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                                                                                                  Product Information
Carnauba Wax Emulsion                                                                                       420-420.2
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•    GENERAL                                             •     DRYING T IMES
Carnauba wax is won from the leaves of a species         Applied purely approx. 1 hr at 20ºC.
of Brazilian palm trees. The thin wax film on the
leaves is water-repellent in the rain period and         •     YIELD
protects them from drying out in the sun. What           Applied purely approx. 60 - 70 m² / litre.
nature created to stand these extremes is really
tough.                                                   •     PACKAGE SIZES
To maintain the natural properties of a timber           Art.No. 420..................................................... 1 l
flooring, a treatment open to diffusion is important.    Art.No. 420.1.................................................. 5 l
Two coatings with Floor Hard Oil or Wood Hard Oil        Art.No. 420.2.................................................10 l
solidify the surface. The Carnauba Wax Emulsion          Please refer to the valid price list for product prices.
applied purely gives additional protection against
wear, dirt and water.                                    •     STORAGE
                                                         If stored cool, dry and above zero degrees centi-
•    APPLICATION                                         grade, the product can be kept for at least 1 year.
Surface treatment for oiled and waxed timber and
cork floorings, tiled floors and furniture. Added to     •     DISPOSAL OF RESIDUES
the wiping water suitable to care for waxed or oiled     Dried residues can be disposed of with normal
floorings.                                               household litter.
Apply sparingly on polished floors: slip hazard!
                                                         •     HAZARD CLASSIFICATION
•    PROPERTIES                                          Not applicable, non-hazardous product
-    Dirt- and water repellent
-    Diffusible                                          •     SAFETY ADVICE / NOTES
-    Antistatic                                          Keep out of reach of children.
-    Natural shine                                       Product is very suitable for allergic persons, but
-    Dilutable with water (solvent is water)             consider possible allergies to natural substances.
-    Pleasant odour
-    Quick-setting                                       The above information has been compiled in accordance with
-    Easy to use                                         the best of our experience and knowledge. Owing to the
                                                         application methods and environmental influences, as well as
•     INGREDIENTS (FULL DECLARATION)                     the various surface properties, no liabilities or legalities per-
                                                         taining to the individual recommendations can be entertained.
Water, carnauba wax, emulsifier based on natural         Prior to application, the suitability of the product is to be
fatty acid                                               tested (trial coat).

•    USAGE                                               The validity of the text ceases with revisions or product
Application on freshly oiled surfaces                    modifications. You will find the latest product information at
- Observe the required hardening time of the pre-        >> << or directly at Kreidezeit.
- Apply Carnauba Wax Emulsion thinly with a
   soft, lint-free cloth or a broad, soft paintbrush.
- Repeat this treatment from time to time on
   stressed floors or desktops.

Regular care
- Add 3 tablespoons of Carnauba Wax Emulsion
   to 8 - 10 l of lukewarm wiping water and wipe
   floor as usual. The cleaned surfaces get back
   their shine.

-   Very dirty or too thick layers of Carnauba Wax
    can be removed with 70 - 80ºC hot water. Do
    not use hotter water because the pre-treatment
    (oil, resin) can be damaged.

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