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									                                                                                              January 2005
                                     A Report on Appleton’s Economic Development

A Letter from Pete
Hensler, Director of
Economic Development
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Overview of the new                                          North Elevation - View from Fox River
riverfront redevelopment
page two                      Trolley Square Selected for Riverfront
                               By Jim Van Dyke, Economic Development Specialist
THE BIG PICTURE                The Appleton Redevelopment Authority              to secure several restaurant tenants as
Update on the progress at      (ARA) selected Rollie Winter and                  well as complimentary services like a day
Appleton’s newest theater      Associates as the developer for the               spa, hair stylist, galleries etc. A large
located in Downtown.           former Valmet redevelopment site a 2.7            outside dining area is also proposed.
page three                     acre parcel located at 619 South Olde             The developer plans to acquire an
                               Oneida.                                           existing trolley car, rehabilitate it and put
NEIGHBORHOOD                                                                     it on display inside the project so that
REVITALIZATION                 The ARA acquired the property from                people would be able to view the trolley
This City program is           Metso Corporation in 2001 and cleared             as well as visit the various tenants in the
gearing up for its eighth      the site the following year. Since 2001,          development. The proximity of the site
year.                          the Appleton Redevelopment Authority              to Appleton's downtown will also allow
page three                     has completed all environmental                   this location to benefit from downtown
                               assessment and evaluations and now                patrons.
                               holds a certificate of completion and a
FAQ                            transferable liability exemption from the         The site plan will incorporate a trail near
Protective covenants for       Wisconsin Department of Natural                   the rivers edge, along with a pier and a
the Northeast and              Resources. Essentially, all site issues have      fishing platform that will offer scenic
Southpoint Business            been addressed and the property is ready          viewing of the river.
Parks                          for development!
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                               Rollie Winter and Associates proposes to
                               construct a 15,000 to 20,000 square foot
                               brick and glass structure with a metal
                               roof. The development will be named
                               Trolley Square. It is the developers intent

                        “ … meeting community needs … enhancing quality of life.”
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A Letter from Peter Hensler, Director

Now that 2004 is behind us and we're into 2005, there       companies who are gearing up to
are a lot of good things on the horizon. The economy        meet higher demand for their
in Northeast Wisconsin has turned the corner, existing      products and considering adding
businesses are expanding and new businesses are             employees and adding floor space. In
establishing themselves. The Post Crescent ran a story      my discussions with many of these
over the New Year's weekend on the many new                 people innovation and quality of their work force stand
commercial entries in this market during 2004, it was       out as critical factors in the ability to compete
impressive. In addition to these businesses, Appleton has   successfully. The emergence of higher tech
had a number of manufacturing and service companies         manufacturing and production techniques will fit well
expand into new and vacated buildings in our Business       with our innovative and high quality capacity.
Park. JP Graphics, MCC, Inacom, A to Z Machine and
SE Automation have all made major commitments to            In Appleton we continue to offer many choices for
future growth in our Business Park and in the economy       expansion. Opportunities in the Northeast Business Park
of the region. We're glad they have decided to expand       and Southpoint Commerce Park are affordable and
here.                                                       convenient options for manufacturing, distribution and
                                                            office locations. The Downtown, Wisconsin Ave. and
In this issue of the Vantage Point we've highlighted        Riverfront offer unique locations for commercial, office
some of the exciting things happening in Appleton.          and retail. Please contact us with questions or
Aside from the expansions I've cited, our soon to be        information requests on any business expansion,
released report on permits issued gives a good indication   relocation or start up, we'll be happy to help make it
of the rate of growth we're experiencing. I've visited      happen.       
with managers and owners of many of our local

Trolley Square, continued from Page 1

A small stage and amphitheater where the restaurants        Information on other upcoming projects will be covered
can provide entertainment is also part of the plan.         in future issues of the Vantage Point.
Should the City proceed with the construction of a trail          
on the vacant railroad trestle crossing the river the
developer has pledged to donate $100,000 toward the

Rollie Winter and
Associates plans to break
ground on the project in
May of this year with an
opening scheduled for
early September. This
redevelopment project is
one of many planned for
the riverfront.
                                                                        View of Trolley Square, East Elevation
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Big News from the Big Picture
 By Pete Hensler, Director of Economic Development
Not too many months ago the grassy lot at Washington        in March of this year. Groundbreaking for the project was
and Durkee Streets, one block off College Ave., was         on April 13, 2004 with an expedited build out schedule
wanting for a use. The City had acquired the lot, relocated for the 19,000 square foot $5.1 million project. The
the printing business to the Northeast Business Park then theater will seat 300 patrons and draw upwards of
cleared the site in anticipation of a major new             200,000 customers a year to family friendly immersion
development in Downtown. As the economy changed the style movies. If you have never been to a theater that has
prospects for a development on this site dimmed and the a 6 story tall by 80foot wide screen you will not want to
lot remained vacant.                                                                  miss this opportunity.
Now enter Jim Bork
and Chuck Barnum,                                                                     Locating the theater in
local developers who                                                                  Downtown was critical to the
have had their sights set                                                             developers business plan and to
on a large format                                                                     the City's decision to contribute
theater in Downtown                                                                   the land. The ripple effect of an
Appleton for some                                                                     additional 200,000 people
time. Jim and Chuck                                                                   annually to Downtown will
approached the City                                                                   benefit other businesses and
with a challenge to help                                                              help maintain the vitality of
them find a good                                                                      Appleton. The City has a long
location for this one of                                                              history of working with
a kind project and after much consideration the City        developers to enhance Downtown. Projects that date
agreed to contribute the lot at Washington and Durkee to back to the early seventies, through the eighties and to the
make the project a go.                                      present have had some City involvement and positive
                                                            impacts on Downtown. This project and this
It is now several months later and the Big Picture is       development team fit the mold of public private
nearing completion, the change on Washington Street is      partnership benefiting the entire community. The City
no less than dramatic. Hoffman Construction of              and developers Bork and Barnum are eager to seat the
Appleton is the design/build contractor and has managed first patrons, roll the film and let the show to begin!
to keep this unique building on schedule for completion

Business Revitalization Program Begins Eighth Year
By Jim Vanden Boom, Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator
With the completion of six (6) projects in the Midtown      business and/or business property owners located within
West Neighborhood during 2004, the Business                 the boundaries of the active NRP neighborhood. The
Revitalization Grant Program closed out its seventh         Program provides 70% of actual project costs, up to a
successful year. 2004 projects included Avenue Auto         maximum of $4,000.00 per property address for exterior
Service, Snell Auto Sales, Fox Cities Insurance, Music/     building and site improvements.
Sports Collectors World, 1102-06 buildings on West
Wisconsin Avenue and Old Smoke Stack Plaza. Since the       The Program hires a professional architect at no cost to
Program’s inception in 1998, forty-two (42) businesses      the owners. This provides owners a comfort level in all
have completed exterior revitalization projects.            phases of their projects. Since 1998, Tony Fieweger, AIA
                                                            and Vice President of Miller Wagner Coenen McMahon,
The Program is very simple. Eligible applicants are         has provided this service.
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Neighborhood Revitalization, Continued from Page 3
As the Program enters its eighth year in 2005, it             Grant to merchants or building owners within the
coincides with the launching of the City's newest             Business Improvement District (BID). Where the BID
Neighborhood Revitalization Program (see map). The            overlaps with the Neighborhood Revitalization Program
Program officially kicks off in May 2005 and will run for     area there is the potential for developing some major
two (2) years. For                                                                                  projects through
the first time West                     NRP Program Boundaries for 2005-2007                        this partnership.
College Avenue
                                         Elsie Street
(Richmond -                                                                                         In February 2005 a
Mason Street) is                                                                                    Survey of Interest
included as it                                                                                      related to the
marks the                                                                                           Business
southern                                              Packard Street                                Revitalization
boundary. For the                                                                                   Program will be

                                                                                          Richmond Street
Business                                                                                            distributed. The
Revitalization                         dg                                                           results will identify
Program there is                             Av                                                     those
                                                en         Franklin Street
                              Mason Street

great excitement,                                  ue                                               business/property
as a collaborative                                                                                  owners who will
partner is on the                                                                                   receive an
horizon. Appleton                                                                                   application to the
Downtown Inc.                                                                                       Program for a 2005
offers a Façade                                        College Avenue                               project.
Restoration &

Q: Does the City of Appleton have protective covenants for the business and industrial parks?
A: covenantsCity of Appletonthe City’s business and likethe City of aAppleton’sthe protective covenants, go
    Yes, the
             for all areas of
                              does have protective
                                                              to review copy of
                                                                                    website at
    industrial parks. It is important to note that the    , click on “Economic
    protective covenants are not the same between the               Development” and then select the respective
    Northeast Business Park and Southpoint Commerce                 business park that you are interested in. You can
    Park; in fact different areas of the Northeast                  also contact Jim Van Dyke, Economic Development
    Business Park have different covenant requirements              Specialist with any questions at (920) 832-6463 or
    based on when the area was plated. If you would                 email

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