rd St.,                                               Nathalie Interiors & Gallery Bdg.). Les Hier, who has vol-
                                    Charlene S. Bobek at 18305                                          Etc., Pop’s For Beef, The      unteered as photographer for
                                    Aberdeen, Manju & Bachu                                             Rickshaw, Ryan Funeral         many years, provided the
                                    Patel at 1308 Jeffery, the                                          Home, Savoia T’Go Shop,        beautiful photos for the certifi-
                                    Harrington family at 19028                                          Scandinavian Boutique,         cates and slide presentation.
      Pierce Court                  Loomis, Gail & Jerry Getz at                                        Chicago Southland                Awards are presented on
                                    18755 Center, John &                                                Chamber of Commerce,           behalf of Homewood’s citizens
                                    Kathleen Ladowicz at 19136              186th Place                 Starbucks Coffee Co., State    by the Village President,
                                    Pierce Ct., Charlotte &          18658 Ashland, Tom, Carol,         Farm Insurance Co. (17700      Board of Trustees and the
                                    George Johnson at 18333          Tom Jr., & Julie Wilmowski         Dixie Hwy.), Manny             Beautification Committee,
                                    Argyle, Betty A. Brisk at        at 1223 Heather Rd., Thomas        Hoffman State Farm             which includes retiring Chair-
                                                                                                                                       person Andrea Hetzel, John
                                    18549 Dundee, the Hevel          & Charlene Rickhoff at             Insurance Agency (920 W.
        California                                                                                                                     Aleck, David Colby, Kim
                                    family at 2400 Patricia,         18426 Poplar Ave., and Ray         175th), Tews Funeral Home,
                                                                                                                                       Hamilton, Chester Michalowski,
                                    Robert Comstock at 18510         & Sue Smith at 1922 Terrace        Inc., Tin Ceiling Tavern, Van Boni Otto, Maggie Porzio,
                                    Perth, the Coghlan family at     Rd. This award is a green and      Sipma Jewelers, The Village Lynn Sims, Sherele Tenclay,
                                    18430 Gottschalk, Jerry &        gold enameled watering can         Door, Wilson Rental, Zoom      and Roberta Wilson. Trustee
                                    Nancy McCallum at 18646          adorned with a gold plaque.        Clean, Ridgeview               Jim Wright is Board liaison
                                    Lexington, the Carlson fami-        In the business property cat-   Condominiums, John Urban and Public Works Director
     W. 183rd Street                ly at 1913 Birch Rd., the Van    egory, 43 businesses, store        & Joan Fredericks (950         John Schaefer is staff liaison.
                                  at most home-improvement         detector. All fuel-burning       Police Department                  •Restorative Justice:
                                  stores.                          appliances produce CO, and       “Future” Visions                 This program shapes the
                                                                   if there is a problem with                                        futures of both offenders
                                  Home Heating                     your venting system, a           Although most                    and victims. It attempts to
                                                                                                    people think of a                “restore” victims of crimes
                                  Safety                           buildup can occur inside the
                                                                   house. A colorless, odorless,
                                                                                                    Police Department as a & POLI E to their pre-victim status. As
                                     Now that the heating sea-

FIRE             AND
                                  son is upon us, it’s time to
                                  consider safety when main-
                                  taining a comfortable envi-
                                                                   tasteless gas, carbon monoxide
                                                                   is deadly at higher concen-
                                                                   trations. Look for a listed
                                                                                                    “response-type” organiza-
                                                                                                    tion which either addresses
                                                                                                                                     an example: An offender
                                                                                                                                     vandalizes the property of a
                                                                                                    criminal activity after it hap- citizen. The Restorative

                                                                                                    pens or while it is occurring, Justice Program takes the
                                  ronment in homes and busi-       detector, and install at least
                                                                                                    there are times when police      approach that to incarcerate
                                  nesses. Each year fires are      one near sleeping areas.
                                                                                                    work is geared toward the        the offender might do noth-
NEWS                              caused due to inattention to
                                  fundamental safety concerns.     Keep Reddy’s “Relatives”         future. The Homewood
                                                                                                    department has several pro-
                                                                                                                                     ing to restore the victim, but
                                                                                                                                     having the offender repair
                                     • Have your furnace, vent-    Snow-Free this Winter            grams geared toward              the damaged property
Is Your Address Visible           ing systems and chimney             During snow season it         improving the future of the      restores the victim to their
from the Street?                  inspected by a qualified         is very important that           community:                       “pre-victim” status.
   The Homewood                   contractor each year.            the Fire Department                 •Juvenile Diversion: This       This program allows the
Municipal Code requires              • Higher fuel costs this      is able to get to                program positively shapes        victim to see justice done,
that buildings and houses         winter may prompt the use        hydrants quickly in case of      the futures of juvenile offend- while demonstrating to the
display address numbers for       of portable electric heaters.    a fire. Accumulations of         ers who have committed           offender the “error of
easy and rapid identifica-        Be sure to use only appli-       snow prevent rapid access to     minor crimes or are new          his/her ways,” and that
tion, particularly in an emer-    ances listed by one of the       hydrants and can delay fire      offenders. Rather than auto-     actions have consequences.
gency. Emergency person-          major testing laboratories       personnel from obtaining         matically place the juvenile       This program, in partner-
nel can save valuable             such as UL, FM, etc. Follow      water to extinguish a fire.      offender into the court sys-     ship with Bloom Township,
response time if numbers          all instructions for assembly       Reddy the Fire Hydrant        tem, Homewood has trained        took first place in the
are prominently displayed.        and operation, and be sure       asks everyone, when shovel-      its Officers to “divert” these   Governor’s Home Town
Pertinent language of the         to maintain at least 36”         ing their sidewalks and dri-     offenders to the Criminal        Award Program.
                                                                   veways, to also shovel out       Investigations Unit for after-     • Residential & Business
Code is: “The numbers ...         clearance from any com-
                                                                   his “relatives,” the fire        school counseling, court-        Security Surveys: By sur-
shall be displayed on the         bustibles, such as furniture,
                                                                   hydrants along the streets of    sponsored programs, reme-        veying current residential
street side of each building...   clothing, curtains, etc. Using
                                                                   Homewood.                        dial educational programs,       and business security sys-
The figures of such numbers       liquid-fueled portable
                                                                                                    and other possibilities. This    tems, this free program
shall be not less than three      heaters is not recommended.
                                                                                                    will hopefully change the        helps brighten the future.
inches in height and of such         • Make sure your smoke            Looking for a Few            offenders’ course of con-        Surveys can point out any
character as to be distinctly     detectors are working. They        Good Men & Women               duct, and assist them in hav- deficiencies in the physical
and easily read, and shall        are your early-warning sys-        Paid-on-call (volunteer)       ing a brighter future.           condition of a property that
be placed in a conspicuous        tem. If battery-powered,         membership opportunities            The department has            might lead to future crime
place on the street side of       make sure the battery is         with the Homewood Fire           received a grant for this pro- problems, such as a burglary
the premises ...”                 good. The Fire Department        Department are currently         gram through Bloom               or vandalism. If maintained
   Numbers can be internally      recommends changing bat-         open to any resident over        Township. The Hon. Michael       properly, items such as ade-
lighted, and must be visible      teries each time you change      the age of 18 years and high     Stuttley, Chief Judge of the     quate lighting, manicured
from the street at all times      your clocks in the fall and      school students age 16 to        6th Dist. and a Homewood         shrubs, and functioning
of day and night. Numbers,        spring.                          18. Call 206-3400, or visit      resident, is a great ally of the doors, windows or locks
number signs and lighted             • An excellent investment     the fire station for more        department and an outstand- can provide a secure future
address signs are available       is a carbon monoxide (CO)        details.                         ing supporter of this program. for all.
Canadian National/Illinois Central Railroad
A        V I S I O N                    F O R             T H E             F U T U R E
   You may be surprised to         years the CN grew and at one      worked from this location.                   Community
know that the single largest       time employed over 100,000        The dispatch center is open 24
employer in the Village of         employees. In 1995, the           hours a day, seven days a
Homewood is the Canadian           Canadian National Railroad        week. There are multiple
National/ Illinois Central         split off from the Canadian       shifts working around the
Railroad (CN/IC). What is the      Government and became a           clock to make sure the trains      Intermodal Terminal (MIT),         Over the past ten years the IC,
CN/IC and how long have            privately-owned company. On       get to their destinations on       with tracks reaching into          and now the CN/IC, has
they been in Homewood?             July 1, 1999, the merger of       time. The Homewood admin-          Harvey, was opened by the IC       received six gold medals,
   The CN/IC employs over          the IC and the CN took place      istration building also includes   several years ago, and Gate-       three silver medals and one
400 people in Homewood at          after over 15 months of nego-     marketing, accounting, engi-       way Terminal, opened with          bronze medal from the E. H.
two facilities, the administra-    tiations. The combined CN/IC      neering, operating, risk man-      CN prior to their 1999 merger.     Harriman Institute for having
tion building on Ashland           line is 18,000 miles long and     agement and communication             Beginning in 1998, employ-      the safest work environment
Avenue and the Woodcrest           employs 23,000 people.            functions.                         ees from the IC’s Chicago          for its employees.
Shop, across the street. A third      The Homewood administra-          Woodcrest Shop is also          offices located in the NBC            With all their past accom-
facility, with an additional       tion building is the headquar-    staffed around the clock, and      Tower began moving to              plishments, CN/IC will not
150-200 employees, is at the       ters of the Midwest Division,     includes the locomotive repair     Homewood to consolidate            rest on their laurels and will
Markham Yard in Hazel Crest.       one of five divisions of the      shop. All Midwest Division         departments and improve effi-      continue to strive to maintain
   In 1851, the U.S. gave a        company. The Midwest              locomotive maintenance is          ciency. This reassignment          their excellent work record.
land grant of 2.5 million acres    Region includes the CN/IC         done at this CN/IC shop,           brought an increase of 75          As technology improves, so
to the Illinois Central Railroad   lines from Centralia, Illinois    which is the largest shop in       employees to the Homewood          does the railroad industry. In
to aid in the promotion of the     north to the Canadian border,     the U.S. Following the merger      facility, and benefitted many      order to stay ahead of the
land development. This was         and from Sioux City, Iowa,        in 1999, the Grand Trunk           employees living in the south      competition, CN/IC maintains
the first land grant awarded       and Omaha, Nebraska, east to      Western locomotive shop in         suburbs, resulting in less trav-   a vision for the future. CN/IC
for railroad development. By       Chicago. The Homewood             Battle Creek, Michigan was         el time to work.                   will continue to grow in
1856, IC grew and was the          office contains the U. S opera-   closed, and the employees             The IC has traditionally        Homewood with a planned
longest railroad in the world.     tions center, which, with the     were transferred to                been the most efficient rail-      sustained growth.
   In 1919 the Canadian            exception of traffic handled      Homewood. Woodcrest Shop           road in its class, and with the
National was established by        by the former Grand Trunk         facility includes the Midwest      merger, the CN/IC has                 Staff would like to thank Mr.
the Canadian government and        Western, dispatches CN/IC         Division’s environmental, sig-     become the most efficient          Robert Keane, General
incorporated many of               trains throughout the U.S.        nal, engineering, and mechan-      large railroad in the country.     Director Risk Management -
Canada’s railroad systems,         CN/IC freight, as well as         ical functions.                    The IC has also been one of        U.S. Operations, who sup-
including the Grand Trunk          Amtrak rail traffic from New         There are two terminals in      the safest railroads in the        plied much of the information
Western in the U.S. Over the       Orleans to Chicago, is net-       the Homewood area. Moyers          industry on which to work.         used for this article.
                                    must be a working docu-          action step has been deleted    pleted so far, and 43% (73       and continue from year
                                    ment that is implemented,        because it is no longer rele-   total) are either in progress,   to year.
                                    not just placed on a shelf for   vant. The status of each        partially completed, or            On the next page is a brief
                                    decoration. The implemen-        action step is identified as    ongoing. Ongoing action          explanation of each issue and
                                    tation must be monitored on      being in one of six cate-       steps are those that do not      examples of some of the
Continued from Page 1               a continuous basis to ensure     gories—completed, in            have a specific end date         corresponding action steps.
    internal forces such as per-    that it is being followed.       progress, partially complet-
    sonnel productivity, effec-     The plan should also be          ed, ongoing, not started, or                     Strategic Plan Performance
    tiveness and morale, and        evaluated annually to deter-     cancelled.                                        for the Years 1999 & 2000
                                                                                                            Status of 168 Action Steps by Percent & Quantity
    outdated policies and proce-    mine what changes, if any,         As the pie chart shows,
    dures. Such a community         are required to meet the         the greatest percentage,
    will be reactive to these       changing needs and               34% (56 total) of action
    forces and unprepared to        resources of the community.      steps have not been started.
    make good decisions and         The plan is a flexible docu-     This is due to the fact that
    effectively deal with issues    ment that can be modified        we are only in the second
    affecting the community.        as circumstances demand.         year of the five year plan,
    All successful businesses       Action steps can be added,       and many action steps are
    and public sector entities      removed, or consolidated as      not scheduled for imple-
    acutely know where they         appropriate.                     mentation until years 2001,
    are, where they want to be,        The total number of           2002, and 2003. A great
    and how to get there.           action steps in the strategic    majority of action steps
       Certainly, simply having a   plan has been reduced from       (64%) are either completed
    document called a strategic     176 to 168. Seven related        or in the process of being
    plan will not guarantee suc-    action steps pertaining to       completed, which amounts
                                                                                                          To view the entire strategic plan, visit the Village of
    cess, nor is it a panacea for   computerization and tech-        to 108 out of 168 action
                                                                                                         Homewood website at www.village.homewood.il.us or
    all the issues facing a com-    nology have been combined        steps. Twenty one percent             contact the Village at 798-3000 to request a copy.
    munity. The strategic plan      into one action step. One        (35 total) have been com-
STRATEGIC ISSUE 1    How do we improve communications? addresses the               STRATEGIC ISSUE 4     How do we maintain quality of life while meeting the
  need to improve communications with established and potential residents           challenges and opportunities of diversity? strives to continue to make
  and businesses, and internally between staff, the Village board, and              Homewood an attractive housing market for all races, promote retention of
  advisory boards. These action steps include:                                      existing residents, address diversity issues positively, and improve commu-
                                                                                    nity standards. Action steps include:
    s Redesigning the Village Key into a more magazine type layout. This
      has made the Key more informative and readable.                                 s Promote the value of multi-culturalism by offering educational pro-
                                                                                        grams, promoting block parties, and other events that bring people
    s Televise board meetings. Televising board meetings provides every-
                                                                                        together. This is an ongoing effort that over the past two years has
      one in the community with the opportunity to better understand the
                                                                                        seen over forty block parties each year, a family oriented millennium
      issues and decisions that will directly affect them.
                                                                                        celebration, and participation in south suburban Unity Day activities.
    s Create a comment card system for rating Village services. This pro-
                                                                                      s Promote an adopt-a-street program. This program was initiated this
      gram will allow residents to comment on the services the Village pro-
                                                                                        year with the hope that groups of people would take on the responsi-
      vides and help the Village make service improvements accordingly.
                                                                                        bility for cleaning and beautifying our roadsides and thus improving
STRATEGIC ISSUE 2      How do we provide a balanced and affordable rev-                 our community standards and keeping Homewood an attractive com-
  enue stream and also provide quality Village services? is a goal of all               munity.
  municipalities, but one that is a challenge to accomplish. This issue strives
                                                                                      s Conduct realtor information meetings. This initiative attempts to
  to maintain existing and develop new sources of revenue with which to
                                                                                        develop a positive rapport with local realtors and educate them on
  finance quality services that the Village provides to the community. This
                                                                                        the many amenities that Homewood has to offer new residents. The
  issue has eighty-three action steps, by far the most action steps of the six
                                                                                        Village participated in a regional meeting between municipalities
  strategic issues. These action steps include:
                                                                                        and realtors and plans to conduct its own such meetings with realtors
    s Development of a combined training site for fire, police, and public              on a regular basis.
      works departments. A portion of the training site is completed and is
                                                                                   STRATEGIC ISSUE 5     How do we instill community pride? recognizes the
      in use with the remainder under construction. By having our own
                                                                                    value of community pride and the central role it plays in the success of a
      training facility, the Village can ensure that its police, fire and public
                                                                                    community. This issue attempts to develop meaningful citizen involvement
      works personnel are highly trained to perform their job at a cost that
                                                                                    in the community, promote neighborhood cooperation and cohesiveness,
      is more controllable than if training had to be provided at facilities
                                                                                    and initiate events and programs that bring positive recognition and pride
      outside of Homewood.
                                                                                    to residents. Action steps for this issue include:
    s Develop a program to provide Homewood seniors with medical iden-
                                                                                      s Attain Tree City designation. The Village achieved national recogni-
      tification bracelets. This program was started in 1999 and is very suc-
                                                                                        tion as a Tree City last year, which reflects its pride in the many trees
      cessful. Use of these medical ID bracelets allows the Village to pro-
                                                                                        that beautify our community.
      vide even better services when responding to an emergency call
      involving a senior. The bracelet allows paramedics and police officers          s Consider applying for the All-American City designation. This task,
      to quickly access vital medical and contact information, thus allowing            scheduled for 2002/03, is an effort to receive national recognition for
      the senior to be treated more rapidly and accurately. Bracelets have              the outstanding people, services and quality of life Homewood has
      been utilized several times since the program’s inception.                        always been known for having.

    s Consider an increase in the 911 surcharge. This surcharge is paid by            s Create a sister city relationship. In 1999, the Village initiated a sister
      all Homewood residents and businesses to help finance the cost of                 city relationship with Homewood Alabama. Such a relationship will
      personnel and equipment necessary to provide 911 service to the                   provide every facet of our community with the opportunity to share
      community. An increase in the surcharge needed to be considered as                experiences and ideas with their counterparts in another Homewood
      a means to offset increasing personnel and equipment upgrade costs.               that is very similar to our own Homewood.
      Upon evaluating an increase, it was determined that an increase in the
                                                                                   STRATEGIC ISSUE 6     How do we improve management/staff relations?
      surcharge was unnecessary at this time, since the Village could contin-
                                                                                    strives to constantly improve relations between the people employed to
      ue to provide high quality emergency response with existing revenues.
                                                                                    provide the community with the high quality services that Homewood has
STRATEGIC ISSUE 3     How do we keep pace with technological changes that           always been known for - Village management and employees of the
  will benefit the community? recognizes the important and pervasive role           Village. Activities in this area include:
  technology plays in providing Village services and strives to improve the
                                                                                      s Homewood would not be what it is today without employees who
  Village’s information system and implement new technologies.
                                                                                        work hard and take pride in their work. The Village will continue to
  Technology related action steps include:
                                                                                        recognize the contributions exemplary employees provide to the
    s Improve the Village’s website. Efforts to improve the Village’s web-              community.
      site are underway and include providing more information about
                                                                                      s Develop a thank-you letter display. The Village gets several letters
      Village services, updating the information more frequently, and
                                                                                        each year from residents expressing their gratitude for and satisfaction
      redesigning the layout.
                                                                                        with the outstanding service provided by our police officers, firefight-
    s Install report writing software for use by police officers. Technology            ers, paramedics, and public works crews. The Village takes pride in
      will be used to aid police officers in writing their incident reports             these letters of recognition and feels they should be shared with
      more quickly and from their vehicles, thus allowing officers to spend             everyone. Thus, these letters are framed and displayed in the lobby
      more time on patrol and less time on paperwork.                                   of the Village Hall.
                                                                                                      ble of operating on an         week period, beginning the
PUBLIC WORKS OFFICE 17755 S. Ashland • 206-3470 • Hours Mon.-Fri. 8 to 5                              alternate fuel—compressed      week of October 30 and
                                                                                                      natural gas. These two         continuing through the
   Street Division Paves          the existing pavement,           Homewood—Doing Its               vehicles are in compliance       week ending November 29.
   the Way                        re-grading and leveling it       Part to Help Clean Up            with another program being       Only leaves will be picked
   The Public Works Street        with new stone, and paving       the Environment!                 spearheaded by the U.S.          up, and residents will not
   Division employees are         it with new asphalt. Crews          In 1998, the Village was      Environmental Protection         have to purchase landscape
   pleased to announce that the   also re-surfaced their first     required to register the vehi-   Agency. Under the USEPA          stickers to dispose of their
   new asphalt paving machine     street, Klimm Avenue from        cles in their fleet with the     program, which is still in its   bags of leaves.
   that was purchased this past   Harwood Avenue to Birch          Illinois Environmental           infant stages, fleets will be       The program requires that
   year has exceeded their        Road.                            Protection Agency under the      mandated to purchase a cer-      leaves be collected in the
   expecta-                                                        Clean Fuel Fleet Program         tain percentage of alternate     usual “kraft” brown paper
   tions. “We                                                      mandated by the IEPA. This       fuel operated vehicles.          bags or in scavenger
   knew it                                                         program requires that a per-        The Village will continue     approved “toter” carts.
   would be                                                        centage of new vehicles pur-     to stay informed of these        Leaves will be disposed of
   better                                                          chased for the fleet meet a      changes, and future plans        by the scavenger service at
   than the                                                        Federal low emission stan-       include continuing to pur-       an IEPA-approved compost-
   paver that                                                      dard. Emergency and law          chase certified low emission     ing facility, so it is important
   we used                                                         enforcement vehicles are         engines to meet the Clean        that residents use only the
   to have,                                                        exempt from this program.        Fuel Fleet Program require-      bio-degradable paper bags
   but it has really improved        An up and coming project      The Village began comply-        ments and continuing to          or the wheeled toter cards
   the quantity and quality of    for the Street Division will     ing with the Clean Fuel          comply with the USEPA            provided by the scavenger
   our work,” said crew leader    be the re-surfacing of the       Fleet Program in 1999.           program as it develops.          company. Grass clippings,
   Dennis Giometti.               parking lot at the Landscape        Of the vehicles the Village                                    brush, branches, etc. will
      Over the past couple of     and Maintenance building         purchased in the 1999 and               Sticker-Free Leaf         not be collected by the scav-
   years, the Street Division     on Pierce Avenue. The            2000 model years, eight of               Pickup Program           enger unless the necessary
   has paved alleys that previ-   department will also be          the vehicles were exempt           Due to the popularity of       landscape stickers are
   ously did not have any         looking at some streets that     and six of the vehicles met      the Fall Leaf Pickup             affixed to the bags. “Kraft”
   asphalt on them. Also, this    can be re-surfaced by the        certified low emission stan-     Program, Homewood will           bags can be purchased at
   year a total re-construction   Street Division crew. “These     dards, exceeding the per-        again fund the program this      most local hardware, gro-
   was done to the alley          streets will be in addition to   centage required by the          fall, at an estimated cost of    cery and retail stores.
   between Martin Avenue and      the annual street improve-       IEPA. Not only do these six      $24,637. The free leaf col-      Leaves in bags or carts for
   Morris Avenue south of         ment program,” said Street       vehicles meet the certified      lection will be provided         pickup should be placed at
   183rd Street. This project     Division Supervisor Brian        low emission standards, but      once a week by Homewood          the curb the same day as
   consisted of fully removing    Long.                            of the six, two also are capa-   Disposal Service for a five      regular garbage pickup.
Fall Street Sweeping            which communities in the        Tree Topping                        New Assistant Public Works Director
   Residential areas of the     South Suburban area have           In this                          Jerry Hellinga has joined the
Village will be swept a total   the largest diameter and the    progressive age                  Village of Homewood as the
of three times this fall. The   oldest recorded street trees.   of high technolo-                Assistant Director of Public Works.
                                Five parkway trees in                                            Jerry brings a great deal of experi-
first sweep was done                                            gy and easy access to infor-
                                                                                                 ence managing utilities operations
between October 15–31.          Homewood won awards.            mation, it is quite possible     to his new position. He was previ-
The next two residential          To commemorate this           that we may soon see the         ously employed by Citizens Utilities
sweeps are scheduled            honor the Village purchased     practice of tree topping dis-    and UtiliQuest Locating Services
between November 1–15,          signs to place in the park-     appear. It has been scientifi-   Company, a company responsible
                                ways of the properties with                                      for locating about half of all Commonwealth Edison
and November 16–30.                                             cally proven, and it is
                                                                                                 underground facilities in response to J.U.L.I.E. requests.
Residents are asked to          winning trees.                  becoming common knowl-           In his position as general manager at UtiliQuest, he
remove their vehicles from      Congratulations to the resi-    edge, that topping is detri-     managed 75 employees from three separate loca-
the street when the sweeper     dents at 1520 West 186th        mental to a tree’s health,       tions. His duties included budgeting, managing the
is in the area to allow the     Place for a 15” Redbud,         and often has the opposite       fleet, developing safety and training programs and
sweeper to clean more thor-     17744 Howe for a 57” Silver     effect of what a                 working with customers. At Citizens Utilities, a private
                                Maple, 1824 Evergreen for a                                      water/wastewater company providing services to 27
oughly along the curb.                                          homeowner is
                                                                                                 districts in northeastern Illinois, he managed both the
   Residents are reminded       27” Red Maple, and 18512        attempting to                    field operations and customer service office.
not to rake or deposit leaves   Stewart for a 27” Dawn          achieve.                            Jerry has a BS in Education from Valparaiso
in any of the Village’s         Redwood and an 18”                Tree topping                   University, and is licensed as a Class A Public Water
streets or watercourses.        Chinese Elm.                    is the misguided practice of     Supply Operator, a Class 4 Wastewater Treatment
                                                                                                 Plant Operator, and is certified in Principles of Public
Doing so makes it difficult                                     heading back limbs in an         Utilities Operations and Management, and Water
for the sweeper to complete                     Snowfall        attempt to reduce the tree’s     Utility Management through the University of Illinois.
the routes on schedule, pre-                 Parking Ban        natural production of twigs         Jerry resides in Tinley Park with his wife Mary Beth
vents the streets from                      It’s the time of                                     and their two sons, Chris and Andy.
                                                                and leaves in order to lessen
draining properly, and is            year again to remind
                                                                yard maintenance, control a      do survive such treatment         with proper pruning tech-
also a violation of Village      residents of the “No
                                                                tree’s overall size, reduce      (and many species rejuve-         niques, such as drop crotch-
ordinances.                     Parking” on Village streets
                                                                the danger of large over-        nate quite quickly) return to     ing, but never to
                                ordinance after an accumu-
                                                                hanging limbs and often,         their original size, but have     exceed 25% of the
“Big Street                     lation of two or more inches
                                                                sadly enough, to incorrectly                                       tree’s food pro-
Tree”                           of snow, effective until the                                     more and smaller limbs
Contest                         snow has been removed.          care for an aging and            with weaker branch attach-        ducing mass. A
  The Suburban Branch of        There are no exceptions to      beloved vertical landscape.      ments, resulting in increased     trained arborist will leave an
the American Public Works       this ordinance. Vehicles          The negative effects of        leaf and twig production.         old tree looking as if it has a
Association recently spon-      granted overnight parking       topping include the decay of        The proper procedure to        healthy manicure, not its
sored a “Big Street Tree”       ban exemptions are also         large unhealed wounds, insect    reduce leaf and twig pro-         hands removed.
contest in cooperation with     required to comply with the     infestation, sunscald to the     duction, as well as to restrict     For more information, call
the Municipal Foresters.        snow removal parking            bark, and in some cases,         a tree’s size (wind-sail          the Village’s forester, Jim
The contest was held to find    restrictions.                   death of the tree. Trees that    appearance), is to thin it        Tresouthick, at 206-3470.
                          Economic    Dorband-Howe House Exhibited in
                          Development Exquisite Quilted Wall-Hanging
                         Fiber Solutions Locates in
                                                                      The Village of Homewood       chosen was watercolor,

                                                                                                                                          ? ?    DID
                                                                      recently acquired an origi-   which means that fabric is
                         Prairie Lakes Business Park                  nal quilted wall-hanging      cut into 2 inch squares and                  YOU
      The Village of Homewood is pleased to announce that
     Fiber Solutions will be the third tenant to occupy space in
                                                                      from the Quilters Plus
                                                                      Quilt Guild. The Village
     Prairie Lakes Business Park. Fiber Solutions is a distributor    approached the Guild                                            Burke. These fabric
     of fiber optic cable. They will locate their corporate offices   almost two years ago to                                         artists have provided a
     and warehouse in a portion of their building and lease out       ask if the members                                              wonderful example of
     the remaining space. They will be locating on a 2.5 acre         would consider making                                           their love of quilting
     parcel at the south end of Hoffman Way, on the west side of                                                                      and their willingness to
                                                                      a quilt that could be
     the street. Their building will be 32,000 square feet in size,                                                                   share their talents with
                                                                      placed in the new addi-
     with the capability of adding a 15,000 square foot addition.                                                                     their community.
                                                                      tion of the Village Hall.
                                                                      Members of Quilters                                             Please stop in to view
               SHOP HOMEWOOD                                          Plus quickly agreed that                                        this beautiful piece of
          We welcome the following businesses, which have             this would be a wonder-                                         American art which is
                 recently opened in Homewood:                         ful challenge for their                                         located outside the
         Exhibit Source - 1000 Maple Avenue;                          members. After much dis-      arranged to form a new        Council Chambers in
         Pride Cleaners - 18330 Governors Highway;                    cussion, the committee        design. The adaptation for    the west lobby.
         Life Designs - 18855 Dixie Highway
                                                                      decided to use the            this quilt was designed,
         Ticor Title Insurance - 1147 175th Street
                                                                      Dorband-Howe house as a       assembled and completed
         Art 4 Soul - 18205 Dixie Highway
         By Shear Design - 17538 Dixie Highway                        model for the wall-hanging.   by Nancy Benson, Mary
         OfficeMax - 17825 Halsted Street                             The technique that was        McLaughlin, and Lynn
         Alphabet Campus Child Day Care Center - 742
         Ridge Road
         Briones, Harvey, Trevino, & Cruz - 1910-12 Ridge
         Cathy’s Creature Comforts has relocated to
         18675-77 Dixie Highway

                                                    The Cost of
 Village                                           Village Services
Finance                                       handle an aver-      indicate that 9,920 miles of
NEWS                                     age call. Many situa-
                                   tions require the response
                                                                   Village roads were plowed
                                                                   and salted with 2,155 man-
   Have you
                                 of multiple officers, so the      hours of Public Works labor.
ever wondered what
                                 cost increases for each addi-     Applying salary, fringe ben-
it costs the Village of
                                 tional police officer needed      efits, and overhead to these
Homewood, and therefore
                                 at the scene.                     numbers results in a cost of
the taxpayers, for a police
                                    Each ambulance run             $9.30 per storm to plow and
officer to handle a call for
                                 requires at least two para-       salt each mile of road.
assistance, or the cost of
                                 medics. An hour of time per       Stated another way, the
paramedics to save lives at
                                 call is considered average.       average total cost is $5,125
an accident, or the cost to
                                 Applying salary, fringe ben-      per snowstorm. Total yearly
plow snow off the streets in
                                 efits, and overhead figures       hours available for Public
winter? These services must
                                 results in a cost of $77.15       Works labor are fixed, so
be available when the situa-
                                 incurred for the Fire Depart-     more time spent on plowing
tion demands it. They come
                                 ment to respond to an emer-       snow means less time avail-
with a price, but when they
                                 gency with two paramedics.        able to spend on other
will be needed and by who
                                 Costs will increase as the        Public Works services.
is unknown. Because it is
                                 number of Fire Department           The Village will soon
not known who is going to
                                 personnel needed expands if       enter into discussions and
need what services and
                                 the emergency becomes             make decisions on a budget
when, these services are
                                 more severe.                      for 2001-02. Understanding
provided for by a portion of
                                    Plowing snow is also a         these costs is necessary to
each property tax bill,
                                 critical service that the         balance service expectations
where about 17% of the
                                 Village provides. Statistics      with the amount of tax dol-
total tax bill goes to fund
                                 from last winter’s eighteen       lars needed to fund Village
Village of Homewood ser-
                                 classified snowstorms             services.
vices. Elected officials must
balance what level of ser-
vice to provide, along with
                                  The editorial staff apologizes for an error on the 1998
an acceptable tax burden.         Property Tax Bill pie chart percentages in the Village
   A recent sampling of           Year-end Financial Report featured in the July Village
police calls resulted in an       Key. The corrected figures are as follows:

average time of 66 minutes                 Homewood Elementary:                  34.0%,
spent by an officer handling             Homewood-Flossmoor H.S.:                27.1%,
all aspects of a call for                   Village of Homewood:                 16.6%,
assistance. Applying salary,                         Cook County:                 4.7%,
fringe benefits, and over-            Homewood-Flossmoor Park Dist.:              5.4%,
head figures results in a cost            Homewood Public Library:                5.2%
                                                         All others:              7.0%
of $57.65 for an officer to

 “Make no little plans. They
 have no magic to stir men’s
  blood and probably them-
 selves will not be realized.
  Make big plans. Aim high
       in hope and work.
 Remembering that a noble,
     logical diagram once
    recorded will not die.”
     —Daniel H. Burnham
                                 SENIOR NEWS                                                 Calling all
                                                                                          If you are a Homewood

     Outstanding Senior . . .                                                             resident 100 years old or
                                                                                        better, the editorial staff of
       During the “dog days” of summer 2000, we heard and read                         the Village Key would like to
     about one of our Chicago-area baseball teams on the road to                          know about you. Please
     success. A Homewood senior played a critical role in promoting                          contact Boni Otto at
     sports right here in Homewood. Combine his commitment to                           206-3377 to arrange for an
     sports opportunities for the Village’s youth over the last half cen-             interview and a photo session
                                                                                            (or you may provide a
     tury with his participation in a variety of other community activi-
                                                                                         favorite). These distinctive
     ties, and you will see why Marvin “Marv” Austin is a deserving
                                                                                         people will be featured in
     recipient of the Outstanding Senior honor.
       Born in Harvey, Marv married his wife, Marilyn, in 1947 and    Marvin Austin        upcoming issues of the
                                                                                                  Village Key.
     moved to Homewood that same year. He built a home, in which they
     still live, 48 years ago where they raised their son, Danny, and
     their daughter, Becky.
       Marv’s involvement with Homewood sports began in the late 1940s
     when he played for the Homewood AC’s. In 1951, he and three other
     managers started the Homewood Little League. He also helped organize
     the Pony League and was one of its first managers. Marv extended his
     involvement with community sports to the Homewood-Flossmoor Park
     District, where he founded the youth basketball program for both boys
     and girls. Some of you may remember playing in the Homewood
     Auditorium between 1950 and 1969 under Marv’s watchful supervision.
       Marv’s professional life included a distinguished career with the
     Insurance Services Office of the Illinois Fire Protection Service, from
     which he retired as Assistant Manager in 1984. He also served as a
     Homewood volunteer firefighter from 1954-1971, retiring as
     Assistant Chief.
       Marv served as a Homewood Village Trustee from 1961-65.
     His community service continues through his involvement in
     Habitat for Humanity, serving as a director of
     the Homewood Historical Society, and as a vol-
     unteer at First Presbyterian Church, where he
     and Marilyn have been members for 50 years.
     Despite bypass surgery a year ago, Marv still
     makes time for gardening, one of his first loves.
       Marv Austin is a remarkable role model for
     Homewood seniors in particular, and the com-
     munity in general. His commitment to public
     service and his dedication to Homewood’s
     youth sporting programs reaffirm the old base-
     ball analogy that Homewood “hit one out of
     the park” when the Austins made our Village
     their home.
Need Something Special for the Holidays?
                Support your Homewood Historical Society with a purchase of one of its
              fundraising items that will surely be a keepsake that family members and
              friends will treasure.
                The Homewood Historical Society will have a supply of its very popular
              custom-designed, 100% cotton, “Homewood” coverlets and its custom
              designed tapestry pillows, tote bags and framed tapestries available for deliv-
ery in December. Anyone interested in placing an order for any of the items should contact
Elaine Egdorf at 798-9535. A coverlet is currently on display at the Homewood Library.

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