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THE PROBLEM                                               V ITA MEA L™

• Every six seconds a child dies from malnutrition.       • The Nourish the Children initiative uses a nutrient-
                                                            dense—not just calorie-dense—food branded as
• More than 800 million people, mostly children, suffer
                                                            VitaMeal that has been carefully formulated to provide
  from hunger.
                                                            all essential daily nutrients to nourish a child.
• Most food aid is in the form of grain that provides
                                                          • Each VitaMeal bag contains 30 child-size meals and
  calories, but lacks important nutrients for proper
                                                            retails for US$22. Each VitaMeal serving contains 25
  health and development.
                                                            essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids,
NU SKIN’S SOLUTION                                          electrolytes and much more.

• Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children initiative is a          PROJECTS

  pioneering social enterprise developed to effectively
                                                          • Through the generosity of its distributors and
  address the overwhelming problem of hunger and
                                                            customers, nearly 170 million meals have been
                                                            donated through the Nourish the Children initiative
• The initiative combines the skills and resources of a     since its inception in 2002. An average of 2.5 million
  for-profit company with the reach and heart of non-       meals is donated each month on an ongoing basis.
  profit charities to nourish tens of thousands of
                                                          • Nourish the Children has helped fight world hunger by
  malnourished children every month.
                                                            supporting projects in many countries including
• Nu Skin manufactures and sells a highly nutritious        China, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia,
  food—VitaMeal—and allows distributors and                 Malawi, Philippines and Thailand.
  customers to donate their purchase to charitable
                                                          • In many cases, VitaMeal is served at school to
  organizations that specialize in distributing food to
                                                            attract children to nourish their minds, as well as their
  alleviate famine and poverty.
• By donating a product, rather than cash, donors know
                                                          • VitaMeal plants in Malawi and China are providing
  exactly how their contribution is being used.
                                                            jobs and economic development, as well as
• Every VitaMeal donation will reach needy children         nourishing food. These plants cut distribution costs,
  through a select group of reputable relief agencies       create a demand for cash crops and are improving the
  that frequently report on the progress and health of      livelihood of many local farmers and local economies.
  children nourished by donations.
                                                          • Nu Skin pledges that for every eight packages of
• Incentives are provided for commitments of ongoing        VitaMeal purchased and donated, the company will
  VitaMeal donations and for encouraging others to join     contribute one package to a qualified non-profit
  in donating millions of life-saving meals to              humanitarian organization.
  malnourished children around the world.
                                                          AW ARDS
• Lee Iacocca, former chairman of Chrysler Corporation
  and former president of Ford Motor Company, is          • The Nourish the Children initiative was recognized
  chairman emeritus of the Nourish the Children             with an American Business Award (“Stevie”) for the
  Advisory Board.                                           best Corporate Social Responsibility Program in the
                                                            United States in 2007.
                                                          • Nu Skin China received the Corporate Social
• Feed The Children is the primary global partner for       Responsibility Innovation Award sponsored by the
  Nourish the Children and distributes millions of          American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai for
  meals at no charge to the donors or Nu Skin.              Nourish the Children in 2007.

• Feed The Children is one of the largest charities in
  the United States and has helped people in 118          CONTACTS          Jordan Karpowitz 801-345-2187
                                                                            Kara Schneck 801-345-2116
  countries since its founding in 1979.
Fact Sheet

A n id ea l f oo d f o r ma lno u rish e d ch ild re n

SITUATION OF NEED                                        VITAMEAL BENEFITS

  Every six seconds a child dies of malnutrition.         Contains a balance of carbohydrates, protein,
  More than 800 million people in the world, mostly        fat and fiber
    children, are hungry.                                  Provides essential fatty acids required for
  The consequences of malnutrition are severe and          normal brain development, skin health and
    include growth stunting, anemia, decreased              immune defense
    learning capacity and a weakened immune                Provides electrolytes necessary for maintaining
    system.                                                 normal fluid balance and muscle function
                                                           Includes 25 essential vitamins and minerals
MEETING THE NEE D                                          Provides vitamin A, which is essential for normal
 Pharmanex, the nutritional supplement brand of             sight and immune functions
 Nu Skin, teamed our own nutritional scientists with       Provides bone nutrients for normal growth and
 child nutrition experts at the University of               skeletal development
 California, Davis to create VitaMeal, which we            Allows for easy addition of ingredients to fit
 believe is an ideal food for malnourished children.        every taste and culture
 Over the past seven years, nearly 170 million             Is vegetarian and non-dairy
 meals have been distributed throughout the
 world.                                                  VITAMEAL DISTRIBUTION

                                                          Since June 2002, Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children
                                                          initiative has partnered with Feed The Children and
  VitaMeal produced for Asia and South America           other reputable humanitarian agencies to deliver
    is a rice and lentil preparation.                     donated bags of VitaMeal to areas of the world
  VitaMeal produced in Malawi, Africa, is a corn-        where we believe there is greatest need.
    and soy-based porridge to match cultural
    preferences and local agricultural output.
  VitaMeal plants in China and Malawi provide
    economic opportunity in developing areas and
    reduce distribution costs.
                                                         CONTACTS                   Jordan Karpowitz: 801-345-2187
  Each package of VitaMeal provides 30 child-                                         Kara Schneck: 801-345-2116
    sized meals and retails for US$22.

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