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					                                Janette M. Isaacs
                              10464 Larwin Avenue
                              Chatsworth, CA 91311

August 8, 2009

State of California
Commission on Judicial Performance
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
San Francisco, CA 94102-3660

Dear Counsel:

On September 28, 2007, I wrote a complaint letter to you concerning the performance of
Commissioner Scott M. Gordon of the Los Angeles Superior Court. You returned my letter
and supporting documentation to me and advised me to direct the complaints to Judge
Stephen Czuleger. 1

On October 24, 2007, I began directing my complaint letters to the presiding Judge Stephen
Czuleger pursuant to your instruction.2 The Honorable Charles W. McCoy, Jr. Assistant
Presiding Judge replied to me and indicated that the complaints were concerning a Family
Law matter and that they would be reviewed and responded to by Supervising Judge,
Family Courts. 3

On November 16, 2007 and December 27, 2007, I received a letter from the Honorable
Judge Schnider stating that an investigation was underway and that either he or Judge
Steinberg would respond to me at the completion of that investigation. Much to my regret,
Judge Marjorie Steinberg replaced the Honorable Robert A. Schnider on January 2, 2008 as
the Supervising Family Courts Judge.

The investigation ended when Judge Steinberg replaced Judge Schnider and none of my
pending complaint letters were ever responded to. My last complaint letter written on
February 1, 2008 was forwarded to Judge Steinberg by Judge McCoy, Jr. and that was
never responded to either. 4

All of the documents and evidence delivered to Judge Czuleger from October 24, 2007
through February, 2008 were placed in a filing cabinet by Judge Steinberg without
investigation and or reply to any of my complaints.

  Exhibit A
  Exhibit B
  Exhibit C
  See Exhibit C Page 1

                                                          Commission on Judicial Performance
                                                                              August 8, 2009
                                                                                   Page Two

The Honorable Judge McCoy Jr. was diligent in replying to every complaint letter stating that
they were forwarded to our Family Court Supervising Judges for investigation and reply. 5
Unfortunately, Judge Steinberg chose to take a different course of resolving the matter.
Judge Steinberg decided to transfer my case to Judge Thomas Trent Lewis, and advise him
that I was a complainer that needed to be dealt with. Judge Thomas Trent Lewis made this
very clear while on record he stated “I’ve heard about what a complainer you are Ms.
Isaacs. This was witnessed by a number of people and court transcripts are retrievable as

On July 7, 2008, after ten months had elapsed with no reply from the first letter of October
24, 2007 and six months had elapsed since the last letter of February 1, 2008, I requested
that my letters and documents be returned to me. 6 It was apparent that Judge Steinberg
had no intention of reading or replying to any of my complaint letters. In fact, Judge
Steinberg’s clerk was happy to have the file drawer space back as the documents and
evidence occupied two drawers. Judge Steinberg’s letter of July 8, 2008 as referenced in
Exhibit C confirms the return of my complaint letters and corresponding documentation.

Not only did Judge Steinberg intentionally ignore my complaints, she set me up to make
sure I would never complain again. I was stripped of all my financial assets, inhumanely
denied contact with my younger children, falsely accused by Judge Lewis of acts I was
innocent of such as “domestic violence” laughed at, humiliated by his verbal description of
me on record when once my eyes cried, and unjustly incarcerated as punishment to teach
me a lesson about complaining.

My complaints have now escalated from just complaining about Commissioner Gordon’s
judicial rulings. They now include Judge Lewis’ judicial rulings and Judge Steinberg’s
breach of judicial ethics.

Accordingly, I am returning to the Commission on Judicial Performance with my original
complaints and additional complaints regarding (1) Commissioner Scott M. Gordon, (2)
Judge Pro Tem, Dorothy Carfrae, (3) Judge Thomas Trent Lewis and (4) Supervising Family
Courts Judge, Marjorie Steinberg. I believe that the complaints and proven allegations
regarding public corruption, conspiracy and judicial misconduct warrant disbarment or
Commissioner Gordon, Judge Pro Tem Dorothy Carfrae, Judge Thomas Trent Lewis and
Judge Marjorie Steinberg. The issues deal with conspiracy, public corruption, civil and
constitutional rights violations, fraud, intrinsic fraud, obstruction of justice, bias against pro
per litigants and parents, untimely resolution of judicial matters on calendar and multiple
violations of existing case law, family codes, evidence codes, penal codes, California
Business and Professions Codes , AFCC violations and Judicial Code of Ethic Violations.

    Exhibit C
    Exhibit C

                                                                     Commission on Judicial Performance
                                                                                         August 8, 2009
                                                                                             Page Three

This case boils down to legalized custodial timeshare kidnappings and public corruption at
the Los Angeles Superior Court. I believe that I have the most compelling evidence and
factually supported case of family Law corruption in the State of California. I am the author
of a book entitled “The Game of Civil Rape”, formerly entitled “The End of the Innocence”.

There is a sense of urgency in this matter as my civil, human and constitutional rights are at
issue of being compromised again. I do not know how swiftly your body of justices can act
on a complaint. I will copy the new Presiding Judge Charles W. McCoy, Jr. who succeeded
the former Presiding Judge J. Stephen Czuleger on this correspondence.            I would be
honored to have Court Counsel present during my hearings in the event Judge Lewis is still
presiding over my case on September 21, 2009.

I will now proceed with my current letter of complaint and provide you with the current status
regarding same. Many prior complaints which were unanswered by Judge Steinberg will be
ruled on by the California Court of Appeal, 2nd District, Division 7.

My opposing counsel, the Godfather of corruption in our L.A. Family Courts, Stephen
Kolodny of Kolodny and Anteau is now “blackmailing” me and attempting to have me
incarcerated again – long term if I do not drop my Appeal. 7

I will not drop my appeal (pending oral arguments) and I know for a fact, that no matter how
innocent I am, or how on target my public defenders legal arguments will be, be, the corrupt
Judge Thomas Trent Lewis will incarcerate me again. Judge Lewis is Judge Steinberg’s
executioner. I have kept the FBI informed of all aspects relating to my case. I would like to
advise this honorable counsel, that I am a passive 52 year old mother of four beautiful
children. I have a bogus TRO issued against me because I was accused of a house
burglary in a Family Court of Law. It was one of my several complaints delivered to the
Honorable Judge Czuleger in November, 2007.

I have a 24 year track record of excellent parenting, community volunteering and I have
NEVER hit, threatened to harm or hurt any human being in my entire life. Three of four
polygraphs are included in my book.

I have also sent the FBI and the Governor’s office (certified mail) copies of all of my
evidence, including my book. I may not be able to argue my appeal orally if I am
incarcerated again by the corrupt Judge Thomas Trent Lewis. I consider Mr. Kolodny’s offer
to take the issues off calendar set for September 21, 2009 providing I drop my Appeal to be
“blackmail”. Mr. Kolodny and Judge Lewis will stop at nothing to pervert and obstruct justice
from prevailing. My Kolodny’s Stipulation which I consider blackmail is contained in
Exhibit D.

 Exhibit D. Stephen Kolodny’s Blackmail Stipulation to drop my Appeal. All documents relating to this unacceptable
Stipulation follow the unsigned draft.

                                                     Commission on Judicial Performance
                                                                         August 8, 2009
                                                                              Page Four

My revised and updated consolidated complaint letter to you is attached.      Thank you in
advance for your thorough review and prompt reply to this complaint letter. Any aggressive
action you are inclined and able to accomplish would be extremely appreciated.


Janette M. Isaacs
Civil Case BD403783 - Respondent
Appeal Case B207782 - Petitioner

cc: Honorable Charles W. McCoy, Jr.

                                  Janette M. Isaacs
                                10464 Larwin Avenue
                                Chatsworth, CA 91311

August 8, 2009

State of California
Commission on Judicial Performance
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
San Francisco, CA 94102-3660

Dear Counsel:

Many of my arguments are contained in my Appeal which is now pending. Among other
arguments I hope to prevail in, I hope to persuade the Appellate court into reinstating my
well earned joint custody of my two younger children, Jenna and Jaymus Isaacs.

On July 24, 2009, I filed a Petition for Writ to Stay future proceedings at the trial court. The
Petition was summarily denied. The Court of Appeal will rule on the financial Issues. I am
asking the Commission of Judicial Performance to answer my complaints pertaining to
Custodial Timeshare kidnappings and Judicial Decisions made by the Los Angeles Superior
Court to adjudicate with bias, fraud, conspiracy, intrinsic fraud and accomplish these
custodial timeshare kidnappings in a well thought out, planned an organized manner. Prior
to listing my complaints I am providing you with the following background history as
contained in my pending Appeal:

This Family Law matter involves the Petitioner, Dr. James J. Isaacs and his third wife,
Respondent, Janette Marie Isaacs and their two minor children, Jenna Jaye Isaacs, now
age 14 and their son, Jaymus Jay Isaacs, now twelve.

October 15, 1993: As Evidence shows, Respondent added Dr. Isaacs’ name to her home in
Encino two days prior to their marriage. 8 As Evidence further shows, Respondent resigned
from her Banking career in 1994 9 to help Petitioner [Dr. James Isaacs] build his small
veterinary practice.

   Appeal Volume 16 Page 37/76 Statement of Decision Re: Respondent executing an
Interspousal Grant Deed
   Appeal Volume16 Page 3378 Statement of Decision “The Evidence Produced At Trial
Shows That Respondent’s Only Employment Since 1994 has been in the veterinary clinics.
Respondent and Petitioner were business partners for the duration of their marriage 10 and
had two children together, Jenna Jaye Isaacs 11 and Jaymus Jay Isaacs. 12 The Respondent
is a proud parent of two AMAZING older children from her first marriage to Michael H.
Ramirez, LCSW: Son, Nick Ramirez 13 and daughter Christina Ramirez. 14 Petitioner had no
children from his previous two marriages.

March 11, 2004: Petitioner filed for a Dissolution of Marriage.

October 22, 2004: The Petitioner and the Respondent Stipulated to sharing Joint Custody of
their two minor children, Jenna and Jaymus. The Judgment was entered.

October 5, 2005: Petitioner filed an OSC Modification of Custody. 17

October 28, 2005:      Respondent filed a Responsive Declaration to Petitioners Post
Judgment OSC for Modification of Custody. 18
The OSC Post Modification of Custody and Visitation filed by the Petitioner on October 5,
2005 was never heard. The OSC remained on calendar as of October 3, 2007 and has not
been heard as of March 1, 2009. 19
December 12, 2005: Minor’s Counsel, Dorothy L. Carfrae 20 was appointed by the Court to
represent the children, 21 Jenna age 11 and Jaymus age 9, The parties were ordered to
proceed with a 730 Custody Evaluation. 22

   Appeal Volume 23 Pages 4967-5043 Trial Testimony of Bookkeeper Cheryl Oakes
   Appeal Volume 8 Pages 1577-1602 Jenna Jaye Profile
   Appeal Volume 29 Pages 6277-6287 Jaymus Jay Isaacs
   Appeal Volume 28 Pages 6110-6125 Profiles of Nick & Christina
   Appeal Volume 8 Pages 1555-1576 Profile of Christina Marie
   Appeal Volume 1 page 33
   Appeal Volume 1 Page 128
   Appeal Volume 2 Page 320
   Appeal Volume 2 Page 409
   Appeal Volume 25 Page 5342
   Appeal Volume 27 Page 5929 Judicial Org Chart And Page 5931 Profile of Judge Pro
Tem, Divorce Attorney and Court Appointed Minor’s Counsel Carfrae
   Appeal Volume 27, Page 5928 Jenna and Jaymus Ages 11 and 9 @ Photo Shoot taken
with Mom/Appellant in Sept. 1996
April 5, 2006: Respondent’s attorney of record, Patrick DeCarolis’ request to be relieved as
Attorney of Record the day before trial was set to commence was granted. 23

April 6, 2006: Respondent lost joint custody of her daughter Jenna, then age 11 following
Minor’s Counsel Dorothy Carfrae’s false testimony to the Court and pursuant to her
recommendation following a 30 minute interview.

May 1, 2006: Respondent’s attorney, Patrick DeCarolis sends Respondent a Mutual
General Release. 25

January 10, 2007: Minor’s Counsel, Dorothy Carfrae and Petitioner’s Counsel, Stephen
Kolodny of Kolodny & Anteau appeared Ex Parte with a letter 26 delivered to the Court
written by Maureen King, specializing in Clinical & Forensic Psychology dated 1/9/07 which
served as intrinsic fraud and caused the Respondent to lose custody of her son Jaymus, 27
age ten.      This imposture of a Psychologist was a former school volunteer with
Appellant/Respondent and was self integrated into this Family Law Matter by Petitioner’s
Pregnant Live in Girlfriend, Victoria Wexley. 28

 January 10, 2007:       Judge Gordon Ordered The Hostile Legal Kidnapping of Jaymus J.
Isaacs29 from his Mom’s Custodial Timeshare against his will and ordered Respondent’s
son to live with his Father, his pregnant girlfriend, her two children from a previous marriage
and Respondent’s third child Jenna.
Jenna was also unjustly and abruptly legally kidnapped from Respondent’s Legal and Joint
Custodial Timeshare on April 6, 2006 due to Minor’s Counsel Carfrae’s negligence to act in
the best interest of the child. 30

   Appeal Volume 3 Page 632
   Appeal Volume 4 Page 830
   Appeal Volume 4 Page 832 and Appeal Volume 29 Page 6247
   Appeal Volume 17 Pages 3627-3631
   Appeal Volume 28 Pages 5941-5945
   Appeal Volume 28 Page 5979
   Appeal Volume 27 Page 5933 – Profile of Petitioner’s Live In Girlfriend Victoria Wexley.
   Appeal Volume 28 Page 5979 – The Hostile Legal Kidnapping of Jaymus J. Isaacs
   Appeal Volume 29 Page 6247 A Civil Rights Issue, - How I Lost Custody of My Eleven
Year Old Daughter, Jenna
January 16, 2007: Minor’s Counsel Carfrae was advised that Dr. King may be a “Fraud”. 31

January 18, 2007: Minor’s Counsel Carfrae conspired with opposing counsel Kolodny 32
regarding the credentials of Maureen King-Goldberg, alias Dr. King despite the pending
investigation of “Dr. King” which was brought to Minor’s Counsel’s attention on January 16,

January 18, 2007: Both Counsel’s advised the Court that after checking the fraud Dr. Kings
license that “She was a Registered Psychologist in good standing – a blatant lie.

January 18, 2007: Minor’s Counsel Carfrae conspired with opposing Counsel Stephen
Kolodny of Kolodny and Anteau by making up a story that Respondent was mentally ill and
offered to take her children to see her grave plot at Forest Lawn.
January 18, 2007: Attorney’s Carfrae and Kolodny pitched the services of Custody
Evaluator, Dr. Gary A. Chase who was ordered to perform a Child Custody Evaluation
pursuant to Family Code 730. 35

January 18, 2007: Respondent accessed the L.A. Superior Court’s website listing of Child
Custody Evaluators to ensure that Dr. Chase was on their referral list and that his license
had never been revoked in the State of California.

January 18, 2007:       The Court ordered complete termination of visitation between
Respondent and her son Jaymus. Judge Gordon also ordered that Jaymus was to have
mental health therapy with a woman practicing Psychology in violation of California
Business and Profession Codes 2900-2903 despite Respondent’s objections.
Judge Gordon further ordered a Forensic Psychological Evaluation of Jaymus by Dr. Joseph
Kenan36 and appointed Dr. Gary Chase 37 to perform a Child Custody Evaluation pursuant to
Family Code 730.

     Appeal Volume 10 Pages 2027-2046
     Appeal Volume 28 Pages 5956-5958 Kolodny & Carfrae – King Conspiracy
     Appeal Volume 20 Page 4345
     Appeal Volume 28 Pages 5959-5971 Forest Lawn Conspiracy
     Appeal Volume 22 Page 4647
     Appeal Volume 28 Pages 6028-6076
     Appeal Volume 28 Pages 6126-6160
January 18, 2007: Judge Gordon ordered that Minor’s Counsel Carfrae could NOT have
contact with her clients school officials such as the school nurse, teachers or counselors: 38
This was a violation of Family Code 3150.

February 14, 2007: Fraud, intrinsic fraud and conspiracy were brought to Judge Gordon’s
attention with a request to relieve Minor’s Counsel Carfrae and enjoin and restrain the Fraud
Dr. King.

February 14, 2007: The Court denied Respondent’s Ex Parte to relieve Minor’s Counsel
Carfrae and enjoin and restrain Dr. King.          Respondent was again ordered to pay for
services and have her children receive mental health treatment from this woman, Dr. King
practicing Psychology illegally as defined by California Business and Pr ofession Codes
2900, 2901, 2902 and 2903           despite her strong objections. 41 Judge Gordon also had
knowledge that the Respondent used to volunteer with this woman at her son’s school.
Judge Gordon still proceeded to order Respondent and her minor children to be treated by
this fraud Psychologist.

February 23, 2007: Respondent conducted some research on who this lying and conspiring
Minor’s Counsel Dorothy Carfrae was and the first Ad that surfaced was Ms. Carfrae’s
Yahoo Ad whereby as a Judge Pro Tem and Divorce Attorney, she advertised herself as A
Great Lawyer, kick the other lawyers!

February 26, 2007: The Court Appointed Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Joseph Kenan testified
that Maureen King was referred into the family matter by Petitioner’s live in girlfriend
Victoria Wexley. 43

   Appeal Volume 10 Page 1997 Lines 9-14 Minor’s Counsel to have NO SCHOOL
   Appeal Volume 9 Pages 1953-1980 and Volume 10 Pages 1981-2036
   Appeal Volume 9 Pages 1933-end and Appeal Volume 10 Pages 1981-2036 And Minute
Order in Appeal Volume 9 Page 1932
   Appeal Volume 9 Page 1932
   Appeal Volume 11 page 2267
   Appeal Volume 28 Page 6048
February 26, 2007:       LASC Court Appointed Forensic Psychologist Dr. Joseph Kenan
testified regarding Respondent’s younger son’s mental state of depression and concluded
that “if Jaymus is not reunited with his mother, he would need to be placed on

February 26, 2007: Following Dr. Kenan’s testimony, Judge Gordon ordered Respondent to
Hang up the telephone on her son if her called her crying. 45 Mom refused to obey that
inhumane order.
March 1, 2007, Dr. Carol Hirsfield was appointed by the Court as Reunification Therapist
between Mom and her younger son Jaymus. 46

May 10, 2007:     Dr. Hirshfield testified that Jaymus wanted to come home to see his room
and be with his mommy. 47

May 24, 2007: The Court Stayed Respondent’s visitation with Jaymus and further Stayed
Respondent’s and her son’s reunification therapy with Dr. Hirshfield on an Ex Parte basis at
the request of the conspiring and dishonest Minor’s Counsel, Dorothy Carfrae and opposing
Counsel Stephen Kolodny. There were no exigent circumstances to warrant such an
order.     Judge Gordon had personal knowledge of Respondent’s allegations of fraud and
conspiracy between Minor’s Counsel Carfrae and Petitioner’s Counsel Kolodny prior to his

August 26, 2007: Respondent became suspicious of Dr. Chase, the appointed Family Code
730 Child Custody Evaluator for various good reasons.        Respondent learned that the
Advertisement she had relied upon as “public information” disseminated by the Los Angeles
Superior Court over the Internet was false and misleading.

   Appeal Volume 28 Page 6030-6056 and Appeal Volume 28 Page 6046
   Appeal Volume 28 Pages 60576066 and 6075
   Appeal Volume 10 Page 2098
   Appeal Volume 28 Page 6093 Lines 21-28, Page 6094 Lines 1-7 Page 6096 Lines 25-28
and Page 6097 Lines 1-4
   Appeal Volume 28 Pages 6077-6125 Dr. Hirshfield’s Evidentiary Hearing on May 10,
20007 (Page 6084)
The Advertisement          which Respondent relied on when she agreed to hire the professional
services of Dr. Chase as the Custody Evaluator in January 2007 proved to be false. Dr.
Chase was advertised as never having his Professional License Suspended or Revoked in
the State of California by the Los Angeles Superior Court when in fact his license had been
revoked.    In fact, Dr. Chase was in Psychiatric Treatment for ten years, had his M.D.
License suspended and revoked and was found guilty on several counts on professional
ethic violations including multiple acts of sexual misconduct. 50 As indicated on Dr. Chase’s
Findings of Fact Pursuant to the Stipulation as stated on Page 3152 of Appeal Volume 15
“(5) Respondent [Dr. Gary A. Chase] , in the course of providing psychiatric treatment to
Margo M., solicited sexual relations. (6) Respondent [Dr. Gary A. Chase] while in a
therapeutic relationship with Margo M. engaged in multiple acts of sexual misconduct and
sexual relations.”         September 10, 2007: Dr. Gary Chase wrote a bogus Family Code
730 Custody Evaluation Report          in Petitioner’s favor. He wrongfully accused an innocent
and hands on Mother, a dedicated community and school volunteer 53 of being sexually
indignant with her innocent 10 year old son, Jaymus. Dr. Chase based his report and
concluded his opinion strictly on hearsay from the Petitioner and the Fraud Dr. King. 54

September 15, 2007:          Respondent wrote letters to the Medical Board 55 and to the Los
Angeles Superior Court 56complaining of various and serious AFCC Violations.

Dr. Chase stated in his report that the custody of Respondent’s Daughter was not being
contested and that Respondent had enmeshment issues requiring therapy. All of the Dr.
Chase’s hearsay allegations contained in his unethical Custody Evaluation were
subsequently proven false. 57

   Appeal Volume 28 page 6129
   Appeal Volume 15 Page 3152
    Appeal Volume 15 Page 3152
    Appeal Volume 14 Page 3024
   Appeal Volume 14 Pages 2884-2894 Respondent Volunteer Certificates
   Appeal Volume 14 Page 3024 and Appeal Volume 28 Pages 6126-6160 and Appeal
Volume 29 Page 6161-6190
    Appeal Volume 28 p6157-6160
   Appeal Volume 28 Pages 6143-6157
   Karin Manger 3118 Evaluator’s Deposition 1/15/09
September 28, 2007: The Board of Behavioral Sciences confirmed that Minor’s Counsel
Carfrae and Kolodny had intentionally misrepresented the true facts regarding the “Fraud
Dr. King”. 58   Ms. King-Goldberg was not a Psychologist and was disciplined for falsely
representing her credentials and areas of practice expertise. 59

October 3, 2007:     Judge Gordon extended the inhumane no-contact orders between
Respondent and her younger children based on Dr. Chase’s bogus 730 Child Custody
Evaluation Report and stated that any Family Code 733 Evaluation would have to be limited
to the record and exclude access to the kids and the schools. 60 Judge Gordon ordered that
this would have to be accomplished at Respondent’s sole expense. 61 Judge Gordon had
knowledge of Respondent’s complaints pending at the Los Angeles Superior Court and the
violations of Dr. Chase’s Family Code 730 Evaluation and her complaints regarding the
false advertising and public record of Dr. Chase. He should have ordered a new custody
evaluation or at the very least, permitted Respondent to visit with her children as she prayed

October 3, 2007:     Judge Gordon denied Respondent’s request for visitation over the
approaching birthday and holiday seasons and prolonged Respondent’s pain and suffering
by continuing to deny her human contact her younger children.
October 31, 2007: Respondent filed a Motion for Disqualification of Scott M. Gordon for
cause pursuant to C.C.P 170.1 and C.C.P 170.3 62 This was one month prior to Judge
Gordon’s Statement of Decision.

   Appeal Volume 9 Page 1933 Ex Parte to Relieve Minor’s Counsel and Enjoin and Restrain
the Fraud Dr. King With Emphasis on Page 1971 lines 7 through 20 wherein Minor’s
Counsel Carfrae and Petitioner’s Counsel Kolodny conspire by intentionally misrepresenting
Maureen Goldbegr’s credentials. .
   Appeal Volume 28 Page 5858
   Appeal Volume 29 Pages 6169-6190 Clerks Transcript of 10/3/07 with Emphasis on
   See Footnote 72
   Appeal Volume 15 Page 3171 – Motion for Disqualification of Commissioner Scott M.
Gordon, Judge Pro Tem For Cause Pursuant to CCP 170.1 and CCP 170.3 – Exhibits
scrubbed by Gordon from case files.
November 6, 2007: Petitioner filed another bogus DV120 request for Restraining Order
against Respondent which was heard by a Family Court of Law without a hearing. 63
Respondent was restrained on an Ex Parte Basis and accused of burglarizing Petitioners
home. This should have been filed in a Criminal Court. All of the allegations were false.

November 14,2007: Respondent filed her DV-120 Answer to Restraining Order

November 28, 2007: Judge Gordon ordered a TRO Against the Respondent NOT FOR
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, but because among other things, she threatened Dr. Chase with
KARMA. The note is contained in Appeal Volume 29 Pages 6225-6229. This is further
evidence of the Trial Court’s INTENT to deceive the Public by falsely advertising Dr. Chase
as never having his license revoked pursuant to California Business and Professions Code
17500.      Here, the Respondent became the victim while the offender, Dr. Chase was still
endorsed by the Court despite evidence of his false advertisement by the Court which
mislead the Public and the Appellant in this matter. Judge Gordon could have and should
have attempted to correct the injustice served on by Respondent attributable to the False
Advertising pursuant to California Business and Professions Code 17500 versus punishing
the Respondent for being a victim of this crime.

November 29, 2007: The Court Ordered a Child Custody Evaluation pursuant to Family
Code 3118 66

December 7, 2007: Judge Gordon issued his Statement of Decision 67 and Judgment                68

which left Respondent bankrupt, homeless and obligated to pay child support from
unearned imputed earnings on her two younger “legally kidnapped” children after he
terminated her from her position as Corporate Secretary and Administrator from her own
businesses without giving her a Gavron warning and despite the fact that she had no
alternative outside employment.

     Appeal Volume 15 Page 3177-3179 And Appeal Volume 29 Pages 6191-through 6224 - TRO
   Appeal Volume 15 Page 3215-Appeal Volume 16 Answer to Petitioner’s Bogus DV 120
Restraining Order
   Appeal Volume 25 Pages 5281-5295 TRO Clerks Transcript – No Domestic Violence
   Appeal Volume 16 Page 3327
   Appeal Volume 16 Pages 3329-3404 Statement of Decision
   Appeal Volume 25 Page 5350
December 17, 2007:              After reviewing Respondent’s complaint letter 69 pursuant to Los
Angeles Superior Court Local Rule 14.21 (e) (4) regarding Dr. Chase’s unethical, biased
and deficient report, The Los Angeles Superior Court placed Dr. Gary Chase on permanent
Probation. 70

January 3, 2008: Petitioner Declares that “There is no documented evidence of any history
of domestic violence between Respondent and me.

 January 16, 2008:            The case was reassigned to the Supervising Family Law Court
[Department 2] for reassignment. 72

January 18, 2008:           Judge Gordon stated that the Court has considered the pending post-
judgment matters filed and pending. These matters include post judgment custody issues –
the Post Judgment Modification of Custody OSC which was filed by the Petitioner on
October 5, 2005 73 WAS NEVER HEARD. 74 Custody was Bifurcated from trial, still the Court
made permanent child custody support orders in the Judgment issued on 3/21/08.

January 18, 2008: The Case was reassigned to Thomas Trent Lewis, Department 79. 75

 April 28, 2008:          Respondent filed a Brief to Prove Change of Circumstances In Re
Modification of Child and Spousal Support Orders issued in the Judgment. 76

      Appeal Volume 22 Pages 4811-4823
      Appeal Volume 29 Pages 6296-6297
     Appeal Volume 19 Page 4036-P Declaration of James Isaacs In Re: No Domestic Violence
   Appeal Volume 20 Page 4248
   Appeal Volume 2 Page 320
   Appeal Volume 25 Page 5342 Post Judgment Modification for Custody & Visitation
Never Heard Since 10/5/05
   Appeal Volume 20 Page 4251
   Appeal Volume 25 Page 5367 Respondent’s OSC to Modify Custody and Spousal Support
Orders as Contained in Judgment Entered on 3/21/08
April 28, 2008: Judge Lewis Stayed the Family Code 3118 Custody Evaluation (ordered by
Judge Gordon on November 29, 2007) despite Respondent’s objections 77 on an Ex Parte
hearing basis pursuant to Minor’s Counsel Carfrae’s and Petitioner’s Counsel Kolodny’s
bogus Ex Parte OSC’s.78 This was an abuse of discretion in that there were no Exigent
Circumstances to warrant such relief as requested by Petitioner’s Counsel Kolodny and
Minor’s Counsel Carfrae. Additionally, the new Trial Court Judge, Thomas Trent Lewis had
adequate case background regarding Respondent’s allegations of corruption and
conspiracy between Minor’s Counsel Carfrae and Petitioner’s Counsel Kolodny. 79
Respondent    alleges   that Judge Lewis interfered with the resolution of the case and
obstructed justice versus ensuring that it prevailed by ordering the interference and
progress of the 3118 Custody Evaluation without good cause.        There were no exigent
circumstances and this was the first day following the Evaluator announcing that she was
leaving on two weeks vacation. This was further evidence of the Courts “INTENT” to
deceive the Respondent who brought the false advertisement disseminated by the L.A.
Superior Court pursuant to California Business and Professions Code 17500 up to the
Court’s attention whereby both Judges Gordon and Lewis covered up for Dr. Chase.

May 29, 2008: Judge Lewis issued a Ruling on Submitted Matter And Order Thereon 80
whereby he denied Respondent’s Post Judgment OSC for Modification of Child and
Spousal Support.

June 25, 2008: Judge Lewis Ordered Respondent’s unpaid small Community Equalizing
Payment of $53,342.5481 [as contained in the Judgment entered on 3/21/08] back to the
Petitioner. 82 The Petitioner was in default of making this small payment to the Respondent
as set forth in the Judgment.

   Appeal Volume 25 Page 5429
   Appeal Volume 25 Page 5473 and Appeal Volume 25 Page 5433
   Appeal Volume 11 Pages 2247-2408 – All About Conspiracy – Emphasis on Page 2266
   Appeal Volume 26 Page 5524 Ruling on Submitted Matter and Order Thereon 5/29/08
   Appeal Volume 26 Page 5605 And Minute Order Appeal Volume 27 Page 5752
   Appeal Volume 26 Page 5605 And Minute Order Appeal Volume 27 Page 5752
Judge Lewis’s remedy was to simply order Respondent’s miniscule equalizing payment
back to the Petitioner, declare the Respondent a Vexatious Litigant        and send her off to jail
This order is being appealed along with the Judgment.

June 25, 2008: Judge Lewis Declared Respondent to be a Vexatious Litigant. 84 This Order
is being appealed along with the Judgment.

September 4, 2008: Judge Lewis found Respondent guilty of Contempt Order filed by
Petitioner 85 on six counts. Respondent had pleaded guilty to calling her younger children
three times on February 3, 2008 to say I love you and for sending them birthday notes. 86
Respondent was remanded into custody in front of her older son Nick 87 who testified on her
behalf as a great mother prior to sentencing.

September 4, 2008:     Judge Lewis sentenced Respondent to 360 hours of Community
service and 360 hours in Jail time for violating the inhumane no contact orders issued on
January 18, 2007. Respondent asks the Court of Appeal to look at the Birthday Notes that
Respondent mailed to her two younger children          as contained in Petitioner’s Contempt
action. They are located in Appeal Volume 25 on pages 5321 though 5324 as Petitioner’s
Exhibits F & G attached to Petitioner’s Contempt filing. Respondent was ordered to serve
120 hours in jail for each of these notes which were mailed to her younger children on her
birthday, February 28th, 2008.
Respondent argues that this is malicious prosecution brought forth by Mr. Stephen Kolodny
and that it was an abuse of discretion for Judge Thomas Trent Lewis to order Respondent
Mom to serve 240 hours in jail time for these notes.

   Appeal Volume 27 Page 5752 Court Minutes and Appeal Volume 26 Page 5595
Petitioner’s OSC
   Appeal Volume 27 Page 5752 Court Minutes And Appeal Volume 26 Page 05533
   Appeal Volume 24 Page 5253
   Appeal Volume 25 Pages 5321-5324 Birthday Notes to Jenna and Jaymus mailed on
Respondent’s Birthday, February 28, 2008
   Appeal Volume28 Page 6114 Respondent’s First Son, Nick Ramirez
                                         AUGUST 8, 2009

       (1) The Court knowingly ordered me to pay for Psychological services and have
            my younger children receive mental health therapy by a former school
            volunteer of mine. Maureen Goldberg was referred into the case by my ex-
            husband’s pregnant girlfriend.    Her name is not Dr. King and she is now
            denying that she ever said her name was Dr. King. 88 Both Judges Gordon
            and Lewis knew that this woman was writing false letters and signing bogus
            Declarations written by Minor’s Counsel Carfrae. Both Judges knew that this
            woman was not a Doctor and was practicing psychology illegally as defined
            and pursuant to California Business and Professions Codes 2900, 2901, 2902
            and 2903. Judges are required to uphold the law as set forth in the California
            Code of Judicial Ethics, CANON 2.        They are required to promote public
            confidence by upholding the law. Both trial court Judges Scott Gordon and
            Thomas Trent Lewis made orders contrary to existing law and risked my and
            my children’s [the public’s] health, safety and welfare. I would like to know if
            Judges are required to uphold the law and if it is acceptable for a Judge to
            order a civilian to patronize people who are violating the law, as in this case.

       (2) Judge Lewis is a Vice President and is on the Board of Directors for the
            AFCC. He is also my Judge. Both Judges Gordon and Lewis were informed
            of multiple and substantial AFCC violations committed by Dr. Gary Chase.
            Both Judges also knew that Dr. Chase was being advertised and referred by
            the Los Angeles Superior Court as a Child Custody Evaluator who had never
            had his medical license revoked in the State of California. After Dr. Chase
            was placed on probation by the Los Angeles Superior Court.89

     Exhibit D of Petition for Writ
     Exhibit C1 of Petition for Writ

     (3) Judge Steinberg facilitated the redaction of public license disclosures from all
         court referred Evaluator profiles. 90 My complaint is that Judge Lewis is on the
         board of directors for the AFCC. I would like to know why he does not apply
         or adhere to AFCC standards in his own court room. I am being victimized by
         Judge Lewis with Judge Steinberg’s full and complete knowledge. Dr. Chase
         falsely accused me of being sexually indignant with my beautiful 4 th child,
         Jaymus Jay. He just made it up. I had to call DCFS on myself to disprove his
         bogus allegations.            I disproved them.91 I would like to know why Judge
         Gordon, Judge Lewis and Judge Steinberg are obstructing justice and
         demoting public confidence. I would also like to know why these three Judges
         are so invested in utilizing fraud and unethical paid off 92 professionals to
         accomplish custodial timeshare kidnappings and complete child parent
         alienation.        Judge Gordon, Lewis and Steinberg had knowledge of the
         following AFCC violations committed by Dr. Gary Chase.                                   My complaints
         continue on page 30 of this document. This is a copy of my letter to Ms. Linda
         Louie, Administrator, Family Court Services highlighting Dr. Gary Chase’s
         AFCC violations:

                                               AFCC VIOLATIONS

September 15, 2007

Ms. Linda Louie
Administrator III
Los Angeles Superior Court
Family Court Services
111 N. Hill Street Room 241
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Re: Serious Complaint regarding procedures used by Child Custody Evaluator, Gary A.
Chase, License No. G18665 – Complaint and Request for Deletion from L.A. Superior
Court Referral List - In Re: Marriage of Isaacs - Case No. BD 403 783 - Department 88 –
Honorable Judge Scott M. Gordon presiding.

   Exhibit’s C3 and C4 of Petition for Writ
   Exhibit C of Petition for Writ. See Karin Manger Deposition
   Dr. Chase’s Retainer agreement was written by Mr. Kolodny. Dr. Chase did not receive Petitioner’s retainer fee. Mr.
Kolodny wrote a letter and stated Dr. Chase had made other payment arrangements with the Petitioner.

                                     AFCC VIOLATIONS

Dear Ms. Louie:

In accordance with Los Angeles Superior Court Rules of Court, I am requesting that you
review this complaint and take action to remove the above referenced evaluator, Dr. Gary A.
Chase, from your evaluator list.     Among others, this document and my accompanying
complaint will be copied to the Medical Board of California.

I am attaching a copy of Dr. Chase’s written evaluation report along with copies of
documents that I sent to him (not all inclusive) as they pertain to my case. Please feel free
to confer with Judge Gordon as to the nature and sensitivity of this case as it pertains to my
allegations of conspiracy between Minors Counsel, Dorothy Carfrae, a fraud Psychologist,
Dr. Maureen King and opposing counsel, Kolodny & Anteau. Mr. Kolodny has his string of
“un-professionals” that he uses as he pursues justice by way of intrinsic fraud – at
everyone’s expense, even a child’s. Judge Gordon’s face turned red when he learned that
Mr. Kolodny was out of compliance with Family Code 2552.

It is my guess that Judge Gordon’s face will turn red when he finds out that every
“customary and routine” method of custody evaluation procedures were violated by Dr.
Chase whom was of course, referred into the case by Ms. Carfrae and Mr. Kolodny. Dr.
Chase served as nothing more than an accomplice in this bifurcated matter of child custody
pending hearing by the Court. This man, Dr. Chase never even met with me or either of my
two children.   Virtually every opinion and statement he made are false or based on

I am sending you copies of documents which are not all inclusive of correspondence sent to
Dr. Chase in conjunction with his evaluation. Dr. Chase was referred by Ms. Carfrae and
Mr. Kolodny to conduct a 730 Custody evaluation for future hearing in Department 88. I
regret not objecting to Dr. Chase’s selection however as a pro per litigant, it did not occur to
me that a LASC court selection participant might be biased. Subsequent to Dr. Chase
being appointed, I asked him approximately how many cases Mr. Kolodny had referred to
him over the past few years and he said somewhere around ten as I recall. In August, I
received a call from “Beth” whom I assumed was Dr. Chase’s secretary. Beth was speaking
on behalf of Dr. Chase and so naturally, I wanted to know what her last name was – for the
record. Beth told me that she did not want to give me her last name because she said
quote, unquote, “she did not want to be involved or go on record.” Beth stated that she was
an off site paralegal whom worked for an agency whom Dr. Chase uses for outside business
services. Subsequent to my last conversation with Beth, I found out that my ex husband
had E-Mail correspondence with her and that her last name was Marsh.

I find it “odd” that Beth would not give me her last name even though she said she was
authorized to speak on behalf of Dr. Chase and that she would be communicating with my
ex husband via E-Mail.

                                     AFCC VIOLATIONS

Dr. Chase refers to Mr. Kolodny as “Stephen” and admits that he has known Stephen for
years. Dr. Chase works out of his house, he does not have a secretary and he conducts
custody evaluations in his spare time during the evenings or weekends in-between his
regular full time job. The following facts should be considered by the board in its decision to
remove Dr. Chase from its list:

Association of Family And Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Model Standards of Practice

I. 10.2 Parent-Child Observations
Each parent-child combination shall be observed directly by the child custody evaluator,
unless there is a risk to the child’s physical or psychological safety.

Complaint: Over the prolonged course of the six months that it took Dr. Chase to complete
an Evaluation, he never met with me and/or either of my two younger children, Jenna,
age 12 or Jaymus, age 10. He did meet with my ex husband and the children however, he
neglected to do so with me.

All of Dr. Chase’s report was based on hearsay and input from my ex husband and a
woman whom is practicing psychology without a license and in violation of California
Business and Professions codes 2902 and 2903. Judge Gordon is aware of my complaints
regarding this woman whom was eased into the picture by my ex husband and his girlfriend,
Victoria Wexley.

This woman just started calling Minor’s Counsel Carfrae one day out of the blue,
representing her self to be the family therapist and bad-mouthing me by leaving messages
on Ms. Carfrae’s telephone message center. Ms. Carfrae neglected to verify Dr. King’s
referral source and credentials. Dr. Chase was fully aware of this issue as evidenced by
his documents received by me, “Mother.”
I have serious complaints regarding Minor’s Counsel Carfrae. I would have been blessed to
have had someone like Brian Martin or Bill Spiller, but, Ms. Carfrae was appointed. My case
against her is approximately eight inches tall in paper and dates back to 2006.

I made Dr. Chase aware of my complaints regarding the conspiracy between Minors
Counsel Ms. Carfrae and opposing counsel, Stephen Kolodny. There was no risk to my
children’s physical or psychological safety nor any good reason to have neglected to carry
out the important task of observing me with my children. I gave Dr. Chase a referral list
which included parents, teachers, friends and the names of five Ph.d’s , including:
LASC referral:       Dr. Jeff Lulow (818) 789-6690
LASC referral:       Dr. Joseph Kenan (310) 274-9994
LASC referral:       Dr. Carol Hirshfield – (310) 399-6670
LASC referral        Dr. Louis Rovner – Polygraph expert (818) 340-6963
Ludington Institute Dr. James Schmidt (805) 449-4376 & Jimi Magner, M.A.

                                     AFCC VIOLATIONS

I copied Dr. Chase on Dr. Kenan’s and Mr. Kevin Ford’s reports. As you read Dr. Kenan’s
report, you will note that he concluded “Dr. King” was not being truthful in how she was
describing Jaymus. Dr. Kenan has Jaymus’ entire interview on a tape recording – mine too,
that is how he conducts his interviews.

 If you read Mr. Ford’s report, you will deduce that Jaymus was absolutely brainwashed (I
would gather by the fraud Dr. King given the language contained in the report) before going
in to his meeting with the child interviewer, Mr. Ford. Jaymus confessed on the conference
call that I had with him that he did not recall sating that he wanted to focus on the “deceit” of
mom and that he did not even know what the word “deceit” meant. He was obviously
brainwashed by either Ms. Carfrae or the fraud Dr. King with specific things to say to Mr.
Ford, child interviewer before he went into the interview. So much so that he doesn’t even
remember what he said or understood what the words meant.

If you read the subsequent telephone conference call transcript of July 22, 2007, between
Dr. Chase, Jaymus, Jenna and my ex husband, you will see that Ms. Carfrae also lied and
conspired with Mr. Kolodny on the Forest Lawn plot – the whole transcript of January 18,
2007 was one big lie. This is intrinsic fraud with a twist of legal kidnapping. Minor’s
Counsel Carfrae and Ms. King are still lying. My children have been legally kidnapped from
me. Jaymus was the second offense, Jenna was the first.                 Dr. Chase had the
responsibility to observe me with the children personally and he never did.

Dr. Chase did not bother to call any of my collateral referrals nor confer with any of
the professional Psychologists or Psychiatrists whom have been a part of this case.
Any of these professionals would have advised Dr. Chase that I was not a threat to my
children’s physical or psychological safety. Again, there was absolutely no reason for Dr.
Chase to fail to comply with conducting parent-child observations with me over the course of
the six months that he took to complete the evaluation.

5.5 Use of a Balanced Process:
Child custody evaluators shall strive to use a balanced process in order to increase
objectivity, fairness and independence.
Complaint: Controversial Interviewing Technique:

On Sunday morning, July 22, 2007, I received a call from Dr. Chase at 8:00 a.m. telling me
that he wanted to arrange a conference call between my ex husband, myself and our two
children, Jenna age 12 and Jaymus, age 10. He said that he was going to have them come
to his office (a room in his personal residence), and call me on the speaker. I objected, I
told him that it sounded like a plan to gang up on me or something. Why did he have to
include my ex husband in that conference? He said if I did not agree that he would note
that I was uncooperative. As you read the dialogue towards the end of that conference call,
you will see that Jaymus is being manipulated by his father. For instance, consider the
following dialogue during that conference call initiated by Dr. Chase of July 22, 2007:

                                     AFCC VIOLATIONS

Jaymus: Why can’t you just make up with him so that I can see you?
Mom: Why can’t - let me ask you this –
Jaymus: If you love me and you really want that to happen –
Mom: Yes, I do Jaymus
Jaymus: Dad does too so how are we going to work this out?
Mom: You’re so cute! Is he is cute or what Dr Chase? He’s the mediator – I’ll tell you
what Jaymus – why don’t - um - what are you doing later? Maybe I can come by and
mommy, daddy and you can go out for dinner tonight, how does that sound?
Silence [I would presume Jaymus was looking at his father for some type of approval]
Jaymus: I don’t think so
Mom: Well, can I ask you a question Jaymus – you’re waiting for Mommy and Daddy
to have a better relationship before you can have a better relationship with Mommy,
is that right?
Jaymus: Yes
Mom: How will you know just curious - cause you’re pretty smart – Jaymus how will you
know when daddy and mommy have a better relationship?
Jaymus: Cause daddy will tell me that everything’s better and it’s OK to be with you again.
Mom: So you’re waiting for Dad to tell you that things are better and then it will be OK
for you to see me?
Jaymus: Yes.
Dr. Chase – Okay, I’ll be talking with Dad.

Please compare the attached full and complete conference call transcript of July 22, 2007
with Dr. Chase’s written report and determine for yourself if you believe Dr. Chase
accurately reported what is really going on.

I did my best to not go into detail about why my children are not in my custody (lies and
conspiracy) and I found myself changing the subject – James Wolfe and Africa – just to
keep adult related issues out of the conversation. I still do not know what purpose that
conference call served. At one point, Dr. Chase said “Well you haven’t seen Jenna either.
It was like almost engaging me in an argument or passing some judgment on me and
leaving me in a defensive position!

Dr. Chase knew that Judge Gordon gave implied authority to the fraud Dr. King to modify
custody arrangements and court orders at her whim. I did not know that orders could be
modified by a third party without a hearing. I must have been ill-advised. I thought it was
Judge Gordon who rendered modifications of orders but Judge Gordon disagreed as
evidenced by his rulings which I have on transcript.      In any case, the fraud Dr. King
contaminates the children’s minds, she lies and diminishes their positive perspective of me.

I did not tell the children that, but Dr. Chase read the fraud Dr. Kings letter and he was given
the same tape which Judge Gordon heard in chambers whereby I clearly objected to Dr.
King changing court orders, but I was overruled on that objection. Judge Gordon ordered
me to have my children continue being treated by a fraud psychologist whom he knew was
practicing therapy while in violation of California State Business and Profession codes 2902
and 2903.

                                     AFCC VIOLATIONS

This same woman, “Dr. King”, advised my ex husband and his girlfriend, Victoria to make
the children sleep on the bathroom floor or use the bathroom as their time out headquarters
if they were out of line. All of this is documented and confirmed by DCFS, Kevin Ford,
witnessed personally by the children’s former nanny, Christine White and witnessed by Dr.
Hirshfield whom personally heard my son describing these events during our “reunification”
therapy which I understand have been reduced to being called “monitored visits” with me by
Dr. Chase.

This woman, “Dr. King” is Judge Gordon’s choice of a therapist whom he has empowered to
make whatever changes she wants to existing custody, visitation and court orders. That’s
why I don’t see Jenna! I did not tell Jaymus this because I did not think it was appropriate
conversation for a ten year old to hear during Dr. Chase’s conference call to me.

Dr. Chase knew that this was one of my complaints. On top of that, the fraud Dr. King lies –
now we have a new lie. Jaymus will verify it’s not true- the lie that I taught him how to kiss
me by looking in a mirror?
And now, his father is accusing me of letting my son touch my breast and the f raud Dr. King
and my ex husband are accusing me of spoon feeding Jaymus and bathing him and putting
him in clothes that are too small? I am becoming outraged and trying to remain calm and
professional. If my son knew his father and the fraud Dr. King were saying these things, he
would be angry too. How sick is that?
Dr. Chase put that ridiculous hearsay from my ex husband and the fraud Dr. King in his
report Mother I make the following recommendations”. Dr. Chase proceeds to accuse me
of having enmeshment behaviors and in need of psychotherapy based on hearsay from my
ex-husband and the fraud Dr. King! How in the world can this be possible? I can not
change a non-existent behavior! Dr. Chase never even asked my son about this! This is
another “Forest Lawn plot!” Oh please, spare me. I’ve had enough.

Dr. Chase had the professional responsibility of at least verifying these disgusting
allegations with my son, or at least asking me about it, which he did not. Now, I am
becoming indignant. Jaymus does not know anything about any of this because I do not
discuss court related issues with him and I am trying to protect him. In any case, no one
has ever heard of such a tactic of placing one parent on the phone at home and pitting him
or her against the other spouse with the children present. And, how in the world can a
child feel free to talk if he or she has a controlling parent in the room listening to
every word and intimidating the child?
 III. The Importance of Collateral Source Information
11.1 Valid collateral source information is critical to a thorough evaluation. Sufficiency and
reliability of collateral source information is a determination to be made by the child custody

                                    AFCC VIOLATIONS

Complaint: Dr. Chase did not gather information from multiple sources. I provided him with
a reference list with names of my children’s friends’ parents, doctors, school officials,
relatives, friends, etc. Dr. Chase did not even bother calling my adult two children. On the
very last day when he filed his report on September 10, 2007, he did make a brief call to my
son’s school. Other than my ex husband, my husband’s girlfriend, and the biased lying
Maureen King, Dr. Chase made no collateral verification telephone calls.

IV. Assessment of Parents and Parenting Figures
5.7 Child custody evaluators shall strive to assess each parent and all adults who perform a
caretaking role and/or live in the residence with the children.


Dr. Chase intentionally, incorrectly, inappropriately and misleadingly, refers to my ex
husbands girlfriend as my ex husbands fourth wife and stepmother to my children. He also
states that she is a pain medication physician.

As you read the report, page 2, Current circumstances, my ex husband says he lives with
his fiancée, Victoria Wexley, M.D. Please go to , and you will see that
Victoria Wexley is not an M.D. Or, simply call (916) 263-2382. Dr. Wexley is practicing
internal medicine without an M.D. License. In fact, Dr. Wexley has a DDS license (42018)
and pursuant to the Dental Board (714) 247-2100 (, she is out of
compliance with California State Business and Profession codes by practicing outside of her
field,   diagnosing,   treating   and   misleading     consumers    with    her    website, She is not an M.D. and she is not a Physician.

Victoria Wexley is not married to my ex husband as presented repeatedly throughout Dr.
Chase’s report. Somehow, I think this is important. I made Dr. Chase aware of the fact that
Victoria and James were cohabitating and that they were not married. My ex husband
admits this on page 2 of Dr. Chases report wherein, he indicates Victoria is his fiancée. If
you go to and click on marriage license search, you will see that James
Isaacs and Victoria Wexley are not married.

Even my daughter Jenna, refers to Victoria as her Dad’s fiancé on page 12, line one of
Dr. Chase’s report. Dr. Chase was paid off to write a fictitious report. Any verification of
his statements will be disproved.

Victoria is presenting herself as my children’s stepmother. Dr. Chase presents her as the
children’s stepmother and my ex husbands fourth wife. I made this point clear to Dr. Chase.
I do not believe that it is right for anybody to call themselves a step parent unless they are
married! Victoria introduces my son Jaymus as her son! Dr. Hirshfield is witness to this
too! Why not be up front and honest with the children?

                                    AFCC VIOLATIONS

Dr. Chase clearly misrepresented this “relationship” in his report despite his knowledge of
the true facts, including my ex husband’s admission on page 2 of the report. I am opposed
to people cohabitating – as is, Judge Gretchen Taylor. That is just my conservative
philosophy – similar to Judge Taylor’s.

Some Judges have good old fashioned standards and some do not. I do not stand alone
on the issue of being anti-cohabitation and opposed to having children out of wedlock
however, others see nothing wrong with it and so, to each his own. I do have a problem
when people lie about their marital status and say that they are someone’s parent when
they are not, such as Victoria, my ex husband’s “significant other” whom also falsely
presents herself as my children’s mother and a physician.           Dr. Chase clearly and
intentionally mis-represented collateral, Victoria Wexley in his description of her as wife,
physician and stepmother in his report.

My son was having problems because he did not like his father’s new home environment.
Change of circumstances – new kids to share a room with and being around kids whom he
fought with – etc. He has adjusted to it now – by force.

I am pleased and do not wish to upset whatever relationships he has been forced to accept
and has adjusted to however, I will not forfeit my time share or legal right to parent him or
his sister.

Dr. Chase also stated in his report that I referred to my daughter Jenna as a Psychopath. I
advised Dr. Chase that Jenna has pre-diagnostic symptoms of an ASPD with DSM VI
symptoms which in fact, she does. I did not ever say or imply that my daughter is a

I did advise Dr. Chase, that it is my opinion, based on the DSM IV symptoms, that my ex
husband is a Psychopath and that he dose have an Anti Social Personality Disorder which
is genetically inherited. Dr. Chase did not consider any of the evidence that I provided him
with to substantiate this mental disorder which is genetically transferred. In fact, Dr. Chase
ignored all of the evidence I provided him with substantiating a pathological disorder.

V. Commitment to Accuracy
5.3 Child custody evaluators shall strive to be accurate, objective, fair and independent in
gathering their data and shall be prepared to defend decisions made by them concerning
their methodology.


On page 3 of Dr. Chase’s report, he states that Minor’s counsel recommended that Jaymus
see Dr. Hirshfield and that I was allowed one hour of monitored visits with Jaymus. Both are
untrue. Dr. Hirshfield was referred by Judge Gordon and her role was to be a reunification
therapist. I paid $200 per hour which I considered a ransom fee to see my son. Dr.
Hirshfield is great with children and parents.

                                       AFCC VIOLATIONS

I don’t see my son or daughter because Minor’s Counsel Carfrae lied and conspired with
“Stephen” Kolodny by representing Maureen King as a registered psychologist in good
standing and creating this ridiculous story that I took my children to see my own burial plot.
There are many other lies conjured up by Kolodny & Carfrae. There are too many to
recount on this document however they are well documented in other files of reference.

In fact, my son admitted that I invited him to come with me to take some flowers to my
father’s gravesite on Memorial Day. Such evidence of Ms. Carfrae’s further conspiracy with
Mr. Kolodny is evidenced by the following dialogue of July 22, 2007 during Dr. Chase’s
initiated conference call:

Mom: Jaymus, can I ask you a question and if you want, what you can do is tell Dr. Chase
you know, I’d like to see my mom alone with you. I’m not, I mean, because I told this to Dr.
Chase, I did, I don’t like the fact that when I’m talking to you that your dad is standing right
over you.
Dr. Chase: He’s not standing right over him.
Mom: Oh well, he’s standing in the same room, right, listening to all of this?
Dr. Chase: He’s seated in the chair across from the table there.
Mom: Yea, so it’s - I don’t – I did tell Dr. Chase that I don’t think it’s fair to have like a child
with the other parent sitting right there – I think it’s – a word – I think it’s called intimidating
– do you know what that means Jaymus? The word intimidating?
Jaymus: No

Mom: It’s kind of like where somebody is um – you probably can’t say what you’re
wanting to say because the other person is listening and I don’t like, if I were having a
conversation with my father, who’s not alive but, - which is another thing – Jaymus –
do you remember on memorial day, I invited you to come with me when I was going
to see my father at his grave?

Jaymus: Yes
Mom:      Jaymus --
Jaymus: Yes --
Mom: Jaymus, - Did I ever ask you to come with me to see my own grave?
Silence –
Mom: Answer me. Don’t look at anyone – just answer me
Dr. Chase: Why can’t he look at anybody?
Mom: He can look at you but I just don’t want him being – what do you call it – uh, you
know w        hat do you call it when you look at somebody else and their nodding their
heads to say yes – I cant see what’s going on over there but –
Dr. Chase: He’s looking at his father and his sister now.
You see, this is the thing, I have been accused of so many things that I’m not guilty of and
I haven’t seen my son in so long - it’s been since mothers day.
Dr. Chase – well you haven’t seen Jenna either.

                                     AFCC VIOLATIONS

Of course I haven’t seen Jenna! My legal rights to parent her were unjustly taken away from
me as detailed in my document “How I Lost Joint Temporary Legal, Primary and Physical
Custody of my 11 Year Old Third Daughter Jenna, dated October 27, 2006.

Everything Ms. Carfrae represents to the Court as she speaks on behalf of my children have
been lies. Judge Gordon’s orders have been based on those lies. This is intrinsic fraud. I
made Dr. Chase aware of this and obviously, with “Stephen”, Mr. Kolodny, being such a
repeat source of referral fee income, Dr. Chase was not inclined to conduct a non-biased
and professional evaluation as set forth in AFCC’s Model Standards of Practice for Child
Custody evaluations. I blame Ms. Carfrae mostly for not resigning and placing Judge
Gordon in the middle of such a turbulent issue. If she had any respect for him, she would
have found a reason to ask to be relieved. Judge Gordon is aware that this is a sensitive
matter and it is a hot potato, sort of speak. I can not seem to get rid of Ms. Carfrae. I have
tried numerous times. This is a civil rights issue. I have, as does Dr. Hirshfield, a complete
count of notes for every visit with Dr. Hirshfield. Dr. Chase never even called Dr. Hirshfield.

During those visits, Dr. Hirshfield and I were informed by Jaymus that he was sleeping on
the bathroom floor, was being over medicated to the point of having blurred vision after
school because my ex husband was mixing drug cocktails by using human medicine which
he ordered through our veterinary vendors. This was a serious issue to me. My ex
husband stopped taking my son to UCLA, Dr. James McGough and began mixing Strattera
and Focalin – wrong combinations. Dr. Chase never looked into this issue either. Dr.
Kenan has this information on audio cassettes. That was my number one concern
presented to Dr. Chase which was never even addressed. I do not believe Dr. Chase read
anything. Again, I have complete and detailed notes for every visit with Dr. Hirshfield. I am
a great parent. Dr. Chase never called Dr. Hirshfield. I am not surprised.

On page 2 of Dr. Chase’s report, he states that I live with my Uncle. When Dr. Chase
visited my home, I introduced him to my partially handicapped senior citizen brother -in-law
whom I am caring for, Mr. Manny Jacobs, the children’s Uncle. Mr. Jacobs lives with me
and he is also a parental figure. He was excluded from Dr. Chase’s Collateral Contact
report. Even Dr. Hirshfield knows the kid’s Uncle Manny – he used to come with me to see
Jaymus when we had our weekly get- together. Judge Gordon also knows that Mr. Jacobs
is the children’s Uncle.   Dr. Chase visited with the children’s Uncle, Manny Jacobs
whom was opinionated about how sad it was that my ex husband was blocking him out of
the children’s life too. Mr. Jacobs showed Dr. Chase the gifts that he had for the children
and complained about being alienated from the children that he had been so close to since
birth. Dr. Chase proceeded to misrepresent that relationship as well.

                                    AFCC VIOLATIONS

Record-Keeping Obligations

3.2 Child custody evaluators have an obligation expeditiously to establish and to maintain a
             record-keeping system.

             Complaint: Dr. Chase has no Secretary – his records are disorganized and
             he does not remain current or up to date with his cases.

             1)     On June 28, 2007, I met with Dr. Chase at his home to see if he was
                    current on issues pending. On the corner of his desk, I noticed a stack
                    of mail, mostly large envelopes roughly nine (9) inches high. I had
                    taken a polygraph (my third) and had certain documents included which
                    he had requested. He said he did not recall receiving the fed ex I sent
                    him per his request. I said well, maybe it’s in this stack. Sure enough,
                    it was in that stack which I found for him and he opened it while I was
                    present. It had been there for two weeks – unopened. None of those
                    documents which included my Polygraph of 6/19/07 regarding my not
                    discussing Court Related Issues with the children and Declarations of
                    Geri Isaacs and Fred Johnson regarding my not bad mouthing my ex
                    husband in front of the children were listed on Dr. Chase’s “Documents
                    Received from Mother”. I have proof of service that these documents
                    were delivered to opposition as well.

            2)      On September 6, 2007, Dr. Chase called me to ask me to fax the
                    school counselor a letter stating that it was alright to speak with him. I
                    reminded Dr. Chase that had a court order dating back to 3/19/07
                    prepared by Stephen Kolodny giving him that collateral contact
                    authorization. He stated that it was in a stack somewhere and he could
                    not find it.

                    Dr. Chase’s evaluation took six months during which time the Court
                    continued to attempt to have him expedite it. The Court issued a minute
                    order on May 25, 2007 to have the report completed ASAP. The Court
                    continued to inquire about the status of Dr. Chase’s report.

             3) On August 2, 2007, Dr. Chase wrote me a letter stating that he was in the
                process of working on the finishing touches of the 730 Custody Report and
                anticipated that it would be completed and released by August 17, 2007.

             4) On August 27, 2007, Mr. Anteau advised the Court that Dr. Chase stated
                the report would be released on August 31, 2007. On August 31, 2007,
                the Court finally ordered that Dr. Chase’s report must be completed by
                September 11, 2007, 4:00 p.m. Dr. Chase had already taken six months
                to confer with collateral contacts – none of which he called.

                       AFCC VIOLATIONS

5)     On page 14, Dr. Chase states that he briefly interviewed the school
counselor and the school psychologist via telephone on September 10, 2007 –
one day prior to the due date of his report and on the same day that he
completed his report which took him six months. And, during this six months
where I was separated from my children, Dr. Chase never conducted one
interview with me and/or either of my children. I called Dr. Chase on
numerous occasions asking him the status and urging him to expedite the
process because I had been unjustly alienated from my children.

6) On August 13, 2007, I received a bill from Dr. Chase which was incorrect.
   I called him and immediately faxed him a letter advising him where he
   made errors. He paid no mind to it and failed to make the necessary
   changes. His billing remains incorrect however, he does not appear to be
   concerned about being paid by my ex husband. Dr. Chase also deviated
   from the Court order retainer agreement and failed to obtain my ex
   husband’s initial retainer as ordered. He is reporting me as having a
   residual balance owing which in inaccurate.

7) Perhaps the ongoing fee income received by Dr. Chase from Mr. Kolodny
   was sufficient enough for Dr. Chase to show lack of regard or concern over
   following orders and or getting paid on this case.

8) On June 30, 2007, Dr. Chase came to my home. He asked me about my
   family and I showed him some pictures, including a photo of me and my
   two sisters.

   I took him upstairs and showed him a picture of my little sister, Jenine who
   died of Multiple Sclerosis when she was 28 years old. On page 8, under
   past history, Dr. Chase states that I have a younger brother. I do not have
   a younger brother. Either Dr. Chase has a medical problem causing
   memory loss issues or, he really should take better notes. His reckless
   disregard for accuracy is intolerable.

9)    On September 11, 2007, I received Dr. Chase’s written evaluation. He
contends that I am not disputing custody of my twelve year old daughter,
Jenna. Apparently, Dr. Chase did not read any of my correspondence. I am
disputing custody of my daughter Jenna. As all of my correspondence will
confirm, I want 50-50 joint legal, physical with a creative custody schedule.

10) I do not want to force Jenna to be with me if she does not want to be
however, things will change and she will begin missing me and her older
siblings whom have also been alienated from her life by her father. We all
love Jenna. I will not forfeit my legal right to parent Jenna just because she got
where she wanted to be by lying. My Judge made a list of orders based on
Jenna’s lies coached by her father on April 6, 2006 which served no purpose
other than to alienate us.
                                 AFCC VIOLATIONS

           These lies were read to the Judge by Minor’s Counsel, Ms. Carfrae whom met
           me one time in my life for roughly thirty minutes and had only met my daughter
           twice for roughly thirty minutes each time. It was a very sad day for me – this
           is a civil rights issue.

    11)   Dr. Chase contradicts his own statements on page 13. If you read Dr. Chase’s
           second sentence, you will note “Jaymus said he is angry when someone hits
           him, such as his siblings. The thought of losing a family member makes him
           scared. In the middle of the same page, Dr. Chase writes that Jaymus denied
           that anyone hits him or scares him. Why would Jaymus be angry when
           someone hits him and then deny that anyone does?


           Janette M. Isaaacs


  (4) On October 22, 2004, my ex husband and I stipulated sharing joint custody of
     Jenna and Jaymus. There was a Judgment.              On October 5, 2005, my ex
     husband filed a bogus OSC to modify custody arrangements. I learned that
     many of the outrageous allegations were fabricated by my ex husbands
     attorney, Stephen Kolodny. I filed a responsive Declaration. On April 6, 2006,
     I lost custody of my daughter Jenna after one 30 minute meeting with attorney
     Dorothy Carfrae, Judge Pro Tem, Divorce attorney and Minor’s Counsel. On
     January 10, 2009, I lost joint custody of my son Jaymus because of Dorothy
     Carfrae’s lies to the Court and her dissemination of a hand written letter
     written by a woman purporting to be Dr. King. My complaint is that I never
     had a post judgment bifurcated child custody trial. On October 3, 2007, I
     advised Judge Gordon that I objected to everything contained in Dr. Chase’s
     bogus custody report. At that hearing, I asked him about the post modification
     child custody trial and he said that there was going to be one. There will
     never be one. It has been four years now since the post modification OSC
     was filed in October, 2005.

Judge Gordon terminated my parental rights and wrote inhumane no contact
orders prior to even ordering a child custody evaluation on January 18, 2007. I
am complaining that there should not have been a gap from October 5, 2005
through present day, August, 2009 to have a child custody trial. Additionally, I am
complaining that the gap between October 5, 2005 to January 18, 2007 was too
long to wait prior to ordering a child custody evaluation. I am complaining that my
family law matter was not adjudicated timely or fairly.

(5) One of my biggest complaints is that even after I proved all of the fraud,
   intrinsic fraud and conspiracy to both Judges Gordon and Lewis, both Judges
   continued to alienate me from my children and punish me to the extent of
   incarcerating me. On February 3, 2008, I called the children three times back
   to back to say I love you to Jenna and Jaymus. My ex husband’s girlfriend
   hung up on me twice after taking the phone away from my son the first time. I
   also sent both children birthday cards. Stephen Kolodny filed a contempt
   action because I broke the inhumane unjust no-contact orders which were
   based on fraud and conspiracy back in 2007. My son Nick, a community
   volunteer and former Cedars Sinai Teen Line Crisis counselor of four years,
   testified as to what a great mom I am and that I did not deserve this treatment.
   On September 4, 2008, Judge Lewis had me incarcerated for calling my
   younger children to say I love you and sending them birthday cards. Judge
   Lewis ordered me to go to jail knowing full well that Dr. King was a phony
   imposture that I used to volunteer with and that Dr. Chase was paid off to
   NOT adhere to AFCC child custody evaluation procedures.

   This jail experience was my first civil infraction. It was after Judge Lewis
   ordered the special family Code 3118 Custody Evaluation to be stayed on an
   Ex Parte basis on April 28, 2008 at the request of Petitioner’s Counsel Kolodny
   and Minor’s Counsel Carfrae.      I am asserting that Judge Lewis obstructed
   justice by interfering with the completion of the Family Code 3118 Custody
   evaluation and I am accusing him of falsely incarcerating me.

(6) I am also accusing Judge Marjorie Steinberg of willful obstruction of justice,
    improper ex parte communications with Judges Gordon and Lewis and willful
   manipulation of the Los Angeles Superior Court’s evaluator directory. I will be
   arguing to the Court of Appeal justices that Dr. Chase should be removed from
   the L.A. Superior Court evaluator’s directory and that license information
   should be disclosed to parents as it used to be prior to my complaint regarding
   Dr. Gary Chase. I do not want other good parents to have to endure such
   corruption. Dr. Chase was placed on Probation by the L.A. Superior Court for
   AFCC violations and the contents of his report were disproved as evidenced
   by Karin Manger’s Deposition which is contained in Exhibit C of the Petition for
   Writ. Court Counsel d. Brett Bianco was present at that Deposition.

    At the very least, our L.A. Superior Court should require that their Court
   referred Evaluators do not have a public record for professional ethic violations
   and found guilty of multiple acts of sexual misconduct. Parents have every
   right to have this information disclosed to them prior to engaging the services
   of such an important life impacting professional. I would never have agreed to
   engaging the services of Dr. Chase had the L.A. Superior Court been honest
   about his licensing status and revocation of same.

(7) I am also accusing all three Judges, Gordon, Lewis and Steinberg for covering
   up for Dr. Chase and obstruction of justice. These Judges do not promote
   public confidence or adjudicate in accordance with the law.         They pervert
   justice and suppress evidence and utilize our L.A. County jails as
   concentration camps for parents like me who object to having their human,
   civil and constitutional rights violated.

    In addition to Judge Steinberg overseeing that the Courts software system
   was modified to redact previously furnished licensing information, sixty six
   records were scrubbed from my case records prior to the appellate court
   clerk’s records search. Judge Lewis refused to allow me to review my case
   records in order to complete my records designation log and advised me that
   my records were sequestered.

            This was also an obstruction of justice. Judge Steinberg was also negligent in
           her position as Family Courts Supervisor as she took all of my legitimate
           complaints which were delivered to her by the Honorable McCoy, Jr. and
           simply placed them in a file cabinet until I finally requested them back on July
           7, 2008.93

            These complaints were supposed to be investigated and responded to, not
           suppressed and ignored. Prior to transferring my case to Judge Thomas Trent
           Lewis, she made sure he knew that I was a complainer and to deal with me
           accordingly.   That resulted in my being incarcerated, strip searched and
           treated like a criminal. I am extremely claustrophobic. I vomited in the jail cell
           for two days and was forced to wear a jail uniform without a bra. I sleep with a
           bra and never walk around braless because my breast are very large and it is
           painful for me to go unsupported. It was the worst experience of my life.

           I realize that the majority of Petition for Writs are summarily denied however, I
           have hope that I will still prevail on the arguments contained in my appeal. I
           am hoping that the complaints contained in this letter are serious enough to
           warrant immediate disciplinary action against Judge Gordon, Judge Lewis,
           Judge Pro Tem Carfrae and Supervising Judge Marjorie Steinberg.

           Legal custodial timeshare kidnappings attributable to fraud, conspiracy and
           public corruption should not be tolerated under any circumstance. These
           Judges are doing the same thing that selfish parents do when they leave the
           Country with their children and alienate one of the other custodial parents.
           How can we penalize parents for kidnapping their children when our Judges
           are doing the same thing? My case is not unique. What has happened to me
           and my family is protocol in today’s L.A. Superior Court.

     Exhibit C

My case is well documented and the evidence of this public corruption is well
documented. I did not give birth to two children. I gave birth to four children. I
did not agree to forfeit my parental rights or subordinate them to the Los
Angeles Superior Court in the event of a divorce. Their tactics of forced Child
Parent alienation and adjudication vis-à-vis fraud, intrinsic fraud and
conspiracy against one of two parents involved in a divorce is nothing shy of
legalized custodial timeshare kidnappings. My children are not for sale at any

If this type of activity and Judicial misconduct is condoned by the Commission
of Judicial Performance, we will need to educate every parent in the City so
that everyone knows what to expect prior to getting married and planning a
family.   If this type of activity and Judicial misconduct is not condoned by the
Commission of Judicial Performance, then the Commission needs to make a
statement that this activity will not be tolerated and the Commission should
suspend Supervising Judge Marjorie Steinberg, Commissioner Scott M.
Gordon, Judge Pro Tem Dorothy Carfrae and Judge Thomas Trent Lewis
pending a formal investigation.

I am praying that the Commission of Judicial Performance will intervene on my
behalf prior to my arraignment on September 21, 2009. I am enclosing a copy
of my Petition for Writ which was summarily denied. Court Counsel, Frederick
Bennett, S.C.L.A. attorney was served on July 31, 2009.

I am attaching the following documents and evidence substantiating this

(1) Petition for Writ (summarily denied) to Stay future hearings in Judge Lewis’
    court with Exhibits.
(2) Appellants Opening Brief, Respondent’s Brief, Appellant’s Reply Brief
(3) Janette’s Book “The Game of Civil Rape” formerly entitled The End of The

(4) Motion for Disqualification of Commissioner Gordon for Cause Pursuant to
   C.C.P. 170.1 and C.C.P. 170.3. The Detailed Order Appointing Dr. Chase
   to do a Custody Evaluation pursuant to Family Code 730, written by Mr.
   Kolodny, holding Dr. Chase harmless and giving Minor’s Counsel Carfrae
   the right to limit Dr. Chase’s collateral contacts is contained in the left
   hand pocket of the Motion for Disqualification. Kolodny and Anteau’s letter
   dated July 11, 2007 acknowledging that Dr. Chase deviated from the
   retainer agreement and did not secure payment from Mr. Kolodny’s client
   as set forth in the retainer agreement is attached to the last page of the
   retainer agreement. Dr. Chase made “separate arrangements” to accept
   installment payments from Petitioner who was earning >$25,000 per
   month.   No ethical court referred evaluator would deviate from a retainer
   agreement without a modified court order. All ethical custody evaluators
   have their own retainer agreements and none of them are written by an
   attorney representing one of the parties. Dr. Chase deserves incarceration
   for his role in this conspiracy scheme to defame and alienate a great
   parent such as myself from my younger children. This organized crime
   and public corruption in our Los Angeles Family Courts must end.            We
   must not continue to tolerate such organized crime.

   We owe it to the generations of families to follow to clean our act up now
   while we are in the position as adults to achieve reform and restore truth
   and justice in our Family Courts.

   For all of our lives, we recite the Pledge of Allegiance. “I pledge allegiance
   to the flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic for which
   it stands one Nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

   Let us not make a mockery out of truth and justice. When we walk into a
   Court room and see the flag of the United States of America, we should
   expect that truth and justice will prevail. Fraud, Intrinsic fraud, conspiracy,
   public corruption and perjury should not be the norm and officers of the
   court should not be exempt from being honest.
I thank you for reviewing and responding to my complaints and overseeing
that truth and justice prevail in our Los Angeles Superior Court.   We
should not be so desperate for Judges that we put up with and tolerate
such judicial abuse. I look forward to your reply.


Janette M. Isaacs

cc: Presiding Judge, Honorable Charles W. McCoy, Jr. without


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