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					Restore                                                        Refresh, Rejuvinate, Relax, Restore
Manicures by Lena White.                                       Imagine a building steeped in history,
                                                               an eclectic mix of modern facilities
Using O.P.I. nail products

                                                               and English heritage at its very
Mini Manicure (15 mins)                               £ 8.00
Manicure (30 mins)                                    £18.00

Deluxe Manicure (1 hour)                              £28.00
Acrylics                                              £30.00
Infills                                               £20.00
Overlays                                              £25.00

                                                               ...a place where you can escape
Individual Nail                                       £ 3.50
Acrylic Removals                                      £12.00

                                                               the pressures of everyday life…an
Pedicures                                                      idyllic sanctuary where you can relax,
                                                               unwind and rejuvenate
Mini Pedicure (15 mins)                               £ 8.00
Pedicure (1 hour)                                     £24.00
Deluxe Pedicure (1 hour 30 mins)                      £32.00

Waxing                                                         …Welcome to Heritage Spa.
Eyebrow Wax (10 mins)                                 £ 6.50
Underarm Wax (15 mins)                                £10.00
Half Leg Wax (30 mins)                                £15.50
Full Leg Wax (45 mins)                                £21.50
Bikini Wax (20 mins)                                  £10.00
Lip Wax (10 mins)
Half Arm Wax (30 mins)
                                                      £ 6.50
                                                                                            Karin Herzog
Full Leg & Bikini Wax (1hour)                         £27.50                                All Karin Herzog treatments are natural and consist of
Back Wax (30 mins)                                    £22.00                                water, oxygen and nutrients which are natural sources
Chest Wax (30 mins)                                   £22.00                                within the body. This makes them safe to use on all
Back & Chest Wax (1 hour)                             £40.00                                skin types, the products have been developed over the
                                                                                            last 30 years and are a patented formula. With all facials

Tinting                                                                                     you will receive a relaxing head massage.

Eyelash Tint (20 mins)                                £11.00                                Gift Vouchers
Eyebrow Tint (15 mins)                                £ 7.00
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint (20 Mins)                    £16.50                                Treat someone special...
                                                                                            Heritage Spa & Beauty gift vouchers are the perfect
                                                                                            solution for all your gift needs. You can be assured that
                                                                                            everyone will love the gift of guilt-free pampering in such
                                                                                            unique surroundings.

                                                               Hertiage Spa & Beauty reserve the right to change or alter treatment times, prices, or
                                                               product types.

                                                                      Opening Times
                                                                      Mon - Sun     10am - 6pm                    Tel:
                                                                      Thurs         10am - 8pm
                                                                      Sat            9am - 5pm                    01484 485321
                                                                                                                                                                           01484 485321
                                                                                                                                                          Wellington Mills, Plover Rd, Lindley, Huddersfield, HD3 3HR
           Heritage Spa & Beauty - sheer indulgence                       Heritage Spa & Beauty - sheer indulgence
Refresh                                                                                         Rejuvinate                                                                                  Relax
Facials                                                                                         Endermologie                                                                                Chroma Clear Facial with Peel & Plump
                                                                                                                                                                                            Enjoy these two treatments together. Combined, your Peel & Plump is half price.
Peel & Plump Facial                                                                             The Endermologie body machine is a unique machine which combats aches and                                                                                                £57.50
A great facial for those where time is limited but you still want amazing results to bring
a glow to even the dullest of complexions! Incorporating glycolic acid, rose essential
                                                                                                pains for deep, thorough massage. It can be used specifically to eliminate water
                                                                                                retention, tighten loose skin and combat cellulite. With this treatment, your figure will   Bare Escentuals
oil to thoroughly remove the dead surface skin and leave a fresh dewy appearance.               change shape to a sleeker, toned and more defined silhouette.
Great as a pre-holiday treat to ensure even tanning and before that big night out!                                                                                                          Our make-up is made up of pure minerals, so pure you can actually sleep in it!
                                                                      30 mins - £25.00          Cellulite/water retention 35 min treatment                                                  Acting like skin care, it enhances your skin texture as well as giving wonderful
Co-Co² Chocolate Facial                                                                         Single treatment                                                            £55.00 each     coverage.                                                 45 min makeover - £30.00
A purely indulgent facial with real Swiss chocolate! Bursting with natural health this          Course 10 treatments                                                        £45.00 each
facial raises serotonin levels and gets endorphins flowing. Hydrates even the driest of
complexions. Deeply moisturising and hormonal balancing. Anti-ageing, so fantastic              Endermologie is a fantastic pre and post sports massage to help stretch, loosen and         Body Wraps
for those of us over a certain age!                                     1 hour - £40.00         as a warm up and warm down.The treatment helps to reduce the build up of lactic
                                                                                                acid lessening the chances of cramping. It oxygenates the muscles preparing for             Total Body Meltdown
Deluxe Co-Co² Chocolate Facial                                                                  exercise.                                                                                   A great treatment before your holiday to encourage an even sun tan. Improves stress
For those of us who like to indulge and indulge yet again! Incorporating the delicious                                                                                                      levels and is thoroughly relaxing. A full body exfoliation to smooth and balance skin.
Co-Co² Chocolate Facial with a chocolate back massage. Using chocolate Monoi                    Endermology Massage with Hands-on Massage Combined                                          A truly decadent treatment. Using orange essential oil and Monoi de Tahiti in a deeply
de Tahiti for a deeply relaxing and nourishing back massage you will be in chocolate            Whether its sports or relaxation massage we can offer the best of both worlds. We           nourishing and relaxing full body massage.                     1 hour 30 mins - £55.00
heaven!                                                      1 hour 30 mins - £55.00            can combine our Endermologie sports and massage treatments with a hands-on
                                                                                                massage to idividualize the treatment to your specific requirements.                        Chocolate Body Treatment
Smoothie Facial                                                                                                                                 30 mins - £30.00 / 1 hour - £50.00          Fantastic to smooth and balance skin before tanning. Using chocolate Monoi de
For a luxury firming facial try our Smoothie! It is a fantastic anti-ageing facial by using                                                                                                 Tahiti to give a deeply relaxing full body massage. A full body exfoliation to remove
mild fruit serums which gentle exfoliate to reveal a softer, glowing skin. A more               Pre & post sports massage prices start from £30.00                                          dead skin cells leaving your skin thoroughly smooth and nourished. A chocolate
youthful you will shine through which will result in an instant facelift! 1 hour - £40.00                                                                                                   body mask will be applied to drive your chocolate senses wild! A pure chocolate
                                                                                                Lift Massage Facial                                                                         indulgence!                                                   1 hour 30 mins - £55.00
Deluxe Smoothie Facial                                                                          This treatment is an exclusive facial which combats all those signs of ageing.
Incorporating the amazing luxury firming facial with a deeply relaxing and indulgent            Resulting in a smoother, more radiant skin and improved circulation and tone. Toxins        Oxy Contour
back massage using Monoi de Tahiti. A beautifying treatment as smooth and                       removed and dark shadows minimized (30 minute treatment).                                   Beneficial for people with a sedentary lifestyle or where the skin is sluggish.
luxurious as it sounds!                                      1 hour 30 mins - £55.00                                                                                                        Improves stress levels and energy levels. Incorporating Manual Lymphatic Drainage
                                                                                                Single treatment                                                            £45.00 each     massage using Monoi de Tahiti with body exfoliation and a wrap of deep oxygen to
Poredraw Facial                                                                                 Course 10 treatments                                                        £40.00 each     encourage toxin elimination and increased circulation.        1 hour 45 mins - £60.00
Oxygen penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin aiding the removal of

blockages; blackheads, milia, spots and acne. Great for problematic skin or skin that           Lip Plump
needs rebalancing. Promotes healing of the layers of skin. Reducing congestion and              Our unique lift massage machine plumps your lips for the perfect pout. If you have
inflammation.                                                       1 hour - £45.00             unequal lips it will also make them even.                                       £6.00
                                                                                                                                                                                            Reflexology is a holistic treatment, treating the body through the feet as a whole.
Deluxe Poredraw Facial                                                                          Scar/Burn Reduction – prices start from £10.00                                              Different parts of the body correspond to different parts of the feet and with gentle
Incorporating a deeply relaxing and indulgent back massage using Monoi de Tahiti                                                                                                            manipulation eradicate any areas of tension. Beneficial for a wide variety of ailments
with our classic extraction facial. This will not only relax the tensest of you but will also   Endermologie aids in the reduction of scar tissues and burns. The treatment in non-         including; aches and pains, head-aches, blocked sinuses, scoliosis etc…
refresh and balance your skin!                                    1 hour 30 mins - £60.00       invasive.                                                                                   A foot massage is included in the treatment.                            1 hour - £40.00

Monoi, Honey & Milk Skin Nourisher                                                              Chroma Clear Facial                                                                         Facial & Reflexology Combined
For instant radiance this facial is a must! Yet another luxury facial using banana, pure        This facial is individually tailored to each client depending upon their requirements.      Why not try our head to toe indulgence. Have an hour long facial of your choice with
honey, Monoi de Tahiti and coconut milk. Your skin is instantly nourished, softened             There are 5 different functions incorporated within this treatment; vacuum massage,         a half price reflexology treatment at the same time. A deeply relaxing and therapeutic
and hyrated. Your skin will appear smoothed and contours lifted.          1 hour - £40.00       microdermo percussion, microvibration, chromotherapy and phototherapy. Treats               treatment.                                                        1 hour from £60.00
                                                                                                lines and wrinkles, scar tissue, hyper pigmentation, acne scars, sun damage,
Deluxe Monoi, Honey & Milk Skin Nourisher
Incorporating this beautifully exotic facial with a deeply relaxing back massage using
                                                                                                blemishes and is anti-ageing (30 minute treatment).
Monoi de Tahiti. Great for the body, great for the spirit!      1 hour 30 mins - £55.00         Single treatment                                                            £45.00 each
                                                                                                Course 10 treatments                                                        £40.00 each     Back Massage (30 mins)                                                         £20.00
Original Spring Clean Teenage Facial                                                                                                                                                        Full Body Massage (1 hour)                                                     £42.00
A great introduction to facials. Your skin will be cleaned deep down, to balance and            Facials & Make-up Combined                                                                  Deluxe Full Body Massage (1 hour 30 mins)                                      £58.00
detox. This facial is great for hormonal complexions and will reveal a brighter more            Enjoy your Karin Herzog Facial, Lift Massage Facial and Chroma Clear Facial with            Back & Leg Massage (1 hour)                                                    £40.00
radiant you!                                                         45 mins - £30.00           an added bonus of having a half price Bare Escentuals make-up. Enjoy our relaxing           Indian Head Massage (1 hour)                                                   £40.00
                                                                                                facials which give amazing results but have the added benefit of being able to face         Four Handed Massage (30 mins)                                                  £30.00
Detox Backcial                                                                                  the world afterwards! This treatment is fabulous before nights out and celebrations!        Four Handed Massage (1 hour)                                                   £60.00
This treatment is a facial designed specifically for the back! Forget those blackheads                                                                                  From £40.00
as they will be extracted leaving a smooth, silky soft skin. You will be massaged
using Monoi de Tahiti for a deeply relaxing treatment. A great treatment before your
                                                                       45 mins - £35.00
                                                                                                Lift Massage Facial With Peel & Plump
                                                                                                We are offering two fabulous treatments that compliment each other.                         Fake Bake Spray Tan
holiday.                                                                                        When combined together, your Peel & Plump will be half price.                  £57.50
                                                                                                                                                                                            Full Body                                                                      £22.00
                                                                                                                                                                                            Top-Up Tan                                                                     £16.00

            Heritage Spa & Beauty - sheer indulgence                                                        Heritage Spa & Beauty - sheer indulgence                                                   Heritage Spa & Beauty - sheer indulgence


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