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beauty works


beauty works

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									beauty works
Photograph courtesy of Steve Gubbins Studio
                                                                                            • Clients receive unrushed, individual       • Diploma Qualified by the International
                                                                                              attention with ultimate care and concern     School of Make-Up, London
                                                                                              for their well-being.                      • LaStone Therapy Practitioner
                                                                                            • Therapies and treatments are tailor-made   • Advanced Thermotherapy Practitioner
                                                                                              to suit each individual, carried out in      in Jane Scrivner Stone
                                                                                              total privacy in a warm,
                                                                                              personal treatment room                    so, to experience the difference
                                                                                              (air-conditioned in summer).               for yourself, just telephone for
                                                                                            • The business has grown through word        an appointment!
                                                                                              of mouth recommendations. Debbie has
                                                                                              passed challenging assessments and is
                                                                                              qualified by the International Therapy
                                                                                              Examination Council (Credit).
                                                                                            • She is committed to professional
                                                                                              development and is a Member
                                                                                              of the Guild of
                                              what makes beauty works                         Professional Beauty
                                              so special?                                     Therapists
                                                                                            • Treatments are fully insured
                                              Quite simply, Debbie listens carefully to
                                              her clients’ needs and is ever keen to        • She has been Checked and
                                              improve her clients’ experiences. She is        Approved by the Criminal
                                              energetic, efficient, and totally committed     Records Bureau (Protection of
                                                                                              Children Act)
                                              to her business.
                                                       Prescription Facial                       60 minutes     ADVANCED FACIALS
   skincare                                            A facial therapy offering something for
                                                       everyone, even the most sensitive skin. A
                                                                                                                Non Surgical Face Lifting
                                                                                                                with no injections!                        90 minutes
                                                       combination of nature’s ingredients are used             Created by Silhouette
Thirst-Quenching Rejuvenating Facial 90 minutes
                                                       and treatment concludes with a complementing             International, market
The ultimate therapy designed to leave your            mask leaving your skin feeling and looking               leaders in micro-current
skin feeling refreshed and uplifted. Includes          healthy, glowing and smooth.                             for over 30 years, clients can
brow tidy, cooling peel-off mask containing
                                                                                                                experience a revolutionary Dermalift facial
Green Tea and a relaxing scalp massage to              Pick me up Facial                         45 minutes     system. You will benefit from lifting and toning
transport you to inner peace.
                                                       Ideal for busy clients wishing to enjoy benefits         of tired and sagging facial and neck muscles,
                                                       of a facial in under an hour. Perfect for                with reduced lines and wrinkles around the
The Healing Touch                         75 minutes
                                                       addressing your skin’s daily needs.                      eyes, forehead, mouth, cheeks, neck and throat.
This facial is designed to touch your soul, as                                                                  For further information on this and other
well as your face. Includes brow tidy, facial and      Facial for the Back                         45 minutes   dynamic, supercharged facials including those
scalp massage using acupressure to release                                                                      for special occasions and for acned skin, please
                                                       Suitable for all skin types. Treatment includes
tension and improve circulation. An exquisite                                                                   ask for additional information.
                                                       thorough cleansing, steaming, exfoliation and a
soothing and nurturing experience.
                                                       light massage and mask.

Warm Paraffin Wax Facial                  75 minutes
                                                       Note: With each
                                                       facial, a 10-minute
The therapeutic effects of paraffin wax
                                                       relaxation period will
treatments can last for weeks. Includes brow
                                                       be included with
tidy and a blissful neck, shoulder and facial
massage. The warmth of the wax effortlessly
enables deep penetration of oils and leaves skin
wonderfully soft. Facial concludes with a
soothing scalp massage.
                                                          Indian Head Massage                30 and 45 minutes

   massage                                                A profoundly relaxing and remedial treatment
                                                          which is immediately effective. It is one of the
                                                          most relaxing massages you can have! Clients do
Our holistic massage treatments incorporate               not have to remove their clothes and this
techniques which have passed through the                  massage can be performed without oils or
hands of many generations. Aromatic and                   creams.
essential oils are used. Treats not only the
symptoms of an ailment but also the general               LaStone Therapy
physical and mental characteristics of our clients.       The original hot and cold stone massage
                                                          An unrivalled experience with medically and
Aims to relax muscles, provide freedom from               scientifically proved physiological benefits.
long-term aches and pains, calm the emotions,             Alternating hot and cold temperature to the
improve circulation and recharge the body’s               body has a therapeutic effect that goes beyond
immune system.                                            measure. Hot basalt and chilled marble stones
                                                          deliver the thermodynamics to ‘exercise’ the
Full Body Massage                            75 minutes   circulatory systems to assist the body in self-
Back, Neck and Shoulder               30 and 45 minutes   healing.

To assist your selection, please ask for                  Full Body Massage/Assessment              90 minutes

additional information.                                   Back, Neck, Shoulder & Arms               60 minutes

                                                          Site Specific Conditions                  45 minutes
   hands & feet                                        specials
Paraffin Wax Manicure                   60 minutes     Student Scent - Sations
Includes intensive skin softening and                  For our younger ladies, we have
exfoliation treatment, nail and cuticle                pleasure in offering a range of mini
treatments, hand massage, warm paraffin                therapies, with a twist of temptation.
wax and heated mitts. Includes polish.                 Please ask for details.

Satin Hands Manicure               45 minutes          Teenage Party Treats
As above but without the paraffin wax.                 Treat yourself and your friends to a
File and Varnish                          30 minutes
                                                       different kind of party experience.
                                                       Please ask for details.
Paraffin Wax Pedicure                  75 minutes
                                                       Indulgence Evenings at Home
A warm sensuous experience. Includes
cleansing in whirlpool foot spa, nail and              Treat yourself to some of the most
cuticle treatments, foot massage, warm                 relaxing therapies available, and all in
paraffin wax and heated boots. Includes                the comfort of your home.
polish.                                                Please ask for details.

Sole Delights                      60 minutes

As above but without the paraffin wax.
Please bring open sandals to wear home
   make up                                                                                                     hair removal
Here Comes the Bride                                Make-Up Tuition                            90 minutes   Waxing, using warm wax and fabric strips.
Bridal Make-Up with Style                           Give your appearance a lift. Learn how to               This is a temporary method of hair removal. In
Includes personalised, one-to-one consultation      accentuate your best features using techniques          time, hair gets visibly finer - re-growth is much
and rehearsal in our treatment room, Bridal make-   from the International School of Make-up,               slower than shaving. Lasts for up to six weeks.
up in the comfort and privacy of your own           London. Includes a step-by-step guide on how
                                                                                                            Half, Three Quarter or Full Leg
home or wedding venue on your wedding day.          to re-create your new colour and style in your
                                                    own home.                                               Bikini
Please ask for additional information                                                                       Underarm
                                                    Products available to order or purchase on the day.
                                                                                                            Whole arm - Forearm
                                                                                                            Back thigh
                                                                                                            Lip & Chin
                                                                                                            Half Leg & Bikini
                                                                                                            Full Leg & Bikini
                                                                                                            Three Quarter Leg & Bikini

                                                                                                            Male Clients By Appointment Only
                                                                                                            Back Wax
                                                                                                            Back, Neck and Shoulders
   body bronzing                                                                                             eyes & ears
Instant Bronzing by St. Tropez       up to 90minutes                                                      Eyes
Custom-blended to your own desired shade.                                                                 Eyelifting and firming treatment with
Includes Body Polishing, Moisturising,                                                                    collagen and vitamin C
Bronzing Gel and Soft Buffing.                                                                            Eyebrow Shape
Full Body / Half Body / Legs-only application available.
                                                                                                          Eyebrow Tint
Spray Tanning by Naturasun                                                                                Eyelash Tint
Europe’s No.1 Spray Tan. Fast,                                                                            Brow and Lash Tint
effective, safe. Tans immediately,
                                                                                                          Note: A patch test must be carried out 24-48
dries on contact. Whole body                                                                              hours beforehand
takes approximately 25 minutes.
                                                                                                          Earpiercing using medically superior studs.
                                                                                                          Children welcome.
    men’s executive grooming
      Body Fitness                          90 minutes   Skin Fitness and Scalp Massage      90 minutes

      For men in need of de-stressing. Kick off          A skin-conditioning facial to bring back the
      with body exfoliation treatment and                glow to dull complexions. Concludes with
      conclude with an invigorating back, neck           a soothing scalp massage leaving you
      and shoulder massage with warmed oils.             refreshed, revived and ready to start again.
LaStone Therapy Mrs K.H., Purley, Surrey        Facial Therapies Mrs A.B., Horsham, Sussex
“... a wonderful treatment, very powerful.      “Your facials are healing therapies, the effects
I had the best night’s sleep for three years,   of which linger far beyond the treatment
long, deep and restorative. Quite incredible!   itself.”
you have a real gift”
Massage Therapies Mr J.H., Horsham, Sussex
“Massage with Debbie is a professional and
                                                Facial Therapies Mrs J.A., South Africa
                                                “My sincere and grateful thanks for giving of
                                                your skills, gentle touch and of yourself to
                                                                                                   beauty works HORSHAM
pleasant experience. I was delighted with the   give me a sensation of being in heaven”
results. Debbie’s commitment is total and it                                                           Chaucer House
comes through in her treatment”                                                                         Bloor Close
                                                                                                        West Sussex
                                                                                                         RH12 5EX
                        Beauty Works is open from 8.30 a.m. Monday to Saturday
                                                                                                      01403 267728
                        Evening appointments are welcome
                        Gift vouchers are available for all treatments                                0771 954 3410

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