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					Partnership Business Proposal
Organization         Proposed partner organization:
Details              Contact name:                                                Job title & contact details:
                     Location:                                                    Industry/ category:

                     We are the industry leaders in the data recovery fields with class 100 clean rooms. With our clean room we
Strategic fit        can recover many types of corrupted media and physical damaged hard drives. Our laboratory handles a wide
                     range of file systems and operating systems from windows to Linux.
                     By partnering with us you have access to technical engineers with years of experience, who can answer any
                     questions you might have. You will be able to submit and follow the progress and details of any one of your
                     projects via our website at

                is proud to partner with people who envisions quality that fits our guidelines and
                             Data recovery emergencies
                             Professional and reliable service
                             Industry leaders
                             Education and skills development

                     By offering data recovery you will be providing a total solution to your customers, and by incorporating our
                     services in your company, your customers can rest assured that their projects will be in good hands.

            provides a wide range of partnership options
                    1.   Referral/Affiliate – A trained agent from will instruct you on the procedures of filling out the
                         paper work collect and package the media to be serviced or recovered. The agent then will create a work
                         order on our website and immediately ship the media to Netcontrol’s facility. By following these steps you
                         will ensures that the project will be performed by our trained engineers, in the shortest time frame
                         possible. Once the project has been approved and paid; your company will be receiving a commission on
                         every authorized and successfully performed service.
                    2.   Reseller: A trained agent from will instruct you on the procedures of filling out the paper
                         work collect and package the media to be serviced or recovered. As the reseller you will sell the services
                         at your own price as well as invoicing the customer directly; you are in control of your projects at all
                         stages of the recovery. As a member of the reseller program there is an annual fee (speak to your agent)
                         this will allow you to have a discount of 20% and up to 25% of all data recovery services.
                    3.   Service incorporation/Franchise: will have a trained professional at your facility at all
                         times to handle all your data recovery needs. The assigned professional will be able to perform
                         recoveries in a conditioned and controlled environment. With this option you will maintain the level of
                         excellence that stands for. This option will allow you to offer a better solution to your
                         customers by having an on site location where both your company and will be beneficial.
                         (Talk to your agent for more details)

Tel. 213-413-0046                 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1003
Fax. 213-413-0307                 Los Angeles, CA 90057                            
                    Who uses our services?
                    We reach a wide range of customers from students to business owners. All our potential customers come to
           knowing that the job is going to be done right. Our customers expect a certain level of
                    professionalism along with fast turn around time. Disk laboratory have the highest standard of
                    excellence ensuring that where our completion fails, we succeed.

                    How do we protect customer’s privacy?
                    We understand the sensitivity of information. The foundation of our business is protection; this means that as
                    soon as the drive or media enters our facility it is safeguarded with specific protocols from beginning to end.
                    While the data is being recovered it is stored in a high complex data storage environment, and safeguarded
                    with the most advanced custom built Linux infrastructure technology.
                    Our engineers operate on the fly in a jailed encrypted environment, which guarantees the integrity of the data
                    at all times. Once the recovery has been completed we will ship the information back to the customer in the
                    safest way possible. We will ship the data back in two different courier services (encrypted and Decryption
                    key )
                    All copies of the data are completely destroyed from our storage after a set time by our system. Extra
                    precaution can be taken through the delivery and Confidentiality Agreement endorsed when necessary.
                    Our high level of standard is set fort by corporate and is expected to be carried out by all resellers, franchise
                    and affiliates.

Benefits and        What benefits or outcomes does our organization provide you:
                        Your Company          Depending on the membership program you select, you will have a wide range of
outcomes                                      benefits from commission to discounts, (talk to your agent). When you sign up with
                                     Disk laboratory, you will have access to expertise, facilities and tools
                                              needed to keep your customers happy by addressing all their needs to retrieve their
                                              lost data and put them back on track.

                        The community         By partnering with we built a better infrastructure for the community,
                                              by offering jobs and foundations to help further the community. You and your
                                              company play an important role by offering solutions in this tuff times.

                    Affiliate/Referral        This option has no cost; you will be receiving a commission check on a monthly basis
costs                                         for all completed and paid projects. Your commission will be 15% and can go up to
                                              20 % of the total value of the projects which will be paid at the end of each month.

                    Reseller                  This option requires a small annual fee of $1000.00, One Thousand dollars 00/100
                                              starting on the signup date and renewed at the end of each year.

                    Franchise                 This option is the highest option we offer; by choosing this option you agree to submit
                                              an application for initial review.

Timings             Once you have registered with us, you or the company would become a client and have an account in our
                    system. Your account would remain active for the period of one year, and will be reviewed at the end of each

Tel. 213-413-0046                 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1003
Fax. 213-413-0307                 Los Angeles, CA 90057                           
                                                                                                Date: ____________________

□ Yes I would like to register as a client with Disk Laboratory to receive data recovery services.
My Information:
 Name:                                                   Email:
 City:                                          State:                     Zip Code:
 Telephone:                                     Fax:

Registration Programs

□ Reseller
Be the vendor, sell the services at your own price, invoice the customer as your company and perform
the services at Netcontrol Disk Laboratory; you are in control of your customers at all time. Your discount
is 20% of project value.

□ Affiliate
Your referral will build a lucrative commission payable to you as an individual or company for all
completed data recovery projects. Your commissions are 15% of project value.

□ I understand that in the affiliate program, there is no cost whatsoever to join and no quotas to hit. I will ship the
damaged media from the customer directly to Netcontrol Disk Laboratory for the recovery.

Print Name: ________________________________             Title:__________________________________

Signature:__________________________________             Date:__________________________________

Tel. 213-413-0046                  1930 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1003
Fax. 213-413-0307                  Los Angeles, CA 90057