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									How to stop your divorce and save your marriage involves certain
strategies that are sometimes unique to your specific relationship.
How to stop your divorce and save your marriage will take time
and effort, and sometimes you might be the only one putting in that

You're in pain, there's no way around it. The love of your life is
gone, and the rumors are that he or she might be in "another
persons arms." That only adds to the dilemma, and could start
bringing out some emotions that would be better left behind. Here
are some warning signs, and things you could do while attempting
to restore the relationship.

1. Keep tabs on your anger.

Researchers have told us that anger is a "secondary emotion", and
is usually based on three things. Somebody hurt my feelings, or I'm
feeling frustrated, or lastly, I'm fearful of what possibly could
happen. Anger can be positive in some instances, especially if it
motivates us as a "call to action", to get the ball rolling and to get
this relationship back on track. For the most part, anger is used in a
negative way, causing the frustrated individual to act out in certain
ways (i.e. abuse), that only gets them into more trouble. Keep tabs
on your anger, and keep it under control. How to stop your divorce
and save your marriage requires self-control when the pressure is

2. Perhaps I'll keep a close watch on my ex.

Forget it. If you think that following somebody or keeping "close
tabs" on them is going to improve the situation, you are totally off
base. In reality, those "controlling" behaviors are what probably
got you there in the first place, and to continue with them would
only bring the relationship down further. In fact, following
someone in a public place is criminal behavior in most parts of the
3. I'm really starting to hurt, especially if there is another

First of all, you really don't know if there is another person, and
secondly, what specific role this individual is playing. When
partners are in a vulnerable state, they sometimes reach out to
others for advice and/or emotional support. Unfortunately, some of
this emotional support can come from the opposite sex, which can
create a bit of a dilemma in the current relationship.


Try to remain calm during this whole ordeal. Seeking individual
counseling for yourself during this conflict will go a long way in
determining the final outcome. If you become a healthier and
stronger person emotionally, your partner will respond in a positive
way. Focus on yourself during these trials, and when the dust
settles, you just might see a new person evolve.

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