Lessons Learnt and Thoughts on the Future of Web-based Learning

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					 Lessons Learnt and Thoughts on
the Future of Web-based Learning

             Changrong Yu

 2008-11-7    LLNT 2008/Changrong Yu
• Lessons learnt on Web-based teaching,
  learning, and communication
• Thoughts of the future
• Tools and media used
• Viewpoints from language learning

2008-11-7      LLNT 2008/Changrong Yu
      Lessons Learnt on Web-based
         Teaching and Learning
• Teaching and learning materials and
  resources management
     – e.g., Wiki, lecture slides download, video and
       audio recording, camera phone recorded
       resources upload,…
• Participant management
• Schedule management

2008-11-7            LLNT 2008/Changrong Yu
      Lessons Learnt on Web-based
        Communication Channels
•   By blog
•   By MSN
•   By cell phone, IP phone
•   By pushing comments,
•   By wiki,
•   By CampusSuite tools …

2008-11-7        LLNT 2008/Changrong Yu
            Thoughts on the Future –
      share our knowledge, thoughts, our life and
                  comments instantly
• New technologies
     – Web-based e-learning and collaborative e-learning
     – Multi-user 3D interface for synchronous communication, which all
       students and tutors can interact with each other in real time using
       image,voice and text chat.
• Mobile-based learning advances Web-based learning
     – Advanced mobile handheld devices
     – Converged networks, e.g., Internet Via GSM
     – Device transition, mobile phone screens to projectors
• Mobile environment in other areas, e.g. children superintendence at
  home and school
• Effective and efficient E-learning environment
     – By blog
     – By wiki
     – By mobility

2008-11-7                     LLNT 2008/Changrong Yu
         Tools/media for Interaction and
               Collaborative Work
•   Mobile device:
     –    Use the mobile phone with the Campus Suite and the Media Suite applications for course work
     – Communication (e.g. Campus Suite; Messenger one-to-one)
     – Data collection (video, audio, pixture, text)

•   Wiki (LLNT08 & Monikieli)

     –      Get access to the course wiki
     –      www.wikispaces.com (monikieli.wikispaces.com)
     –      Storing and organizing data (resource for language teaching and learning)

•   Blog
     –      you can write, read and comment
     –      www.wordpress.com (username.wordpress.com
     –      personal log

•   RSS feeds and podcasts
    –into the computer (e.g. e.g. Google reader, Feedreader) or the mobile phone
    –to keep updated on the project progress and the group (rss) and to examine what is available for language study around us

•   Laptop computer
     –      for moving data from the mobile into the wiki, if necessary
     –      possibly Adobe Connect Pro for videoconferencing online

   –for urgent
2008-11-7 information exchange                         LLNT 2008/Changrong Yu
  Viewpoints of Language Learning
• Introduction to Common European Framework of Reference for
  Languages: learning, teaching, assessment, by Changrong Yu
• National Core Curriculum for Upper Secondary Schools 2003,by Elli
• EUROCALL, CALL stands for computer assisted language learning ,
  "to aid in advancing education by promoting the use of foreign
  languages within Europe and by providing a European focus for the
  promulgation of innovative research, development and practice in the
  area of computer-assisted language learning, and technology-enhanced
  language learning in education." by Tapio

2008-11-7                 LLNT 2008/Changrong Yu
               Reference Links
• National Board of Education - http://www.oph.fi (links to
  the national curriculum)
  CEF - The Common European Framework for
  Languages -
  The Federation of Foreign Language Teachers in
  Finland - http://www.sukol.fi/

  World Atlas of Language Structures online -
• http://www.cc.oulu.fi/%7Elkuure/networks.htm
• http://www.joensuu.fi/fld/langnet/english/

2008-11-7             LLNT 2008/Changrong Yu
            Thanks and comments

2008-11-7        LLNT 2008/Changrong Yu