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Quest ProPosal
                                                                                                                 Arts and Sciences

Part I: Project Information

student name                                                        Id

emaIl                                                               Phone

major                                                               Class year

exPeCted graduatIon date

ProjeCt start date                                                  ProjeCt duratIon
(applicants must reapply if project is not started at this date.)   (minimum two months)

lawrenCe teCh Quest guIde(s)

Industry sPonsor  yes  no If yes, provide names of company and industry guide(s)

are you reQuestIng fundIng?  yes  no If yes, total funds requested (Submit a completed Budget Request form.)

Quest Category (Choose one)  arts  leadershIP  researCh

ProjeCt tItle

ProjeCt tIme CommItment  50–60 hrs.  60–70 hrs.  70 hrs or more

student sIgnature                                                                                      date

lawrenCe teCh Quest guIde sIgnature                                                                    date

Industry Quest guIde sIgnature                                                                         date

Quest dIreCtor sIgnature                                                                               date
For oFFIcIal use only

date reCeIved

date aPProved                                                              fundIng aPProved

date ProjeCt ComPleted                                                     PortfolIo date ComPleted

PresentatIon date ComPleted                                                transCrIPt Issued date

fundIng dIsbursed                      amt. /date                amt. /date                amt. /date                 amt. /date

Part II: Project Description

attach a 1–3 page typed description of your project that addresses the following topics.
you may write this in collaboration with your lawrence tech or industry guide.

      1. a. project goals
         b. project method
         c. likely outcome

      2. a. theory and practice
         b. creative problem solving

      3. a. writing component
         b. portfolio
         c. public presentation/publication

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