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									                               HURRICANE TESTIMONIALS
Location: Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas
From: James Stuart
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004

After purchasing a piece of property in the Northern Bahamas on Green Turtle Cay overlooking
the Sea of Abaco and the Atlantic Ocean and knowing exactly the type of home I wished to erect
on the site to take full advantage of the spectacular views, I contacted Deltec Homes in the
summer of 1995 and placed an order for the "Shenandoah" model with two optional attached
wings providing me with a total of approx. 2,300 sq. ft. of living space under roof.

Erection of the building began in late Fall of 1995 and was completed, including all decking and
interior work, by mid March 1996. Since I had built in a hurricane-prone area, I also installed
accordion-type aluminum shutters on all sliding doors and windows.

In the Fall of 1999, my Deltec home was put to its first test against nature's wrath. Hurricane
Dennis came through the Abacos as a category 2 storm on September 1st and hung around for
some 12 hours. Although quite a few of my neighbors and friends suffered extensive roof and
water damage to their homes, my Deltec Home came through unscathed.

Some 10 days later the Bahamas were hit by a category 4 hurricane called Floyd. Floyd's eye
passed directly over Green Turtle Cay bringing with it torrential rains and sustained winds of over
130 mph with gusts estimated to reach as high as 180 mph.

After over 18 hours of pounding fury the stalled tempest finally headed for the southern coast of
the United States but not before unleashing unimaginable amount of destruction to the islands of
the Abacos including Green Turtle Cay.

Once the airport serving Great Abaco and Green Turtle Cay was reopened, I chartered a plane
and flew from my residence in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to the Bahamas to survey the damage to
my home. The fly-over above Green Turtle Cay gave me a unique opportunity to fully absorb the
extent of destruction to the island. After a brief aerial surveillance of my home, which I thought for
sure would be severely damaged if not destroyed all together, I was relieved to see it still intact
with no appreciable damage. Once arriving to my home and after performing a comprehensive
survey of the exterior and interior, I was overjoyed that no damage was sustained and that the
structure was not compromised in anyway.

Five years later in middle August, 2004 Green Turtle Cay was hit again with category 1 hurricane
by the name of Jeanne. With the exception of heavy rains and gusty hurricane-force winds, most
of the homes only suffered minor roof and water damage but no damage whatsoever was caused
to my home. However, several weeks late Hurricane Frances arrived with devastating force, a
strong category 4 and, perhaps, a category 5. Even though Frances' fury lasted less than 12
hours, the destruction was complete.

As with Hurricane Floyd, once the airport on Great Abaco was reopened, I was able to return to
Green Turtle Cay with the thought that my home must have suffered serious damage as I was
informed earlier that innumerable amount of homes and businesses were either severely
damaged or destroyed.

Once I arrived to my property, I was enormously relieved to see my house standing and in one
piece. Again, my Deltec Home stood up to another one of nature's onslaught with absolutely no

Having experienced four hurricanes in a period of five years of which two were category 4 or
more, I can truly attest to the quality of engineering and structural integrity of a Deltec Home.
Should future hurricanes take aim at Green Turtle Cay, I am reassured that my home will
withstand the tremendous forces of wind and rain.

                                HURRICANE TESTIMONIALS (CONT.)
Location: Melbourne Beach, Florida
From: Ken and Judy Fleisher
Date: September 11, 2004


We are proud to mention that our 21-year-old Deltec Polyrama 1200 home just survived
Hurricane Frances in Melbourne Beach Florida. We were hit with 105 mph winds for 18 hours as
this hurricane moved achingly slowly at 5 mph and pummeled the neighborhood for nearly a day
and a half. Our total damage was three ridge cap shingles and not one drop of water or damage
anywhere. Our cupolas stayed firmly affixed to our two roofs (1200 two story main house and 1
story detached garage (Polyrama 800), while the two adjacent regular houses all lost their ridge
cap vents and were flooded. our house and garage were fully shuttered with roll down shutters
and not a single drop of water penetrated our house.

Our house was hit with the northeast quadrant of the storm (the worst wind), we evacuated but
apparently didn't have to do so.
Location: Treasure Coast, Florida
From: Lisa, Doug and Ashley Newman
Date: 2004

Our 2000 square foot two story Deltec home built in 1982 has survived plenty of hurricane force
winds in the twelve years we have lived here, but nothing prepared this area for the devastation
that Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Jeanne dealt in September of 2004.

Living in Florida, I was used to the strange whistling sound that strong winds made during storm
season as winds whip around the octagonal sides of the Deltec home-this home has thirteen
sides and huge floor to ceiling windows and sliders all around. The morning of Hurricane Frances
was the most dangerous forecast for the Treasure Coast ever, but we never boarded up this
house and did not board-up for the storm. The weather was terrible-power lines burned and trees
came down, we lost shingles and truly feared for our lives. The storm beat up the area for thirteen
hours as it became stationary over the area. The Deltec home proved to survive beautifully. Many
of our neighbors lost siding, roofs, ceilings and shingles. We were so relieved that his home
survived, as it is the only two story in the neighborhood.

Several weeks passed and Hurricane Jeanne was predicted. The forecast was for 125 plus mph
winds so this time we did board up all of the large windows. We needed to evacuate to Boca
Raton for the evening, but when we returned we could not believe that the house was absolutely
perfect. Hurricane Jeanne was a direct hit to our town.many lost homes and the beach area was

Our neighbors love our home, but many commented that they imagined it would not survive the
storms because of the shape, height and frame constriction. We have large wrap around decks
and a pool enclosure that also were not damaged. True to Delta's claim this home fared far better
than many-the structure sustained no damage. I am enclosing a photo of the home and a picture
of our family who is happy that we were able to survive these terrible storms and still have a
house that made it through the storms!
WOW! Just read an article in Sunday paper in the Treasure Coast news by Associated press
about Deltec Homes and hurricane survival. We own a 22-year-old 1960 s.f. two level Deltec
home in Port St. Lucie Florida that survived the direct hits and devastation this month of both
hurricane Frances and Jeanne. Besides losing some shingles and one screen pool in the pool
area we had no damage. Note-the shingles were original 22 years old but the roof structure
remained totally intact and undamaged.

                                HURRICANE TESTIMONIALS (CONT.)
Location: Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande, Florida
From: Paul and Erma Derr
Date: 2004

As you know, we have just moved our 1200 Deltec Home from one location to another on
Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande, Florida. You built it for us 18 years ago. We are told this is the
first Deltec to be moved. In fact, the final hurricane ties were secured on our house on the
Tuesday before Friday August 13 when hurricane “Charley” came across our island with winds
around 140 miles per hour. On the following Sunday, we drove down to check on our vacation
Deltec house. We found the “Sand Dollar” to be high and dry. There was not a drop of water
inside; nothing blown apart, just a few shingles came loose. We have been telling friends for
years that Deltec builds them strong enough to withstand strong winds. Now we have proof!
We are so satisfied; we cannot wait for the new 500 and connector that we have ordered to be
added to the 1200. Of course, that may be delayed a couple of weeks due to “Charley”. Our
most sincere thanks to the Deltec family for creating and marketing such a superior product.
Location: Butler, Alabama
From: Gregg Hendley
Date: 2004

Gregg’s mother called on his behalf to say that his home survived Ivan without damage.
Everything around him was destroyed as the eye of the hurricane passed directly over them.
They are 100 miles north of Mobile. Damage around them was unbelievable. Their family stayed
in the home during the hurricane. There weren’t even any shingles gone from the roof, but the
trees outside were completely twisted apart. Still no power or phone, but Gregg’s family is
staying with his mother, Dorothy. She said they would be happy to talk to any news reporters and
invited them to take pictures or film it. The contractor, who built the house, came by the day after
Ivan hit and was amazed. The only thing he noticed was some water had leaked through one of
the doors (not built by us) and water coming into sill of porthole window (our installation)
Location: Port Charlotte, Florida
From: Roger Magill
Date: 2004
We have had it confirmed by the feds that the winds reached at least 173 mph, before the wind
indicator got torn off the hospital roof when the roof went. Not only did we not lose any metal
roofing or siding, we didn't lose any soffit material - something that virtually every house in the
county did! I can only attribute that to the shape of the house since our overhang is actually
bigger than most. The only thing that went on the entire structure was a locally built railing on the
back deck. By the way, there is another 3 story, wood sided, older Deltec over in Punta Gorda. It
is at the waters edge and should have had the eye pass directly over it (ours was about 4 miles
from the eye). I haven't seen it myself, but I have been told that it also fared well - even though it
took even more severe winds than we did.
Location: Oakland, NJ
From: Tom and Barbara

We wanted a round house. Once you live in one, there are simply no satisfactory alternatives.
Aesthetically, a round house can’t be beat and where hurricane winds might be an occasional
concern, the design provides greater security. We did face head-on hurricane winds, and
suffered no damage, though other major facilities fared poorly.
Location: Gulf Shores, AL
From: Palmer and Dianne

The Chief Building Inspector of Gulf Shores, AL said, “If we ever have another hurricane here,
this house is where I’m taking my family”. That’s quite a testament to the design, engineering and
construction of our home. We have encountered wind gusts of straight-line winds in the area of
75 to 85 mph and had no problems, concerns or damages.
                                HURRICANE TESTIMONIALS (CONT.)
Location: Staniel Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
From: Martha Wohlford
Date: 11/29/04

First there was Hurricane Frances, then Jeanne threatened twice, but by the end of September,
both structures were up, with roofs dried in. There was no damage whatever to the structures,
although I did have some water damage on cabinets and flooring material that was triple-tarped
along on the road.

Here's a comment from the insurance adjuster after Hurricane Frances:

“I saw your house and it stood up exceptionally well - especially as it would have taken the full
brunt of "Frances" due to its elevation! I was very impressed with the flooring/roofing system. It
looks like that can take a Cat 5! This building is as "tight as a tick". The engineering seems to
have been done by someone who had their house "blown away" before. Really, really
impressive! I think if you had been fully enclosed at the time Frances blew past, you would have
gotten away Scot free.”
Location: North Top Sail, NC
From: John and Jane Andrus

When Hurricane Fran tore through North Top Sail Beach, N.C., in 1996, John and Jane Andrus
saw first-hand the devastating effects of Mother Nature…and the steadfast strength of a Deltec
Circular Home. "When we finally returned to our new Deltec, we were amazed to see the two-
story round structure standing tall and unfazed," John says. Upon inspection, he found that all he
had lost were a few asphalt ridge tabs, and two windows were damaged by flying debris. Upon
surveying the rest of the island from a friend's airplane, John reported that "the destruction was
widespread, with everything from boats, docks, houses and sand thrown from one end of the
island to the other. I did notice all the other Deltec Homes standing untouched on various parts of
North Top Sail."
Location: Antigua
From: Glendora

As you are aware, Lois was an enormous storm 200 miles wide, and very slow moving as it
passed over Antigua. Nightfall came early on the 4th because of the thick, dark, swiftly moving,
low flying clouds. Throughout the night, winds howled and the roar of galvanized roof sheathing
being ripped off roofs were not only deafening, but most terrifying. By daylight on September 5th,
devastation was everywhere, debris was everywhere. Huge uprooted trees blocked the streets
and utility poles leaned precariously. My house is in a rather exposed area on top of a hill, like a
sitting duck…I am absolutely delighted to report that my Deltec Home stood firm. It only lost a few
shingles and a piece of tarpaper. Not one splinter of wood did she give up to Lois.

                                    PROFESSIONAL TESTIMONIALS
From: Jeff Torr/Construction Specialist

There are 3 questions I’ve been asked time after time working as an on-site construction
specialist; 1.) Do I live in one? 2.) Are they a good product? 3.) Are the worth it? The answer to
the first question is “no” followed by the justification, “my house is almost paid for. When it is, I
plan to build one on some property I have in the high country.” The second question is best
answered by understanding me. I’m a carpenter and a custom homebuilder. Have been since
1977. I’ve built everything from “sweat equity” houses to upper end homes. Deltec asked me if I
would go to Montana (I think) and help an owner assemble his package. It sounded like fun and
I’d never been there so I agreed. That was 24 years ago. I’m still doing it and it’s still fun. In fact,
I’m retiring from custom building next year and will devote 100% to assembling Deltec’s. If these
weren’t a good product, I would have “parted ways” a long time ago. In my opinion, the answer to
the third question is “yes”. They have many offerings to many people. If your in the mountains,
you can “see it all” through the panoramic design. If you’re costal, you can’t beat the design (as
many people are learning after the recent hurricanes). As a builder, I wish I could obtain the
quality lumber that goes into the Deltec.

As an on-site construction specialist, it’s my job to show and teach your “crew” how to assemble
the product. I’ve worked with crews consisting of family members and friends (with no skill in the
construction industry) to professional crews. Things are accomplished a bit easier if there are at
least one or two industry related people available. I’m typically on site for 6 days depending on
what it is your building. My record is 2.5 days and that includes unloading the semi. When I
leave the site, you are structurally sound and the product has been assembled to Deltec specs.

My travels have taken me from the outer banks of Washington State to Barbados and from New
England to Belize. One job took 2.5 days to deliver. We had to unload the package into a 90’
barge, ride the barge for 140 miles and unload the contents 30 feet above the water where there
was no dock. Couldn’t beat the view.

When I get tired of working, my wife and I would like to travel around and see how all of these
projects have turned out.
From: Glenn Traylor Alpine Engineered Products, Inc
Date: February 2004

I was asked to spend some time in the production area to look and to review your plant
operations. I was very impressed with their care and attention to detail. I also commented that the
material grades and quality they were using was exceptional, much better than required. What
came next was a surprise to me. Having visited hundreds of truss plants in my career, I have
never heard such pride in workmanship. Your crew including the truss builders explained to me
that they wanted their products to be the best they could build. They are by far some of the best
trusses I have ever seen.

                                           DELTEC TESTIMONIALS
"Prior to building our Deltec, we’d lived in five other brand new, but traditionally styled homes.
They were nice enough, but they were just “run of the mill” houses like most everyone else’s
house. That’s fine for most people, but we yearned for something unique. We found that
uniqueness with Deltec.

Everyone who sees the house says, “Wow!” Many have said it’s the most beautiful house they’ve
ever seen. All the praise makes us feel very proud, but the best feeling of all is getting to live in
our Deltec. We get to live in a dream home. The design of the house is Feng Shui at its best.
Every inch of the house just feels good.

Most people have to go away to exotic places to vacation; we only have to come home!

John and Terri Heib
"Working thru the entire process with all the Deltec staff was like working with an old family friend.
They were as eager to help us develop and complete our dream home as we were."
My wife and I have built other “traditional homes” that also turned out very nice but none of them
have evoked the questions, comments and praise that our “round “ home has. We truly enjoy the
attention that our home seems to draw along with the comfort it provides our family.

Friends often ask “why” a round home, in which I jokingly reply that we wanted a home with no
square footage!!!

E.C. O’Briant
World Class Support

You provided world-class support at the very moment I needed it most. The definition of a great
company is one that does what it takes to make things right. Your excellent support and
willingness to help is a great benefit for both your customers and Deltec Homes. Thank you for
your excellent and unwavering support. Ken, New Durham, NH

The idea attracted us, the non-pressured style of the staff, their professional approach and
personal concern for us sold us, and the quality of the Deltec house fulfilled all our expectations
and dreams. Don and Brenda, Iron River, WI
Like Working With Friends

Working through the entire building process with all the Deltec staff was like working with an old
family friend. They were as eager to help us develop and complete our dream home as we were.
E. C., Horse Shoe, NC

We are enjoying living in our Deltec Home. The materials and workmanship are top quality. We
would recommend a Deltec Home highly. Eugene and Mary, Linville, AL
Always There for Us

Everybody has been wonderful to work with. Whenever we called for advise, or concerns, they
just assured us and confirmed our desires to make our dream house come true. Again, family
supports each other in times of need and your Deltec family was always there for us. -Sheldon,
Lake Martin, AL

                                    DELTEC TESTIMONIALS (CONT.)

We were very satisfied with the help we got from the Deltec staff, and we’ve even talked about
where we will build our next Deltec house when we retire! Rich and Stacy, Beavercreek, OR

I am especially proud of my Deltec Home as it recently appraised for nearly half a million dollars.
Rodney, John’s Island, SC

We chose Deltec for reasons involving price, quality, service and flexibility in planning and design.
The options available in the Deltec Home offerings, sold us. Tom and Barbara, Oakland, NJ
Cheerful and Pleasant

In appreciation for the understanding, patience and guidance during the pre-ship days. It was
invaluable, and ALWAYS in the most cheerful and pleasant manor. Again, THANK YOU! Robert,
Sanford, FL

We purchased a Deltec package last year and we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know
how happy and pleased we have been with our house and the staff at Deltec Homes. Everyone
we met at the seminar and tour was fantastic. Loved the factory tour and really thought that
quality rather than quantity seemed to be the objective of the team at Deltec. We are so pleased
with our home and everyone at Deltec was just great! Deltec is a great company because it has
great people. You should feel very proud. -John and Sandra Aiken, SC


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