Software Systems Framework Project Proposal by fat11113


									                    Bournemouth University
              School of Design, Engineering and Computing

                           BSc (Hons) Computing

    Software Systems Framework Project

Author: Robert Barton (f9553833)                  Supervisor: Michael Jones
Project title
An application to run Live Forensics

Unlike older viruses, modern viruses take hold of and sit in memory to avoid easy detection. This
means that the only way in which it is possible to find them is by the use Live Forensic tools that
check within memory.

Why is this project honours worthy?
The project that is being proposed is worthy for a Bachelors degree because it will require showing
not only the skills required for producing a software artefact but also the ability to critically evaluate
and review a product for the computing industry.

How does this project relate to your degree title outcomes?
The project fits well with the degree title I hope to achieve which is BCs Hons Computing. The reason
it fits is because the title covers a vast majority of aspects within computing and the artefact sits well
with the subjects I have taken of Software Systems Modelling, Advanced Development and Software
Quality & Testing. Creation of the artefact will require modelling and testing whilst also being
involved in a large amount of development.

The vast majority of viruses and hackers focus on Microsoft Windows based system vulnerabilities
and so this would be the logical environment for me to create a Live Forensics application. However
due to the way in which Microsoft Windows manages memory and the way in which applications can
access it for this program I shall be writing it in a Linux environment using the C / C++ programming

Knowledge/Skills to be gained
Knowledge of the following areas will be gained/improved on:

    •   Application writing in C / C++ language
    •   Understanding of memory management within the Linux environment
    •   Security vulnerability detection

What are the project objectives?
Objectives of the project are to create a program that can take snapshots of memory and show all the
instances of applications and entries within the memory at that point in time. To be able to assess the
successfulness of this objective will require saving the contents of the memory to a file so it can be
read by anybody. Another is to be able to prove or disprove if it is possible to detect a security breach
from such a snapshot of memory. This objective requires the initial one to have been met it will also
require the program to have a list/database of applications that are potential threats to compare the
snapshot to.

Work plan – Estimated Timescale

Development Stage                                                             Estimated Date
Simple application that writes files to a specified folder                    05/02/2010
Application reading/getting a snapshot of memory                              05/03/2010
Combined snapshot and writing it to a file                                    12/03/2010
Application checking snapshot contents against security list                  26/03/2010
Application checking snapshot contents against database of known              08/03/2010
malicious software

This is a rough timescale some parts may well take less time with others taking more. Progress will be
documented throughout allowing the report production post application build to only require
evaluation and reflection.


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