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You MUST Know These 9 Things Before Selling A Timeshare


									You MUST Know These 9 Things Before Selling A Timeshare
#1 This is the golden rule ! Never pay any sort of upfront fees to a timeshare resales agent. Think about it! If you were selling your home, would you
pay a real estate agent an upfront fee or only when your property is sold? It is the same with selling your timeshare. Dont do it. EVER.

#2 Dont part with your credit card number. There are boiler-rooms full of fast-talking salesmen that are highly trained and highly persistent. If you get a
call from someone claiming to have a waiting buyer for your timeshare for sale, dont be tempted to give out your credit card details; even if they tell
you that no fees will be applied until after your timeshare has been sold.

#3 Deal only with licensed timeshare resales brokers. In the USA only a licensed real estate broker can represent you in the sale of a timeshare and
collect a deposit on your behalf. The rest of the world does not consider timeshare to be classified as real estate and so anyone can set themselves up
as a timeshare resales broker with no licenses of any kind. So check credentials, check membership to different (self) regulatory bodies and google
the company in question to get a good idea of what they are about and what experiences others have had dealing with them.

#4 Prepare yourself for the worst case scenario: This is the way it is, no apologies... Have you ever purchased a brand new vehicle? if you have, you
will know that the moment it becomes 'used', its value decreases significantly.

Timeshare resorts are geared up to sell their own inventory, not your unwanted timeshare. They make their profit from selling high priced weeks to
newbies. Even if you can convince them to sell your week for you, they will want a substantial portion to cover their own costs and commission, not to
mention the loss of profit from selling their own inventory to a new buyer instead.

Expect to get around a third " sometimes less " of what you paid. You need to be aware that the market for buyers is extremely slim, or perhaps
anorexic might be a better word! Competition in the timeshare resales market is fierce. So not only are you highly unlikely to recover anywhere near
the purchase price, but it could take quite a while to sell too.

Remember when you bought your timeshare? Chances are you bought it after a slick sales presentation and before that, associated the word
timeshare with negative connotations. Sure, timeshare works well for millions of people (myself included), it just has a very bad reputation because of
the way it is sold and the problems people have selling it when they no longer want it. What this means is that just about the only people in the market
for timeshare resales are existing timeshare owners who are just looking for an additional week, usually in a specific location. Oh, and some
unscrupulous timeshare sales people may buy your week from you if the price is low enough and sell it on to a hot prospect for close to what you paid
for it.

#5 Price your timeshare to sell fast You can get an idea of the true value of your timeshare in a couple of different ways. One, you can talk to a
timeshare resales broker (or two or three) and get an opinion. Make sure its a licensed real estate agent (USA), or a well established resales company
elsewhere with a track record of satisfied customers.

The second way is simply by searching the internet. There are dozens - perhaps hundreds - of places where you will find listings of timeshares for
sale. Try and not take too much notice of the ones for sale, look instead at the ones that have been sold.

#6 Timeshare resales websites with hundreds of timeshares for sale often mean that the company in question require an upfront fee to be paid. In
other words they make their money from these fees rather than from selling timeshare weeks, which is not what you want or need.

Ideally, you want a timeshare for sale website that appears fairly high in the search engine results. If possible, check the 'whois' information on the
website owners. If this information is hidden, you should ask yourself what the website owner has to hide?

#7 Be aware of the scams Just like you paid far too much for your timeshare week (should have bought a resale in the first place, right!), you can lose
a great deal of money falling for the scams when trying to sell it. There are so many ways you can get caught out it is scary. Deal only with your own
legal representative " dont use the buyers lawyer or the brokers lawyer. Yes it will cost more to use a lawyer but think of it as insurance " if anything
goes wrong, it will not be YOUR pocket that suffers.

#8 As well as using a timeshare resales broker, you can try selling your timeshare yourself. If you have the time, google the term 'selling my timeshare'
and you'll find quite a few ideas for self marketing your timeshare. If you can sell it yourself, you'll save a fortune or be able to get a quicker sale by
offering a discount.
#9 This should really be golden rule number two! "If it seems to good to be true, then it probably is". Remember this whenever a timeshare resales
broker or a 'genuine' buyer offers way more than the true market value, which you have found through your research.

About the Author
article by Bryan Farrow of sell my timeshare you can also visit my blog on how to sell a timeshare here sell my timeshare


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