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					                                     Movie and Film Resources
                              Foothills Presbytery Resource Center
                                         Simpsonville, SC
                                                  November 2005

After the recent SC 5 Presbytery Retreat for Ministers and Educators, church leaders
may want to visit the Resource Center in its new location and check out these
resources. In addition to this listing of resources for film and culture you will find
handouts that help you to faithfully and ethically use film in your ministry.

Also provided is a list of web links suggested by our retreat leader Dr. Pamela Mitchell-
Legg, professor of Christian Education at Union Theological Seminary—Presbyterian
School of Christian Education at Charlotte. In the future we will be purchasing some of
the additional resources on Dr. Mitchell-Legg’s bibliography from the retreat.

Since some of you may be looking for particular topics, this bibliography lists a
description of the resource as well a table of contents for your convenience.

Also a reminder that the Resource Center has available the following equipment for
check out which will assist you in showing film clips for your ministry: LCD projector,
laptop with CD/DVD drive, external speakers, a large projection screen. Call Sabra at
the Presbytery office to reserve any of these items.

Please also access the Resource Center catalog from your home or office by
going to and clicking on the magnifying glass.

Praying the movies : daily meditations from classic films. McNulty, Edward. Louisville, KY: Geneva
Press, c2001. (242 McNulty)
        "[This] collection of thirty-one devotions connects movies with the spiritual life of moviegoers.
Each devotion contains a passage from Scripture, a description of a scene from a popular film, and a
meditation connecting the themes in the scene to the Scripture passage. Also included in each devotion
are questions to encourage further reflection, a suggestion for a hymn, and a brief prayer." (Book cover)
        Life is to give : Les Miserables                   Spilled-glasses grace : Charley
        Laundry-room grace : American History X            Truthful grace : Saturday night fever
        Grace in suffering : Marvin's room                 By his stripes : Empire of the sun
        Dirty-feet grace : Entertaining angels : the Dorothy Day story       Grace to "see" : Smoke
        Love that won't go away : The great santini        An urban good Samaritan : Grand Canyon
        Costly grace : Entertaining angels : The Dorothy Day story
        Sweet-sounding grace : The shawshank redemption                      From heel to hero : Star wars
        Waters of mercy : Schindler's list                 Bridge of mercy : Babe : pig in the city
        The wounded healer : The spitfire grill            Ennobling grace : Dead man walking
        Easter means a second chance : Field of dreams                       A father's love : The war
        Blessed are the merciful : The river               She stoops to conquer : Out of Africa
        The grace of a personality : Beautiful dreamers Cheap grace and costly grace : The mission
        No greater love : The deer hunter                  Like a child : To kill a mockingbird
        Any sign of change? : Tender mercies               Grace returned : The color purple
        Riding grace : Pulp fiction                        A meal of grace : Babette's feast
        When grace is rejected : Romero                    A place for everyone : Places in the heart.
March 2005              Foothills Presbytery Resource Center (Greenville, SC)         864-288-5774
                                               Page 1
Praying the movies II : more daily meditations from classic films. McNulty, Edward N., 1936-
Louisville, KY : Westminster John Knox Press, c2003. (242 McNulty)
         "Noted author and speaker Ed McNulty presents another collection of 31 devotionals--one a day
for a month-- that connect movies with the spiritual life of moviegoers. Each devotional contains passages
from Scripture, an introduction to a scene from a popular film, a description of the scene, and a meditation
on the themes in the scene and Scripture. Also included are questions to encourage further reflection, a
suggesion for a hymn, and a brief prayer. Ideal for individual or group study." (Book cover)
         American beauty : celebrating the ordinary -- Babe : an unprejudiced heart
         -- Beyond Rangoon : an inspirational role model -- Broadway Danny Rose : "acceptance,
         forgiveness, love" -- Chocolat : how to measure goodness -- A civil action : the true worth of a life
         -- The color purple : the return of the prodigal daughter -- Come see the paradise : Santa might
         say "no," but Christ always says "yes" -- Contact : awesome universe, awesome God -- Dancing
         at Lughnasa : a moment of abandonment to joy -- Dogma : an unusual annunciation --
         Entertaining angels : the Dorothy Day story : the man who stayed, and stayed, for dinner -- Erin
         Brokovich : prophet in a miniskirt -- Fiddler on the roof : talking with God -- The fisher king : table
         grace -- Fried green tomatoes : the power of story -- Gandhi : turning the other cheek--reality or
         metaphor? -- Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone : protected by love -- The horse whisperer :
         like the patience of God -- In the bedroom : when grief blocks forgiveness -- The iron giant :
         humans and machines--little lower than angels? -- It's a wonderful life : "the richest man in town"
         -- Italian for beginners : a faith that listens and challenges -- Magnolia : prodigal son, prodigal
         father -- Monster's ball : when loving a father is impossible -- O brother, where art thou? : "come
         on in, the water's fine!" -- On the waterfront : "Christ on the docks" -- Paradise road : heavenly
         music by the waters of Babylon -- Remember the Titans : inspired by the past -- Secrets and lies :
         the pain of family secrets -- To kill a mockingbird : "stand up, your father's passin'

A matrix of meanings : finding God in pop culture. Detweiler, Craig, 1964- Grand Rapids, MI : Baker
Academic, c2003. (261 Detweiler)
     "A Matrix of Meanings can be read in at least three ways: as a study of the marketplace driven by
consumerism and fueled by advertising, whose highest aspirations are attained in celebrity; as a study of
isolated artistic forms -- music, movies, television, fashion, sports, art -- and what they may tell us about
our world, ourselves, and our God; and as a broad survey of our culture that reveals trends that cross art
forms. These cultural shifts, studied in the marketplace and manifested across pop cultural forms, create
a lived theology that reveals the very nature of Christ and his kingdom." (Publisher's description from
         "This is one of very few books to treat popular culture and theology with equal seriousness, and
its breadth of coverage means it is probably destined to become the definitive work in its field. This is
practical theology at its best." (John Drane, author of The McDonaldization of the Church; quoted on
book cover)
         Methodology : a matrix of meanings -- Advertising : the air that we breathe
         -- Celebrities : ancient and future saints -- Music : Al Green makes us cry
         -- Movies : look closer -- Television : our constant companion
         -- Fashion : dressing up the soul -- Sports : Board generation
         -- Art : sharks, pills, and ashtrays -- Conclusion : a top 10 theology

Lights, camera--faith! : a movie lover's guide to Scripture. Malone, Peter. Boston, MA : Pauline
Books & Media, c2002. (261.57 Malone)
         "A fresh take on the Scriptures--through the lens of popular movies! This second volume of
Lights, Camera,,,Faith! provides new thought-provoking passages into the world of the Gospels through
popular film. By exploring 74 movies in the light of the Sunday Scriptures, Malone and Pacatte create a
dialogue between Scripture and film, engaging faith through culture and culture through faith. Insight,
inspirations, and information meet in this valuable resource for anyone who appreciates deeper meaning
in movies. Ideal for homilists, parish discussion groups, young adult groups, film educators, and
professionals. [For each film the following sections are included:] movie synopsis, film commentary, film
dialogue with the Sunday Scriptures, points for reflection and conversation, suggested prayers and
complete index." (Book cover)
         Each Sunday in the lectionary cycle B is noted with a movie, plus additional celebrations.

November 2005               Foothills Presbytery Resource Center (Simpsonville, SC)       864-288-5774
                                                 page 2
ADVENT -- The remains of the day -- Angela's ashes -- The Truman show – Agnes of God –
CHRISTMAS -- Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone -- Little women -- The lord of the rings :
       the fellowship of the ring -- The seventh sign -- 2001 : A space odyssey -- Kundun -- Lilies of
       the field –
LENT -- Chocolat -- The firm -- Billy Elliot -- Jesus of Montreal -- A. I. artificial intelligence –
       The burning season –
HOLY WEEK / TRIDUUM -- Edward Scissorhands -- Rain man -- Judas -- Daylight –
EASTER -- The matrix -- Cast away -- The legend of Bagger Vance -- Mass appeal –
       The mighty -- The third miracle --The mission -- The end of the affair -- Black robe -- Moonstruck
SUNDAYS IN ORDINARY TIME -- Dead poets society -- Brother sun, sister moon -- The exorcist
       Patch Adams -- Molokai: the story of Fr. Damien -- My left foot -- Bed of roses –
       To kill a mockingbird -- Bram Stoker's Dracula -- Finding Forrester -- Titanic –
       A test of love (Annie's coming out) -- Romero -- The magnificent seven -- Dances with wolves –
       The spitfire grill – Stanley & Iris -- Alive -- Simply irresistible -- A beautiful mind –
       The house of mirth – Mr. Holland's opus -- A simple plan -- Life is beautiful (La vita e bella) –
       Second best – Disney's the kid -- The godfather -- The last valley -- At first sight –
       Keeping the faith – The long walk home -- Thirteen days -- Absence of malice –
ADDITIONAL CELEBRATIONS -- Unbreakable -- Savior --The joy luck club -- Mumford -- A Bronx tale –
       Sommersby -- The Omega man -- Steel magnolias --Flatliners -- What's cooking? --
APPENDICES -- Contents by movie title -- Contents by Sunday / celebration -- Contents by gospel text –
       Movie ratings chart -- Recommended reading -- Film websites -- Index.

How movies helped save my soul : finding spiritual fingerprints in culturally significant films.
Higgins, Gareth. Lake Mary, FL : Relevant Books, c2003. (791.43682 Higgins)
          ". . .How Movies Helped Save My Soul is a guidebook for looking at films and finding hidden
spiritual truths. With chapters on fear, God, justice, love, power, and more, Higgins teaches how to make
sense of the spiritual by looking at films with a new perspective. From The Matrix to Magnolia, Fight Club
to Field of Dreams, Higgins takes the reader through more than 200 films that, if looked at the right way,
just might change lives. Movie buffs and novices alike will find much to enjoy, provoke, amuse, challenge
and confound in How Movies Helped Save My Soul. (Publisher's description) "The Bible tells us that if we
fail to declare Gods gospel, the very rocks will cry out the message. Gareth Higgins picks up that theme
and finds messages in moving pictures that God wants us to hear messages that are either seldom heard
from church pulpits or, when preached, expressed with insufficient drama. This book is most definitely
worth the time you take to read it." (Tony Campolo, Ph.D., author and speaker; quoted on book cover)
          Dr. Higgins' Rosetta Stone -- Anti-heroes -- Brokenness -- Conspiracy -- Death -- Community –
          Fear -- God -- Justice -- All you need is love -- 1968-1975, America -- Quest -- Outsiders –
          Power -- War -- The Matrix.

Saint Paul at the movies : the apostle's dialogue with American culture. Jewett, Robert. Louisville,
KY : Westminster/John Knox Press, c1993. (791.43682 Jewett)
         Using selected popular films from the 1980's Jewett demonstrates that contemporary movies
show concerns for human issues which were also addressed in the Bible by the apostle Paul. "And, since
Paul interpreted the gospel on other people's turf, Jewett believes that today that would involve movies, a
primary source for discovering and debating important moral, cultural, and religious issues. Jewett treats
film and biblical passages with equal respect. He brings their ideas and metaphors into relationship so
that new insights emerge about both the ancient texts and the American cultural situation." (Book cover)
         Prologue : Pauline theology takes in the movies -- Star wars and "the force" of Paul's gospel –
         Amadeus : sin, salvation, and Salieri -- A separate peace with Adam's fall –
         The mysterious God of Tender mercies -- Righteous Gentiles in Grand Canyon –
         Tootsie and the comfort of Christ -- Earthen vessels and Ordinary people –
         Empire of the sun and the death of innocence -- The disguise of vengeance in Pale rider –
         Works of darkness in Red dawn -- Epilogue : "Saint" Paul and Dead Poets Society.

November 2005              Foothills Presbytery Resource Center (Simpsonville, SC)    864-288-5774
                                                page 3
Silver screen, sacred story : using multimedia in worship. Bausch, Michael G., 1949- [Bethesda,
MD] : Alban Institute, c2002. (264 Bausch)
         Our culture has undergone a major shift: younger generations have less and less interest in the
printed word as they become predominantly image oriented. In response, as congregations increasingly
learn to be more sophisticated in using newer electronic technologies, they are finding themselves at
different places in the quest to understand, acquire, manage, and benefit from the technology boom.
Worship leaders in congregations already using some electronic media are realizing that they could be
doing more with it, and are seeking new ideas. Congregational leaders scrambling to catch up with a
worship committee that has decided its time for a change aren’t sure of the next steps. Or maybe there’s
been a gift to the congregation to be spent on electronics, and no one is quite sure how best to use the
         Michael Bausch's book grows out of several years' of conversation, personal experimentation,
and experience with multimedia worship in one modest-size, small-town church, while also drawing on
the experiences and work of other churches learning to use electronic media in worship. Bausch
balances concern for practical issues, such as finances and architecture, with attention to theological
integrity and the challenges of sustaining media-enhanced worship. He skillfully shows how the artistic
resources of the world around us can enhance our awareness of God's presence in worship. Foreword by
Doug Adams. (Publisher's website description)
         Multimedia and worship -- Strategies for developing support -- Learning to use film, art, and music
         Producing multimedia worship -- Appendix A. Frequently asked questions –
         Appendix B. A service of dedication for a sanctuary projection screen.

Visual parables : film & faith in dialogue. Topeka, KS : Visual Parables, 2003.
(791.43682 Visual 2003 March)
        Many reviews include questions for reflection and/or study guides.
AT THEATERS -- Final solution -- Gods and generals -- The crime of Father Amaro -- Tully -- Talk to her
        Dark blue -- The life of David Gale -- Daredevil -- Shanghai knights -- Metropolis –
ON VIDEO / DVD -- John Q -- Salt of the earth –
ON THE SMALL SCREEN -- Senator Sterling -- My big fat life –
FILM GUIDE -- Harlan County war –
PRAYING THE MOVIES -- Barbarshop –
SHORT VIDEOS -- Jesus : today, tomorrow, forever? –

Visual parables : film & faith in dialogue. Topeka, KS : Visual Parables, 2003.
(791.43682 Visual 2003 June)
        Many reviews include questions for reflection and/or study guides.
AT THEATERS -- Bruce almighty -- The matrix reloaded -- L'auberge espagnole -- City of ghosts –
        Finding Nemo -- The Russian ark -- The dance upstairs -- The good thief -- Raising Victor Vargas
        Identity -- The Italian job –
FILM GUIDE -- Final solution –
ON CABLE -- Second nature -- Prince charming -- Caeser –
SHORT VIDEOS : A VIDEO BIBLELANDS TRIP -- Galloping through the gospels -- St. Paul in Greece –
        Seven churches of revelation -- Jerusalem the covenant city –
SWEET RESOURCES -- LECTIONARY LINKS -- Mark 6:1-13 (O Brother, where art thou?) –
        Ephesians 1:3-35 (Simon Birch) -- Ephesians 2:11-22 (Final solution) -- Ephesians 3:14-21 and
        John 6:1-21 (Bruce almighty) –

Visual parables : film & faith in dialogue. Topeka, KS : Visual Parables, 2003.
(791.43682 Visual 2003 August)
        Many reviews include questions for reflection and/or study guides.
AT THEATERS -- Seabiscuit -- Together -- Spellbound -- Winged migration -- Pirates of the Caribbean --
        Mondays in the sun -- Sinbad : legend of the seven seas -- Anger management –
        Marooned in Iraq – 28 days later –

November 2005              Foothills Presbytery Resource Center (Simpsonville, SC)    864-288-5774
                                                page 4
ON CABLE -- Red water
SHORT VIDEOS -- Picture perfect Jesus -- People who met Jesus -- Given to him –
FILM GUIDE -- Harry Potter & the chamber of secrets –
SCHEDULE FOR Manna from Heaven –
PRAYING THE MOVIES -- Rabbit-proof fence –
SWEET RESOURCES -- LECTIONARY LINKS -- Mark 7:24-37 (My own country) -- Isaiah 50:4-9a ;
       Psalms 116; James 3:1-12; Mark 8:27-38 (Broadway Danny Rose ; Whale rider) -- Mark 9:30-37
       (Bruce almighty) -- Mark 9:38-50 (A river runs through it) –

Visual parables : film & faith in dialogue. Topeka, KS : Visual Parables, 2004.
(791.43682 Visual 2004 Spring)
        Many reviews include questions for reflection and/or study guides.
 AT THEATERS -- The passion of the Christ -- Kill Bill : Vol. 2 -- Good Bye, Lenin! -- The Alamo –
        Osama -- James' journey to Jerusalem -- Dogville -- Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind –
        Jersey girl -- Hidalgo -- Barbar shop 2 : bak in business -- Monster -- Ella enchanted -- Miracle –
        Man on fire –
DULY NOTED : CAPSULE REVIEWS -- Touching the void -- Gospel of John -- 50 first dates --
        Secret window -- The butterfly effect -- The fog of war -- Starsky & Hutch –
ARTICLES -- A survey of Jesus films -- "The passion of the Christ" and emotional spiritual life –
FILM GUIDE -- Film Movement and Hop –
PRAYING THE MOVIES -- Bruce almighty –
        4th Sunday of Easter (John 10:22-30 ; Revelation 7:9-17 - Not one less) –
        5th Sunday of Easter (John 13:31-35 - The tigger movie ; Babette's feast) –
        6th Sunday of Easter (John 5:1-9 ; Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5 - La Strada, Zorba the Greek) –
        7th Sunday of Easter (Acts 16:16-34 - Freedom song ; The apostle) –
        Pentecost (Genesis 11:1-11 ; Acts 2:1-21 ; Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde,
                 The invisible man, Jurassic park) –
        Trinity Sunday (Roman's 5:1-5 - Broadway's Danny Rose)
        2nd Sunday after Pentecost (Luke 7:36-8:3 - Broadway Danny Rose ; The priest) –
        3rd Sunday after Pentecost (Galatians 3:23-29 - Godspell ; The Miracle maker) –
        4th Sunday after Pentecost (Luke 9:51-62 - Eleni) –
        5th Sunday after Pentecost (Galatians 6:1-16 - Matewan) –
        6th Sunday after Pentecost (Luke 10:25-37 - Monster's ball) –
        7th Sunday after Pentecost (Luke 10:38-42 - Whale Rider) –
        8th Sunday after Pentecost (Luke 11:1-13 - Bruce almighty) –

Following Gandalf : epic battles and moral victory in the Lord of the rings. Dickerson, Matthew T.,
1963- Grand Rapids, M I : Brazos Press, c2003. (823.912 Dickerson)
         "Following Gandalf offers fans of The Lord of the Rings a deeper understanding of the sharp
contrast between Tolkien's Christian worldview and that of our current culture. Dickerson digs deep into
why Tolkien's work is widely read and appreciated, and suggests that our lives are enriched by the
wisdom and ethics of Gandalf, the hobbits, and their companions. Dickerson uses these characters to
explore the wisdom of Middle-earth where moral and spiritual victory, rather than military success, is the
real story." (Book cover)
         "Following Gandalf dives deep into the heart of Tolkien's imaginative vision, demonstrating that
the epic of Middle-earth is not a moralistic allegory, but a seamless, incarnational myth. Matt Dickerson
moves beyond clichés about good and evil to reveal Tolkien's tragic yet hopeful understanding of the
labyrinthine human heart." (Gregory Wolfe, editor of Image: a Journal of the Arts and Religion; quoted on
book cover)
         Epic battles -- The wise of Middle-Earth -- Military victory or moral victory? –
         Human freedom and creativity -- The gift of Ilúvatar and the power of the ring –
         Moral responsibility and stewardship -- Hope and despair -- Themes of salvation –
         The hand of Ilúvatar -- Ilúvatar's theme and the real war.

November 2005              Foothills Presbytery Resource Center (Simpsonville, SC)     864-288-5774
                                                page 5
The Gospel according to Harry Potter: spirituality in the stories of the world's most famous
seeker. 1st ed. Neal, C. W. (Connie W.), 1958-. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, c2002.
(823.92 Neal)
        In a rebuttal for those who see something sinister in this children's classic, Neal enumerates and
explores more than fifty themes from the first four Harry Potter books which can be seen as glimmers of
the Christian gospel. With an arsenal of charming allusions and parallels, Neal persuasively demonstrates
that Harry Potter need not be rejected as a threat to the Christian faith, as some have claimed. (adapted
from book cover)

Watching what we watch : prime-time television through the lens of faith. Louisville, KY : Geneva
Press, c2001. (791.45 Watching)
         Television has eclipsed the church and school as the most dominant storyteller in our culture.
This book teaches how to read a video text in light of faith, values, and beliefs. Using examples from
popular television shows, case studies are presented of episodes that illustrate the powerful and
ambiguous economic forces that drive television production, uncover televisions bottom-line loyalty, and
help viewers sort out for themselves what to appreciate about television, as well as what to avoid.
(adapted from publisher's description) "This is an engaging and thoroughly researched volume which
brings together scholars in the fields of theological study, communications, and visual literacy in a
compelling and easy-to-read volume." (Jeffrey Mahan, Professor of Ministry, Media, & Culture, Iliff School
of Theology)
         I. Are situation comedies really a laughing matter? -- Seinfeld: nothing but attitude --
         The Simpsons: redefining the family sitcom -- Moesha: hip-hop family values –
         Will & Grace: changing social values -- Ally McBeal: is feminism a bygone? –
         Interlude: so where's the sex and violence? –
         II. An overview of prime-time dramas - Law & Order: the cop show prescription for containing evil
         ER and medical dramas: moments of grace in the midst of chaos –
         Beverly Hills 90210: the world according to teenage soaps –
         Touched by an Angel: popular religious drama -- The X-Files: postmodern quests for reality –
         III. An overview of fact-based programming -- Televised news: if it bleeds, it leads –
         The Super Bowl: big money, big guys, and "the Big Guy upstairs" –
         IV. The commerce of television -- Commercials, the real stars of the airways –
         The business behind the box: "I'm mad as hell" revisited in the new millennium.

November 2005              Foothills Presbytery Resource Center (Simpsonville, SC)   864-288-5774
                                                page 6
         Helpful Websites that stay relatively up-to-date with new releases. The Internet Movie Database is the place to start if you are trying to
        find a particular movie. You can search by title, actors, or keywords (if you can’t
        quite remember a title). It tells you whether your film is available on DVD or
        VHS, and gives you lots of information. (It is NOT about theology and film, but is
        simply a place to go when you want to find out how to get a particular movie.) Offers reviews of new films and films on DVD/VHS, some
     articles, and some study guides. Includes articles, reviews of films, and some discussion questions.
     Not quite as ―mainstream‖ as hollywoodJesus, so if you want to challenge
     thinking a bit, there’s some interesting stuff on this site. Provides a variety of resources for group discussion of films
     and faith.     The Pauline Center for Media
     Studies is one of the oldest theology and film organizations. Their website
     includes study guides for a range of movies. Connected to the book
     Reel Spirituality, this site offers solid guides for conversation with a number of
     films. This lectionary-based site includes movie connections for Biblical
      texts, arranged by the common lectionary. You can get some good ideas from
      the site, but be aware that the film ideas are sent in by users of the site, without
      deep screening, so some of the ideas are really great while some are very weak
      and do not embody a conversational approach to theology. Just pick and
      choose! The Motion Picture Licensing Corporation provides umbrella
        coverage for organizations to legally show movies. There is a fee for this service
        which offers protection and coverage from many different producers. The church related arm of MPLC. Any congregation
        or ministry organization that shows videocassettes or videodiscs of motion
        pictures should purchase an annual license. There is a listing of various
        producers provided so congregations can check to see if the movie they want to
        show is covered by the license.

November 2005          Foothills Presbytery Resource Center (Simpsonville, SC)   864-288-5774
                                            page 7