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					                                                                                                                                           A Weekly Publication of the
GOD’S PLAN FOR SAVING MAN                                                                                                                                                       We gladly welcome you to our congre-
                                                                   LORD’S DAY APPOINTMENTS                                                       Horse Cave                     gation, trusting that – if you are seeking
 God’s Grace – Ephesians 2:8                                         Scheduled for today - Jan. 18                                                                              Christ you will find Him here, if sorrow-
 God’s Love and Mercy – Ephesians 2:4                                                                                                 CHURCH OF CHRIST                          ing you will receive comfort and strength
                                                                                                                                                                                here, if troubled in spirit you will gain the
 Christ’s Blood Shed — Romans 5:9-11                                     READ SCRIPTURE:                                                      120 Cave Street                   blessing of peace here, if discouraged
 The Gospel — Romans 1:16                                                  John Eastridge                                                  Horse Cave, KY 42749                 you will rejoice in encouragement and
 Sinner’s Faith - Acts 16:31; Mark 16:15-16                                                                                                                                     hope here, if friendless you will find
                                                                         ANNOUNCEMENTS:                        TIME OF SERVICES:     Sunday: Bible Study 10 AM;                 companionship and Christian love here.
 Sinner’s Repentance — Luke 13:3
                                                                            Bill Brooks                         Worship 11 AM & 6 PM Wednesday: Bible Study 7 PM                That these and other blessings may be
 Sinner’s Confession — Romans 10:10                                                                                                                                             yours is our prayer.
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 Christian’s Hope — Romans 8:24-25                                           Leon Seaton
 Christian’s Faithfulness and Endurance —                                                                                            Vol. 41                 January 18, 2009                            Number 3
    Revelation 2:10; I John 1:7-10                                     SERVE COMMUNION:                        Horse Cave
                                                                      Chris Burchett Matt Forbes                Church of
                                                                                                                                               “Miracle” on the Hudson River by Wayne Hatcher
                                                                      Mark Hatcher Rob Bybee                     Christ
                                  Horse Cave, KY 42749
                                  120 Cave Street
                                  HORSE CAVE CHURCH OF CHRIST
                                                                                                                                       Without a doubt what happened on Thursday regarding the US Air-
                                                                                                                                    ways jet which lost both engines due to a flock of geese, will be one of
                                                                I KNOW SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT YOU                     com             the most amazing stories of the new year. The pilot, Captain Chesley
                                                                    Wouldn’t this old world be better,           PHONE:             “Sully” Sullenberger reacted bravely and quickly by landing the jet onto
                                                                      If the folks we meet would say:                               the Hudson River along the west side of Manhattan. The fact that all 155
                                                                                                              (270) 786-2550
                                                                  “I know something good about you!”                                passengers and crew members survived is truly amazing and awe-
                                                                                                                ELDERS:             some!! Even the New York Times' sub-heading reads: “For Terrified
                                                                     And then treat us just that way?
                                                                                                               Billy Bybee          Survivors, a Miracle.” New York’s Governor David Paterson, referring to
                                                                       Wouldn't it be fine and dandy             786-2884           the movie “Miracle on 34th Street,” said “I believe now we’ve had a mira-
                                                                    If each handclasp, fond and true,         Willie Cyphers        cle on the Hudson.” I personally would not qualify it as an actual mira-
                                                                      Carried with it this assurance -          786-1263            cle. But our God in heaven certainly was merciful to all the passengers,
                                                                  "I know something good about you!"          Kenny Russell         and He blessed the pilot with wisdom, ability and experience. People all
                                                                                                                786-1450            over the country are calling the pilot a “hero” for the way he was able to
                                                                   Wouldn’t things be more pleasant                                 land the jet softly onto the river. I could not help but think as this tragedy
                                                                                                               R. T. Turner
                                                                      If the good that’s in us all                                  was unfolding of all the passengers who were praying, and I wondered
                                                                    Were the only thing about us                                    how many of them thought to pray before they left that day for Charlotte.
                                                                                                               DEACONS:             There’s a lesson here somewhere.
                                                                     That folks bother to recall?
                                                                                                             Bryan Denison             The best of the human spirit was manifested again when people
                                                                    Wouldn't life be lots more happy         Beauford Fudge         needed help. Just one example among so many would be the pilot of a
                                                                    If we praised the good we see?            Mark Hatcher          95-foot NY Waterways boat which had just docked, looked back and
                                                                   For there's such a lot of goodness         Rex Wallace           saw the plane in the water. He along with his two crew members imme-
                                                                       In the worst of you and me!             PREACHER:            diately launched their boat back into the water. They did not wait to be
                                                                                                                                    asked or be told. They arrived to the plane within three minutes. They
                                                                                                              Wayne Hatcher
                                                                     Wouldn’t it be nice to practice                                are credited with rescuing over 50 of the passengers. It is thrilling to
                                                                                                              108 Doran Drive       read and hear of the many stories of rescue and aid that were rendered
                                                                     This fine way of thinking, too?           Cave City, KY        on that cold Thursday afternoon in New York. No doubt countless lives
                                                                  You know something good about me;              773-4931           were changed and made to realize life is so fragile. We all rejoiced at
                                                                   I know something good about you             576-0019 Cell        the outcome of this touching event. It was what the country needed –
                                                                                                             wayne@horsecavecoc.    some good news for a change. Of course there is no news greater than
                                                                                         - Louis C. Shimon          com
                                                                                                                                    the Good News of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
                                                                                                                                    Thank you dear Lord!!
                     PERSONAL NEW S & NOTE S ...                                                                Knowing the Truth                       Through repeated experimentation, one is
                                                                                                                      by Max Patterson                  able to observe or measure certain things
NEWS ABOUT THE SICK:                               Jason Freed family going to France                                                                   happening.
(We need to especially remember the following      Mid-South Bible Institute in Glasgow, KY           Carl Sagan , in his book, Broca’s Brain,
people in our prayers and render what service we   Jerry Carmichael — Grant Co. KY                    says on page 283, “Religion has been              How are we going to use this method to
can to them in their time of need).                Dhan Ramkelawan – E. TN School of Preaching        scarred in its confrontation with science,        prove that George Washington lived? Or,
REMEMBER IN PRAYER:                                International Gospel Hour – Fayetteville, TN       and many people—but by no means all—              that Jesus Christ was raised from the
Doug Edwards; James Horton; Parker By-             Gospel Broadcasting Network – Dalton, GA                                                             dead? One cannot use scientific proof, be-
                                                   HTH/HTH ministry here in Horse Cave
                                                                                                      are reluctant to accept a body of theologi-
bee; Blake Morris; Gerald Watt; Oscar Crain                                                           cal belief that is too obviously in conflict      cause this type of thing is outside the realm
(Becky’s uncle); Mary & Tim Piercy; Frankie        Local Radio programs over WLOC-1150 AM
                                                                                                      with what else we know.”                          of scientific proof. However, there are other
Walters; Jill Petett; Bill McElwain (Betty         POTTER CHILDREN’S HOME:                                                                              ways of knowing that are well established
Brunt’s brother); Hugh Edwards                     Thanks for your excellent cooperation in our       The above quotation is a prime example of         and accepted. We simply need to learn to
Janice Bybee, Becca Napper, Ruth Bradford;         recent commodity program. The items were           ever learning and never coming to a knowl-        interpret the facts that are available and to
Harold Underwood (preacher at Green‘s              picked up Tuesday. We also have the “Silver        edge of the Truth. No one doubts the intel-       reason correctly about them.
Chapel); Dennis Hatcher is recovering from         Cans” if you would like to start collecting your   lectual capacity of education of such men—
back surgery; new leaders taking office            change between now and July 5th                    in their field. But perhaps Mr. Sagan has         Knowledge based on observation is not the
FRIENDS FROM OUR COMMUNITY:                                                                           never been confronted with the “compelling        only knowledge we have. There are other
                                                   FREED-HARDEMAN LECTURESHIP:
Leslie Witty; Sarah Lou Wilson; Joyce Robin-                                                          evidence” that some of us know is available       ways of knowing. For example, I cannot
                                                   The 73rd Annual Bible Lectureship will be held
son; Brian Wise & Tony Bush in Iraq; Phyllis       in Henderson, TN: Feb. 1-6 “Crying Out to          concerning God and Religion. He may               know by observation that Abraham Lincoln
Wilson Middleton; Jim Reed; L. N. Deweese;         God: Prayer and Praise in the Psalms”              never have examined this evidence be-             lived. However, I can take the available evi-
Jerry Greer; Billy Ross; the family of Lou                                                            cause of personal prejudice, and may never        dence from that time (paintings or drawings
                                                   This year the Lectureship will be dedicated to
Goldsmith                                          Parker & Donna Henderson for their many            have heard the facts.                             of him, the testimony of eyewitnesses who
SHUT-INS AT HOME:                                  years of service in the Lord’s Kingdom. A din-                                                       saw him and talked to him, his work, etc.)
                                                   ner on Tues. night will be in their honor.         There is not now, nor has there ever been,        and it is enough to convince a reasonable
Alma Reynolds Sally Marshall Johnalene
                                                                                                      a conflict between true science and true Bi-      mind that he existed. In the same way, I can
Lancaster                                          MID-SOUTH BIBLE INSTITUTE:                         ble teaching. There is plenty of conflict be-     examine the eleven different groups (one
HART COUNTY HEALTH CARE:                           New classes will resume this Thurs. night,         tween pseudo science (e.g. the theory of          group numbering more than 500) that saw
Hallie Davidson 403; Mary Edwards 502;             Jan. 22. The classes will be Galatians taught      evolution), and religion. Sometimes we are        Jesus after He was raised from the dead,
Helen Stanley 707; Alma Stilts 501                 by Ed Wharton and Romans taught by Richard         so blind with prejudice that we only think        plus other historical data, and be convinced
                                                   Rogers. Time: 6:30—8:30                            we know. Maybe this is why Sagan refuses
HIGHLAND RIDGE ASSISTED LIVING:                                                                                                                         that Jesus was raised.
Ford Smith 164       Lucy Byrd Every 106           THANK YOU:                                         to discuss these matters with some of our
                                                                                                      brethren who are knowledgeable in this            What we need, desire, and want is honest
Golda Livesay 121 (Rex’ Wallace’s sister)          I deeply appreciate the many acts of concern
                                                   and compassion shown to me during my re-           field.                                            people who are willing to examine all the
NHC HEALTHCARE in Glasgow:                         cent back surgery. The cards, calls, prayers                                                         facts—not part of the facts, or a set of ma-
Robert Allen Edwards                               and well-wishes said to me in person were          Biblical prophecy has not been scarred by         nipulated facts—and then one can build a
                                                   very encouraging. Thanks again!                    science. The science of archaeology has           life on Truth. “You shall know the Truth and
MISSION WORKS WE SUPPORT:                                                                             actually been very helpful in confirming the
                                                                In Christian love, Dennis Hatcher                                                       the Truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).
Al Horne in South Africa                                                                              prophecies and historical facts of the Bible.
Mike Brooks in Bangladesh/Nepal                    TEST YOUR BIBLE IQ:
                                                                                                      Sometimes people don’t have the facts.            1
                                                                                                                                                          Carl Sagan died in Dec. of 1996. When bro.
Patinya Thitathan in Thailand                      Who suggested to Moses that he appoint
Sammy Flanary – work in Europe                                                                        However, that doesn’t mean the facts do           Patterson wrote this article, Mr Sagan was
                                                   judges so it would lighten his work load?          not exist. Too, scientific proof is often based   still alive. -WH
Danny McCain - Green Co. KY
Doka Obadiah in Nigeria, Africa                    The answer to last week’s question was:            on the ability to repeat the happening.
                                                   lamb, Exodus 12:1-20