Training Flyer Template Training by vim19129


									                                     Training Flyer Template
                                             TM-OT-01 v1.0
                                   Course (or Workshop) Title
                                    Document Configuration Identifier

Course (or Workshop) Purpose:
Describe the purpose of the training
Course (or Workshop) Objectives:
       Use a bulleted list for the objectives unless a paragraph is sufficient
Who Should Attend/Prerequisites:
Indicate appropriate students
List any prerequisites to participating in this course. For example, completion of the HPO seminar is a
prerequisite for attending the Project Management Core Course.
Course (or Workshop) Format and Duration
Indicate the length of the training and any specifics about the format that would be helpful to the students.
An example appears below:
The training is a mix of instruction and exercises over a period of three days. There is material to read
before attending the class and a homework assignment at the end that must be completed to receive credit
for the course.
Course (or Workshop) Topics:
       Use a bulleted list to indicate what the training topics will be
       Use a bulleted list to describe the materials to be received by the student
How to Apply or Obtain Further Information:
Include information to help the students apply for the training. Examples appear below:
To register online, go to Select SEPO Training from the left hand panel.
Select “Online Registration” next to the course name.
For additional information on this training, please contact SEPO at (619) 553-6694 or by email or the SSC San Diego Training Office at (619) 553-1823 or by email


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