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									                a sustainable future

Dedicated to Sustainable Seafood Excellence
our core philosophy
is based on sustainability and stewardship

At Clearwater, we believe that sustainability is not just good business, it is our corporate and personal responsibility. Healthy
oceans are fundamental to the success of our business. We know that understanding, protecting, and promoting the long
term productivity of our fisheries resources translates into sustainable economic performance of our company, benefits the
environment, provides social benefits for our employees and communities and ensures our children have the ocean’s bounty
to pass to their children.

The assurance of stable access to resources through our rights based fisheries management system rewards responsibility and
promotes reinvestment of economic returns back into the science and management systems that foster sustainability.
Clearwater believes that as a user of a natural renewable resource we have a responsibility to be stewards of that resource and
make decisions based on the best available science and long term sustainability rather than short term market convenience.
We are mindful of the potential impact of our operations and we make significant investments in science and technology to
ensure we understand and manage those impacts appropriately. We work both through our corporate initiatives and through
collaborative projects with government agencies to advance solutions to challenges we face in the fishery.

We face many more environmental challenges in today’s world. These are far broader than fisheries sustainability and reach
far beyond our small place on the planet. We must all do our part at both home and at work to be mindful of our impact on
the environment. At Clearwater, we are working hard to constantly review our supply chain and put in place initiatives to
address our impacts on our environment. We have always strived to be a leader in the fishing industry and continuously
improve our operations. In today’s world of environmental uncertainty, we have redoubled our efforts to be leaders in
sustainable and responsible fishing practices as well as in all our interactions with our environment. We are dedicated to
providing our customers with safe, healthy, sustainable seafood products that we are proud to serve to our own families and
you can be proud to serve yours.

                                                                               Colin MacDonald
                                                                               Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                               Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership
                             healthy oceans
                             A healthy ocean environment is the foundation of Clearwater’s
                             business. As a business reliant on the oceans, and as a dedicated
                             steward, it is our responsibility to understand the resources we
                             harvest and their connections within the ecosystem. Managing
                             our harvests intelligently and limiting the impact of our activities,
                             both at sea and on land, is essential to protect the sustainability
                             of the ocean and our business.

                             Clearwater is recognized nationally and internationally as an
                             environmental leader by our commitment to:

                             • responsible fish harvesting practices
                             • investment in scientific data gathering and
                               marine ecosystem research
                             • continuous improvement through technology development.

The future of healthy,       As we continue to evolve, our focus has shifted from traditional
                             individual-species management to broader ecosystem
sustainable oceans lies in   management that considers non-target species and habitat
understanding that any       impacts. Our commitment to keep our ocean environment clean
                             motivates us to adhere to strict waste disposal policies in our fleet
single species is only as    and to support the work of non-governmental organizations on
healthy as the environment   ocean pollution prevention programs within Canada.

in which it lives.           We recognize that ecosystems are intrinsically linked.
                             Clearwater operations on land as well as at sea are undertaken
                             with a focus on sustainability.
responsible fishing
At Clearwater we believe that responsible fishing goes beyond
strict adherence to rules and regulations. It means being a
steward of our resources and understanding the impact of our
activities. We are working together with government and
industry partners to maximize value and maintain healthy
fisheries resources into the future.

Responsible fishing is about “best practices on the water.”
For us this means taking a company-wide commitment to
sustainability and applying it at sea. The fundamental
requirements of responsible fishing include:

• practices that adhere to the spirit as well as the letter
  of laws and regulations
• working with our partners to help develop and implement            “(The Northwest Atlantic)
  new rules and regulations intended to protect the ocean
  and its diverse ecosystem;                                         fisheries are among the most
• managing the impacts of fishing on habitat and on                  regulated and managed in the
  non-target species.
                                                                     world, and the catch recovery
Clearwater is a key partner with the Canadian government and is
recognized for its leadership role and cooperation in research and   that has occurred recently may
policy development. The Food and Agricultural Organization of        be viewed as an indication of
the UN (FAO) has acknowledged Canada’s leadership in fisheries
management and the effectiveness of our practices.                   the effectiveness of
At Clearwater we recognize that ensuring sustainable fisheries
                                                                     management measures.”
means continuous attention and research to improve our               Reference: FAO Fisheries Department
                                                                     Series title: State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA 2006 ) p. 26
scientific understanding and update management measures to
reflect current knowledge.
 “The Corporation and its employees shall treat the protection
of the environment as an integral factor in all decision-making.”
         Section 11,Clearwater Code of Business Conduct, Protection of the environment.
A commitment to sustainability requires leadership.
Clearwater is leading the industry and is a respected partner
in initiatives to improve sustainability of resources in the
jurisdictions where we operate. One of Clearwater’s major         Clearwater is a respected
initiatives has been our commitment to the development of
                                                                  partner at the leading edge
rights-based management systems. Secure access to a defined
share of the available quota ends the destructive race for fish   of fisheries science and
that occurs in competitive fisheries. Within this structure,
                                                                  technology initiatives.
Clearwater has eagerly taken the opportunity to invest
heavily in research and technology that underlie
sustainable management.

Over and above our commitment to fisheries leadership, we
have also taken on a broader role as a sustainability leader
through our commitment to the Canadian Industry Program
for Energy Conservation as a CIPEC Leader. This program,
along with other initiatives we are undertaking, addresses the
need for sustainability throughout all our operations,
including our processing facilities and offices.

A commitment to sustainability also requires accountability.
Clearwater can demonstrate to customers that proper
management and controls are in place in all of our fisheries
through a variety of mechanisms including self-assessment,
customer audits, and independent third-party
eco-labeling programs.
best practices
Clearwater is Dedicated to Sustainable Seafood Excellence and
implements best practices to all activities and processes between
ocean and plate. This commitment provides the guiding principle
for corporate decisions, harvesting practices, processing, and the
delivery of safe and healthy seafood to our customers.

At Sea Our fleet is equipped with sophisticated habitat mapping
and vessel monitoring systems that provide 24 hour tracking and
ensure that only specified areas are being fished.

Our Plants Stringent quality control practices are mandatory on
our vessels and in our processing plants, all of which are HACCP
                                                                     The Canadian Northern Shrimp
certified or equivalent. Clearwater has implemented standards
above the regulatory requirements as demonstrated by our             fishery and the Argentine
internal Quality Management Audit team.
                                                                     Scallop fishery have achieved
Our Supply Chain We are constantly reviewing our practices in        MSC Certification. Clearwater
regard to product packaging and delivery systems to manage the
impact of our operations on the environment.                         is currently undertaking MSC
Our Customers As a vertically integrated company Clearwater is
                                                                     certification for two additional
able to control all aspects of our operations and assure             Canadian fisheries.
traceability of our products.

Certification Clearwater is undertaking independent third party
certification for sustainability in our fisheries. In 2007,
Clearwater’s Argentine operation became the first scallop fishery
                                                                                 A fishery that achieves MSC Certification
in the world to receive Marine Stewardship Council certification,                has demonstrated that it meets the MSC’s
                                                                                 independent and globally recognized
and in 2008, the Canadian Northern Shrimp fishery became the                     environmental standard for a well-managed
first Canadian fishery certified.                                                and sustainable fishery.
social sustainability
    Clearwater’s commitment to sustainability includes a
    commitment to people. Clearwater is a major employer in
    Atlantic Canadian and Argentine coastal communities and
    continues to provide opportunities for quality employment
    and healthy lifestyles for our employees. We are committed to
    investment in our people and communities by supporting
    continuous education, mentorship, and opportunities for
    growth and advancement.

    Clearwater believes in good corporate citizenship and is proud
    of the charitable donations we make each year in support of
    our community organizations, primarily those with a focus on
    children’s health and welfare. We believe that we have the best
    people and operate in some of the best places in the world and
    this is fundamental to our success.

    Social Responsibility Awards received
    for our efforts in Argentina serve as
    reminders of our corporate citizenship
    commitment to not just our local but
    also our global communities.
“We would like to be seen as a company that left behind more than it took.”
                                                           Colin MacDonald, CEO

                                                                                            Cert no. SW-COC-002628

        Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership, 757 Bedford Highway, NS, Canada, B4A 3Z7

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