YouTube for Educators Research Proposal Due by October 14

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					ACCEPTED: You may proceed with the project. Please address any comments in red text.

                                              Research Proposal Assessment Rubric

                              Excellent                            Adequate                             Insufficient
                            90% - 100%                            70% - 89%                              0% - 69%
                   The proposal outlines              The proposal generally                  The proposal provides
                   exactly what will be done          outlines what will be done in           very little information
                   in the final project. It is        the final project. It is                about what will be done
                   highly detailed and                somewhat vague in the                   in the final project.
35 points
                   specific.                          details.
                   The proposal includes              The proposal includes criteria          The proposal includes
                   appropriate and detailed           to negotiate assessment of              minimal criteria to
                   criteria to negotiate              the final project, but the              negotiate assessment of
Project            assessment of the final            criteria is somewhat vague or           the final project.
Assessment         project.                           generic.
                                                                                              Zero points if the
15 points                                                                                     proposal does not
                                                                                              includes suggested
                                                                                              criteria for project

50 points will be added to Blackboard for the proposal.

YouTube for Educators Research Proposal: Due by October 14

The research proposal must be submitted and approved prior to starting the research project. Send your completed
proposal to Dr. Chareen Snelson at:

Please type in the following information to fully describe your proposed plan for a research project.

Topic: Creation of a California Content Area Standards-Based video catalog for both English Language Arts/English
Language Learners and Science (specifically Biology and Chemistry)

Description of Project: The focus of this project is to create, grow, and maintain a catalog Website of online videos
appropriate for the high school classroom. Each video will be carefully analyzed for its content, usability, adherence to the
content standards, and overall effectiveness. For purposes of this project’s time frame, the first two subject areas to be
addressed in this catalog will be ELA/ELL and Science. The hope is to continue with future endeavors for this project
which will include: Social Sciences, Health, Information Literacy, Spanish Language and Literature, Art, Music, and

Project Goals:

       To create a comprehensive video catalog that adheres to the CA Content Area Standards.
       To form a teacher-friendly, student-oriented video listing.
       To find and explore videos which are appropriate to the educational environment, appropriate in content, and
        useful to the enhancement of student learning and instruction.
       To find and catalogue videos from a variety of online resources including YouTube.
       To create a catalogue that contains annotations, commentary, and other significant details.
Format of Project: The format for this project will be a Website.

Dissemination Plan: When thinking of ways to get this plan out to all, I have decided to save it in two places: 1. A Web
site, 2. My USB drive. Why? I’m sure it will be easily accessible this way for me to change within my District’s webpage
(which is their desired format). Therefore, this will be disseminated to the class via web page and to my district via USB
.To get this message out to other users, I will create a video for YouTube which will advertise my web page.


                                           Negotiable Research Project Assessment Rubric

                       **This rubric will be used to score your final project at the end of the semester. It is
                                               partially completed. You add the rest.
                                    Excellent                            Adequate                     Insufficient
                                  90% - 100%                             70% - 89%                      0% - 69%
                       The research project is                    The research project is      The research project is
                       entirely focused on some                   partially focused on         minimally focused on
                       aspect of YouTube or related               some aspect of               some aspect of
Appropriate            Web 2.0 video tools for                    YouTube or related Web       YouTube or related
Topic for              education.                                 2.0 video tools for          Web 2.0 video tools for
Research                                                          education.                   education.
                                                                                               Zero points if the project
25 points                                                                                      has nothing to do with
                                                                                               YouTube or related
                                                                                               Web 2.0 video tools for
                       The format (blog, wiki,                    The format (blog, wiki,      The format (blog, wiki,
                       Website, paper, other) is                  Website, paper, other) is    Website, paper, other)
                       highly appropriate given the               somewhat appropriate         is minimally appropriate
                       stated goals for the project.              given the stated goals       given the stated goals
Format of                                                         for the project.             for the project.
Project                Example: A handbook of video
                       techniques for education must integrate
                       actual video examples to illustrate
25 points              information presented in text and screen
                       shot format. The video examples are in
                       a highly appropriate format for
                       conveying what these techniques look
                       like in practice. They enhance the
                       informational text.

                       The project is attractive,                 The project is generally     The project is poorly
                       contains exceptional                       attractive and contains      constructed, contains
                       information, and meets high                good information, but it     minimal information,
Quality of
                       standards of professionalism               may not adequately           and falls below the
                       expected from graduate                     cover the topic, or it may   standards of
                       students.                                  contain problems such        professionalism
25 points
                                                                  as typos, grammatical        expected from graduate
                                                                  errors, broken links, or     students.
                                                                  missing images.
                 The project is distributed to all   The project is distributed   The project is
                 members of the YouTube for          to all members of the        distributed to some, but
                 Educators course. It is also        YouTube for Educators        not all members of the
                 made available to an external       course only.                 YouTube for Educators
                 audience through a Website,                                      course.
                 mailing list, presentation, or
25 points
                 some other means.                                                Zero points if the
                                                                                  instructor is the only one
                                                                                  who gets the project or
                                                                                  it is not submitted at all.
                 The project will adhere to the Not all videos have a              Videos are
Other Criteria   CA Content Area Standards      standard addressed.               inappropriate to the
                 for ELA/ELL and Science                                          standards addressed.
30 points        (Earth, Biology, Chemistry).
                 When a standard is
(Add rows and    addressed, it will appear
distribute       along with the video.
points as        Please note: Not all standards
needed.)         are necessarily going to be
                 Website is a clearly                Some areas are               Not clearly organized or
                 catalogued in an organized,         organized and some           catalogued.
                 professional manner and all         areas are catalogued.
20 points
                 areas are clearly identified.