Quality, relevance and personalisation the future of outbound contact by rraul


									Quality, relevance and personalisation:
the future of outbound contact

Best practice for optimising proactive
contact with customers and prospects
A pause for thought…

   “…change is the law of life. And those
   who look only to the past or the present
      are certain to miss the future…“
             John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Where we are now…
The state of play

     Where we’re at…         How we got here…
     • Volume                • Sophistication
     • Consumer resistance   • Evolution
     • Change                • CRM
     • Survival              • Competition
Compliance and privacy
Best Practice: Internally
Best Practice: The Customer
Re-inventing inbound
Carry on regardless?

 There’s no escaping legal and
  regulatory reality
    • Non-compliance covered by
      tough new laws
    • Non-compliance incurs stiff
      financial penalties
    • Non-compliance damages brand
      and reputation
    • Non-compliance means loss of

 Offshore outsourcing? Still demands
  full UK compliance
So know your legislation!

 Cold outbound telemarketing
    • Privacy and Electronic Communications
      Regulations 2003

 Warm outbound telemarketing
    • Data Protection Act 1998

 Warm outbound e-marketing
    • Privacy and Electronic Communications
      Regulations 2003

 Predictive dialled calls
    • Communications Act 2003
Managing the future
The path to success
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