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                                      The dream of self-employment
V o l u m e 3 3 • I ssue 1                       sP rIng 2007

                                                 The alumni magazine of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business

                         18                       Features
                                                  18 Perfect Circle: Darden Program helps alumnae reclaim career path.
                                                  20 the ‘120 Club’ entertains alums with tales of old and their fond
                                                     vision for the future.
                                                  23 alumni hatch new venture with aid of Darden Incubator.
                                                  24 Cover story: Faculty share secrets of entrepreneurial success.

           20                                     DePartments
                                                   4 over Coffee
                                                  	  Dean	Bruner	rings	NYSE	opening	bell;	Darden	rises	in	rankings;		 	
                                                  	  profs’	marketing	book	named	‘best	of	the	year,’	more.
                                                   6 news Briefs
                                                  	 Jim	Cramer’s	Mad	Money	comes	to	Darden;	in	Memoriam:	remembering		
                                                  	 former	Dean	Haigh;	new	trustees	join	Darden	Foundation	board;	GE		
                                                  	 CEO	speaks	at	School;	more.
                                                  12 Faculty Files
                                                  33 reunion Photos and Class notes

                                                  Upcoming EvEnts:
                                                  April 18–20, 2008, Reunion
                                                  Classes of ‘58, ‘63, ‘68, ‘73, ‘78, ‘83, ‘88, ‘93, ‘98, ‘03

                                                  September 21–22
                                                  Alumni Board, Leadership Weekend

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                                                                                                   alUmni boarD mEmbErs
                                                                                                   James E. Black (MBA ’03)
                                                                                                   Asst. Brand Manager, Procter and Gamble
                                                                                                   Adriano L. Borges (MBA ’98)
                                                                                                   Vice President, Investment Banking,
                                                                                                   Credit Suisse Group

                                                                                                   Lawrence Brett III (MBA ’79)
                                                                                                   Director, Trader Publishing Company
                                                                                                   Arthur S. Brinkley (MBA ’85)
                                                                                                   First Vice President, Davenport & Company, LLC

thE DarDEn school                                                                                  Mr. J. Andrew Bugas (MBA ’86)
                                                                                                   Partner, Radar Partners
Robert F. Bruner, Dean, Charles C. Abbott Professor of Business Administration
L.J. Bourgeois III, Associate Dean for International Affairs                                       Kenneth J. Burke (MBA ’80)
                                                                                                   Managing Director, Signal Hill Capital Group LLC
Robert L. Carraway, Associate Dean for MBA Education
James R. Freeland, Associate Dean for Faculty                                                      Michael A. DeCola (MBA ’77)
                                                                                                   President and CEO, Mississippi Lime Company
Erika H. James, Associate Dean for Diversity
Jeanne M. Liedtka, Executive Director, The Batten Institute                                        Henry L. de Montebello (MBA ’76)
                                                                                                   Managing Director, Russell Reynolds Assoc., Inc.
Luann J. Lynch, Associate Dean for Intellectual Capital
Marian C. Moore, Associate Dean for MBA for Executives                                             Kenneth M. Eades
                                                                                                   The Darden School, Faculty Advisor
David L. Newkirk, CEO, Executive Education
Randall R. Smith, Chief Technology Officer                                                         Karen K. Edwards (MBA ’84)
                                                                                                   Senior Vice-President, Wealth Management
Ann H. Taylor (MBA ’85), Executive Director, The Darden School Foundation                          Strategist, Asset Management Advisors
                                                                                                   Clifford H. Farrah (MBA ’94)
trUstEEs of thE DarDEn school foUnDation                                                           CEO, The Beacon Group
Beverley W. Armstrong (MBA ’66), Vice Chairman, CCA Industries, Inc.
                                                                                                   Kirsti W. Goodwin (MBA ’02)
Robert F. Bruner, Dean, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration                          Associate Director of Investments, University of
John T. Casteen III, President, University of Virginia                                             Richmond—Spider Management Company
Jesse V. Crews (MBA ’77), Managing Director, Fortress Investment Group                             Mr. Louis K. Gump (MBA ’97)
U. Bertram Ellis, Jr. (MBA ’79), President and CEO, Ellis Communications Group                     Vice President, The Weather Channel
Thomas Francis Farrell II, Rector, University of Virginia                                          Lisa O. Jones (MBA ’85)
Lawton W. Fitt (MBA ’79), Senior Advisor, GSC Partners                                             President, Pavilion Properties
Palmer P. Garson (MBA ’83), Managing Partner, Jefferson Capital Partners, Ltd.                     Richard K. Loh (MBA ’96)
William H. Goodwin, Jr. (MBA ’66), Chairman, CCA Industries, Inc.                                  Founder and CEO, Ploh Group Pte. Ltd.
William J. Harvey (MBA ’77), Vice President and General Manager, DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems     Jennifer McEnery (MBA ’00)
William A. Hawkins III (MBA ’82), President and COO, Medtronic, Inc.                               Head of Operations, Small Bus. Card,
Anthony J. Hobson (MBA ’74), Chairman, Northern Foods                                              Capital One Financial Corporation
William I. Huyett, Jr. (MBA ’82), Director, McKinsey & Company                                     Douglas T. Moore (MBA ’80)
Gary T. Jones (MBA ’74), Managing Director, Senior Advisor, Credit Suisse First Boston (retired)   Senior Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer,
Lisa O. Jones (MBA ‘85), President, Pavilion Properties                                            Circuit City Stores, Inc.
Robert D. Landel, Henry E. McWane Professor of Business Administration                             Kari E. Pitkin-Blanchard (MBA ’97)
Bruce R. Lauritzen, (MBA ’67), Chairman, First National Bank of Omaha                              Managing Director, Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Douglas R. Lebda, Class of ’98, President and Chief Operating Officer, InterActiveCorp             Michael L. Rich (MBA ’92)
H. Eugene Lockhart (MBA ’74), General Partner and Chairman, Diamond Castle Holdings, LLC           Senior Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Madeleine W. Ludlow (MBA ’78), Principal, Ludlow Ward Capital Advisors                             Mark A. Riser (MBA ’94)
John G. Macfarlane III (MBA ’79), Chief Operating Officer, Tudor Investment Corporation            Partner, Hamilton Robinson, LLC
Harry T. Rein (MBA ’73), General Partner, Foundation Medical Partners                              Avia B. Robinson (MBA ’94)
Douglas A. Scovanner (MBA ’79), Executive Vice President and CFO, Target Corporation               Bryan H. Simms (MBA ’94)
Walter E. Shill III (MBA ’86), Global Managing Director, Accenture                                 Senior Vice President, Wealth & Asset Mgmt.
Bryan H. Simms (MBA ’94), Senior Vice President, Wealth & Asset Management, Lehman Brothers        Lehman Brothers, Inc.
Henry F. Skelsey (MBA ’84), Managing Partner, PRC Venture Partners, LLC                            Anand E. Stanley (MBA’03)
C. Ray Smith (MBA ’58), Tipton R. Snavely Professor Emeritus of Business Administration            Director, Supplier Development
                                                                                                   United Technologies Corporation
E. Follin Smith (MBA ’85), Executive Vice President, Chief Financial
    Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, Constellation Energy Group                           Patrick J. Sweeney II (MBA ’98)
                                                                                                   CEO, ODIN Technologies
John R. Strangfeld, Jr. (MBA ’77), Vice Chairman, Prudential Financial
Ann H. Taylor (MBA ’85), Executive Director, The Darden School Foundation                          Mr. Sergio Waisser (MBA ’98)
                                                                                                   Associate Principal, McKinsey & Company
James W. Todd (MBA ’64), President, The Peterson Companies
Carroll M. Warfield (MBA ’81), Managing Director, Thayer Lodging Group                             Carter V. Whisnand (MBA ’01)
                                                                                                   Vice-President, Silvercrest Asset Management
Ronald T. Wilcox, Associate Professor of Business Administration
                                                                                                   Group, LLC
From the Dean

     Dear alumnus,
     as I told students and their families at graduation 2007, we have finished another buoyant year
     at the Darden school. We saw sharp increases in applications to the school and career placements
     for our graduates. We hired five talented new faculty members. two colleagues, sherwood Frey
     and mary margaret Frank received major teaching awards from the university of Virginia. Darden
     executive education won the coveted #1 global ranking in several categories from	The	Financial	
     Times	in its annual poll in may. Cases, books and articles are in development at our affiliated
     Centers of excellence—the Batten Institute, the Business roundtable Institute for Corporate
     ethics, the olsson Center for applied ethics, the tayloe murphy International Center, and the
     Darden-Curry Partnership for leaders in education. Darden has momentum. the response from
     our alumni and the extended community of Darden friends has been heartwarming. thank you.
     as I tell everyone, standing still is not an option for Darden. We need to sustain our momentum in
     all areas. the most frequent question I encounter from alumni is “What can I do to help?” Here
     are my top four picks:
     • Speak up for Darden. Word-of-mouth recommendation of our school is the single most influen-
       tial means by which mBa applicants, corporate partners, new faculty members, and the general
       public learn about us. tell people about your experience here. We are eager to attract top talent
       into our community.
     • Give us feedback. In particular, we need your ideas about what we can do to raise our game.
       this spring a survey was distributed to every Darden alumnus, seeking your feedback on virtu-
       ally every aspect of our operations—from the school’s academic mission, rankings and services
       to alumni, to the ways your school communicates with you. the results of this survey in tandem
       with our other initiatives will help take Darden to a higher level.
     • Engage with us. our many alumni chapters, social events, and programs of lifelong learning,
       which you may read about in this issue of Darden magazine, can help you renew your acquain-
       tance. If you haven’t got a chapter nearby, form one. If you have ideas for chapter activities,
       volunteer to lead.
     • Accelerate the Capital Campaign by making a charitable gift to the school.
     We have just concluded our two-year celebration of Darden’s 50th anniversary. the end of every
     chapter marks an opportunity to move forward to the next act in the Darden story. We are build-
     ing a future that will exemplify excellence in business education, while setting the standard in
     thought leadership. Your support will make the difference as Darden rises among the finest mBa
     programs in the world.

     Best regards,

     robert F. Bruner

                                                                                     W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
                 over Coffee

Darden opens the day on Wall Street: from left, Prof. Susan Chaplinsky, Prof. Frank Warnock, Li Wei, NYSE Research, Elizabeth Hupert, Executive Educa-
tion client operations manager, Connie Blackman, NYSE Research, Catherine R. Kinney, NYSE President and Co-COO, Paul Bennet, NYSE Chief Econo-
mist, Dean Robert F. Bruner, Prof. Michael Shill, Prof. Marc Lipson, Pamela Moulton, NYSE Research, Prof. Peter Rodriguez, and Prof. Wei Li.

Dean bruner rings nYsE opening bell                                          clear explanations of the key metrics for evaluating virtually
Darden Dean robert Bruner rang the new York stock                            every aspect of marketing and sales, including customer per-
exchange opening Bell on march 21 to celebrate the 6th                       ception, product strategy, channel management, promotion,
annual emerging markets Conference, co-sponsored and                         and revenue and cost structures. the book was co-written
hosted by the nYse.                                                          by David reibstein and neil Bendle. reibstein is Professor
   the dean’s conference, “Investment management in an                       of marketing at the Wharton school. Bendle is a doctoral
evolving Institutional environment,” ran march 20–21 at                      student in marketing at the Carlson school of management,
the nYse. the conference was organized in partnership with                   university of minnesota.
state street global markets, World Bank, and the research                        “In a category that suffers from a surfeit of books related
Foundation of the CFa Institute. robert shiller, professor                   to personal experiences, one-off success stories made pos-
of economics at Yale university, was the keynote speaker.                    sible by budgets and resources unavailable to most firms,
several Darden faculty and staff were on hand to applaud                     outdated theories as quaint as bloodletting, or mantras de-
the market opening, which was broadcast live on CnBC at                      voted to ‘big ideas’ or ‘exceeding expectations,’ 50+ metrics
9:30 a.m. est.                                                               crackles like new money,” writes Strategy	+	Business writer
                                                                             nick Wreden in his “By the numbers” column. “For Ceos
                                                                             and those in marketing trenches needing accountability, this
Darden profs’ marketing                                                      is the best marketing book of the year.”
book ‘best of the Year’                                                           From a review on the back cover, “marketing, as a
Strategy	+	Business magazine hails a                                         function, is under increasing pressure to develop business-
new text by Darden Professors Paul                                           oriented metrics to justify marketing mix investments,”
Farris and Phil Pfeifer as the best                                          writes anil menon, vice president of the marketing, systems
marketing book of 2006.                                                      and technology group at IBm. “Marketing	Metrics offers
   In a crowded field of marketing                                           clear advice on how to develop common marketing metrics
tomes, Marketing	Metrics:	50	Met-                                            that are relevant and accessible to both marketing and non-
rics	Every	Executive	Should	Master	                                          marketing decision makers.”
(Wharton school Press 2006) deliv-                                               the book is available in hardcover at major bookstores
ers on its promises. the book offers                                         and through amazon.com.

alum Donates Defibrillators to Darden                                    Darden rises in U.s. news rankings
medtronic Coo Bill Hawkins (mBa ’82) has donated four                    the latest U.S.	News	&	World	Report rankings of america’s
of his company’s fully automatic, portable defibrillators to             graduate business schools place Darden 12th in the poll.
the Darden school.                                                       Darden’s position in the U.S.	News poll has improved in
   Hawkins pioneered the technology used in the lifesaving               each of the last three years.
devices, which are designed for emergency use by the first                   In addition to the overall ranking, Darden was
person on the scene. the compact units are installed in key              recognized as offering one of the country’s best programs
locations around the Darden grounds. each device is capable              in management.
of electronically diagnosing an individual’s condition and                   “the rankings compiled by	U.S.	News are quite influen-
determining within seconds whether the ailing patient needs              tial,” said Darden Dean Bob Bruner. “the fact that we have
defibrillation or perhaps other emergency care. a built-in               improved our standing again shows our many audiences
synthetic voice guides the caregiver step-by-step in use of the          that we continue to move in the right direction.”
equipment, so even samaritans with minimal first aid train-                  the u.s. news rankings are based primarily on two types
ing or emergency experience can deploy the defibrillators to             of information. First, data such as job placement rates, test
save a life.                                                             scores, and salaries are considered. second, the perception
   thirteen members of the Darden community are trained in               of each school among business school leaders is measured
using the machines. several are certified in cardiopulmonary             and calculated.
resuscitation as well.
   “I hope you never have to use them, but it’s a good com-
fort thing to have,” Hawkins said during a visit to the school.          profs. frey, frank Win major Uva awards
   ann taylor (mBa ’85), executive director of the Darden                Darden Professors
school Foundation, thanked Hawkins and medtronic for                     sherwood Frey Jr. and
donating the devices. she presented Hawkins with a Darden                mary margaret Frank
school necktie, encouraging the alumnus to “wear it…in                   won prestigious teach-
good health.”                                                            ing awards this spring
   With annual revenue of $11.3 billion, medtronic is the                from the university of
world’s leading medical technology company.                              Virginia.
   Hawkins, who is also a Darden Foundation trustee, will                    Frey is the win-
become President and Ceo of minneapolis-based medtronic                  ner of the premiere
on aug. 23.                                                              excellence in Faculty
   under the succession plan, current Chairman and Ceo                   mentoring award,
arthur D. Collins, Jr. will remain a director and chairman               given in recognition of
of the board of the medical technology company until the                 his outstanding dedica-
annual shareholders meeting in august 2008. Collins said                 tion in helping junior
medtronic was fortunate to have someone of Hawkins’                      faculty members suc-
caliber assume the role of Ceo.                                          ceed at the university,
   Hawkins, 53, was elected president and chief operating                especially across de-
officer of medtronic in 2004.                                            partmental and school
                                                                         boundaries. Frey joined the Darden faculty nearly 30 years
                                                                         ago and is renowned not only for his skill in inspiring and
                                                                         teaching students, but for his public service and dedication
                                                                         to the broader university mission. Frey’s expertise includes
                                                                         bargaining and negotiating, decision analysis and risk
                                                                         management. Frey is a past recipient of the all-university
                                                                             the all-university teaching award was given to Frank
                                                                         for her superb talents in the classroom, as well as research
                                                                         and service accomplishments. the annual award is one of
                                                                         only nine presented to uVa faculty of whom there are more
                                                                         than 2,100.
Left to Right: David Newkirk, CEO, Executive Education, LaDonna Baker,       Frank joined the Darden faculty in 2002 and has estab-
director of operations, Executive Education, Bill Hawkins, and Ann       lished her expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions,
Taylor, Darden School Foundation executive director
                                                                         corporate formation, and compensation and tax planning.

                                                                                                              W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
                news Briefs

Mad Money comes to Darden
Darden students rocked abbott Center auditorium Feb. 7               White noted that Darden’s Communication & marketing
during a special broadcast of CnBC’s mad money with              team worked for a year to attract CnBC to grounds and to
Jim Cramer. Punctuated by a chorus of “Wahoo-wa!” and            arrange Cramer’s visit for an on-site broadcast of his popular
Cramer’s signature, “Booyah!,” the packed auditorium             show.
listened to stock tips from the popular investor and soaked      C&m assisted with logistics for the occasion, coordinated
up the atmosphere of his high-energy show.                       news media on hand to cover the events, publicized Cramer’s
    Cramer prognosticated on the growth prospects of two         visit, and made the investor and his entourage feel a part of
popular stocks: Crocs, a shoe manufacturer, and under            the Darden community.
armour, which makes sports apparel. the show was a                   “We are proud to have Cramer visit and broadcast his
boisterous whirl of sound and swirling light, with a standing-   show from Darden grounds, as he is precisely the sort of
room-only crowd clearly pumped up for the event.                 on-air personality who appeals not only to one of our key
    Cramer said Darden students and staff are the best he has    constituencies—current students—but prospective students
worked with on his Back to school tour. Darden was the first     as well,” White said. Full coverage of this special event, plus
stop of the tour this year.                                      a slide show of images and select video clips are available
    His enthusiasm was contagious throughout the day. Cra-       at: www.darden.virginia.edu by clicking on more news and
mer joined Darden students at the traditional First Coffee,      scrolling to the Feb. 12 item, “Complete Coverage of mad
where he autographed more than 150 copies of his latest          money at Darden.”
book and met with nearly 300 people, chatting to each one
individually. a day earlier, he visited students in class and
later gave an advance preview of his show with an interview
on the Darden grounds.
    Darden alumni also got in on the action. alumni chapters
throughout the country held viewing parties to watch the
program, broadcast at 6 p.m. eastern and repeated at 11
    “this was a terrific event to showcase all that Darden has
to offer, both for our students and special guests,” said Ken
White, Darden’s Vice President of Communication and mar-
keting. “For cutting-edge business education, supplemented by
guest speakers representing the best names in the business and
academic communities, clearly, Darden is the place to be.”

                                                                         Darden ibmec Deal
                Around Darden:                                           the Darden school and Ibmec são Paulo in Brazil signed
                                                                         a letter of intent for a collaborative relationship starting in
     Communication & Marketing,                                          February.
Mad Money’s Cramer Connects with Darden                                     the schools expect to produce business and management
I spent my twenties as a television sports anchor and reporter. It       teaching materials; enhance the academic experiences of
was a terrific job and I enjoyed meeting the athletes and celebrities    faculty; create opportunities for international exposure for
associated with sports.                                                  students from both schools; develop joint programs; and
   One day I was a kid growing up in Pittsburgh, then the next I was     share information regarding faculty development, content
in the Steelers locker room interviewing future Hall of Famers Terry     and format of programs, pedagogical methods, and enhance
Bradshaw, Franco Harris, and Jack Lambert. Back then, almost             the competencies and skills of the students.
without exception, the athletes were great to work with.                    Darden Dean robert Bruner met with Ibmec President
   But that was the 1980s. Times have changed. While there are           Claudio Haddad on Feb. 5 in são Paulo, where they signed
“good guys,” the number of celebrities who treat their fans poorly       the formal letter of intent. During his mission to Brazil, Dean
today seems to be growing. Many of them just don’t get it.               Bruner also met with Darden alumni, as well as corporate
   But in February, Darden hosted a “celebrity” who does get it. Bet-    and government leaders.
ter than just about anyone I have ever seen. CNBC brought its popu-         Darden and Ibmec will develop initiatives in joint faculty
lar television program, Mad Money with Jim Cramer to Darden. The         research and case writing, prepare exchange programs
program was taped in a packed Abbott Center Auditorium in the af-
                                                                         for graduate students, collaborate on executive education
ternoon and, minutes later, it was airing all over the world. Our team
                                                                         programs; invite scholars to participate in conferences and
in Communication & Marketing worked for a year to attract CNBC
                                                                         lectures; and license published materials. Darden’s tayloe
to Grounds and to arrange Cramer’s visit for an on-site broadcast of
                                                                         murphy Center-International has been instrumental in
his popular show. It was worth it.
   Cramer is not like the mad-man persona he affects on television.
                                                                         establishing this collaborative relationship with Ibmec.
He is definitely passionate but he is also a caring, soft-spoken man        Ibmec is one of the most prestigious b-schools in latin
who has made a special connection with his audience of mostly            america, noted especially for its finance segment and execu-
twenty-somethings who work in the corporate world. I have seen           tive education programs. With its estimated 186 million
sports fans get wildly excited when meeting athletes, but when           inhabitants, Brazil has the largest population in latin america
Darden students met Cramer it was different. There was some sort         and ranks fifth in the world. the majority of people live in the
of special bond there. He wants them to understand how to make           south-central area, which includes the industrial cities of sao
and save money, and they appreciate that.                                Paulo, rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte. urban growth has
   He spent two days at Darden repeatedly asking to meet our             been rapid; by 2005, 81% of the total population was living
students. He attended First Coffee where he shook hands, posed for       in urban areas.
photos, signed autographs, and told everyone about his family. He
stayed until he met all 175 people in line. Then, he visited a class
                                                                         Education veteran to head partnership
where he talked and answered questions for more than an hour.
   During his program, instead of taking breaks when going to com-       a commissioner of the national Commis-
mercials, Cramer continued to talk and answer questions from his         sion on no Child left Behind in april was
mostly-student audience.                                                 named executive director of the Darden/
   After the one-hour taping he remained on stage where, again, he       Curry Partnership for leaders in education
fielded questions. Finally, he spoke to each of the 100 people invited   (Ple).
to an after-show gathering.                                                 James L. Pughsley will lead the partner-
   It was refreshing to see someone in the spotlight treat his fans      ship between Darden and the Curry school
the way Jim Cramer did. It was also exciting to watch our students       of education, bringing together the most advanced thinking
react. They had a wonderful time being a part of the broadcast and       in business and education to meet the unique demands of
meeting one of the good guys.                                            managing and governing school systems to accelerate student
                                                                         achievement. the Ple has received national recognition for its
Ken White                                                                school turnaround specialist Program.
Vice President, Communication & Marketing                                   In 2002, Pughsley became superintendent of the nation’s
434.924.3220                                                             23rd largest school system, the Charlotte-mecklenburg system
WhiteK@Darden.Virginia.edu                                               in north Carolina. He made significant strides in improving
                                                                         day-to-day operations and the long range vision for the sys-
                                                                         tem. an arizona native, Pughsley earned his bachelor’s degree
                                                                         from northern arizona university and his master’s and doc-
                                                                         torate from the university of arizona.

                                                                                                              W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
news Briefs: speakers at Darden

gE chairman, cEo speaks at Darden                             • Be a fearless globalist and explore new opportunities
                                                                wherever they exist.
                                                              • View leadership from the perspective of innovation and
                                                                product management
                                                              • simplify. “Doing things simply is a lot harder than doing
                                                                them in a complicated way,” he said. But simplification
                                                                saves time and increases efficiency, while allowing for the
                                                                free flow of ideas.
                                                              • Be a salesman. In the digital age companies will sell fewer
                                                                things to more people. guessing correctly what those
                                                                things will be and determining how to sell them will be a
                                                                hallmark of the successful executive.
                                                              • Be a good student of organizational behavior. this helps
                                                                maintain loyalty, while giving talented individuals a rea-
                                                                son to stay at the company. “Convince them your vision is
                                                                their vision,” Immelt said.
                                                              • Build trust. “take care of your workforce,” the executive
                                                                 “You’ve had two years of being a Ceo with no conse-
                                                              quences,” he told the second Year students. “everybody in
                                                              this room has the capability to do my job. You’ve gotten
                                                              a great education and have the opportunity to go out and
                                                              act on it. the question is, will you? You’ve got to believe in
                                                              your company and yourself.”
                                                                 In 2005 and 2006, Barron’s magazine named Immelt one
                                                              of the World’s Best Ceo’s.

                                                              Darden health care conference
                                                              medtronic continues to drive growth through invention
general electric Chairman and Ceo Jeffrey Immelt urged
                                                              and innovation against a changing international landscape
Darden students to be fearless global innovators as they
                                                              of tighter government regulations and fierce competition in
chart their careers.
                                                              the medical technology industry, the company president and
    ge’s top executive spoke last fall to a capacity crowd
                                                              chief operating officer told Darden students in april.
on the challenges of “leadership, Innovation and
                                                                 William Hawkins (mBa ’82), was the keynote speaker at
growth.” all are key drivers of ge’s global success in the
                                                              the annual Darden Health Care Conference. He discussed,
five years since Immelt was named chairman and Ceo.
                                                              “new strategies for Innovation in the life sciences.”
    running a massive corporation today, Immelt said, is
                                                              Hawkins, who is also a Darden trustee, will become
particularly challenging in this slow-growth environment.
                                                              medtronic’s Ceo in august following the annual share-
the overarching goal at ge is to use the corporation’s size
                                                              holder meeting.
to be a great company, not merely a big company. that
                                                                 “Innovation, translating ideas into action, is at the center
requires a limber organizational structure unencumbered
                                                              of my company’s success,” Hawkins said. the company
by layers of bureaucracy, which Immelt has worked to
                                                              holds the top market position in virtually all of its business
                                                              lines, and has posted 20 consecutive years of growth to
    the corporation continues to make big investments in
                                                              reach $2.5 billion in net profit for 2006.
sales and marketing, while devoting $1 billion annually
                                                                 most new medtronic products are physician-initiated
on training for ge’s 320,000-plus workforce. about half
                                                              and many of the ideas originate outside the united states,
the corporation’s operations are outside the united states,
                                                              the executive said. Invention comes through conceiving and
so continued global expansion will remain part of ge’s
                                                              developing ideas into viable medical solutions, while innova-
strategic growth plan.
                                                              tion is the process of developing new applications for those
    “the era of professional management is dead,” he
declared. “the future is growth leadership.”
                                                                 market demands require a steady stream of solutions.
    to prepare, he advised Darden students to gain exper-
                                                                 “two-thirds of our revenues are from products intro-
tise in six key areas:
                                                              duced in the last two years,” Hawkins said. Competition has

                                                                       Universal studios president talks
                                                                       show business
                                                                       Ron Meyer said “no” to titanic.
                                                                          the president and chief operating officer of universal
                                                                       studios told Darden students in march that he passed on an
                                                                       opportunity 11 years ago to make director James Cameron’s
                                                                       multiple oscar-winning film—a picture which still ranks
                                                                       today as the worldwide top-grossing picture in the history of
William Hawkins (MBA ’82), president and COO, Medtronic was the key-
note speaker at the annual Darden Health Care Conference.                 “I turned him down,” meyer said, recalling when Cam-
                                                                       eron brought the project to universal for a possible produc-
become so ferocious that medtronic must completely turn                tion deal. “I’m just now getting over it. titanic is the highest
over its products in various business lines about every three          grossing film of all time. I’m just now healing.”
years.                                                                    meyer smiled and shook his head slightly.
   While invention and innovation often come from within,                 the anecdote served as an illustration of risk analysis in
medtronic also maintains a disciplined approach to acquisi-            the film business, although meyer conceded that losing money
tions, Hawkins said. the criteria include a precise strategic          on a flop film is more common than saying no to an eventual
and cultural fit, access to proprietary technology, clear clinical     blockbuster before it is produced.
evidence of a product’s efficacy, and market attractiveness.              “With all of our expertise and knowledge, it’s still a crap
   more stringent government regulations across the eu-                shoot,” he said. “It’s just like throwing all your money on the
ropean union, China and Japan are changing the industry,               tables in las Vegas.” that said, he told the students “nobody
Hawkins added, saying that government protocols on new                 at any studio in the history of the film business ever set out to
medical technologies continue to pose a challenge for bring-           make a (lousy) movie.”
ing cost-effective products to the marketplace.                           today, the challenges facing the head of a major studio
   With annual revenues of $11.3 billion in 2006,                      include hiring the best creative talent to evaluate potential
medtronic is the global leader in medical technology for               projects, while protecting intellectual property from pilfering
alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life for mil-        by pirates. one Darden student, recently returned from a visit
lions of people around the world. the company is on target             to China, remarked on how bootleg DVD copies of Casino	
to exceed revenues of $12 billion this year.                           Royale, the most recent James Bond film, were available from
                                                                       street peddlers for about $1. the movie was on the streets in
                                                                       China before its official DVD release on march 13.
lenovo Exec outlines growth strategy                                      meyer was candid in his assessment of the problem, which
the chief operating officer of China-based lenovo told                 costs u.s. studios billions of dollars annually in lost revenue.
Darden students that the company’s commitment to in-                      “We’re not going to stop it,” he declared. “We’re trying to
novation was the key to the successful acquisition of IBm’s            minimize it. We have to make our product better and more
personal computer division.                                            affordable, with extra features (added-value DVD content).”
   Frances O’Sullivan, who is also senior vice president of               meyer was appointed president and Coo of universal in
the lenovo Product group, was the keynote speaker of the               august 1995. During his 11-year tenure, universal has pro-
2007 asian Business Conference at Darden. she discussed                duced such profitable hit films as American	Pie, The	Bourne	
the strategy of the lenovo-IBm partnership while under-                Identity and 8	Mile. meyer has said in interviews that profits
scoring the challenges of growing market share and building            from these blockbusters help fund smaller art house pictures,
brand awareness on an international scale.                             including roman Polanski’s 2002 oscar-winning film, The	
   lenovo acquired Big Blue’s PC Division four years ago               Pianist.
in a $1.75 billion deal. at that time lenovo had annual rev-
enues of $3 billion, compared to the acquisition, which was
posting revenues of $10 billion a year. today lenovo is now
recognized as the preeminent Chinese multinational compet-
ing in a global market place.
   o’sullivan compared the challenge of merging IBm’s PC
unit to “changing the fan belt while the engine is running.”
lenovo did not want to lose the momentum it had achieved
as the no. 1 It company in China. the acquisition itself
made perfect sense, since IBm ranks third among PC com-
panies worldwide, o’sullivan added, saying both companies
maintain a deep commitment to innovation.

                                                                                                             W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
news Briefs
Darden’s luckiest student makes a choice                                 the lid to reveal…nothing. Just a briefcase full of blues. the
                                                                         other case, the one Inoue did not choose, was promptly
                                                                         opened. Inside, tantalizing, almost taunting, was a card
                                                                         emblazoned with the numerals: $17,500.
                                                                             such is the inscrutable nature of luck. Inoue bowed with
                                                                         good grace and was rewarded with applause from his fellow
                                                                             Professor sam Bodily, who served as emcee of the
                                                                         weeklong luckiest student event, observed that Inoue, at
                                                                         the end of the day, was no more or less lucky than any of his
                                                                         fellow students. With the prize still in hand, Bodily said the
                                                                         event would be held again next year to gauge the vagaries of
                                                                         luck and random events.
                                                                             the random act of Kindness experience for Darden’s
                                                                         luckiest student was part of an ongoing research experi-
From left: ‘the bankers,’ Professors Anton Ovchinnikov and Casey Lich-
tendahl, Hideki Inoue and Professor Sam Bodily .                         ment being conducted by professors Bodily and Phil Pfeifer,
                                                                         who conceived the event. the random act of Kindness pro-
Darden’s luckiest student discovered that nothing lasts                  vided students an opportunity to ponder the role that ran-
forever as his final bid for a cash prize yielded only applause          domness and the abstraction of luck plays in business life.
for his sportsmanship.                                                       First Year students were chosen and gradually eliminated
   First Year student Hideki Inoue survived more than a                  from the event in entirely random and varying fashion.
week of random eliminations in February to be named                          While students in First Year Decision analysis discuss the
Darden’s luckiest student, which gave him a shot at a                    issue of uncertainty when studying
$17,500 scholarship—a random act of kindness from an                     cases about real companies, a
anonymous benefactor of the Darden school.                               random act of Kindness moved the
   ah, but cruel fate befell Inoue as he rejected a guaranteed           analysis beyond the theoretical into
cash offer of $5,679 to take a chance on a $17,500 windfall.             the realm of actual consequences,
Dressed in the ancestral samurai garb of his native Japan,               where the stakes were real. Factors
Inoue boldly asserted that he would instead choose between               such as risk tolerance and the
two identical briefcases. one contained the lucky prize, the             statistics of chance came into play
other contained only air.                                                as the student decided whether to
   Inoue made his selection. the crowd grew silent. He                   go literally for the gold, or take a
released the spring clasps on the top of the case. and opened            guaranteed amount from the banker.

 new trustees Elected to the Darden foundation board at spring meeting
 The Darden School Foundation Trustees in April organized a                 These appointments are effective July 1, 2007.
 seamless succession of leadership by announcing the appoint-            Five new trustees will also join the Foundation Board on July 1:
 ment of John g. macfarlane iii (MBA ’79) to a two-year term                tom baltimore Jr. (MBA ’91) is co-founder and president of
 as Chairman. Having served for two years as President of the            RLJ Development, a privately held real estate investment
 Board, John succeeds William h. goodwin, Jr. (MBA ’66) who              company.
 will continue to serve as a trustee in the Foundation’s gover-             peter D. Kiernan (MBA ’79) is president and a partner in
 nance.                                                                  Cyrus Capital, an investment firm. He was personally chosen by
    Macfarlane is the Chief Operating Officer of Greenwich, CT-          the widow of Christopher Reeve to be chairman of the Christo-
 based Tudor Investment Corp. John has served on the Darden              pher Reeve Foundation.
 School Foundation Board of Trustees since 2001. He also serves             philip W. Knisely (MBA ’78) is executive vice president of
 on the board of the University of Virginia Investment Manage-           the Danaher Corp., one of the leading manufacturers of elec-
 ment Company (UVIMCO).                                                  tronic testing equipment, instrumentation and motor-control
    The Board also appointed John r. strangfeld, Jr. (MBA ’77)           systems.
 to succeed Macfarlane as president. Strangfeld is Vice Chair-              Elizabeth K. Weymouth (MBA ’94) is managing director at
 man of Prudential Financial and is responsible for all domestic         JP Morgan where she runs the firm’s largest group: the North-
 businesses including the Investment and Insurance Divisions.            east Private Banking Group.
 He has been with Prudential since graduating from Darden 30                Kenneth m. Eades, professor of business administration, is
 years ago. Strangfeld has served on the Darden School Foun-             the new faculty member on the Board of Trustees.
 dation board of trustees since 2003.

10   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
                                                                                    Around Darden:
                                                                  In early May, I attended the annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway
                                                                  investors in Omaha and was struck by the pervasive spirit of
                                                                  ownership. Collectively, owners are powerful forces in a constituency.
                                                                  Individually, they distinguish themselves from other members by their
                                                                  understanding of the organization’s current state and their active
                                                                  interest in its future. Owners take the long view and see themselves as
                                                                  integral players, directly influencing success.
                                                                     While I am not a Berkshire Hathaway investor, I traveled with a
                                                                  select group of Darden Capital Management students to the Berkshire
                                                                  Hathaway Annual Shareholders Conference hosted by Warren Buffett.
                                                                  Each year, Omaha native and Darden Trustee Bruce Lauritzen (MBA
                                                                  ’67), generously sponsors Darden Capital Management students to
                                                                  participate in this unique gathering of the Buffett faithful and loyal
corporate sponsors program                                        investors. Bruce welcomed our Darden contingent over lunch in the
Building mutually beneficial partnerships with                    First National Bank of Omaha’s 40th floor dining room where he
recruiting companies                                              previewed the annual meeting and offered an oral history of Berkshire
    Since enrolling its first class in 1955, Darden has set out   Hathaway, his friend Warren Buffett and Omaha.
to develop leaders who help companies grow, prosper and              Early the next morning, we joined investors as they filled the
capitalize on new opportunities. That’s why every year hun-       Qwest Center to see a film about their company, pose questions to
                                                                  Mr. Buffett and his business partner, Charlie Munger, and attend the
dreds of top Fortune 500 companies seek to recruit Darden
                                                                  “official meeting,” which lasted only 15 minutes. Far different from
students. It also explains why many of these companies
                                                                  other corporate annual meetings, here 20,000-plus attendees reunited
decide to join the Corporate Sponsors Program.
                                                                  with fellow investors and engaged in the life of their company for
    Darden’s Corporate Sponsors Program is designed to
                                                                  three days. From my outsider’s perspective, Berkshire Hathaway
give recruiting companies a competitive edge and help
                                                                  management embraces their investors as long-term owners whose
them attract the best and brightest students. As the most         active interest strengthens the venture.
visible and active companies at Darden, Corporate Sponsors           Observing this, I was reminded that ownership is not limited to
receive a number of exclusive perks, including priority reg-      investors in the private sector. Those who give their resources, time,
istration for interviewing First and Second Years, top priority   and wisdom to colleges, museums, churches, and other not-for-profit
for hosting popular student events, such as First Coffee, and     institutions are powerful forces. The success of an organization is the
special recognition in publications, such as The Cold Call        return they seek for their gifts.
Chronicle.                                                           Last April, 62 donors who generously endow and support
    Now for the first time, Darden is offering Corporate          scholarships, returned to Darden for the annual 2007 scholarship
Sponsors at the $12,500 level and above an opportunity to         dinner, hosted in Flagler Courtyard by the Foundation Board of
be featured in Darden magazine. The next issue of Darden          Trustees. They spent a delightful evening with student scholarship
will recognize each top sponsor with a full-page announce-        recipients, their families, scholarship selection committee faculty,
ment. Distributed to more than 15,000 current and prospec-        and trustees—in all, about 325 members of the Darden community.
tive students, alumni, faculty, and corporate partners, this      Students talked about their classroom experiences, summer
will increase our Corporate Sponsors’ visibility throughout       internships, and career plans. In response, alumni offered counsel,
the business community.                                           encouragement, and wonderful stories about their own experiences.
    Like the Annual Fund, the Corporate Sponsors Program          They enjoyed meeting the recipients of their scholarships and saw
is one of Darden’s primary sources of unrestricted dollars. It    readily the long-term, far-reaching impact of their gifts. Indeed, it was
gives the school the flexibility to respond to the changing       gratifying to see their ownership.
                                                                     The Campaign for Darden is composed of projects that will support
and highly competitive environment of graduate business
                                                                  outstanding students, dynamic faculty, and ambitious programs. As
education. Funds generated from the program enable the
                                                                  we seek new resources to advance the School’s mission, strengthen
school to underwrite many of its daily operating activities,
                                                                  its brand, and expand its influence in the world of practical affairs, we
including curriculum development, faculty research and
                                                                  will draw on the spirit of ownership that distinguishes Darden alumni.
library resources.
    The Darden School thanks its Corporate Sponsors for                                   Jay Gundy
their continued generosity and commitment.                                                Vice President, Development
    For more information on how to become a Corporate                                     434-924-4874
Sponsor, please contact the Office of Corporate & Foun-                                   gundyj@darden.virginia.edu
dation Relations at (434) 924-6576 or carmanj@darden.

                                                                                                            W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   11
Faculty Files
books                                        publications                               Jared Harris, Philip Bromiley
                                                                                        “Incentives to Cheat: the Influence
                      Brandt R. Allen and    Don Hambrick and Ming-Jer Chen
                                                                                        of executive Compensation and Firm
                      Luann J. Lynch: The	   “new academic Fields as admittance-
                                                                                        Performance on Financial misrepresen-
                      Executive’s	Guide		    seeking social movements: the Case
                                                                                        tation,” Organization	Science, forth-
                      to	Management		        of strategic management” Academy	of	
                      Accounting	and	                                                   coming.
                                             Management	Review, forthcoming.
                      Control	Systems,                                                  Erika H. James, Peggy m. lee
                                             nag, rajiv, Donald C. Hambrick and
                      seventh edition,                                                  “she-e-os: gender effects and stock
                                             Ming-Jer Chen
                      thomson learning.                                                 Price reactions to the announcement
                                             “What is strategic management,
John L. Colley, Jr., Jacqueline L. Doyle,                                               of top executive appointments,”
                                             really? empirical Induction of a Con-
D. robley Wood, Jr., and Wallace                                                        Strategic	Management	Journal, Vol. 28,
                                             sensus Definition of the Field,” Strate-
stettinuis: How	to	Plan	and	Execute	                                                    no. 3, march 2007, 227-241.
                                             gic	Management	Journal, forthcoming.
Strategy,	translated	into	Indonesian,                                                   Erika H. James, l. P. Wooten
                                             Ming-Jer Chen
mcgraw-Hill Companies and P.t.                                                          “Diversity Crisis: How Firms manage
                                             “reconceptualizing the Competition-
media global edukasi, Jakarta,                                                          Discrimination lawsuits,” Academy	of	
                                             Cooperation relationship: a transpar-
Indonesia, 2006.                                                                        Management	Journal, Vol. 49, no. 6,
                                             adox Perspective,” Journal	of	Manage-
olaf Plötner and Robert E. Spekman           ment	Inquiry, forthcoming.                 December 2006, 1103-1118.
                  (editors), Bring-                                                     Tim Laseter, K. Boyer, J. rungtusan-
                                             Ming-Jer Chen, Kuo-Hsien su, and
                  ing	Technology	to	                                                    atham, e. rabinovich, “Backroom
                                             Wenpin tsai
                  Market, John Wiley                                                    operations on the Front Burner: three
                                             “Competitive tension: the awareness-
                  & sons, germany,                                                      Critical Issues in Internet retailing,”
                                             motivation-Capability Perspective”
                  march 2007.                                                           Sloan	Management	Review, forthcom-
                                             Academy	of	Management	Journal, Vol.
                   R. Edward Freeman,        50, no. 1, February 2007, 101-118.         ing.
                   Jeffrey Harrison,                                                    D. mollenkopf, e. rabinovich, Tim
                                             Gregory B. Fairchild
                   and Andrew C.                                                        Laseter, K. Boyer, “managing Internet
                                             “residential segregation Influences
                   Wicks: Managing	                                                     Product returns: a Focus on effective
                                             on the likelihood of Being self-
                   for	Stakeholders,                                                    service management, Decision	Sci-
                                             employed,” Entrepreneurship	Theory		
new Haven: Yale university Press;                                                       ences, forthcoming.
                                             and	Practice, forthcoming.
forthcoming., e. Freeman, g. rusconi,
and m. Dorigatti (editors)                   Gregory B. Fairchild                       rob Cross, Tim Laseter, andrew
 Stakeholder	Theory, published in Ital-      “residential segregation Influences        Parker, guillermo Velasquez
ian, milan: Franco angeli milano and         on the likelihood of Black and White       “using social network analysis to
Fondazione acli milanesi; forthcoming.       self-employment,” Journal	of	Business	     Improve Communities of Practice, Cali-
                                             Venturing, forthcoming.                    fornia	Management	Review, Vol. 49,
Saras D. Sarasvathy and Sankaran                                                        no. 1, Fall 2006.
Venkataraman: Made,	as	Well	as	              Gregory B. Fairchild
Found:	Researching	Entrepreneurship	         “the Influence of residential segre-       Jeanne M. Liedtka, r. Friedel, “Pos-
as	a	Science	of	the	Artificial,	Yale uni-    gation and its Correlates on ethnic        sibility thinking: lessons from
versity Press; forthcoming.                  enterprise in urban areas,” Journal	of	    Breakthrough engineering,” Journal	of	
Sarasvathy: effectuation: elements of        Business	Venturing, forthcoming.           Business	Strategy, forthcoming.
entrepreneurial expertise, edward el-        Mary Margaret Frank, James Porterba,       Marc L. Lipson, sandra mortal
gar, new Horizons in entrepreneurship        Doug shackelford, John shoven              “liquidity and Firm Characteristics:
series; forthcoming.                         “the Costs of mandated Financial Dis-      evidence from mergers and acquisi-
Patricia Werhane, margaret Posig,            closure: evidence from mutual Funds,”      tions,” Journal	of	Financial	Markets,
lisa gundry, laurel ofstein, and             Journal	of	Law	and	Economics, forth-       forthcoming.
elizabeth Powell: Women	in	Business:	        coming.                                    Paul Irvine, Marc L. Lipson,
The	Changing	Face	of	Leadership,             R. Edward Freeman                          W. anderson Puckett “tipping,” Re-
Westport Ct: Praeger; forthcoming.           “the stakeholder effect,” Academy	of	      view	of	Financial	Studies, forthcoming.
                                             Management	Perspectives, forthcoming.      Marc L. Lipson, sandra mortal
                                             R. Edward Freeman, J. mcVea                “the effect of stock splits on Clien-
                                             “stakeholder theory: the state of the      tele: Is tick size relevant,” Journal	of	
                                             art,” Tijdschrift	voor	Economie	en	        Corporate	Financing, Vol. 12, no. 5,
                                             Management, forthcoming.                   December 2006, 878-896.

12   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
Luann Lynch, m. e. Carter, a. I. tuna,     morris george, Donald r. lehmann,           Tijdschrift	voor	Economie	en	Manage-
“the role of accounting in the Design      ross rizley, Rajkumar Venkatesan            ment, lI, 2006, 199-212.
of Ceo equity Compensation,” The	          “From ClV to shareholder Value:             Jerry goodstein, Andrew C. Wicks,
Accounting	Review, forthcoming.            theory, empirical evidence, and Issues      “Corporate and stakeholder respon-
Ryan W. Quinn, W. Brockbank,               for Future research, Journal	of	Services	   sibility: a new Foundation for stake-
“the Development of strategic Human        Research, forthcoming.                      holder theory and Firm-stakeholder
resource Professionals at Bae sys-         Rajkumar Venkatesan, Kumar mehta,           Commitment,” Business	Ethics	Quar-
tems,” Human	Resource	Management,          ravi Bapna,“Do market Character-            terly, forthcoming.
Vol. 45, no. 3, Fall 2006, 477-494.        istics Impact the Influence of retailer     Baohong sun, Ronald T. Wilcox, ting
Peter Rodriguez, Donald s. siegel, amy     Characteristics on online Prices?,”         Zhu, “Ignoring Your Best Cusomter?
Hillman, lorraine eden,                    Journal	of	Retailing, forthcoming.          an Investigation of Customer satisfac-
“three lenses on the multinational en-     Rajkumar Venkatesan, Kumar mehta,           tion, Customer retention, and their
terprise: Politics, Corruption, and Cor-   ravi Bapna, “When the going gets            Financial Impact,” Journal	of	Relation-
porate social responsibility,” Journal	    tough the good get going: under-            ship	Marketing,
of	International	Business	Studies, Vol.    standing the Confluence of retailer         forthcoming.
37, no. 6, november 2006, 733-746.         Characteristics, market Characteristics,
mary Jo Hatch, James Rubin,                and online Pricing strategies,” Deci-
                                                                                       faculty Win Wachovia awards
“the Hermeneutics of Branding,” Jour-      sion	Support	Systems, forthcoming.
                                                                                       Four distinguished members of the
nal	of	Brand	Management, Vol. 14, no.      Rajkumar Venkatesan, V. Kumar,
                                                                                       Darden faculty received Wachovia
1/2, september 2006, 40-59.                timothy Bohling, “optimal Crm us-
                                                                                       awards for excellence in writing.
Saras Sarasvathy, nicholas Dew,            ing Bayesian Decision theory,” Journal	
                                                                                           each year the Darden research and
“Innovations, stakeholders, and entre-     of	Marketing	Research, forthcoming.
                                                                                       Course Development Committee pres-
preneurship, Journal	of	Business	Ethics,   V. Kumar, Denish shah, Rajkumar Ven-        ents the Wachovia awards to recognize
forthcoming.                               katesan, “managing retailer Profitabil-     faculty excellence. the awards alternate
Saras Sarasvathy, nicholas Dew, stuart     ity—one Customer at a time,” Journal	       each year between excellence in course
read, r. Wiltbank, “a Behavioral           of	Retailing, forthcoming.                  materials and excellence in research.
theory of the entrepreneuerial Firm,”      John D. Burger, Francis E. Warnock          the Wachovia awards recognize work
Journal	of	Economic	Behavior	and	Or-       “Foreign Participation in local Cur-        that is particularly outstanding and re-
ganization, forthcoming.                   rency Bond markets,” Review	of	Fi-          flects well on the reputation and larger
                                           nancial	Economics, forthcoming.             mission of the school. each winner
Matthew McBrady, Michael J. Schill                                                     receives a plaque and an honorarium.
“Foreign Currency Denominated Bor-         Hali edison, Francis E. Warnock                 this year was noteworthy in that the
rowing in the absence of operating         “Cross-Border listings, Capital Con-        committee had an outstanding array
Incentives,” Journal	of	Financial	Eco-     trols, and equity Flows to emerging         of nominations—perhaps the finest the
nomics, forthcoming.                       markets, Journal	of	International	          school has ever seen, particularly in the
D. eric Boyd, Robert E. Spekman, John      Money	and	Finance, forthcoming.             quality of the submissions, but also in
Kamauff, Patricia H. Werhane,              Patricia H. Werhane, “Women leaders         the overall number of works. “We are
“Corporate social responsibility in        in global Corporations,” Journal	of	        particularly proud of this, given that
global supply Chains: a Procedural         Business	Ethics, forthcoming.               this array of work will certainly bolster
Justice Perspective,” Long	Range	Plan-     Patricia H. Werhane, “mental models,        Darden’s reputation in terms of intel-
ning, forthcoming.                         moral Imagination and systems think-        lectual capital and suggests the school
michael e. Porter, Elizabeth Olmsted       ing in the age of globalization,” Jour-     is on a positive trajectory in this area,”
Teisberg, “How Physicians Can Change       nal	of	Business	Ethics, forthcoming.        says Professor andrew Wicks, chair-
the Future of Health Care,” Journal	                                                   man of the committee.
                                           Patricia H. Werhane, “access, re-           Significant Publication in a Peer
of	the	American	Medical	Association,       sponsibility, and Funding: a systems
forthcoming.                                                                           Reviewed Journal
                                           thinking approach to universal access
Rajkumar Venkatesan, “the Impact           to oral Health,” Journal	of	Dental	         WInner:
of Customer-Firm Interaction Charac-       Education, Vol. 70, no. 11, november        asst. Professor mary margaret Frank
teristics on multichannel shopping,”       2006, 1184-1195.                              Authors:	Mary	Margaret	Frank,	
Journal	of	Marketing, forthcoming.                                                       James	M.	Poterba,	Douglas	A.	
                                           Patricia H. Werhane, “adam smith’s            Shackleford,	and	John	B.	Shoven.
Paul D. Berger, naras eechambadi           legacy for ethics and economics,”             (continued	on	page	14)	

                                                                                                      W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   1
Faculty Files
  “Copycat Funds: Information Disclosure regulation and
  the returns to active management in the mutual Fund
                                                                                           In MEMORIAM
  Industry,” Journal	of		Law	and	Economics, Vol. XlVII                                    Former Dean Haigh Dies;
  [october 2004]: 515-541.                                                                Led School in Early ’80s.
WInner: Professor ronald t. Wilcox                                           Former Darden school Dean robert Haigh died in
 Authors:	Shibo	Li,	Baohong	Sun	and	Ronald	T.	Wilcox.                        December. He was 80.
                                                                                 a Distinguished Professor of Business administration,
   “Cross-selling sequentially ordered Products: an appli-
                                                                             Haigh became the third dean of the school in 1980 and
  cation to Consumer Banking services” Journal	of	Market-
                                                                             served until 1982. He was also director of the tayloe
  ing	Research, Vol. XlII [may 2005]: 233-239.
                                                                             murphy International Business
                                                                             studies Center.
Significant Publication in a Book Form
                                                                                 Following his retirement,
WInner: assoc. Professor elizabeth olmsted teisberg                          in later years Haigh was a
 Authors:	Michael	E.	Porter	and	Elizabeth	Olmsted		                          resident of Westminster-Can-
 Teisberg.                                                                   terbury retirement Village in
  Redefining	Health	Care:	Creating	Value-Based	Competi-                      Charlottesville. He was also
  tion	on	Results.	Harvard Business school Press, 2006.                      coping with Parkinson’s disease.
  significant Publication aimed at the Practicing manager                        In 1980 Haigh was a visiting
                                                                             professor to Darden before he
WInner: Professor Jeanne liedtka
                                                                             was recommended to succeed
 authors: Rob	Cross,	Jeanne	Liedtka,	and	Leigh	Weiss.
                                                                             Dean C. stewart sheppard.
  “a Practical guide to social networks,” Harvard Busi-                      Haigh brought knowledge of both industry and academia
  ness review [march 2005]: 1-9.                                             to the table and was described as a ‘dream dean” by a
                                                                             Washington Post reporter.
                                                                                 one of his first actions to raise the school’s interna-
inaugural genovese fellows reunion                                           tional profile was to bolster Darden’s research efforts. He
genovese Fellows gathered in april on the Darden grounds                     also restructured the dean’s office, expanded the school’s
for the first time since the inception of the program 16 years               fundraising goals to meet the school’s vision, and he en-
ago by Visiting Professor Frank Genovese (MBA ’74). Frank                    hanced the doctoral program. the objective was to grow
and his wife susan were generous hosts and the group met                     the PhD program to at least 30 students, further stimulat-
at the abbott Center during reunion weekend. several fac-                    ing research while attracting top faculty to the school.
ulty members participated in the lunch celebration, includ-                  Haigh also appointed a committee that laid the ground-
ing Dean Bob Bruner and Professor John Colley.                               work for Darden’s eventual physical expansion into the
   genovese endowed the program to aid students who                          grounds and facilities that students enjoy today.
wish to pursue careers in general management, a path that                        Ill health led to his early resignation as dean in 1982.
mirrors his own experience. In the years since the program                       He received his mBa and doctoral degrees from Har-
began, 41 Darden students have received fellowships total-                   vard Business school, later becoming president of stan-
ing more than $1.3 million. of the 37 fellowship students                    dard oil of ohio’s Chemicals and Plastics group, and
already graduated, today 21 are general managers or already                  Xerox’s educational Publishing and Information services
own their companies.                                                         group.
                                                                                 outside his field of international business, Haigh
                                                                             and four fellow members of the First Presbyterian
                                                                             Church ran a soup kitchen for many years in downtown
                                                                             Charlottesville. they served a free lunch to anyone; no
                                                                             questions asked.
                                                                                 “People come in who are hungry and would like to
                                                                             eat,” Haigh told the university of Virginia news service in
                                                                             1992. “they sit down and we serve them.”
                                                                                 a memorial service was held Dec. 30 at First Presbyte-
                                                                             rian Church in Charlottesville.

From left: Erica and Mike Lorence (MBA ‘07) and Jim Zuffletti (MBA ‘05) at
the Genovese Fellows Reunion.

1   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
executive education
                                                                    lifelong learning: Exec Ed bound for asia
               Around Darden:                                       Darden’s top ranked executive education team is taking the
                Executive Education                                 next step in developing new courses of interest to Darden
 It’s not easy developing Executive Education for Darden            alumni and their business colleagues across the world by visit-
 alumni. For starters, alumni already have a great management       ing the Far east this summer.
 education with the Darden MBA. When we talk with Darden               along with the Ceo of executive education, David
 graduates, we find their needs vary widely. Some are look-         newkirk, Darden faculty members Jay Bourgeois and san-
 ing for the newest ideas, and view Darden faculty as one of        karan Venkataraman will visit singapore, shanghai, and to-
 many resources. Equally, many have reached the point in their      kyo in July to partner with local universities and deliver a new
 professional development to learn and use some of the oldest       seminar: “Innovation vs. acquisition: Determining the Critical
 ideas, especially about leadership. And all would like to relive   Path for strategic growth.”
 the “buzz” that comes with a high-octane case discussion.             “Darden seeks to develop long-term partnerships in this
      In February, we served all of these groups with a seminar     region,” says newkirk. “In our experience, partnerships are
 in New York, “So you want to be an Entrepreneur… what              built at the individual level, within the context of institutional
 next?” This was designed to help alums thinking about              alignment. meeting with stakeholders, talking to alumni, and
 launching out on their own. Professor Saras Sarasvathy led         working with partner institutions will help us quickly under-
 with a presentation of her research exploring the attitudes        stand where there is a confluence of interest, and will help us
 and thought processes of expert entrepreneurs. Saras, Phil-        identify where to proceed from here.”
 lippe Sommer, the Batten Institute’s Director of Entrepre-            each seminar will be preceded by an alumni reception the
 neurship Programs, and Frank Genovese (MBA ’74), visiting          evening prior. all Darden alumni in the Far east are invited to
 lecturer in business administration, then led discussions on       attend the receptions. alumni are encouraged to invite a col-
 developing a business plan, building a team and buying a           league to join them. additional information will be available
 business. The day closed with a panel of entrepreneurs shar-       shortly on the Darden alumni relations website.
 ing their experiences. We’re now reflecting on the feedback to        “this effort will engage professionals on a global level in
 fine-tune our future offerings.                                    sharing current faculty research while developing strategic
      March saw another successful experiment. With the             partnerships and promoting the Darden brand,” said Dean
 Defense Industries Initiative, a group of 75 leading defense       Bob Bruner. For more information, contact Diane Krehmeyer
 contractors, we hosted a conference on Enterprise Ethics.          at 434.924.4063.
 Professors Jared Harris, Ed Freeman and Erika James shared
 their current research on ethics and crisis management—            Exec Ed teams with genworth on scholarships
 including a newly developed simulation—with 50 senior com-         to non-profits
 pliance officers from across the industry. The event reinforced
 Darden’s position as the leader in research and teaching of        Darden and genworth Financial formed a partnership this
 corporate ethics.                                                  spring to award executive education scholarships for leaders of
      In July, we’ll take a team of faculty including Jay Bour-     non-profit organizations.
 geois, Jeanne Liedtka and S. “Venkat” Venkataraman to Asia             With the support of the genworth Foundation, which is the
 for a series of seminars in Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo.         philanthropic arm of the financial security company, the scholar-
 The focus will be on strategy and entrepreneurship in the          ships represent genworth’s commitment to non-profit, commu-
 Asian context, building on Darden’s research and in partner-       nity-based enterprises.
 ship with local universities. As in New York, we’ll open the           two scholarships to the management Development Program
 event to all UVA alumni and their business colleagues, to help     will be offered this year, in June and october. genworth and
 raise Darden’s profile in these key markets.                       Darden executive education will each provide $8,350 toward
      Finally, we’re beginning to put together our course portfo-   the $17,200 cost of each program. the scholarship recipient’s
 lio for 2008. We’ve successfully launched “Leading Organic         organization will be required to contribute $500 as a demon-
 Growth,” “The Power of Cross Functional Teams,” and “The           stration of commitment to the winning executive’s professional
 Mind of the CFO: Becoming a Strategic Leader” in 2007.             development. executive directors and senior level directors with
 Next year, we’re looking at an advanced finance offering, a        at least eight years of managerial support are eligible to apply if
 marketing program on customer value, as well as our first          their organizations receive fiscal support from genworth.
 off-grounds programs.                                                  Participants in the management Development Program benefit
                                                                    from a broader understanding of business functions, while im-
                       David Newkirk                                proving their decision-making skills, ability to think strategically,
                       CEO, Executive Education                     and effectiveness as leaders.
                       434.924.4917                                     Darden executive education delivers more than 35 open-en-
                       NewKirkD@Darden.Virginia.edu                 rollment programs of business education each year and is consis-
                                                                    tently ranked among the finest programs in the world.
                                                                        Contact executive education via email at Darden_exed@
                                                                    darden.virginia.edu or by calling (877) 833-3974 (u.s. &
                                                                    Canada); (434) 924-3000 (Worldwide).

                                                                                                          W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   1
 the Campaign for Darden:                                                                        echelon of more than 500 graduate
                                                                                                 business school programs nationally.
                                                                                                 today, Darden is at an inflection point

        A	Progress	Report                                                                        in history when it cannot stand still.
                                                                                                 to stay at the forefront in the prepa-
                                                                                                 ration of leaders, strategic change
                                                                                                 grounded in a proven mission is the
                                                                                                 only course of action. generous gifts
                                                                                                 to the Campaign for Darden will
                                                                                                 transform Darden as we look ahead
                                                                                                 ambitiously to the school’s Centennial.
                                                                                                     goals that form the foundation for
                                                                                                 the Campaign were drafted by Dean
                                                                                                 robert Bruner and approved by the
                                                                                                 Darden Foundation Board of trustees
                                                                                                 months before the official announce-
                                                                                                 ment in september. the 10-year plan
                                                                                                 details initiatives to strengthen the
                                                                                                 Darden enterprise in every respect
                                                                                                 by prescribing substantial new in-
                                                                                                 vestments in students, faculty, and
                                                                                                 programs. Bob Bruner’s plan, simply
                                                                                                 titled The	Case	for	the	Future	of	the	
Dean Bruner presents a case review for Baltimore alumni on March 9, 2007.
                                                                                                 Darden	School	of	Business, reflects the
                                                                                                 ambition, determination, and uncom-
                                                                                                 promising standards of our faculty and
                                                      By	Jay	Gundy,		                            alumni.
  Case Review Meeting Sites to date:                  Vice	President	of	Development                  Five central topics in the case state-
  Washington DC, November 29, 2006                    the Darden school Board of trustees        ment emanate from a central theme:
     Metropolitan Club, G.                            in september announced the Cam-            the Darden school of Business,
     David Cheek (MBA ’79), host                      paign for Darden, a $150 million fund      including our alumni, must play com-
  Richmond, VA, November 30, 2006                     raising effort to secure new resources     manding roles in the modern, global
     Jefferson Hotel,                                 supporting outstanding students,           business stage by elevating the practice
     Frank Genovese (MBA ’74), host                   dynamic teachers, and visionary pro-       of management and advancing the
                                                      grams. the Campaign for Darden is          discovery and dissemination of best
  New York, NY, January 10, 2007
                                                      an essential component of the Cam-         practices. Case topics include:
    Yale Club,
                                                      paign for the university of Virginia,
    John Strangfeld (MBA ’77), host                                                              • the global Business stage
                                                      seeking a total of $3 billion which
  New York, NY, February 27, 2007                     will close on December 31, 2011.           • a Vision for Darden
    Yale Club,                                        generous Campaign commitments              • the motivation for advancement
    Dick Dahling (MBA ’87), host                      to Darden now total $44 million, for
                                                                                                 • Initiatives to achieve the Vision:
  Baltimore, MD, March 9, 2007                        which the Darden school community
                                                                                                   recruit the Best Faculty; attract
      Offices of Richard Berkeley (MBA ’80), host     is deeply grateful. the goals presented
                                                                                                   talented students; and embrace
                                                      in the Campaign for Darden will ad-
  Boston, MA, May 8, 2007                             vance the school’s mission for prepar-
     Davio’s Restaurant,                              ing leaders, strengthen its brand, and     • the Campaign for Darden
     Bill Huyett (MBA ’87), host                      expand its influence in the global busi-      last fall, as Bob Bruner began his
  St. Louis, MO, June 5, 2007                         ness community. Follow the progress        25th year at Darden and second full
      The Lindell Pavilion, Forest Park,              of the campaign and read The	Case	         year as dean, he wanted very much to
      Mike DeCola, (MBA ’77), host                    for	the	Future	of	the	Darden	School	of	    discuss his vision with those who care
  Minneapolis, MN, June 6, 2007                       Business at www.darden.virginia.edu.       deeply about the school and its fu-
     Cargill, CFO William Veazey and                                                             ture—Darden alumni. notably, more
     Cargill-Darden Alumni, hosts                     the campaign for Darden:                   than 70 percent of Darden graduates
                                                      making the case for the future             attended during Dean Bruner’s tenure,
  Westchester/Fairfield Counties, NY, June 13, 2007
                                                      the university of Virginia 50 years        and he has close friendships with
    Apawamis Club,
                                                      ago was invisible in the preparation       hundreds more whose experiences date
    Henry Skelsey (MBA ’84), host
                                                      of mBa-level executives. today,            back to the school’s first graduating
                                                      the Darden school is in the highest        class. Further, through the years Bob

1   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
Bruner has worked closely with teach-         business partnerships, how well does      • since virtually all of Darden’s $300
ing colleagues, some of whom served           Darden compete with other business           million endowment is restricted, is
on the founding faculty. Drawing on           schools?                                     it right to conclude new initiatives
his close relationships with so many                                                       absolutely require new resources?
                                            Building a research engine:
Darden people, we launched a series of                                                  • With so much competition from
small group discussions called “case re-    • With more than $60 million in
                                                                                           other philanthropic organizations,
view meetings” where Bob and Darden           endowment dedicated to research,
                                                                                           how does Darden make a compelling
alumni explore in-depth plans for the         why are we still at the bottom of the
                                                                                           case for support?
school’s future. to date, more than 130       research heap?
                                                                                            Darden’s strategic priorities
alumni have met with the Dean in nine       • With research and classroom teach-
                                                                                        described in The	Case	for	the	Future	
sessions hosted by alumni (see Case           ing as high priorities, are there con-
                                                                                        of	the	Darden	School	of	Business	are
review meeting sites).                        flicts in our objectives?
                                                                                        transformational ideas: leveraging
    Intentionally small in size, the 90-    • Is the research element a magnet for      the existing faculty and attracting top
minute case review discussions typically      recruiting new faculty?                   talent. as they should, these priorities
include 10-15 Darden alumni so that                                                     challenge assumptions, reflect new
everyone may participate actively.                                                      thinking, and shape an ambitious
alumni serve as hosts for the lunchtime     • Isn’t teaching excellence our major
                                                                                        vision for the future of the school.
or late afternoon sessions. The	Case	         “hook”?
                                                                                        Bob Bruner will continue to lead case
for	the	Future	of	the	Darden	School	        • Is there some way we can demon-
                                                                                        discussions for another 12 months in
of	Business is sent by e-mail to each         strate our “leadership” in preparing
                                                                                        cities across the country and abroad
participant in advance with an assign-        leaders?
                                                                                        (see anticipated Future Case review
ment from the dean: please read and         • to what extent has Darden looked to       meeting sites). Clearly, Darden
be prepared to discuss the case for the       alumni for teaching—taking on some        graduates have an important role to
future of Darden. Dean Bruner begins          of the burden?                            play in the process. If asked, attend
each discussion by summarizing the                                                      a case review discussion. or, if you
school’s progress over the last two years   Competition:
                                                                                        wish to be included in a discussion in
and highlighting his “top of mind” pri-     • Why do rankings seem so important?
                                                                                        your home area, please contact Jay
orities looking ahead. next, he works       • aren’t scholarships absolutely criti-     gundy, Vice President of Development
through the case with the assembled           cal when competing for the very best      at gundyj@darden.virginia.edu or call
group, exploring initiatives and testing      students?                                 434-924-4874.
plans. Quickly, the presentation turns      • What inhibits Darden’s recruitment
into a lively forum shaped by thought-        of female and minority students?
ful, probing questions. recognizing that                                                 Anticipated Future Case Review Meeting Sites:
questions often reveal areas of special     Darden’s relevance:
interest and priorities, and the ensuing    • are the case method and general man-
                                              agement part of our brand message?         Charlotte
discussion promotes more questions
as the Dean and others “drill down”         • When thinking about the placement
into issues. the case statement is a          of graduates in key new York com-
working document that is reviewed and         panies today as compared to 10 or
edited as themes from every discussion        15 years ago, is Darden still relevant?    Dallas
influence its content in some way. not                                                   Denver
                                            • should we promote more of Darden’s
surprisingly, important themes recurred                                                  Houston
                                              practicalism, a characteristic that is
in many discussions such as the global                                                   London
                                              so deeply engrained in our teaching
initiative, research, teaching, competi-      methods?                                   Los Angeles
tion, program relevance, resources,                                                      New York
school leadership, and the Campaign.        School leadership:                           Norfolk/Virginia Beach
Consider a few questions raised by          • Knowing that leadership changes can        Northern New Jersey
alumni about each of these topics:            hinder the development of an orga-         Northern Virginia
                                              nization, are you (referring to Dean       Palo Alto
Darden’s global ambitions:
                                              Bruner) going to be there for ten          Philadelphia
• If you were to expand globally,             years?                                     Pittsburgh
  would you brand Darden or the uni-
                                            • How do business school Deans deal          Richmond
  versity of Virginia?
                                              with economic cycles when running          San Diego
• Have you had a pushback on the              their schools?                             San Francisco
  idea that by opening a Darden center
                                            Darden’s Resources                           Seattle
  in China we would be educating
  america’s competitors?                    • How does Darden’s endowment com-
                                                                                         And other cities to be determined
• In reference to building international      pare to those of our peer schools?

                                                                                                        W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   1
Perfect Circle:
Darden Program Helps Alumnae Reclaim Career Path
                                                  ore than a third of Darden women are not working full-time. For many
                                                  alumnae, that’s by design at this point in their lives. Another 18 per-
                                                  cent are not working at all. And one in two have taken off from work
                                        for at least six months at some point during their lives. But a recent survey
                                        conducted by Darden’s Alumni Career Services (ACS) revealed that fully a third
                                        of the women graduates not working full-time want to return to the workforce
                                        someday, either to the careers they put on hold or to pursue new interests.
                                            The survey found that they don’t so much want refresher courses in MBA
                                        skills as practical tools on self-marketing, getting back in the game after a hia-
                                        tus, and learning how to launch a business (see related feature story in
                                        this issue).
                                            Counselors in the school’s ACS office responded. connie Dato English
                                        (MBA ’91), director of ACS, led the development of a two-day workshop,
                                        “Re-Entering the Workforce” expressly for women who want to make a transi-
                                        tion. It is not so much a course as a guided process of self-assessment for the
                                        women in transition. The idea is for participants to determine what they want,
                                        then develop a plan for getting it.
                                            “We are definitely helping with the transition back to work,” English says.
                                        “We came up with a pragmatic, practical approach. We take everyone through
                                        a self-assessment process. Everyone has to introduce themselves during the
                                        first session in a professional way. They learn how to tell their stories.”
                                        The program is a hit.
                                            “I came in needing direction, motivation and an ‘I can do this!’ attitude and
                                        left with all three!” says Sally Cors (MBA ’90).
                                            Liz Weatherly (MBA ’02) agrees. “I found the course and my classmates to
                                        be excellent resources in starting to get me thinking about what I’m looking
                                        for professionally and personally and how to balance the two,” she says.
                                            Almost two-thirds of Darden alumnae who responded to the survey say

                   Alumni               they plan to change jobs within five years. One in five wants to buy or start her
                                        own company and nearly a third expect to relocate.

               Career Services              To assist these women, the program is broken into two components
                                        separated by one month. Session 1, “What do I want to do?” covers personal
          has been offering career      situation analysis, setting priorities, understanding life themes through struc-
                                        tured self assessment. The second session, “How Do I Get What I Want?” asks
         counseling and programs        participants to consider who might hire them. Practical instruction includes
                                        recognizing what is relevant, learning how to tell your story, including “the
     expressly for alumnae for nearly   gap” years, creating an effective resume, and accessing the market and net-
                                        working. Participants complete some assignments in advance to get the most
      a decade, but only recently has   out of each session, which runs 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., while children are typically in
                                        school and participants won’t incur daycare costs for attending.
        begun taking programs on            English says the workshops in Washington, D.C., Boston and Atlanta have
                                        been well received.
                  the road.                 A desire to return to work is seldom about money, she adds. “One of the
                                        common interests is they want to be role models for their daughters,” English
                                        says. “It’s a desire to make a difference in the world. As for why they stepped
                                        out to take time off from working, everyone is different, just as their reasons
                                        for going back differ among individuals.”
                                            The ideal program will have 15 participants and is typically scheduled
                                        during the fall to coincide with kids returning to school. “Timing is important,”

1   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
English says. “We realized the summer would probably not be the
best time to offer this.”                                                                    Around Darden:
    “The program is empowering and provides hope and valuable                               Alumni Career Services
direction to anyone planning to reenter the workforce,” says Vicky
                                                                             The job market continues to be hot. I was talking with an executive
Harris, a Georgetown lawyer who attended the D.C. program.
                                                                             recruiter recently who commented how this market is reminiscent
    The first group met in fall 2005, consisting of 10 Darden alumnae,       of the 1980s – a candidates’ market where employers have to make
a Darden spouse and several alumnae of sister schools affiliated             quick decisions and use extraordinary efforts to court desirable
with the Forte Foundation—a consortium of corporations and                   candidates. According to a recent ExecuNet survey, this candidate
top b-schools that educates and directs talented women toward                advantage is evident in increased executive compensation pack-
leadership roles in business. The premiere group continued to meet           ages. The strong market is triggering more voluntary job changing
regularly long after the program had concluded, English says. Several        activity in the executive ranks. In fact, another recent poll showed
participants have re-entered the workforce and others have plans to          that turnover among managers has jumped to 8.8 percent from 4
do so.                                                                       percent since 2004.
    The Darden ACS has been offering career counseling and pro-              If you’re looking to take advantage of the strong market or prepare
                                                                             for the inevitable downturn, you should realize the importance of a
grams expressly for alumnae for nearly a decade, but only recently
                                                                             professional network. Most employers hire managers and execu-
has begun taking programs on the road. The goal, English says, is to
                                                                             tives through referrals from trusted colleagues or acquaintances.
bring services to the client and make it as easy as possible to attend.
                                                                             Even if you’re not looking for a job, it makes sense to build your
                       The program is offered at cost; Darden makes          web of professional relationships. If you reach out to others, lend
                                 no profit on this continuing education      advice, exchange leads or share information with others, you will
                                      service.                               be in a better position to succeed in business, hire valuable employ-
                                              Programs in San Francisco      ees or, when the need arises, find a new job yourself.
 “To sit down with                           and Richmond are being             Your Darden connection can be a huge asset in your networking
                                                                             activity. Here are some of the resources available through your
a woman and help her                           planned. English says
                                                New York already has         alma mater:
                                                                             ✦ Use the online Alumni Directory to find people that you’d like
overcome that lack of                            ample resources for
                                                 women who want to                to be part of your network. Keep your alumni profile up to date.
                                                                                  Make it easy for others to find you. The University of Virginia
professional confidence                          return to work, so ACS
                                                 staff decided to focus on
                                                                                  Alumni Directory is also available to Darden alumni.
                                                                             ✦ Sign up to be a “Networking Partner” on the Darden Alumni
is a great feeling,”                            cities and regions where
                                               alumnae don’t have ac-
                                                                                  Web site. This makes it clear that you are willing to interact
                                                                                  with other alumni on career issues. What comes around goes
English says.                                 cess to workforce reentry
                                                                                  around; build mutually beneficial relationships.
                                                                             ✦ Use the Darden Hot Job Leads board to share leads heard on
                                             “We’re not in this to com-           the street. http://wb.darden.virginia.edu/~acs . (The more
                                    pete but to serve our alums,” she             thorough job posting board should be used to share official
                             says. “Many are űber volunteers who have             position listings.)
been working philanthropically, but might not know how to lever-             ✦ Attend Alumni events and come back for your class reunions.
age that to get back in the workforce.”                                      ✦ Utilize Alumni Career Services to develop job search objec-
                                                                                  tives, refine your marketing materials, and get ideas about
    English knows this terrain first-hand. After graduating from the
                                                                                  potential contacts. Email AlumniCareerServices@darden.
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, she was a consultant with Booz Allen
                                                                                  virginia.edu or call us to make an appointment. Our counseling
Hamilton. After Darden, she worked for PepsiCo as a strategic busi-
                                                                                  services are free to Darden alumni.
ness planner. Relocating with her husband, Connie then joined J.M.           ✦ Keep in touch with your professors. It’s good for them to hear
Huber Corporation in its Wood Products Division as human resource                 about your work and good for you to hear about their practical
manager. Relocating again and giving birth to her second child, she               research.
chose to step out of the workforce and concentrate on family. She            ✦ Use the Networking section of the newly revised Alumni
joined Darden ACS in September 2001 and says she finds tremen-                    Career Services Web site to find additional resources.
dous professional satisfaction in the work.                                     The benefits of your Darden experience did not end at gradu-
    “To sit down with a woman and help her overcome that lack of             ation. Darden Alumni Career Services stands ready to help you
professional confidence is a great feeling,” English says. “Most of the      meet your professional potential.
alumnae we work with just need a little push, a little coaching and
                                                                                                       Connie English
cheerleading. I can completely relate with the challenge because I’ve
                                                                                                       Co-Director of Alumni Career Services
been there. My message to our alumnae is: you have so much to of-
fer. You can definitely springboard into a rewarding career.”                                          EnglishC@Darden.Virginia.edu
    For more information or to register for an ACS program please
contact: Laura Duggins, ACS associate, (434)924-4876 or Alumni

                                                                                                                  W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   1
                  120 Club Entertains Alums
    n the fall of 1967, a decade into the history of the Darden   Darden’s history through the last four decades, as well
    school, three young professors joined the faculty. the        as personal reminiscences and the occasional anecdote of
    school was still located in monroe Hall on the main           mischief. their premiere road show in march was enthusi-
university grounds, still an all-male bastion of students         astically received by the more than 100 Darden alumni in
hailing mainly from the south. Charlottesville was a sleepy       the Washington D.C. chapter who turned out to the army
little hamlet surrounded by the still-agrarian county of          navy Club to hear their former professors recount days of
albemarle. uVa football head coach al groh had just               old, and to share their fondest hopes for the history of the
received his bachelor’s degree from the university. and the       school. a similar program during reunion Weekend in april
trio of professors, John Colley, alec Horniman, and Bill          garnered wild applause for the three faculty. more events
sihler, settled down to teach; each in his respective area of     are planned.
expertise. Colley headed up courses in corporate strategy            Here, without revealing all their tales, professors Colley,
and operations. He still does. Horniman led courses in busi-      Horniman and sihler share a favorite anecdote from their
ness ethics, leadership, and managerial psychology, among         Darden days. each also offers a wish for the enduring mis-
others. He still does. arriving in 1967 from a prior teaching     sion of the Darden school.
post at Harvard, sihler brought with him a comprehensive
knowledge of banking, corporate finance and risk manage-          Partying with Professor John Colley
ment. all of them still teach and say they have no plans to
do otherwise.                                                     “among my many wonderful memories of life at Darden are
    Between the three, these professors have written literally    the saturday night parties during my early years here that
hundreds of case studies (Colley alone has authored more          were open to all students and faculty. each week, some stu-
than 300). and they have a combined 120 years of service          dents would volunteer to host the entire school at their resi-
to the Darden school.                                             dences. tommie and I were faithful attendees, often bringing
    this has earned them the moniker, “the 120 Club.”             the “good stuff” from our bar in a paper bag. the students
together, Colley, Horniman and sihler have developed              and faculty were close to an extent I had
a road show in which they share their recollections of            not known in my previous experiences
                                                                  as a student or faculty member at three
                                                                  different institutions. In seven years as a
                                                                  student at other schools, I was never in
   “In seven years as a student at                                a social situation with a member of the
                                                                  faculty. the experience here was exhila-
   other schools, I was never in a                                rating; creating closeness between the
                                                                  faculty and our students that persists to
 social situation with a member of                                this day. When we attend a reunion, we
  the faculty. the experience here                                do not see students, we see family.”

         was exhilarating.”                                       “My One Great Wish for the Future of Darden”
                                                                  “I very much hope that the future will be one in which the
                 —Professor John Colley                           Darden school has the resources in terms of scholarships
                                                                  to bring the best and the brightest students into our com-
                                                                  munity. When it was determined that I would spend my life

20   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
training young people for careers in business, I received some          “It must have been 1968 or 1969, when I had been here
wonderful advice from my mentor, Professor thomas tim-              a couple of years at best and was head of the First-Year
mings Holme, a professor at Yale. He advised that I should          finance course. the school was still small enough (prob-
never believe that any degree of great teaching effectiveness       ably less than 100 in the First-Year class by the spring) that
or curriculum design could make much of a weak student.             we could organize a class-wide case-analysis competition.
rather, he said, I should always attempt to attract the very        student teams presented their recommendations to a group
best students, with the admonition that if I did not confuse        of executives, which selected the team that made the best
them too much, they would go out and make me a hero.                presentation. the question came up about what a suitable
after 40 years here, I believe that more than ever. I renew my      reward might be for the winning team.
faith in that axiom each year as we welcome sets of alumni              “I don’t recall who came up with the idea, but I suspect it
returning for our reunions.                                         was (Professor) Fred sargent.
   With this in mind, I hope we can raise the necessary funds           someone suggested we give pints of white lightning to
to provide strategic scholarships to bring here the very best       the winning team members. I hope we cleared the idea with
students. We need a mix of full scholarships (Jefferson Fel-        Dean Charles C. abbott (founding dean of the Darden
lowships or others), and large numbers of half- and one-third       school), as would have been the custom at the time, and I
scholarships that will insure that our current market-driven        thus presume he gave his blessing.
tuition does not keep away the most desirable students. our             “Fred set up the arrangements to get the moonshine. He
competitor top business schools are well aware of the need to       sent his wife out to a designated spot to wait for delivery.
attract the best students. they have a head start on Darden         she said that she drove there, parked, and after a bit a fel-
in the financing of scholarships, but we have the advantages        low with a couple of large dogs on chains appeared to check
                                                                    her identity. satisfied, he then went back into the dark and
                                                                    shortly returned with a container of hooch. Fred then de-
    “student teams presented their                                  canted this into six one-pint bottles.
   recommendations to a group of                                        “When we presented them to the winners, we cautioned
                                                                    that it was about 150 proof and, unless kept tightly capped,
 executives, which selected the team                                would quickly evaporate.
                                                                        “reflecting back on this, I’ve often wondered how stupid
   that made the best presentation.                                 we were. If the moonshine had any sort of contamination,
                                                                    we could have had some very sick students and been in a lot
 the question came up about what                                    of trouble compared to the minor problems John Colley had
                                                                    with the football pool.
  a suitable reward might be for the                                    ”I began to feel a little better recently, when, at Fred
                                                                    sargent’s memorial service, it came out that he was an afi-
            winning team.”                                          cionado of white lightning and had relationships with the
                                                                    bootleggers in the area, from whom he bought for his own
                  —Professor Bill Sihler                            consumption. It also came out that Fred had a strong rela-
                                                                    tionship with then-sheriff, george Bailey. It seems that in
                                                                    the fall Fred would make the rounds to replenish his cellar.
of location, our great university, unparalleled facilities, the     If it looked like one of his suppliers had expanded his busi-
best teaching faculty in the world, our integrated First Year       ness, Fred would pass the word to the sheriff. sheriff Bailey
curriculum, and our clear mission to prepare students for                                apparently didn’t think it worth while to
leadership positions in the world of practical affairs.                                  chase after small operators producing for
   as always when challenged, my wish is that the Darden                                 themselves, friends, and family. But, he
family will rally to provide the resources to attract the best                           didn’t want to allow anyone to get into
students. the race will go to the swiftest. In the current en-                           commercial-level production. “When
vironment of very high tuition, the successful school in the                             I learned all this, I became a little less
long run will be the one that can offer the best students the                            concerned about what might have gone
financial aid that will neutralize the rapidly increasing tuition                        wrong.”
and minimize the debt that students carry with them when
they leave. I believe that if we can mitigate the high costs, the                       Sihler Contemplates the Future
other advantages we enjoy will carry Darden to the top in                               “I think Dean Bruner’s concept of Darden
the world of graduate business education.”                                              as a high-end boutique institution of
                                                                                        education for practical affairs expresses
                                                                    my own hopes for Darden, although I am not sure that the
Shinin’ with Professor Bill Sihler                                  founders were as much concerned with high-end as with the
“once upon a time, when we were all young and foolish,              practical-affairs component,” sihler observes.
we did something which in retrospect was unwise and                    “Dean abbott often mused that the graduates who had
which I am sure we would not do today.                              made the school’s reputation in the business world might

                                                                                                        W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   21
not even qualify for admission, which he found troubling.          abbott was at the door. He came into our class and looked
nevertheless, it seems to me that if Darden can find the           at me and said, ‘mr. Horniman, what is going on?’ and I
financial resources to make sure that the best qualified           said, “Well, Dean abbott, you see, there was this eagle …’
students can come, Darden should be able to maintain its           and I could see Charlie’s eyes starting to glaze over….”
position and enhance the worth and value of the degrees past
graduates hold.”                                                   Horniman’s Hope for the Future
                                                                       “the Darden way, based on the student understand-
Probing the Azaleas with Professor Horniman                        ing and discussing a case in study group, a learning team,
                                                                   then presenting their discoveries in class to their classmates
alec Horniman’s expertise includes business ethics, manage-
                                                                   to influence them is a critical learning experience for how
rial psychology, and motivating others for enhanced perfor-
                                                                   managers manage,” he said. “that’s what Darden has been
mance. He is also renowned for an ability to help students
                                                                   about, is about, and must be going forward. no other school
think differently.
                                                                   I am aware of is as devoted to that process. How people
once upon a time he was deploying these skills in an exercise
                                                                   learn to communicate, written and spoken, is vital. Business
with his students in Classroom 8 of monroe Hall. He tasked         is about people and relationships. How do we communicate,
his students with developing a skit to demonstrate motiva-         motivate and inspire? I say to a student, if that’s not interest-
tion. as an aside, while sitting in his office on a warm, spring   ing, then why don’t you go to Wharton and take accounting?
afternoon in late april 2007, Horniman recalled that his old       We teach the application of skill sets, like accounting. But we
first-floor classroom overlooked a stunningly beautiful gar-       need to be sure we concentrate on the process of learning.
den of azaleas.                                                    It’s not about our teaching, because if we’re not careful, our
so the skit began. one student hopped onto a table and,            teaching can trump their learning.”
crouching low, declared he was an eagle.                               Horniman said academia mirrors the broader society in at
    another student approached the “eagle” and directed him        least one area that concerns him.
to take some sort of action. the student told the eagle, “Do           “We’re becoming increasingly impatient with circum-
this or I’ll kill you!” Horniman recalled.                         stance; we want to get going,” he said. as that relates to
    the eagle refused to budge.                                    teaching students in b-school, Horniman says students and
    a second student came up to the eagle and got a little fur-    their professors need to be certain that business literacy does
ther with a bit of charm, but still the “bird” remained firmly     not overtake business competency. Facts and information are
on his perch.                                                      meaningless without the ability to deploy them, he observed.
    Horniman said a third student walked over to the bird on           “You’ve got to take ideas and know what to do with
the table and said encouragingly, “eagle, it’s all about soar-     them,” Horniman said. “We have access to more information
ing.”                                                              at greater speed, but you cannot assimilate that without time.
and with that, the eagle-student dove headfirst through the        everyone wants to get going somewhere, but we’re not sure
open window of Classroom 8 and landed in the azaleas,              where that is.”
Horniman said. this stunt coincided with founding Dean             For Horniman, the where turned out to be here, at Darden.
Charles C. abbott’s afternoon walk around monroe Hall,                 “I came here 40 years ago really believing I might stay a
which was Darden’s first home. abbott was strolling by             couple of years and move on,” he said. “I never intended to
Horniman’s classroom when the airborne student sailed              be a professor. I’ve stayed at Darden because of the students
through the window into the bushes.                                I teach. my experiences with my students mean everything.
“Well,” Horniman said, “it didn’t take long before Dean            that has made it fun, made it interesting.”

 “I never intended to be a professor.
I’ve stayed at Darden because of the
students I teach. ...that has made it
      fun, made it interesting.”
                —Professor Alec Horniman

22   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
Alums Hatch OpenQ with Aid of Darden Incubator
A stint in the Darden Business Incubator         technology serving the pharmaceutical,               They got by on angel investments and
enabled two alumni entrepreneurs to get          financial services and retail industries.        have not had to raise any venture capital.
their software concept off the ground            Zuffoletti had business development ex-              They also tapped into the Darden net-
and into the hands of customers.                 perience from his days with GE and had           work for business advice and investors.
   Based in Charlottesville, OpenQ is            later founded FreeMarkets, a pioneering              “Darden connected me with the CEO
a data-mining software company that              e-business company. While students,              of Amgen and also (Medtronic President)
helps pharmaceutical companies maxi-             they decided they had a niche oppor-             Bill Hawkins (MBA ’82),” Zuffoletti said.
mize their marketing efforts to hospital         tunity “with a great customer base that              Zuffoletti and his business partner met
administrators and physicians. Increas-          traditionally has money and is willing to        with Ian Ratcliffe and Tim Gatzulis (both
ingly, doctors turn to scientific discussion     invest in new technology,” Zuffoletti said.      MBA ’94), who work in the biotech and
and the words of Key Opinion Leaders,            The entrepreneurs also decided they had          medical analytics industries. “They ended
typically fellow physicians, in making           maybe 18 months to develop the soft-             up being advisors to us and Tim became
                                                                                                  an investor in the company,” Zuffoletti
                                                                                                  said. “We ended up hiring two other
                                                                                                  Darden grads’ as well: Michael Broad
                                                                                                  (MBA ’04) and Brian Gosta (MBA ’06).”
                                                                                                      If they hit their targets with OpenQ
                                                                                                  as forecast, Zuffoletti said next year they
                                                                                                  will either diversify or sell to another
                                                                                                  company—2009 at the latest. Their next
                                                                                                  move will either be to launch another
                                                                                                  company together, although Zuffoletti
                                                                                                  said he is also mulling the Darden PhD
                                                                                                  program, saying his favorite subjects at
                                                                                                  Darden remain ethics, entrepreneurship
from left: Jim Zuffoletti (mba ‘0), philippe sommer, director of entrepreneurship programs for    and strategy.
the batten institute and octavio freire (mba ‘0).                                                      Learn more about OpenQ by visiting
prescription decisions for their patients.       ware before a market for their idea had              The Darden Incubator is open to
Dwindling are the days when prescrip-            already developed.                               anyone within the UVA community with
tion-drug salespeople would call on a                What they didn’t have was an office or       an entrepreneurial idea that wins one of
doctor’s office and deliver a pitch.             a lot of money. So they entered the Uni-         the annual competitions held at Darden.
    OpenQ founders Jim Zuffoletti and            versity of Virginia’s annual business plan       Once in the Incubator, each business is
Octavio Freire (both MBA ’05), developed         competition. And they won first place.           led by Darden students—whether as
software platforms to capture information            The award came with a prize including        principals or as development managers
about Key Opinion Leaders and integrate          one year of support from the business            —through a series of increasingly de-
that data with the marketing process             incubator, plus some funding to get              manding criteria, or “gates,” to the point
unique to individual pharmaceutical com-         started.                                         of start-up or abandonment. The Incuba-
panies. The result allows drug, biotech              “The incubator helped us in profound         tor draws on faculty resources and out-
and medical-device companies to mount            ways,” Zuffoletti said. “We got paid for the     side experts for business advice. Philippe
more efficient, cost-effective marketing         summer and received a little seed money          Sommer, director of entrepreneurship
programs while meeting government                to get going. But the big benefit was the        programs, oversees the incubator. He can
compliance standards for these efforts.          incubator provided us with infrastruc-           be reached at 434.243.2283 or
    Zuffoletti and Freire met during             ture. We ran the company for almost two          SommerP@Darden.Virginia.edu.
their First Year at Darden, where Freire         years with no overhead. The first year
confided he had hit upon a “great idea”          after b-school we were profitable. We
for a software company. Freire already           took a conservative, Darden-inspired ac-
had experience in internet applications,         counting approach. And we’re looking at
internet commerce, and information               a good year for ’07.”

                                                                                                                 W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   2
Living the Dream…
Darden Faculty Share Secrets of
Entrepreneurial Success

            he idea to start a business might germinate from                                   Professor saras sarasvathy, Visiting
            unexpectedly fertile ground. there’s the appeal of                                 Professor Frank genovese (mBa
            being your own boss, of course, since self-employ-                                 ’74) and Philippe sommer, Direc-
            ment almost by definition means empowerment. But                                   tor of entrepreneurship Programs
transforming the notion into action may require a little push.                                 for the Batten Institute, formed the
Perhaps all it takes is a caustic remark from a senior executive                               teaching team. each point on the
on a particularly hectic monday, or a sudden awakening that                                    triangle taught a distinct segment of
your career trajectory has lost its arc—and maybe even most                                    the course. sarasvathy talked about
of its spark. the thrill is gone, as B.B. King intones. often, it’s                            the psychology of the self-employed
the discovery of a great but as-yet unexplored opportunity in                                  and shared ways to cultivate the
the marketplace, and all that’s needed to bring this epiphany                                  mindset of an entrepreneur, while
into the light is the pragmatic knowledge of how to get               sommer discussed financing issues, including the art of rais-
started.                                                              ing venture capital and telling a compelling story in order
    a daring new venture might sate that vague craving for a          to do so. genovese drew on his own expertise in business
challenge, while self-employment, though fraught with respon-         acquisitions and turnarounds, suggesting that an entrepre-
sibility and risk, is cited by some as one of the great satisfac-     neur who doesn’t want to build a company from the ground
tions a businessperson can savor over the course of a working         up can always buy an established venture as an alternative.
life. then there is the large body of research that shows             they promoted different ways of thinking and different
entrepreneurs share virtually all of the traits of maverick lead-     ways of looking at the world of business, backed up by solid
ers—people who think differently and achieve great things as a        research and
consequence—so there is little wonder that a middle manager           experience.
with the heart of an entrepreneur would feel frustrated.                 the myth about entrepreneurs is that they exclusively
    Whatever the personal reason for launching a company, it          want to make money. Well, yes, entrepreneurs start out with
is without doubt the #1 topic that Darden alumni eight to 15          the idea of making money. But most quickly face the fact
years post-graduation want to talk about when they contact            that making money is just one necessary condition—not
the school’s alumni Career services. a consistent theme is the        even the most vital condition—for successful entrepreneur-
desire to learn the process and pitfalls of entrepreneurship,         ship. at least for the short term, an entrepreneur must
while discovering what assistance Darden can provide. In              cultivate and cherish more immediate reasons for getting up
response, Darden’s executive education professionals teamed           in the morning and facing the daily tasks of running a new
up with alumni relations to develop a how-to workshop on              venture.
the entrepreneurial spirit. this is part of Darden’s lifelong            to understand how they do this, it is important to under-
learning Initiative—to provide quality, ongoing professional          stand how successful entrepreneurs think about the world
instruction and training to alumni at every phase of their            and their place in it.
careers. they also drew upon the expertise of the Darden Busi-
ness Incubator, which falls under the umbrella of the Batten          What makes an entrepreneur entrepreneurial?
Institute—renowned for thought leadership in entrepreneurial
                                                                      “In 1997, I set out on a rather perilous but exhilarating
pursuits and innovation.                                              journey to investigate this question,” sarasvathy says. Her
                                                                      goal was to explore the psychology of the entrepreneurial
So You Want to be an Entrepreneur…Now What?                           mind and determine what differentiates this thinker from
this was the title of the premiere seminar on launching a busi-       other business leaders.
ness. naturally, the program included case studies, interactive          “traveling across 17 states in the us over several months,
lectures and expert faculty—all in keeping with the Darden            I met with 30 founders of companies ranging in size from
experience. the February workshop conducted in new York               $200m to $6.5B and spanning a variety of industries from
City was a hit.                                                       steel and railroad to teddy bears and semiconductors and

                                                                                                          W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   2
The myth about entrepreneurs is that they exclusively
want to make money.

bio-tech. the idea behind the study was not merely to in-          and they are aided by whom they know—their social and
terview these founders, but to get behind their stories and        professional networks.
understand how they reason about specific problems in trans-           sarasvathy also discovered three common characteristics
forming an idea into an enduring firm.”                            behind the effectual reasoning of a true entrepreneur. First is
Her research led to the conclusion that a distinct form of         the “affordable loss principle.” to evaluate affordable loss,
rationality exists in the minds of entrepreneurs. she calls this   “all we need to know is our current financial condition and
“effectual reasoning.”                                             a psychological estimate of our commitment in terms of the
    In most mBa programs, students are taught causal or            worst case scenario,” she said. this is a way to nullify the
predictive reasoning—in every functional area of business,         role of uncertainty in early-stage funding decisions. as they
sarasvathy notes. Causal reasoning starts with a pre-              progress, entrepreneurs do not tie themselves to any theorized
determined goal and a specific set of means for achieving the      or pre-conceived “market” or strategic universe for their idea.
goal. and so the business student conditioned by causal rea-       they choose to be open to surprises—as to which markets
soning learns to identify the fastest, cheapest, most efficient    they will eventually end up building their business in or even
methods of achieving a goal. the make-vs.-buy decision in          which new markets they will create.
production, or choosing the target market with the highest             the second characteristic is the “strategic partnerships
potential return in marketing, or picking a portfolio with the     principle.” sarasvathy’s research showed that successful entre-
lowest risk in finance, or even hiring the best person for the     preneurs focus on building partnerships rather than on doing
job in human resources—all of these are problems involving         a systematic competitive analysis. since entrepreneurs tend to
causal reasoning.                                                  start a process without assuming the existence of a market for
    But effectual reasoning, the intellectual hallmark of an       their idea, detailed competitive analyses do not seem to make
entrepreneur, does not focus on a specific goal. Instead, it be-   any sense to them at the startup phase, she said. obtaining
gins with a set of means and allows goals to emerge over time      pre-commitments from key stakeholders also helps reduce
from the varied imaginations and aspirations of the company        uncertainty in the early stages of creating an enterprise, she
founders and the people they do business with.                     said, while reducing the amount of capital needed to launch a
    sarasvathy offered the example of genghis Kahn as a            venture. equally important, though perhaps not quantifiable,
causal thinker. He conquered two-thirds of the known world         enduring human relationships in business tend to outlive fail-
800 years ago, with advance knowledge of the terrain and the       ures, and create successes over time. this dovetails nicely with
riches awaiting, and so he went after them. effectual think-       the principle of affordable loss, which is all about evaluating
ers, on the other hand, are like explorers setting out across      a financial situation against the individual’s tolerance for the
uncharted waters. Christopher Columbus exemplified this            worst that could possibly happen, sarasvathy said.
trait. effectual reasoning is inherently creative and involves         the third characteristic is the “leveraging contingencies
imagination, spontaneity, risk-taking, and salesmanship, as        principle,” the very heart of entrepreneurial expertise. It is the
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of spain would discover          ability to turn the unexpected into the profitable. “I always
in their dealings with Columbus.                                   live by the motto of ready-fire-aim,” one of the professor’s
    It turns out that entrepreneurs survey the business land-      study subjects said. “I think if you spend too much time doing
scape from a perspective almost completely opposite the indi-      ready-aim-aim-aim-aim, you’re never gonna see all the good
vidual trained by most business schools. managers are taught       things that would happen if you actually start doing it and
to analyze the market and choose target segments with the          then aim. and find out where your target is.”
highest potential return, sarasvathy said, while entrepreneurs         entrepreneurs realize that not all surprises are bad and
tend to find ways to reach the market with minimum expen-          that surprises—good or bad—can be used to shape their
diture of resources—time, effort, and money.                       venture-creation process. again, this approach is the oppo-
    the causal reasoning instilled in most managers is based       site of most managers who are trained to avoid surprises as
on the logic, “to the extent that we can predict the future,       much as possible.
we can control it.” and so many academics and business-                sarasvathy noted that successful entrepreneurs also
people busy themselves on developing predictive models.            employ people of a similar mindset. “the ‘right’ people
effectual reasoning is based on the logic, “to the extent that     need emotional ownership in the goals and objectives of the
we can control the future, we do not need to predict it.” as       endeavor and can only be incentivized by the belief that the
sarasvathy says, the entrepreneurial mindset does not de-          effects they create will embody their deepest passions and
pend on, believe in, or even really care about predicting the      aspirations while enabling them to achieve their best poten-
                      future. Instead, entrepreneurs believe the   tial,” she observed. But entrepreneurs, she found, also realize
                      future is created through the very strate-   they have no time to wait for the right people, so they nur-
                      gies of the players.                         ture and grow them from within the enterprise over time.
                         all successful entrepreneurs, she said,       ultimately, entrepreneurs approach their work in the
                      start out with three broad categories of     belief that the future is unwritten and can be substantially
                      means at their disposal: they know who       shaped by human action. they realize that to the extent hu-
                      they are (their unique traits, tastes and    man action can control the future, there is no need expending
                      abilities); they understand their educa-     energy trying to predict it. as she said, “In fact, to the extent
                      tion, training, expertise, and experience;   that the future is shaped by human action, it is not much use

2   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
trying to predict it—it is much more useful to understand           early-stage med-tech companies.
and work with the people who are engaged in the decisions           He was a founding partner of
and actions that bring it into existence.”                          Westmed Venture Funds, life sci-
                                                                    ence dedicated venture funds af-
Tell the story, raise the capital                                   filiated with CIBC/oppenheimer,
                                                                    Inc., and was director of business
    raising venture capital is the art of the sale, but the pitch   development at Pfizer in the medi-
obviously must revolve around a concept an investor feels is        cal products group.
worth buying. Venture capitalists are looking for a 3-5 year            “If you really believe something is worth funding to the
commitment tied to an exit event, with a return on invest-          point you put your money into it, but maybe you don’t have
ment. entrepreneurs who are successful at raising money             enough capital, then you can go out and sell it,” he said.
from a venture capital fund invariably have a story with            “some people love the thrill of the sale; others are maybe
high-growth potential to tell their would-be investors. Bio-        embarrassed and uncomfortable about raising money. the
technology, software ideas and other concepts built around          way I get my head around it is if I really believe in it, that
intellectual property are solid candidates for VC, but inves-       comes across and that gets people interested in investing.”
tors want some tangible proof of potential before they will             the savvy entrepreneur takes time to understand an
typically cut a check. If the entrepreneur’s company is truly       investor’s view of the proposal. Investors will always have
in its infancy, with no proven product or service, the founder      a target return on investment and a timeframe firmly in
may have to resort to bootstrapping, or self-financing, to get      mind, and they will determine at what level of valuation they
the company far enough along that venture capitalists might         would willingly invest “X” amount of money to hit that tar-
then be willing to listen.                                          get. they also know that when it’s time to exit, the multiples
    the risk-reward of bootstrapping is essentially the poten-      are almost always higher by going public, rather than selling
tial for total loss of personal capital, versus the benefits of     to another company or private-equity firm. these consid-
greater control over a growing enterprise. the most common          erations must be addressed in the entrepreneur’s story and
form of bootstrapping is the use of credit cards to fund a          business plan, whether at the seed-money stage or mezzanine
new, smaller venture. michael Dell founded his Dell Comput-         financing.
ers empire this way. Brave souls might also extract equity              as sommer said, too often entrepreneurs are great at tell-
from their homes to fund a new business, dip into their             ing the story of the business, but fail to tell the story of the
savings, or go hat-in-hand seeking capital from the triple-F        money: why an investor should invest and how the entrepre-
fund, known colloquially as “Friends, Family and Fools.”            neur proposes to give it back—and then some.
    government grants and bank loans may also provide                   above all, the entrepreneur carries the entire burden of re-
options.                                                            ducing uncertainty in the mind of the investor. this is where
    Well-connected entrepreneurs may pursue angel investors         forging relationships can pay off handsomely—in successful
who perhaps know the entrepreneur personally, or are suf-           funding of the venture. there is truth to the old saying that
ficiently interested in a line of business that they will take a    people feel most comfortable doing business with people they
hands-on approach to guidance and management in addition            know, with whom they have established a rapport. network-
to making an investment. angel investors are also generally         ing is vital, both with other alumni and their extended con-
known for greater patience in receiving a return on invest-         nections.
ment. However, a 2004 study of seed and early-stage invest-             ultimately, a venture capitalist will be swayed more by
ing shows that angel investors represent a mere fraction of         management’s track record and credibility, unless the busi-
total investors in start-up ventures. By far, private individuals   ness carries the potential to disrupt or dominate a specific
represent the largest group of investors and more than half
of them are related to the entrepreneur, according to a recent
global entrepreneurship monitor report.
    Wherever the funding may come from, eventually the              Don’t want to start a company? Buy one
entrepreneur is going to have to pitch the company story            Visiting Professor Frank genovese has built his fortune on
and offer a convincing reason to invest in the venture, said        acquiring and selling companies. He has been directly
Philippe sommer, who directs the business incubator pro-            involved in three profitable turnarounds and through his
gram at Darden. each year sommer guides and mentors                 career has owned nine companies. genovese teaches a course
fledgling entrepreneurs with promising new business ideas in        in acquisitions of closely held enterprises at Darden.
an effort to help them get off the launch pad. the incubator           He is blunt in his assessment of new ventures, citing a
provides financial support, work space, and expert advice.          sobering stat: 9 out of 10 start-ups fail. so he advocates buy-
success stories emerging from the incubator are many and            ing an existing business, creating additional value, selling the
varied (read the story of openQ, founded by two Darden              enterprise and moving on to the next opportunity.
alumni, in this issue).                                                “I’d rather buy,” he said. “When you acquire a company,
    sommer has extensive experience in business start-ups.          there’s a set of assets that produce revenue and profit. and if
Before joining Batten, he was president and founder of              something happens, there’s still an organization.”
alsacia & sommer, consulting on strategy and funding for               But you must know who you are—what you are capable

                                                                                                         W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   2
                                                                    A Bird-in-the-Hand
Too many people, Genovese said, enjoy the                           Darden Professor Saras Sarasvathy
                                                                    has studied entrepreneurs extensively.
idea of owning a company without having a                           From her findings she developed the
                                                                    Bird-in-Hand principle—a set of tools
full knowledge of why they bought it.                               to help novice entrepreneurs evaluate
                                                                    themselves and their ideas to create
                                                                    the edge for success. The principle is
                                                                    built around three fundamental ques-
of doing and why you want to do it, genovese cautions.              tions: Who am I? What do I know? Who
“this requires real introspection,” he says. “You’ve got to         do I know?
ask yourself: do you have the skills, why do you want to                Sticking very closely to the answers to these questions helps
do it, what kind of business is it and do you have to run it
                                                                    the entrepreneur decide not only what to do, but what not to do.
    Identifying the right company to buy, determining               “The problem with most novice entrepreneurs is not that they
valuation, analyzing risk and devising an exit strategy             do not have great new ideas for ventures, it is that they have too
well before you’re ready to sell—these are the key factors,         many,” she observed. “They see opportunities everywhere and
genovese said. Discounted cash flows are a common valu-             feel tempted to expand product lines too soon or jump into too
ation method for smaller companies, although the mul-               many new market segments all at once. Especially if they have
tiples valuation method—using ratios from comparable                some initial success, it is easy to feel prescient (they might believe
companies may be preferred for larger operations. Capital           they can clearly predict the future) as well as omnipotent (believ-
asset pricing formulas will help establish reward-to-risk           ing they can achieve the improbable).”
ratios. as for risk analysis, recalling First Year coursework           The bird-in-hand principle does two things: It tells you that
at Darden, the key factors to consider would include                you need not wait for the blockbuster idea or the multibillion dol-
unexpected competition, intellectual property issues, miss-
                                                                    lar opportunity to come your way. You can begin with a simple
ing sales forecasts and unforeseen development expenses.
some of the risk can be mitigated—or at least anticipated           problem for which you see an implementable solution—or even
—by taking the time to understand the target company                something that you simply believe would be fun to attempt—
and what it does before it is acquired. In two words: due           and go for it.
diligence.                                                              Second, it tells you not to run after all kinds of imagined
    and that leads to the most important issue, genovese            “fantastic” opportunities that require you to chase money you do
says: coming to terms with why you want to buy a par-               not have, work with people you’re not sure you like, or deal with
ticular business. Having a passion for it also helps deter-         technologies and markets about which you know little and so
mine the difference between making a living and making              have to run after breathlessly to keep up with them.
a profit on the value you create with a company prior to            “In other words, when you use the bird-in-hand principle, start-
your eventual sale and exit. too many people, genovese              ing a new venture is no longer an incredibly risky act of heroism,”
said, enjoy the idea of owning their own company without
                                                                    Sarasvathy observed. “It is something you can do within the con-
having a full understanding of why they bought it. and
lacking that, it may be extremely difficult to know what            straints and possibilities of your normal life. You can start a new
to do with the business once it is acquired—and then of             venture anytime you want. You can get started now.”
course it’s too late.
    “I didn’t buy my first business until I was 31,” he said.
that was sampson Paint, which he purchased from the                making a turnaround work to advantage is all about under-
daughters of the founder and soon remade into a greatly         standing size constraints—being realistic about what is possible
expanded business with retail stores across two states.         with an existing enterprise—and having a solid plan for exiting
genovese had been a consultant to the company while             the business when it’s time to sell, genovese said.
he worked for Coopers & lybrand. sampson Paint later               He smiles slightly when mulling the business owner who
named genovese president in 1980 and he bought the              wants to learn everything, fast, flip the property and dash on to
richmond-based company outright a year later. He had            the next project. He says, simply, “It takes 20 years to gain 20
a vision for sampson, saw the upside potential then dor-        years of experience.”
mant in the business and devised a four-year plan for his          During a visit to Darden in late spring genovese said condi-
exit strategy. genovese renamed the company sampson             tions are right to sell a company. earnings are strong; interest
Coatings, and began to focus on untapped markets such as        rates are still relatively low, he said, “so people buying them
for architectural paint. He stressed customer service, and      can borrow money fairly cheap.”
brought financial discipline to bear on the business. sig-
nificantly, he is credited with creating much of the market-
ing buzz that elevated sampson from a regional company          Resources:
based in richmond to a southern paint company—all via           Darden Business Publishing maintains an extensive case collection of top-
a distributor network based on loyalty. genovese said a         ics under the heading Entrepreneurship & Innovation, including product
commitment to people is as important as any capital in-         development, private equity and venture capital, business plans, strategy
                                                                and marketing, managing growth and sustaining innovation. Visit Darden
vestment. He sold sampson in 1985 to Pennsylvania-based         Business Publishing through the main Darden website (click the link in the
Penn Color, then turned his sights to another challenge.        upper right-hand corner): www.Darden.Virginia.edu.

2   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
conduct Due Diligence: on your idea and yourself
A myth about entrepreneurs is that they exclusively want to make money. Well, yes, entrepreneurs do start out with the idea of making
money. But most quickly face the fact that making money is just one necessary condition—not even the most vital condition—for suc-
cessful entrepreneurship. Making money is a positive side effect of bringing together and managing resources and people to accom-
plish something realistically doable and worth doing. So in building a robust business organization, an entrepreneur has to want more
than merely to make money. An entrepreneur must cultivate and cherish more immediate reasons for getting up in the morning and
facing the daily tasks of running a new venture. So before the business plan is written, answer these questions:

Is it doable?                                      • How is the need being filled now?           • Develop a set of financial forecasts.
Technological feasibility                          • Who/what is the competition?                • State the primary financial assumptions
• Is the technology for your product               • Advantages/disadvantages of the prod-         for your projections.
   already available, or is it still in develop-     uct/service                                 • How sensitive are your projections to
   ment?                                           • Why your product? (differentiation/           changes in price, technology, competi-
• If the latter, what stage of development           uniqueness/proprietary)                       tion, and your own growth?
   is it in and what can go wrong?                                                               • Develop best-case and worst-case finan-
• If the former, is anyone else using it to        Customer                                        cial scenarios.
   develop the same product/service as             • Who is your customer? (a typical profile)
   you?                                            • Will the customer pay enough? Can you       Can I do it?
• If not, why has no one done so yet?                charge enough?                              • What is it going to take? Every idea is dif-
• If so, who are they and how does that            • What critical factors will lead you most      ferent in terms of exactly what it would
   affect your prospects?                            quickly to your customer base?                take to build it into a business, but some
• What kind of entry barriers for the future                                                       general negative expectations might
   does your technology provide?                   Market                                          include:
• How long would those entry barriers              • How large is the market?                    • Long and often unpredictable work
   last should your idea prove to be a high        • What is its structure?                        hours
   potential opportunity?                          • How fast is it growing?                     • Setbacks and disappointments along the
• What are your technological risks? List          • Where could future competition come           way including the possibility of major
   reasons why the end user might not                from?                                         failures
   want to                                                                                       • An arduous and sometimes awkward
• use your technology even though your             Economic feasibility                            learning process with regard to dealing
   product/service might be technologi-            • Are there any obvious roadblocks from         with people—including hiring and firing
   cally superior.                                   the government—both local and na-           • Negotiating tough contracts
• What other nascent technologies might              tional?                                     • Dealing with rejections of various types
   become competition in the future—               • Is the international situation likely to    • Sustaining the best stakeholders
   one year from now, five years from now,           change?                                       through bad times such as cash
   a few decades from now?                         • What is your exit strategy?                   crunches
                                                                                                 • A realistic understanding of some of the
Market feasibility                                 Timing                                          negative experiences, combined with a
• Do I want to do it?                              • Are you in the path of a paradigm shift?      strong positive motivation is considered
• What turns me on about it?                       • Are you too far ahead of the times?           the essential recipe for long-term suc-
• Why do I want to do it?                          • What is the shape and duration of the         cess in entrepreneurship.
• Is it worth doing?                                 “window” for this opportunity?
• Financial feasibility                                                                          Why you?
• Can I do it?                                     Is it worth doing?                            • What special strengths do you bring to
• What will it take to do it?                      Financial feasibility                           this enterprise?
• Who else do I need?                              • What are the initial outlays of funds re-   • What are your relevant weaknesses and
                                                      quired?                                      how will you overcome or compensate
Market feasibility (product)                       • What would convince an investor to            for them?
• What exactly are you selling?                       contribute those funds?                    Do I want to do it?
• Is it a technology looking for a market or       • If you personally owned those funds,        Does it turn you on?
  vice versa?                                         would you invest them in this idea?        Why do you want to do this—really?
• How do you define your niche?                    • How is the financing connected to the       What are your exit strategies?
                                                      timing issue? (breakeven, burn rate)

                                                                                                                      DARDEN SPRING 2007 •   2
reunion ‘07
                  Around Darden:                                                        Around Darden:
              Career Development Center                                                     Alumni Relations
 Company Relationships: Breadth, or Depth?                               Mark your calendars, 2s and 8s for Reunion 2008. April 18–20
                                                                         Leadership weekend for the alumni board is Sept. 21–22.
 At the beginning of the two-year 50th Anniversary Celebration,
 I issued the challenge to bring 50 new recruiting companies to          Greetings from Darden, where we recently concluded our
 Darden before Reunion 2007. Reunion has just concluded (as a            celebration of the school’s 50th anniversary with one of the
 member of the reunion Class of 1987, I can confidently say it was       best-attended Reunions in our history. More than 600 alums, their
 a resounding success), and Darden Alumni delivered, again. Since        spouses, children and partners turned out for three days of fun,
 fall of 2005, we have significantly exceeded our target of 50 new       while reconnecting with friends.
 companies making offers to Darden students; most of those came             Part of my job in Alumni Relations is to collaborate with other
 to Grounds to interview. Thank you for leading your companies’          Darden professional staff in the development of meaningful
 recruiting efforts.                                                     programs and services that help our alumni maintain that con-
     This year’s graduating class will head to more than 20 industries   nection year ’round. Our goal is to keep Darden relevant for all
 in all functions. The largest functions are finance (36 percent),       alumni not only during their careers but throughout their lives.
 consulting (26 percent), general management (24 percent), and              As part of this effort, this spring we distributed a survey to
 marketing (10 percent). Our recruiting companies have made              all alums, seeking their opinion on virtually every aspect of
 more than 400 offers to the Class of 2007, and we are still count-      the School—from the curriculum, career services and continu-
 ing. A growth economy has triggered hiring in almost all industry       ing education, to the ways we communicate with you. I cannot
 sectors, and investment banks and management consulting firms           overstate the importance of this survey, as your responses will
 have increased their talent needs. Darden has a tremendous              be used to focus and guide the Darden enterprise well into the
 breadth of companies, representing nearly every industry and            future.
 student interest. We are not satisfied, though: there are still key        Our Lifelong Learning initiative began February in New York
 gaps in our portfolio and we have plans in place to attract those       with a seminar on entrepreneurial skills. Lifelong Learning
 companies to our students.                                              continues this summer as Darden Executive Education faculty
     But what will happen when the economy softens? And hence            and staff head for Asia to deliver a program titled “Innovation vs.
 my question: breadth or depth?                                          Acquisition: Determining the Critical Path for Strategic Growth.”
     In an economic downturn, I believe it is our depth of corporate     This will be offered in Singapore, Shanghai, and Tokyo, preceded
 relationships that will sustain our school and meet our recruiting      by alumni receptions at each venue. You’ll soon be hearing more
 needs. Are we there yet? Probably not, but Dean Bruner and I have       about this exciting program.
 deep corporate partnerships as one of our key priorities in the            You’ll also be interested to learn about the adventures of the
 coming year.                                                            Darden 120 Club—professors John Colley, Alec Horniman, and
     What does that mean—deep corporate partnerships?                    Bill Sihler, each of whom arrived at Darden in 1967. Between the
     Darden needs partners that are like business alliances. In their    three, they bring 120 years of dedicated teaching experience to
 book Alliance Competence, Darden Professors Robert Spekman              the school, as well as a host of memories. They’ve been taking
 and Lynn Isabella cover eight characteristics needed for a suc-         their act on the road to share with alumni, most recently in Wash-
 cessful alliance: trust, commitment, recognized interdependence,        ington, D.C. in March. They also took the stage at Darden during
 symmetry, open communication, joint planning, coordination of           Reunion. You won’t want to miss this very special opportunity to
 work, and cultural compatibility. Darden seeks partnerships that        enjoy the living history of the School. In fact, there’s an article
 extend beyond just recruiting (acquiring talent) to Executive Edu-      about the 120 Club in the issue you now hold in your hands.
 cation and sending employees to the MBA for Executives program             As the year progresses, we’ll be announcing other new pro-
 (developing talent). Our partners are involved in case writing          grams and opportunities for alumni to keep the connection alive.
 and sponsoring research. Our partners provide scholarships and             Whether we meet on Grounds or somewhere down the road,
 actively promote business education to their employees. More            I look forward to seeing you soon.
 than anything we seek partners who are interdependent—we want              This late news just in from the class of ’66: Harry Ben-
 Darden to be vital to your talent management strategies.                ner reports that his second grandchild, Elizabeth Catherine,
     Since the Career Development Center is often where your             was born recently. Bob Lloyd and his wife Margaret recently
 relationship with Darden begins, we want to encourage and assist        moved from London (the place where it never rains) to Virginia
 you in deepening your relationship. Call me or your client services     Beach. Herb Crowder sports a great condominium overlooking
 manager to make an appointment with a faculty member or the             the Blue Ridge Mountains. We think the punch list has been
 dean, and let’s build an alliance relationship. 434-924-7685.           completed.

                            Everette Fortner                                                      Michael Woodfolk
                            Director, Career Development                                          Vice President of Alumni Relations
                            FortnerE@Darden.Virginia.edu                                          434-243-8909

2   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
                                                                             Reinemund receives 2007 Abbott Award
                                                                             Steven S Reinemund (MBA ’78) received the Charles C.
                                                                             abbott award during reunion Weekend in april. the
                                                                             annual abbott award is the highest honor that the
                                                                             Darden school alumni association can bestow.
                                                                                the retired Ceo and Chairman of PepsiCo, reine-
                                                                             mund was recognized for his longstanding dedication to
                                                                             the Darden school mission of devleoping leaders in the
                                                                             world of practical affairs.
                                                                                In the photo, reinemund, (right), receives the abbott
                                                                             award from Bryan simms (mBa ’94) chairman of the
                                                                             alumni board.

Class notes
’                                                       Our special guests were Charles Cortez
                                                    Abbott, Jr. (Cort) and his wife, Byrd; Elaine
                                                                                                        shoulders, with both ends running well down
                                                                                                        the front. Before I knew it, we were standing
E. stuart Quarngesser                               Ruggieri, former Darden School vice president       on the front of the stage, shoulder-to-shoulder
There were a number of “wonderful surprises”        for public relations; John Forbes and his wife,     across the stage. The audience applauded loud
the School had for our class at our 50th            Mary Elizabeth; and Patrice Farley. John gave a     and long and then we returned to our seats.
Reunion, April 20-22. It is a challenge for me      speech, which—as always - included intriguing       I could not feel more proud of our class and
to be able to communicate with proper words,        and cutely off-color jokes.                         privileged to be a member. As I reflected on
expressing on behalf of the Class, our feelings           As the event was coming to a close, many,     the “wonderful surprise” it became absolutely
of gratitude, emotions, and maybe downright         if not all, made positive comments about the        clear to me that after the two-year horrendous
awe.                                                table decorations and the delicious dinner. I can   burden of the “Darden Experience,” I felt a huge
     Friday afternoon at 5:40 p.m., I walked down   tell you some of us were absolutely stunned         relief and sense of pride and accomplishment
the hill to the Gatehouse and took the elevator     by the experience. Days later, after I came back    when I learned that I would graduate with my
down to the Pub to check on the preparations        to Baltimore, I called Mary Ann to describe         class. However, the recognition on the stage
for our deluxe bar and buffet Dinner. I was 15      for me the table decorations and menu. She          with my classmates was beyond the graduation.
minutes early, and when the door opened,            consulted several of her friends and faxed to       I don’t believe I am alone in describing my
I saw the assistant general manager of the          me the information that the flowers were long-      feelings about being on the stage with my class
Abbott Dining Center and Sponsors Executive         stemmed red tulips in tall, glass cylinder vases    and the ovation.
Residence, addressing the staff about what tasks    that were elegant with the taupe napkins in              After this, Bryan Simms, chairman of the
they were expected to perform. Our eyes met         tall wine glasses, taupe tablecloths, and golden    alumni board, presented the Annual Fund check
and I realized I wasn’t supposed to be there. I     chargers (serving plates). The dinner menu          to Dean Bruner in the amount of $2,229,919.00.
never left the elevator and pushed the button       was beef tenderloin, potatoes, salmon, green             Warren Thompson, last year’s recipient of
to close the door and go to the upper level. That   beans, preceded by crab salad atop the golden       the Abbott Award, presented this year’s Abbot
experience gave me the clue that the events         chargers. Dessert was cheesecake with various       Award to his former boss, Steve Reinemund.
of the evening were well-organized and I need       toppings. The table decorations, the delicious      Touch of irony?
not worry. As I walked around to the Executive      menu, the excellent servers, including the bar,          Dean Bruner looks ahead 50 years to an
Residence Building and down the stairs and out      and the Southern Gentlemen were certainly a         ever more successful School. He’s increasing the
onto the courtyard of the Pub, I remembered         “wonderful surprise”.                               faculty by 20 percent, creating research centers
seeing from the elevator door into the Pub a              Saturday morning the reunion classes and      from which the faculty may draw, and creating
beautiful scene of plates and vases, and flowers    their spouses and friends and families were         a global presence for Darden—all of which will
on every table.                                     invited to the Abbott Center Auditorium for the     enhance Darden’s rankings.
     At 6 p.m. sharp, my classmates, wives,         traditional Dean’s State of the School Speech.           It’s a very noble commitment, to work
and guests arrived in the courtyard and while       This year it was an extended program because        for a goal that continues beyond the average
enjoying their cocktails, the UVA Southern          of the 50th Anniversary celebration.                deanship of 10 years.
Gentlemen, an a Capella singing group, regaled            Ken White, vice president of communication         Finally, Professors John Colley, Bill Sihler,
us with three renditions of toe-tapping songs       and marketing, welcomed the audience. Our           and Alec Horniman held forth with jokes and
arranged to allow four excellent solo vocalists     class was seated in the first row with bright       seriousness. They had presented their “Road
to sing.                                            orange stoles draped over our necks and             Show” to the Baltimore and Washington

                                                                                                                         W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
Chapters at the Washington, D.C. Army-Navy               The school treated us well from the            former-vice president of development for the
Club in March. It’s good stuff. In addition to      beginning of September 2005 and so very, very       Darden Foundation, to see if he would put
these three, Brandt Allen, Bob Landel, and Alan     well through to the end of the 50th anniversary     them on a DVD for each of our classmates.
Beckenstein are the last professors hired by        celebrations. We returned at 100 percent for        He was blown away by the vintage cars and
Dean Abbott. We gotta save these guys.              our 40th and 86 percent for our 50th. The time      wanted to know in what venue Tyson Janney
     Another “wonderful surprise” was our           has come when some of our classmates cannot         was dancing with Mattie Perkins, administrative
Saturday Evening Dinner in the Library. As we       travel. However, 86 percent is a phenomenal         assistant to Forest Keller. He thought the DVDs
wore tuxedos, the school provided white orchid      performance, testifying to our loyalty to the       should include music of the era. I was able to
wrist corsages for the ladies. The table flowers    School, which was acknowledged in spades            supply him with 104 pages of the top 100 songs
were white lilies, white stock, lots of green       that weekend.                                       each week of the two years we were in school.
foliage atop admiral-blue tablecloths, and               The School’s “wonderful surprises” are on      These are the DVDs you were given Saturday
brown napkins. We enjoyed a wonderful garden        top of the changes our class made to have a         morning. By himself, and for good reason, Dick
salad, shrimp cocktail, oso bucco, mashed           reunion like no other; one we would never           was able to take out the photos that seemed
potatoes, salmon, asparagus, and cheesecake         forget. One we would always remember—               redundant and organized the rest into various
dessert with various toppings. There were two       which was a request Harry Lewis made in a note      categories that you saw Saturday morning. This
chocolate fondue fountains with a generous          to me in a classroom some years ago where           format worked best for him in interacting with
supply of large strawberries.                       Dean Harris was giving the State of the School      the Class as he showed the photos.
     Our special guests for Saturday evening        Address. Later, Harry wanted to talk about an            I asked Dick Wilson to be chairman of our
were John Forbes and Mary Elizabeth. Dean           album of classmates’ photos with mini-bios.         50th Reunion because it was a very special
Bruner and Michael Woodfolk also visited                 I asked Dick bell, harvey fitzgerald, lee      occasion for both our class and the School. I
us, and this time the Dean spoke from               lecompte, Tyson Janney, and lewis flynn and         know his managerial skills working with others,
the podium. He included in his speech his           his wife, Sally, to meet at Jim field’s home to     and the devotion and dedication he has to
acknowledgement and thanks for our class            brainstorm ideas for Harry’s request. Harvey        accomplish a task and get it right. And I know
gift—the Honor Code attractively presented          and Lee had long round trips, and Jim and Jane      he enjoys the responsibility and challenge. He
on durable material to be placed in every           were gracious to host the group and serve           formed a Reunion Committee: Gene Crotty, Jim
classroom and to replace the cardboard              lunch. No significant ideas came forth, and in      Fields, Tyson Janney, Harry Lewis, Art Pleasants,
placards that had become dog-eared over the         maybe an hour and a half or less, the group         and me. Work was shared among us. We met
years. The idea came from gene crotty. tyson        left without lunch, leaving Jim and Jane with       four times at the School in a classroom. Nora
Janney, harry lewis, and Dick Wilson, who           enough tuna fish sandwiches three times a day       Kantwill, from the Foundation, was assigned
executed the idea magnificently.                    for a week.                                         to our Class to help with whatever our needs
John Forbes followed up with more jokes.                 Six months later, Dick Wilson came up          were, and she had lunch with us at the Abbott
I think the last “wonderful surprise” was the       with a wonderful idea that worked. During our       Center, hosted by the school. Melissa Gardiner
fireworks, which were for every class. I was        two years in school, arthur pleasants took          of Alumni Relations also kept in touch with our
standing alongside of Dean Bruner as the            423 photographs of us. He gave them to me           needs and kindly let us have our Saturday Night
fireworks began, as bright and loud as any I        as custodian of our Class. Later, I was given       Dinner in the Library, where we had been at our
had seen or heard before, and I asked if he         seven from Al Powell and three from Jim Fields,     40th Reunion. The development of the DVD was
would receive a call from the president of the      totaling 433. These photos were displayed on        ongoing as Dick chose words for categories,
university, John Casteen, on Monday morning. I      both sides of four easels at our 35th and 40th      print size, etc.
don’t believe any school on any of the grounds,     Reunions when we stayed at the Farmington                The elephant in the room that took the
ever had fireworks. The only episode close to       Country Club. Dick suggested we put these           most time and effort was the Reunion Booklet
such violence might be when a student shot          photos on a DVD and show these in a classroom       that is dedicated to the original faculty. A
and killed a professor during Mr. Jefferson’s       on Saturday morning.                                watercolor picture of Monroe Hall on the main
time.                                                    I showed 20 photos to Andy Krause,             grounds, where the school began, furnished

the class of ‘ takes the stage at reunion to symbolically seal a time capsule commemorating Darden’s 0th anniversary.

by Gene Crotty, is on the front cover. At Dick’s         middle of his speech to a group of people in the     wheels to carry the 14-pound vase.
invitation, Dean Bruner supplied a letter to be          Library of Congress, to which he had given one       Sally and Tyson had a brunch of which
a page in the book. Tyson wrote the dedication           of his books on Mr. Jefferson. I’d say that’s darn   everything was perfectly wonderful: bountiful
to the founding faculty, who are listed with             good practice.                                       buffet, upscale spirits, cooperative weather
photos. Between the dean’s letter and the                      Following this was the DVD presentation        for the alfresco diners seeing clearly through
Faculty and Curriculum, there are 33 color               by Dick Wilson, followed by our time in the          20 miles of Virginia air to the Blue Ridge
photos and a large black and white of reunions           auditorium, followed by lunch, and then              Mountains. Why was it perfectly wonderful?
past.                                                    we took the bus to Montpelier to see the             Because Sally and Tyson have had a lot of
      There is Tyson’s complete article, “Looking        restoration of James Madison’s house back to         practice for this event.
Back 25 Years entitled A = L + OE and a Whole Lot        its original plan. This trip was Tyson’s idea, and   You will never guess who was there: John
More,” in which he described the personalities           everyone was pleased with it.                        Forbes, his wife Mary Elizabeth, and John’s very
of all the professors. In this article, Tyson’s                Reunion Saturday afternoons have               close loyal friend, Dana Frye. I believe this is
humor is on display as well as his serious side,         historically been left open for rest and             a record. I don’t think John has ever been to
and he includes the famous speech of Henry               relaxation or any other activity, but our reunion    any other reunion class’ weekend, nor ours,
McWane, who was president of Lynchburg                   committee, at the suggestion of Tyson Janney,        attending three events.
Foundry, chairman of the Sponsor Trustees,               decided to offer this reunion a special trip. That        In January 2006, John had a bad fall which
and a member of the Board of Visitors of the             trip was a visit to Montpelier, President James      cracked his pelvic bone, femur, and three ribs.
University. It was the Sponsor Trustees who              Madison’s historic 2,400 acre estate in Orange       He was in the Martha Jefferson Hospital for
finally raised the money, over a million dollars         County.                                              three days and then moved to the Colonnades
(in the early 1950s that was a lot of money),                  Montpelier has been undergoing an              for recovery. Against all rules he went to
and President of the University, Colgate Darden          extensive multi-million dollar restoration of        his home with a group of people of various
Jr., was able to persuade the legislators in             the original building as well as the opening         medical skills.
Richmond to match that figure to open the                of a brand new visitors center. Our visit was             Soon after that he was cared for by his
School in September of 1955. Quoting the                 significantly enhanced by the cordial greeting       wife, Mary Elizabeth, Dana Frye, and Patrice
end of McWane’s speech to the students and               and active participation of Michael Quinn,           (Patty) Farley, who has degrees in nursing and
faculty in the main classroom, celebrating the           President of The Montpelier Foundation and           massage physiology. From the time of his fall to
beginning of the school:                                 John Jeans, Director of Restoration who made         the present, these three caregivers, especially
      “I am a great believer in the distinction of       excellent visual and narrative presentations         Patty, have helped John walk three miles
‘firsts.’ To be the first in anything is next to being   prior to personally conducting our tour of the       without a cane.
a champion. As the annals of this School are             house. As you can imagine, their knowledge                I was invited to John’s birthday party April
recorded in the years ahead, as it grows in stature      and insight into this ambitious undertaking was      9, hosted by Patty at her lovely home northwest
at the state, the regional and the national level,       a rare and special treat.                            of Charlottesville. The 10 of us celebrated his
I predict that your own pride will swell when                  We shall always be indebted to both            97th birthday in the warm atmosphere of close
you can someday relate to your grandchildren             Michael and John for their gracious hospitality      friends. That is when I met Dana and Patty, I felt
the distinctive fact that you were in the first          and giving up their normally free-from-work          very privileged.
graduating class of the first (completely separate       Saturday afternoon to be with our Class.                  On April 12, Professor Emeritus John
building and faculty) Graduate School of Business              On the bus ride back to Charlottesville, it    Forbes was made a Fellow of the Society of
in the South. I envy you.”                               was my sense that the visit and trip back into       Architectural Historians, receiving a standing
      The most intensive task for the booklet was        our early history—reminding us of Madison’s          ovation at their annual meeting, held this year
organizing the mini-bios, including two photos.          Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights—          in Pittsburg.
Another two photos of each of us were taken              was enjoyed and appreciated by all. Hopefully,            He had held most of the offices in the
from the different photos the School had and             many in the class will be inspired by their          society, from the presidency on down; but
from the 433 Photos given to me and put on               visit to become contributing members to The          most important was his eight-year tour of duty
the DVD so that if all four photos were good             Montpelier Foundation and the continuation of        as editor of the society’s quarterly journal.
they were included on the mini-bios. Some only           their restorative work.                              For his editorship, he had previously received
had three photos. If the widows did not want to                Dick Wilson was awarded a crystal vase         recognition, including honorary membership
write the mini-bios, members of the committee            with words etched: “J. Richard Wilson, MBA           in the American Institute of Architects; and, in
did—Tyson wrote three, Dick wrote two,                   1957, Outstanding Chairman, 50th Reunion, First      addition, the decoration of Officier in the Ordre
and I wrote one. Dick was working with Gary              Graduating Class, Darden School of Business,         des Palmes Academiques from the French
Peters and Victoria Spah in the department               UVA, April 20-22, 2007.” There was a Marine          government, and the decoration of Cavaliere
that produces videos and printed work for the            Corps insignia below the inscription.                of the Ordine al Merito from the Italian
School. The equipment they use is staggering.            Anne Wilson was awarded an 8” x 10” silver           government.
It seems to me what Hollywood looks like.                picture frame engraved: “Ladies of the First              Following his retirement from the Darden
Toward the end, Victoria and Dick worked on              Class.” A photograph of all the ladies was taken     School in 1980, John offered a course in the
these pages, and Dick spent the night so he and          by Arthur Pleasants Sunday morning at a lovely       history of painting and architecture for the
Victoria could complete the job the next day.            brunch hosted by Sally and Tyson at their            next 23 years through the University of Virginia
      Our schedule on Saturday morning began             home. The photo is for the picture frame. Anne       School of Continuing Education. These classes
in a classroom with an easy talk to us by Gene           was awarded another 8” x 10” silver picture          were held in a Darden School classroom,
Crotty sitting behind a desk punctuating his             frame engraved: “Chairman and Mrs. J. Richard        through the kindness of a series of Deans.
remarks with jokes about himself and others. I           Wilson.” A photo of Anne and Dick in a tuxedo             Bill and Barbara Arthur, Dick and Anne Bell,
keep telling him he is a truly gifted speaker. One       was taken by Arthur Pleasants at the Saturday        Denny and Marilyn Candler, Jay and Eleanor
time he told me, “Well, I’ve had a lot of practice.”     Night Dinner for the second frame. A black-          Cooper, Gene Crotty, Peter Elliman, Jim and
I watch WETA, public television for Northern             straw beach bag was given to Anne to carry the       Jane Fields, Harvie and Carol Fitzgerald, Lew
Virginia, D.C., and Maryland, and when I turned          frames. Dick was given a wild, bright-colored,       and Sally Flinn, Woody and Nancy Goss, Tyson
on the TV early one afternoon, Gene was in the           striped carry-on bag with pull-out handle and        and Sally Janney, Lee and Robbie LeCompte,

                                                                                                                                W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
Harry and Dearing Lewis, Arthur Pleasants,                  Reached the burwell household and was          first tournament.
Pliny Porter, and Kathrin Stepputat, Jane             told they would be in the area visiting young              claude “sonny” pembroke, although
Rawlings, Jim Rumsey, Schatz and Joanna               Ethel who will be attending her reunion at           afflicted by some senior maladies, sounded
Snyder, Dick and Anne Wilson, Jim and Mary            Sweetbriar. I don’t play golf so Armistead will      very enthusiastic about looking after and doing
Ann Willingham, Bonnie Wendt, Jane and                have no free time. Their travels have been to        all the work on his two farms and a sailboat
Brink Evans, Brucie Gibbs, and Lucy Kilby, and        winter in the panhandle of Florida                         r. conley “patch” ricker was off again
John and Mary Elizabeth Forbes made our 50th                charlie barham was on the way out and          to his favorite haunts in Thailand to beef up
Reunion such a success. Thanks to all of you for      came back to answer the phone. Everybody             his tennis prowess in preparation to take on
coming together for a weekend we will never           relates to that. They have not been traveling        Rutledge at our 50th.
forget.                                               and so had little to add in what little time we            Jeff robertson is volunteering for winter
     On my honor, I have received aid in writing      had to chat.                                         skiing and coaching high school mountain bike
these notes from Mary Ann Willingham, Susan                 pope was about to be late for a flight to      racing. He really feels very good but has given
Amiot, and Tyson Janney.—Stuart Quarngesser.          Houston. He and a group of friends go up for         up sailing—most of us will remember he was a
                                                      the opera. They can catch a matinee as an            champion sailor—and his wife is having a great
                                                      extra, consequently they see two in one trip.        time gardening in Rochester, MN.
’ Reunion                                           Far be it for me to get news from anyone on
                                                      that schedule.
                                                                                                                 howie Ulfelder sends this news: “I am
                                                                                                           just back from my second trip to Churchill
Ed Dinwiddie                                                linwood perkins remains in the property        Downs during a Derby weekend, this time with
We will be the second class to celebrate 50           business in Williamsburg and is working at           considerable frustration. I have been buying
Years out of Darden. The guys before us               transitioning it to their son. He is very involved   interests in thoroughbreds as a retirement
put the “bar” way up so we have our work              with William & Mary, like raising $75M for a new     pastime with a long-time friend from
cut out for us. They had 19 of their 22 (86           building. He was on the board of their Mason         undergraduate days. Our colt Limehouse ran a
percent) return for the April 2007 reunion. Our       School of Business; ran out of terms so is now       more than respectable fourth in the Derby of
eavesdropping uncovered a lottery among               an “advisor.” He is also downsizing and was just     2004 at 40-1 odds which was a treat. Yesterday
’57 as to what the return percent for ’58 would       an hour away from talking to a realtor about         our filly Cotton Blossom ran in the Oaks which
be. Let’s go for a complete return!                   putting their “big” house on the market. He          is the filly equivalent of the Derby and went to
     News from our age group is limited in            reports many such homes for sale in the area.        the post at 13-1. She was coming up the rail
subjects: health issues such as by-pass, joint              arno niemand has been inducted into            at the stretch turn just about to take the lead
replacement, GERD etc., travels and now               The Hall of Distinguished Wrestling Alumni           when she was cut off by the leader, had to
downsizing. Betty and I are downsizing and            of Cornell, recognizing those who have               check, and lost all chance to win. Such is racing!
hopefully it will be behind us by the time you        contributed to the sport of wrestling and their      It rained on us both years, which didn’t help
read this. It is pure hell. We will have moved        communities, both on and off the mats. In 1987       our dispositions, but racing at that level is a
into University Village. Our unit is on the first     he founded Body Bar Systems and now they             blast. Both horses have run in the Breeder’s Cup
floor, but if we visit friends on the top floor we    sell fitness products world wide. His company        which is the world series of racing.
look down on the Darden School and the John           was the pioneer sponsor of the Women’s                     “Susie and I are well and healthy with six
Paul Jones Arena, i.e., we will be within walking     National Team that competed in the Olympic           active grandchildren and a myriad of interests
distance to the North Grounds. Those long             Games in 2004. His contributions to Cornell          as we approach our 49th anniversary, which
rides back to Wintergreen after “activities” in       have helped to develop the Niemand Fitness           we will celebrate in Paris. We have homes in
Charlottesville were getting too dangerous.           Center in Teagle Hall, Niemand-Robinson              Cambridge, Mass and New Ipswich, NH and
     After the Barge trip out of New Orleans we       Field for softball, and the Friedman Wrestling       would love to see anyone who comes our way.”
joined another from Cincinnati to St Louis. We        Center. Arno has served on the Cornell Athletic      Wally stettinius is still teaching at Darden
wanted to do the upper Mississippi, but the           Advisory Board for over 10 years. Check out the      and praying for his first great-grandchild (and
barge was too long so we were on a paddle             Body Bar Systems web: bodybar.com.                   probably more).
wheeler from Minneapolis-St Paul to St Louis in             bill brewster, Ray, and I will be working            In sad news, charles “fred” sargent
October. I went with a small group on a photo         on the plans for our 50th Reunion, so we will be     died Jan. 12. He was 89. Fred is survived by his
safari to South Africa. Digital photography is        contacting your for one reason or another. We        second wife Marjorie Frame Sargent.
great stuff but I have a lot to learn.                are counting on that 100 percent return              A World War II veteran, Fred received bachelor’s
     c. ray smith remains in powerful advisory        to C’Ville.                                          and master’s degrees from MIT’s School of
status at Darden. Wait until you see his portrait,                                                         Engineering, later working for the Celanese
outstanding! Guess we will have to have one                                                                Corp. as a chemical engineer. At Darden, Fred
function in the library, or his cottage on the
shores of Lake Monticello. Ray just bought a
                                                      ’                                                  had the highest grade point average until the
                                                                                                           date that the school stopped computing GPAs
new boat. He said, “I can’t believe how long we       John Dodge                                           in the MBA program. Fred joined the Darden
had the old one.” Ray and Phyllis have cruised        Trumpeter Randy Cabell and his band                  faculty in 1961 and retired as chairman of the
on “big boats” out of Norfolk and find Norfolk        planned to appear in May at the 400th                school’s finance department in 1987. Fred
very accommodating.                                   Anniversary of Jamestown. Randy had                  devoted his retirement years to breeding and
     fred stow was coming to the ’57 reunion          opened the fall meeting of the Jamestowne            racing horses.
as Kent’s date. She fell getting out of the taxi at   Society with a fanfare from 13th century                   Class Secretary John Dodge notes, “I
the airport in Houston. They cut the trip short       Poland (in honor of the Polish glassmakers           miss our regular meetings with Fred where
and went right back home. Kent is okay now            known to have lived at Jamestown).                   he delighted in chocolate ice cream and a
and they will be here for our big one. One of             Dick rutledge writes, “I am now                  generous topping of sauce. Fred was the
their recent trips was to Belize, northeast of        serving on the University of Virginia’s Alumni       greatest and most incisive student and teacher
Guatemala, for fishing, diving and by the pool        Association Board of Managers, and that I have       I have ever known.”
stuff. Fred is off to Bali to attend the wedding of   launched my campaign on the 75 and over                    The class secretary also writes, “I visited my
a classmate’s son. Harvard class, that is.            tennis circuit and got to the semi-finals of the     daughter and wonderful grandchildren in their

favorite winter home, Kona, HI. Anne I are well       recently returned from a delightful fly fishing        American Cancer Society Honors
and looking forward to seeing everyone at             junket in Argentina. Their first fishing camp
our 50th.”                                            was near Trevelin in Southern Patagonia, and
                                                                                                             Darden Trustee
                                                      the second was a few hundred miles north at            the american Cancer society presented
                                                      San Martin de los Andes, which is at the foot of       its medal of Honor to Darden trustee
                                                      Volcan Lanin, the second highest peak in the
’0                                                   country. Ben almost ran out of adjectives to
                                                                                                             William Goodwin Jr. (MBA ‘66) and his
Jim fowler                                                                                                   wife Alice for cancer philanthropy, during
                                                      extol the beautiful scenery and the wonderful
                                                      wines. The Weimers were full of praise for their       the society’s annual meeting nov. 17 in
Dick Wise reports that in February of 2006
                                                      hosts and guides. The accommodations and               new York.
he retired from Cubic Corp. in San Diego after
10 years of service. Prior to joining Cubic he        food were given very high marks. I hope Ben                Founded in 1949, the medal is the
had spent 30-plus years at Ford Aerospace             and Cay will consider doing a short piece for          society’s highest honor and is given to
(Now Lockheed Martin) in Newport Beach.               the National Geographic.                               individuals who have made outstanding
Classmates will recall that he spent four years            Suzanne and John sinwell will be                  contributions to the fight against cancer.
in the Navy as a pilot.                               returning to Virginia this May in order to visit           the goodwins have made tremendous
     As to retirement, Dick opines, “It has           Lexington and attend John’s 50th reunion at            contributions to cancer research and
been a traumatic experience for me, but I am          Washington and Lee. While there, John will             higher education. In 2002 they created
managing to struggle through it. I no longer          announce the establishment of a marketing
                                                                                                             the Commonwealth Foundation for
wake up at 5 a.m. and get home at 7 p.m.              award named for his marketing professor.
                                                      Betsy and Jim fowler left for Venice in mid-
                                                                                                             Cancer research and have pledged $88.5
Instead, the days seem a good bit longer now,
                                                      April. Their plan is to cruise along the Dalmatian     million to six cancer centers throughout
though I still can’t accomplish everything I set
                                                      Coast.                                                 the country through this foundation.
out to do each day. My wife Betty and I have a
vacation home in the Sierra foothills of Calveras                                                            these centers have received donations
County, due east of San Francisco where we                                                                   valued in the millions of dollars from the
spend several weeks each year. The last time we
went there, in March, we arrived after a storm
                                                      ’1                                                    Foundation: the Virginia Commonwealth
                                                                                                             Health system’s massey Cancer Center;
to find four feet of snow on the ground with          This is a small-world column concerning tom            memorial-sloan Kettering Cancer Center
drifts over my head. In addition we lost power        maher and me (Nathan Bachman).                         in new York; John Hopkins university’s
for three days and had to use lots of firewood             Tom was one of the few engineers                  oncology Center in Baltimore, university
to survive. This past year was especially busy        (chemical engineering, to be precise) in our           of texas m.D. anderson Cancer Center in
for us up there because, due to fire problems in      entering MBA class. He had worked for DuPont           Houston; the mayo Clinic Cancer Center
California, the state changed its fire clearance      and Bethlehem Steel. His subsequent career
                                                                                                             in rochester, mn; and the Cancer Center
regulations from 30 feet around structures to         path was primarily to perform economic
100 feet. As a result I have been quite busy          feasibility studies for large capital projects, i.e.
                                                                                                             in Charlottesville.
cutting and raking my little acre to meet the         steel, cement and country infrastructure in                the goodwins have also contributed
new requirements. We enjoy the location very          Korea, Vietnam, and Southeast Asia.                    $80 million to support research that
much but could have done without quite so                  Of course, Tom is long since retired and          helped lead to the development of
much physical labor. My children, Carol, Patty,       living in Cartersville, GA, with wife, Helen.          gleevec, a groundbreaking drug used
Andy, Valerie and Laura are all on their own and      As this column is being composed, they are             to treat leukemia and gastrointestinal
seem to be doing well. Carol is a professor at        about to head north to Omena, MI. Her family’s         tumors. goodwin also serves as a key
the University of Southern California and the         100-year-old cottage was owned by her                  leader in the south atlantic Division’s
others are married with families of their own.”       grandfather.                                           Patient resource navigation system
     mort Williams, also a former Navy aviator             Now to the small world aspect.
                                                                                                             capital campaign. their philanthropic
and captain (USNR, ret.) married the lovely           Unbeknownst to either of us, Tom and I lived
                                                                                                             efforts also extend outside of cancer
Grazia Girod last July. Those who attended our        in the same town in suburban Philadelphia:
45th reunion in 2005 had the good fortune to          Swarthmore. We lived on the same street,               research. they have donated millions
meet this elegant lady. Their union brings with       Rugby Avenue. We attended the same local               of dollars to the Darden school, the
it two homes, one in Briarcliff manor and the         school, Swarthmore High School. We were in             university of Virginia, and Virginia
other in Garrison. Aside from this Westchester        the same place but not at the same time.               Commonwealth university’s school of
real estate merger, Mort and Grazia have seven             Tom’s grandfather, General John T. Wilder         engineering Foundation.
children: Caroline and Nicole are Grazia’s while      was a Civil War hero. He outfitted his Brigade             BusinessWeek	has reported that the
Mort adds Adele, David, Parthenia, Sarah and          with Spencer repeating rifles at his own               goodwins have donated 60 percent
Jane plus nine grandchildren. Last fall Grazia        expense and mounted them on horseback.                 of their wealth to cancer research and
and Mort toured northern Italy starting in            The Wilder Brigade monument is the largest             education. the goodwins are also listed
Milan and ending in Torino before going north         one in Chickamauga Battle Park, just south
                                                                                                             on the magazine’s 2005 most generous
to Switzerland for some Girod family events,          of Chattanooga in Georgia. After the war he
including a wedding reception party for those         continued his career as an industrialist in
                                                                                                             Philanthropists list.
Europeans unable to attend the July nuptials.         steel, coal and rails. Tom’s great grandfather             goodwin is the founder and chairman
Currently Mort is in the final stages of outpatient   was buried by my great grandfather. Wilder’s           of the board of CCa Industries Inc., a
physical therapy at the Burke Rehabilitation          daughter, Edith Wilder Scott, Tom’s great aunt,        diversified holding company with assets
Hospital in White Plains, NY, following the           instructed Tom to look me up when he got to            in various investments and real estate
replacement of his right knee. A particularly         Darden. Edith Scott was a friend of my mother          holdings, including the Jefferson Hotel
optimistic sort of fellow, Mort is already            who lived in the Philadelphia area. Small world!       in richmond and the sea Pines resort in
planning similar surgery for his left knee.                Tom is the newly designated Class Agent so        Hilton Head Island, s.C.
     ben Weimer reports that he and Cay               you will hear from him in due course.

                                                                                                                           W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
                                                     To complete our day the university sent to               I would love to hear from other classmates
’2                                                  the house a singing group called the Virginia       and will past on all correspondence. Should
fred gignoux                                         Gentlemen, who entertained us for about half        anyone find themselves in Carefree, Arizona,
As smooth as silk is how I would say our 45th        an hour with a medley of very cleverly sung         please give a shout.
mini-reunion went. The sky was clear, the            songs. I noticed Jim Dunton still knew most of           This news from David Walentas: “Two
temperature perfect with the Dogwoods                the lyrics to them.                                 Trees, our family real estate company, has
blooming and we had several beautiful spring              Received a nice email from larry Kellar        become the largest residential builder in
days in Charlottesville. Nine couples had            saying he would have enjoyed the weekend but        Brooklyn in the last two years with the
dinner at fred and Struther gignoux’s house          he and Barbara would be in Italy and would join     construction of 1,000 high-end condominium
on Friday night. Coming the farthest had to          us for our 50th.                                    and rental apartments. We have just purchased
be Jim and Nancy Dunton from Pasadena,                                                                   a large track of land on the far west side
CA. Jim is still working in the investment on                                                            of midtown Manhattan and plan to begin
the coast and Nancy is still riding with several
horses in the barn. Their daughter much to my
                                                     ’ Reunion                                         construction of 1,000 apartments later
                                                                                                         this year. Jane has completed the 20-year
interest is studying jazz piano.                     John Wright                                         restoration of her landmark antique carousel,
     Waller and Judy harris came in from             wpltd@aol.com                                       PTC 61, which we purchased in 1984 from an
Bloomfield, MI. Waller says because he is a          bob gaines was at Foxfield in May and at            amusement park in Youngstown, OH. It is up
good listener he has become the wise man of          the Darden tent looking for classmates. The         and running in Dumbo. Our son, Jed, age 32,
the neighborhood, and all ages come to him           UVA Club of New York had an Amtrak car              is working with me and he is better than me
to discuss decisions to be made and just to          that left Friday afternoon from New York and        at almost everything. We will be at our farm
talk (we all might learn from this.) He says even    arrived in Charlottesville that evening. The        in Southampton this summer and I will be
his son-in-laws and grandchildren want to be         next morning the Alumni House sponsored a           playing high goal polo with Adolpho Cambiaso,
around him.                                          bagel breakfast before buses took everyone          currently the best polo player in the world. We
     Joe and Rita hawranek are living in             to the festivities. A fabulous day with beautiful   are all happy, healthy and having fun. Come see
Arizona. Joe is ready to retire and has still to     weather and horse races too! Darden had a           us in Dumbo or Southampton.
make up his mind where they will retire. They        great tent with a catered BBQ buffet, kegs
have taken two trips to New Zealand and              of beer and an open bar. Sunday afternoon
narrowed their choice to two cities there, both
on the water. Joe says New Zealand is the only
                                                     Amtrak took everyone back to New York.
                                                          Bob reports that he will be leaving June
palce left that’s safe where you can still get “a    6 to go bicycling in Tuscany with Ciclismo          frank Ellet
bang for the buck.” Rita mentioned that they         Classico. He says he has been training during       ron Wagoner is enjoying retirement and
also looked at New Mexico, but wisely she told       the winter on spinning equipment at the             staying busy with volunteer projects. He
me it’s Joe’s call.                                  Westport YMCA and now with good weather on          started studying Spanish last fall and now is
     The staats, alan and Barbara (the               his bike in the Pocono Mountains ...Foxfield was    assisting Latino families with their finances
newlyweds), both have moved into their golden        not necessarily part of the training                and tax preparation. chuck and Mary mena
years with a tremendous amount of vigor. I was                                                           Koches visited with the Wagoners last fall as
lucky enough to sit with them Saturday night                                                             past of a 4,000 mile retirement tour around
for dinner at Darden and learned about both of
their careers; Alan moving oil tankers for Exxon     ’                                                 the country. Chuck lives in Charleston, SC,
                                                                                                         close to his immediate family.
and Barbara’s adventures in Europe.                  Dick tatlow reports, “I am still working for              had talbot is enjoying winters in
     Even though John and Nancy Kennedy              A.G. Edwards in Mesa, Arizona. However I            Charleston also. He still has his main summer
could only stay for Friday night, they had to        have reduced my schedule to two days a              residence in Katonah, NY. He and Louise will
drive back to Florida, I found out they were still   week. My wife, Pat, and I are enjoying living       be going to Lake Como this summer where he
living in West Palm Beach. John is consulting        at the Boulders in Carefree. The community          spent eight summers right after Darden.
and Nancy working in her own import business.        is terrific as all the folks are from different           hart gary is a grandfather for the first
It certainly was wonderful for them to come all      walks of life, come from different places, and      time...grandson Alden was born the day before
this way for the day.                                were successful at a variety of careers. Along      Easter.
     We were also lucky to be able to have           with the social activities, golf and tennis are           Walter Witschey is retiring on June 30
howard and Pat lawrence for Friday night             a mainstay. I think I’m getting better at golf;     from the Science Museum of Virginia after
before having to go home that evening.               now if I could just find the ball.                  fifteen years as executive director. July 1 he
Howard had seen charlie and Mimi mackall                  Pat and I will travel to New York tomorrow     will join the faculty of Longwood University
(both well) lately. He also had dinner with Molly    for my 50th high school reunion, and will           as professor of anthropology and science
Munday and her new husband at a neighbor’s           celebrate her birthday in the city with a New       education. He and Joan are building their
house.                                               York day including dinner and the show “Jersey      retirement home in Farmville, VA, near
     troost and Kathy parker also joined us          Boys”. Along the way I will catch up with some      Longwood and Hampden-Sydney. “I’m getting
for dinner on Friday before having to leave for      clients.                                            back into my archeology research on the
West Virginia on Saturday morning to spend the            This past year was a busy one for our son,     Mayan culture, including the ‘Atlas of Ancient
weekend in their new house.                          Chip. He passed all requirements for CFA, had       Mayan Sites.’ Just finished teaching ‘the Maya
     It was also great to see r. “Wheat” and         a very successful business year, married a          Collapse’ at Virginia Commonwealth University
Dale Wallenborn with us for the two days. Both       great gal Jenifer, and bought a home in Marin       as professor of life sciences. Daughter Anne just
looked great and I had a nice talk with Wheat        County, California. Our daughter, Leslie, moved     bought the newspaper she has managed for a
on how the City of Charlottesville had changed       from Virginia to Denver with the two current        decade—The Highland Recorder in Monterey,
since he grew up here. The conclusion we came        grandchildren, Chapin (7) and Libby (almost         VA. Our three oldest kids have given us ten
to was it has grown uncontrollably large since       5). All the kids are doing very well as parents     grands.”
the ’40s and ’50s.                                   would wish—life is good.                                  bill mitchell is working a couple of days

each week at Goddard Space Center preparing         Colorado College in Colorado Springs (son),         agency governance issues and he sounded
for the fourth and final servicing mission to the   a junior at Davidson (son), and a freshman          great. I checked with him recently, and while
Hubble Space Telescope.                             at Colorado College (daughter). We live in          his board term has ended, he is still active in
     That’s all the news for now. Keep the emails   Darien, CT, near John Quirk about seven             the search for the new national CEO and a few
coming. Best. Frank.                                months a year, and spend 4-5 months in Vail,        other projects as well. The governance issues
                                                    CO, especially in the summer.” John is a partner    are presently before Congress for action. Ross
                                                    with Tocqueville Asset Management based in          is very positive on his experience with the Red
’                                                 New York, and manages their precious metals
                                                                                                        Cross board, including the chance to discuss
                                                                                                        its work not only on NPR but with a number
Jim cappio                                               Dick and Carol verrone had planned             of other media outlets including the New York
News from our 40th Reunion—present were             on attending the Reunion. Unfortunately,            Times and the Baltimore Sun.
vic and Jean bell, Jb and Lois campbell, bob        continuing problems with their home in                    Significant as all this may be, the real news
and Ruth courain, mike heavener, lou and            Wrightsville Beach, NC, which was struck by         from the Ogden family is the birth of their first
Ellie ives, bruce Jolly, hugh Key, John and         lightning last June, made it impossible for them    granddaughter, Allena Grace Ogden, to their
Charlene piper, rich and Joan reibman,              to attend. Dick reports, “I could write a book on   son, Ross, Jr., and his wife on March 12. Like any
george and Mollie Wisecarver and your               insurance, believe me. We are indeed fortunate      good grandparent, Ross is already working out
faithful scribe. Guests included George and         to have wonderful family and friends who have       tuition estimates for Allie. His working estimate
Katie Wisecarver (MBA ’07), Matt Cappio (MBA        cared for us during these stressful times.” They    for UVA tuition in 2025 is $100,000 per year.
’07) and friend Kelly Godfrey.                      hope to move back to their home in September.       It’s unclear whether that is gross or net after
     The event, which coincided with the 50th            gerard teunissen was unable to attend          considering the scholarship a child with her
Anniversary of the school, was really well          the Reunion, but sends his best regards. Gerry’s    heritage would obviously merit.
done, including a glorious fireworks display        work for the U.N. and as a private consultant             michael Walker sent a note to the effect
after dinner Saturday night. The weather was        in international aid programs spans the globe       that he has joined the Executive Advisory
cooperative and all present had only one            over 35 years, and includes Tanganyika, Saudi       Council of the College of Business and Public
thought—we wished that more classmates had          Arabia, Liberia, Darfur in the Sudan, Iraq (1976-   Administration at Old Dominion University
been able to come.                                  1972), Indonesia, Thailand, Viet Nam, Laos,         in Norfolk. This group works with the dean
     Discussions ran the gamut from                 Cambodia, Madagascar, and Afghanistan. Now          of the graduate and undergraduate business
“retirement” to grandkids. Most agreed that         he is living in Woking close to London, and         programs “on ways to promote and enhance
they were working harder in retirement              hopes to attend our next Reunion.                   the substance and image of the College of
than they had planned. Activities included               Finally, a sad note. John Warfield died        Business,” he writes. Congratulations, Mickey, I
starting new businesses, traveling, managing        in February while vacationing in Norway.            can’t think of anyone in the area better suited
homeowner’s associations, and a surprising          From 1980 to 1996, John was founder and             for this opportunity.
amount of physical activity.                        president of the Keokuk Junction Railway. He              Recently I had a note from richard
     Regrets came from charlie foster,              also founded the Burlington Junction Railway.       huntington who is in Mt. Vernon, IL, working
ravenel curry and randy lyon, who had               lou ives heard John Casteen say earlier this        as vice president of business development
board meetings to attend. The barbees,              year that when John Warfield saw the northern       for Good Samaritan Regional Health Center.
cobbs and pettys were traveling overseas.           lights in Norway, he had met all of his earthly     His current project is development of a
The mcnairys were climbing a mountain in            objectives.                                         replacement hospital at a new site. He’s working
Tennessee. And sir John rick was in Paris.                                                              on the certificate of need now and hopes to
     Other notes from classmates: John                                                                  have construction started by January 2008.
hathaway says, “I am working harder that I
ought to be at this stage, but I guess it’s only
                                                    ’ Reunion                                               We seem to have more reports of
                                                                                                        classmates undertaking service projects of
because I enjoy it and there is no future for me    greg Kilduff                                        one sort or another; as I recall last fall, Durant
in golf. I have three kids; a recent graduate of    innkeeper@porchesonthejames.com                     and sandy vick were in Costa Rica doing
                                                    It’s early April as I write these notes. Spring     church mission work. I think they were there
                                                    in Isle of Wight County is cool and pleasant;       in the summertime, so they certainly earned
                                                    the Dogwoods along with the Redbuds are             full credit for their efforts. In the interests of
                                                    almost open. Even our herd of bird seed-            full disclosure, they reported a similar trip in
                                                    eating deer (these thieving miscreants even         late February. While they surely were no less
                                                    surpass squirrels) was out this morning             diligent, I must report the weather in Tidewater
                                                    actually seeking their own breakfast for a          Virginia was rather chilly at that time, and I can’t
                                                    change. Porches is open for guests, and we’ve       believe that Southwestern Virginia was any
                                                    already entertained a few early visitors from       better. Then there was some mention of “R&R at
                                                    the throng that Jamestown is hoping to entice       Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast.” Hmm.
                                                    for a visit to America’s 400th Birthday. We’re            The news from John rucker seems
                                                    a short drive and a delightful ferry boat ride      encouraging, if difficult. He writes: “I’ve
                                                    from Jamestown; the party goes on all year.         completed a month of radiation to kill a tumor
                                                    Classmates are always welcome.                      on my spine and four months of drug therapy
                                                          Now to the business at hand. Last fall, in    to lower ‘bad” enzyme levels in my blood
                                                    early November, Jane and I were driving out to      and marrow. Both were successful and the
                                                    the Navy-Notre Dame football game listening         next step is a stem cell transplant using my
                                                    to NPR when suddenly we realized they were          own harvested cells in late May. If that is also
                                                    interviewing ross ogden in his capacity as a        successful I’ll be in an indefinite remission (they
george Wisecarver (mba ‘) with son, george, a     national board member of the Red Cross. He          don’t say cure) that hopefully will last the rest of
member of the graduating class of 200.             was explaining the board’s efforts to manage        my natural life....”

                                                                                                                          W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •    
Class Notes
                                                                                                  He ended with his plan to attend our 40th
                                  Double ’Hoo Phil Stone (mBa ’68, engi-                     Reunion next year; we’re looking forward to
                                    neering ’66) channeled a passion so he could jumped      seeing you there, John. In the meanwhile, we
                                    off the treadmill and onto a spiritual path.             can all maintain e-mail contact at: jrucker@
                                        after a career that took him through the military    ruckerco.com.
                                    and a series of real estate corporations, stone de-           bob Dearth writes of the beginnings of
                                    cided to follow his dream while fulfilling a market      retirement plans in Cincinnati. At this point
                                    need. He created an online guide to spiritual retreats   their plans focus on downsizing their home
                                    and conference centers, with contact information for     locally and spending more vacation time in
                                    the people who run them. the international direc-        their new “retirement” home in Cabo San Lucas.
                                    tories draw tens of thousands of visitors a month,       He still maintains active management of three
                                    effectively turning stone’s hobby into a thriving one-   businesses: windows, equipment rental, and
                                                                                             restaurant food sales in Cincinnati, which he is
                                    man business.
                                                                                             not ready to leave just yet, but he and Barbara
    “In the late ’80s I started really developing an interest in spiritual retreats—find-
                                                                                             are active volunteers in The Over-The-Rhine
ing peace, serenity, finding truth, finding god, finding answers—whatever you’re
                                                                                             Foundation. The foundation is concerned with
looking for as an individual,” stone said. “By the mid-1990s I thought maybe one of          preservation and rejuvenation of an historic
these days I’m going to create a website to help people find retreats in their area.”        district in Cincinnati recently recognized as a
    Between the idea and the execution lay a wide expanse of technology to be mas-           National Trust community.
tered. stone re-honed his skills for a new direction.                                             Bob also mentioned coming to our 40th “for
    “my whole career had been spent as a manger of people and marketing and                  the first time ever.” That is beginning to sound
technology, but I had forgotten a lot of my technology skills,” he said. “so I bought        like a pretty good event.
a PC, started learning how to create web pages. Finally I thought I’ll create this                Finally, since no report would be complete
website, findthedivine.com. It took on a life of its own. It grew over the last six years    without some mention of googan bunn, he
to the point where I have about 1,700 retreat centers. the way it’s listed is similar        did write that carter and Donna Yeatman
to the concept of the Yellow Pages. a basic listing is free, but more elaborate entries      have moved to Batesville, AR, which Mr.
with graphics and links cost money.”                                                         Bunn describes as Carter’s “ancestral home.”
    He started adding to the directory. First there were conference centers, “which          I’m unclear whether this move represents a
                                                                                             retirement, but in any event best wishes on
have bigger budgets than little retreat centers,” he said. “then I added a directory
                                                                                             your return home, Carter.
of people who run the retreats, and a calendar of upcoming events. an employment
                                                                                                  So much for this edition. About this time
page. It was like building a house. I didn’t ever think it was going to get this big.”
                                                                                             next year we should be celebrating our 40th
    so last year stone created a new website, seekaretreat.com, which is specifically        reunion. More news will follow, but please start
designed for people who have a lot of retreat events, directors and an active calendar.      thinking about it now.
the site offers a place for them to advertise their skills to lead a retreat.
    “What’s been really fun on this path is about two years ago I quit my day job,”
stone said. “my whole career has been surrounded with real estate software—either
in finance or information systems, or I’ve been a consultant. so I’ve made this my           ’
day job and devote my full attention to this.”                                               bill parham
    Carrying an entire business in a computer case also has its benefits.                    wmparham@aol.com
    “my business is my home office, on my laptop, so I just bring my business with           george Youmans
me,” he said. “I’m going to Corolla, nC (along the outer Banks), next week and I’ll          gyou10@hotmail.com
sit at one of the Internet cafes and tend to this, then go back in the afternoon and         Members of our class will remember the
beach it.”                                                                                   admonishment of our Darden professors to
    Cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit, stone says, has given him the opportunity        write “paragraphs” in our assignments. We
to get back to the Darden basics he learned 40 years ago.                                    challenged you to send in a few paragraphs
    “I get to work in marketing, sales, technology, accounting; I had to set up an           and were delighted with the response. On the
llC,” he said. “so it gives me an opportunity to wear many hats like I’m back in the         basis of this participation, we hope to hear
                                                                                             from even more members of the great class of
mBa program, whereas as a manger, you have other people doing it for you. as an
                                                                                             ’69. So send us your paragraphs.
entré to retirement, this has been a wonderful opportunity.”
                                                                                                   bill parham: Cissy and I live in Greensboro,
    stone also leads retreat groups. “my niche is contemplative retreats—silence,            NC at 1604 St. Andrews Road 27408, 336-275-
meditation,” he said. “I lead centering prayer groups and I’m on the board of two            4120. This is after the last 10 years in New
retreat centers. so my whole life revolves around this spiritual quest, if you will,         York at 304 E. 65th St. and several weekends
whether it’s the business, the retreats, or the board groups I’m on—they all have a          a month in Greensboro while I worked for a
common denominator. although my background is Catholic, I have learned to ap-                jacquard weaving upholster company. We are
preciate a divine source that invites all to enjoy this life. there are no restrictions.”    southerners who love the south but also love
    Findthedivine.com is Phase I of his business plan. Phase II will be to develop an        New York. This was a fun lifestyle which worked
interfaith retreat center, somewhere between Washington, Charlottesville, Fredericks-        for us.
burg and richmond. “I’m looking for something that will incorporate this vision,                   By far, our greatest news is the birth of our
not just on the web, but an actual place,” he said. so many people are overwhelmed           first grandchild. McCarthy Moore Spencer is 11
by the hectic pace of life. the bigger path is a spiritual path that sits as an umbrella     months old. She has just started walking, and
over all the religious paths. It doesn’t really matter which path you’re on. I just think    as her grandmother says, she is the cutest child
it’s important to be on a path.”                                                             in North Carolina.
                                                                                                   Life now is consulting for both of us. Cissy

0   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
is involved in fundraising for non-profits around         And speaking of travel, we actually did        manufacturing management for a number of
the country. I am involved with an automotive       more of it in 2006 than we ever had before,          different industries in seven different locations.
safety company doing broad business related         capped off by a cruise of the Galapagos Islands      Spend my time now volunteering in our
projects as they request. They are a Japanese       in November. It was great fun, but if you’re         community and
owned multi-national which has taken me             planning that trip, talk to me first, as I have      piddling around the house. We have three
to some interesting places. It is not full-time,    advice.                                              married children (39, 35 and 34 years old) with
which leaves time for golf and traveling                  from Jim Edmondson (jedmondson@                seven grandchildren from age 7 down. Two
which we both love to do. China is our next         unidevlle.com), cell 703-624-1529; office 301-       of our kids live within an hour of us with six
destination in September.                           656-6956): Well, by golly, you guys are inspiring!   grandchildren so we get to see them often.
      We look forward to getting updates for        How great to hear from you, Bill, and that you       Our oldest son lives in Woodstock, GA, with his
the class and hope to see everyone at our 40th      took Doug’s job with George. George, I was           daughter. Heading that way this weekend to
reunion in 2009.                                    born in Georgia to a Georgia peach, so I know        see them. We spend most of our time at home
      george Youmans: Anne and I live in            you have it good. Isn’t grandparenthood great?       but do travel occasionally. We have been to
Macon, GA at 1151 Oakcliff Rd 31211, 478-742-       Congrats on your first, Bill, and wishes for many    Great Britain, France, Switzerland, the Bahamas,
1736. After school, we moved to West Point,         more. Jane and I have eight, with number nine        and just recently to Jamaica to celebrate our
GA where I worked for West Point Pepperell          on the way. They are in Las Vegas (of all places),   40th anniversary. We are both in good health
for seven years. In 1976 we moved to Macon          in Cincinnati (two sets of twins) and several        thankfully and enjoying our retirement years.
where I was to learn the car business (Anne’s       miles from us in northern Virginia. They are all           This from tom goodyear (Goodyear@
family owned the Chevrolet dealership) and          healthy and happy. When four, including a set        ainop.com): First of all, I hope you passed on to
then we were to go find our own dealership.         of twins, were born in 2003, we guessed that         George that my recollection of his talk about
Somewhere along the way the family asked            would never happen again. Then in 2005, it DID!      landing on a carrier in his recon plane is among
us to stay and I bought the dealership in 1983.     The mother of the twins is super-organized, and      the most memorable of my experiences at UVA.
Today, our son George, Jr. is the dealer and I am   she has them on a terrific schedule. They are        He may say that this is more a reflection of my
free to work when I want! I must say it is awful    good sleepers, but they can wear us out over a       lack of interest in business subjects rather than
nice to have an office I can escape to. Anne has    weekend visit, of which there are never enough.      in flying, but he would not be giving himself
been part-time in the travel business for many      Our baby, daughter Lauren, graduated from            enough credit. I now have a SEL and SES rating
years and we have gone on some great trips.         Williams last June and moved to NYC with her         and it is, in part, the result of his influence.
Next month we are taking the whole family on        two best friends. They live in a new high-rise on          That said, I think that John cumming is our
a Disney cruise which should be interesting!        the East River in Long Island City, right across     only classmate with whom I have had any direct
      We have three children and four               from the UN Plaza. The apartment is great, and       contact since our UVA days and, as such, I think
grandchildren. George has one son who is            the view is spectacular—the entire east and          he is the only classmate who has ever had the
13 and in the seventh grade. Our daughter           central Manhattan skyline. Twenty-two year           opportunity to know Barbara, who I married
Cleveland lives outside Atlanta with a seven        olds shouldn’t live like that, which you can         in 1976. I think his only direct contact with her
year old daughter and a husband who works           appreciate as a long-time resident. The best         was when he and Betsy asked us to join them
for Delta (say a prayer for Delta & GM)! Anne       part about it is that all three roommates are        for an evening on their boat in a harbor on
Brooks lives in DC with two young children and      supporting themselves. Miracle of miracles.          Swan’s Island and subsequently, for a nice sail
her husband who is a new orthopedic surgeon.        They are all working at good jobs and enjoying       back over to Bass Harbor the next day. Having
While we are scattered about, we manage to          the city life.                                       gotten to know her—albeit briefly—he would
get together at our home on the GA coast quite            I spend most of my time on two companies       understand my current state of total despair.
often.                                              in the real estate business. One buys,                     Barb and I raised five girls (three mine and
      We look forward to hearing from you in the    redevelops and manages apartments, mostly            two hers) who are now happily grown and
coming year.                                        in the D.C. area and in Augusta, GA. The other       married with children. Barb was, for 31 years,
      Dave beach (dbeach@nationaloptronics.         develops “workforce housing” using a unique          the best partner for whom any man could have
com) reports: Carolyn and I still live in           approach that has caught the attention of the        ever wished in his wildest dreams. On Feb. 5,
Charlottesville on No. Dogwood Lane, where          marketplace. It is exciting now. My oldest son,      2007, after a two-year battle with cancer, she
some of you attended the Friday night               Ben (who finished Darden in 1998), worked            passed away at the young age of 60. I am still
dinner during the last reunion. I’m also still      with one of the companies for several years and      dealing with the early stages of mourning. A
with National Optronics, although Essilor           left last month for an offer too good to pass up.    future without her is still inconceivable. She was
Instruments, our parent, installed a new COO        We’ve missed you at the several reunion events       everything to me.
as of February, and I’m rapidly graduating          at Darden that we have attended over the years.            David pollock (ypollock@comcast.net)
to emeritus status, something that I confess        Jane, Leslie Tarkington, and I made the back         sends this: George and Bill, You guys are great
doesn’t find me shedding any tears. When            cover of one of the Darden periodicals after the     and the message motivated me to get back
the company was sold, my job definition was         last major reunion. Obviously, it was because        to you immediately. Shirley and I, now in our
intended to be as an ambassador for our             of my personal magnetism; had nothing to do          39th year since playing on the lawn at UVA,
products in the marketplace, but somehow I          with the two beauties in the photo. Come with        live in Portland, OR. After 24 years in “heavy
ended-up continuing as the COO for the next         Cissy and Anne to the next one.                      metal” (Cummins, Onan and Hyster) living
year and a half. Now that a young Turk—albeit             pete Erber (suzance@juno.com) reports:         in Asia and Europe, I left big companies for
one with a French accent—is on board, I’ll          Good to hear from you. Haven’t had much to do        the snow grooming business (Pisten Bully)
be reverting to the initial description for         with Darden since I graduated in ’69 with you        headquartered in Senden, Germany and, finally,
the second half of my three-year contract.          and George. Haven’t lived close enough to get        Stormwater Management, Inc in Portland.
Hopefully my ambassadorship will take me to         back there. Suzan and I have been in MS at 70        We sold Stormwater Management two years
Brazil, Japan, India and China; four countries      Pine Cove, Senatobia, 38668 for 27 years now.        ago and I lasted 14 months of a two-year
that Essilor had told me that I would likely be     Came here in ‘79 expecting this to be another        contract, with a mutually agreed departure.
visiting as we try to increase our international    two-year stay and have been here since. I am         Although officially retired, I am working with
presence.                                           retired since 2000 after spending 35 years in        Ashoka, a non-profit group which supports

                                                                                                                           W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   1
Class Notes
social entrepreneurs globally; Ecotrust,             Division which included the Insurance, Capital     and sales); Dallas (general management);
an environmental non-profit in the Pacific           Markets and Treasury Services Businesses.          Rogersville, TN, (plant management);
Northwest; and Mercy Corps, helping with                  Following retirement we moved to Cary,        Greenville, SC (international operations and
Asian endeavors including North Korea.               NC, to be near our daughter Emmalee and her        sales); Heidelberg, Germany (general manager);
      Shirley is great; working with a variety       husband, Jim Noble. She is a homemaker and         back to Greenville (marketing and international
of children’s organizations, Art Museum of           Jim owns an oil recycling company. In addition     sales); and finally Greer, SC (some consulting,
Portland, tennis and kicking my backside at          to Emmalee, our youngest, we have two sons.        but mostly retirement).
golf. Son, Dylan, and his wife Liz live close by     Gray, our oldest, is a software engineer when            Our older daughter, Laraine, who was born
which enables us to see our grandson, Lucas          he works. At this time he and his wife Cindy       in Charlottesville while we were at B-school,
(2), often. Ah, the joys of grandparenthood!         are traveling and living aboard their sailboat     now lives outside of Charlotte with husband
Daughter Gillian works in San Francisco and          “Cindy’s Island.” Eric, our younger son, and his   Christopher and three of our grandchildren
loves the Bay Area.                                  wife Sharmila are both pediatricians and live      (Alexander, Olivia, and Sarah). Our younger
      In addition to civic and philanthropic         in Charleston, WV. They have blessed us with       daughter, Alethea, lives outside of Charleston
activities, we walk in the woods, travel, enjoy      three wonderful grandsons, Nadeem (4), Rohen       with husband Butch and our other two
the culture of Portland and, alas, my vice is        (2) and Samir (9 months).                          grandchildren (Austin and Brady). We get to see
driving fast at Portland International Raceway            We split our time between Cary and Bald       our larger family often, and usually once a year
where I am an instructor.                            Head Island, NC, where we have a cottage.          we all get together at the beach. That’s fun, but
      Finally in the world-is-small category,        Needless to say, we make frequent trips back to    when the noise level gets too high, I usually
spencer beebe, who founded Ecotrust is a             West Virginia to see our grandsons.                find a quiet place to hide.
great friend of Dave morine! Spencer and                  hazen and Sara burnet have a second                 Most of my time is now spent on volunteer
I are trying to get Dave out west for a bit of       home near us in Cary. They attended church         work for our church and our neighborhood,
recreation.                                          with us last week and following the service        working on my project car, woodworking,
      Jim perkins (perkinsjjr@aol.com) checks        we saw gordon clayton and his wife in the          gardening, honey-do lists and honey-don’t lists.
in: I’m happy to get the Cliff notes version of      congregation. We had a quite a visit and caught    I also enjoy reading on various subjects and
your last almost-40 years. I’ve kept up with         up on the news since the 1999 reunion when         playing on my computer (big surprise).
George and Anne over the years, as well as           we were all six in attendance.                           We are blessed to have reached this point
Rhoads and Marcella, and Pat and Diane. We                Our addresses are:                            in our lives. With fingers crossed and prayers,
have only rarely seen the Omohundros, even                115 Palace Green                              we look forward to the rest of the journey and
though they are in the Boston area.                       Cary, NC 27518                                to see you all along the way.
      I’ve been retired for 15 years, after               (919) 327-2224                                      Here’s the news from mike haugh
spending 21 years at the Boston Consulting                6 Creeping Cucumber Court                     (CMHaugh@aol.com): Bonnie and I live
Group mostly as treasurer and chief financial             Bald Head Island, NC                          in Pittsford, NY (outside Rochester) at 20
officer. We split our year between Naples,                (910) 454-0455                                Chesterbrook Lane 14534, 585-586-9696.
FL (October to May), and Dedham, MA, with                 Please give me a call if you are visiting     After Darden, I moved to Richmond and
occasional trips thrown in. Our three children       either place.                                      joined The Bank of Virginia as a small business
are Elliott, a software engineer in Paso Robles,          Now a few words from Pat Taylor               management consultant. Over the next 10
CA, working for a very small company headed          (pattaylorvmi64@aol.com): Our old study            years, I moved through several staff positions
by his father-in-law. He is married, and they are    group: Perkins, Youmans, Zimmerman and I           at the bank, spent three years as CFO of a
parents of our one grandchild - Harvey, just         have gotten together several times over the        family-owned brick manufacturer and joined
6. Edie is a director of International Marketing     years, but I have had little contact with others   Mobil Chemical as a financial manager in
for Scholastic Publications in New York, and a       in our class except Ernie stephenson, who          the Phosphorus Chemicals division. More
serious runner. She ran the New York Marathon        lives here in Richmond.                            importantly, daughters Kimberley and Sarah
in 2:52, and was the 8th woman to finish. Right      After leaving GSBA, I went to work for Rohm        arrived during that period.
now she is out of action, because of a knee          & Haas, who after training me in Philly for the          In 1980, after expressing an interest in
problem. Alexander teaches sea kayaking and          summer then sent me to Houston where I             general management, I was transferred to
humanities at the Island School in Eleutera          worked in sales. I worked for them for three       Mobil’s Plastics division in Rochester and, in
in the Bahamas, and leads canoe trips in the         years and then left to join American Filtrona      1982, took over the small Canadian Plastic
Canadian wilderness in the summer. The trips         Corp in Richmond, where I worked in sales          Packaging division—my first turnaround
cover 600-700 miles, and they see only one           management for 33 years. I retired in 2005.        experience. On the personal side, a divorce
other person - a pilot who flies in resupplies of         I have two daughters, both of whom live in    in 1980 was followed by remarriage in 1989
food.                                                Richmond, and an 8-year-old grandson.              and the acquisition of stepdaughter Jennifer.
      We feel very lucky that our lives have              My time now is spent mostly playing golf      Professionally, I got bitten by the turnaround
turned out the way they have, and that we            and racquetball and bird hunting in season. I      bug, left Mobil in 1988 and spent the next 17
have lived in the present era. I suspect our         do teach 4th grade math one afternoon a week       years as a consultant and interim manager
children, and their children (child, for now) will   as a volunteer at an inner city public school.     for bankrupt and troubled companies—not
live in a more difficult era.                        My traveling is mainly hunting trips to Maine,     terribly profitable, but lots of fun. In 2005, I
      larry Jones (laurancejonesnc@aol.com)          Texas, South Dakota and North Carolina.            joined High Tech Rochester as the director
tells us: Brenda and I returned to West Virginia          I’ve been to all my VMI reunions and          of the regional Manufacturing Extension
following graduation from Darden. I spent the        find that I enjoy them more as I grow older. I     Partnership Center, a partially federally-
next 36 years in various financial management        have missed the recent Darden reunions, but I      funded consulting organization focused on
positions with what is now BB&T Corporation.         am looking forward to the 40th.                    helping small and mid-sized manufacturers.
The first thirty-one years were in West Virginia,         This just in from E.c. (angie) orfanedes      (If this sounds ironically similar to my first
then my bank One Valley Bancorp was acquired         (ecorfanedes1@charter.net): Karol and I            position out of Darden, it is!) Today, instead of
by BB&T and I spent the next five years in           live at 104 Antigua Way, Greer, SC 29650,          unproductively complaining about the state of
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and retired two       864.286.9004. After school, our career path        US manufacturing and the woes of the upstate
years ago as CFO of BB&T Financial Services          took us to Petersburg, VA (manufacturing           New York economy, I have become part of

2   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
the economic development effort and have
some small responsibility for implementing the
                                                      Since then, I have been speaking to business
                                                      owners on “Your Success: what do you want
changes that will keep both areas alive in the        and how are you going to get it?” That subject        Jack Young
21st century.                                         has evolved into board work for private               T’was the first of May and all through the yard,
     Bonnie runs her own business as an interior      companies. So far, I have served on about 30          signs of spring were in bloom. No need for a
decorator. All of the children have taken non-        boards and am doing some speaking and                 bard (at least it rhymes!)—but let’s move on
traditional directions: Kim is a glass artist in      writing about best practices around board             with news from the class….
Tucson, AZ. Sarah is an archeologist working          processes. Have a book in progress on                       Being rather fearful of the US economy
out of Portland, ME. Jennifer is running the          advisory boards and their role in transitioning       and its foibles and excesses, harry geisel has
used car operation for a Canadian dealer              companies to professional governance and              been investing primarily in international issues
and divides her time between Kingston and             greater value.                                        since 2003. The more unknown they are, the
Toronto. None are married, there isn’t even a              I continue to work on keeping the same           better … on the premise that, if you do what
hint of grandchildren in the offing, and I am         belt length by bike riding, skiing, golfing and       everyone else is doing, your results can only,
immensely proud of each of them. I seem to            chasing bigger, faster grandsons.                     by definition, be mediocre. He spent more
remember a class where we were asked to                    Life is good. If you want to read more about     than two years after he was “retired” heading
outline our future career paths. As you might         me and board work (and who doesn’t?) go to            a delegation that negotiated an international
guess, in my wildest dreams, I would have             www.hillcrestassociates.com.                          agreement with the People’s Republic of China.
never thought to put down what I have written              Tim Hotz (jhotz@triadd.rr.com) tells             His conclusion: China is more important to the
above!                                                us: Helen and I live in Greensboro, NC, at            world economy than the USA and we better act
     Dick omohundro (reomo@msn.com)                   4102 Haddon Drive, 27406. We have been in             accordingly!
writes: Ann and I have been in the Boston area        Greensboro since 1974.                                      His daughter, Jacqui, is finishing her third
since 1973, residing at 200 Prospect Street,               I retired three years ago from a small           year at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC,
Belmont, MA 02478, (617.489.3678). I remain           privately-owned manufacturing company                 majoring in criminal justice. Kathy is finishing
very active with an independent investment            where I was the controller/treasurer. Helen           her first year at Skidmore College and is sure, for
manager in the specialty of syndicated bank-          retired from the Greensboro school system             some reason, that she wants to be a business
loan management. This involves frequent travel        prior to that where she taught academically           major. To give her credit, her last stock pick was
and client meetings in Europe and the offshore        gifted children.                                      up 50v percent in six weeks! As a relatively late
fund center of Guernsey, Channel Islands.                  Helen has a progressively worsening              blooming payer of tuition, Harry is somewhat
Our newest project is raising a unique fund to        condition called fibromyalgia which means I           bemused by the fact that the girls’ college
provide Christian-motivated loan capital for          have become the “go to” guy for household             expenses are a little bit greater than his State
third world development projects in the areas         duties. However, there is always time for golf        Department pension.
of infrastructure, medical, educational and           and my other hobby…..singing in Greensboro’s                John booth turned 65 this year and is now
microfinance. Ann and I were in Tanzania last         barbershop chorus.                                    on Medicare… hard to believe for a guy who
year with one of the projects, Maji-Tech, which            We do not travel due to Helen’s condition        was just graduated from the Darden School
is the largest water driller in Tanzania. Both        but we have continued our tradition of a two-         following a tour of duty in Vietnam! He resigned
Ann and I fell in love with Africa and its people,    week vacation at the beach on Oak Island, NC.         from FEMA in December 2005 after 4 1/2
and have a deep concern for their plight of           Our two kids and three grandsons (ages 6 to 13)       weeks in southern Mississippi dealing with the
poverty and other basic needs. We are hopeful         along with other family members join the fun.         aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. John enjoyed
of launching The Carpenter’s Fund in the next              Two other UVA graduates (early 1960s)            the work but was spending too much time
few months which will enable us to accelerate         from the School of Engineering and I have             away from home.
the development of these projects. The                made many trips to Scott Stadium for football               He’s now spending time with
organization’s website is www.worldserveintl.         games in the past several years.                      grandchildren, travel, church, and his civil
org.                                                       From howie heller (mnrsls@verizon.net):          engineering consulting business. He is also a
     Our son Paul resides in Naperville, IL, and is   Pam has been putting up with me for a bunch           civil engineer for an urban search and rescue
an entrepreneur involved in developing a chain        of years (only she knows how many)! We’ve             team for North Carolina. The team is run by the
of delis, transporting New York’s unique food         been living in New Jersey since 1982, where we        Charlotte Fire Department, providing technical
style to the Midwest. If interested, see www.         raised two great kids—Matt recently married,          advice in the event of building collapse, etc.
schmaltzdeli.com. Paul and his wife Laura have        and Robyn (UVA ‘03), who’s about to tie the           He thought it would be easy until undergoing
one daughter, Kayley (3), who is the delight of       knot this summer! For the last 13 years, I’ve         the Army Corps of Engineers’ confined space
our lives, too.                                       been operating my manufacturer’s rep agency           training.
     In addition to the Boston area, we regularly     (M&R Sales, Inc.), handling 10 manufacturers,               He and Rosie have five daughters: one in
find our way to the British Virgin Islands in the     mostly in contractor tool and light equipment.        Paris, one in Japan, and three in North Carolina.
winter, and an island in Penobscot Bay, ME, in        Last year, I was elected to the national board of           One of their three grandchildren has a rare
the summer.                                           the American Rental Association, an industry          genetic condition called cystinosis, an incurable
     We look forward to hearing from other            with which I have been closely involved. It’s         but treatable disease. Please keep the child,
classmates and hopefully attending the 40th           been a challenge and lots of good times.              parents, and grandparents in your thoughts
Reunion in 2009.                                           Pam has continued with her career as a           and prayers as they deal with the condition.
     And now a few words from bill hawfield           Speech Pathologist (UVA, M.Ed. ’69) at a private            John is looking forward to a Vietnam
whawfield@aol.com: Joyce and I live in                school and has become a golf enthusiast—              veterans reunion this summer with his old
Thousand Oaks, CA. We have four children who          almost ready for the tour. She is bringing me         Marine Corps buddies. Turns out his best friend
are all self supporting and have not moved            back to the game.                                     from Vietnam is retired, but serving as an
back in. Also, we are blessed with four high               It’s hard to imagine that we’ll be at our 40th   advisor with the State Department in Iraq. Rosie
energy grandchildren (all boys!).                     reunion before you know it! Has time flown or         and John are planning a 17-day trip to China
My business life changed when I sold my               what?                                                 this summer. Don’t know what this says about
company, Penguin’s Frozen Yogurt, in 1990.                                                                  our generation except we are certainly doing

                                                                                                                              W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
                                                     wheelchair and DART bus. Debbie continues to                 I’m very involved with chairing public
                                                     work as director of special events for the Dallas       policy and thrift shop committees for a non-
                                                     Museum of Art. If you get a chance, give him a          profit dealing with victims of crime in our
                                                     call at 214-691-5286.                                   county… seeking key legislation for the former
                                                          After working 37 years in transportation,          and new customers, donors, and volunteers
                                                     logistics, and distribution for Litton Industries,      for the latter. Another focus is with an NGO
                                                     Westinghouse, St. Joe Minerals, GAF, Scott              working with women’s and children’s issues in
                                                     Paper, Engelhard, BASF, and most recently               developing countries—with 4.6 billion people
                                                     Formosa Plastics Corporation as director of             in the developing world, there are plenty of
                                                     corporate logistics and distribution, bob               needs. Teaching ESL and the occasional golf
                                                     Erikson is retiring. Consulting may be a                game round out most of my time.
                                                     possible avenue for him in the future, but                   Email (please send any update or change of
                                                     nothing definite at the moment.                         e-mail address; it really makes the Class Notes
peter guy (left) and steve hansel (both mba ‘1)
                                                          He and Mary Jo are building a retirement           easier and provides timely sharing of important
overlooking the Yarra river and downtown mel-        house in Aiken, SC, in the Woodside Plantation          information) or call me with your news. I’ll do
bourne in november.                                  community. The house overlooks the 10th                 my best to report it reasonably accurately…
                                                     green of one of three golf courses in the area.         with only the occasional exaggeration! Have a
                                                     When completed in June, he will be traveling            great summer.
some unusual things in our retirement!
                                                     between New Jersey and South Carolina, as
     In 1990, Jack cann returned to active duty
                                                     Mary Jo plans to continue working in New
with the Navy, flying humanitarian missions
                                                     Jersey for the immediate future.
in Saudi Arabia. While on active duty, he
earned an MA in National Security Studies at
                                                          I reached John barbieri at Sanabel Island,         ’1
                                                     FL, where he is helping his father recover after a
Georgetown University. Following detachment                                                                  Doug Watson writes, “I joined Financial
                                                     recent hospital visit. John is technically “retired,”
in 1993, he went to Kings College in London to                                                               Security Assurance in 2001 after 23 years
                                                     but continues to run an on-line business,
earn a doctorate in war studies. Jack taught at                                                              at Moody’s Investors Service. The transition
                                                     Allapatah (Seminole Indian for alligator)
the Marine Corps Command and Staff College                                                                   has been good; being able to utilize all that
                                                     Enterprises, dealing with car accessories, and
in Quantico for 10 years, then retired as a                                                                  credit experience, and I now oversee the
                                                     car-care products for classic cars and motor
professor this past December.                                                                                underwriting process for US asset-backed
                                                     bikes. Car shows take his time when he is not
     He now works for two think tanks, the                                                                   securities that we insure. Cindy and I still
                                                     playing with his 10-month old grandson in
Institute for Defense Analyses and the Potomac                                                               reside in New York City and would like to see
                                                     the Netherlands. Check out www.allapatah.
Institute for Policy Studies, analyzing the                                                                  any of the illustrious members of the Class of
                                                     com. Visit him on the web or you may be able
problems of conflict in Africa and developing                                                                1971 as you pass through our fair metropolis.
                                                     to visit him in Florida a few months of the year
solutions and courses of action. In a somewhat                                                                    steve hansel writes, “Dana and I had a
                                                     following his wife’s retirement from teaching
interesting turn of events, he is returning to                                                               great visit (in Melbourne, Australia) with Peter
                                                     this year.
Charlottesville to accept an appointment with                                                                Guy, his wife, Sherene, and their family: two
                                                          bobby and ginny may recently returned
the History Department at the University.                                                                    girls and a boy sandwiched in-between. The
                                                     from a 3 1/2 week safari to Rwanda, Botswana,
     The Canns have two sons, one of whom is                                                                 guys are approaching the theoretical empty
                                                     and South Africa. Plans for a fall wedding for
a graduate of Darden, and one grandson by the                                                                nest phase, but their kids clearly enjoyed being
                                                     daughter Shelton are underway in Chicago. Son
other son.                                                                                                   close to mom and dad.
                                                     Andrew is married and lives north of Milwaukee
     To say that preston tyree is extremely                                                                       “Peter is an extremely successful money
                                                     where they have been blessed with the first
involved with biking would be an                                                                             manager, specializing in Australian small-cap
                                                     grandchild, Nora. Ginny maintains her interest
understatement. He’s on the steering                                                                         stocks. He is featured in a book called “The
                                                     in gardening and rug hooking; Bobby loves
committee, safety committee, and ride marshal                                                                Money Masters,” and having started a hedge
                                                     going to the office and will continue to do so
for the largest fund-raising bike ride in the                                                                fund with one of my sons in October 2001, I was
                                                     unless the opportunity for an exotic golf trip
nation, the BPMS150 ($12 million raised                                                                      grateful for the chance to pick his brain.
this year). As an officer and safety trainer                                                                      “Peter and I hadn’t seen each other in more
                                                          Eric chafin writes, “life as chief financial
of his local bike club, he sits on the bike/                                                                 than 35 years, and had a great reunion, further
                                                     officer at Woodberry Forest School (in Madison
pedestrian subcommittee of a local planning                                                                  proof that time and distance can be overcome,
                                                     County, VA) seems to keep me fairly busy.” He
organization; and he is on the board of the                                                                  and great people generally stay that way.”
                                                     also wants to barter: “Live in NYC? Would love
League of American Bicyclists and is chair of its                                                                 Eric chafin writes, “life as chief financial
                                                     to trade use of 3-bedroom 2-bath house on
education committee. He recently spent a day                                                                 officer at Woodberry Forest School (in Madison
                                                     Route 231 in Cismont, VA, for use of small NYC
in Washington and a day in the state capitol in                                                              County, VA) seems to keep me fairly busy.” He
                                                     apartment. Timing quite flexible.” Interested
Texas lobbying for bicyclist-friendly legislation.                                                           also wants to barter:
                                                     parties can drop a note to Eric at P.O. Box 211,
     In semi-retirement, Preston consults on                                                                      “Live in NYC? Would love to trade use
                                                     Keswick, VA 22947.
transportation issues (Safe Routes to                                                                        of 3-bedroom 2-bath house on Route 231 in
                                                          The Youngs added grandchildren numbers
     School) with state departments of                                                                       Cismont, VA, for use of small NYC apartment.
                                                     four and five last year—one in D.C., the other
transportation across the nation. He rides                                                                   Timing quite flexible.” Interested parties can
                                                     in London. The christening of No. 4 near
almost every day, pedaling about 6,000 miles a                                                               drop a note to Eric at P.O. Box 211, Keswick, VA
                                                     Salisbury Plain in the U.K. was a grand event in
year. What a super biker! He is looking forward                                                              22947.
                                                     the same church where Margaret was married.
to the birth of a sixth grandchild in early
                                                     Paula retired from her third career as a special
                                                     ed substitute teacher but continues to sub
     The news from the stack household
                                                     when needed… and when she wants to (a BIG
in Dallas is quite positive and upbeat. Bob
                                                     difference). Instant gardening, voracious reading,
is walking with a walker now and handles
                                                     and grandchild activities keep her very busy.
his transportation needs independently via

’2                                                 with an 11-year old daughter. That was until
                                                    robert Kibble brought his delightful 6-year old
                                                                                                         graduates from the Naval War College in June,
                                                                                                         with a move thereafter to the Pentagon. My
clint bolte                                         son to the reunion!                                  son James is in charge of sale for Kaleidoscope
Our 35th Reunion brought 25 classmates and                cris stone retired as executive vice           Imaging in NYC, and is about to have a son
family members back to Darden April 20-22.          president of Regent’s Bank headquartered in          (they know these things these days) in July.
     bill Woodworth, bob & Jayne Ukrop,             Birmingham, AL. A short while later he joined             So, all in all there is a lot of “change” and
marvin & Terry Quin, russ & Barbara parker,         another bank headquartered in Lincoln, NE.           “excitement” around. Warm regards, Rick.
bob oster, Walt & Patsy o’connell, marshall         Hopefully when he reads this he can get his               William a. crowell reports, “Nancy and I
& Caroline morton, robert Kibble, artie             new contact information updated with Darden.         are about to head back east after completing
Johnsen, Jack geraghty, Earl & Linda                      larry Killgallon sent his regrets but had      a three-year tenure as the Chief Information
ferguson, george & Tina Eastment, David             a scheduling conflict with an Ohio Arts Board        Officer of the Oregon Department of Human
& Christine beatty, and clint & Mary bolte          meeting.                                             Services. I’m exploring creating a foundation
all gathered on the 50th Anniversary of the               Woody mcglaughlin, Ed conrad, tom              (The Human Services Open Source Foundation)
founding of Darden.                                 hall, ned haley, f. l. Wilson, Doug smith,           to coordinate the efforts of states to develop,
     A private dinner party at the Old Ivy          and Dave strong all had longstanding                 maintain and enhance core human service
Inn Friday night allowed time for all of            commitments they could not break, but sent           applications for Medicaid, child welfare, self
us to describe career paths since leaving           their regrets.                                       sufficiency, mental health, seniors and public
Charlottesville in 1972 and share updates on              bill Woodworth and artie Johnsen               health. We’re going to spend the summer on
classmates who could not make it back for this      returned for their first reunion and were excited    Lake George while we see if the foundation
beautiful spring weekend. Following the formal      to get caught up with classmates, see their          idea catches on. I’m writing a blog for www.
class portrait Saturday evening, we gathered        first year apartment locales, and oogle at the       cio.com on my search for my next opportunity,
for a Class of ’72 dinner in Saunders Hall and      expanded Darden facility. Those classmates that      a CIO position at a college or university is my
were joined by retired professor C. Ray Smith &     had been to a few reunions welcomed them             prime focus.
his wife Phyllis and Chris Gale. Being two of our   with open arms. The group in toto offered the             Jim henry is “semi-retired and now leading
favorite professors, they graciously accepted       following comment in parting, “See you at the        JEH Consulting.” Jim reports that he is providing
our invitation to join us, filled us in on their    40th!”                                               sales strategy and business development
recollections of Darden and how its students              We’ve collected a couple of nice career        support to a number of clients, both small and
and curriculum have evolved over the last three     profiles on classmates, which we’ll share in         medium-sized businesses that are focused on
and a half decades. Their enthusiasm for the        future editions of Class Notes. If you would like    the federal market.
school and teaching made it obvious why they        to suggest classmates for such a profile or to
were among our favorite Profs. Believe it or not,   beat the rush and provide your own, your class
Prof. John forbes came to the gathering … he’s
97 and still flying kites! Fireworks and dancing
                                                    secretaries would be delighted to publish them.
concluded a lovely evening.                                                                              mike mayer
     All of the classes contributed $2.2 million
to the school in this year’s fund drive. Thanks
                                                    ’ Reunion                                          Dick crawford’s Virginia Active Angel
                                                                                                         Network (VAAN) has announced its latest
so much for the Class of ’72 participation and      howard Wilkinson                                     deal, an investment with a promising medical
generous gift.                                      To let you know what the rick harvey’s (‘73)         equipment producer in suburban Washington,
     Calls to classmates leading up to the          are up to, “we are just in the process of picking    DC. Dick runs VAAN from Charlottesville
reunion gleaned this information to share:          up stakes in Texas, and moving up into New           and has done half a dozen deals to foster
John Watson is finishing his 28th year as CEO of    Hampshire to be closer to the kids now that          innovation in Virginia and the greater Virginia
the Heartland Goodwill Industries of America        we are about to become grandparents! While           region. VAAN has chapters in Charlottesville
with an expectation of a June 2008 retirement.      in New Hampshire I
Last year he received the Distinguished Career      will be participating in
Award from National Goodwill. He and his wife       the Free State Project
have four children (one died 10 years ago) and      as one of the first
four grandchildren.                                 1,000: http://www.
     bill Young continues to run his family’s       freestateproject.org/.
assorted businesses in the Lexington, KY, area,           The family business
one of which involves thoroughbred racing           is still growing teak
horses.                                             on plantations on the
     Ken Zenzil owns the American Building          west coast of Costa
Inspection Services in Alabama, his home            Rica, and our son-
inspection business. He and his wife have two       in-law just accepted
children and two grandchildren.                     the presidency of the
     robert platten sends his regards. He           Quadrant International
could not attend our 35th as he is serving on his   Group, and will be
undergraduate school’s (Hobart College) Board       managing our annual
of Trustees and they had a gathering the same       planting programs
weekend.                                            henceforth. I will
     bubba morgan could not make the                semi-retire into the
reunion as he was heading a contingent              chairman’s role.
attending a trade show in China. He is president          My daughter Lisa      Darden alums watch their children graduate with the class of 200. from
of Seconds in Building Materials. We thought        is a Major in the US        right, John Kennard (mba ‘), ted Kappler (mba ‘1), george Wisecarver
Bubba was the youngest at heart in the class        Regular Army, and           (mba ‘), and barclay mcfadden (mba ‘).

                                                                                                                           W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •    
Class Notes
                          Kurt Wolfgruber      and Blacksburg, and will soon be in Richmond.        school districts do not do longitudinal research
                                                    poss Echols is enjoying retirement and          on their product after graduation.
                          (MBA ’74) was
                                               reports that he is now working mostly as a                Jim says their two daughters and two
                          named President
                                               chauffeur for his twelve year old daughter.          sons are now all married off, giving them four
                          of oppen-            Poss and his family live in Arlington where he       grandsons so far. Their kids are in marketing,
                          heimerFunds in       completed a career with the US Patent Office.        finance and program management in the
                          march, adding             Methodist Pastor Keith lawder is in a           IT industry with successful companies.
                          responsibility for   totally different field from his years in banking.   Unfortunately, Jim regrets that none of their
                          the company’s        Keith was fortunate to be appointed to his           companies make it easy to return to graduate
                          retail and wealth    home church in Georgia, but is now subject to        school, so he has not been able to coax anyone
                          management busi-     reassignment as his bishop directs, so a move        in the direction of Charlottesville.
ness units. He remains chief investment        may be coming up. Keith explains that he loved            frank genovese has sold all his operating
officer.                                       banking for 36 years, but just lost interest.        businesses and is officially “semi-retired.” Of
                                               In December 2005, David Kympton graduated            course he has been officially semi-retired since
He now oversees the work of approxi-
                                               from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond          1987, but who is counting? Frank reports that
mately 1,000 investment professionals.         with a Masters in Theological Studies. During        the private equity buying frenzy is running
    Wolfgruber says that more than 33          his studies at Union, he also taught classes in      hot and heavy and suggests to all operating
years following his Darden experience          the Religious Studies Department of Virginia         company owners that now is the time to sell.
a key takeaway—the school’s general            Commonwealth University.                             Frank is currently in the process of “re-creating”
management approach—remains just as                 In August of this year, David graduated         himself into an active director on public or
valid today.                                   from the Medical College of Virginia with a          private equity portfolio companies. He sees
    “It really ingrained in us a process       Masters in Patient Counseling. He’s also been a      this as a way to stay in the game and not get
of thinking and the consistent applica-        Chaplain Resident at MCV. David hopes to again       stale. Of course, another primary reason is that
tion of that process, not content,” he         teach at VCU while he looks for a “real” job in      Susan won’t let him stay home during the week.
                                               Chaplaincy. He’s also a Postulant for Holy Orders    He reports it is very hard to be quiet during
says. “Consistency and accountability
                                               in his church and will be deciding in the near       interviews.
are extremely important elements of
                                               future whether to move ahead with ordination.             Susan remains extremely busy (much more
our business. there are lots and lots of       mike santoro continues as director of finance        than Frank) as the vice president of Randolph
investment professionals but very few,         and strategy at MeadWestvaco in Wilbraham,           College’s Board during their transition to going
frankly, who can develop and apply a           MA. Mead has recently moved its headquarters         co-ed (i.e. formally Randolph Macon Woman’s
business management approach.”                 to Richmond and Mike has his fingers crossed         College). She also serves on the boards of the
Wolfgruber also worked at the CFa Insti-       for a move that would bring the Santoro              Richmond Symphony and Richmond LISC
tute during his summers at Darden “so I        family much closer together. Daughter Ann            among others.
had some practical early exposure” in the      (UVA 2002) has just graduated from George                 Frank and Susan’s three boys are all doing
workings of the institute’s standards of       Mason Law School and will clerk for a Justice        great. Michael is married, completing his Ph.D.
professional excellence.                       on the Virginia Supreme Court. Daughter Mary         in English and living in South Philadelphia,
                                               Catherine is working at the Virginia Museum          Christopher remains in Nashville and Daniel
    Wolfgruber has more than 30 years
                                               of Natural History in Martinsville. Mike’s wife,     will complete his Masters in Biomechanical
of investment management experience.           Martha, is currently working on a degree in          Engineering at UVA in August. Daniel wants to
He joined oFI in 2000 as Director of           Library Science from Syracuse University.            move back to Atlanta if anyone knows of any
Domestic equities and was named Chief               Richmond resident brad armstrong has            opportunities in mechanical engineering near
Investment officer in 2003. Previously         returned to The Martin Agency to manage the          that city.
he spent 26 years at JP morgan Invest-         Wal-Mart account. This will be old news by the            steve Zimmerly and wife Jenny write to
ment management in a variety of posi-          time you read this, but I thought I would pass it    say that ZINC, their business, “has been great...
tions.                                         along in case you hadn’t heard. Brad had been        but crazy.” Their old office site was taken by
    “Kurt has been a key contributor to        with the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation.        imminent domain (light rail station), and they
our success since he joined the firm in             Richmond resident brad armstrong has            have moved into a new facility with twice the
                                               returned to The Martin Agency to manage the          space. At the same time, ZINC landed several
2000,” said oppenheimerFunds Chair-
                                               Wal-Mart account. This will be old news by the       new clients. Makes for long hours at the digs.
man and Ceo John murphy. “He has
                                               time you read this, but I thought I would pass it         If you are visiting Dallas, please give Steve
helped build an award-winning invest-          along in case you hadn’t heard. Brad had been        a call at 214-904-8605 or via email at Steve.
ment management organization focused           with the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation.        Zimmerly@ZINCfirm.com.”
on producing investment excellence for         Jim noeldner reports that he has now spent           James glauser writes, “I sold my chemical
our shareholders and I am confident that       more time working in secondary education             company in Canada, and am now working for
with his additional responsibilities the       than he did in broadcasting at less than half        SRI Consulting, www.sriconsulting.com. Contact
growth of the firm will continue.”             the income. As director of career and technical      Jim at jglauser@sriconsulting.com, or (650)
    since the end of 2001, the company         education in North Kitsap, WA, for the last          384-4316.
has doubled assets under management,           decade, he’s been able to establish benchmarks            Thanks to all of you who stay in touch. If
grown its flagship retail organization         for the impact of school programs on what            you haven’t emailed me in the last few years,
                                               their graduates are doing six years after they       now would be a good time.
by nearly tripling sales, and built two
                                               graduate. Before he retires in a couple of years,
business lines to reach new customer seg-      he hopes to be able to see the impact of their
ments with the goal of creating a diversi-     systems improvements on kids in what they
fied asset management company.                 are doing six years out after graduation. Most

’                                                 Chicago-based treasury consulting firm, the
                                                    second with a social services organization
                                                                                                              Dennis continues at the same law firm in
                                                                                                         NYC which specializes in trusts and estates.
mark howell                                         assisting the poor in Guatemala and Mexico,          ray imp writes that all is well with him and his
Greeting to my classmates and welcome               and the third is wrapping up a major in Physical     family. His daughter graduated from college
to this edition of Class Note Chronicles. It        Education while coaching high school soccer          last December and works for Outward Bound,
was good to hear from Dr. Dave mortlock.            on the side. On the hobby side of life, a friend     counseling and teaching disadvantaged
Dave and Liz are moving back to the                 has dragged me into playing keyboard with his        youths until June. During the summer, she and
Commonwealth and plan to settle in Roanoke.         country-music band. (I used to think country         her brother will be going to Europe to work
Dr. Dave is starting a Family Medicine              music was an oxymoron, but he proselytized           on a farm in Italy for six weeks and upon her
residency at Carillion Health in June. The          successfully). Best recent vacation was a trip to    return will be going to law school. His son is a
program is affiliated with UVA, and Dave will       Barcelona to celebrate our 2nd’s marriage -- a       freshman at Cornell and is challenged by the
be practicing at Roanoke Memorial Hospital as       beautiful city that provided both fun and a nice     course work and the snowy conditions. Life at
well as the Carillion clinic. On a personal note,   respite from the daily turmoil.                      TyRx Pharma, where he is the CFO, continues
Dr. Dave may be interested to know that I had            Tom Parker and Betsy are grandparents!          to be challenging, as they are in the midst of a
my tonsils removed at the tender age of 5 at        Their other son recently got engaged and             new round of financing.
Roanoke Memorial. I heard that the hospital         wouldn’t you know, Tom’s book is selling like             barclay mcfadden’s son Barclay is
was never the same after that. I am sure Dr.        hot cakes. His book, “Is That Your Hand In My        graduating from Darden this spring! He has
Mortlock will be a welcome addition.                Pocket?” was published last year and is doing        a private equity job with Dominion Ventures
     tom hudson wrote from his home in              well at Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc. He is having   in Norfolk. Dominion is part of Landmark
Nashville. Tom, Lili and the kids are all doing     way too much fun to retire.                          Communications. Congratulations, Barclay and
well and very active. Tom reports that he                steve Johnson and his wife Neal moved to        Barclay!
recently taught a class at Tennessee Tech           Walla Walla, WA, about three years ago where              bill richmond retired as CFO of Greene
on diesel engines. Tom also serves on the           they now live on a farm called (appropriately        County Bancshares (NASDAQ:GCBS) at the
Foundation Board at Tennessee Tech.                 enough) “Detour Farm.” Neal raises alpacas and       end of 2005 and has been consulting. Most of
     craig Weichmann checked in from his            has their fleeces spun into yarn or made into        his consulting has been with banks, however,
ranch near Greenville, TX. Craig reports that he    rugs…It’s “all natural” stuff. She’s become quite    he has kept both his CPA and CFP (Certified
was involved with selling the Virginia based Red    the little Earth Mother…She’s also got a couple      Financial Planner) designations active over the
Hot & Blue chain of restaurants to a new owner.     of horses, four dogs and a barn cat named            years. He wants to move in that direction as
When he is not involved with such deals, Craig      “BC….”                                               opportunities arise. If anyone knows of some
stays busy at his ranch raising six miniature            Steve is still doing a bit of venture capital   part-time “telecommuting” work, please drop
horses...an elective that he did not take at        work through a new fund called Altitude              him an email.
Darden.                                             Life Science Ventures. He’s also written a few            smitty took the time to send me an
     Dave shein has relocated to the Richmond       books and will soon release an audio CD.             update. I saw him at our Friday breakfast
area from Charlottesville. He is renovating a       Steve is working with two other folks in Walla       meeting in March. He writes “I am still at the
home there while running his HR consulting          Walla—a former movie producer and his                University after 13 years and am controller for
firm, Claremont Management Group. Dave              assistant—to develop a variety radio program         the McIntire School of Commerce Foundation.
continues to serve as an adjunct associate          that’ll feature local talent, storytelling and       Gail and I celebrated our 31st wedding
professor for the University of Maryland in the     live audience participation…..He writes “All         anniversary in April. Brian, our older son,
HR field.                                           of this is brave new world stuff for me.” Their      graduated from Cornell in May and Russell is
     That’s all for now. Let me hear from you as    daughters are doing well. Austen is married          a sophomore at William & Mary, majoring in
often as you can.                                   and lives in Missoula, MT, where she is in the       marine biology/environmental science. When
                                                    University of Montana’s graduate education           not working or taking care of the yard and
                                                    program. Abby lives in NYC and is finishing          house, I like to kayak and fish. We keep a small
                                                    up the graduate education program at Bank            boat down near Gywnn’s Island.
’                                                 Street College. Anne is still in college and just         And finally bob and Candice checked
Dana Quillen                                        finished a semester at a manatee rescue facility     in from Charlottesville! Bob joined Cellular
                                                    in Sarasota FL.                                      Materials International about 18 months ago.
Thanks for your many responses for my
                                                         mary anne Zagroba is working on her             Prior to that he worked in Richmond. He writes
request for information. If you keep up the
                                                    third stint with Wachovia Bank, lending              he never thought that he would be winding
level of participation, I may just keep doing
                                                    money to high net worth individuals. She and         down his career in the same town in which he
this job for awhile. But, I would dearly love
                                                    her husband Dennis have three daughters              learned how to start one. (Hey, Jim mcvay,
if someone would step up to the plate and
                                                    (Maggie, 21, Elizabeth, 20, and Catherine,           add Bob to our 4th Friday Breakfast Club at The
take over for a stint. Think about it, dear
                                                    16). Maggie graduates from Princeton (her            Tavern.) Bob and Candice have two grown
                                                    father’s alma mater) in June with a BA in            sons. One manages a retail operation in DC and
      phil murchie checked in and from his
                                                    philosophy. Two and a half weeks later she’s         the other works for the Republican Party. He is
email, sounds like he is having a great time.
                                                    getting married. Her fiancée is getting a PhD        one of the five people left in the country that
Phil writes: ”I joined Northern Trust (Chicago)
                                                    in Economics at Princeton and next fall will         will admit to being a Bush supporter. His wife is
from UVA and have been here ever since. I
                                                    begin his teaching career at Notre Dame.             expecting our first grandchild in July.
was always a tech type, and have stayed in the
                                                    Elizabeth is a sophomore at Colby in Waterville,     Thanks again, everyone, for sending in the
tech side of the business most of my career.
                                                    ME, where she is a math major and continues          scoop. Now starting saving up for the fall
Not yet retired, but am seriously considering
                                                    her involvement with theater and playing the         edition.
it; a friend has asked me to help him start up
                                                    piano. Catherine is a junior in high school and is
an automated trading outfit, so if I do retire
                                                    a competitive swimmer. Next week she will be
there’ll be something new and different to fall
                                                    participating in the Junior National Swimming
into. Jill and I have three sons, all now married
                                                    Championships in Orlando.
(all within 2 years). The oldest works with a

                                                                                                                           W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
’                                                     In other related news, a few months ago
                                                   I had the great pleasure of joining David lee
                                                                                                        of running in marathons with his wife. George
                                                                                                        Edmunds, who has taken up triathlons, was
paul nelson                                        and his new wife, Julia at a wonderful reception     not able to join us because he was competing.
1 oak lane                                       at Fishing Bay Yacht Club in their honor. We all     Jay Conger and Charlie Scarlett shared stories
richmond, va 222                                 know David so you know the music was great           about their Dolly Sods camping trip that almost
cell: 0-01-0                                 and the beverages were cold! Both joined us          ended in disaster. Snow in their tent was the
Work: 00-- ext.10                         in the Reunion festivities and, believe it or not,   first hint that they might have picked the
e-mail: lpaulnelson@mindspring.com or              I think Julia is still talking to Dave! (Seriously   wrong season for the adventure. We also got
pnelson@tallantinc.com                             … Congratulations Dave and Julia! It was great       to renew friendships with professors, as John
Greetings to The Great Class of 1977! It’s hard    seeing you again!)                                   Colley, Alex Horniman, and Bill Sihler talked
to believe that about this time 30 years ago            Other reunion-related notes of interest         about their combined ‘120 years of Darden.’
we had just walked down The Lawn thru the          include this from bill Ketcham, “I’m still trying    Their commitment to the school and to all of
center of Mr. Jefferson’s Academical Village       to find out what tom Whelan wants to do              us—whether we deserved that commitment or
and then returned to The Darden School on          about his surfboard! Was in C-ville on Sunday        not!—was wonderful to hear.”
the North Grounds to receive our degrees           for my son Saunders’s graduation...boy, did that           It was also great to see Jay Wink at
from Dean Sheppard! After two unforgettable        bring back memories. As I recall, we weren’t         Reunion and he passes on the following
years we were done with case prep, cold            drinking bloodies in the local bar at 6:30 am...     thoughts,
calls and a few parties in between! Well we        but his entire class has...amazing stamina.”               “Reunion weekend was a blast, thank you
did make it and about 36 of your classmates        (Thanks Bill …congratulations to Saunders …and       and the entire reunion committee for your
returned to Charlottesville this spring to         Hey Tom …come back for our 35th in 2012 … the        hard work! I’ve spent a lot of time in C-Ville the
celebrate our 30th Reunion. With spouses,          surf’s great and I think I know where you can find   past few years, but until the last two weekends,
children and guests we totaled over 50 fun-        a surfboard!)                                        I’ve never ventured out of my car at Darden.
loving, story-swapping, reminiscing and                 Scott Harris writes to say, “Hi to all, I       I have always maintained contact with Donn
current events up-dating crew. The weather         made my first reunion ever and really enjoyed        Hutchins and Teri Louden, but it was great
was perfect and the events were a blast! The       catching up with classmates and professors.          to reconnect with you and Mike, plus Sallye
Reunion Committee was chaired by mike              I’m sorry I missed previous ones but I will be       Clark who lived in Greensboro with me the
Decola, Joanne miller, sallye Zink and yours       back for future ones. My second career as a          first few years we were both out of school, also,
truly. Also assisting in the planning and fun      headhunter (for fifth largest executive search       Sue Gray, Joanna, Ted, Tom Haling, Don and
were David and nancy (shepherd) Webb,              firm, DHR International) is now nine years!          Carolyn Heim. Also some of the faculty … I was
Don and carolyn heim, scott harris, Don            I’m currently serving a third term on the            lucky to serve as a TEP aide during the summer
hutchins, Jesse crews, John strangfeld,            John Burroughs School board, a local coed            between years one and two, and then during
sue gray goller, susan (overholt) ruth,            independent school that I went to (as did Chris      the second year. As such, I had the chance to
bill Ketcham, Dabney carr, irving groves,          Gale!). I’m also a pack leader for a Cub Scout       get to know Drs. Horniman, Landel, and Collie
Jay conger, and bringier mcconnell. Other          Pack of 60 boys. I want to encourage all the         when their kimonos were loosened and it was
classmates who made the pilgrimage and             guys in our class to track their PSAs annually.      less of a student-teacher relationship, and it
shared in the festivities were alex (max)          Mine went up this year and found out I have          was great to reconnect. Tom Haling noted that
chapman, ray Doss, David furrow, ted               very early prostate cancer. I had it removed in      one of the real benefits of b-school was that it
gary, tom haling, David lee, teri louden,          early May and have an outstanding prognosis          provided more options and choices, and now
Dennis malloy, June mccormack, John                because it was diagnosed early. (Thanks Scott!       that we’ve grown through the “I’m going to be
mcnair, mike mischie, charlie scarlett, paul       Great reminder!)                                     the king of the world phase,” we are able to
tilley, Jay Zink, and mike vardell … many of            And Mike Vardell reports that, “It was great    really discuss items that are most important:
whom brought spouses, children and guests,         to catch up with everyone but I’m disappointed       family, career satisfaction, happiness, life
which made it all the more interesting and         Scott Harris didn’t stay around—a real bait and      choices, etc. I hope that with the success of this
enjoyable. What also made it so special was        switch! He harassed me to come! But I definitely     reunion, you’ve probably created several more
several of our favorite professors joined us for   reconnected with the school and everyone that        converts and the heavy lifting by the reunion
cocktails and dinner on Friday and Saturday        attended. Of course, the big news for me was         committee can be spread out among others
nights. This wonderful group included C. Ray       founding Vardell Realty Investments almost           and we can convince some of the holdouts to
Smith (MBA ’58), John Colley, Dick Brownlee        two years ago (July)—about 20 years late             show up in 2012. The contact book is great, I
(who started at Darden the same year as us!)       compared to my Career Strategy paper timeline.       plan to contact several that weren’t there, tell
Bill Sihler, Alec Horniman, Chris Gale, Bob        I had to wait until I finished our beach house at    them what we have made up for them during
Landel and Alan Beckenstein! And fortunately       Rehoboth Beach, DE. And, of course, I was forced     the next round of class notes unless they
(or sometimes not) … they remember many            to start VRI because my wife sold her business       choose to provide accurate information, and
funny stories and details about our two years      and retired about the same time. This summer         perhaps convince them to show up during
of classes, trouble and mischief! Special thanks   I’m working on my golf game—so that people           the next reunion. Again, thank you for all your
go out to mike Decola and David and nancy          can actually recognize it as golf!”                  efforts. Little to report in the Wink home except
Webb for hosting us and the professors at               Susan (Overholt) Ruth writes that, “During      our younger daughter Randall is attending
Farmington Country Club for what proved            the ‘remember when’ conversations at the             UVA in the fall so we have additional reasons to
to be a fantastic start to the weekend …           class reunion, Ted Gary reminded me of the           venture to C-Ville!”
with Friday night drinks and dinner. The only      Southwest Airlines case study—and how I had                Warning! Warning! Future author and
complaint I heard about the Reunion was            suggested an alternative marketing approach          possible biographer for our class, Mike
that there was not enough time to visit with       that was quickly rejected by a certain classmate     Mische writes, “Ann and I become D.I.N.K.s
everyone. And … as you’d expect … we talked        from Texas! Renewing friendships with those          (Dual Income, No Kids) in August, and I will
about you. Of course if you were not there to      who shared the pain of the first semester was        be relocating to our house in Nelson county
defend yourself … well … you’ll just have to       particularly rewarding … catching up with Tom        southwest of Charlottesville. I am looking to
come back in 2012 to set the record straight!      Haling was great fun. Tom now shares the joy         initiate a new career and have a couple of

opportunities that I am pursuing; one of these is     company in Mexico, DESC, announced a joint            will be joining the 4th annual USS White Plains
to write a book about the Darden Class of 1977.       venture between its food groups with another          (AFS-4) Navy Reunion in Pearl Harbor. I am still
The Darden Director of Career Development             leading Mexican Food manufacturer—Herdez.             single and just turned 62. I get my first SS check
has informally offered to help co-author the          The combination will result in the largest food       in July making me an official Double Dipper. I
work. The book would summarize the class’             company in Mexico. On the home front, Mary            never got rich on my MBA, but I will be living
30 years of professional career experiences. It       and I will be married for 30 years this summer.       a good life and I am always proud to cite my
would be a guide for young professionals that         Our oldest, Megan, was married three years ago        Darden degree! After lounging around for a
focuses on the personal, family, financial, and       and is a nurse in Infectious Diseases at Medical      few months I will consider a part-time leisure
geographic decision-making that will impact           City Hospital in Dallas. After graduating from        industry job to earn the $12 grand that I am
the timing and direction of an individual’s           Southern Methodist University (the only other         allowed without a SS offset. I’ll be updating my
career development process. The message               school to have a rotunda on its campus), she          address and phone number in case anyone
being that most ‘career’ decisions are not driven     went to Baylor Nursing School. Our middle             wants to call during a visit to Lake Tahoe and/or
by business/job promotion factors. I believe our      daughter, Lauren, will be getting married on          Reno. Best wishes to all!”
class is a unique slice of the American business      July 7, a most popular date. So popular in fact             Gary Holloway missed reunion but passed
experience and would be a great, cohesive             that over three times as many couples are tying       on this note, “It doesn’t look good for me being
model of how personal career management               the knot during this first week in July than is       there. I will be in Japan but if things change I
decisions are made. It was the Reunion that           historically the case. Lauren continued our           will try to come. Say hi to everyone for Julie
got me thinking about us as a group. It seems a       Virginia connection, getting her undergraduate        and me.”
bit too late to put together something formal.        and graduate degrees at James Madison                       Bitsy McKay sends this news: “I’m in Stuart,
But I was hoping that over the weekend we             University, and is a special education teacher        FL now, east coast. Saw Tom Whelan down here
could mull over the idea’s merits and get a           in the Arlington, VA, school district. She does       when he came to visit one of his companies.
sense about how much and how many folks               report that her interest in special ed derived        I’m working as adoption counselor/marketing
would be interested in such a project.” (Sounds       from her having to deal with me as she grew           for the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast,
very interesting, Mike, and I’m sure that others      up! Kim, our youngest, is a sophomore in high         hoping to fully retire soon and travel! No family,
in the class would be willing to help … though        school. Wedding planning and a bridal shower          just cats and Florida sun.”
anonymity may be a prerequisite to protect the        precluded us from attending the reunion. Mary               And last, but never least, Mike Doepke
guilty among us!)                                     and I look fondly back on our time at UVA,            reports that, “I really regret missing the 30th!
      Other news from those who were unable to        marriage at the UVA chapel and reception in           Especially after Dennis Malloy filled me in
attend included Craig Sullivan who said, “Just        Dean Sheppard’s Pavilion garden. Oh, those            on the events of the weekend. My wife, Mary,
a quick note to say hi. I’m sorry I couldn’t make     were the days.”                                       and I started our own business, Home Helpers,
the reunion. Scott Harris and Donn Hutchins                (Hola! Great to hear from you, Ted … and         two years ago, and it has been difficult getting
were nice enough to track me down but I               now we know where to go for the catering of our       away. I’m sure that by the next reunion, we’ll be
wasn’t able to get back there.                        35th Reunion or Fiesta! Anybody out there working     retired millionaires and we’ll have no trouble
I joined Countrywide Securities in February           with a tequila company?)                              getting to Charlottesville! (Mike, you would not
2006 and we opened an Atlanta office last                  Speaking of Hal Hutchinson, he writes            believe the things that Dennis said about you!
summer. Interesting environment given all the         about a career change from last fall that missed      Some of us tried to stick up for you … but you
subprime news … but we are doing well.”               our class notes … Hal writes, “Just a brief note to   better come back and defend your honor at our
      (Craig we all hope to see you in 2012!)         bring you up to date. I joined Premio, Inc. at the    35th!)
      And now, after a slight lapse in contact, we    beginning of September. Premio is a contract                Well that’s about it for now. If these reunion
hear from Ted Gardner! He reports: “OK … so           manufacturer for the electronics services             ramblings stir an interest to contact some of
I’ve been putting this off for a decade or two!       industry. We are fairly small but growing. I like     your fellow classmates but you don’t know how
Not the best time management. (By the way,            the people and am enjoying the challenges.            to reach them … simply drop me an e-mail and
I’m the Morton Frozen Foods guy. I believe you        Dawn and I are enjoying the weather in                I will get you the latest information the school
falsely accused Hal of that a couple of issues        SoCal and beginning to make some home                 has on file. Or if you’d like to share an update …
ago.) After about 10 years, my career took a          improvements.”                                        do the same and we will get it in the next Class
decided turn to the Mexican Food side. I’ve had            And speaking of transitions, Dick Ewing          Notes.
a couple of senior management positions over          has a couple major events to report! “I do
the last 20 years in US operations of leading         have some significant news to update. I am
food manufacturers from Mexico. Mixed in with
that was a stint as president of the specialty
                                                      a grandpa for the first time. Annie, who was
                                                      almost 4 at our graduation, gave birth to Luke
                                                                                                            ’        Reunion
food and general merchandise/health and               Andrew Newman on Cinco de Mayo in Los                 Joy hoffacker
beauty care divisions of Unified Western              Gatos, CA. Mom and baby are doing well at             missie Weigel ludlow sends this: “It’s been
Grocers, the primary grocery wholesaler on            home following a few minor complications. He          a good year. I spent a week with classmate
the west coast. I am currently president of           was 7 lbs. 15 oz. at birth and is rapidly going up    Joan Barrett and some other women in
authentic specialty foods. For the east-coasters      from there! As for me I will be retiring from my      Harbor Island. Great time. My boutique
in our alumni fraternity, its Anglo brand—La          Condo Hotel position at Donner Lake Village           investment banking firm is starting to get real
Victoria, is the left, er, West Coast equivalent to   Resort in Truckee. I will be moving to Reno,          momentum, we have doubled in size from
what Ortega is on the East Coast. The authentic       NV (to shelter both my Navy retirement and            two people to four.
Mexican Brand is Embasa, which comprises              Social Security from California income taxes,              “The end of the college search was
a host of Mexican vegetable products, but             among other reasons), and so I can get away           bittersweet. Ben will not be following in his
primarily jalapenos, tomatillos, serraños,            from the harsh winters. I will be looking to buy      mom’s footsteps and going to UVA. He will
chipotles and the like—basically all that good,       a property relatively soon. I will first be renting   be going to Dartmouth, where he will be a
hot stuff that clears out all parts of the sinuses    a golf course-view townhouse while I transition       lightweight rower, so I can’t complain.”
and digestive system –I know, it’s more than          to the easy life. I will be celebrating my freedom         mary Woodford writes, “Things continue
you wanted to know. Last week, our parent             with an 11-day visit to Hawaii during which I         to go well for me and my family. It’s been five

                                                                                                                               W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
years since I moved to Cornerstone Research,
and it’s been great! Have been very busy on
                                                      ’                                                   historic Spray Mercantile building, located on
                                                                                                            the Smith River at the site of what was once
some very interesting patent infringement             bill bunn                                             the Spray Cotton Mills. www.danriver.org is our
cases in the Eastern District of Texas, currently a                                                         web site.
                                                      philippe de laperouse was appointed
very busy venue for patent cases.                                                                                “Life is very different here—but quite
                                                      director of the HighQuest Partners Global
     Both of my stepdaughters are doing                                                                     nice. I really appreciate the pace of life and
                                                      Food and Agribusiness Practice and new office
well—one working on a Ph.D. in history at Yale,                                                             friendly people, especially after the traffic and
                                                      in St. Louis, MO. Philippe had been a principal
the other heading to Berkeley this fall to study                                                            din of the Washington area. This region has
                                                      at Vanikoro Advisory where he advised clients
international public health.                                                                                been hit hard by the loss of major industries.
                                                      on financial and global expansion strategies.
     My husband and I had a wonderful golf trip                                                             But it’s only about 30 minutes to the sushi
                                                           “I am working with a wide range of clients
to the Reynolds Plantation in Georgia last fall,                                                            bars and running trails of Greensboro (about
                                                      on a global basis in the food and bioenergy
spent a wonderful week with some great snow                                                                 the time it would take to drive two miles in
                                                      value chain on strategy development and
in Vail in February, and have another golfing                                                               Northern Virginia rush-hour traffic). And there
                                                      implementation projects,” he writes. “Have been
trip coming up this fall in Hawaii. It seems we                                                             are lots of real estate bargains around; you can
                                                      in touch recently with other Darden alums
don’t do museum type trips....”                                                                             buy a mansion for less than a condo would
                                                      including Missey (Weigel) Ludlow who has an
paul rubin reports that he is still consulting                                                              cost in Northern Virginia! I am hoping that my
                                                      investment bank based in Cincinnati focused
on the QAD ERP package; however, he is                                                                      work here will help re-build the local economy,
                                                      on the energy sector.”
working from home for a change on a project in                                                              to support sustainable economic growth and
                                                           paul h. sartori, Ph.D., writes, “Anne and I
Memphis. This gives him time to lead meetings                                                               nature tourism, something that cannot be
                                                      moved back to Charlottesville in November. In
for a fund-raising bicycle ride to help the Wolf                                                            outsourced to China!”
                                                      2005, I had taken a leave of absence from CHM
River Conservancy, a local environmental                                                                         Timothy Leahy reports, “I’m planted still
                                                      Partners, a management consulting firm where
group. Paul is keeping fit as he trains for the                                                             in Annapolis, MD, now as director of the
                                                      I am a Partner, and served full-time as Global
Memphis In May Triathlon.                                                                                   consulting group for a small software company
                                                      VP—Organization Development for Focus
     charles de mestral sends this update:                                                                  in the CRM space. Our two daughters are off to
                                                      Diagnostics. We successfully sold that business
“Our oldest son Olivier (born in 1978                                                                       college, Siobhan at College of Charleston and
                                                      to Quest Diagnostics in 2006. Since then, I
in Charlottesville, godfather is vernon                                                                     Kathleen in the E-school at Virginia (Wahoo!).
                                                      have returned to management consulting
himbauch), has been married to Stephanie                                                                    Time certainly has passed quickly, and I am now
                                                      with CHM Partners primarily working with
for two years now. Both are bankers in Geneva,                                                              looking to early retirement and a second career
                                                      and advising pharma and diagnostics firms.
Switzerland (BNP Paribas for Stephanie and                                                                  delivering sailboats, perhaps. Best to all of the
                                                      Additionally, I am on an Advisory Board for Tau
Union Bancaire Privée for Olivier). Our second                                                              class of ’79.”
                                                      Therapeutics, a Charlottesville start-up and
Son, Louis, is completing a master in Law
                                                      was elected Treasurer of the Curry School of
at University of Geneva, having obtained a
                                                      Education’s Foundation. Most importantly, our
bachelor degree at the same place.
     “Our youngest son, Gabriel, has completed
                                                      granddaughter, Kennedy, lives in Harrisonburg         ’0
                                                      only an hour from us now.”
a bachelor degree in economics at the                                                                       claire terry
                                                           “I have joined a new global senior
Universities of Lausanne and St. Gallen (both                                                               Dear Classmates, My request for retirement
                                                      executive search firm as the head of their NYC
in Switzerland). He has found a temporary                                                                   thoughts brought news of everything but
                                                      office effective Jan. 15,” writes mike Wellman.
job at BNP Paribas also and plans to begin a                                                                retirement!
                                                      “We are the oldest/newest global search firm
master degree at the University of Milano (Italy)                                                                 mike butler sent in this report after the
                                                      after our spin-out from EDS just over a year
next September with a specialty in the luxury                                                               last issue came out: “Last winter, after 25 years
                                                      ago.” Mike is with Edward W Kelley & Partners as
industry.                                                                                                   with Gillette, I moved to an operations role
                                                      a managing director in the technology practice.
     “My wife Francoise is now the vice                                                                     with Boston Scientific, a medical device maker.
                                                      He also leads the firm’s New York office.
president of the so-called ‘Cercle du Grand                                                                 It has been a nice change - but plenty to do in
                                                           “On the home front, my family and I
Théatre’ also in Geneva. This organization                                                                  a relatively young company that has grown so
                                                      will be relocating back to Darien, CT, from
regroups individuals and corporations who are                                                               quickly. The classes with Profs Colley and Davis
                                                      Columbia, SC, this summer after my middle
amateurs and donors for the Geneva opera.                                                                   still apply. Away from work I’ve been involved
                                                      son, Ben, graduates from Heathwood Hall
With her drive and enthusiasm, this has become                                                              in my home town of Dedham, MA, serving
                                                      Episcopal School here in Columbia,” Mike tells
a full-time job and in close cooperation with                                                               six years as an elected member of the school
                                                      us. “He will enter Syracuse University’s School
the staff of the opera, which makes it very                                                                 board. All of those Darden discussions about
                                                      of Engineering in the fall. With my oldest son,
interesting also. I am very impressed: Francoise                                                            stakeholders and strategy proved invaluable.
                                                      Mike Jr., a rising senior at Davidson College, I
has been able to generate significant increases                                                             I also served as an examiner for the Baldrige
                                                      will have the distinct pleasure of two college
in donations to the opera.                                                                                  National Quality Award, awarded annually
                                                      tuitions to cover next year. My youngest, 13-
     “I am the CEO of Winstar Resources, a                                                                  by the National Institute for Standards and
                                                      year old Zachary, will give me a chance to catch
Canadian corporation, listed on the Toronto                                                                 Technology. These days I serve on an advisory
                                                      my breath before he enters the college ranks.
Stock Exchange. We explore and produce oil                                                                  council to the Massachusetts Department of
                                                      bill creason has joined Stites & Harbison, a
and natural gas in Tunisia, Hungary and Alberta                                                             Education focusing on parental involvement.
                                                      300-attorney, southeastern law firm with offices
(Canada). We have a market capitalization of                                                                For fun, we sail, ski, lay on a beach, etc. In
                                                      in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia and
approximately Cdn $150M. The company is                                                                     October my wife and I spent a week in Ireland.
                                                      Virginia, as the executive director of marketing
doing well so far. We still leave near Geneva,                                                              I ran the Dublin Marathon with eight running
                                                      and client development. Working with 300
Switzerland.”                                                                                               buddies—a great course through the city’s
                                                      lawyers is a lot like “herding cats,” Bill writes.
                                                      Katherine Koelbel mull writes, “I have moved          neighborhoods and parks. The Guinness
                                                      to rural North Carolina, to live and work             restored us.
                                                      in Eden as executive director of the Dan River              corky clarke checked in with this update:”
                                                      Basin Association, which also has a Virginia          I am still with the company that I started with
                                                      office in Collinsville. The NC office is now in the   out of Darden (20 years as Champion, then six

0   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
years after purchase by International Paper,          almost gone native, though I remain a Red Sox           ’06) to develop medical offices in Florida.”
and since Aug 1, 2006, as Verso Paper, a spinoff      fan. In some things birth is destiny. Three sons        Karen Yelick is celebrating 20 years with Merrill
of the coated paper business of IP to private         (fraternal boys, 13 and a 10-year-old) keep us          Lynch in May and her 20th wedding anniversary
equity group, Apollo). Living in Wayne, PA (since     busy. Last year we adopted the one sport/one            with Jeff Vorchheimer in August. Their oldest
’93). Enjoying travel, sailing in BVIs and catching   team per season rule in an effort to preserve           son Adam is graduating from Summit High
up with friends. Still maintain contact with          family sanity.”                                         School and will be attending Hamilton College
Darden study group (Ken seal, gene childs                   bob byrne has joined the entrepreneurial          in the fall.
and art gilbert) although I am by far the most        wave with his new venture: “I am in the process              Kirt Kirtland writes, “We have now been
delinquent correspondent. Kids are grown and          of launching a new business called Robert               in Cleveland, OH, almost four years, having
have migrated north, Matt, 26, as 8th grade           J. Byrne & Company which is a investment                moved from the Chicago-area in June 2003.
science teacher at Fay School in Southborough,        advisory firm currently registered with the             Since graduating from Darden I have worked
MA, and Lindsay, 24, as teacher at Waynflete          Commonwealth of Virginia. The mission is to             in real estate finance with several banks
School in Portland, ME. With Lindsay’s initiative,    provide the best possible investment advice             including Bank of America, Key Bank and
we have formed a non-profit organization              at the lowest price as a fee-only advisor               most recently, US Bank. This past September
called Breaking-Ground. Providing grassroots,         specializing in asset management and                    I moved to another firm, LFC Securities, here
sustainable, community-based assistance in            investment counsel, with a focus on using index         in Cleveland as director-investment banking
two areas of Cameroon (west central Africa).          funds and exchange traded funds to meet long-           with a concentration on the real estate capital
Planning a trip there next year. Here is the link:    term growth of capital goals.”                          markets. My wife, Delene, and I have recently
http://www.breaking-ground.org/index.html.”                 bob henderson and I keep up with                  become empty-nesters with the graduation of
       After many years of consulting in the          collegiate baseball as his son, Bobby, pitches          our daughter, Morgan, from the University of
cable TV industry, greg islan has just become         for Eastern Michigan University, and ted terry’s        Colorado-Boulder this past week. We’ve started
executive director of Children of Fallen Patriots     and my son, Ben, play at Wake Forest now.               to engage with the local UVA alumni group and
Foundation “which was established four years          Bob is still in the business of making car parts,       would love to hear from other Darden alumni in
ago to ensure that every child of every fallen        but the summer gas prices have them holding             Northeast Ohio.”
service member from across all the Armed              their breath.” Darden alums can help me out by               Jehanzeb “Zeeb” Khan offers this fond
Forces is accounted for and provided the              buying (or leasing) a Honda Accord, a Pontiac           reminiscence, “Regretfully I have been unable to
financial means to attend an undergraduate            Solstice, a Saturn Sky, or a Jeep Commander!            attend reunions at Charlottesville, and I am sure
institution. What began as a smaller role to help     Some great sales being offered this summer!”            the loss has been mine. Perhaps I can someday
a limited number of children each year has                  I guess it’s too early to ask the retirement      attend. I particularly cherish the fond memories
become a much larger endeavor due to the Iraq         question since the only response I got about it         from my Darden days, and the time I spent with
war,” he writes. “Life is good here in Connecticut.   was from frank Kinder: “Retirement? I’ve got            fellow Wahoos like mike mccahon (enjoyed
One daughter is finishing her junior year at          3 kids under the age of 16! I’ll be working until       many Sunday breakfasts at his farmhouse,
Dartmouth and our second is finishing her             I die.” Frank added that he hopes everyone will         and I met up with him and his wife last year),
freshman year at Williams. Our son is just starting   participate in the Darden Fund this year.               charlie Kurtz (spent a great Christmas holiday
the process as a high school junior. Lydia, our       harrison turnbull reports that his firm Waverly         with his family in Pennsylvania; used to drive
Dartmouth daughter, has worked for tom                Partners has been ranked among the “40                  me to school when I had broken my leg), John
laster’s company for the last six to eight months     Largest Retained Executive Search Firms” in the         Jepsen (oh, the lobsters he cooked for us),
helping edit a chemistry text book. My wife Anne      United States by Executive Recruiter News, a            rob christie (spent the summer with him
and I saw Tom and his wife Lorrie last summer.        leading informational source of the executive           ‘working’ for Prof. Alex Williams and perfecting
I still see John rockwell on occasion—hard to         search industry.                                        our volleyball skills, and the great sushi dinner
break those study group habits.                             As managing director and one of the               in Los Angeles), ann marshall (who whipped
       gary becker sent the following update:         firm’s original founders, Harrison said, “We are        my butt in squash, and I taught her a thing or
“Just a quick note to say that I’ve relocated my      pleased to again be named to the top 40 list,           two about field hockey), bill matthews (‘Beeeill’
commercial real estate business to the Raleigh/       although being among the largest firms in the           tried to teach me to speak Southern), ginny
Research Triangle area of North Carolina. After       country has never been our goal.”                       gibbs (one of my favorites, I still enjoy writing
deciding to leave the corporate world about                 That is all for this report. If you missed this   to her), rama singhania (met up in India, and
five years ago, I opened up a commercial real         issue, send me your comments for the next               in Dubai recently), peggy hasling, Joe sroba,
estate business in the Finger Lakes Region            round. Till then, have a great summer!                  Kevin oliver (spent a lovely weekend with him
of Upstate New York. Now, with children in                                                                    at their weekend beach home in North Carolina
college, there are fewer geographic ties to                                                                   and heard many entertaining stories about his
the New York area, and we decided to move                                                                     sailing adventures), Ed shapiro, marcia hass
down to this economically vibrant area—not            ’1                                                     (loved her donuts and coffee during study
to mention the winters are a lot shorter too.                                                                 group), rob van tassel (of the ‘Van Tassel Grid’
                                                      alton martin
I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet                                                                fame), paul rocheleau (met up in LA in ’84),
other alumni in the area.”                                                                                    norm Davis, steve milford (he used to get a
       mike Donoghue described his company in         Jim baker writes from Raleigh, NC, “The only            laugh out of everybody), sandy selby (fond
his recent note: “Spring Capital Partners (www.       news from us is our daughter Sarah Baker will           memories from playing field hockey), niels
springcap.com ), the mezzanine capital firm           attend UVA next fall as an entering first-year          hagglund (I was trying to pass him the soccer
I co-founded in 1999 raised a $113M second            student. “Our son, Jim Baker, III is graduated          ball when I broke my leg!), george holland,
fund last year. The current expansion is a great      from Vanderbilt University and has started              sarah brown, greg fulton, nic genua. I also
environment to sell maturing investments into,        his own company, Lundy Charters, which                  have pleasant memories of Alec Horniman,
but a challenging one in which to put new             specializes in Virgin Island and Out Island             Sam Bodily, John Colley, Sherwood Frey (I can
money to work. We are digging deeper for new          charters and tours: www.lundycharters.com.              never thank him enough for forgiving me for
opportunities these days. Gale and I continue              “The real estate company, The Lundy                misbehaving in his class),
to call Philadelphia home. After 27 years I have      Group, Inc. has partnered with David Cash (MBA               While I did not attend the last reunion, I

                                                                                                                               W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   1
Class Notes
                                                       embarrassing) to mention, we came from              studio in Sausalito that overlooks the San
                                                       behind in the 9th inning to stomp the younger       Francisco Bay (keep eating). Check out her work
                                                       guys in a hard fought battle. (Okay, perhaps        at www.ChrisAdessa.com. If you venture to
                                                       they let us win, but it felt good just the same.)   Sausalito over Labor Day weekend, please stop
                                                       Kudos to designated pitcher David “Hanging          by and say hello. She’ll be exhibiting there at
                                                       Curve” hillman and catcher Duane “Out At The        the city’s Art Festival...
                                                       Plate” gelderloos, and a special Purple Heart to         mary K. van amburg, with IBM Global
                                                       Dief for the Barbero-like performance, suffering    Small and Medium Business, is sending her
                                                       a hamstring pull in the outfield chasing a          daughter to Swarthmore next year, and her son
                                                       towering fly ball (no, he wasn’t even close to      will be spending his junior year in China (he’s at
patrick graney (mba ‘1) with son patrick (mba         catching it.), then driving in many runs as a       Rice University).
‘0) at Darden’s graduation.                           one-legged pinch-hitter.                                 garrett verdone, after 25 years at
                                                             The Slide Show. catherine (colavecchio)       JPMorgan Chase, has joined Wachovia Bank in
don’t want to miss out on all the news on who’s        foster not only organized Friday’s dinner,          NYC as Commercial Risk Director for New York
done what, and who’s who now! So please                but she also put together a fantastic 430-          and New England.
send me detailed updates on all my friends, and        photo slide show set to “period” music that              Reunion News Flash: michelle guinee
write me at jehanzeb_khan@ici.com.                     wowed everyone—including the four profs in          gave us plenty of evidence that she hasn’t
     As for me, I had gone West after graduating       attendance, John Colley, Phil Pfeiffer, Brandt      changed one bit since ’82 (come to think of it,
from Darden and worked with my family’s                Allen, and Alec Horniman. Rumor has it that         neither has John)! Good thing, too…
automotive workshop business in Los Angeles            Alec was brought to tears by the show! (Or was           Want to know how to write a heartfelt note
for a couple of years before returning to              it the spicy appetizer?) We’re trying to make       to your classmates? Just read this excerpt from
Pakistan, where I have been working since with         DVDs available to all.                              a long note from george shipp.
ICI Pakistan, a subsidiary of ICI PLC, a British             mike Diefenbach & John reilly. Like the            “Dang, we had one heckuva life-altering
MNC. Over the years I have been involved in            Stones or the Eagles, these guys will never quit    experience [at Darden], and the memories are
the pharmaceuticals, polyester fibre, and the          touring, bringing us old favorites from 25+         vivid and I just really appreciate every single
chemicals business that I now head as general          years ago (like “Darden School Blues.”) Their       one of you. Sorry I haven’t said that to you over
manager based in Karachi. That’s enough about          Friday performance at the class dinner was          the years but now’s the time. I have been awed
work; I also got married to Kamila back in ‘86,        first rate, and they even stepped up and sang       by your accomplishments. I was still trying to
and now have three children ages 20 to 9. My           with the band at the Saturday night gala! Their     figure out the code to my building when some
eldest daughter is studying Art in London, and         creativity and talent was only surpassed by         of you were already retiring, or if you were
my son and youngest daughter are still in school.      their bravado and engaging vocal and guitar         more of a slacker, maybe just jetting around
     If any of you travel to this part of the world,   skills. Surely, these guys are OUR American         with Steve Jobs, running Medtronic, or simply
please get in touch—I would love to meet up            Idols!                                              coining it in the VC or private equity worlds.
with any of you.                                             The Saturday Night Party and Band—Class       Anyway, kudos and again thanks for just letting
                                                       Act. The band rocked and the Class of ’82           me hang out with you for a couple of years, I
                                                       proved once again why we were voted Best            absorbed what I could, and try to notice where
’2                                                    Partying Class in school history, as we were the    you are and what you are doing even today. I
                                                       only ones left standing at 1:30 a.m.                love reading about your families, I have been
                                                             The “Pajama Party.” Names will not be         saddened by a couple of tragedies and wish I
mike Diefenbach
                                                       mentioned, but six of your classmates chatted it    had done more at the time, and just want you
01 massachusetts ave., nW #01
                                                       up until 3:15 a.m. The suitemate hosts provided     to know that indeed you made and make a
Washington, Dc 2001
                                                       a wonderful late night spread of brie & crackers,   difference in my life.
                                                       popcorn and champagne (!?), while the women              “The “Disney version” of what I’ve been
special co-columnist: David graham
                                                       shared stunning stories about love and desire       up to is: Married for three years to a sweet
They should have charged us more…                      at the half-century mark.                           ex-guidance counselor. We now are proud
     Our reunion weekend was simply amazing.                 The Proposals to Reconnect More Often. I      parents of 15-month-old Mary Turner, who of
We had 43 classmates return, and it was as if we       don’t think there was a classmate in attendance     course is incredibly cute and smart, just like
had never left.                                        who didn’t really enjoy being together again.       her daddy. My 18-year-old son Fitz just got
     The Weather. Perfect. Charlottesville has         Few classes since ours have built community         back from spring break in China of all places,
never looked better than it did on a warm and          like we did back then. Ideas are circulating and    is headed to Paris for his “senior project” (kids
sunny weekend.                                         “mini-reunions,” and unofficial events are being    these days!) and is heading off this fall to U of
     The North Grounds. We were 20 years too           discussed. Be on the lookout for Darden ’82         Chicago rather than dear old UVA (much to my
early to have classes in such a stunning, world-       trips to NYC, barge touring in France, and a        chagrin). He’s a serious young man who also
class facility. As one classmate put it, “Think        single malt and golf tour of Scotland!              happens to have won the city-wide community
how much smarter and more successful we’d be                 A Few People Updates (sorry, but we           service award (works with mentally challenged
if we schooled at THIS campus!” .                      forgot most of the live ones we heard). Duane       adults) among other accomplishments. Fifteen-
     Friday Night Dinner. A wonderful start            gelderloos is keeping busy at DoD’s Business        year-old Alice is a volleyball beast, an opposite
to the weekend at the Boar’s Head. So many             Transformation Agency developing their              personality-wise who is “all-cell-phone, all-IM all
surprise guests arriving…so many stories,              business enterprise architecture and trying to      the time”—in other words, a typical teenager,
updates, laughs and hugs. What a love fest,            bring some order to the large number of non-        but growing up too fast, which I’m sure sounds
with no small part in it played by beloved sole        integrated, duplicative business systems DoD        familiar to many/most of you. Of course I am
prof guest Sherwood Frey.                              operates. This could take a while…                  proud of both of them, wish I could take some
     The Softball Victory. We challenged the                 chris adessa sends her best from Marin        credit but have simply been blessed.
Class of 1987, and despite a slew of injuries          County, CA, where she’s a landscape painter              “After beating my head against the wall for
and other maladies too numerous (and                   (eat your hearts out). She works out of her         the better part of 17 years as an analyst trying

2   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
to get money managers to buy my ideas, I have        inducted into the University of Richmond’s            Noah, the beginning of July. Still working
seen the light and am now one of them. I run         Hall of Fame. While attending U of R as an            with AT&T, living on Galveston Bay, and have
a couple of BB&T-brand mutual funds, one of          undergrad, Margaret was the recipient of              participated in a few Darden-Houston Alumni
which ranks first (of 493 funds) in its Lipper       varsity letters four years running in basketball,     gatherings recently.”
category for the last 12 months and the other        field hockey, lacrosse, and track. Her 1976-77              My desperate plea for notes was heeded
ranking in the top-10 in its category. Amazing       basketball team went 13-5 and was the best            by Jonathan sklar, who now lives in Vienna,
for a guy who, as you must have realized, would      team in U of R history at that point. Margaret        VA, with his wife, Debbie, and two young
not have made it out of finance class without the    was also the first woman to receive an athletic       daughters (ages 6 and 8). “Our lives are
Coogans and the Funk arguing the finer points,       scholarship from U of R. Seems like a well            complicated by ongoing renovations to our
nor rick steinbrenner’s precision highlighting       deserved honor indeed.                                home, leaving very little peace!” he writes.
of the important case facts in the row ahead of           Wendy Enikeif boortz has changed jobs            “On the business front, my company (Spexus
me. (Hate to exclude the rest of you.)               and is now working as assistant director for          Inc.) has grown nicely after opening a federal
     “So all is happy, and this would have been a    the Ohio CDC Association. The CDC supports            consulting practice, and then we grew the
great year for me to trek to Darden to toast you     community development corporations around             commercial consulting side after completing
and pretend I am some ‘semi-hot-shot-king-           the state. She ‘s been writing grants, updating       three small acquisitions over the last 18
for-a-day-with-my-life-all-together.’ Instead, I     the CDC’s website (www.ohiocdc.org), bidding          months. Our target for the end of 2007 is to be
just send a bear hug to all, and a huge thanks       and awarding training contracts, organizing the       at 60 people.” Congratulations, Jon, and thanks
for your counsel and friendship 25 years ago. I      office, troubleshooting, developing marketing         for your response.
don’t need to pull out the orange facebook of        materials, and anything else that comes along.              Our classmate bob peery wrote from
resumes to remember you, and am truly sorry          Sounds like a big change after three years in the     Richmond: “Hey Debbie, I’ve got an update!
that we didn’t make it up to see you (this time).    mortgage lender business.                             My son, Camp, will be attending UVA next
Again, I just wanted you to know you that I still                                                          fall along with his good buddy, Liza tullidge
feel connected, and am grateful for that.”                                                                 (cathy and Tom’s daughter). Liza and Camp
     Can’t follow that. ’Til next time….
                                                     ’                                                   checked out the frat life last weekend at UVA,
                                                                                                           and a good time was had, as they say. Hope
                                                     Debbie shinault mcphillips
’ Reunion                                          mcphive@mindspring.com
                                                                                                           you and yours are well!”
                                                                                                                 Camp and Liza will be in good “legacy”
mitch bland                                          Hello again, Class of 1984! Is it just me or          company at UVA. tom inglesby wrote, “My
mitch.bland@cableone.net                             we all getting old? I seem to be celebrating          son Tad is a first-year student at UVA, and
Dear Fellow Classmates,                              fiftieth birthdays with great frequency lately.       a pledge at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.
      As you will recall, two years ago our fellow   I really should get some friends my own age.          When I visited the fraternity in late March for
classmate, Kitt Moore, lost his valiant fight for    Oops, that IS my own age!                             Parents Weekend, I learned that one of the
his life. Kitt was treated at the Brain Tumor              I’ll start these notes with an update I’ve      fraternity brothers who would be torturing
Center at Duke where he underwent many               been carrying around in my purse since                my son during hell week was none other than
hours of treatment in the kind and caring hands      December of 2006—it’s a miracle I remembered          Billy Utt, son of our bill. My son has since
of the staff there.                                  it (there goes that age thing again). mike            survived hell week and now awaits finals. Also
      Since this time Kitt’s widow Holly has         Weatherholtz wrote that “Our family lives             got news from John fowler that he will also
continued her contact with the center and has        in Spartanburg, SC. We very much enjoy the            have a son at UVA for fall ’07. “I continue to
become very active in fundraising for them. This     area—near the mountains and only three to             manage the CLO business at a private New
year, Holly and her family have put together         four hours to the coast. One son, Jared, who          York investment firm called GSC Group,” John
a team to support these efforts as part of an        will be graduating from Belmont University in         writes. “In March, we converted the assets from
annual walk. The name of their team is “Kitt’s       Nashville, TN, in May ’07. My wife, Lori, is active   one of our private funds into a publicly traded
Crew.”                                               in the community. She grew up in Nelson               business development corporation, called GSC
      I’ve attached a letter from Holly which asks   County, VA. Professionally, I’ve been with            Investment Corp. Trades under ticker GNV, and
for your support during the walk, which takes        Milliken & Company here in Spartanburg for 22         I am CEO.”
place April 28th. Please take a second to read       years now.”                                                 tim laseter will be racking up the frequent
her letter, and if you can, please help remember           Another classmate with a short post-            flyer miles in the coming months. He wrote
Kitt.                                                Darden resume, hugh shannon, sent an email:           that “next academic year I will have a number
      Sincerely,                                           “Twenty-three years after graduation            of visiting teaching appointments at schools
      Mitch Bland                                    I’m still with the same employer, Bank of             around the globe. I’ll be teaching two courses at
      Class Secretary                                America (good old NCNB back in 1984). I was           IESE in Barcelona in November and December.
      To read Kitt’s Crew Letter, please visit:      recently named the senior credit risk approval        One will be a version of the Operations Strategy
http://files.e2ma.net/1405/assets/docs/              executive for Family Wealth Advisors, which           Elective that I have taught with Ed Davis for the
kittcrewletter.pdf.                                  in plain English means that I’m head of credit        last couple of years and the other will be a new
      And now, news from our classmates….            risk for our ultra-high net worth group. Also         course based upon my latest book, Strategic
randall beard is now working at UBS                  just got back from Paris celebrating my 20th          Product Creation, co-authored with Ron Kerber,
Securities as managing director & head of            anniversary with Katy. Unfortunately I didn’t         former chief technology officer of Whirlpool. I’ll
global marketing in their wealth management          run into any Dardenites on the trip (although         be at the London Business School in January
& business banking sector. At UBS, Randall           I remember running into stan allen in the             teaching a short course on Global Supply Chain
heads a team of 450 and an annual marketing          Atlanta airport many years ago on a trip to           Management. Between February and April I
spend of $ 400 million. Prior to that he spent       Europe!).”                                            will be teaching a similar course at Emory in
five years at American Express as Senior VP of             steve mewborn, AT&T global account              Atlanta (Mondays and Wednesdays) and may
Global Marketing & Product Management for            director, is staying busy in Texas, and is about      be teaching an Operations Strategy elective
per paid products.                                   to get a lot busier. His daughter, Marina, “just      on Thursdays at the Stern School at NYU. So,
      This January, margaret stender was             turned three, and we are expecting a son,             ask our classmates to look me up if they’re in

                                                                                                                             W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
the same places and times. (But, by the way,        daughters’ lacrosse and soccer schedules. My           still doing penance in the telecommunications
I’ll still be based here in Charlottesville so I    eldest daughter Annelise (almost 15) plays attack      industry for the excesses of the late ’90s. I am
hope anyone coming to grounds also checks           for the JV lacrosse team at the Peddie School in       senior vice president of corporate development
in!) P.S. The book, published by McGraw-Hill        nearby Hightstown, NJ. Mia, 12, plays midfield         for XO Communications in Reston, VA. The
in December 2006, has a chapter on Disney           and Gennie, 10, is enjoying being “the keeper”         kids are doing great and are continuing the
Imagineering and accordingly features Don           (goalie) on the same club lacrosse team. Mia also      Virginia tradition. Andrew (College ’05) is now
goodman. Buy it on Amazon.com and learn             plays travel soccer and is a sprinter for the school   a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional
how a former CPA ‘orchestrates’ one of the most     track team. Sports are good.”                          Campaign Committee. Class members may
creative organizations in the world!”                    As I struggle to juggle our family’s three        remember Andrew toddling around at Darden
       ted balph recently joined Tim in the         baseball teams, two lacrosse teams, soccer             functions. Kevin will realize a lifelong dream
hallowed halls of academia. Ted has moved           team, track team, gymnastics, swim team and            when he starts at Virginia this fall. Grace is
from California to Albuquerque, NM, to be chief     co-ed company softball team (my husband                finishing 7th grade and is very busy with all her
investment officer for Albuquerque Academy.         I and both play, although I’ve threatened to           middle school activities.
On March 1 he assumed management of the             retire now that I’m at the half-century mark),               “I see and talk with tam murray. We are
marketable securities portion of the academy        I couldn’t agree more—but I need a little              neighbors in Alexandria and share a common
endowment, reporting directly to the board          stress relief from the logistics of our family’s       joy in watching our kids play lacrosse.”
of trustees. Plans are for Ted to succeed the       stress relief! ’Til next time, Debbie. P.S. please,
academy’s treasurer upon his retirement in          please, please send me updates! This is my
June, 2008. Prior to joining the academy,
Ted was managing director—West Coast
                                                    shortest column ever and I have a reputation to
                                                    maintain, you know!
for the Commonfund, managing in excess                                                                     gregory Yorke
of $4B in assets for more than 60 schools.                                                                 darden@yorkefamily.com
No doubt Ted will continue to pursue his
long distance running and triathlons at his
                                                    ’                                                    In contrast to the last issue of the Alumni
                                                                                                           magazine, where the 1986 class notes
new location. I encourage you to read the           gary hatter                                            spanned several pages, this time there’s not
article at www.aa.edu/alumni/news_detail.                                                                  much to report.
                                                    Ed d’agostino shares the sad news that Ed
asp?newsid=358733.                                                                                              If you didn’t receive an email from me in
                                                    vantassel lost his battle with pancreatic
       Another classmate who will be on the                                                                early April begging for contributions, please let
                                                    cancer Feb. 26. “Ed was one of the strongest
move this summer is marty curran. He was                                                                   me know your current email address so I can
                                                    willed people that I have ever met,” Ed
recently elected senior vice president and                                                                 bother you in six months for the next issue!
                                                    d’Agostino writes. “He did things his own
general manager of Corning Optical Fiber.                                                                       Last fall Ellen brittain Williams wrote
                                                    way and was never afraid to speak his mind.
He’ll be moving his wife Suzie and their two                                                               in for the first time. She and Curtis are in
                                                    His dry and sometimes caustic humor was
daughters (Cara, 15; Kaylyn, 10) to Corning, NY.                                                           Birmingham, of course, and busy: “Outside of
                                                    a constant source of entertainment both
Congratulations to you as well, Marty!                                                                     work, school PTA, work with AIDS Alabama
                                                    at Darden and thereafter. Ed had a very
I received an update from another Richmonder,                                                              and church activities, Curtis and I are working
                                                    successful career in investment banking,
lou gary: “Still at Hamilton Beach/Proctor-                                                                on a new sport for us—fly fishing. He actually
                                                    most recently at CS First Boston. He is
Silex, but our company is about to be spun                                                                 catches fish. I usually catch trees and bushes.”
                                                    survived by his 4-year-old son, Skylar.” The
off from our parent to become Hamilton                                                                     Ellen is now the HR Director at the Birmingham
                                                    funeral was held March 5. Ed d’Agostino
Beach this summer. This is big news after our                                                              News; after 15 years at Protective Life, she
                                                    notes that if anyone in the class would like
attempted acquisition/merger of one of our                                                                 recommends changing industries after 50
                                                    more information, to contact him at edags@
competitors last year fell through. No change                                                              to everyone. Their kids are both in high
                                                    eathlink.net or 610.348.3932.
in basic company structure will result, but we                                                             school; their daughter Britt is goalie on a state
                                                          bill pearce reports, “Continue to manage
will be poised to grow further and participate                                                             championship soccer team, and at 6’7,” son
                                                    emerging markets private equity investments,
in the industry consolidations. I am currently                                                             Jonas spends a lot of time under, around, and
                                                    now as an LP with OPIC in WDC. Family life is
managing the client services team in the                                                                   possibly over basketball hoops.
                                                    fantastic, with my wife, Sarah, and our almost-
information services department. In this role                                                                   Our Richmond correspondents—scott
                                                    three-year-old, Natalie, who is effectively our
I have been involved in all the standard IT                                                                cardozo, bob louthan, and chip bassett—all
                                                    24/7 single hobby these days!”
areas of concern: outsourcing, service level                                                               had comments on their children growing up.
                                                          Joyce rothenberg writes, “I made a
management, customer service, vendor                                                                            scott cardozo is running a firm that
                                                    career change in January. After 11 years as an
management and negotiations, IT governance,                                                                manufactures devices that diagnose sleep
                                                    independent marketing consultant, I closed
etc. On the personal front, I won the company                                                              apnea. “Yes,” he writes, “there are Darden grads
                                                    up shop and became the director of the
golf league in 2007, so my priorities are still                                                            that actually produce and sell a product.” He’s
                                                    Career Management Center at the Vanderbilt
straight and I continue to sharpen my saw!”                                                                sure they’re about to catch a big demographic
                                                    Owen Graduate School of Management.
       laurel (schultz) Quinn wrote, “This past                                                            wave: “since sleep apnea is associated with
                                                    Everette Fortner at Darden was really helpful
winter I worked part-time in the admissions                                                                age and obesity, I think it’s a market that will
                                                    in providing insight into the position and the
office at Princeton University. I learned first                                                            be around.” He’s not looking forward to his two
                                                    challenges faced by people in this position. I am
hand what it takes for a high school senior to                                                             daughters becoming teenagers.
                                                    happy to report that with five months under
gain acceptance to this hallowed institution. I                                                                 In response to my notion that recent
                                                    my belt I’m really enjoying my new career. It’s
had a lot of fun and met some intelligent and                                                              classes must text or IM their class notes, bob
                                                    really fun to be interacting with students on
kind people. I am again ‘just a mom’ now that                                                              louthan proposes that the class of 1986
                                                    a daily basis and to have the opportunity to
the peak admissions season is over. As I have                                                              show them all up with video podcasts. Left
                                                    sit in on classes that interest me, and I’ve had
always suffered from spring fever, this is a good                                                          unanswered is the demand-side problem: do I
                                                    the chance to guest lecture which has been
thing. Who wants to be in an office working                                                                really want tom fulcher on my iPod? Bob and
                                                    really fun! It’s all very rejuvenating—I’m feeling
when it is sunny outside?! That’s where I’m                                                                Katherine just celebrated their 20th anniversary
                                                    younger already!”
spending plenty of time this spring with my                                                                and they are looking forward to (dreading?)
                                                          William garrahan sends this update: “I am

the oldest of their three boys heading off to       recap of the weekend.                               up to sponsor one of the study rooms (ha!).
college this fall. Proving that today’s laptop-           My weekend began on Friday afternoon          Lynne works for Acco, makers of Swingline
toting students aren’t so different from those a    with a long tour of the perimeter of Sponsor’s      staplers; she’s been setting up their off-shore
generation ago, Bob says “he’s trying to figure     Hall, looking for the check-in area. I ran into     manufacturing. John continues to work for
out where he can have the ‘most fun.’”              beth fernbacher, who was relaxing at a table        ManorCare in Toledo, OH, and is another
      chip bassett’s daughter wants to be an        in the Gatehouse patio; she was the first of        member of the OJSDC.
actor, and now that she’s been accepted at a        many classmates exuding an inner and outer                 pat schlegel reported that her apartment
number of programs, he’s facing a ROI problem:      calm, not seen around Darden since that time        renovation was nearly complete; renovations,
“Just think, I can spend more than what my          during Second-Year when the job offers were         in general, were a big topic of conversation at
second house cost to produce an extremely           in hand and the B-bar (at a minimum) was            the Reunion warm-up cocktail party in New
talented and well-trained waitress!” He has         assured. Beth was one of many classmates            York (a month prior to the big weekend). I
advice for those of us with younger children:       traveling all the way from the West Coast for the   also got some great pictures of Kemp Dolliver
have you checked your numbers lately? “Seeing       weekend. She sent me in the right direction to      and charles magolske eating appetizers;
the actual (college cost) numbers,” he says,        check in to my room, and pick up my Reunion         look for them on the Class Flickr website. In
“proves that my assumptions about college cost      bag at the school.                                  mid-conversation with howard lee, we were
inflation were still too low even after ‘experts’         Right off the bat, I ran into alyce           all reminded to hasten to sally and bubba
assured me I was being too conservative.”           mcallister outlaw, also picking up her              fortner’s house in Crozet for the class dinner.
      amy mcDonald has a different set of           materials. We talked (proudly) about being                 After a long drive, full of missed turns, we
daughter issues. She sends this: “My biggest        among the few members of the One-Job Since          arrived at the beautiful Fortner home—and the
news is the adoption of my daughter, Anna, this     Darden Club (OJSDC); I think Alyce should be        place was packed. peter gambel was telling
past fall from Guatemala. Anna turned one in        president of the club, as she also hasn’t moved     everyone about the damage hurricane Katrina
March.” Amy says Anna is a happy baby—just          since Darden. She then ran off to a school          caused to both home and business, while Jim
wait, I tell you—and has already met louise         function for one of her kids. I was making          cheng shared that he was now also a Law
(cannavo) parzick and stacy (smith) brinkley.       sure my rental car didn’t get a parking ticket,     School graduate (it was just something he
      pedro medina’s Yo Creo en Columbia            and I saw Karen strain smythe, in from New          wanted to do).
foundation continues to spread the positive         York, where she runs the family commercial                 It was great to see Donna and frank
news about his country. “The perception gap         construction business.                              lachance there, too; Donna took almost as
is still huge on Colombia,” he says. “However,            The fun really began at the Friday evening    many pictures as Charlie Duffy during the
last year over uno million foreign visitors         cocktail party at Darden. There’s always been       weekend! laurie and giff breed drove over
were seduced by the world’s happiest and            something special about having a cold one           from Richmond; Giff is in the running for best
greenest nation and by the WOW country. If any      with friends, in the shadows of the Blue Ridge      job title in the class (Managing Director—Golf
Dardenites decide to discover for yourself why      Mountains and the buildings of Mr. Jefferson’s      and Outdoors, for Octagon Sports).
Colombia is the best kept secret in the world,      academical village, and this time was no                   During the evening, Bubba was working
please write.” (You can email me for Pedro’s        exception. Many of the 90 or so classmates,         his printer, collating a huge printout that was
email address).                                     spouses, and friends were there. I talked with      a part of a business deal steve o’connell was
      Lastly, mary haggerty miller wrote in         lee salsbery about home renovation (he was          working on, while at the Reunion. Similarly,
remembering a lost classmate: “I just enjoyed       dealing with a recent flood in his) and dodged      Ken shea closed a deal either during the
three weeks in Florida with my family—Naples        charlie Duffy’s video and picture taking.           cocktail party or at the dinner (not paying
and the Keys—and couldn’t help but think of         Professors Frey, Pfeiffer, Carraway, Brownlee and   attention, I was busy having fun). As usual,
peter niehaus as we crossed the State on the        others were there, too—all looked extremely         most everyone ended up in the kitchen. carrie
Tamiami Trail and Alligator Alley. It seems like    similar to their 1987 selves…perhaps being on       coker haley and francine shanfield were
yesterday that the car crash happened and           the teaching side of Darden is an elixir for long   talking about how Bubba Fortner also could
we lost him—could it really be 20+ years? Not       life.                                               be considered for the Best-Preserved award, as
the most upbeat thoughts, but his friends and             Speaking of teaching, my pod-ner              he looked just like he did during school, except
family might be glad to know he is still in our     adelaide Wilcox King was there, taking a break      thinner! He attributes this to running (though
thoughts.” Well said.                               from the commerce school, and promised to           still likely connected to the non-student Darden
      Be ready for my next Class Notes              help motivate my older boys toward UVA, when        lifestyle). Thanks again for the hospitality.
solicitation, coming to an inbox (or IM chat, or    we take the tour this summer. And speaking of              We closed the evening at the bar at the
podcast, or phone, or IPTV channel) near you!       kids at UVA, bob and terri smith were there,        Boar’s Head, with Ken, chris muller, John
                                                    too. Bob was definitely in the running for Best-    haley, mark patterson, bob shanfield, and
                                                    Preserved classmate, looking just like his 1987     I reminiscing about hunting for squirrels at
                                                    yearbook picture; Bob’s comment was “well I         Tandem Farm. At one point I suggested we
’                                                 look really old on the inside.”                     consider going back after the furry rodents on
chris padgett                                             Jim sowers told me he and his family          Saturday, and Mark mentioned it would be a
 Waterbury Drive                                starred in a Stouffers lasagna TV commercial        bit tricky walking, with guns, through the yards
st louis, mo 12                                  (Stouffers is owned by Nestlé, the company          of the houses now built where the Farm once
1/-1012 (h)                                    that also signs my paychecks). It was one of        was. Rats!
1/2-11 (W)                                    those busy family vignettes. I promised I would            Saturday began with many classmates
christopher.padgett@purina.nestlé.com               request the spot to share with the Class. As I      claiming strenuous workouts at their various
crisandy@charter.net                                was working my way to the bar, I spied tony         hotels, to justify indulging in the calorie-
I think everyone who attended the 20th              smith—Pale Ale in hand. I turned and he was         dense brunches (the French toast “boats” at
Reunion is still thinking about the friendships     gone.                                               the Boar’s Head were a popular choice). Many
renewed, the events enjoyed, and the end of               I noticed a number of study group mini-       then attended the Reunion Forums and Dean
the pestering from Dick Dahling and myself.         reunions, mine included, with lynne gordon          Bruner’s State of the School Address, at the
It was truly a wonderful time. Here’s a brief       and John graham talking about ponying               Abbott Center auditorium. Interestingly, before

                                                                                                                          W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
the Dean’s talk, people were mulling about,           graduation. Closest to home winners were             Schools to help develop the capital plan for the
and there was someone from another class,             alyce mcallister outlaw and Joel mangham             future of the local schools.
speaking with Sherwood Frey, who could have           (the Crozet contingent).                                   Ed loved North Carolina and the natural
been bob shanfield’s twin. Or perhaps his                   After the dinner, the music, dancing, and      beauty of his home state. Whether he was
less-handsome, not so charming older brother.         fireworks ensued. A number of us, including          taking the family to the beach or the mountains
It was an odd sight, one captured on film by          paul huddleston, positioned ourselves and            or just hanging out at the farm, he enjoyed
the way.                                              our eardrums at the bar farthest from the stage,     his home state. More than anything, Ed was
     The scholar-athletes in the class then           intent upon actually hearing what each other         happiest being at home with Beth and their
peeled off for the softball challenge versus the      was saying. As hoped for, a one-song mini-           children. Going to lacrosse games, basketball
oldsters from the Class of 1982. I was the first to   reunion of Earl Black and the Whites took place,     games, and anything to be with his family was
show up for our class, and for a while, I thought     with craig Zarider and John haley onstage;           Ed’s greatest joy.
I might have to take these senior citizens on all     inexplicably, mike Kender shunned the                      Ed is survived by his wife, Elizabeth
by myself. Fortunately, as I watched our aged         limelight and chose to drink, dance, and watch       Whitener “Beth” Goode, his daughter, Mary
opponents carbo-load with cans of Ensure, the         with the rest of us. It was quite a sight on that    Ellen Goode, his son, Edward Seddon “Eddie”
talent arrived: craig Zarider, rob mitchell,          dance floor, with our many classmates shaking        Goode, Jr., his father and mother, Seddon
mike Kender, and mike schwartzman.                    what they could—many incriminating pictures          “Rusty” Goode, Jr. and Jane Nisbet Goode, his
Together, we worked our way out to a huge             and videos were taken… possibly to be pulled         sister and her husband, Elizabeth Goode “Beth”
lead, with powerful bats, good fielding, and          out just prior to the next class fund raiser.        Reigel and Ernest William “Ernie” Reigel, all of
the limited flexibility of the ancient team we              The post-evening celebration included a        Charlotte, and his sister and her husband, Mary
were playing. After a while, we felt sorry for        rousing game of Block-head back at the Boar’s        Jane Goode and Walter Curtis “Walt” Gramley of
the codgers—a few of them had even pulled             Head bar, with Ken shea, chris muller, mark          New York City. He is also survived by two nieces,
muscles and jammed fingers. So we let them            patterson, John haley, and bob shanfield,            three nephews, other relatives and many, many
back into the game, so as not to decimate             along with pizza from the College Inn. Life in       friends.
their team spirit. Well, they tricked us! The         Charlottesville doesn’t get much better than               A service to celebrate Ed’s life was held
Ensure must have kicked in, because they beat         this.                                                at 3 p.m., Sunday, April 22, at Myers Park
us by a couple of runs! We personified good                 I had the chance to talk about work, raising   Presbyterian Church in Charlotte.
sportsmanship by presenting them with the             kids, vacations, and all the other usual things            Memorial funds may be made in Ed’s
Golden Ball trophy (purchased earlier at Target),     people our age talk about, with most of our          name for Davidson College, Davidson, NC and
and committed to a rematch five years hence.          classmates during the weekend. I want to list        Hospice & Palliative Care, 1420 East Seventh
     I’m not sure what everyone did in the            those I wish I had found more time to catch          Street, Charlotte, NC 28204
afternoon: there was Darden Field Day and             up with, including: John hodgson, landon                   In closing, thanks to everyone who
other events, there was golf at Birdwood, and         Wilson, margie fibel, glenn minkoff, Eileen          showed up—because it is all about showing
there was going down to the Corner to buy             circo, reggie lathan (who really worked              up, participating, and staying in contact. In
stuff at Mincer’s.                                    the west coast classmates to come), michel           the presence of my classmates, I don’t think
     Saturday evening began with cocktails and        Denarie, and syd Dorsey.                             I laughed so hard and smiled so much in a
class pictures—everyone cleaned up real nice.               Edward seddon goode, died April 19 in          very long time. And thanks to the Reunion
At the cocktail party, I ran into seth barnes,        Charlotte after a long battle with cancer. Ed        Committee for enduring the conference calls,
who had written in his alumni questionnaire a         was a great father, loving husband and friend        and helping to contact classmates. A special
terrific personal accomplishment since Darden:        to many.                                             thanks to Dick Dahling, who did a stellar job as
“Creating a ministry that is changing tens of               Born March 29, 1960 in Charlotte,              Class Agent and general motivator; has anyone
thousands of lives.” I think mine was something       where he lived most of his life, Ed graduated        told him he’s on the hook for at least another
about running a half-marathon…. There was             from Charlotte Latin School in 1978. He              fives years?
a bit of jostling for position during the class       then attended Davidson College where he                    And remember, only four and a half years
picture: greg and rebecca silvestri ended             was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon              till our 25th!
up on different rows, martha lyle gangemi             fraternity. After graduating from Davidson
was behind scott gregory, fred stow, and              in 1982 with a BA in Economics, Ed went to
tad smith (and, thus, effectively blocked).
Tad, Greg, and Rebecca are all nominated for
                                                      work for NCNB. After Darden he returned to
                                                      Charlotte where he married Elizabeth “Beth”
                                                                                                           ’        Reunion
maximum reunion participation, along with             Whitener in June of 1987 and then joined First       rob hanckel
Ken Zoeller, mike Kender, and pat schlegel,           Charlotte Corporation. He went on to found           robert.hanckel@wachovia.com
who all also attended the NY pre-reunion event.       Carolinas Capital Investment Corporation, a          Happy spring to all. As I write this note, it is 80
     We were shoo-ed into the South Lounge of         Charlotte-based venture capital fund focused         in Charlotte with the azaleas blooming while it
Saunders Hall for our formal Class Dinner. After      on companies in the Carolinas. Carolinas             is snowing in Minneapolis….hmmm—glad I’m
a nice meal, I likely created some indigestion        Capital invested in Digital Optics Corporation       in the south. Little white golf balls don’t do well
with a Powerpoint summary of our Class                where Ed became Chief Financial Officer              in the snow. There were a number of classmates
twenty years later, starting with a quick recap       and Vice Chairman of the Board. Ed served            who answered my call for news, so on with the
of the Class Giving. I stepped in for Dick            as a member of the North Carolina Railway            show.
Dahling, who came down with pneumonia                 Advisory Commission and was the former Vice               allison (cryor) Dinardo started her
earlier in the week, likely due to his tirelessly     Chairman of the Governor’s Rail Task Force. He       own wireless company a couple of years ago
working the phones to meet our giving goal.           was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the        and sent an update: “Life is good, but work is
I believe brian mcDonald won the farthest             North Carolina Teachers’ and State Employees’        busy. Earlier this year (2006) the FCC granted
from Charlottesville award, having worked for         Retirement System and served from 1995 to            my company 16 licenses after winning them
International Paper in China. vern howard             2001 and again from 2005 until today. In 2006,       in a PCS auction in 2005.In the past few days
received a sweatshirt in honor of his working         he served on the School Building Solutions           (September 2006), the FCC concluded its
for the same company (Bank of America) since          Committee for the Charlotte Mecklenburg              largest auction ever, the AWS auction, which

raised almost $14 billion for the US treasury      Don’t know how I ended up with three hockey           are still traveling back home to the UK twice
auctioning AWS spectrum from all over the          players but in the past year we have traveled         a year for Christmas and summer vacation
country. My company was successful in              to Phoenix, Chicago, Detroit, Fargo, Sarnia,          to visit family, but our roots are now in the
“winning” 17 licenses, mostly in the Midwest.      Toronto, St. Louis, Denver and Atlanta. I need        US. The job I took on last year as controller at
Out of 104 successful bidders, Barat Wireless      the private equity and M&A markets to remain          Lilly is going well and the challenges that the
(my company) was 8th in spending ($127             strong to keep up with their hockey schedule.         pharmaceutical industry faces are what makes
million), but a far cry from the spending of T-          Last fall, the Richmond Times-Dispatch          the job so interesting. Tina and I (without kids!)
Mobile with $4 billion. Allison was also honored   wrote a nice article on mike Williams, who            will be attending the 20th reunion next year to
by the Washington Business Journal when she        has been head of the trust department of First        reconnect with friends and colleagues.”
was named as one of the “2006 Women Who            Market Bank in Richmond for the last five years.            mark sanford, as busy as he is, was kind
Mean Business.” The honorees represent women       The article detailed Mike’s interest in finance       enough to send an update: “Things are busy
from every industry and profession who’ve          from his days as a teenager, and provided a           down here in South Carolina. The four boys
made a difference in their communities, blazed     summary of his career emphasizing his banking         are growing older by the day (14, 13, 11 and
a trail and are leaving a mark on Washington       background predominantly in the Richmond              8) which means Jenny and I have our hands
business. Well done on all fronts!                 area.                                                 full with soccer practices, tennis matches
     Also from the Washington area, Diana                Udo reichling sent a short note around          and all the other enjoyable things that come
(suko) hage wrote that she has made a career       Christmas that all is well with the family and        with raising four unique and energetic sons.
change and gone into business with another         that he was looking forward to two weeks off          Needless to say, my day job also provides
Darden grad and moved to Northern Virginia.        without traveling. Ah, the life of a consultant!      for quite a hectic schedule. It also seems like
She has teamed up with fellow Darden alum,               beth moffett-powell also sent a Christmas       every presidential candidate in the nation is
Patrick Sweeney, at high-tech start-up ODIN        letter detailing a little of her family. Teddy is a   descending on our state these days-so much
technologies. ODIN, based in Dulles, VA, is the    seventh grader who enjoys music, video games,         so that I’m thinking about opening up a bed
leading provider of RFID software and services     seasonal sports, camping and Scouts. Robby is         and breakfast. (Mark, you certainly have a big
to the defense, retail and pharmaceutical          in fifth grade, and is a voracious reader. He likes   enough house for it!) We plan to host the first
industries. As COO, Diana brings 20+ years IBM     Scouts and video games but is also a member           Republican presidential debate in the South
experience in general management, corporate        of the chorus. Matt and Beth are the same             on May 15 this year, so things are sure to get
strategy, consulting and sales, most recently      excepting a few more gray hairs. Matt bought a        even more frenzied down here in the coming
as the executive in charge of IBM’s $1B+           pristine ’98 Mustang to go with his vintage ’68       months.”
global wireless and RFID businesses. Diana         Mustang so they both can cruise the streets of              I received two notes from a couple of
will be responsible for dramatically scaling       DC in style.                                          classmates who we haven’t heard from in a
and successfully navigating ODIN’s growth in             David lund wrote a nice note: “Life is good     while, paul Diodati and scott thomas. Paul
this expanding global marketplace. Robert          in Cincinnati. I am director of innovation and        writes: “News about myself and my family - I’m
Spekman, Darden faculty member and                 product development for Chiquita, and my              still a vice president/solution architect in the
globally recognized authority on supply chain      group is tasked with transforming commodity           SAP practice of Technology Solutions Company,
management adds sage oversight as a member         fresh fruit into value added fresh fruit. We          a small consulting firm based out of Chicago,
of the board of directors.                         bring around 6 billion bananas to market each         and I’ve been with them for almost 12 years
     Continuing with the “change is good”          year, but we are trying to get consumers to eat       now. I mostly manage large SAP projects for
theme, Karen bayer sent this: My dream has         more. Right now, we are doing fun work on             companies and do business development for
come true and I now work a stone’s throw           extending the shelf life of bananas. Work does        our firm. I am just now wrapping up a one-year
from home! I joined GE Asset Management            include a lot of trips to our farms in Central        engagement at Mannatech in Dallas. My wife
(in Stamford, CT) over a year ago, managing        America, and while my Spanish is improving, it        Carol and I live in Alpharetta, Georgia - and
US equities.(Left John Levin, a hedge fund in      still has a ways to go. My family is doing well.      we have seven children. Our oldest daughter,
NYC in early ’06).We live in Greenwich, and        Beth is working as an organic gardener for            Cristina, 20, is a sophomore at the University
after so many years of working/commuting           a non-profit educational foundation here in           of Dallas (she was born at Darden during my
in NYC, I have only a 10-minute drive.(I’m no      Cincinnati. My oldest son Andrew is a senior          freshman year), and she just got back from
longer a weary daily commuter) Absolutely          in high school, which has meant trips to many         a semester abroad in Rome. Monica, 18, is in
love the ’burbs and Greenwich. I finally have      colleges this past year. My daughter Margie           12th grade and is graduating from Holy Spirit
a social life—although my weekends are             is a freshman in high school and son Peter            Preparatory High School this year - and is about
spent attending swim meets (both of my sons        is in the sixth grade. Beth and I spend our           to decide on a college. Maria, 16, is in 10th
are on travel swim teams). Brad still travels      free time driving to band, choir, orchestra,          grade at the same school and plays soccer and
internationally but not as much; I’m thinking of   soccer, lacrosse, cross country, and scouting         runs cross country/track. Bernadette, 14, is in
starting a garden this summer.”                    events. Typical family stuff, but wonderful all       8th grade and plays soccer and volleyball. Clara,
     I was able to track down mike crow who        the same.                                             12, is in 6th grade and plays soccer. Agustin,
wrote: “After 18 years in investment banking I           martha shenkenberg writes that she is           9 (we call him Augie), is in 3rd grade and is
decided to cross over to the buy side last year    battling middle age by organizing the Pasadena        an avid baseball player and Braves fan. John
and joined Sequel Holdings in March 2006.          Marathon and Bike Tour for fall 2008. So, if you      Paul, 7, is in 1st grade and plays soccer, but he
Sequel is a Dallas-based private equity firm       need some motivation, consider joining her            is more interested in Legos and Star Wars. Life
founded in 2003 by former executives from          for the 1/2 tour or if you’re really brave, take      is extremely busy for my wife and I—but full
Suiza Foods and Dean Foods. We focus on            on the whole thing! I personally think I’ll cheer     of joy as well. We were fortunate to be able to
making investments in middle market food and       everyone on from afar!                                visit our daughter Cristina in Rome last October
beverage, and plastic packaging and related              simon harford is back from across the           for our 20th wedding anniversary trip. We also
businesses. We have four portfolio companies       pond. He says that life in Indianapolis is fine       made it to Tuscany, Venice and Paris. I hope to
and are looking for more. In addition to Sequel,   nine months after our return from Europe: “The        see everyone next year at our 2008 reunion.”
we have been busy at home with all three           kids have settled back into school and Tina is        And Scott sent his update: “Moved back to
boys (ages 16, 14, and 10) playing ice hockey.     renovating the house from top-to-bottom. We           Hong Kong about 18 months ago with VF

                                                                                                                           W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
Corp. better known for the brands under              way to work as much as she wants to while still       has overall responsibility for the company’s
their umbrella: Lee, Wrangler, Nautica, The          running the show at home. Barbara is also a           Internet, desktop, subscription, broadband
North Face, Vans, Reef, Jansport, Kipling and a      member of the Darden School Alumni board.             and mobile platforms. Joe and Frazer, (another
dozen or so others. Prior to VF we took about              Keith bachman continues to have a hard          UVA Law grad) live in Atlanta with their sons
six years off from life in Asia getting our kids     time holding onto a job. When I spoke to him          Gardner and Harrison.
Nick and Kensi safely through high school and        he was beginning a three month “time-out”                  steve hassett joined Joe at The Weather
into college. Nick is in the business program        before going to work as an analyst for the            Channel Interactive this year and is now
at UNC-CH and Kensi is working toward a              Bank of Montreal. He says he is hoping to get         VP- New Ventures with responsibility for new
bachelor’s in business from Meredith College         reacquainted with his family after working            business and acquisitions for the company.
in Raleigh. Chris is also now working on a Ph.D.     too many hours during his stint with Bank of          Steve and Anne have two daughters, Charlotte
in psychology. Three tuitions...good thing VF        America, but the first time he tried to cook          and Sarah.
came along. Scott mentioned that he has tried        dinner he left the stove on and almost burned              alex picou, has joined KeyBanc Capital
to get together with tom neir for coffee (I hope     the house down. I’m sure Keith’s wife Ginny and       Markets Consumer Markets Industry Group.
it’s free!), and I told him that David “platinum”    their children Avery, Natalie, and Landon are         Alex will head the Gaming, Travel & Leisure
gold was also in Hong Kong with Pfizer. Connie       ready for dad to go back to the office.               investment banking group and be based in
and I were in Hilton Head just before New Years            Since 2002 pat frith has been managing          New York City. Most importantly, Alex and
and ran into Dirk and Kelly baker at breakfast.      bond portfolios for Evergreen Investments in          Deirdra are the proud parents of twin girls,
They looked great. Actually Kelly saw us first       Charlotte. He and Barb (my wife Amy’s UVA law         Alexandra and Ariel, born July 2005.
and when Dirk came over to speak I didn’t            school roommate) have two girls and a boy, and             Thanks to those of you who got in touch
recognize him—pretty embarrassing on my              Pat says their big adventure this year was spring     this quarter. To the rest of you, please take a
part. I need to chalk it up to lack of coffee. On    break at Disney World.                                minute and send me a quick e-mail with an
the local front in Charlotte, britt byrne was              bill cooper lives in Richmond but is            update that I can share with our classmates.
just named managing director, in charge of           working at UVA as the Director of Supplier            Have a great summer, and my best to you and
the Carolinas retail development operation           Diversity. He took the job after working as           your families.
for Faison Enterprises. I have seen several of       a consultant to the university helping them
our classmates including mary long, steve            to retool their supplier diversity programs.
biggerstaff and sylvia (bray) Kinsey. Sylvia’s
son, Richard, got married to a great girl the
                                                     Bill closed his 10-year-old printing business
                                                     in 2003 and says the lessons learned from
weekend before Easter in Spokane, WA.”               the highs and lows of that experience have            heather mcgrew
And last but not least, mack faulkner wrote          served him well in his new position. He also
                                                                                                           Happy spring! Tax day is a few days away as
that he and Mary Yvonne have a new baby              owns two Dominic’s of New York franchises
                                                                                                           I write this and I just got a note from chris
Everett Powell Faulkner born January 23.             which sell food from kiosks in Lowe’s parking
                                                                                                           English in which he questions Darden’s
       That’s all the news I have for this issue.    lots. Bill’s nephew runs the businesses for him
                                                                                                           support of alumni who pursue careers in
Remember our 20th reunion is not even a year         but Bill does much of the office work and is
                                                                                                           accounting. I have to say there is some
away. You will be hearing a lot about that from      grateful for the opportunity to stay in touch
                                                                                                           merit to his theory of a conspiracy against
school, Jack Oakes and me.                           with his entrepreneurial side. Bill’s son Eric is a
                                                                                                           accountants. Reunion weekend tends to
       All the best and I hope everyone has a safe   member of Darden’s Class of 2008 and I think
                                                                                                           fall right around tax day (although it is the
and healthy year.                                    Bill must be the first member of our class to
                                                                                                           weekend after taxes are due this year) as does
                                                     attend Parents’ Day as a parent. He says the
                                                                                                           the spring deadline for our class notes. That
                                                     biggest event for him in the fast few years was
                                                                                                           being said, we have no news on Chris English
’                                                  becoming a grandfather to Eric’s daughter
                                                                                                           other than he has been trying to send in an
                                                                                                           update for the class notes since 2004 but
larry bernert                                              michael alston was named president
                                                                                                           simply hasn’t had the time to get it together
                                                     of Landmark Interactive, a new division of
paula Dyjak Giles and her husband Joe have                                                                 before the column deadline. Hopefully my call
                                                     Landmark Communications which focuses
lived in Devon, PA, for thirteen years. They                                                               for news in the fall will be well timed for Chris
                                                     on growth through acquisitions of Internet-
have four children, Caro, 12, Dana, 10, Molly,                                                             and the other accountants amongst us. Please
                                                     delivered B2B and B2C services. Landmark
7, and Max, 4. Paula is running the home front                                                             note that you don’t have to wait for me to ask
                                                     Interactive includes companies located in
after working for Arthur Andersen and Aetna                                                                you for news to send me news. My email box
                                                     Atlanta, Norfolk, Chicago and New Hampshire
real estate in the years after Darden, and she                                                             is open for business in the “off season,” so to
                                                     that serve lead-generation and niche
manages to keep up with champe and Anne                                                                    speak.
                                                     marketplaces. Michael is based in Norfolk.
fisher who also live in the Philadelphia area.                                                                   Ken Ward has surfaced after many years
                                                     Landmark Interactive has a cluster of Darden
      rooney and barbara (swinton) Debutts                                                                 of flying below the radar. After graduation,
                                                     grads—Karl Quist (MBA ’99), Chris Smythe (MBA
live in McLean, VA, and life is good for them and                                                          Ken was hired to write a business plan for a
                                                     ’00), Hunter Stokes (MBA ’05), Lisa Evans (MBA
their three children Willie, 13, Forrest, 11, and                                                          start up company that didn’t start up. So soon
                                                     ’07)—in addition to the many others spread
Elizabeth, 9. All three kids are playing lacrosse                                                          thereafter he moved onto another job as an
                                                     around Landmark. Michael and Nancy, and
among their many activities. Rooney called me                                                              analyst presumably looking at diversification
                                                     their children Molly and Peter, moved into a
back from the City of York pub in London where                                                             opportunities for Universal Corporation,
                                                     house just a couple of doors down the street
he was on “business.” He is still focused on                                                               a Fortune 500 company in Richmond. But
                                                     from my family this year. Molly, who was born
corporate strategy and Barbara is doing some                                                               soon after Ken showed up, they decided that
                                                     two weeks before we started Darden, is in her
part-time contract work now as well. After 10                                                              instead of focusing on further diversification,
                                                     second year at UVA.
years of full-time focus on raising children she                                                           they would divest some of their non core
                                                           Speaking of Landmark Communications,
attended a Darden School seminar for women                                                                 businesses. By 1993, Ken was in Baltimore,
                                                     Joe fiveash is the senior vice president and
going back to work last year. That seminar and                                                             again to evaluate diversification opportunities,
                                                     general manager for The Weather Channel
Barbara were the subject of an article in Virginia                                                         this time for Constellation Energy, another
                                                     Interactive, which operates weather.com. He
Business magazine and Barbara has found a                                                                  Fortune 500 energy company. Again, Ken

found his new employer changing direction           for 2006. Keeping with the bodily fluids theme        chairman of the Pacific Basin Economic Council.
shortly after his arrival. Rather than pursuing a   (did I really just write that?), Ron Aizer has left         hiroshi Kato was kind enough to cough
strategy for growth through M&A, Constellation      management consulting to join the Red Cross.          up hans horne’s new email address I was
Energy decided that their best option for           He recently took a job in DC as the Senior            able to reconnect with Hans. He and his wife
driving revenue growth was to invest the            Director of Finance and Business Planning             Flavia have been happily married for 15 years
capital necessary to expand greatly their gas       for the disaster preparedness and response            and have four children ranging from 5 ½ to
distribution utility. Ken took on responsibility    organization.                                         10 years old. And they are all growing up too
for strategic planning and budgeting for their           Other movers and shakers in the class            fast. Hans left Wrigley almost four years ago
gas distribution business. Finally in 2000, he      include David funk. Last I had heard David was        to join Novartis as finance head for Western
was recruited away by a subsidiary of Pepco         living in Charlottesville. He recently sent me a      and Central Europe. A year ago he became
Holdings, another Fortune 500 energy company        note that he has accepted a job in Charlotte          the CFO for their global ophthalmic business
based in DC, after they promised that they          as the chief operating officer of Raggs, which        unit, and since January he has headed up
were really, truly going to buy companies and       has produced a successful children’s television       their Shared Services initiatives. He is able to
at last Ken would get to work on some M&A           show that is performing very well in Australia        travel to culturally rich countries like India and
transactions. He served as the M&A manager for      and will begin to air in the US this summer.          China, which he describes as both enriching
the purchase of four companies, which he really     Another alum on the move: michael larsen’s            and eye opening. His travels through Asia have
enjoyed. Ken then performed the strategic           family relocated back to Newport Beach, CA,           provided the opportunity for him to catch
planning and financial analysis to operate the      summer 2005 after a year in Gig Harbor, WA.           up with both Hiroshi and toyo taniguchi.
purchased companies as well as three more           They are enjoying being back near family              His travels have also served as a reminder of
that were under the holding company. About          and friends and the children (Caroline, 13,           how privileged those of us living in the west
18 months ago, the parent company decided           Andrew, 10, Peter, 6) are busy with the typical       truly are. Hans wants to put a challenge out to
to divest some of the non-core businesses and       school and sports activities. Michael opened          the class to raise $25,000 to build and run an
he signed on to serve as the due diligence          an office in Newport Beach for Presidio Wealth        elementary school in Cambodia for one year. If
manager for seven divestitures. In the process      Management, an investment consultant                  anyone is interested in working with Hans and
he discovered that selling companies is             based in the Bay area. Beyond that he is              contributing time or money or both, please get
almost as much fun as buying them. He               active leading the board of an exciting new           in touch with him (hans.horne@novartis.com).
also discovered that the downside of selling        organization called International Princess                  Jessica Knopp-gwynne is close to
companies is that you can work yourself out         Project (IPP). The mission of IPP is to advocate      completing her graduate degree from Christie’s
of a job. His office in Baltimore will be closing   for enslaved prostitutes, restore their broken        Education in Art History and Business. After five
soon and he will be moving on to another            lives and empower them to live free. It’s a huge      years of successfully running her own brand
opportunity. Ken claims it won’t be another 17      mission in which they are initially focused on        strategy-consulting firm, last fall she decided
years before we hear from him again because         establishing sewing centers in places such as         to go back to school, a move motivated by
he is planning to attend our 20-year reunion.       India where women who have been rescued               a long-term desire to find a way to combine
      paul pliakas and his family are living in     learn to sew as an early step on the path to          her business background with her lifelong
Minneapolis. About a year ago, Paul took a          restoring their dignity. They are seeking to help     love of art and design. She graduates in June
new job with a company called Realityworks,         these sewing centers become self-sustaining           and is looking at business opportunities in
an interactive educational products company.        through the sale of “pun-jammies” that IPP will       art consulting. Essentially she will be advising
His new gig involves leading the new products       distribute in the US and possibly elsewhere. If       clients on buying and selling art for investment
marketing and product management activities         this cause should interest anyone please feel         services. She is considering opportunities to
at this rapidly growing company well known          free to get in touch with Michael and he’d be         pursue this through either a big investment
for its “Baby Think It Over” infant stimulator      happy to get you involved. If any classmates          bank such as UBS or doing it on her own. We
and RealCare Baby product lines. He was             find themselves in the Newport Beach area,            look forward to getting an update on how this
attracted to this new job because it fits well      please give the Larsens a call. They’d love to        plays out. Jessica recently had dinner in Boston
with his desire to lead the development of          have you over for dinner.                             with Jeanne mockard and reports that all is
new products in an extremely entrepreneurial             madeleine mcgee sent me a note to                well with Jeanne.
company. He spends about 80 percent of his          alert me that PINK magazine and the Forte                   steve Wilson started a putter business
time identifying, evaluating and developing         Foundation named susan sobbott as one of              with a friend called IAG Putters (www.
new products and the rest of his time managing      the 15 top women in business in their March           iagputters.com). Their website just went live
existing product lines. Paul’s family is doing      issue (see www.fortefoundation.org).                  in March so Steve needs everyone to log on
well, although Paul finds being the father of a          Kristin colber-baker left Burger King            and order one (so he can stop working for
16-year-old daughter a challenging adjustment       Corp. in July 2005. She intended to take off          corporate America). Their putters are also
and has fond memories of being the father of        six months to travel, plan and spend more             sold by Diamond Tour Golf and other dealers
a 14-year-old daughter. Paul keeps up with a        time with her husband and two boys. Six               throughout the Chicago area.
number of classmates in the Twin Cities and         months quickly turned into 12 and she began                 Walter birch checked in from southern
beyond. He has recently seen roger mcKnight,        to wonder how she ever managed to fit work            Florida where he recently had lunch with
alex Ware and John Harris (MBA ’91). This past      into her schedule. Kristin and her family visited     UVA President John Casteen. Walter ran
fall he got together with both steve silbiger       friends in Japan, Hungary and Austria and             unsuccessfully for the Florida State House
and ron aizer.                                      throughout the US. When Kristin sent me a note        of Representatives last year. With a full time
      Speaking of Steve and Ron … Steve and         a few months back, she was contemplating her          political career on hold for the moment, he is
Sandy’s son Sam is now 13 and plays drums in        next career move, but as of this writing I don’t      focused on fulltime recruiting at CXO Executive
the school’s jazz band. Their daughter Sarah is     have a more recent update. At the time, she was       Search where he is a partner.
11 and plays lacrosse. Steve’s business is going    considering some board positions.                           From the random classmate spotting
well. His new big thing is a product called              scott price checked in from Asia. He is          file, John hackett reports that he bumped
Urine Gone, which received the number nine          based in Singapore and is the CEO of DHL              into rob citrone at a charity golf event last
ranking among all direct response products          Express Asia Pacific. He recently became the          fall near Pittsburgh. John writes, “I had just

                                                                                                                            W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
                                                     phil clough at a lunch with Darden Dean              of parenthood and jobs prevent them from
                                                     Robert Bruner. Larry has been in Baltimore with      seeing each other very often. Mole’s baby boy,
                                                     T. Rowe since graduation and talks with Phil         Wiley, is getting big and has learned recently
                                                     and tim Krongard. He has also heard from             to “squinch” across the floor on his bottom. I’ve
                                                     rusty saylor through a friend.                       heard a rumor that Wiley has already gone on
                                                          nelson patterson sent me an email from          his first hunt. Unlike our friends in Japan, Mole
                                                     Seattle where he is the global director of           did not write about the cherry blossoms in
                                                     customer marketing at SonoSite. Inexplicably,        Virginia this year but did note that it will soon
                                                     I managed to erase most of his email so I can’t      be time to break out the boat for flounder
                                                     include all the details. I do remember that he       season. Frank has recently learned that one of
                                                     mentioned that he regularly sees Dan philips,        the joys of owning your own company is the joy
                                                     who is working for Goldman Sachs. Their              of driving the company van to and from work
                                                     children attend the same school and they go to       when your car is in the shop. His sons Kirby, 9,
                                                     the same church.                                     and Matt, 7, thought the circa 2000 minivan
                                                          Dan sorkowitz sent a note to say that he        emblazoned with Entry Guard was the coolest
                                                     has been married one year and they are still         thing ever. His wife, Mary Cay, however, was not
                                                     happy. On June 24, he and his wife are hosting       too pleased.
                                                     their USA wedding party on the top of Mt. Tam              Two other close
                                                     near San Francisco. All Wahoos are invited.          Darden friends
                                                     Dan and his wife will be spending the last two       who are practically
                                                     weeks of June in California before heading back      neighbors in
the hoagland and bennet families
                                                     to Taiwan.                                           Arlington, VA, but
                                                          george cassiere and his family are in           find life’s pressing
received an award for closest to the pin on
                                                     Indianapolis and are still basking in the glory of   demands get in the
the 14th (seven inches short of a hole-in-
                                                     the Colt’s Super Bowl victory. George started his    way of their social
one on a 198 yard uphill par 3) and Rob had
                                                     company, Pace Financial Group, in 2002 and in        lives and their golf
won a Steelers football jersey by bidding an
                                                     the past five years they have completed more         game, are Jim hart
obscenely generous amount of money in the
                                                     than 60 transactions, the majority of which          and bob cox. Jim
silent auction. At the time, I thought ‘No way.
                                                     have been ESOPs. George truly enjoys being           and Lisa’s little boy, Jim and Jimmy hart
That’s emerging markets Guru Rob Citrone from
                                                     a part of creating employee ownership at his         Jimmy, whom I met
Darden.’ He must have been thinking the same
                                                     clients’ companies.                                  when I stopped to see them back in November,
thing. ‘No way. That’s John Hackett from Darden.’
                                                          gam rose and his wife Kendall (MBA ’89)         is really cute. At 10 months he is just starting to
Thankfully, he was good enough to come over
                                                     have three kids and live in Falls Church, VA.        walk. Bob and Shawn’s little boy, John, is now
and end the uncertainty by congratulating me
                                                     Their youngest, daughter Hannah, was born last       two and a half and in preschool.
on my fabulous shot.” John and his family are
                                                     Christmas. Gam is steeped in the drug control              Two classmates who live in very close
in New York City where he lives with his wife
                                                     problem at DEA and says he is “Learning much,        proximity and who we can safely assume do
Julia, three kids, one au pair and 20 cats. I’m
                                                     earning some, being blessed.” He attended            see each other on a regular basis are sue and
not so sure about the 20 cats business, given
                                                     the 120 Caper at the Army Navy Club in D.C. in       sean mcgee. The McGees are still living in New
the size of your average New York apartment.
                                                     March for Professors Bill Sihler, Alec Horniman,     Jersey. Sue continues to work part time at J&J
But that’s what he claims so that’s what I’m
                                                     and John Colley. Gam writes, “In like lions 40       (Ethicon) and Sean is still at Merrill Lynch and
reporting (also, I don’t know John well enough
                                                     years ago, out like lambs in March 2007. Colley’s    quite happy. Their daughter Madeline is 11 and
to apply the appropriate Hackett to Reality
                                                     acknowledgements were priceless. Now I can           in 6th grade and their son Owen is 6 and in 1st
conversion rate). John and a partner started a
                                                     accept my diploma.”                                  grade.
new leasing brokerage firm two years ago. It
                                                          tony gabriele is still on the west coast              One of our other Darden couples, tim
is a two-man shop. His partner works mostly
                                                     where he reports that life is good. His wife just    and barbara (meyer) blair, will be heading to
out of Connecticut, so John has established a
                                                     had their third child, Allistair Dallas Gabriele.    Kenya in June with their two children, Cassie
flexible nap and “take your cat to work” policy
                                                     They now have two boys and a girl, all under         and Reilly. Tim is going to be running the
for the New York head office. If you find yourself
                                                     the age of three.                                    marathon in Kenya, hitting continent number
in midtown Manhattan after 2 p.m. with time on
                                                          I got numerous emails from classmates           five on his seven-continent goal. Yes indeed,
your hands, contact John (jhackett@gsfadvisors.
                                                     who claimed that they had no news to report          Barb does think he is crazy but since this
com). He has hinted that you may just be able
                                                     but shared a few interesting tidbits. Both           passion of his takes them to rather cool places,
to twist his arm and convince him to join you for
                                                     Hiroshi and Toyo wrote to tell me that while         she isn’t fighting him on it.
an early happy hour.
                                                     they have no real news, the cherry blossom                 Reenst and I recently sent out a note to
      gina galgano hoagland’s family got
                                                     season in Tokyo is spectacular this year. As         the class from our first Darden ’90 scholarship
together with the michael bennett family over
                                                     reported above, they both have seen Hans             recipient, Noah Marks. If you didn’t receive
the Christmas holidays in Sacramento. Gina,
                                                     Horne in the past year. Toyo writes that they        this note from me via email or from Reenst via
her husband Lee, and their three children,
                                                     also get together a few times a year with rob        snail mail and you would like to read up on
Simone, Nathan and Keith, visited Michael and
                                                     garone. He also mentioned something about            young Mr. Marks and the first year of his Darden
his partner Rich and their little boy Daniel. Gina
                                                     the three of them hanging out with all-male          Experience, please shoot me an email and I’ll
writes that Michael’s bakery business is doing
                                                     gangs but I’ve decided that he was simply            forward it along. Soon we will be announcing
well. He’s running a commercial operation
                                                     being coy about their “boys’ night out.”             the second Darden ’90 scholarship recipient.
with no retail and is in the process of buying
                                                          I got separate emails from Dave                       On a very sad note, in January we lost one
a building. Gina’s consulting firm continues to
                                                     mulholland, frank Kollmansperger and                 of our classmates. On Jan. 18, lito Quimbo,
grow. They are up to 12 people.
                                                     richard skeppstrom, who all live within              who also went by Lee, passed away. Lito was
      larry puglia reports that he recently saw
                                                     close proximity in Richmond but the demands          out dancing and collapsed. He was rushed to

0   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
the hospital but did not recover. It is believed
that he suffered from a heart attack. Lito is
                                                     looking for those 18 minutes, but I’m having
                                                     fun trying. I ran the Chicago and Houston
survived by his wife and children. I saw Lito a      Marathons (October and January) and am                Jamie berger
number of times at Darden alumni events in           training for an April marathon, probably OKC.         Well I’m flying back from our Darden class
New York and at our 15-year reunion. He was          I ran a 3:52 in Chicago and a 4:01 in Houston,        reunion, and since I’m all about the efficiency I
always very high energy and full of ideas and        both fast courses that I didn’t do well on, based     figured I’d write up my notes while everything
optimism. In many ways for me it is fitting that     on my training times. I ran 22 miles in Shanghai      was fresh in my head.
our last image of Lito is of him dancing.            in 3:15 so I was expecting a better time in                Okay, who am I kidding—it’s actually
                                                     Houston. Shanghai is a great place to run, warm       weeks after the reunion, I took no notes
                                                     in the winter (at least it was in December) and if
’1                                                  the air is clear, it is a great tour.”
                                                                                                           before, during, or after, and just got an email
                                                                                                           from Darden informing I have until, oh,
laurel peltier                                             beth innis landin recently made a               tomorrow to turn mine in. So it looks like this
laurel@comcast.net                                 major decision to leave Corning. In March she         particular update will consist of a series of
Thanks to everyone who wrote in, though I            began a new position as director—business             brief, incoherent ramblings, as opposed to the
may have embellished Dave Roche’s update a           development & strategic planning for Market           protracted ramblings that typify your normal
bit as his eight word email left a little room for   Street Trust Company, based in Corning, NY.           class notes. The good news is this go-around I
interpretation… Dave roche wrote in from             This new life will include less travel, more          have help from my lovely assistant (and future
Atlanta, “For the last three years, I’ve been        scheduling flexibility, and more time to spend        class secretary nominee) Richard Longstaff,
at CIBA Vision. However, I’m leaving to join         with Kyle and Lien! Beth keeps busy on several        who was kind enough to do my job and send
a small firm called Selling Solutions, which         community boards, volunteering at the kids’           in wide ranging observations from the reunion.
helps clients such as Coke define their value        schools. She’s also resumed Mandarin classes,         Since Richard is British, you also get the added
proposition and positioning with their large         and is happy to be chatting in Putonghua again.       bonus of his write-up being far better written
customers such as Wal-Mart and McDonalds. I                ruthie hill Klinck sends this update:           and wittier than my own interpretation, so I will
have been running marathons, and think I’ll          “The Klinck family has moved up to Wellesley,         include them unedited:
go for the Iron Man Competition in Hawaii            MA, where husband Jack is working at State                 “Jon pelson, taking time off from his frantic
next summer. Lots of friends here in Atlanta         Street. We’ve been on the move. Ruthie and            transatlantic shuttling between DC and London
and as the Darden Chapter Alum chair we’ve           the kids are getting situated into their new          for British Telecoms, came down to the Friday
been really busy with martini parties and CEO        neighborhood (aside, it all comes down to the         evening festivities and showed himself more
lectures.”                                           neighbors…). Jessie, 11, is in 6th grade, Philip,     than qualified to retain his long-standing title
     Jay scott sends this news: “Sarah and I         9, is in 3rd, and Mason, 6, is in kindergarten.       as Class of ’92’s ‘Person Most Likely To Carry Two
are still living in Charlottesville with Ford, 4½,   They are in the Wellesley public schools and          Or More Cell Phones.’”
and Alden, 20 months. After 16 years at UVA,         doing well. Jessie has a new lab puppy. We                 Internet Billionaire (in Zimbabwean
I have decided to step down from my current          drove from Pittsburgh to West Union, WV, on a         dollars, that is) Eric Dean showed remarkable
position and take 6-9 months off, and then           snowy Saturday in February (two days before           prowess on the dance floor, accompanied by
do something new and different. I am looking         the movers arrived at our house). We picked           very happy-looking wife, Heather. Apparently,
forward to spending some time researching my         up Abby and she has been such a bundle of             the joy was only partially down to Eric’s Fred
next venture and was inspired by many of our         joy and chaos. We all still miss Pittsburgh quite     Astaire-like qualities—the fact that they
classmates at the 15th reunion last year. We are     a bit, but love the Red Sox and that makes            had been able to leave their two children at
looking forward to having the time together as       everything okay. I think we will like being on        nearby grandparents and enjoy a rare evening
a family and will do some traveling before I get     the east coast.” Ruthie is not working out of the     together was also a significant factor.
back to work on the next career.”                    home, but always contemplating it, so looks                shin furukawa, to the disappointment
     paul hoffman wrote in to tell us of taking      forward to networking with Darden alumni              of many, did not visibly slumber through any
over the orchestra and hear is his update. “I’m in   in the Boston area. “We hope to stay here for         of the main events of the weekend. However,
my fourth year of running an orchestra in New        awhile!” she says.                                    when receiving a tour of the new school, Shin
Hampshire, and have pretty much returned the               pascal monteiro de barros checks in…            was heard to ask why the classroom chairs
organization to its rightful place on the state’s    “Living between London and Gloucestershire,           didn’t recline horizontally or have padded
cultural scene. (I’ve made full use of a variety     in my 5th year of working for EIM in London, a        headrests.
of case studies.) I’m enjoying a frequent role       leading Fund of Hedge Funds, raising assets in             Jan-Eric brethaan showed that the
as sergeant at arms for the Manchester Rotary        Europe, S. America and the Persian Gulf. Four         Viking Spirit is alive and well by driving around
Club, where my task is to tell bad jokes in a        children ages 9-14. See a lot of casey norman         town in the largest SUV that money can
public setting. So again, the Darden classroom       who lives minutes away, and most recently             rent. Apparently, Norwegian law requires all
was excellent training. Kerry is happy and riding    harris Jones, and guillaume cuvelier who              citizens to do this when visiting the United
her horse Bugs. Martha is in fifth grade and         sold his company!” (Secretary’s note—is that          States, to help support their poor nation’s
starting a little Chinese (I guess we should all     code for Guillaume has now retired and is             suffering oil industry. However, when Jan-Eric
learn soon) and Samuel has just started violin       living comfortably in Paris with his family? We       forgot to put money in the parking meter at
lessons. Domestic bliss, really.”                    certainly hope so, now we can all visit again. It’s   the Downtown Mall and nearly got towed, it
     mike brodziak wrote an email from               been awhile since we crashed at your parent’s         was Judy baker rather than the mad Viking,
China—“Since we last spoke, Sally & I have           house during our second year leadership study         who went on the offensive with the tow-
moved to Shanghai. We have only been here for        where we visited every Pizza Hut in France. No        truck operator. Judy, using some innovative
one month, but are absolutely loving it. We are      one’s bitter about the fact we studied fast food      techniques not yet covered in Darden’s
empty nesters as both Kerry (Bowdoin, ME) &          distribution strategies in France instead of the      Bargaining and Negotiations course, called (at
Kimberly (Rhodes, TN) are at college.                art of finding the perfect croissant.)                2 in the morning) the Charlottesville Police, the
     tracy shirley wrote to brian cowan who          Happy summer, be healthy and happy.—Laurel.           mayor’s office and the owner of the parking
then passed it to me… she writes, “Haven’t                                                                 lot to protest the pending removal of Jan Eric’s
qualified for Boston’s Marathon yet; I’m still                                                             car. The bleary-eyed tow-tuck operator (who,

                                                                                                                             W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   1
Class Notes
difficult though it is to believe, really did have         Mr. carlos tejera-paris (shouldn’t that             laura o’connor mecagni writes a nice
the legend ‘Shifflett Towing’ sewn onto the          kind of name include “the 3rd”?) jetted in          note about how reading the recent class notes
breast pocket of his overalls), was heard to ask     from Venezuela to preach his new found              saved her from working on “the 7th version
a bystander “is she from New York?” All ended        conversion to the Chavez revolution. While          of the board paper I’m working on for an
amicably, however, when Mr. Shifflett decided        Carlos has always been a die-hard capitalist        investment in Lebanon.” True, but writing them
to exercise the $100 profit-sharing option           (and officially the best-dressed of the class       is sadly keeping me from hitting 70th level in
proposed by fellow passengers ted gillman,           of 1992) he figured that if you can’t beat ’em,     World of WarCraft.
shin furukawa and richard longstaff; and             join ’em. Carlos is now Minister of Ministries            Laura is now working in the IFC, the
released the car.                                    in Venezuela, responsible for coming up with        International Finance Corp., a group within the
      Whew, my former Darden News Editor bails       new government Ministries—and now insists           World Bank—and I believe a division within
me out of a tough one (and Jan Erik too for that     on being called by his revolutionary nom-de-        SMERSH in the James Bond series. By the way
matter). Thank you, Richard, for helping me get      guerre, “Comandante Uno.”                           Laura, any way to get hooked up with one of
over the 500 word-count hump so effortlessly.              There were plenty more people at the          those interest-free development loans? Santa
If only he’d been so much help in class. Well,       reunion, and I’m only catching you up with a        Monica should count as a struggling third-
it’s all downhill from here—both in terms of         few of them. Special thanks to craig herron for     world banana republic.
the time remaining to finish and the quality of      leading the reunion committee and greg and                “I have been juggling career, motherhood
writing….                                            tierney fairchild for hosting the Friday night      and wifedom with relative success: I still have
      So let’s start with Richard, who is still      class party.                                        a job, the children are alive, and last check
working at Bearing Point in London, and still              Outside of reunion updates, I did receive     I am still married....but as all women (and
focusing on doing business in places that I          emails from some classmates. Two of them            enlightened men) know ....it is no cake walk,”
can’t pronounce. I got caught in the middle of a     from the class notes equivalent of name, rank,      Laura writes. (Hmmm, it’s not a cake walk? And
discussion between Richard and Judith baker,         and serial number came from Erin ruane and          what’s all this “enlightenment” stuff? I’d ponder
who is now living in Turkey and is also working      Drew gajan. Erin reports that she and Geoffrey      this some more, but I’m too busy catching up
on putting together funding for projects             Hale (JD. MBA ’93) are living in Manhattan          on “24” while Ellen gives Oliver a bath.)
in developing countries. After 15 minutes            Beach with their three kids, Nash, Tucker and             “My children Camilla, 11, and Giacomo, 7,
of fascinating discussion on their favourite         Annie. Erin and Geoffrey see a lot of Jordan        are wonderful, silly and actually pretty funny....
pipeline projects in Kyrgyzstan I knew it was        and fiona posell now that they’re in the L.A.       my job is challenging and rewarding....at the
time to make an exit…graceful or otherwise….         area. Drew—a class notes virgin—sent in news        moment working on private sector investment
      Fortunately I was able to glom onto asli       that he and his wife Christina had their first      in the Middle East, and trying to stay in the
Eksioglu who is also living in Turkey, but           child, Andrew Charles Gajan this March, with        post-conflict rather than in-conflict countries.”
focused on something I can relate to…mindless        Drew a first time dad at the age of 42. Since       (Wow; that must be a short list.)
entertainment. Asli left the advertising world       Drew was the designated cook in our 2nd year              Laura finishes her note, “I admit feeling
and formed a partnership named, ah, The              house with tom abert and steve reiner we’re         a pang of jealousy in your description of the
Partnership (apparently Asli wasn’t on the           all hoping for Andrew’s sake that Christina has     average types in and around Santa Monica.....
creative side of the ad biz). Her latest project     taken over those responsibilities in the Gajan      here instead we are awash with overly
was producing the Turkish version of The             household!                                          committed and super responsible types—
Apprentice, where she was required to cast the             So Drew just had a kid 15 years out of        working hard and then rushing home to family
man with the worst hair in Turkey.                   Darden, and meanwhile Willie Zantzinger is          etc....so all the East Coast angst of doing good
      pascal bouvier spent most of the reunion       about to send his daughter to college. Yeah,        keeps everyone running!”
parading around his new girlfriend, Eileen.          that’s right the class of ’92 notes are going             “Doing good?” “Super responsible?” I don’t
Clearly he has found his soul-mate since she         to get increasingly depressing as they start        think I’m getting any of this crazy World Bank
seemed to have an even more twisted sense of         transitioning from baby announcements and           lingo. All I know is I’m stressed from all of this
humor than Pascal and apparently understands         weddings to tales of “we took our son/daughter      class notes stuff, it’s 3 p.m. on a Wednesday,
more than 60 percent of what he’s talking            on college tours this year.” One thing for sure,    and it’s time for a nap.
about at any given time (although I would            the Berger household endured enough stress
have thought the inverse was true, where
his soul-mate would understand only the
                                                     during the Preschool selection process. I’m
                                                     pretty confident we won’t survive college angst.
                                                                                                         ’ Reunion
bare minimum of what he was saying). Pascal                Willie reports that he and his wife Joan      rebecca Kilduff
meanwhile is now sporting mutton chops and           are living in a Pennsylvania suburb called          1 Queen street
looked like he was sending in his audition tape      Chadds Ford, just outside of Wilmington             alexandria va 221
to the BBC for the newest Dr. Who.                   and Philadelphia. And is still with the same        0--00
      carl blake made a surprise appearance at       investment firm called Gardner Lewis Asset          rkilduff@madisonkilduff.com
the reunion, taking a break from the property        Management that he joined out of school in
development and management business he               1992.                                               meredith (moskow) bolon
owns in D.C. Carl is focused on re-developing              “My daughter Ellie, a toddler at Darden, is   10 painted turtle lane
apartment buildings in some of the tougher           heading off to Vanderbilt in the fall.              chapel hill nc 21
neighbourhoods in D.C. Carl has some good            Woody, who was born during first year exams,        1-2-010
stories to tell about the new business, like the     is finishing his sophomore year of high school.     meredith@bolons.com
time he got a call from Dick Cheney’s office         We should have him out of the house in a
                                                                                                         Here’s one big congratulations for all of the
inquiring into the possibility of selling the        couple of years as well.”
headquarters of the EPA for conversion into          Willie cryptically adds “I think about Queuing
                                                                                                              To Dave helfgott, who recently accepted
luxury apartments. Carl prudently declined           Theory a lot.” I presume because he’s clearly
                                                                                                         a new position with Datapath as president
since he didn’t want to get involved with that       thinking about how to line up his kids to get
                                                                                                         and chief operating officer. “Datapath is
kind of dangerous crowd.                             them out of the house as efficiently as possible.
                                                                                                         an exciting company, a global provider

2   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
of communications networks, serving
the government SATCOM/ C4ISR sector
                                                   ’                                                       In MEMORIAL
in programs such as Joint Network Node             andrew logan                                              us navy Captain G. Lindsay Perkins,
(JNN), Support Wide Area Network (SWAN)            Well, this was truly the quarter for name-                Jr. (mBa ’94) died unexpectedly on
and Worldwide Satellite Services (WWSS).           dropping. I counted something like 84 names               march 20. lindsay was in charge
Datapath specializes in systems integration,       (some duplicates, of course) in our class notes
integrated logistics, and software services                                                                  of Fleet and Industrial supply Cen-
                                                   this quarter, which is quite an improvement
in support of design, implementation and                                                                     ter, Puget sound. as supply center
                                                   to the few meager responses I had to my
management of critical SATCOM and wireless         initial request. Shortly following my second              commander, he supervised 54 navy
networks.” Visit him at www.datapath.com.          solicitation, bob amos called to warn me that,            workers and 399 civilians. lindsay
      To Jan Unger, who married Joan Cook in       perhaps, people weren’t responding because                also directed the region’s Combined
New York in October—in attendance were mike        they were afraid of what might “find” its way             Federal Campaign in 2005, which
slone (left Goa, is now in the Philippines…I       into print. I assured Bob that, based on the              raised $2.1 million for charity. He
think) and Sally & ray george, and me              interesting content of the responses that I had
(Meredith) and Todd.                                                                                         was buried at arlington national
                                                   received already, I probably wouldn’t even
      To Jennifer (froelich) and Jeff Lewis,                                                                 Cemetery outside Washington, D.C.,
                                                   have room to make things up. I think Bob only
and sibs Abigail and Cooper, welcomed lil’ sis     called to make sure that I mentioned that he’s            and is survived by his wife natal-
Aubrey Jordan in February! Congratulations!        getting married. No, really, I’m not making               lia, and two sons, alexander, 4, and
      To todd azadian, who only sent news of       this up. And so is graham anthony (now you                nicholai, 2. Charitable contributions
his cross-town move and email update, but          really think I’m lying…but it’s all true I tell you,      can be made for the children’s college
is still running Lower Fairfield County Services   true!) Read on for more exciting facts about              education at usaa Federal saving
LLC, D.B.A. Mr Handyman of South Fairfield         your classmates!
County (CT). Hey! Any update gets a congrats!                                                                Bank, acct. # 368-159-42, which will
                                                        The shortest actual class notes contribution
      To balbina hwang, who writes, “If your                                                                 be converted to a trust or 529 sav-
                                                   that had any substance goes to tom smallhorn
lives are anything like mine, the weeks and        for this efficient summary, “Turned 40 a few              ing Plan. Donations can be mailed to
months have passed in a blur, so much so,          weeks back. My wife and I are expecting our               usaa Federal saving Bank, 10750
that it is almost impossible to believe that       second child in mid April—another girl. Still at          mcDermott Freeway, san antonio,
it is already 2007 and that so much has            Pepsi.”                                                   texas, 78284. (800 531-2265).
happened in the last several years. In 2004 I      Oddest actual class notes contribution (with              Please be sure to include the account
finally found and bought a dreamy house; in        very little substance) goes to matt hapgood
2005 I accomplished my dream of completing                                                                   number and the children’s names.
                                                   for this review: “On April 1 I had granola cereal
my Ph.D.; and in 2006, I got my dream job:         for breakfast, with raspberries on top. I spent
I was appointed to a position at the State         my spring break in Key Biscayne watching the           southern France and northern Italy. The kids are
Department, as senior special advisor to           SonyEricsson tennis tournament. I think I’ll           great, Sarah is 6 and Benjamin is 2. If anyone
Assistant Secretary for Asia Christopher Hill.     enter next year; Federer’s got nothing on my           wants a picture, email me at draphael@phluant.
He’s in charge of North Korean policy, so I’ll     game.”                                                 com.
be assisting him in trying to avert nuclear             brenda (gale) raphael is now                           We also saw a bunch of classmates at
Armageddon, among other things. It’s taken         marketing director at Pfizer launching Exubera,        fellow Dardenites 40th birthday bashes. At
a while to clear all the bureaucratic hurdles of   the first non-injected, inhaled insulin for            rob lubin’s (I don’t remember who exactly
security clearances (I am now officially not a     diabetes patients.                                     was there, it was all a blur, but was good to see
spy, nor enemy of the state) and with the new           David raphael (winner of the most                 you guys), I do know that we left with the most
year, I now have an office at Foggy Bottom,        verbose class notes contribution) is working           perfect party favor given to all guests, a Nike
complete with a view of the Potomac from           at his mobile services venture, Phluant and            logo golf ball with the words, Rob Lubin 40th
my desk. I expect the job to be a tremendous       will be launching a new small business mobile          birthday party stamped on it. Nice touch Daryl!
challenge, but also equally rewarding. I guess     marketing solution this Spring. In Dave’s              This ball found its way into my golf bag and
this all goes to show that dreams really do        own words, “On a social note, we were in               on the first swing on a beautiful golf course in
come true, sometimes in the most round-            Washington D.C. recently and had dinner with           Florida, after a majestic 240 yard flight in the air
about way. Wishing all of you the best in 2007,    rob scavello and his lovely wife Kate.                 sliced its way directly into an alligator infested
and I hope to see you before we ring in 2008!”          I spoke to Dave valiaveeden on the                swamp. I still can see it now, glistening in just
      To our esteemed co-Class Secretary           phone a few weeks ago; he sounded well and             two feet of water, inches out of my reach, under
rebecca Kilduff, who put aside her shingle for     apologized for not showing up at graduation,           a slow ripple of waves, the Nike logo and the
now and accepted a position as vice president      nor for keeping in touch with anyone for 13            letters “b Lubi” staring me in the eye; “b Lubi,” I
of marketing for her former client-turned-         years. Next he claimed to be living in a beach         pondered, was this message meant for me? Be
internet-startup, www.ePals.com. ePals is an       house on the Jersey Shore and working as VP of         Rob Lubin? But then, about five yards upstream,
online educational community where students,       finance at Hovnanian Enterprises. Can anyone           I saw another ball with the words...”Lubin 4”
their pen pals and teachers connect and            verify this? Sounded like some Soprano witness         glistening under the tide. Was Rob telling me
collaborate with each other around the world.      protection situation to me. After suggesting           to give myself a 4 for the hole? Or could it be
      To anyone who sends us some news to          that maybe we would come out for a weekend             there was another friend of Rob Lubin’s that
share! 2008 is around the corner! We’ll be in      over the summer, Dave mumbled something                had recently sliced his birthday ball on the first
touch with some info to prepare for our big        about his house being small and quickly had to         tee at the Naples Beach Club Course into the
15-year event in C’Ville. Please update your       go. Has anyone else been invited to this house?        swamp, five yards further than mine? Who is the
contact info on the Darden site so we won’t        Just curious. Since we don’t have any beach            other fellow Darden slicer? All you Sherwood
miss you, and you won’t miss out. Can’t wait to    invitations, we are planning a boat trip cruising      Frey apprentices, what are the odds of that
see everyone!                                      the Mediterranean this summer — around                 happening? Please confess now (and kudos for

                                                                                                                            W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •    
Class Notes
outdriving me). Yes, we were all Rob Lubin that        Emily (landrum) brown and her family in Los         ACT, plays classical piano and lead electric
day. Does anyone else have any meaningful              Angeles. Her husband Bruce is a great guy and       guitar (interesting mix) in his emerging garage
Rob Lubin 40th birthday party golf ball stories        they have two beautiful young daughters. Has        band, and finds opportunities to drive the
to share? Please, share your tale with us all.         anyone heard from hung vu?”                         Meiling’s third car anywhere he can. How
Happy springtime, everyone! Hope to see you            christy (brock) miele, reported in the third        things change in the 13 years since Darden
soon.                                                  person, “Christy and her husband just bought        graduation.
      Dave’s newsletter tip: you can unlock your       a new house in San Juan Capistrano, CA, and              cliff farrah checks in with this exciting
car (or trunk) over a cell phone. Hold your cell       welcome visitors. Her daughter Kate, at 7           racing news, “Strategery III won the US National
phone about a foot from your car door and              months old, is giving Christy employment in         Amateur Championship title for Coursaire 28R
have the person at your home press the unlock          her most rewarding job ever -- mother. Christy      Trimirand Class at Key West this year, appeared
button (on a spare set of keys), holding it near       promotes her books, DVDs and training for           on ESPN but unfortunately no one else from
the mobile phone on their end. Your car will           how to teach teenagers yoga from her website,       Darden assisted this year.”
unlock. Distance is no object as long as you           yogaminded.com. For those of you who are                 John Wehrenberg tell us, “All is well in
can call someone with the other remote. Please         parents to teens, encourage your school PE          Shanghai. I have been busy establishing a new
note: this does not work under water or while          teacher to check it out.”                           operation for our Teleflex medical division to
moving.                                                      asha (Walker) barnes took pity and            market and sell directly throughout China,
      Doug fletcher provided the most                  wrote the following: “Your mindless rambles         which has been a great learning experience
interesting reply, with this slightly impersonal       compelled me to answer your weak cries for a        after so many years of manufacturing
response: “Hi. I will be out of the office the         submission. I am alive and well in Toledo, with     automotive parts. I am still doing my share
week of March 12-16. If you need immediate             three children, ages, 10, 6, and 3. They keep       of automotive work throughout the various
attention while I’m out of the office, please          me busy. I have worked for HCR Manor Care for       countries in Asia, but to have it mixed together
contact Doug Hammell, director of operations.          12 years and settled into a comfortable life in     with medical and marine business has been a
Have a great day!” Apparently Doug has elected         Toledo. My husband Mark made partner at his         great learning experience and, frankly speaking,
to allow his computer to dictate his class             law firm, Bugbee & Conkle, so we are here for       a bit of good fun! I am spending a large portion
update. Way to grasp automation, Doug!                 the long haul. If anyone is in the neighborhood     of my time in India which is exhilarating but
      Damon Devito wins the award for the              or driving to Detroit or Chicago, give me a         the flight commute is pretty ugly. Ying and I
most ironic news. I took my 6-year-old son             call. I can’t guarantee an exciting nightlife, we   have been taking advantage of the chance to
Cooper to the ER Sunday following a sports             just have a plethora of restaurants. As far as      combine business and pleasure travel, seeing
related injury....wait for it....at the golf course.   Darden encounters, bernadine Johnson emails         a number of new destinations in the far-flung
Driver to the head on the follow-thru of a 5-          me sometimes and I saw Jo Yvette lacy in            regions of China as well as the usual great
year-old on the practice range at Old Trail Golf       November when I took a weekend sabbatical           fun places in Thailand. We keep missing the
Club in Crozet, resulting in five stitches. The        to Sarasota. Both are doing well. I spent time      Dougherty Family who recently relocated to
2007 golf season has officially started here in        with cedric steele (MBA ’95) and his family         Beijing. They were in town here in Shanghai
Virginia.                                              over Christmas in Atlanta. Cedric and I went to     for Chinese New Year but we were away in
      mia paterno reports, “I’m finishing up my        high school together. Unfortunately, I haven’t      Thailand. And my business trips to Beijing
first year in yet another master’s program, and        been back to Darden since graduation but Mark       have been too brief to catch up with Dan and
I’ll be doing my administrative residency at           keeps pushing to take a trip to Charlottesville     Tina. We have set a weekend this summer for
the Wilmer Eye Institute at the Johns Hopkins          for alumni weekend. It is just hard to find         golf, though; since both our families will leave
Hospital starting in May. Conveniently, this           someone who is sane enough to watch three           us to sweat it out in the sticky summer so we
coincides with my starting to need reading             kids for a long weekend.                            figured a guy’s long weekend for golf would
glasses.” Which makes us wonder what sort of                 In Kristina (friberg) mangelsdorf’s own       be in order. Kate, 5, and Molly, 4, are fully in
employee discount Mia can negotiate. Mia also          words, “I don’t think I have anything worth         the swing of school, ice skating, and all kinds
reported that she “partied likes it’s yo’ birthday”    reporting unless I neglected to mention that we     of art projects. They are also using all of their
on Spring Break in forbidden New Orleans.              had a second child? Eric is now 15 months,          school breaks for travel with us whenever the
      And moving on to our classmates in the           Charlotte 3 1/2, both wonderful. I am still at      chance presents itself. Send a note if you or
Nation of Texas, John trevey has started a             Pepsi, running our Diet Colas business and          others are coming to Shanghai, there are a few
one-man Internet educational campaign:                 keeping absurdly busy launching Diet Pepsi          Darden folks, mainly from recent classes, who
Texans Educating eX-classmates Against Spam            MAX, with ginseng and more caffeine. I work         get together from time to time but certainly not
Solicitations or, coincidentally, TEXASS. What         alongside three of our classmates: Jeff Dubiel      often enough.
else would you expect from a man who has               just got promoted to VP of our premium non-              geraldo “Jerry” martinez writes, “I
dedicated his professional life to helping those       carbonated beverages (SoBe, Ben & Jerry’s, etc.),   stepped down as president of Stewart Title
who cannot help themselves? Now he’s helping           tom smallhorn is running our juice brands and       Guaranty de Mexico due to an ethics conflict
the rest of us to eliminate unwanted spam. Way         cindy seideman is out in Chicago working on         with the chairman of the board (way to use that
to go, John, keep waving the flag.                     a big PepsiCo capabilities project.                 Darden ethics training, Jerry!) Since October
      giovanna rahming charles (happily                      John meiling, his wife Pamela, and            2006 I have been looking for a job in a very
married to Andrew Howard-Charles (MBA                  their four children are in their sixth year         stringent market — Corporate Mexico. The
‘93) sends in: “I live in Nassau, Bahamas with         living in beautiful Wisconsin. John is still        Darden Chapter here has been very supportive.
Andy and our two boys (ages 4 and 6). I have           at GE Healthcare working as the General             In the meantime, I have been consulting for
recently resigned from a bank job to start a           Manager for the EKG business. Business travel       STREAMNOVA a company I co-own with Juan
water bottling company that will sell under the        takes him frequently to Asia and Europe. He         José ortíz (MBA ’01) and teaching some part-
label “Bahama Clear.” So, if anyone is visiting        periodically sees classmate Ellen (Klee) van        time MBA courses at a local program down
Nassau and feeling thirsty I’ll be happy to            oostenbrugge in the halls at their GE office.       here. My 20 month-old baby girl is learning
bring them some water. First bottle is free! I         John’s oldest son, James recently turned 16,        how to pronounce a few words in English and
can also show them where Anna Nicole Smith             hit 6’ 1” and 175 lbs—same size as his dad,         my wife is doing superbly. I would be glad to
is buried. I had the pleasure of recently seeing       and just a sophomore in high school, took the       provide my resume if anyone is looking to do

                                                                                Ralph Baker (MBA ’93) put his stock
                                                                                  into youth basketball and he’s been reaping dividends
                                                                                  ever since.
                                                                                     a founder and the executive director of the new
                                                                                  York shock exchange, Baker coaches new York City
                                                                                  kids on the fine art of hitting the hoops, while blend-
                                                                                  ing some practical financial education into the mix.
                                                                                     “It’s an effort to teach basketball and business,” he
                                                                                  says. “We basically try to provide physical and mental
                                                                                  stimulation through athletics. We teach life skills, how
                                                                                  to handle, save and invest money. We teach them how
                                                                                  to make your money work for you.”
                                                                                     Baker founded the youth league in December 2005
                                                                                  as a way of giving back to his community. today, the
                                                                                  nY shock exchange includes 36 children on three
                                                                                  teams from 3 teams—sixth, seventh and eight/ninth
                                                                                  graders. they play other teams in Brooklyn, where
                                                                                  Baker lives, and throughout the east coast. the 35-
business South of the Border.”                                                    game season runs from mid-may through august.
      Nearby in Mexico City, rita schreyer               “anybody can sign up,” Baker says. “We have tryouts for the team where
has truly been living la vida loco. She flew         we’ll go to different recreational leagues. I go around and scout parents. and we
all the way to Cincinnati to demonstrate her         go by word of mouth. It’s been successful. It’s only been around for a little more
investment banking networking skills, Latin          than a year, but I think the kids are getting something out of it.”
American style, as she and Jennie logan (MBA             Parents and corporate sponsors cover the cost, plus Baker and his board plan
’03) went mano-a-mano over several bottle of
                                                     fundraisers to help with expenses. Baker works at earnest & Young for their
vino. Unfortunately, there was no clear winner.
                                                     transaction advisory service when he’s not coaching b-ball or helping kids un-
In addition to enjoying a very generous housing
budget and promoting capricious consumption          derstand the stock market.
all across Mexico City, Rita was also elected            “this hasn’t been just me,” he says. “We’ve had involvement from a lot of
assistant treasurer for her local Mensa chapter!     people. It’s a family affair. a couple of guys on the board are friends from my
And to think, they didn’t even give you a            undergrad days at Hampden sydney College. Jandie smith turner (mBa ’93)
Shermet! Life just isn’t fair, Rita.                 designed hats for the players.
      tanya (Kulbitskas) tolpegin reports in             “my son’s on the team too,” Baker says. “It’s a way for me to give back to
with the following news flash: “Managed to           the community. If you have something to offer you’re doing yourself a disservice
lose 30 pounds AND take a promotion as CEO           if you do not. You can’t sit on the sidelines and criticize if you’re not involved.”
of the Professional Landcare Network — a not-            Players pick their own stocks. the kids generate investment ideas while
for-profit trade association in Northern Virginia.
                                                     learning about p/e ratios and poring over research reports. “We cut the wheat
Almost didn’t get the job because they said I
                                                     from the chaff,” Baker says. “We figure out which stocks are overpriced. We
was too “business oriented.” Interestingly, the
lost 30 pounds and the promotion are both at         look at the fundamentals.”
the top of my list to maintain.”                         the teams hold small stock positions in nominal amounts.
      “carol (bennett) anderson here, giving             When the kids aren’t picking stocks or popping three-point shots, they might
probably one of my first updates in about five       be picking up on the subtleties of “shockisms,” which are slang terms suitable
years! I am still with Capital One, coming up        for a basketball court or a boardroom. these include “Big Hat, no Cattle,”
on year nine. I did make a change last year and      with a meaning that changes to fit the situation:
relocated from Richmond, where I had been                In Business
working for the company and now work in the              “a man who constantly sports a suit with double vents, wing tips, and a
corporate headquarters in McLean. My husband
                                                     Hermes tie, but (i) has never completed an acquisition and (ii) if pressed, would
Robert and I live in Arlington, and despite being
                                                     be unable to articulate the difference between a good deal and a bad deal.”
in complete shock at the cost of housing in the
DC area, we love it. After about a year here we          on the Court
finally feel settled in, got the boxes unpacked,         “a kid sporting air Jordan sneakers, an aI sleeve, wrist bans, baggy shorts,
and can even get the car in the garage! I have       and a new York shock exchange original team jersey, with no game.”
been in human resources at Capital One, and              In the real World
my current role should be of interest to our             “a man with a big ten gallon hat, Wrangler jeans, and cowboy boots (with
classmates. I head up our global executive           spurs), but (i) does not own an oil well, (ii) does not live on southfork, and (iii)
compensation and equity department, so               his girl looks nothing like sue ellen.”
anyone needing some tips on how to negotiate             the idea is to make the business world accessible by relating the world of
the best executive comp. package just send me        sports to the world of finance and investment. making it fun is just added value.
an email! That about sums it up for my news….
                                                         Visit the program online at newyorkshockexchange.com
no kids, just my 13-year-old West Highland
terrier, Maggie. Robert and I enjoy traveling

                                                                                                                W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
when we are not working. We are planning               at Wachovia Securities—promoted to Chief              all taking swimming lessons with Ken and Hiro
a trip to Hawaii for our 10-year wedding               Operating Officer of Global Markets and               taking tennis as well. Lately, we have been
anniversary this fall.”                                Investment Banking last year. Love Charlotte          going bowling every weekend and make
       mark bivona sent a graphic review of the        and my 10-minute commute to work! Looking             quite an impression on the reserved Japanese
movie 300, proving only that he is still alive.        forward to meeting Joe Zuber, Dave Wise               bowlers with Max trying his best to throw the
Mark joins the likes of David richardson, who          and mike burke for boys’ weekend in Fort              ball as far down the lane as his little body will
offered proof of life with a teaser that he would      Lauderdale in April. It is Wise’s first surfacing     allow. Let us know if you will be in Japan!”
update us later on his life…and then left us           in a few years! michael henshaw and I                        sheryl brown: “I am enjoying life as an
hanging. We’re still waiting, guys, but at least       attended our annual father-daughter dance             independent marketing consultant in Stamford,
we know you’re out there.                              in February—Michael does a mean shag (who             CT, and love running my own business. My
       laura riccio, co-winner of the shortest         would have thought Elvis could shag?).”               husband works for the City of New York Law
resume award, did some name dropping of her            ian ratcliffe attended “a couple of Darden            Department, so at least one of us gets paid
own: “I am still with PriceWaterhouseCoopers...        gatherings involving frank sands. carl                when we go on vacation. I have always hated
the same firm I started with in July 1994              peoples, hunter reichert, graham anthony,             accounting (bob franzetta can confirm this),
right after Darden. Three years ago, I stopped         trip Davis and alfonso de los casares went            but it is interesting that I find it so captivating
working in the litigation and bankruptcy               skiing together in January Aspen. The skiing          when I am managing my own books. I had
consulting area (the Enron Anderson debacle            was fantastic especially with masses of snow.         forgotten what a journal entry was for the
put a crimp in what services firms with audit          The drive home from Aspen to Denver by car            last 13 years! I enjoyed a great trip to Vail last
services can do) and started working internal          (because they closed Aspen airport) by Carl,          week where marianne (Kender) gatten joined
to PwC on strategy and innovation. I’m getting         Graham and I was absolutely terrifying—a sheet        me on the slopes for a day of spring skiing.
married in just about three weeks to Mike              of ice from end to end, never again! graham           Marianne must hold the prize for a job held the
Augustin. He’s an agronomist (that’s fancy             anthony, hunter reichert, Damon Devito,               longest since Darden. She is still with a division
for golf course superintendent) and works at           rob archer and andy colyer got together in            of Emerson Electric, the company where she
Belle Haven Country Club in Alexandria, VA.            Charlottesville on Friday March 2 at my house         started work after graduation. She and her
We just moved a whopping two miles away                and again on Saturday night March 3r with 100-        husband Paul have two great kids, ages 4 and
from Old Town Alexandria to the Rosemont               odd friends and family at frank sands’ house in       10 months.
neighborhood (also in Alexandria) 3 months             McLean to celebrate Frank’s 40th birthday. The               mark riser sent in his Top 10 events of
ago. Our new home is around the corner from            Thievery Corporation entertained us at Frank’s        Darden Alumni for 2007: 1) graham anthony is
richard Elder (still at McKinsey), his wife Pam        house—they were fantastic, what a weekend to          eloping to the Dells of Wisconsin to get hitched
and their twin sons as well as sarah (Wells)           remember!”                                            and will follow-up with a party this Fall in
Kocsis (now at Amgen) and her husband Atilla.                christian g. balbontin writes, “I left          November in Charlottesville; 2) Big bob amos
The lobbyists still outnumber the MBAs in these        Corporate America to launch an adventure              is getting hitched in this spring and went back
parts, but our critical mass is gaining ground         travel company (www.highlandadventures.               to work for IP after a stint with cliff ferrah’s
—at least in our neighborhood.”                        com). I am banking on all the rich baby               consulting firm; this is Bob’s third stint with IP
       pat periolat writes, “Yes, there is life        boomers beginning to retire this year. You really     or a derivation thereof; he’s a product guy …;
after Darden...only the pay isn’t so good! It is       need to check this out! In terms of upcoming          3) mark Dewey is teaching at the University of
amazing, though, how much of my Darden                 news, we are moving back to Key Biscayne,             Texas; 4) Wilbur Ellis (ELM Capital) merged his
teachings I am using in preparing the UVA              Florida this coming June. Also on the family          firm — get details from him; 5) gayle schreier
Hospital Auxiliary (we celebrate our 100th             front, my son Nicholas just reached No. 54 in         is living in Charleston on the beach and doing
anniversary in 2008!) for the next century.            tennis in Georgia for boys 10 and under.              quite well it sounds like; 6) Doug fletch is
Those OB, accounting, operations, finance,             Overall, life is awesome and I am having lots of      still living large in Bozeman when he’s not
negotiation, marketing, (maybe not QA!), ethics        fun running my own small business...and yes, I        spending a month in Aruba or the like learning
classes come into play more than one would             do have more time to spend with the kids (per         to sail; 7) bryan simms was seen partying with
think when leading a volunteer non-profit              Jorge’s comment on the last issue).”                  The Dave Matthews Band last November in
organization. The only thing I could have used               chris howe writes in to tell us, “In case       Charlottesville, or at least he was in the same
more was a class in cajoling. On the other             she is too modest to brag for herself, Elizabeth      building anyway; 8) mike mcconnell is living
hand...keep your day job: they pay. Oh by the          (Kirk) Weymouth made Crain’s ‘Top 40 under            large, investing private equity in small public
way, we added our 20th grandchild last year.”          40’ list so that is definitely worth a mention.”      companies; 9) so is Kent mccammon; and, 10)
Julie (Whang) Koh tells us, “I’m about to head               f. lee crockett writes, “After three years in   I Saw chris p last November in Richmond and
to LA with my family for spring break, and I’m         California, we returned to Tokyo, where we have       she’s looking well and prosperous with her firm
getting together with Emily (landrum) brown            been now for the past two years. Our move             Snowbird Capital.
and Joanna bressel and their little girls. I’ll also   back to Japan was due to my taking a role as                 Kathryn (Welsh) thompson: “I got a new
be visiting my sister, Suzanne Whang, host of          head of marketing at Coleman Japan. So far it         position within Springs. I now manage the
House Hunters on HGTV, and winner of ‘Hot Slut         has been quite fun for me and my family since         towel business. We make these in Brazil so
of the Day’ on www.dlisted.com. You can thank          I get to work hard and play hard, often at the        instead of flying to China I go to Brazil. No, it is
mia paterno for pointing out to me that my             same time and occasionally with my family             not an easier flight. In fact it takes me just as
sister was on that website. What Mia was doing         in the great outdoors of Japan, 70 percent of         long to get to where I am going and I have to
surfing on dlisted.com is another story. Other         which is mountainous. My wife Yumi holds              fly coach. I know those investment bankers do
than that, I’m still working at Sophia Wireless        down the fort at home during the week by              not even realize that coach exists but it does.
part time as CFO. We make kick-ass solid state         trying to keep one step ahead of our three            The hinshaws and thompsons went to Las
power amplifiers and block up converters for           very active sons, Kentaro, 12, Hiroyuki, 10, and      Vegas in September 2006 and had a great time.
satellite communications. I guarantee no one           Maxwell, 3. I try to provide as much relief to her    I hear it is a frequent place for Dardenites. You
will actually know what we do even if you print        on the weekends as possible by acting as scout        may want to survey the crowd. I am training for
it.” (Guess what, Julie…you’re right!)                 master and activities director for our family         a sprint triathalon in June (1/2-mile swim, 17-
       Dave nielsen reports, “In my 9th year           troop. At the moment, Ken, Hiro and Max are           mile bike, 5K run) to raise money for Leukemia

and Lymphoma Society. I will ask for money....       Cutco last summer), in December of ’08, let me        Richard runs his own private equity business
anybody want to donate?                              know. My organization continues to expand             named Frontier Capital. I’m still with the asset
      This from bob maus: “After a couple ‘fun’      across Southwest Virginia. Brain injury has           management-consulting firm Cambridge
years at AOL watching the subscription base          been in the news lately (Bob Woodruff) and            Associates (12 years this June) in their Arlington
go from 21 million plus to below 15 million,         so, lots of people are getting more familiar          Office. Speaking of which, we hired Darden
I was recruited to join HP down in Houston,          with how my case managers can help people             classmate, Joe marenda, last year to do hedge
running business strategy and operations             with brain injury get integrated back into            fund work for us in our Menlo Park, CA, office.
for one of their software business units. I          their communities. We are expecting a lot             I think we now have about seven Dardenites
joined HP early last year and my family joined       more of these folks in a couple of years when         at Cambridge. My wife, Judy, whom many of
me in The Woodlands, TX, in June. Once my            the Veterans Administration releases brain            you met during Darden, is doing fine, as are
wife Kristine and I got settled into our new         injured vets back into their home communities.        our 8 year-old twin daughters. The only real
house with our 3-year-old daughter Sophia,           Unfortunately, business will be booming. I do         heartburn these days is the increasingly awful
we made the decision to expand our family            have part ownership of a home in Snowmass,            traffic in and around DC. If you’re in the area
and we are happy to announce that Gabrielle          CO. We are always looking for folks to rent it.       and want to hoist a cocktail or beer somewhere,
Elizabeth Maus (Gabi) was born March 7 at            If interested, go to www.alpineproperty.com,          drop me a line!” Kerry signed off on his note,
7:50 p.m. in Utah. Kristine, Sophia and Gabi         click on rentals, select Snowmass rentals, under      “Here’s to Section B.... “ and then actually ended
all had an extended stay in Utah as we waited        indirect ski access, 4-bedroom home, then click       his note with a post script wondering, “where’s
for Texas to approve the adoption paperwork.         on Butler. Take the virtual tour. It’s a lot of fun   steve brase?” Steve, if you’re out there, get in
Fortunately, bob franzetta was generous and          and we are adding more beds for the ’08 ski           touch with Kerry!! Your class secretaries would
offered his ski house to us as a place to hang       season.                                               love to hear from you, too!
out as we awaited the approval process to                  tamara (harvey) and Jorge de Dios also                Not coincidentally, richard maclean then
move forward (I have no idea why this would          had a quick note of thanks to topper power for        reported on the news from his and Hillary’s
take a couple weeks, but that is another subject     his help and support during their trip to Russia      front in Charlotte, NC: “It was great to run into
and apparently specific to Texas). Having a          last May to finalize the adoption of their son.       Kerry in the airport this month. He has not
nice place to stay was a huge help and I can’t       Topper often travels to Moscow for his job and        changed one bit in 10+ years! I started Frontier
say enough how much we appreciated the               they had hoped to meet up with him during             Capital in 1999 and we are wrapping up raising
kindness. My only mistake—not knowing about          their trip. It didn’t work out, but Topper sent his   our latest partnership, a $100M growth equity
Bob’s ski house sooner and offering Bob lots of      friend Nina who lives in Moscow to meet us. It        fund. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of hard
bribes in order to visit for ski tips! Once we got   really helped to lower the anxiety level to know      work but we have built a great team at Frontier,
the ‘ok’ from Texas, we all returned to Texas and    that we had a friend in Moscow should we need         recently adding a new Darden MBA. Charlotte
I am now looking forward to my life returning        one!                                                  has been good to us. Hillary and I have two
to normalcy—if one could call having a 3-year-                                                             great kids, Emma, 8, and Mac, 5. I live a few
old and 3-week-old in the house ‘normalcy.’                                                                doors down from the faisons which is great
Needless to say, I am happy to have two
                                                     ’                                                   because they have an out-of-control home
Labradors that I can take for long walks when        supriya Desai                                         theater (you know he is in the business). This
I need to... If anyone is considering domestic                                                             connection comes in handy for major sporting
adoption, please feel free to reach out to us. It    Hi, everyone! Things are a little busy at the         events like the Super Bowl or March Madness!
was a great experience that, while at times had      moment for me, what with coordinating                 Olga and Jay now have three kids, two girls and
its anxious moments, was very rewarding.             relocation (back to New Jersey/NYC) after             their most recent addition a boy (Henry). All is
      cameron smith: “Still living on the farm       finding a new job, so this edition of the notes       well in the Queen City.....”
we share with cows, chooks, a dog and any            will be pretty straightforward. If you’ll forgive           From not-so-distant Atlanta, chris baradel
variety of snakes or goannas my two boys             my lack of creativity invested in this set of         shared the latest and greatest, and we always
have managed to get hold off. I own and run a        notes, I promise that Barbara, as always, won’t       appreciate that he stays in touch: “Hello
small specialized management consulting firm         disappoint on the next issue! By the way, we          everyone—hope this note finds you doing well.
focused on performance improvement, mainly           welcomed 12 new members to the Class of               We’re enjoying the 65-degree weather here and
to the manufacturing & heavy industry sectors.       1995 Yahoo! Group site (http://finance.groups.        sympathizing with everyone up North fighting
Looks like we will be headed back to the US in       yahoo.com/group/dardenclassof1995/) at                through the sleet and snow. My recent news is
five years when my oldest son gets to college.       the end of 2006, making a total of about 80           that I left McKinsey in October, after 3 terrific
In the mean time I am just working hard to           member classmates. Log on to post your news           years there; the travel was starting to wear on
pay off the school fees! We have been most           and read messages from your classmates.               me and I was missing my wife and baby girl too
fortunate with Emily’s MS not slowing us down              Yes, for anyone that actually reads the class   much. I joined Georgia-Pacific in their strategy
one bit—in fact she has not missed a beat since      notes rather than doing a quick-scan for their        and business development group. GP (which
we have started a new drug treatment. Many           name (no worries, I do it, too, and I write half of   makes paper-related products such as Brawny
thanks for your thoughts and well wishes.” And       these!), I am moving once again. After less than      paper towels, Quilted Northern Bathroom
no, Cameron, we still don’t have any clue what       a year of living in C’ville and working at Darden,    Tissue, Dixie cups/plates, and the touch-less
“chooks” are here in America.                        I resigned my position and am returning to            paper towel dispensers in public restrooms)
      helen butler wrote in, “Well, my daughters     management consulting as an internal strategic        was taken over by Koch Industries (the largest
have new boyfriends. Second daughter Renee           change advisor at PwC in NYC. Don’t ask…I’m           private company in the US) about nine months
is a junior at University of Tennessee majoring      just looking forward to moving on!                    before I joined GP, so I’m getting to help change
in logistics with a minor in marketing. She starts         Kerry Kirk sent an update from northern         the culture and grow our business. The work
a six-month internship with Unilever in July         VA: “I recently ran into richard maclean, one         and the people have been great so far, and the
then returns to UT and finishes in December          of my study group mates, in the Charlotte             lifestyle is even better. I get home in time to see
2008. If anyone works in a company in need           airport, where we were apparently on the same         Ava before she goes to bed, to have dinner with
of a smart, talented, young professional with        flight to Washington, DC, (me coming home             my wife, and even to squeeze in a little exercise
experience (she was a branch manager for             from business in Florida and he to do business        (I’m trying to get back into shape by running
                                                     in DC). We had a short while to get caught up:

                                                                                                                             W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
the Atlanta marathon at the end of March).             rewards when family, friends, and supporters          Martha Piper recently moved to Boston “so I
[Chris, you should get in touch with Erica coles       shop online for themselves. Troops can use the        have seen her a lot and am glad she is in town.
Jacobsen, another fellow Darden-grad-turned-           rewards to buy gear for themselves, flowers           I see Josh brand sometimes, though not as
marathoner!] I’ve used the extra time at home          for a spouse, or toys for the kids. Why did we        much now that he has moved to Lexington.”
to train Ava so that if she needs something            create it? Our troops make sacrifices every day.      She ended her update by commenting that she
(food, diaper change, etc.) she says “MaMaMa,”         Whether it’s serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, on       was enjoying winter since the snow had arrived.
and if she wants to play and have fun she says         a military base or post in the United States, or      She managed to leave out, however, that she
“DaDaDa.” Life is good! If you ever find yourself      spending time away from families in a reserve         likes to dress up as Jackie O…
in Atlanta, drop me a line and we can catch up.”       unit, all service men and women deserve to                  John Ebner, on the other hand, made sure
     Recently, tim heaps, also in Northern             be recognized for their efforts. Now, folks who       to mention that tidbit to us when he sent in the
Virginia, was kind enough to help out with             want to give something back can do so by              following update: “Last June, from the grounds
the summer internship search for a Class of            doing their everyday online shopping through          of a Georgetown home with sweeping views
2008 Darden MBA. By way of making that                 the MyTroops site and earn rewards for the            of the Potomac, martha piper hosted a 1966-
student-alum connection, we received this              individual troops.” All a supporter has to do         themed costume party with many Dardenites
updated from Tim: “Work (at PRTM) is great             is visit the website, select a troop to support       in attendance: Josh brand and his wife Cheryl
and family is great. Annemarie and I are both          (you don’t even need to register), select a           as a Yale-aged George W. Bush and girlfriend;
really busy. Jack is 9 years old (3rd grade, soccer,   retailer, make a purchase and, ideally, repeat!       the entire cast of Gilligan’s Island—John
hockey, lacrosse), Fiona is 6 (kindergarten,           If you know someone in the military, they can         Ebner as Gilligan, Kassie and chris repetto
gymnastics), and Phoebe is 3 (pre-K 2 days a           register by visiting the website, then let family     as Ginger and the Skipper, alessandra and
week, gymnastics…sort of, Mommy’s helper               and friends know to visit the site for their          clayton rose and Mr. and Mrs. Thurston J.
whether she wants it or not).” Obviously, they         shopping needs. For any questions or glitches         Howell, III, and Susan and mark cox as Mary
have been busy! Thanks for the update, Tim!            (the site was in beta version when they sent the      Ann and The Professor; Maura Mahoney and
Oh, and he sent a quick note about his brother,        message), email Emily@MyTroops.com.                   Keith White as Harper Lee and Truman Capote
also a Darden alum: “My brother is living and                It was also nice to hear from pablo garcia      straight from the black and white ball; bill and
working in downtown DC at the Department of            barnetche in Argentina: “Hello my fellow              Katita strathmann as extremely convincing
Justice. He’s having a great time [Tim wrote this      Dardenites. Just wanted to let you know that          Sonny and Cher; maryann ford as Mama Cass
LONG before the attorney-firing scandal!]. I see       we are doing great. I just returned from a very       complete with half-eaten ham sandwich (an
him all the time.”                                     exciting vacation at Tierra del Fuego (that’s         urban legend); margaret lowance rorick as
     It was great to hear from steven soranno          quite literally the end of the world) with the        Jackie O.; Emma and Wallace blankenbaker
in late 2006 after such a long time: “My wife          family...No new kids to report [seems like            in true vintage garb and Pam Silberman as a
Anna and I are expecting our second child on           there were new kids to report for several years       Baltimore Oriole. Finally, Dan love flew in from
Christmas day. We have a 2-year old daughter,          in a row there!]. Felipe is now 12 years old,         a great distance and convincingly played the
who is expecting a younger brother to arrive           Gaspar is 10, and little Fernan is 3. Gaby and        role of a Canadian. Great fun was had by all
[nice Christmas gift, huh?!]. Strange Darden           I are very busy trying to manage the kids (I          with drinks, music and candy all straight from
story: I flew from New York to San Francisco for       should probably write a case on negotiation           the 60s. The highlight of the party had to be
a technology conference a few months ago.              techniques given the constant quarrels among          Martha’s dad dressed as Billy Jean King.” Sounds
As I wandered the streets looking for my hotel,        the kids). We have pictures posted on http://         like fun!
who walks by but Jeff turnbaugh! I don’t know          garciabarnetche.spaces.live.com/photos/.                    And, apparently the Howells’ marriage
how he recognized me, but it was a good thing          Business is good. I’m still at Agrositio.com (yes,    was still going strong even after a long
he did because I was spacing in wander mode!           there are still some ‘dot-coms’ in business).         shipwreck, because Alessandra and Clayton
Well, that’s about it from here. Hope all is well.     Earlier this year, I attended a reception with        Rose announced the birth of their fourth child.
Cheers!”                                               Dean Bruner here in Buenos Aires. I was very          Alessandra wrote to her Darden classmates:
     Erica coles Jacobsen sent a great                 surprised with the number of prospective              “Mary Berit Rose (we are calling her Berit)
update on her marathon adventures: “After              students that attended. It’s good to see that the     was born on Feb. 20, weighing 7 lbs. and 10
a year of trying and running four (yes, four)          Darden brand is growing here. Let me know if          ozs. She is adorable (of course, we are a little
marathons, I finally qualified for the 2007 BAA        you have any travel plans to Argentina...Keep         biased!) and we are delighted to have her. Her
(Boston) Marathon! Also, in the process and            in touch.”                                            big brothers, Harry, 9, and Charlie, 7, couldn’t
unintentionally, I qualified for the 2007 NYC                You might remember that in the last issue       be more pleased and we feel certain that she
Marathon, too. So, if you’re in Boston on April        of the class notes, we finally were able to include   is being specially watched over from above by
16th - come out and cheer me and 20,000                an update from Elizabeth o’halloran. Soon             her big sister, Maggie.” Congratulations to the
others on! (Jury is out on whether or not I’ll run     after she sent me the update, I learned she was       Rose family.
NYC, too.) Happy New Year!” Erica, we’re sorry         also expecting. Since that was months ago,                  Barbara also reminds us that Conan
this update won’t come out until after you’ve          we’re happy to report today that Margaret Blake       Owen and his wife Suzanne relocated to
finished the Boston marathon, but we’re looking        O’Halloran was born Jan. 3 at 11:58 p.m. Little       Charlottesville at the end of 2005. “They have
forward to hearing the results! Good luck!             Meg weighed in at 7 pounds, 4 ozs., and both          expanded their virtual spa empire to include
     mitch and Emily Wander have wasted                Elizabeth and father Kevin were doing great!          a bricks & mortar location called Neroli Spa &
no time since Mitch’s return from Iraq several         Congrats, Elizabeth, and welcome to Meg!              Apothecary in the North Wing of the Barracks
months ago. Having landed in Valencia, Spain,                margaret (lowance) rorick lives in              Road shopping center.” You can check out their
they recently created a new online business            Cambridge, MA, with her husband Mike and              wares at www.neroli-spa.com. Supriya recently
called MyTroops.com where individual                   her 2-year-old son, Jack. She wrote in: “I am in      tried them out and gives them a definite
troops—active/reserve, all specialties, deployed       my fifth year working in marketing at Fidelity        thumbs-up! Barbara also couldn’t help but
or stateside, and enlisted or officer—can              Investments and really like the company. I am         note that “Conan’s handicap has not moved
register for free to earn rewards that can be          working in the stock plan services business,          despite being just 15 minutes from the first tee
used at participating online retailers. Here’s         building the executive services offering.” In the     at Birdwood and Farmington!” That’s all folks…
the low-down from the Wanders: “Troops earn            latest from Beantown, Margaret reported that          have a great summer and keep in touch!

’                                                  organizational behavior class could have
                                                     prepared her for handling the chaos and
                                                                                                                As we do for each class notes, we attempt
                                                                                                          to knock off another person or “Missing Link”—
susan lipetz brown                                   willfulness of the little people she manages.        our classmates who are operating under the
                                                          matt tice and Erik frederick met up for         radar. tim abbott has been hanging around as
Hello all. My second edition of the notes
                                                     holiday in Tahiti with their families this winter.   our latest target and still has not raised his head
(after taking on the task from Julie murray)
                                                     Matt continues to live the dream running             above water. Does anyone know where he is or
has come at a time where I have to admit I’ve
                                                     the Sydney office of the Balanced Scorecard          what he is doing? The “Sasquatch” ranks, those
been distracted—so the first bit of news will
                                                     Collaborative. Erik just completed year six at       rare breeds still at the same firm they started
be that we (my husband Steve and I) just had
                                                     Staples. He tells us that they recently promoted     with out of Darden, have thinned even further
our first baby, Stephen James Brown III, born
                                                     him to aisle four, binders, adhesives, and staples   and as far as I can tell represent less than 10
April 27 at 6 lbs, 7 oz. As I write these notes,
                                                     (their flagship product). Erik should be covering    people. Is evolution possible for this gang of 10
I’m on Day 10 of his new life, and it has been
                                                     the register in no time!                             or will they always tread this path? Only time
a bit hectic. So this edition will be a bit short,
                                                          I took one last trip as part of my time off     will tell.
but we’ll be back to full strength next time
                                                     from work, and in January, took a 25-day trip              tanja aalto attended the reunion and is
                                                     to Buenos Aires, then south/east from Ushuaia,       one of the last Sasquatches although her firm
      Other baby news continues, with Julie and
                                                     Argentina to the Falkland Islands, South             has been purchased and renamed three times.
Phil murray having another child, Fritz Murray,
                                                     Georgia and then Antarctica. I saw gorgeous          Hang in there Tanja.
this past November. Fritz joins his siblings
                                                     scenery, hiked part of the historic trek of Ernest   David altman was also able to attend the
Joseph and Susannah in what must now be a
                                                     Shackleton, saw many icebergs, penguins, seals       reunion, and reports that he now has his pilot’s
very busy household.
                                                     and even a few whales!                               license along with a home right at an airport for
      And Kent goeking sent news of his
                                                          mary Jo lampe started a new job in              easy access.
overseas life. Long ago, he had told us of his
                                                     February with Olive Group North America as                 Ylva magnusson bengtsson was also
transfer to Singapore in 1999 with Deloitte
                                                     their vice-president of strategic marketing          able to attend and reports two children and a
Consulting—and there he has remained for
                                                     and communications, “which required me to            pending move to Moscow with her husband.
the past seven years. He has recently changed
                                                     relocate to the DC area,” she writes. “I’m excited   On a side note, during the first day of the
hats by moving to Accenture in Singapore, as
                                                     to be back in the DC area and catch up with a        reunion, Ylva received an emergency call from
the SE Asia Supply Chain leader. His personal
                                                     bunch of alumni. A couple of occasions have          her nanny that their family boat was sinking at
life has seen change as well: in the past year he
                                                     already allowed me to catch up with others           the dock—while the nanny attempted to bail it
was remarried to (a direct quote!) “a wonderful
                                                     in the class, including a great event hosted by      out. We later found out that the boat survived.
Thai beauty named Mena.” He met Mena on
                                                     Jessica and Jan malasek at the end of April.               mark bonny reports from Houston
the idyllic island of Koh Samui “I had a baby
                                                     Present were mike & Lisa barnett, neeraj &           where he was recently promoted to director
boy born on Feb 12 named Kris who is doing
                                                     Wendy bhagat, Lance (MBA ’95) and luanne             of financial reporting & analysis for Sequent
great,” Kent writes. He plans to stay in Asia; a
                                                     lutschwager, Ajay (MBA ’95)and seema                 Energy Management. Sequent is a Houston-
good opportunity given the economic growth
                                                     laheri, Brad (MBA ’95) and Nicole (MBA ’97)          based division of AGL Resources that deals
there. He hopes to transition to working in
                                                     Macomber, Art & Nene Spivey (MBA ’95), mayur         with natural gas asset management and
Thailand in the next couple years, but until then
                                                     maniar and his wife, Tim Heaps (MBA ’95), Joe        optimization. He travels frequently to Atlanta,
he continues to amuse himself racing his yacht
                                                     heaps, steven mcleaf and me.”                        AGL’s headquarters, but loves Houston, where
Solarmax in the local waters.
                                                                                                          his wife and two children have made a home
      On the business front, mike bucci
                                                                                                          for eight years.
has been moving into entrepreneurship.
He continues to consult for Capital One in           ’                                                        Mark Bridgers and family met up with
                                                                                                          Joanna bradford (a Sasquatch) and family
Richmond, Virginia, and has also spent some          mark bridgers                                        at Walt Disney World in February and spent
independent time developing and designing
                                                     Ten years come and gone! How could it have           the day searching for every Disney character.
a product called The Painter’s Pyramid. He
                                                     happened so fast? For those of you who               Joanna brought all three of her children by
has the manufacturing established in China,
                                                     missed the 10-year reunion, it was a class           herself and did not lose any of them; those of
and is working on marketing and distribution.
                                                     act and a great time was had by all. Fifteen         you who have attended Walt Disney World will
The company is called K&M (after his children
                                                     years seems far away but will be here in no          understand the magnitude of this feat!
Kaitlin and Matthew). Check out his website,
                                                     time. As a special note, don’t forget to thank             Joanna attended the reunion with rachel
                                                     those individuals that served on the reunion         burrows who now has a 22-month-old child.
      Maintaining Darden connections, Kent
                                                     committee to make the event so special.              Rachel also retains her Sasquatch status with
carstater took Dean Bruner, Everette Fortner
                                                     They included: Jack benson, mark bridgers,           a continued career at Coke. Both Rachel and
and Edward Yu to lunch at Bar Americain in
                                                     nadine burnett, Karen castellon, Dave                Joanna enjoyed a good laugh on the first night
New York City in early May, looking to further
                                                     cooper, Dargan coggeshall, rob coury,                of the reunion after Mark Bridgers spilled an
his company Keefe Bruyette and Woods’
                                                     lourenco norton De matos, susie/andy                 entire glass of red wine on her white shirt.
relationship with Darden.
                                                     green, Deirdre mccaffrey, gee mcvey, billy                 Kuan chin reports from Singapore and
cc howell is due with her first child, a baby
                                                     newson, Kari pitkin, Kevin schuyler, susan           sent regrets regarding the reunion. She has
boy, in August.
                                                     shank, Uday singh, henry topping, and cliff          started her own company designing and
molly (baldwin) hughes had her fourth child,
                                                     Yonce.                                               making one-of-a-kind, high-quality handbags
Henry, in June 2006. From the basement of
                                                          On a sad note, many of you are already          for ladies. These are not just any old handbags,
the incredibly loud Hughes house, she and
                                                     aware of the death of Dr. Michael Rukstad. He        they are made from recycled, environmentally-
her husband Jerry have launched an online
                                                     was an advisor to Section B and our faculty          friendly materials imported from Japan.
community news website in their Chicago
                                                     leader at graduation. At age 51, attacked and        The brand name, “Kirei” means “beautiful” in
suburb, Hinsdaletalks.com; Molly somehow
                                                     overcome by cancer, he died in May 2006. Those       Japanese. The business is growing rapidly with
squeezes in this work between diaper changes
                                                     of you who are interested can download an            several boutiques carrying our products as
and loads of laundry. She realizes that no
                                                     obituary at the Harvard Business School website.     well as through the www.phoenixdreams.com

                                                                                                                            W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
website. The company’s values include being         at a Swedish think tank in Malmö and ultimately      Diego without children. It was a great break
socially and environmentally conscious, and to      left in 2005 as the firm was crumbling. Deciding     and they enjoyed the time off.
that end, they employ indigenous people who         that enough was enough, she started her              tom lacy, finally self-reporting, versus
are upholding their weaving traditions, as well     own company providing analytical and policy          everyone else sending in details of what he is
as senior citizens who serve as seamstresses.       advisory services to government agencies and         doing, described great fun. He is a managing
Great work and keep up the tradition—               ministries. Primarily focused on the Baltic Sea      director at middle market investment bank
everyone should visit the site and consider a       Region, the business has proven a success. All       Robert W. Baird & Co. Based primarily in
small purchase!                                     the fun encouraged her to begin working on           Milwaukee, he spent a year in London,
      Dargan coggeshall reports a second            a PhD. which she continues to pursue while           England. He and steven saunders worked
child, those of you at the reunion met the entire   trying to maintain a business and family. She        together on a complex Morris Trust merger
Coggeshall brood—interestingly enough, this         reports that Ylva magnusson bengtsson                transaction (which won Middle Market Deal of
last addition was born on Halloween 2006.           and Joakim Karlsson and her see each other           the Year in 2005). He also worked with Kevin
Always involved, Dargan and henry topping           frequently and that Joakim’s wife and Ylva have      Kaeppler (MBA ’98) in a recent M&A transaction.
led the planning for the reunion. One special       started a small business together. Thanks for        Jim brady, like a bad coin, keeps turning
note of thanks to Dargan for helping to             the notes Emily and keep them coming.                up as well in his new LBO role with
coordinate the cocktail party the first night of          Josh harrison missed the reunion due to        Relativity Partners. In a string of (perhaps?)
the reunion at the Charlottesville Downtown         a family commitment but reports continued            coincidences, Derrick Williams joined Baird
Mall. This was a great site and enjoyed by all      entrepreneurial success. He is now in his second     last year, reaves Wimbish is married to a Baird
ages.                                               year of a 40 percent ownership stake in five         senior banker in Chicago, and John Lanza (MBA
      rob coury was able to attend the reunion      Burger Kings in Salt Lake City. He reports the       ’98) is part of the Baird Milwaukee team. Tom
and reports to be a partial Sasquatch as he still   day-to-day needs are exciting in a way that          and wife Jane report seven years of marriage
retains a financial and ownership interest in the   corporate life just can’t match. Accounting          that have produced a 2-year-old daughter,
firm he started with out of Darden. He also lives   101, finance 101, HR 101, are all the basic          Catherine. As reported in our last notes, Tom
in beautiful Portland, OR.                          requirements, and to let off steam, he will          attended Jose Maria Cazal-Ribeiro’s birthday
      Jennifer creel attended the reunion with      participate in his 14th marathon in Boston in        bash in Lisbon and reports that “What happens
both her 2-year-old daughter and a 2-month-         April. rob hays reports he could not attend          in Portugal, stays in Portugal.”
old.                                                the reunion in part due to a new role at work             myra lee with Bernie in tow attended the
      Also in attendance at the reunion was Eric    requiring that he be in New York City. We miss       reunion. They now have two children. Bernie
Dzwonczyk who squeezed in a round of golf at        him and hope to see him at the next reunion.         and Gee McVey win the award in my opinion for
Birdwood. He lives in the Philly area and works           gibboney huske, unable to attend the           least changed. Both look like they just walked
at Campbell Soup Co.                                reunion, reports frequent travel and the honor       out of the chili cookoff before we were banned
      rod gibson attended the reunion from          of having her home selected as an open house         from running it on grounds!
the UK and reports a recent marriage and            during Garden Week. She still lives in Annapolis,    a.t. masterson and husband Eric report that
one son. His wife is from Ireland and naturally     MD, and works for Legg Mason Capital                 they still live in Decatur, GA (a small town inside
birthed their 11-pound son. She must be quite       Management as a technology sector analyst.           the perimeter of Atlanta). with children Sarah, 4,
a woman, as Rod attested to.                        She reports frequent attendance at UVA               and Matthew, 18 months. She is still working for
      virginia hewitt gilbert missed the            football, basketball, and lacrosse games.            Unique World Wines selling wine to retail and
reunion due to a family conflict but still                amy Joseph was unable to attend the            restaurant accounts. She switched careers “after
reported in with notes. She now lives is Chapel     reunion but says hello. Living in Vienna, VA, she    moving back to Atlanta from California and
Hill, NC (just down the road from Mark Bridgers     inventories the following: “one husband who          having my first child, with great interest and
and very close to Susie and Andy Green),            spends a lot of time on the road, four kids (8, 6    passion for fine wine vs. banking/consulting.”
from Louisville, KY, and before that from San       and 5 year-old boys and a 2-year-old girl), three    We should all be so lucky!
Francisco. In Louisville, she was working for       lizards (one bearded dragon and two geckos                Deirdre mccaffery served on the reunion
an advertising agency as a VP of account            that are filling the tank that the bearded dragon    committee and reports in from Baltimore,
management for advertising for Mikasa & Yum!        grew out of), one fish (won at the local fair, not   where she works for Constellation Energy.
brands. Currently running the family, she and       expected to last the weekend, and still with              brian mccracken reports that he could
her husband have two little girls, Ella & Eva,      us two years later) and one very noisy African       not attend the reunion but sent his best wishes.
ages 3 and 1. Both are loving North Carolina.       Grey parrot that “wintered” with us when the         His wife Laura had their first child, a daughter,
      torrance houlihan and his wife Christine      grandparents went to Florida and somehow             Alana Vivian McCracken, on Dec. 14, and
attended the reunion with family in tow.            never left.” The work-life balance as a traveling    everyone is doing well adapting to the change.
Christine is a researching physician work at the    consultant was not balanced, and she shuttles        steve mendelsohn was unable to attend the
UVA hospital that helps keep them both in and       the crew above to various social engagements         reunion due to family obligations. He is now
around Charlottesville a lot.                       and sports events and tries to fill the paid work    living in Barcelona with a new house and his
      ron green added to his family last year,      void by over-volunteering at the kids’ school.       wife Marta is running the show.
which I believe went unreported. Their adopted      Some recent disruption in the family is due to            chris murphy, still Information Week
son, Ronald William Green was a fantastic           the fact that their wonderful part-time nanny        executive editor, attended the reunion and
addition. As if parenthood was not enough, he       has finally finished her bachelor’s degree after     looked as good as ever. He reports no great
has also left Northrop Grumman and started          six years and just made the decision to move         excitement other than the prospects of getting
with a small defense contractor, Gryphon            back to France. She lives a couple of blocks         back to Charlottesville and seeing everyone
Technologies.                                       from sarah (bernard) helmicki and they               again.
      Emily Wise hansson attended the reunion       periodically discuss what business endeavor               Dan newhall, sporting four children and
and reports great gobs of information to catch      they will undertake once their children are          a wife along with a fantastic home along the
up since 2003: “Where do I begin? Change in         all in school. “It may never happen, but the         Main Line outside of Philly, reports all is well.
job, change in husband, change in extended          discussions help keep us sane!” she reports.         Attending the reunion, he had a great time
family, how much change can one person                    nate Kredich and wife Sherri attended          seeing everyone and even convinced Mark
take?” After leaving Accenture, she first worked    from all the way across the country in San           Bridgers he may attend the 10th Annual Crab

0   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
Fest to defend his 4-year-old record in ice cream    at restoring it.                                        time they had in April at their 10TH. On to the
churning. For those of you who are interested,             susan o’neal gear, who attended the               news . . .
he churned by hand two gallons in 14 minutes!        reunion, reports from Tampa, FL, with family                  cheryl Wilson is still with P&G and has
     Kip pagach and wife Dana meet                   addition news. She and husband Kevin                    made the move to Los Angeles from Cincinnati.
periodically with georgina (peter) price,            welcomed a daughter, Madeleine Cady Gear, on            She is a franchise owner for Graham Webb
husband Jeff, and son Jake.                          June 8, 2006 making two daughters.                      International - a P&G hair care company with
David pimpo reports in and also offered                    Julie steckel also experienced an                 three brands - Back to Basics, Graham Webb
photos of the Navy ship on which he serves,          unexpected meeting with a glass of wine to              Classic and Halo. She is new to the area so you
the USS Ronald Reagan. He reports interest           her shirt during the first night of the reunion.        locals need to roll out the welcome mat.
in potentially moving to North Carolina              Ironically Mark Bridgers was the culprit again          Jeff lyons checked in from Charlotte and is
and I say come on down! His wife of seven            with this glass of wine.                                in the midst of all sorts of excitement that
years, Margaret Ann, runs a dental practice                bill stilley still lives in Charlottesville and   we hope to report on next time when things
in Coronado, CA, where they just hired a new         traveled the shortest distance to attend. He is         are a bit more concrete. His son, Scott, is in
dentist in the office to free up some of her         still working with the bio-tech firm and loves          kindergarten and has avoided the emergency
time. The home they live in was honored by           his work.                                               room despite a newfound interest in
the local historical society and survived a                mark timperman and wife just had a                skateboarding. Claire is three and prepping for
lengthy remodel/renovation that now makes            new baby and Mark received parole to attend             a big dance recital in June.
it the pride of the neighborhood. David is still     the reunion for one day, which he thoroughly                  silas byrne is setting down roots in the Big
acting as a supply officer for the Navy and was      enjoyed.                                                Apple where he now has a newborn daughter
able to participate in the maiden overseas                 tracy Whelan was unable to attend, and            Rose (born in November) to join Margaret,
deployment of the USS Ronald Reagan in               reports that her 2-year-old son, Parker is all boy.     3. Silas works for Vesta Capital Partners, an
2006. Last year was also his 20-year Naval           Her family also has a golden retriever (originally      investment management firm and is juggling
Academy Reunion and 2007 will be his 25-year         brought into the family while at Darden).               a job and children while his wife is getting
high school reunion. The Navy has selected           Husband Kevin is responsible for bringing               through graduate school for her master’s
David for a Wharton Executive Program after          home the bacon, and they have a great home              degree in social work.
his recent promotion to Captain. He will likely      that they plan to grow with and renovate over                 On the overseas front, alicia English
be deployed to the U.S. Northern Command             the next couple of years.                               emailed from Weiden, Germany in Northern
in Colorado Springs later this year which is               Jay White was unable to attend the                Bavaria. Her husband Lee is back from Iraq after
again an honor and a typical stepping stone to       reunion but we received a report that he has            a 12-month deployment and they are busy with
further promotion within the Navy.                   three kids and is still working at Prudential in        4-year-old Nash and 2-year-old Zibby. Alicia is
Living in London and managing director of            Atlanta.                                                busy volunteering as a family readiness group
Yahoo! Search Europe, Jeff revoy and wife                  cliff Yonce is now working for Siguler Guff       advisor to support Army families.
Brandie added their first child, Jack Luca Ambler    & Company in New York City. I am not sure                     becky (Wood) albright chimed in from
Revoy to their family. Great name for a great        what they do but am confident Cliff was a great         Cardiff, Wales where she is chasing Ewan, 5,
addition. Jeff also reports that Jeff glavan,        addition.                                               and Grace, 3. It is a little-known fact that I spent
working/living both Europe and Asia for                    tracey lake informs us that “I am settled in      the first several years of my life in Wales and
Lehman has much news to report—if so, send           Seattle and am doing real estate development,           based on what I’ve been told I sounded like,
it on Jeff.                                          specifically condo conversions. I continue to           I’m guessing Ewan and Grace have some pretty
     Leveraging his operational and                  study Spanish since completing my Peace                 cool accents.
management experience, ben pivar now has             Corps tour in Honduras. I recently returned                   chris hiland is out of the running for
over 80 consulting staff reporting to him at Cap     from a vacation to Vietnam and Cambodia.”               longest tenured employee, as he has changed
Gemini in Atlanta.                                         P.S. For those of you on the east coast or        jobs and is now CFO for a division of Ipsos,
     Attending the reunion from the greatest         with travel lust, I will be hosting the 10th Annual     a market research firm out of Chicago. From
distance was tetsuo shinobu with his wife            Crab Fest on Aug. 11 this year at my home in            personal experience, if you ever need a
Kyoko and daughter. The entire family had            Raleigh. Each year someone startles me that             restaurant recommendation in the windy city,
a great time and looks forward to the next           attends. Who will it be this year?!                     Chris is your guy.
reunion.                                             Keep the good news coming and we appreciate                   caroline (Worrall) munger has switched
     henley sims reports she could not attend        all your efforts to keep us and your classmates         careers as well, and is starting anew as an
the reunion due to family commitments. With          informed.                                               investment advisor and consultant. Her recent
two children and a husband, she still finds time                                                             claim to fame is that her two kids were props in
to study and train for a certification in EEG                                                                a YouTube video produced by her neighbor.
biofeedback, which for those of you who don’t
know, is a brainwave training process used
                                                     ’        Reunion                                            Last but certainly not least, betsy
                                                                                                             flanagan has started Startup Studio featuring
to assess brain injury, post-traumatic stress        bill Young                                              weekly podcasts with entrepreneurs. She
disorder, epilepsy, etc. Because this training       byoung@beaufortadvisors.com                             already received accolades from lots of cool
requires practical experience, her 2-year-old        As I write these notes and flash back 10 years,         people in the blogoshpere. For those that aren’t
has experienced several bouts of testing as a        I would have been recovering from attending             but so techno-savvy, we just like any excuse
guinea pig. stacia smith reports that she and        the Spring Foxfield races and just beginning            to use blogosphere in a sentence. Darden will
husband Carl welcomed a son, Drew Emory              to think about the upcoming final exams to              be distributing her podcasts at http://www.
Lingenfelter, to the family back on Jan. 16, 2006.   complete the long march through our First               darden.edu/podcasts/EntSeries.asp so be sure
His older brother Knox, a fellow redhead, is         Year. And you know what that means! It’s                to check it out.
now approaching 5 and the whole family is like       almost time for our 10-year reunion so mark                   I am now six months into my new gig at
a southern fish out of water in cold Chicago.        your calendars for April ’08 and drop me a              Beaufort Advisors where we help life sciences
On the interesting side, Stacia and husband          note telling me how much you’d love to help             companies through the regulatory process of
purchased a huge old 1883 Victorian home last        prepare for the big occasion. I just heard from         FDA. A three year old company with a startup
winter and are still working, working, working,      a class of ’97 alum raving about what a great           atmosphere, it’s been a lot of fun and obviously

                                                                                                                                W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   1
Class Notes
a big change from making sandwiches. I                     andy and robin (Whaley) grapkowski
have finally come to grips that after all the        had their second child on March 15. Andrew
mean things I said in business school, I am          Ryan joined big sister Katie in the Grapkowski
working for a consulting firm—albeit I’m the         household.
business guy and not an actual consultant. On              On March 19, vadim Kapustin and his
the home front, I have officially transitioned       wife Blanche (MBA ’00) had their first born,
into having kids rather than babies as I am          Alexander Vadimovich. As are all the new
the assistant coach of the Tough Turtles, my         parents, Vadim and Blanche are learning how to
4-year-old daughter Liza’s soccer team and           get by on minimal sleep.
diehard spectator for 6-year-old Davis’ soccer       Nicholas James joined dad Jim cecil, wife Laura
and lacrosse teams. Word to the wise, don’t let      and big sister Natalie on March 21. The Cecil
your friends convince you that two sports in         family is growing! Congratulations to all the
one season is a good idea. After a family trip       moms and dads!
to Disney World and an upcoming anniversary                Jenny (pocalyko) latz sent me a
trip to Greece, Sabra and I are looking forward      wonderful update. (Thanks, Jenny!) Jenny and
                                                                                                         philip askew (mba ‘00) and kids
to the summer and once again will roll out           her husband have two children (3-year-old
the welcome mat to anyone that would like to         Alex and 1-year-old Sophie) who provide them
                                                                                                         and Jiggy santillan also made appearances
come down to the beach.                              great joy and happiness. As far as career, Jenny
                                                                                                         over the last year. Carlos remarked, “That makes
     Until next time, keep the news coming and       continues with SunTrust Robinson Humphrey
                                                                                                         me really happy because I never anticipated
don’t forget to mark those calendars for April       and now focuses on the real estate sector.
                                                                                                         having so many of my classmates come visit,
’08.                                                 Jenny was able to spend time with sonia
                                                                                                         let alone come live here like Carolyn did.” Carlos
                                                     (larosa) hounsell when Sonia visited Atlanta
                                                                                                         wrote that note on the way out the door, for
                                                     last fall. Sonia and her husband patrick
                                                                                                         vacation in “Cartagen, a beautiful town in the
’                                                  hounsell are busy parents juggling careers and
                                                     twins (Grant and Justine). Jenny reports that
                                                                                                         Colombian Caribbean.” Jiggy met up with a
                                                                                                         number of Darden folks all over the world in
robert loria                                         nicole (farkas) crocker and her husband Tom
                                                                                                         the last quarter of 2006. In Bogotá, “Carolyn
                                                     have moved to my hometown of Boston. You’re
“I just flew in from California. And boy, are                                                            Cooley took great care of me by taking me
                                                     going to love it, Nicole!
my arms tired!” I love that joke! chris briggs,                                                          shopping and sightseeing. Naturally, we met
                                                           Kristen Desmond is busy training for
check all the past columns to see if I’ve used                                                           up with Carlos Zuleta who ensured that I took
                                                     marathons and working as an independent
that one before and let me know.                                                                         home an excellent selection of Colombian
                                                     consultant. Finally, Jenny reports that vera
      Actually, I did recently return from                                                               music. Tried to meet up with Darden folks in
                                                     (liapunov) fernholz continues to work at
California. I was out there for the wedding of                                                           Miami on the way home and ended up seeing
                                                     Prudential Capital and has an adorable 4-year-
seth Webber and the former Jill Boltz. It was a                                                          Arturo Neto (MBA ’01) while I was there. In
                                                     old daughter, Kathryn. Thank you again Jenny
fun-filled weekend. The wedding took place at                                                            December, Kristen stevens and Niru Raghavan
                                                     for the great update!
a lovely sea-side resort in Pacific Palisades. The                                                       (MBA ’99) came over to the Philippines for
                                                           That’s all for now. Please keep the updates
wedding occurred at sunset, so you couldn’t                                                              the wedding of a Wal-Mart friend. Even if it
                                                     coming. Drop me a quick email or give me a
have asked for a more picturesque setting.                                                               was Manila’s craziest weekend of the year (the
                                                     shout at anytime. Go Darden!
Others able to make it out for the wedding                                                               weekend before Christmas), we managed to
included nick Walzer and his wife, Chrissie;                                                             spend a fun weekend sightseeing, eating and
rob steinberger, Kevin Dwyer and his                                                                     pearl-shopping. I’m hoping Kristen’s beach
girlfriend Carolyn; and hector arcaya and his        ’00                                                 pictures will inspire more visits to the country.”
wife Denise. Hector and Denise brought their                                                             When she’s not traveling, Jiggy is still working
                                                     laura (lanigan) lauder
baby boy, Diego. Diego is a very handsome                                                                with CEMEX (the Mexican cement company)
boy. He looks just like Hector, minus the goatee.    Wow, the Class of 2000 continues to get             in Manila, and recently shifted functions from
After Seth and Jill’s honeymoon, they will be        around! So many of our classmates have              treasury to strategic planning.
headed back east to Seth’s homestate of Maine        written from exotic and distant lands…all of              philip askew wrote, “It is with a hint of
where Seth has accepted a new position.              them quite a bit warmer than a very arctic          sadness that KJ, Sidney, Aiden and myself are
Congratulations, Seth and Jill!                      Canada where I have worked on a consulting          leaving Bangkok, my beloved home since
      Moving from weddings to babies (as I           project through the heart of winter (whose          arriving in 1996. It has been quite a ride since
usually do) here is the “Baby Report.” Casey         bright idea was that?).                             this time and one that I would not trade for
Crowell Eidson came into this world on Nov.               One of our smarter and warmer classmates,      anything. Starting at Shell, over to Darden, back
20. sam Eison and his wife Michelle are doing        susan camp wrote of a mini-Darden gathering         to BCG based out of Bangkok (but not there
great and love their new role as parents.            in Bogotá, Columbia in March. She visited           much) and now Carrier. I love this city and
(Sammy, I will be out there this year. Just have     carolyn cooley who is living there, working for     country, its people, rich culture, great beaches/
to figure out a good weekend!)                       the US Embassy. As a bonus, they were able to       mountains and hot…lovely…spicy food! I am
      On Feb. 22, Julio cassels and his wife         catch up with carlos Zuleta and his girlfriend,     excited and a little nervous about moving back
Graciella welcomed twins into this world.            Carolina, for a great lunch at a Bogota hotspot,    to Australia and will take a role with Carrier.
Sebastian and Alexandra are keeping Julio and        Andrés Carne de Res. According to Susan, “It        We will be based in Melbourne and the doors
Graciella very busy!                                 was quite the scene and a real experience but       to our home will be open, so please come and
      seth hurwitz and his wife “Fenny”              the best part was being able to spend time with     visit.”
welcomed their first-born, Caleb Jie, on March       my Darden friends.” Susan has moved back to               James grimes was recalled to active duty
13. Caleb is named in memory of Seth’s later         Washington, DC, her hometown, and is working        in the US Navy to work on the Multi-National
father, Carlyle. Caleb’s middle name Jie means       for a BDC/private equity firm.                      Force Iraq Staff, providing logistics planning
“Prominent” and “Outstanding” in Chinese. Seth            Apparently, Colombia is quite the place        and policy support. He says he has been
and Fenny could not be happier!                      to go for Darden ’00 grads, as heitor carrera       “enjoying the seasonal weather in Iraq since

2   • DARDEN SPRING 2007
last November. If any classmates are touring
the Middle East and happen to be making
                                                       Casey says “I went to Thailand for a month in
                                                       January. I left right after USC beat Michigan in
the rounds in Baghdad this year, please stop           the Rose Bowl! Yeah, you can put that in the           trina Jones
by. A cold bottle of water and extra set of            Darden notes! I am living in Pasadena, CA. USC         This has been a busy year for the Class of
body armor will be waiting for you.” He says,          was going to the Rose Bowl so often I thought          2001. Thanks to everyone who submitted
“My family is doing very well [and] I am doing         it would be just easier if I moved to Pasadena         updates, and I hope to hear from even more
fine. I have it pretty good compared to the            (home of the Rose Bowl). I saw neil campbell           people next time!
guys out in the field. Quality of life is not bad.     a few months ago when he came to CA for a                   mark macguigan wrote in from Europe
I have a decent trailer with a real bed. Food is       business trip. Nothing much has changed—I              with an update that is best shared in his own
very good for cafeteria style…I don’t have to          am still better looking than Neil. I thought Neil      words. (Imagine his Irish accent and knack
wear my body armor all the time, just when             looked a little fragile, kind of like an ostrich. He   for comic timing as you read.) “Please share
traveling…. Certainly some risk and need to be         could stand to eat a little more. So if you get to     with my classmates my good news thus far in
smart and alert to the environment. It could be        Atlanta, buy him a meal. I think he lives with hal     calendar year 2007: got married, had baby girl,
much worse than it is.” Having said this, James        lawton in a studio apartment in Buckhead.”             and am now feeling settled into life on the Cote
did note that “Volumes of case studies could           Hal has a slightly different version of his life:      D’Azur. Hence the doors are open for all visitors,
be written on organizational behavior and              “Jodie and I are still living in Atlanta with our      but the rewards of a trip to this delicious place
leadership/management.”                                two kids, Harrison, 3, and Renee, 1. I have been       will have to be mitigated by a quotient of baby
      While in Iraq, James has been “helping at        with Home Depot now for two years and was              small talk.
a clinic that provides healthcare services to          recently promoted to VP—merchandising                       “Starting with the least important, I moved
Iraqi families, mainly the children. I hand out        finance. I run into Neil Campbell (at Home             last Fall from Brussels to Grasse, “Perfume
toys, candy, and hygiene items for the kids and        Depot!) and robert owen a good bit.”                   Capital of the World.” Cargill bought a Flavors
families. I don’t get over as often as I would like,   I wonder if Hal or Casey’s version is more             business (the business is more or less the same
but it is one thing that will let you know that        reliable.                                              as perfume, except that we taste, as opposed
you make a difference, if for only one child.” If            paige newton has had a year of many              to sniff), and I took a sentinel role as a product
anyone is interested in more information about         changes. For starters, she moved from Richmond         manager for natural extracts (these are basically
the clinic or about how to provide materials           to Virginia Beach. “I left Capital One (the            flavors from the named fruit/source, as a
and supplies to help these families, please            company I joined after Darden Business School)         contrast to flavors made with molecules, which
contact James at GrimesJ00@alum.darden.edu.            after 5+ years working with them and am                represent the vast majority of what we eat). We
In March, Uday malhotra wrote, “Still at Merrill       currently doing contracting work at Landmark           are the leader in cocoa extracts, so I spend my
after seven years. Had a son, Armaan, two              Communications for a recently acquired                 days plotting how to get the world (or product
months ago. All else seems to be fine.”                website.” She also recently got engaged to Dave        developers) to want more natural chocolate
      howard Wilkins’ cheerful news is that            Killian, an E2 pilot with the Navy to whom she         extracts, which should not be so difficult,
“Mary Beth and I had a very happy Valentine’s          was introduced by her brother. “And no I haven’t       and, of course, sampling some of our better
Day this year, welcoming Molly Adira Hastings-         heard the end of that yet!”                            products: Baileys, Sheridans, and Lindt Tiramisu
Wilkins to the world at 7 lbs 5 oz. Sydney is                And finally, for those of you who noticed        Chocolate delights. Work aside, life down
thrilled to be a big sister and we’re all doing        my name change in the header, yes, I ran away          here is superb. I fell in love with the French
well.”                                                 and got married to Alan Lauder in December.            Riviera when I Eurorailed around Europe in the
      susan luo and Cyrus “had Aidan last              Work schedules having foiled the first few             1980s and whether it is the amazing food, the
summer, a pure joy in our life!” They are moving       attempts at planning a traditional wedding, we         beaming sun, or the cutesy villages, this region
from San Diego to Boston in the coming                 finally eloped when the opportunity presented          has the feel of a place to call home.
months.                                                itself. We were taking vacation in Australia and            “Jessica and I met in St. Paul. She is a St
      casey grigg wanted to pass along to the          New Zealand over the winter holidays and               Pauli girl. We moved together to Brussels,
Class that greg sonzogni went to Saysulita,            decided to stop along the way, in Hawaii, and          she continued with 3M, and I with Cargill.
Mexico with his girlfriend for a week of fun           tie the knot. In March we celebrated here in           Like myself she has had her nomadic ways,
and sun this winter. “[Greg] is a little shy but       DC with family and friends, including cecilia          principally in Japan, and once she replaces
he likes it when people spread his personal            (vidaeus) gleason, brandon Krueger, shirley            Japanese with French in the left side of her
info. to his ex-Darden friends.” As for himself,       murphy, Scott Walsh (MBA ’01), Susie (Platt)           brain, life down here will be much simpler. Both
                                                       Greene (MBA ’97), Andy Greene (MBA ’97), and           of us being more practical than sensational,
                                                       Rob Scavello (MBA ’94). Now we’re back to              we “eloped” to Florida and married quietly
                                                       work. I’ve been promoted to CEO…having left            in Lakeland. God thought it a bit too quiet
                                                       Accenture to start a one-person strategy and           because he unleashed a tornado there that
                                                       change consulting firm. Susie Greene (MBA ’97)         night—very unusual in Central Florida. Funny,
                                                       and I have been working on a strategy project          married life is no different than cohabit life.
                                                       for Canada Post since October. It has been                  “Lastly and most important, Ally
                                                       fantastic to work closely with another Darden          MacGuigan arrived on March 31. She rushed
                                                       alum! It has taken both of us to figure out the        in before April Fools Day. At 3.3kgs and 50cm
                                                       intricacies of the NAFTA waiver applications and       long, she is bound to confuse all Imperial
                                                       appropriate accounting treatment. By the time          Measure Traditionalists. So far it seems that she
                                                       you read this I expect to be working back in DC.       eats and sleeps well like her father, and has the
                                                       If you’re ever in town, please call; our doors are     nimbleness and dexterity of her mother.
                                                       open and we’d love to see you!                              “My most recent Darden sightings have
                                                                                                              been all Bubala and a bit of Choi. andy bubala
                                                                                                              and I met up last year on business trips to
                                                                                                              Japan, and then at Dean Bruner’s speaking trip
James grimes (mba ‘00) at an iraqi clinic
                                                                                                              to the San Diego Alumni. As for henry choi, he

                                                                                                                                W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
married a Limerick Lass, lives in a small part of          In relocation news, andres Waldraff           he sold this year. In addition to real estate, Clay
NYC, Jackson Heights, which seems like South         has moved back to Colombia, where he took           also plays the drums at their church. If anyone
America, and last fall was trying to open a          over as CEO of La Plazoleta, one of the most        is ever in the area, they would love to get
lounge bar in Manhattan -- always something          important flower growers in the industry.           together!
new. I catch up with him most times that I get       He and his wife had a baby girl, Emma, in                  Jim and Elizabeth (Wells) shumadine
to our Cincinnati Flavor site.”                      December 2006.                                      continue to live in Norfolk, where they recently
      2007 has also been an eventful year for              After five years with P&G, armando garza      celebrated their son Sam’s first birthday with
matthew Kirsch, who had open-heart surgery           moved to Frito-Lay as a marketing director          a party with family and lots of little kids. They
at the UVA Medical Center in February. He went       in shopper marketing. He is responsible for         enjoyed a quick trip to San Diego this winter,
to the doctor one day, she heard a murmur, he        all the in-store marketing for emerging and         and are tackling their last major project to
was diagnosed with a very leaky heart valve,         convenience customers (Costco, Target, Dollar       complete their home renovation.
and it all went downhill from there. He was back     and Drug Channels, and convenience stores),                Joe (MBA ’00) and coleen (sullivan)
at work after only a month, and the problem          regional marketing, and creating the future         curry are settling into their new home in the
has been completely fixed. In other news,            consumer preferred shopping experience for          Dunwoody area of Atlanta. Daughter Caroline,
his son Eli is finishing up his first year at UVA,   Frito-Lay’s products. The Garzas have been          2, keeps them on their toes and laughing a lot.
presumably making the Kirshes the first Darden       living in Plano, TX (Khary scott’s old stomping     Joe recently left SunTrust to join a new firm in a
’01 parents to send a kid to UVA…hopefully the       ground), since the summer of 2006. Armando,         sales and trading role.
first of many!                                       Shannon, Hayden, 5, and Olivia, 3, all love it in          Tracy and greg turk are keeping busy
      Last summer David shrank closed                Texas (probably because it’s not 110 degrees        with their boys Graham, Will, and Lleyton. Greg
PupCups, his pet product startup, and                yet).                                               continues to work with the public pension
decided to go back to his true love—strategy               In January, Shannon attended a girls’         fund as director of investments. As a pension
consulting. He is now very happy in Deloitte         weekend with several other Darden wives,            fund investor he usually comes across a Darden
Consulting’s Strategy and Operations practice        including Maggie Tapp, Emily Feary, Julie           graduate each month as we look for new
focusing on the Media and Entertainment              Daugherty, Kristin Cloonan, Abbie Shore,            investments for the fund; he’s finding lots of
Industry in New York City. He also got engaged       Suzanne Morris, and Lisa Gatewood.                  Darden grads in private equity.
last summer to his beautiful fiancée, Jeannie              In October, Armando ran into Section A-              One such 2001 grad is peggy (Donnelly)
Sung. The couple recently moved in together          mates Khary scott and Diego mahecha, who            roberts, who continues to work as director of
into a great place on Manhattan’s Upper East         were all at Darden recruiting. Armando wrote,       organizational development at The Riverside
Side with their two little Chihuahuas, Zulu and      “Khary and I had a great time catching up over      Company, a private equity firm. The firm
Caesar. They are getting married on July 8, with     dinner but, in typical Diego fashion, he stood      is growing by leaps and bounds and the
Darden friends charles rosenblatt and matt           me up when I called him later that night to go      excitement of building a stronger, global
Kosanke as members of the wedding party.             out for a drink. Guess those banker guys don’t      platform is keeping her busy. She and Justin are
      Speaking of weddings, matthew aujla            appreciate hanging with us ‘marketing types!’”      having a lot of fun watching Molly, 2, grow up,
and tee towon were married in Bangkok                      Jami and brian lacey and their children       learn words, and also learn how to challenge
in December, and Kevin clark joined the              Mary, 5, and Hamilton, 3, moved to Valdosta,        her parents. She and other Darden 2001 ladies
celebration.                                         GA, two years ago to be closer to family. Brian     still found time for their annual reunion and she
      michael Kropf was married this spring to       is currently running two companies there and        welcomes our classmates to please drop a note
Majlinda (Maya) Pilavi-Kropf. The couple met         is making plans to get his doctorate in the near    to say hi or stop by if you are ever in Cleveland!
in Switzerland, and Maya is finishing her LLM        future.                                                    greg and lisa (DeJong) Ellis are still
in Montreal this year. Michael is continuing               suneel garg wrote in from Los Angeles,        living in lower Manhattan with their 14-month-
to enjoy his work and living in North America        and he has been able to see many classmates         old daughter, Erin. Greg is still working at JP
again.                                               recently. He reported that blair and soledad        Morgan and Lisa is working at McKinsey. They
                                                     (haro) boyle and their two sons have relocated      see fellow New Yorkers Dave Yoon, greg
                                                     from Austin to Los Angeles, where Blair has         nersessian, ted husveth, and chris lown
                                                     taken a job at Disney. Suneel continues to see      occasionally, as well as section B-mates Diego
                                                     porter White frequently in LA, as well as Jen       mahecha and chad Joplin. They are excited to
                                                     faenza and tim anderson when he visits San          hear that another section B-mate, brian green,
                                                     Francisco.                                          has taken a job at JPMC and is moving to the
                                                           stan manoukian also reported from             area.
                                                     sunny LA, where he is still involved in the world          In other job-change news, chad
                                                     of distressed securities and his 15-year old        rynbrandt recently left BCG after a great five-
                                                     daughter Yana is enjoying her freshman year         year run and is working for a former client,
                                                     in high school! The family is doing great, and      CSM (a Dutch food company), doing internal
                                                     stays in touch with the Nikitchyuks, although       consulting/business development. Chad and
                                                     they have not seen anyone else from our class       Mindy’s family is now six strong, and they
                                                     in a long time. Stan wrote, “Anyone visiting LA,    welcomed a fourth child, Abe, to the family in
                                                     please welcome to our cozy house!”                  May 2006. Abe joined Sadie, 6, Mia, 6, and Ella, 3.
                                                           Clay and hunter mathews are still living             Melanie and thomas grant are proud to
                                                     in Hilton Head with their boys Payne, 4 1/2,        announce that Jackie, 3, is now the proud big
                                                     and Levi, 3. Hunter is home schooling the boys      sister of Luke William, born Jan. 28. Thomas is
                                                     and loving it. She is also finishing her master’s   working as director of business development
                                                     degree in Christian counseling and is beginning     for the law firm Morgan Lewis, which he joined
                                                     to counsel women in the area. Clay now has his      in 2005 after he wound up Searchlight. He
                                                     own real estate company, following a venture        reported that topher feary left Brandywine
matthew aujla and tee towon both mba ‘01             starting a local real estate TV channel, which      Global a few months ago to join a startup.

     Paul and staci (singlak) Wagenbach             little guy, cute as a button, and he even lets her
welcomed their first child, Leah Jane               get a few hours of sleep at night so she’s not
Wagenbach, on Nov. 1. Leah is doing well and        completely sleep deprived! Congratulations,
the family continues to live in New Jersey.         Gwen!
     Carrie and grant brown welcomed                      rick Zeoli and family made it to
their second child, Spencer, to the family          Charlottesville to attend the barbecue on
on Feb. 26. They relished the month of              Saturday afternoon and enjoyed catching up
grandparental-coverage and are now lobbying         with everyone—they also managed to keep
the grandparents to move to Charlottesville (or     carlos chamon’s son at a safe distance from
at least buy a vacation home) and extend the        their daughter…!
much-appreciated support.                                 Jamie oldershaw couldn’t make the trip
In other Charlottesville news, allison linney       back, but sent in an update that he and his wife
and rachel (Korkowski) brozenske continue           welcomed their first child, JJ Oldershaw, to the
to have great success expanding their               world March 22—he even has his own website           steve (mba ‘0)and micah bruner
consulting business.                                already—check it out: www.jjoldershaw.com!
     And trina Jones (yours truly) is still hard          rod hicks got married to Meridith Alms in      together. In other Beatty news, Karen recently
at work growing Off Campus Partners, which          St. Paul, MN on March 30. curt miller, Dedra         moved from the ratings group at Moody’s to
will celebrate its five-year anniversary in June.   berg (cantrell) and heather harmon were in           Greenwich Capital
Although work is busy, I still managed to find      attendance. guy maurice joined them in Las                 Lauren and aron grodinsky just recently
time for UVA basketball, and enjoyed season         Vegas for the bachelor party. Congratulations,       moved from their downtown NYC apartment
tickets at the beautiful new John Paul Jones        Rod and Meridith!                                    to a new place in Hoboken. Those of us still
Arena, and traveled to Tampa for the ACC                  Kristin and rex hampton are the proud          stuck in the world of teeny tiny Manhattan
Tournament.                                         parents of a daughter, Adora. They have also         apartments are certainly jealous of their “lots
                                                    relocated to Lynchburg, Virginia.                    of room to entertain visitors. “ Aron also shares
                                                          christina Emery (Kollay) and her husband       that they’re “enjoying ‘suburban-lite’ lifestyle.”
                                                    Keith welcomed their first child, Alexandra
’02                                                 Kollay Emery, Nov. 6.
                                                                                                               The Beattys, the Grodinskys, Ralph and
                                                                                                         carey Douglas Delia, Jose and lindsay Kalaw,
flip pidot                                                Josh marks joined the many entrepreneurs       matt seligman, Tiffany and anand stanley,
Thanks to everyone who made it back to              in our class and is the president of Gold            lauren macleod, and even Dan Zinner
Charlottesville for our five-year reunion—we        Star Group—he brought along his portfolio            gathered to wish Sarah and peter harrison bon
had a great turnout and hope that everyone          of photographs (think W, Vogue, etc)—he              voyage. Peter took a London-based position
enjoyed themselves! Thanks to everyone on           certainly has a great talent and we look forward     with Morgan Stanley (still in the Healthcare
our committee who helped with the planning;         to hearing more about his company as he              Group). They are living in Marylebone,
we couldn’t have done it without you.               grows!                                               London—“hometown of Dan Zinner.”
      We successfully kicked off the weekend                                                                   Speaking of the Stan Stanleys… Anand
with a bang…actually, make that a flame…                                                                 Stanley moved to a new position within
thanks to mark hutto for extinguishing the
fire—Davis Washburn, Kristin and Adora
                                                    ’0 Reunion                                          UTC as Director of Supplier Development.
                                                                                                         He is currently responsible for Supply
hampton and Kirsti goodwin were so focused          graham beatty                                        Base Development, Supplier Diversity and
on catching up that they didn’t notice the          lauren macleod                                       Corporate Responsibility for UTC’s global
flames!                                             anand stanley                                        supply chain.
      For those who missed the reunion, we          This edition is a little on the light side, since          Also from the New York refugee club,
thought you would be interested to know that        our request for notes went out a bit late            romina birnbaum shares that she is “done
one of our classmates, tom montgomery,              (Oops! Sorry…) But given that we’ve been             rotating with Omnicom Group and signed
recently returned to the US after serving a year    erring on the side of pages and pages in             on with Rapp Collins—an Omnicom direct
in Iraq—it was great to see him at the reunion      previous editions, we’ll chalk this up to            marketing agency working out of the LA office.
and we would like to thank you again for            quantity over quality.                               I finally feel settled and am really enjoying
serving our country.                                      Into the depths of it…                         being back at the beach—especially after all
      As usual, our class has been very busy with         scott Davies tells us that he has made         the east coast winters.”
moves, starting new jobs, and having babies.        a pretty big change. “I am currently a brand               David rosenbaum writes, “The big news
matt and Theresa Kaness get the award for the       manager for Frito-Lay based in Dallas, and have      we have to report is the birth of our second
most babies in the least amount of time—they        been here for just over a year. Very happy in the    child, Caroline Blythe, Oct. 3, 2006. Big brother
have three under the age of two! Twins Jacob        new company, working in the Innovation group         Connor, 3, and the new baby keep us very
and Ryan joined daughter Isabella in January—       developing a new snack platform for launch           busy. I’m still with Genworth Financial working
the whole crowd made it to Charlottesville and      next year. Miranda, Thomas and I are enjoying        in product finance for the Long Term Care
enjoyed meeting other future Darden grads.          life in Texas, especially the great weather, and     Division.”
Speaking of awards, we think mas otsuka             feel really at home.”                                      (Apologies to Steve—this apparently
deserves one for traveling the farthest to attend         mike o’connor writes in about his              didn’t make the last round of notes…) steve
the reunion—he came all the way from Tokyo!         daughter, Ryan Elizabeth O’Connor born April         bruner introduces “Micah Schmalzbauer
      gwen (fairweather) varady unfortunately       29, 2006. He and Sue are “living in Kensington,      Bruner. He was born July 14, 2006. Leah and I
missed the reunion, and wins the award for the      MD, and celebrating my two-year anniversary at       love being parents. Life in Bozeman, Montana is
best excuse—she gave birth to a son, Windsor        Triumph Development in May. All is well.”            wonderful.”
Ian Varady, on April 14! She says they finally      Sue and Mike recently visited Karen and                    News from the West Coast… Eric gregg
understand what everyone said about their           graham beatty in New York. Their son                 writes “Bre and I are doing well. Unlike 90
lives never being the same. She says he’s a great   Jackson and Ryan O’Connor spent some time            percent of our class, we have no babies to

                                                                                                                           W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
                            todd Whiting (mBa ’04) knows what it’s                          report yet, but life and business are both
                                                                                            going very well. Bre continues to advance in
                             like to slide down an ice chute at 60 mph.
                                                                                            the nonprofit realm, working with homeless
                                 last year the Darden alum joined the u.s. national         youth and my company just went through a
                             skeleton Development team. skeleton is a winter racing         major rebranding. The new company name is
                             sport in which participants blast along an ice chute on a      iLoyalty, (www.theloyalclient.com), and our
                             sled, face-down. after a 52-year hiatus, the sport returned    business model has evolved to focus on helping
                             to the Winter olympics in 2002.                                our clients improve loyalty and retention of
    Whiting was fascinated by what he saw and vowed to give it a try. Whiting calls         customers and employees. So far the model is
himself an accidental slider, as he just slipped into the sport of skeleton.                working, with the system actively protecting
    “I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie,” he admits. Whiting signed up for a             more than $240M in client accounts.”
march 2006 adventure camp in lake Placid, nY where he spent four days learning                   Laura and charles leddy made the
                                                                                            move to Seattle, where Laura is starting her
the sport of skeleton. “they started us at the bottom of the track where you reach
                                                                                            residency after finishing medical school at UVA.
speeds of up to 25 mph and we worked our way up to the normal start and went
                                                                                            Charles has also moved to the Seattle office of
down the whole track at the end of the weekend,” he says. “I reached speeds of              McKinsey.
about 60 mph and it was one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever done. Your face               sebastian brea tells us “after living over
is two inches from the ice and you’re going around these turns pulling three or four        a year in Brazil after Darden, I moved back to
gs. often you’ll hear helmets scraping along the ice when they’re going around these        Buenos Aires and have continued working in
turns.”                                                                                     the telecom industry. The family has grown
    Whiting is a director of cable sales at nBC universal in new York City. Because         since Darden, first came Lucas, now 3, who was
nBC broadcasts the olympics and is owned by corporate parent general electric               born in Brazil (which is something I will have
— a worldwide olympics sponsor — Whiting had an advantage when he needed time               to deal with when watching worldcup football
                                                                                            matches between Argentina and Brazil!), and
off from work.
                                                                                            over a year ago beautiful Emma showed up.
    last august he attended an advanced skeleton clinic. “now, I’m five to 10 years
                                                                                            Family and work have taken their toll sports-
older than anyone they’ve ever put on a team before. I’m also 6-foot-4, which is            wise, no football and less golf, so I definitely
about five inches taller than most of their athletes. so they said ‘we’re willing to let    look forward to the 2008 reunion to relive the
you try this if you’re willing to be our guinea pig.’” He completed all the physical        Birdwood days with some of the guys!”
tests like sprinting and jumping and pushing the skeleton sled. His performance                  sanmitra Deo tells us that she “recently
earned him an invitation back for skeleton driving school and a return trip to lake         took a new job within GE Healthcare as the US
Placid last november.                                                                       Sales Operations Integration Leader for the GE
    “You stay at the olympic training center and eat in the same cafeteria as all the       acquisition of the diagnostics businesses of
athletes,” he says. this was a week-long course on driving the sled down the track.         Abbott Labs (Abbott Diagnostics Division and
“and then at the end of the week they invited six or seven of us out of 10-12 to be         Point of Care). As part of the new job, I expect
                                                                                            to be traveling a lot more around the US and
part of the us olympic skeleton development team. I had a real decision to make,
                                                                                            hope to see many of you during my voyages…
because this was something I never expected. I figured out this was something I could
                                                                                            on one recent trip, I got to see Lindsay and Jose
not pass up; it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”                                        in Princeton. As an added bonus…I am the new
    so he worked out an arrangement to go on the 10-week session for half of each           campus recruiting lead for MBAs from UVA, a
week, training thursday through saturday and coming home on sundays. He trained             recent addition to GE’s executive schools, so I
part-time from late January through the beginning of march. “the problem was,               look forward to competing with y’all for great
everyone else was training full-time,” Whiting says. “It was an amazing experience;         talent!”
no regrets whatsoever, but it just wasn’t going to work unless I could train for it full-        tadd Wilson writes “In January 2007, I
time. I decided to end it in march and come back to work.”                                  added that delicious phrase ‘former consultant’
    He’s looking forward to the occasional recreational race as skeleton slowly gains       to my bio, moving from IBM Strategy and
                                                                                            Change into IBM Retail Store Solutions. I
in popularity in the states.
                                                                                            focus primarily on go-to-market strategy and
    “now I’m moving from a competitive athlete to an avid fan,” the Iceman says.
                                                                                            business development for our top 16 countries,
read about Whiting’s adventures and look at some of his photographs by visiting             targeting $1B in revenue for 2007. I managed to
www.theaccidentalslider.blogspot.com.                                                       sneak out to the 120 Club event in Washington,
                                                                                            DC, where I saw mike and Elizabeth riordan.”
                                                                                            Tadd and sumit Kumar also got together
                                                                                            recently when Tadd was in NYC for the National
                                                                                            Retail Federation conference.
                                                                                                 Jen and chris blythe made a trip to see
                                                                                            Pam and todd schanel in their home in Palm
                                                                                            Beach Gardens, FL. Both the Blythes and the
                                                                                            Schanels are proud parents of twins—Gavin
                                                                                            and Peyton Blythe and Michael and Grace
                                                                                                 rossana (llerena) stevenson gives us the
                                                                                            shortest update I can recall. “I have an update:
                                                                                            I switched jobs, had a baby and moved to a
                                                                                            new house...” No more details than that—but

it sounds like the Stevensons have been               seems to be the man to approach for Class of          together for some high quality sake with Tokyo
undergoing a fair amount of change since their        2004 group discounts. Carlos is to be credited        Dardenites takehiro nakamura, Yasumasa
wedding a couple of years ago.                        with the wry observation that if he continues         nakayama, Kazuyuki izumiya, shu-wei
     Winning the award for most interesting           on the same career track, he’ll be working on         Wu and satoko takahashi (who also got
job locale, marion mcgowan has recently               Depends very soon. The Anguizola family is            married in October). Danise chui provided us
moved to Sudan, where she will be for the next        happy in quiet (and cold!) Appleton, WI.              with pictures of Satoko’s wedding which she
year. She is still working with CHF International           Another cold Darden CPG-er is pam taylor        attended along with Karey fung, among other
(www.chfinternational.org).                           who is still with Kraft in Chicago. Pam is training   Darden classmates. Danise also met up with
     There’s lots more news out there—I know.         for her first triathlon and is looking forward to     Eugene lee, tucker Quayle, and francisco
But at this point it’s just hearsay, so send in       the upcoming wedding of classmates cindy              simon while on a trip back home to Hong
your notes! A few final tidbits on the hearsay        Kozu and Justin Jed (which we hope to cover           Kong.
front… Evance stalley had a baby and moved            extensively in our next instalment). Sara and              Jackie and Erik holmsen are in the final
to Chicago. And Mark and syl trowbridge               mark mercurio are enjoying time with their            stage of their year-long GBE (Great Beer
had their second child. ashley and santiago           15-month-old, Graham; Mark continues to work          Experience) in Prague. The Holmsens will be
tagtachian had their first child, Mateo, Jan. 27      on the Mr. Clean brand while continuing to            moving back to Dallas in May and report having
of this year.                                         receive counselling to recover from the dismal        had a fantastic time overseas.
     OK, that’s it. Short and sweet. Thanks for all   performance of his Cincinnati Bengals. We                  rob ferranti is still in Chicago, and is your
of the updates. The next edition will be our last     absolutely can’t move on without a mention of         guide to all things O’Hare related. He worked
Class Notes before the reunion in April 2008.         our favorite CPG-er, the irrepressible michael        on a project in France (and with apologies to
You will start hearing from the three of us fairly    bachman. It is our sad duty to report that Mike       Monsieur Dominique vincent, still believes
soon as we start to plan the weekend. We look         has moved on reluctantly from the exciting            Barolo is better than Châteaunneuf-du-
forward to putting together a great weekend           world of Preparation H. There is, however, a          Pape) and at the time of going to press, was
for everyone to reconnect. Happy Summer to            silver lining to every cumulonimbus: Mike is          completing a quick due diligence in NYC.
all ~ Graham, Lauren, and Anand.                      now working on every Dardenite’s favourite            Roberto is now a proud green-card holder,
                                                      brand (come recruitment time, at least),              and has also been promoted to vice president.
                                                      ChapStick.                                            Neither has, according to him, dramatically
’0                                                         Continuing with the wedding news, tom
                                                      Disantis married Casie Campbell on Oct. 8
                                                                                                            changed the nature of his job.
                                                                                                                 After over a year of living across the street
Katie bisbee                                          in Charlottesville. The wedding celebration           from Roberto, tze-liang chiam took a break
Dennis ortiz                                          took place at the University of Virginia Chapel       from regression analysis to meet up with him
prashant prasad                                       followed by a reception, dinner, and dance at         for a cuppa at Starbucks.
We continue to receive all sorts of great news        Veritas Vineyard in Afton. Darden colleagues               We have some new arrivals to welcome
from our classmates who seem to be doing              in attendance were michael bachman, chris             and anticipate: Alyssa and Jay arnold had a
extremely well in their chosen professions,           haney, bob bell (who reported being “alive            baby girl, Virginia Mae, on March 3.
as well enjoying a lot of downtime activities         and well” in Richmond), and clark bailey.                  anna and Jay lambiotte are expecting
which include getting married and making              A quick trip to Disney World right after the          their first child on July 1.
babies. Before we share all the details, we           wedding was the precursor to an extended                   Dan Entin was recently promoted to
must throw a gentle tsk-tsk in the direction          honeymoon in Italy planned August 2007.               Senior Product Manager, Internet & Wireless,
of tucker Quayle, baocheng Yang, ashley               After graduating with her master’s in teaching        at Zagat Survey. He’s working on a cool project
leonard, Willard ‘Robin’ mccloud and                  from the Curry School in May 2005, Casie is           with Darden Admissions: a potential Zagat
matt ‘Purdue Rocks’ reintjes who were                 now a second grade teacher in Fairfax County.         Guide to Charlottesville restaurants and shops.
conspicuously absent in the update list               Tom is a director with the Corporate Executive        liz robertson continues to lead in the ‘shortest
(despite plaintive reminders from Dennis              Board in Washington, D.C. The couple resides in       update’ sweepstakes. She is still in San Francisco
ortiz at the class secretary desk).                   Arlington.                                            working for Gerson Lehman Group. She also let
     peter goulding married Rachel Carr last                We had another October Darden wedding,          us know that betsy nolan is in NYC working for
September on Nantucket. matt mccarthy,                that of Julie robey to Jason Krebs. The               Goldman Sachs.
thomas scott and adam northup were                    couple got married in Julie’s hometown in                  Eric hausman recently left NYC to take
among the groomsmen. Bridesmaids included             Pennsylvania. Julie and Jason met right after         a job in the strategy department at Target in
Alieda de Havenon Keevil (MBA ’05). The               she moved to Minneapolis after graduation.            sunny Minneapolis.
wedding featured a strong showing of Darden           Jason is a Ph.D. candidate in psychology.             We also wish gabriella Zambrano all the best
guests: scott smith, Jeff st. Denis, matt             Julie pulled off planning her wedding                 with preparations for her upcoming wedding in
mccarthy, Josh goldstein and Adrian Keevil            while travelling back and forth between               September.
(MBA ’05). Peter and Rachel sent us several           Minneapolis and Venezuela. Much to the                     We received a long and fun update from
pictures from what seemed like a beautiful            dismay of Northwest Airlines management and           Dave banyard who spent most of last year in a
wedding. Peter continues to run half-marathons        shareholders, Julie is now back in Minnesota          throwback to his US Navy days, i.e., convincing
at a brisk pace, making those of us at the            full-time and enjoying married life.                  Diane that moving again was really the right
Class Secretary desk with bum knees wistfully               Many of our classmates continue to              thing to do. Fortunately, the move brought
jealous.                                              keep airline companies happy, though. isao            the Banyards back down to beautiful Virginia,
     We were pleasantly surprised to hear from        sekiguchi has moved back to Tokyo from                Roanoke to be exact. Dave took a new job
carlos anguizola who provided his first update        Düsseldorf; Isao will be based at Sumitomo            within Danaher as the general manager of
since graduation. He’s cutting a wide swath           world headquarters, but will keep commuting           one of the businesses in the Danaher Motion
through the “infant hygiene” business, having         to Europe to manage projects in the sunny             platform. Dave has plants on three continents
recently shifted from Huggies Baby Wipes &            Canary Islands. Isao is happy to be back              (unless you consider Scandinavia to be a
Toiletries to Pull-Ups Training Pants. Given the      in Japan with wife Mamiko and daughter                continent, in which case it’s four) and therefore
Darden 2004 population explosion, Carlos              Miyu. This will also give him a chance to get         has no shortage of free time. Dave estimates

                                                                                                                              W W W.DARDEN.VIRGINIA.EDU •   
Class Notes
that he’s now logged more flying hours as a          position with Microsoft. lindsay Wilber hosted
civilian than in his Top Gun days—in his own         her first brunch in Boston: Jill lewandosky and
admission, that’s pretty scary. Diane, Anna, and     marlene friesen were there to support the
Trey are all doing very well. Let’s quote Dave       hostess. Jill reported that Marlene is thriving in
for a bit: “Anna is the definition of precocious     Boston—she’s at TJX and focusing on jewelry.
and is clearly ready for (Professor) Sherwood        We anticipate Marlene’s inbox being full of
(Frey’s) B&N (in fact, given her style, she may      discount-related queries as soon as we go to
have already taken the class). Trey has bright       press.
red hair (and yes, it runs in my family), and             Jose salinas is continuing to learn more
seems to have not figured out that he comes          about the culture of the Southern USA while
from short and slow stock, because all he wants      living in Greensboro, NC. Most of it has been
to do is play B-Ball as he says (basketball).        great fun: rooting for the ’Hoos at ACC games,
                                                                                                          Darden ‘0 ‘southern belles’: alyssa franklin,
Diane is adjusting well to the culture shock         eating barbeque, etc. Some of it has been
                                                                                                          sheyna horowitz , cherbury hunt, and Katie
of Connecticut versus southwest Virginia,            not-so-great-fun, i.e., rooting for the Panthers     cunningham
and to make sure to keep it interesting, we’re       and figuring out how to avoid the regular
expecting number three this August. No idea          invitations to NASCAR races.                         Antonoaldo (MBA ’04) and Luis Moraes (MBA
yet whether it’s a baby brother or sister, but            Dennis ortiz ran into Kraft colleague           ’06). The honeymoon cruise stopped in the
obviously, time will tell.” Thanks to Dave for all   glen schutzman recently. Apparently, Glen’s          Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Costa Rica and
the entertaining news and best wishes to the         competitive spirit thrives well after Darden.        Belize. Carol has moved to Dallas and is trying
Banyards as they await their new arrival.            We are told that Glen was in a weight loss           to understand what country music and line
      shantel moses moved to Chicago a while         competition with some colleagues from work.          dancing are all about.
ago to manage the Mini Babybel business              Losers had to shave their head. Let’s just say             gabriel lazarus and Raquel Leon
for Bel Brands USA. She requests Darden              Glen goes by ‘Yul’ these days. Apart from the        happily announce the birth of their beautiful
classmates to keep this in mind while prowling       tonsure, Glen is doing fine—he’s working on          baby daughter, Sofia Lazarus. Sofia arrived
the dairy aisles of their local supermarket.         the Tassimo brand at Kraft and is doing well         Jan. 16, weighing 6 lbs 9 oz. and 19.5 inches
Shantel has been in touch with bridgette             with his wife and new baby in Westchester.           in length. The first few months were great,
Wuabu (booting posterior at Merrill Lynch)           Dennis had a lot more news for us: he ran a          although lots of work. They are still located in
and James Jordan (loving life back in the            half marathon with rebecca gordon and Kate           Santa Rosa, California, where Gabe is launching
Bay Area). She also reported seeing Kaylan           Duggan, met Jeff st. Denis (who is still with        a new product for Medtronic CardioVascular,
bartholomew, tim Witcher and Jenn hill at            SNL in San Francisco) for dinner in the West         working as an international marketing
the National Black MBA Conference in Atlanta         Village and continues his reign as Cookie Caliph     manager. Raquel is currently on leave from
with the after party being hosted by Willard         with Chips Ahoy! and Nutter Butter. Dennis,          Medtronic, where she worked in the company’s
mccloud at his Four Seasons suite.                   along with Rebecca, todd Whiting and billy           Clinical Research group.
      We were very happy to hear from Jin            bey met up with villi iltchev for dinner and               Enis oksan will be completing his military
namKoong who also surfaced with an update            drinks recently. Villi was in New York en route      service obligation for the Turkish Army during
for the first time since graduation. After stops     to Europe for work, and is loving life in San        the month of July…“Strength and honor.”
in Bentonville and Boston, the NamKoongs are         Francisco along with wife Jen Faenza (MBA’01).             howard Jenkins and wife Gin had their
happily settled in Dallas where Jin is working            prashant (‘Herbie’ to his fellow class          first child Luther Howard Jenkins on April 30.
for i2 Technologies, a supply management             secretaries) prasad got married to Nishtha           He weighed 7 lbs., 15 oz. and “is the best thing
solutions company. The NamKoongs are looking         Aiyar in a traditional Tamil Brahmin Hindu           ever.”
forward to their first summer in Texas and report    ceremony on Jan. 25. Several Darden                        sean harrington and his wife are proud
that their two daughters are looking forward to      classmates made the trip down to Mumbai              to announce the birth of their first child, Keara
making new friends after all the moving.             for the wedding: former room-mates James             Leigh Harrington. Keara was born April 27 and
      Elizabeth Yanero is still in the DC area and   pilachowski and gurpreet malik (who, a few           was 6 lbs. 11oz. and 20 inches.
is currently on maternity leave from Booz Allen      weeks later, passed on the happy news of his               Joel selzer, king of class news and
Hamilton. Elizabeth and Tony had their second        engagement to Komal Bhasin), travis massey,          updates reports the following marriages and
child, Andrew Joseph, in October (to his sister      Maria and pedro libano monteiro, Dennis              engagements: Jack garside will be getting
Anna’s disappointment, he can’t be returned)         ortiz, Katherine neebe and rebecca gordon.           married in C-ville in July, sean spiegel is
and report, quite rightly, that Darden was a         Prashant and Nishtha honeymooned in New              getting married in Nags Head in August, Walt
breeze compared to parenting. Anna is now in         Zealand and Australia and are looking forward        leddy is getting married in Texas in July, matt
her “terrible twos” and negotiates everything        to trips to Italy in May and to the US in August     hasson is recently engaged and will be married
(especially bedtime). For some additional            for gurpreet’s wedding.                              in New York in January, anurag chandra and
challenges, Tony deployed from the Pentagon                                                               Jasmine Khambatta were recently engaged,
in January and will be in Qatar supporting the                                                            as were brian Kolle and Emily michaels. As
Army for another four months. Upon his return,
the Yaneros will be moving to Atlanta late
                                                     ’0                                                  for Joel, he left Medical Funding Services in
                                                                                                          February to formally launch Ozmosis.
summer—Elizabeth shared some disappointing           John lake                                                  Kenneth Kim is now Deputy General
news with us: former room-mates peter conn           totran nguyen                                        Manager of the IPO Department in the
and Elizabeth moody made it clear that the           fabiano lopes and Carol were married                 Investment Banking Division of newly re-
Yaneros are not moving in with them.                 last December in Sao Paulo. The wedding              named Samsung Securities. He also was
      Erstwhile Brasilieros vikas chawla and         cake featured an illustration of the Darden          married on April 28th to Mi Jeong, a patent
noelle mendez-villamil are back in the               building. Several Darden alumni were in              attorney specializing in chemistry.
US. Vikas recently left BCG to pursue new            attendance including guilherme silva,                      lynn manthy and husband Mark had a
opportunities and will be relocating to Seattle      scott mcpherson, ricardo campanario,                 baby boy, William, on March 26. He is “growing
where Noelle has accepted an exciting new            alex Zimath, mila leite, heather baldwin,            like a weed and we are enjoying getting to

know him!” Lynn also reports visiting with            financials of the bacon industry, Cherbs is also a     teach in the program as well.) Paul is now in
the (thomas) peddicords and meeting their             new home owner and in the midst of planning            his second year as a Ph.D. candidate here at
new addition, daughter Kate who arrived in            a kitchen renovation! (Sheyna hopes to offer           Darden. He has also served LEAD for two years
February. Lynn also caught up with a bunch            home improvement tips.)                                as head resident assistant and as an associate
of classmates at neal hoffman’s wedding in                 One liners…steve Walzer and his wife              director last year. I ask you all to welcome Paul
Newport, RI this past Labor Day weekend.              Jody had a baby boy, Matthew (now 9 months)            into his new role and to join us once again in
sarah goldberg and Will lien will be getting          and are moving to Seattle. “I’ll be working in         offering another summer of learning and fun
married in Alabama on Nov. 3.                         M&A in Microsoft’s new health solutions group,”        for our visiting LEADers.
     nicci small and Jay moved to Carmel, IN          Steve writes.
(just outside of Indianapolis), this spring. Jay           matt hasson left GM and joined CIT. Jack
took a position at 40|86 Advisors, a subsidiary
of Conseco. Nicci left her position at Bank of
                                                      garside is now at Deloitte Consulting tim
                                                      brown is on a six month rotation in Sweden
America in late March and is currently job            for Bain Consulting. ashton cullum moved to            Ellie off
hunting, settling into their new house, playing       Richmond. steve majocha started a new job              Greetings Class of 2006! I am happy to
golf and working with Joe miller’s mom to sell        with Neuberger Berman. Wesley Woo has left             report some engagement news among
their old house (shameless plug for anyone            Target to start Nauset Capital Partners, LP an         members of the class. Katherine shirley
looking in the Charlotte area—great Myers Park        investment management firm.                            and b.t. remmert are engaged and will
location).                                                 This summer Darden is entering its 25th           be getting married in August in Columbia,
     ben and Katie monsoon had a baby                 year of commitment to the LEAD Summer                  SC. In addition, Kim lau and andy bolt
boy, Magnus Bennett on April 14. Everyone is          Business Institute—a three week intensive              recently decided to tie the knot as well.
healthy, and doing well.                              Leadership, Education and Development youth            Congratulations to both couples!
     Jim Zuffoletti and otavio freire’s startup       program in business. This program targets                   Please send your news to me at: ellie.off@
OpenQ is growing and profitable and has               high achieving rising high school seniors              gmail.com.
added two additional Darden alumni to their           from underrepresented communities across                    On behalf of the class, I am saddened
team; Brian Costa (MBA ’06) and Mike Broad            the United States and Puerto Rico. Designed            to report that Rachel Maria Haberkern
(MBA ’04).                                            as a “Mini-MBA,” the program is taught by              Sherman, wife of steven sherman, died in an
     samuel suraphel is living and working            Darden faculty and supported by both staff             automobile accident April 15. Rachel worked
in Tanzania, East Africa. He works for Abel           and students. The curriculum culminates in a           for The Finance Project in Washington, DC as
Contractors(www.abelcontractors.com), a               Business Plan Competition where the student            a researcher and writer helping community
local construction company specializing in            groups present an original business idea to a          organizations across the country finance and
the telecom sector. If anyone is interested in        panel of “Venture Capital” judges. The program         sustain local programs for children and families.
learning about the region, they are welcome to        also includes company visits, guest lecturers          Rachel was a gifted singer and a wonderful
contact him through the alumni database.              and discussions on University life and career          friend. She played soccer and ran marathons
ace married his girlfriend of five years, Marie, in   planning. (See: www.leadnational.org/index.            to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma
October ’06 in Philadelphia. They are now living      html for further information.) In the past the         Society, and was an active volunteer for
in the suburbs just outside of Philadelphia, a        program was co-directed by a faculty member            Planned Parenthood and the Junior League of
short drive from the Delaware state line where        in the role of curriculum co-director and a            Charlottesville. A memorial service was held
Ace is working at the credit card division of         operations co-director. Dia Draper (formally in        April 21 at the Duke University Chapel. Rachel’s
JPMorgan Chase. “No plans yet to have a baby          Admissions) served in the operations position          family has asked that donations be made in
in the near future, but for now Marie and I are       and I coordinated the curriculum. This year we         her memory to the National Multiple Sclerosis
enjoying married life while taking care of our        will have a single director, paul harper, who          Society or The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
two cats, Dooney and Bourke. I hope everyone          will design and coordinate all aspects of the
is doing well! Cheers, Ace.”                          program. (I will stay on as a faculty advisor and
     Katie cunningham and sheyna horowitz
recently celebrated the completion of yet
another marathon (Inaugural ING Atlanta
Marathon March ‘07). Training in Hotlanta paid
off as they both smoked the course setting
personal records! In April, the 5’3” and under
club had a mini reunion down south. Joined by
cherbury hunt (who now lives in Norfolk, VA,
employed by the renown country ham maker
Smithfield Foods), Katie, alyssa franklin, and
Sheyna kicked off the summer barbecue season
in style. Sangria was in abundance, of course.
Sadly, the Darden southern belles will be one
less when Sheyna departs for the frozen tundra
of Minneapolis. She’s trading in her Home
Depot orange apron for the snazzy Target red
shirt. Katie and Alyssa continue to be diligent
Deloitters and expert travelers, having accrued
over a zillion trillion frequent-flyer miles. When
they’re not on the road, Alyssa enjoys her shiny      alums in italy gathered for a ‘Winter Event’: from left, andrea tellarini (D’0), alessio carbone (D’0),
new condo and Katie dominates the kick ball           timothy fratta (D’0) and ana carina, Walter lucchi (D’), chiara and Davide ambrosini (he will join
field. And although she is busy learning the          class of 0),

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80   • DARDEN Fall 2006 2007
                                      PROFILE IN LEADERSHIP

                               John Macfarlane (MBA ’79)

J  ohn Macfarlane III (MBA ’79) begins a two-year
   term as chairman of the Darden Foundation Board
of Trustees on July 1.
                                                          our most important constituents—our alumni, our
                                                          corporate supporters and prospective students.”
                                                              Macfarlane, who has served as a Darden trustee
    In advance of his appointment, Macfarlane             since 2001, said he also hopes, through new trustee
shared his thoughts on the state of the school, the       recruitment, to broaden and strengthen the skill sets of
reorganization of the board, and what he hopes will be    the board and to restructure committees “to orient our
accomplished during his term.                             work in a way that will be most helpful to the mission
    “The Darden School and the Darden Foundation          of the foundation and to the school.”
are at an inflection point,” he said. “We have a new          Prior to assuming his current responsibilities
dean who has generated significant momentum for           on the board, Macfarlane chaired the Foundation’s
the school, both in raising its national profile and in   Investment Committee and was instrumental in the
increasing the number and quality of MBA applicants.      creation of the Darden Jefferson Scholars program
The foundation has just completed a very productive       —the most generous scholarship package the school
three years under the direction of Bill Goodwin and       offers. He also serves on the Board of Trustees and on
Ann Taylor. We have hired new senior staff—Vice           the Executive Committee of The University of Virginia
President for Finance Laura Terry, CEO of Executive       Investment Management Company (UVIMCO), a
Education David Newkirk, and Vice President for           foundation that provides investment management
Development Jay Gundy. We have strengthened               services to the University.
procedures and controls, and are in the process of            “When asked about my Darden experience the
completing a Memorandum of Understanding which            one word that comes to mind is ‘transformational,’”
will clarify the relationships between the School,        he said. “Darden took a classical studies major from
the Foundation and the University. This work will         Hampden-Sydney College, with very little knowledge
create a solid foundation for the next chapter of the     of business, and gave me the confidence and the tools
school’s development, which is to conduct a successful    necessary to build a career in financial services. I feel a
capital campaign, the primary purpose of which will       tremendous sense of gratitude to the school and to the
be to create endowments for scholarships and new          professors who gave so unselfishly of their insights and
centers for learning. Beyond the capital campaign,        of their time.”
the Foundation’s Board hopes to provide important             Macfarlane is chief operating officer of Tudor
strategic guidance and assistance to the dean and to      Investment Corp. and co-chairman of the firm’s
the faculty in the development of Darden’s programs.      Management Committee. Prior to joining Tudor in
Lastly, in working closely with Vice President of         1998, he was with Salomon Brothers for 18 years.
Alumni Relations Michael Woodfolk and the Alumni              Macfarlane received Darden’s Rosenthal Fellowship
Board, we aim to strengthen relationships with            for innovation in the field of finance in 1989.
                                 Congratulations to the Class of 2007

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