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					                     2010 International Moth
                       World Championships
              Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, Dubai, U.A.E
                                 March 8th - March 15th 2010

1. Rules
   1.1. The Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2009-
        2012, the Sailing Instructions and the IMCA class rules, except as altered by this Notice of Race
        and the Sailing Instructions.
   1.2. The Organizing Authority is the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC) in conjunction with the
        International Moth Class Association.

2. Advertising
   2.1. Competitors will be required to display event sponsor advertising in accordance with ISAF
        regulation 20 which includes the front 1.2m of the hull and the front 20% of the boom on both

3. Eligibility and Entry
   3.1. The regatta shall be open to boats/crews who are current members of a national class association
         in good financial standing with the IMCA. Eligible boats/crews may enter the regatta by
         completing the online registration form and fee payment to the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, , by March 3, 2010.
   3.2. Entries will not be accepted after 17:00 on March 3, 2010.
         Competitors will be required to agree to a waiver of liability as a condition of eligibility. This
         waiver may be completed at the event check-in. As a condition of entry, participants under the
         age of 18 shall submit a waiver of liability signed by a parent or legal guardian.
   3.3. The conditions of eligibility shall apply equally to the World Championship and the UAE National
         Championships/Pre Worlds Regatta.

4. Classification
   4.1. This event is open to sailors of all classifications as described in the ISAF Regulation, ISAF Sailor
        22 Classification Code.

5. Fees
    5.1. There is no Entry Fee for the IMCA UAE Nationals.
    5.2. The Entry Fee for the IMCA World Championships is US $375 US per boat.
    5.3. Entries received before January 15, 2010 will receive a $75 US early registration discount.
   5.4. Entry Fees include a t-shirt and tickets for the welcome BBQ, lay day evening meal and prize
        giving function.

6. Qualifying Series and Final Series
   6.1. At the discretion of the Organizing Authority, the fleet may be divided into groups for a qualifying
   6.2. In the event the fleet is divided, the Sailing Instructions will specify a qualifying series, followed by
        a Gold and Silver Fleet series of approximately equal numbers of boats.
7. Schedule of Events

                     Wednesday, March 3                10:00 - 17:00        Registration / Measurement
                     Thursday, March 4                 10:00 - 17:00        Registration / Measurement
                     Friday, March 5                   08:30 - 10:00        Registration
                     IMCA UAE Nationals                10:30                Briefing
                                                       13:00                First Race Warning – 4 races
                     Saturday, March 6                 13:00                First Race Warning – 3 races
                     IMCA UAE Nationals
                     Sunday, March 7                   10:00 - 17:00        Worlds Registration /
                     Monday, March 8                   10:00 – 12:00        Measurement
                     IMCA Worlds                       12:00                Briefing
                                                       15:00                First Race Warning – 1 race

                     Tuesday, March 9                  13:00                First Warning Signal – 3 races
                     IMCA Worlds
                     Wednesday, March 10               13:00                First Warning Signal – 3 races
                     IMCA Worlds
                     Thursday, March 11                13:00                First Race Warning – if required
                     Reserve Day – racing if
                     required to maintain schedule
                     Friday, March 12                  13:00                First Warning Signal – 3 races
                     IMCA Worlds
                     Saturday, March 13                13:00                First Race Warning – 3 races
                     IMCA Worlds
                     Sunday, March 14                  11:00                First Race Warning – 2 races
                     IMCA Worlds                                            No Warning signal will be made
                                                                            after 16:00
                                                       18:30                Prize giving– DOSC
                     Monday, March 15                                       Departures – Container loading

8. Inspection and Measurement
    8.1. Each boat shall be prepared to produce a current valid measurement certificate on request.
    8.2. All sails to be used in the event will be measured to ensure compliance with class rules.
    8.3. Fundamental (first-time) measurement of sails, boats and equipment will be carried out at the
         event by the official measurer on a fee for service basis. Competitors shall make arrangements
         for fundamental (first time) measurements when they check in.
    8.4. Spot checks may be made on any boat selected at random by the race committee at any time
         during the event. Such spot checks may cover measurement of, and compliance with, any aspect
         of the class rules.
    8.5. All sailors will be expected to have surnames stuck on the bottom panel of each sail, to be easily
         identifiable to press. This is not a requirement, only a strong recommendation from the IMCA.

9. Sailing Instructions
   9.1. The sailing instructions will be available during registration. A draft version may be available prior
         to the event on the DOSC and IMCA web sites.

10. Venue
    10.1. Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, Dubai, U.A.E. See map in Attachment A.

11. Courses
    11.1. The courses will be described in the Sailing Instructions and may include Windward-Leeward
          and/or Triangle course types.
12. Penalty System
    12.1. Rule RRS44.1 is changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty.

13. Scoring
    13.1. The Low Point Scoring System, Appendix A, will be used except as modified below.
    13.2. A minimum of 5 single fleet or qualifying series races must be completed to constitute a series.
    13.3. A maximum of 15 races will be raced.
    13.4. Where a single fleet format is used:
          i When 5 races are completed, boats may discard their worst score.
          ii When 9 or more races are completed, boats may discard their worst two scores.
    13.5. Where a split fleet qualifying and final series format is used:
          i The qualifying series shall consist of a maximum of 6 races and the qualifying series shall be
              deemed concluded at the end of racing on the day where 5 or more qualifying races for each
              group have been completed.
          ii A boat may discard their worst qualifying series score for the purpose of seeding boats in the
              final series.
          iii A boat’s final placing in the qualifying series shall count as one score in the final series, and
              this score shall not be discarded from the final series results.
          iv The final series shall consist of a maximum of 9 races plus the qualifying series place score
              carried forward.
          v When 5 or more final series races have been completed (excluding the qualifying place carried
              forward), boats may discard their worst score.
          vi When 8 or more final series races have been completed (excluding the qualifying place carried
              forward), boats may discard their worst two scores.
    13.6. A boat that did not finish a race (DNF) shall be scored one more than the total number of boats
          starting that race or, in the case of split fleet racing, the maximum number of starters in any group
          in that race. This changes RRS A4.2.

14. Private Support and Coach Boats
    14.1. Support boats shall register at the Race Office during the registration period. During racing,
          support boats shall remain more than 100 metres from the course area, except when asked to
          assist by the Race Committee. Further restrictions may be imposed on the movement of support
          boats around the course area during racing if the number of support boats is significant.
    14.2. Private support boats may only use the public dock in the DOSC.

15. Radio Communication
    15.1. A boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not
          available to all boats. This restriction also includes, but is not limited to, mobile telephones and
          other 2-way communication devices.

16. Prizes
    16.1. Prizes will be awarded for the first five places overall in the UAE National Championships.
    16.2. Prizes will be awarded for the first ten places overall in the World Championships regatta.
          Additional prizes will be awarded for:
          i 1st Master – 45 years and older as of 31st December 2010
          ii 1st Junior – 18 years and younger as of 31st December 2010
          iii 1st Female
          iv Marine Tech - Round the World – Fastest Time
    16.3. There may be additional prizes at the organizer’s discretion.

17. Safety
    17.1. All competitors shall wear, while on the water, other than brief periods while adding or removing
          clothing, an approved personal flotation device.
    17.2. Competitors shall observe local regulations for the exclusions areas with The World Island and
          Palm Jumeirah.
18. Risk, Disclaimer of Liability & Personal Conduct
    18.1. Competitors participate in the regatta at their own risk. See Rule 4 (Decision to Race). The
          organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death
          sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.
    18.2. The competitor will accept full responsibility for all his/her actions during any activity related to the
          event. This includes on-shore activities before, during, and after the regatta.
    18.3. Competitors are required to abide by the Exclusion Zones as stated in Attachment B.

19. Insurance
    19.1. Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance with a minimum
          cover of $500,000 per event or the equivalent. Competitors must be prepared to supply proof of
          insurance on request.

20. Further Information
    20.1. Additional useful information regarding accommodations, travel, and area recreation are available
Attachment A - Racing Area
DOSC Location
                                                Attachment B

                                            General Information

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club is a private club. Please pay attention to club members and do not break any


1. DOSC has a large number of parking spots, so please do not park your cars in the boat storage areas.
2. Do not block aisles or access ways with cars, boats, trailers or gear.

Exclusion Zones:

1.   The World Island Exclusion Zones are marked by yellow Buoys. Please stay outside of these marks
     otherwise race Committee will count you as DSQ.
2.   Do not sail inside of the Palm Islands.


1. Please keep personal gear and boat equipment together, out of the way and safe at all times. DOSC
   are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
2. Pick up all trash.
3. Do not use electrical power from the Marina. Electrical power for repairs will be provided near the Race

                                                Attachment C

                            Dubai Local Customs – Code of Conduct Advice

                                       Dubai is an Arab Muslim State.

1.   Please do not swear in public or make hand gestures while driving or anywhere else.
2.   Please do not kiss in public outside of the Sailing Club grounds. Holding hands is fine.
3.   Please only drink alcohol within the yacht club grounds or inside a bar. It is illegal to drink in public or
     outside of a licensed bar without an alcohol licence.
4.   Please do not drink and drive, there is zero tolerance in the UAE.
5.   Please dress modestly in public places.
6.   All Arabs will be courteous to you if you are courteous to them, especially the Arabs at the yacht club.