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					Service area: ICT
Lead Member Portfolio: Corporate Resources Directorate
Lead Cabinet Member’s Policy steers for this service area:
Establish, in liaison with the Lead Member for e-government, a specific ICT vision (ie
outcomes) for the Council and a strategy to achieve it which clearly identifies Invest
to Save initiatives and investments in service improvements. Ensure a robust
business case methodology to secure justifying savings. Ensure IT spend is
managed efficiently and effectively across the organisation.
Summary of key objectives of service area:


•   Delivery of an ICT strategy, from the IEG statement, that is consistent with the
    business needs and resources of the authority.
•   Put in place a robust business case methodology.


•   Subject to funding, deliver the specific aims of the IEG statement.
•   Successful implementation of new core 'back office' systems.


Key Service Targets (Outcome based/customer focussed) for this service area:


•   Deliver the Corporate Intranet infrastructure by August 2002.
•   New County wide ICT support structure put in place by April 2002 that delivers
    required savings target.
•   Identification and confirmation of specific ITEX reprocurement solutions by
    December 2002 based upon sound business cases.
•   A minimum of 90% of "information solutions" service targets to be met over the
    financial year.
•   Formally adopted ICT strategy for the Organisation by August 2002.


•   Average resolution time for support calls not to exceed 4 hours by 31 March 2006
•   100% of all interactions capable of being conducted electronically to be enabled
    by 31 December 2005
•   A minimum of 90% of in house ICT training delegates to pass the associated post
    training product utilisation test by 31 March 2004.
•   Any statutory PIs (with minimum 4 year forecast) also need to be included with
    future targets
•   BVPI 157 - 25% of services capable of electronic delivery by 2002 and 100% by

ICT PROFORMA - 5.12.01.doc
2001/02 Budget (£m)       (Show net approved budget)
         £1.350m                                       N/A
Current staffing numbers (fte)                               42.7
Standstill Budget Requirement 2002/03                                   £1.421m
Savings Target                                                          £0.130m
2002/03 Budget (£m)
Statutory framework
The main statutory requirement is to ensure that the payroll, pensions and accounts
services comply with current legislation. There is also a need to ensure compliance
with statutory requirements such as Data Protection etc.

Drivers for change:
Including impact of any completed or planned internal/external/scrutiny/best
value reviews

E Government and implementation of the IEG statement, BVPI 157, ICT
Strategy, ITEX Replacement, ICT Best Value Review, Data Protection,
Business Process Re-engineering, PSAs, Invest to Save, ICT Developments

Quality of service:
Benchmarking/ Performance Indicators (Local or national)
IT Client
The regular CRD internal customer survey indicates a general satisfaction level with
the work of the IT and Finance Client and the ITEX services. The internal customer
ICT survey indicates a general level of satisfaction (and higher) with the ICT service.
The CIPFA benchmarking service indicates that the cost of the ITEX services is very
competitive in comparison with costs of similar services in other authorities.
IT Training
Delegate overall satisfaction rating financial year 2000/2001 = 4.13
Scale 1-5 1 = Unsatisfied 5 = Totally satisfied
1859 delegates trained

Corporate Service Desk
How helpful was the person on the service desk? Average rating = 5.5
Scale 1-6 1= Unhelpful      6 = Very helpful
Source 45 post event customer surveys

Communications, PC Support, PC Development & Applications Development

ICT PROFORMA - 5.12.01.doc
Information Solutions (general)
How do you rate the overall service you received? Average rating = 4.4
Scale 1 = Poor 5 = Very Good
Source 52 post event customer surveys
SLA documentation including agreed services and response / fix times,
together with SLA review notes with departments are available if required.
Service achievements in 2001/02:
Summary of key achievements in last year.

Corporate Event Management System implemented

Availability of corporate systems expanded (Email, Intranet etc)

Mainframe access via web browser available – Green Screen

First web enabled mainframe service available – LAFIS Gold

Intranet content server available

Windows 2000 Active Directory Services implemented

Improved response times from mainframe applications at no additional cost

Negotiated 12% NET saving on hardware maintenance contract for 2002/3

IEG statement accepted

Summary of findings of any undertaken
See quality of service
Reconciling Policy and Resources
“Living within our means”
Draft but solid and deliverable proposals for the savings required to live within the
financial sums allocated;
While some efficiency savings are possible reductions of this scale will inevitably
impact on the Directorate's necessary level of support for reprocurement, the intranet
development and the e.government agenda generally. The result may be recourse
to more expensive external consultancy services. In addition, there will be an impact
of network support and maintenance.

Savings Required £130,000
                                                     2002/03     2003/04      2004/05
                                                         £            £       £
Action A     Supplies and Services savings              13,500      13,500        13,500

ICT PROFORMA - 5.12.01.doc

Action B    Fill PC Development Manager             36,000    36,000    36,000
            post from existing resource

            The team have operated without
            this post since August 2001. The
            effect has been that we have fewer
            project management skills available
            and has added considerably to
            workload and additional
            responsibility for remaining staff.
            Acting up in place at present, but
            not ideal.

            Implementation Costs
            To acknowledge additional               -10,800   -10,800   -10,800
            responsibilities for remaining staff

            Suggested salary increase, to            -2,600    -2,600    -2,600
            acknowledge additional technical
            and operation responsibilities,
            previously not recognised.              22,600    22,600    22,600

Action C    Release existing post                   45,000    45,000    45,000

                                                    -1 FTE    -1 FTE    -1 FTE
            Operationally, the postholder has
            not been in place for about a year.
            Colleagues have covered for the
            position, in various ways, without
            noticeable service impact.
            Additional duties for a small
            number of staff, with financial
            acknowledgement being given.
            Again not ideal from individual view
            It should be noted that the duties
            currently being carried out by the
            post holder – HRMS replacement &
            Best Value scrutiny work have not
            been considered in this decision.

            Implementation cost
            Possible redundancy cost, if re-
            deployment not available.
                                                    -10,800   -10,800   -10,800
            To acknowledge additional
            responsibilities for remaining staff.
            Offset against possible income           -5,300    -5,300    -5,300

ICT PROFORMA - 5.12.01.doc
             reduction.                                    28,900         28,900          28,900
Action D     Removal of the Financial Client               11,400         11,400          11,400
             Officer Support Post (vacancy)
             The effect of the required savings
             is to weaken the client function,
                                                        -0.61FTE       -0.61FTE        -0.61FTE
             particularly the customer facing role
             which has been invaluable in
             managing the implications of an
             outsourced service
Action E     Removal of one Client Agent                   46,400         46,400          46,400

             The effect of the required savings            -1 FTE         -1 FTE          -1 FTE
             is to weaken the client function,
             particularly the customer facing role
             which has been invaluable in
             managing the implications of an
             outsourced service

             Implementation Costs
             Redundancy costs

Action F     Reduce Cost Code allocation                    7,200           7,200          7,200
             4803 5411 – Subscriptions
Total                                                  130,000          130,000         130,000

Estimated redundancy costs £59,000
Estimated pension ongoing costs liability £7,000

                                 CRD DMT/director/RevisedProforma for reconciling PR memo of 30 Oct

ICT PROFORMA - 5.12.01.doc

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