The Future of Wireless LAN in Asia by rraul


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The Future of Wireless LAN in Asia

Description:    Although revenue models are still being tested and a viable public Wlan (Wi-Fi) business model has
                yet to emerge on a convincing scale, most of the major mobile and fixed-line carriers in Asia have
                begun deploying Wlan hotspots. We believe Wlan will become an important new revenue segment
                in Asia’s service market, driven by:

                - High Broadband Penetration
                - 3G Delays
                - Hybrid Devices and Business Models

                Get an understanding of where Wi-Fi development stands in Asia right now -- which countries are
                on the cutting edge and which operators appear most likely to succeed. This report analyzes Wlan
                and 3G deployments today and how operators can leverage both technologies to retain and gain
                subscribers. We include an in-depth case study of how Pccw would benefit from extensively
                deploying Wi-Fi in Hong Kong. We provide costs and revenue forecasts and illustrate the
                competitive advantage the operator would gain from such a strategy.

                This report is for vendors who need to know how Wi-Fi will develop in Asia, and what it means to
                3G operators who need to learn how to use Wi-Fi as defensive and offensive business strategies
                and consultants who want to understand current and future competitive and technological dynamics
                of Wi-Fi in Asia.
                Number of Pages: 52
                Number of Exhibits: 22
                Regions: Asia-Pacifc

Contents:       Executive Summary
                Pervasive broadband wireless drivers
                Technology and business trends driving wireless broadband and WLANs
                2.5G cellular networks makes WLAN more attractive to mobile device users
                Bandwidth drives bandwidth
                Wireless as a substitution for copper last mile access
                China Telecom’s Little Trojan Horse – Personal Access System based on PHS
                Product Example: Hitachi’s NPD-20JWL PDA with VoIP over W-LAN
                WLAN complements both cellular 3G and fixed line broadband access networks
                3G Mobile Deployments in Asia
                NTT DoCoMo FOMA – does not bode well for WCDMA
                CDMA2000 1X Great Success But As Good As It Gets
                China still sitting on the fence
                Hong Kong issues 3G licenses, but…PCCW gets out and Hutchison’s global strategy is being
                WLAN: First Stop Towards 4G Pervasive Broadband Services
                Investor’s Perspective
                Technology Entrepreneur’s Perspective: W-LANs to spur open source development towards
                pervasive broadband
                RF Waves (Israel)
                Incumbent Service Provider’s Perspective: Entrée into Personal Multimedia Services
                1. Executive Summary
                2. Pervasive Broadband Wireless Drivers
                2.1 Technology and Business Trends Driving Wireless Broadband and WLANs
                2.1.1 Convergence of intellectual property
                2.1.2 Continued advances in cost performance of microprocessors, ASICs, and memories
                2.1.3 Convergence of mobile computing and communications functionality
                2.1.4 2.5G cellular networks makes WLAN more attractive to mobile device users
                2.1.5 Bandwidth drives bandwidth
                2.1.6 Wireless as a substitution for copper last-mile access
            2.1.7 WLAN complements both cellular 3G and fixed-line broadband access networks
            3. 3G Mobile Deployments in Asia
            3.1 NTT DoCoMo FOMA Does Not Bode Well for WCDMA
            3.2 CDMA2000 1X Great Success, But As Good As It Gets
            3.3 China Still Sitting on the Fence
            3.4 Hong Kong Issues 3G Licenses, But PCCW Gets Out and Hutchison’s Global Strategy Is Being
            4. WLAN: First Stop Toward 4G Pervasive Broadband Services
            4.1 Investors’ Perspectives
            4.2 Technology Entrepreneurs’ Perspectives: WLANs to Spur Open Source Development Toward
            Pervasive Broadband
            4.3 Incumbent Service Providers’ Perspectives: Entrée into Personal Multimedia Services
            4.4 Cellular Operators’ and Application Developers’ Perspectives
            4.5 Government’s Perspective: WLANs to Generate Pervasive Broadband Clusters
            4.6 Early WLAN deployments across Asia
            4.6.1 Singapore
            4.6.2 Japan
            4.6.3 China
            5. Case Study: Building the Business Case for WLANs in Hong Kong
            5.1 PCCW’s Renewed Business Strategy
            Pacific Place shopping mall
            5.2 PCCW: Hypothetical Base Case for Kowloon/Hong Kong Island WLAN Deployment
            5.3 Ownership Scenarios for In-Building Broadband Wireless
            5.3.1 Multiple systems owned by operators
            5.3.2 Integrated radio systems
            5.3.3 Wholly owned by lead operator
            5.3.4 Wholly owned by property owner
            5.3.5 Shared ownership among operators
            5.3.6 Shared ownership with property owner and lead operator
            5.3.7 Composite scenario
            6. Conclusion
            Appendix 1: RFWaves’ Short Range
            Appendix 2 Sony: Software Radio Chip Research Taking Shape

            List of Exhibits:

            Broadband penetration Across Regions, 2000-2007
            Mobile penetration in, 2000-2007
            U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association’s IC Technology Roadmap
            Migration of GSM and cdmaOne to GPRS/EDGE and cdma20001X
            China PAS VAS Offerings, 2002
            WLANs as bridge to broadband wireless services
            Early Venture Capital Funding in Pervasive Broadband Development
            Pervasive Broadband: Combines Wireless and Wireline Technologies
            Building Broadband Wireless Clusters
            Japan: Industry Clusters Forming Around Broadband Wireless
            Intel’s Vision for future RF
            WLAN Operators, Tariffs, and Coverage, 2002
            NTT Group: W-LAN Services
            DoCoMo’s W-LAN in Migration to 4G Ubiquitous Wireless Systems
            China: WLAN Tariffs

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