1 Do you think the proposals for inspections of by fat11113


									     1    Do you think the proposals for inspections of the care environment help achieve the aim of better
         engaging and involving local communities and restoring trust and confidence?

         The proposals as described are welcomed by :.                              although we did consider it difficult
         to claim that this would help in achieving better engagement with local communities. The publication of
         reports on inspections (in a variety of media) will provide independence and transparency and could help
         restore public confidence in local services. It is also important to ensure that where less favourable
         outcomes are identified that there is public engagement in reaching the outcomes and sharing this with
         the local community.

     2    How could the Public Partnership Forums associated with Community Health Partnerships encourage
         greater public engagement in this area?

             PPF could be employed in review of our self-assessments,     and could be asked to contribute to the
             inspection process as local community members.

     3    What will the implications be of a change in the culture of scrutiny and accountability in the NHS, much ot
         which is currently considered to work well at NHS Board level because it is predicated on 'clinical buy-in'
         and wider ownership by the NHS through a peer review model rather than an inspectorate model?

         We feel this particular issue probably best lends itself to an inspection process as opposed to peer
     assessment. '


           4      Can learning from NHS Boards' engagement in the Scottish Patient Safety Programme                              support these
                 arrangements through the model for improvement and use of data?

               Improvements can be supported through the well established principals and methodologies                          associated
          with SPSP

           5      How can these proposals best be integrated with other compliance activities such as hand hygiene audits
                 and scrutiny of hospital cleaning standards?

                 Assuming that the performance outcomes associated with each (which are currently measured) would be
                 a way of demonstrating patient safety this inspection would form a component part of the overall
                 intelligence regarding how a system is performing, and ultimately an area for inspection.

          6       Do you agree with the proposal for a 'risk-based approach to target areas of greatest vulnerability?


           7     Do you agree that the inspection process (see paragraph                     12) is in line with the principles contained in the
                 Crerar Review (see paragraph 3)?

                 Yes; but care needs to be taken not to make the self assessment over-bureaucratic and expect the
                 systems to collect large amounts of evidence. Self assessment may cover areas where information and
                 evidence are already collected, duplication should be avoided as much as possible e.g. QIS HAl
                 Standards, Cleaning monitoring, Environmental audits If this is overbearing it will take away from the

          8       Do you agree that the inspection process is proportionate (see 'paragraph 12)?

                Yes - but we need to be sure the self assessment is helpful in improving patient safety and that findings
                are actioned appropriately against a risk assessment.

          9       What should be the form and content of Improvement Plans (see paragraph                        11)?

                SMART Objectives.

          10 Do you have any suggestions                          about how these inspection arrangements   could be strengthened?

                 If the system is reviewed at an appropriate time we could comment knowledgably.


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