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					                                 DESERT TIMESHARE RENTALS

                                      LISTING AGREEMENT

This Non-Exclusive Agency Listing Agreement here-in-after referred to as “Listing Agreement”,
made and entered into this _____ day of _________, 2009 by and between Desert Timeshare
Rentals here-in-after referred to as "Agent," and _________________ here-in-after referred to as
"Owner," hereby grants Agent non-exclusive rights to lease the timeshare week described below:

Property: _____________________________________________

Reserved Dates: _______________________________________Confirmation#(s)

Listing Price: $ _______________________

OWNER           AGENT


                P.O. BOX 11828

                PALM DESERT, CA 92255

                PHONE: 760 – 610 – 0289

The Agreement will go into effect on ____________ and expire upon notification by Owner.

Desert Timeshare Rentals will continue to list the timeshare unless notified by Owner to remove

Owner must notify Desert Timeshare Rentals when canceling with Owner Services, banking with
Interval, or otherwise making week unavailable for rental. Desert Timeshare Rentals will then
remove listing from website. Desert Timeshare Rentals will list up until check in day unless notified
by Owner.

Owner agrees to grant a non-exclusive right to market the timeshare week described above to
Agent for the term of this agreement.

Owner may list the timeshare for rent with any other competing agent, timeshare rental service or
Internet listing service during the term of the agreement.

Owner agrees to grant Agent permission to contact Owner Services on Owner’s behalf. Such
permission shall be in the form of a signed “Permission to Transact” form attached to this
Agent agrees to make every effort to rent timeshare week for the amount stated above. Such
efforts shall include – but are not limited to:

    •   Listing on Desert Timeshare Rentals website

Agent will perform the following services on the Owner’s behalf in order to facilitate the rental of the
above stated timeshare week:

    •   Verify status of week with Owner Services

    •   Manage all marketing efforts

    •   Handle all communications with potential renters

    •   Execute all lease agreements with renters

    •   Receive and distribute rental proceeds

    •   Communicate rental information to Owner Services

    •   Provide renters with rental confirmations

Owner is not obligated to reimburse agent if timeshare week is not leased during the term of the

Owner agrees to pay Agent a 30% commission on the gross rental amount. Such commission
shall be deducted from payment made by renter.

Renters will agree to a short-term lease agreement and pay the gross rental amount in full via
credit card. Owner’s payments will be released within 30 days of rental.

Renters will have the option of canceling their booking up to 90 days prior to check-in. However,
the canceled week will be the responsibility of Desert Timeshare Rentals to rent again. Once paid,
Owner no longer has an interest in the week or responsibility for renting.

Owner remains responsible for payment of annual maintenance fees associated with the vacation

Owner is responsible for all taxes that may be payable on the portion of the rental they receive as a
result of the lease of the vacation week. Owners should consult with their tax advisor regarding tax
related questions.

This document contains the entire agreement between the parties, and any changes, amendments,
or modifications hereof shall be void unless the same are in writing and signed by the parties
hereto. Agent and Owner acknowledge receipt of a true copy of this Non-Exclusive Agency Listing

There is no fee to list your week. Owners only pay a fee if they accept our rental offer.

The parties below agree to the terms stated above:

__________________________              _________

Agent Signature     Print Full Name Date

__________________________              _________

Owner Signature     Print Full Name Date
                                   PERMISSION TO TRANSACT

Owner Services: _________________________Resort Name



I/We______________________________________ give Desert Timeshare Rentals and it’s
assigns permission to transact on my account – described below:

Resort: ____________________________________

Unit Type: _____________________________

Phase: ______

Week# /Dates: _____________

Reservation# (Confirmation #) _______________ (Owner Services if unsure of #)

Contract # (required): _____________ (Call Owner Services#)

Unit #(s) (if available) _______________

This permission extends only to information required to expedite the rental of the above referenced
week, such as:

    •   Confirming status of week

    •   Splitting lock-offs for unrelated renters

    •   Confirming names of renters to Owner Services

    •   Receipt of Reservation Confirmation emails - with renters’ names

Owner Name (s) ___________________________

Owner Address: ___________________________


Owner Phone – on record with Owner Services: _____________________________

Owner email – on record with Owner Services: ______________________________

Owner Signature _________________________ Date ________