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									1                                      Arranging Your Wedding Online

    Welcome to’s guide to arranging your wedding

    With your big day approaching ever closer, getting all the help you can is a
    good idea. Using the Internet is an obvious place to start but it can be a
    time consuming and often frustrating process.

    In this guide you will find:

           The top five wedding websites that you have to visit.
           Where to go online to answer your most tricky wedding questions
           Inspiration websites to help you find your honeymoon location
           Best free wedding plan guides and advice
           Advice on creating a wedding emergency kit
           Finding local suppliers
           And much more…

    Please feel free to pass this guide around to other people or pass on the
    download page at so they can stay in
    touch with any updates.

    Using the Guide
    Important: As you read through the guide you will find links to relevant websites. The links look like
    this. If you move your mouse over the link and click, it will take you to the website. Better still it will
    often take you to specially selected pages on the websites that I have hand picked for you. Do use
    the links they will save you time. Even if the link says for example it will often take you
    to a more relevant page, such are the wonders of e-books!

    I hope you find this guide useful. I intend to keep revising it based on the experience of people using
    it. If you have any comments on this guide or wish to tell me about some of the best places you found
    online please email me at

    Please note that while I have viewed every website referred to in this guide and often tried out the
    products mentioned, you need to make up your own mind before paying for any product service they
    offer. If you have a bad experience I would like to hear about it and will remove any supplier or
    website that receives too many complaints.

2                           Arranging Your Wedding Online

    Top Five Websites to Visit

                  Great starting point for wedding information, online shopping and tons of
                  advice. Packed with ideas and some useful tools for wedding planning,
                  managing your guest list and budgeting.

                  Most wedding websites offer you supplier listings so you can track down
                  suppliers. TotallyWeddings takes a different, less stressful approach. You tell
                  TotallyWeddings what you are after and they arrange for suppliers to contact
                  you at your convenience. This is a free service.

                  The nicest thing about TotallyWeddings is the personality of the website which
                  is suitably serious but fun at the same time. Recently featured on Radio 2 as
                  website of the week.

                  Hitched is a mix of shopping and wedding advice pages. The range of
                  guidance available covers almost any wedding topic you could think.

                  Worth visiting for their inspirational pages – cakes , dresses and bridal
                  jewellery. Also worth using the time planning wizard to work out key dates
                  based on your wedding day.
                  There are several places to share your experiences and ask for advice from
                  others who are soon to be married. The WeddingForum is probably one of the
                  best with sections on planning & ideas, honeymoon locations and a place for
                  stags to compare notes.

                  While this is an American website, it worth a visit for the wealth of experience
                  it contains. The content areas in green on the left and the tools below give you
                  advice and practical help. It is also worth browsing the shop for unique and
                  different ideas.

3                                     Arranging Your Wedding Online

    Finding Inspiration
    In searching for inspiration for some of the wedding essentials it is worth having a look at what other
    people have done before you. The portfolios of potential suppliers are a great place to start.

    General Inspiration…
    For general inspiration on cakes and dresses to flower and stationery, visit the inspirational pages at

    Wedding Hair
    Try viewing the portfolios at

    There are some step by step instructions available for the adventurous at and
    lots of other good advice.

    Wedding Cakes
    You should be able to find some great ideas from the following cake photo galleries.

          Cakes By Franziska

    Wedding Dress Ideas
    The internet is overflowing with Wedding Dress Companies; I plan to create a separate guide just for
    Wedding Dress Ideas and suppliers. I will email this to you once it is completed.

    For now take try visiting:

          Amelia Classics
          Alfred Dangelo UK
          For Celtic and Mediaeval dresses –try

4                                     Arranging Your Wedding Online

    Finding Local Suppliers
    Apart from the using the electronic version of the yellow pages, you can find some
    special directories of local wedding suppliers on the main wedding websites. They are often sorted by
    county and type of supplier you need. Try the following:

          Local Supplier List on Confetti
          The Totally Wedding supplier directory
          The Hitched Directory of Suppliers

    Finding Help Online
    Help online generally comes from either other brides and grooms or wedding suppliers.

    One of the most useful places to find other people with similar issues is on the wedding forums. A
    forum is a place where you can discuss topics with other people. Each topic can have several replies
    that build up over time as people express their opinion. Do be aware that not all the people who
    answer questions are brides - sometimes they are suppliers in disguise!

    The best forums can be found at:

    Another place to visit for really tricky questions is the Question and Answer section on You will need to register to access this section but if you are trying to locate a
    special type of wedding car or looking for something really special it is worth asking the question on
    their website.

5                                     Arranging Your Wedding Online

    Planning Guides
    The number of things to organise and pay for can be overwhelming. To
    make this easier for you take a look at some of the best checklists and
    budget planners that are freely available on the web.

    A printable Wedding Checklist and Budget Planner from Martha Stewart
    can found at:

    Great Excel-based budget planner from the Marriott hotel chain can be
    found at:

    The Confetti website features a range of planning tools. You will need to register your details to get
    access to their tools. You can see an example page at:

    General advice on using Microsoft products like Excel to help with your wedding can be found at:

6                                     Arranging Your Wedding Online

    Finding Wedding Readings
    Finding the right reading can be hard. From the traditional bible readings to Shakespeare to books
    and novels the list of potential candidates is quite long. Don’t forget to get approval from the minister
    or registrar.

 has a good starting list of readings from a wide range of sources. also covers classic readings, novel and book based, Shakespeare as well
       as some unusual and unique ideas.
 is worth a visit for purely bible based wedding readings.
 offers range of love poems and readings that cover both religious and civil

    Wedding Etiquette
    One of the wedding worries is that you break a tradition you didn’t know about. On top of that there is
    the issue of who pays for what, who does what? There are some very comprehensive guides
    available online to help out.
  - Etiquette guide thanks to the BBC.

    Wedding Magazines Online
    Lots of ideas and inspiration is available from the many wedding magazines available in the shops.
    Before buying take a peak at their websites to get an idea of their style. Often you can enter their
    competitions online … may be you will win your dream honeymoon!

    You and Your Wedding

    Wedding Ideas Magazines

    Cosmopolitan Bride

7                                     Arranging Your Wedding Online

    Gift Registries
    Rather than the old fashioned wedding list and the task of making keeping
    track of it all, why not look at online gift registries. Lots of suppliers run
    them as it is good for business. Martha Stewart provides a great
    Introduction to Gift Registries.

    Some of the best UK registries

    You can also find a bigger list of gift registries at

    Wedding Rings
    There are lots of jewellers online with some bargains to be found. A good starting point if you are
    undecided about ring styles is the Goldsmiths Ring Search click on the rings page to find the search.

    A great place for diamond rings in white, normal and mixed gold is madlydeeply who also offer a
    bespoke design service. If you are after some advice then they also have an online chat system to
    talk with the sales staff.

    If you are on a budget you may find some good offers at JewelleryTV

    For more general bridal jewellery it is worth visiting Bridal

    Hen and Stag Ideas
    General advice on arranging Hen and Stag events can be found on the Hen and Stag Advice at
    Confetti. The Coop travelshop have a guide to some potential destinations at their website

    If you are in need of ideas for stag or hen parties then you will find a great search at Red Seven
    Leisure which allows you pick your type of party, the length of time and the location (including UK and
    overseas). They then list their current offers. There is also a UK only search to be found at Crocodile

    Need some games to play on the Hen do take a look at the downloadable and printable games at
    Bridal Shower Games A to Z. They have around 40 different games and a party planner kit. Games
    include ‘What the bride might say on her honeymoon night?’ and ‘You know you can’t sing’.

8                                     Arranging Your Wedding Online

    Finding Wine and Champagne
    Picking champagne and wine is new to most of us, to get a basic knowledge of what to look for take a
    visit to About Champagne at

    If you are able to supply your own alcohol at your reception then hunting around on the web can
    make some savings. Start with M & S Wine and M & S Champagne which should give you some
    starting points for price.

    Whatever you are looking for from the everyday to the extra special wine or champagne you will find it
    at Chateau Online. They frequently have special offers throughout their stock. Similarly Sparkling
    Direct has a good range of champagne as well as wine gifts to give or send as ‘thank-you’s.

    Thank You Gifts
    At various times you need to give thank-you gifts to those who helped.

    For general inspiration take a look at Gift UK.

    For gorgeous flowers by post try Bunches or for flowers, pot plants and other gifts for the green
    fingered visit crocus.

    For chocoholic presents, the best chocolate comes from Hotel Chocolate or try the online sweet shop
    at A Quarter Of ...

    If you want to give a personalised gift you will find Photobox has a range of gifts based on your
    photos, so you can create a personalised mug, calendars even cushions. It is also worth using their
    free service to collect an online gallery of informal photos from your guests for everyone to view after
    the event.

    There is a more developed range of personalised gifts at Getting Personal which include personalised
    newspapers, children’s music CDs and blankets.

    For something smelly and relaxing Bath and Unwind has a lovely site which also covers some
    pampering for the blokes too. Alternatively there are range of pampering packages and other
    treatments available nationwide as vouchers from the spa company Re-aqua. Re-aqua’s website also
    frequently has offers on skincare products that are worth looking out for.

9                                    Arranging Your Wedding Online

    Wedding Day Emergency Kit
    Hopefully nothing will go wrong on your wedding day but the following websites offer some very
    helpful advice about creating a small emergency kit to travel with you.

    If you want to go a bit further with this take a look at ‘The worst-case scenario survival handbook:
    Weddings’ on Both serious and funny this book offers advice on everything from
    making an emergency ring, emergency cleaning a stained wedding dress, repairing a dropped cake,
    making an emergency bouquet, dealing with drunk bridesmaids and more.

    Wedding Music
    UK musician and entertainment directory – You can hire live music bands for a wedding
    reception, obtain links to musician websites and view a more general entertainers

    The Oberon String Quartet – has a list of potential music for wedding ceremonies along with sample
    of about half the tunes to listen to.

10                              Arranging Your Wedding Online

 Wedding and Honeymoon Destinations
                            Choosing your wedding or honeymoon venue, would you like
                            your wedding to be a memorable one?

                            If you have not yet decided on either of the venues and if it
                            suits your pocket, you could choose any venue from all over the
                            world. You could even have your honeymoon the same place
                            as your wedding. Some of our suggestions and resources are
                            listed below:

 These romantic settings offer a serene yet lovely backdrop to your wedding or

 Sydney Weddings: This vibrant and lively city offers numerous locations that are set to
 be perfect for your dream wedding or honeymoon.

 Beach Wedding: A short distance form Sydney's city Centre, offers white sands and
 wonderful views of Sydney from your wedding location.

 Tall Ship wedding: This magnificent & romantic Tall Ship was built in Denmark in the
 1920's and is now harboured at Sydney Harbour.

 Opera House: Being the best known landmarks of Australia, Sydney Opera House is
 available for your wedding.

 The Caribbean
 Bahamas: A country of 700 islands. From the pink sands of Harbour Island and Eleuthera
 to the secluded islands of the Exumas and San Salvador, there is a lifetime of beaches to
 experience. Enjoy the perfect climate, and the clear turquoise blue waters either at your
 wedding or at your honeymoon.

 Barbados: Typically Tropical. Enjoy your wedding or your honeymoon in one of the
 jewels of the Caribbean.

 Jamaica: The multifaceted mosaic of international customs and traditions, this is an ideal
 destination for a truly international class wedding or honeymoon.

 St Lucia: One of the favoured wedding resorts in the Caribbean is St Lucia. This Island
 holds slightly more contrast in comparison to some of the Islands, and breathtaking
 views of the Piton Mountain will stay with you forever.

11                                 Arranging Your Wedding Online

 Tobago: Tobago is home to the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere. It
 really is the last of the un-spoilt Caribbean. Once you behold her beauty, you will
 understand why Tobago would be an ideal wedding or honeymoon destination.

 Cyprus: Cyprus, partly due it's shorter flight time has proved to be a very popular
 wedding destination for many years, especially so with those who have friends and
 family attending. The choice of venues in Cyprus is wide and you can choose from
 beaches, hotels and churches. Obtaining your marriage license is straight forward
 making this the perfect location for many couples.

 Italy Wine Wedding Tour: Taking in some of the best romantic hotels and food & wine
 experiences Italy has to offer, this 11 day route is ultra luxurious! You'll have your own chauffeured
 Mercedes and personal guides throughout this unbelievable tour.

 Take the Orient Express: Travel on the world’s most romantic train.

 France: From a sophistication of a Paris Wedding to a honeymoon in the Cote d’Azur.

 UK Ideas
 Edinburgh – Take a look at the splendour of the Bonham hotel.

 Lake District - The Lake District offers an unforgettable destination for a honeymoon.
 Stay in award-winning accommodation, take romantic strolls by quiet lakes and enjoy
 activities for the adventurous. There are also fantastic restaurants to find, breathtaking
 beauty spots to discover and everything to make your stay truly memorable.

 Cotswolds - Romantic rolling green hills of Gloucestershire.

 UK and Ireland honeymoon hotels – View a range honeymoon hotels set among scenic
 coastlines, mountain or lakeside retreats.

 Indian Ocean:
 Mauritius - Surrounded by perfect white beaches with turquoise water and lush greenery
 in the central highlands, Mauritius make a perfect honeymoon location.

 Seychelles – An idyllic string of islands set in the Indian Ocean.

12                             Arranging Your Wedding Online

 USA & Canada: Florida & Disney, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, Banff

 Lapland: Travel deep into the Arctic Circle to Finnish Lapland for a fairytale setting, amid
 pine forests and crisp, white snow to wed under the twinkling North Star. Enjoy the thrill
 of husky dog safaris and snowmobile adventures; snuggle up on a reindeer sleigh or in a
 log cabin next to a blazing fire for a truly memorable wedding.

 Take a cruise
 Cruising provides one of the most idyllic settings for getting married and it is a
 spectacular way to celebrate a honeymoon or mark a wedding anniversary.

 Travel companies to compare prices
 Shopping online for that honeymoon location can produce some great savings.

 Some ideas
       Travel Search at
       Kuono Wedding – which covers the whole world
       For lovely villas in Italy, the Algarve, Kefallonia, Mallorca and Menorca visit the
   Villa Collection
       For those 18-26 STATravel offers travel that can go a long way on a budget
       Hotel Hippo provides a hotel search for friendly hotels across the world.

13                               Arranging Your Wedding Online

 Wedding Software
 Wedding Tracker has all the essentials to enable you to create your own wedding
 website with photographs and clips. This site also provides the use of wedding planning
 software through which you can keep track of almost all essentials regarding your
 Another great site that even provides a free demo of the wedding tracking software that
 includes budgeting, printing invitations, guest list management etc.

 Other Sites to See
 Wedding Day Guide, The - Explains the where, what, and how of proposing, planning the
 big day, speeches, checklists, and more.
 Online wedding dress and accessory shopping site.

 Wedding Speeches – offers a range of great free advice of creating and delivering wedding
 speeches. Bruno Barton who runs this site offers speech kits for best man, groom and father of the
 bride. The kits give you the main structure and content of the speech and allow you to tailor the
 speech to your occasion and guests. – find a toastmaster and they may also be able to help with your

 Regional Wedding Sites – Northern Ireland – information on wedding venues, planning information and classified

 Wedsite Scotland - Includes dress ideas and bridal shops, venues, wedding transport,
 photography, flowers, and cakes. - Wedding supply companies based in and around Essex.

14                                 Arranging Your Wedding Online

 Glossary Of Wedding Terms And Definitions
 I have included a wedding glossary just in case… it is best to understand some of the wedding jargon
 so you know what is what…

 Ascot Tie - This is a wide type of necktie that is reserved for the most formal of daytime weddings.

 Backpiece - This is a highly decorated comb fixed on the back of a bride’s head for attaching the veil.

 Ballet - Also known as a waltz, this is a length of veil dropping below the bride’s knees, but above her

 Basket Weave - Decorative piping on the wedding cake featuring interlinked horizontal and vertical
 lines of icing.

 Best Man - The best man is a very important man of the wedding. His duties are to keep the bride’s
 ring safe until it’s time, announcing speeches at the reception, signing the marriage license, and to
 make sure that the groom gets to the wedding!

 Biedermeier - A type of posy where the flowers are arranged in rings according to their color.

 Blusher - A short, single layered veil that covers the bride’s face before the ceremony.

 Bomboniere - Italian word which is sometimes used to refer to wedding favors.

 Boutonierre - This is a flower, flower bud or a small group of flowers or buds; worn by the groom,
 best man, ushers and the male relatives of the bride and groom, on the left lapel of their jackets.

 Bow Tie - The most popular choice of tie to wear with a tuxedo. Also known as a ‘dickey bow.’

 Bridal or Bride’s Bouquet - Bunch of flowers given by the groom to his bride.

 Bridal Procession – The bridal entourage, with the bride on her father’s arm.

 Bridesmaids – Girls, who are good friends with the bride to support her emotionally both before and
 on the wedding day.

 Buffet - A self service style of meal at a wedding reception, where the food and drinks are presented
 on a long table.

 Buttercream - A soft and creamy icing that can be colored, flavored and used as decoration for a
 wedding cake.

 Calligraphy - This is an ornate and highly stylized form of handwriting seen on expensive wedding

 Candle Lighters – Uniquely children who light candles at the altar when the bride’s mother takes her

15                                 Arranging Your Wedding Online

 Cathedral - The longest of veils, three and a half yards in length.

 Chapel - The bridal veil that will reach the floor, extending two and a half yards from the headpiece.

 Cornelli - Decorative form of icing which resembles a lacework on the wedding cake.

 Corsage - A single flower bloom or a small group of blooms attached to a lace and pinned to either
 the front of a woman’s dress, or at her wrist.

 Crown - A fully circular gemstone or bead adorned head piece that is larger than both a half crown
 and tiara.

 Cummerbund - A broad sash worn around a man’s waist on top of his shirt but under the jacket.
 They are usually black but for weddings may be coloured to co-ordinate with flowers, bridesmaids
 dresses etc.

 Dais - This is a podium or platform raised from the floor.

 Damask - This is a linen or fabric with raised patterns woven into it.

 Dotted Swiss - Method of decorating the wedding cake involving small random dots of icing.

 Double Tier - A two layered veil. Usually, one layer will be longer than the other.

 Dragees Round - These are the edible and brightly colored balls of sugar seen on wedding cakes.

 Elbow - A length of veil which reaches down to the bride’s elbows.

 Embellishments - These are extra adornments either sewn or glued onto a bridal gown.

 Euro Tie - Often worn with a spread collar, this is a long tie that is more formal than a regular necktie,
 but less so than an Ascot.

 Favours - Small inexpensive gifts that may be given to all guests at a wedding as a ‘thank you’ for
 their attendance.

 Fiancé - This is the title of the groom or husband-to-be between the engagement and the wedding.

 Fiancée - This is the title of the bride between her engagement and the wedding day.

 Finger Tip - One of the most popular lengths of veil, which as the name suggests, extends to the

 Fish Bowl - Centerpiece in floral decorations where flowers are together, ornate or otherwise, low
 and broad glass bowl.

 Flower Girls or Flower Children - Small children (usually girls) that pave the way down the aisle for
 the bride by holding a pomander or scattering flower petals from a small basket.

16                                   Arranging Your Wedding Online

 Flyaway – Multi-layered veil that will barely reach to the shoulder.

 Fondant - This is a sweet icing made from sugar, syrup and gelatin that has supple qualities which
 enable a layer to be draped over the wedding cake like a fabric.

 Fountain - Name of a veil style, where part is gathered up atop the bride’s head and the remainder
 set loose to fall around her face.

 Ganache - A mixture of chocolate and cream, used either to fill or garnish a wedding cake.

 Garlands - These are flower and / or green leaves twirled into ropes or loops that are often hung from
 the likes of doorways, stairs and railings.

 Groom’s Cake - A smaller, second cake that may or may not be included in the wedding ceremony.

 Half Crown - Ornate headpiece for the bride which lies between a crown and tiara in size and weight.

 Hattabin - These are the male friends and family of the groom at a Moslem wedding.

 Honour Attendants - These are the best man and the maid of honour.

 Hora - A dance at a Jewish wedding where the bride and groom are lifted high on chairs.

 Huppah - A flower bedecked canopy that is an essential part of a Jewish wedding.

 Ikebana - This is an extremely dramatic and artistic form of flower arranging that originated in Japan.

 Imam Zamin - A good luck tradition after a Moslem wedding where the mother of the bride ties a coin
 that is wrapped in silk around her daughter’s arm.

 Juliet Cap - A close fitting cap that is often decorated with precious stones.

 Ketubah - In Jewish weddings, this is the wedding contract between the bride and groom.

 Koumbaro - This is the title of the best man in Eastern Orthodox Christian weddings.

 Lace - A decorative mesh of interlaced threadwork which is plaited, knotted, looped and turned to
 make either simple or complicated patterns and raised work.

 Latticework - An icing adornment on a wedding cake that zigzags.

 Maid Of Honour - Known as the chief bridesmaid in some countries, she is the last bridesmaid to
 walk down the aisle before the bride herself.

 Man Of Honour - Some brides prefer to have a male friend attending to the duties of the maid of

 Mantilla - This is a Spanish word literally meaning `little cloak.’ It is a lace or tulle shawl that the bride
 wears around her head and shoulders.

17                                  Arranging Your Wedding Online

 Marzipan - Made of sugar, egg whites and almonds, this substance can be used as a base for icing.

 Matron Of Honour - Title given, where the maid of honour is married.

 MOH - This abbreviation stands for maid/ man/ matron of honour.

 Oasis - This is the name of a specialist hard foam used by florists in bouquet holders or vases.

 Officiant - This is the cleric or secular official that carries out the ceremony.

 Pages or Page Boys - Small children (usually boys) who follow the bride down the aisle carrying
 some of her train.

 Pillars - These are the supports used to prop up the varying tiers of a multi-tiered wedding cake.

 Piping - This is a way of making shapes like bows, leaves, stars, flowers, or design patterns using

 Pomander - This is a round ball completely covered by flower blooms, carried by flower girls.

 Posies - Small and roundly shaped flower bouquets that are tightly packed including greenery, which
 can often be sweet smelling herbs.

 Pouf - This is a piece of netting that is gathered up and attached to a headpiece or comb.

 Presentation - This is an elegant bouquet of long stemmed flowers that the bride carries in her arms.

 Qazi - This is the title of the cleric who holds a Moslem wedding ceremony.

 Ring Bearer - Usually a small boy, sometimes a little girl, who walks down the aisle as part of the
 bridal procession carrying an ornamental cushion that has two rings tied to it.

 Rukhsat - A ritual tradition in Moslem weddings where the father of the bride gives her hand in
 marriage to her groom, on the promise that he will look after her.

 Shower - A spray of long stemmed flowers, often mixed with ivies that cascades downwards as the
 bride holds it in her hands.

 Silk - This expensive, lustrous, and fine but strong natural thread is used for the most costly of
 wedding gowns.

 Snood - A knitted net the bride may wear at the back of her head to enclose her hair.

 Stroller Coat - This is a semiformal jacket colored gray or black that resembles a tuxedo, but worn
 for daytime weddings.

 Tails - This is an abbreviation for the tail coat worn for formal evening weddings.

18                                 Arranging Your Wedding Online

 Tiara - One of the headpiece options for the bride, a tiara is a thin jeweled semi-circular coronet with
 a higher front and sloping sides worn at the top of the head.

 Tiers - Layers of a wedding cake, usually differing in size, they are supported in place by pillars.

 Topiary - This is the skilled art of clipping or trimming foliage or flower arrangements so that they
 take on the shapes of animals, lettering, numbers, or various but precise geometric forms.

 Tossing Bouquet - A copy of the bride’s bouquet which she throws over her shoulder towards
 bridesmaids and other female guests after the wedding ceremony.

 Train - A long extension to a wedding gown or other dress that trails along the floor behind the

 Tulle - A fine mesh used for bridal veils, and sometimes in wedding gowns.

 Tux or Tuxedo - This is a formal or semi-formal men’s black evening jacket that may be either single-
 breasted (1-4 buttons) or double-breasted (2-6 buttons).

 Waistcoat (Vest) - For ultra-formal evening weddings, the gentlemen might wear a white tie and

 Wali - These are representatives of the bride at a Moslem wedding.

 Walima - This is the Moslem name for a wedding reception.

 Wing Collar - Most formal type of collar, shirts with this are the standard choice for wearing with a

 Yichud - This is a period in a Jewish wedding right after the ceremony. During this period, the bride
 and groom are allowed to be alone together.

19                               Arranging Your Wedding Online

 Feedback again…
 As I mentioned at the start I value you opinion and experiences online and would love to hear from
 you. So if you have any comments on this guide or wish to tell me about some of the best places you
 have found online please email me at

 All the very best for a memorable wedding and honeymoon,



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