Full Speed to the Future Perspectives for High Speed

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TRB Committee AR010 - Intercity Rail Passenger Systems

Author(s) :Andrew B. Nash, Researcher, ETH - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,

Full Speed to the Future? Perspectives for High Speed Rail

What are the economic, technical and spatial impacts of high speed rail? Under what
geographical, urban development and marketing conditions does high speed rail make
sense? Why did today’s conventional wheel/rail technology become generally
accepted? How does high speed travel change the human spatial reference
framework? And, what does this mean for the long-term development of railways and
other transport systems in Switzerland and Europe? These are some of the questions
that will be addressed at an interdisciplinary conference, sponsored by the ETH
(Federal Technical College) Zurich’s Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, the
University of Zurich’s Department of Social and Economic History and the ETH Zürich’s
History of Technology Department.

The day-long conference will be held on Thursday June 28, 2007 in Zurich, Switzerland.
The conference’s main language will be German, although several presentations will be
made in English.

For more information including the conference program, please see the conference
website: http://www.ivt.ethz.ch/news/20070628_seminar/index or contact Andrew
Nash one of the conference organizers and a member of the TRB Intercity Passenger
Rail Committee at: andy@andynash.com.