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                         SCANDINAVIANS CLUB
                        OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, SINCE 1950
                       P.O. BOX: 640610 SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 94164-0610
                      415.346.7450 - www.ysc.org - info@ysc.org                                             AUGUST 2009

CRAYFISH WEEKEND AT                               LUAU WEEKEND IS ALMOST                                    UPCOMING
CLEAR LAKE                                        HERE- HOW IS YOUR HULA?!                                   EVENTS:
Friday - Sunday                                   Friday - Monday                                     August 1-2nd
August 7-9th                                      September 4-7th                                     Kids Olympics

This is the peak of the summer at Clear Lake.     Its Luau time again, as the                         August 7-9th
The weather will be warm and sunny and the        YSC goes Hawaiian! If you’ve                        Crayfish at Clear Lake
lake will be cool and refreshing!                 skipped other weekends, know
                                                  that this weekend is one you                        August 15-16th
This is one of the most delicious and most enter- definitely don’t want to miss.                       Sailing Weekend at Clear
taining weekends of the summer.                   The Luau Party is one of the                        Lake
                                                  season’s best parties, with
Food other than Crayfish will also be served       wild Hawaiian decorations,                          August 22-23rd
for people who are scared of the little red shell hula contest, and whole pig on                      Wine and Cheese at Clear
beasts.                                           the BBQ. Join us ala Hawaiian                       Lake
                                                  style with your shirt, Lava-
                                                  lava and the girls dressed in                       August 29-30th
                                                  Hawaiian skirts.                                    Babette’s Feast at Clear
                                                  Note this is an extended weekend and the party      Lake
                                                  will continue all the way to Monday.
                                                                                                      September 4-7th
                                                  WINE AND CHEESE WEEKEND                             Luau Weekend at Clear
                                                  AT CLEAR LAKE                                       Lake

KIDS OLYMPICS - JOIN THE                          Fri-Sun, Aug 21-23
FUN!                                                                                                  For the most current list of
                                                  Last year we introduced Wine & Cheese week-         events and activities visit
Fri-Sun, July 31- August 2
                                                  end for those with a taste for the things that is   the YSC website at www.
                                                  best served when most others have expired.          ysc.org
Kids Olympics has been a favorite amongst
                                                  With a great attendance last year, we will of
kids of all ages for a long time. Everything is
                                                  course repeat this weekend that is geared
the same as a regular family weekend, with the
                                                  towards members who are looking for a relaxing
additional sports and games starting Saturday
                                                  getaway weekend at the Lake.
                                                  Last year a member had bottled special wine
The Benz family will be the YSC Kids Olympics
                                                  just for members and their guests for this week-
“Organizing Committee” again this year. Some
                                                  end, with special labels and all. Although due to
popular games include: hula hooping, water-
                                                  the new policies in place regarding the serving
melon and pie eating, followed by deck jumping.
                                                  of alcohol we cannot offer wine, but will have a
There are also games for smaller kids.
                                                  large selection of cheese and spreads. But bring
                                                  along your own favorite bottle and there should
                                                  be a good chance to sample each other’s fine
             MIDSOMMAR AT CLEAR LAKE - RECAP                                                      HAPPY HOUR:
A fantastic weekend with 170 attending in total, the traditions were upheld with May
                                                                                                 CAT CLUB in SF
pole and traditional Swedish dishes. Many thanks to the dinner team for working extra Date Saturday August 29th
hard and bringing the spirit of Swedish cuisine to Clear Lake.                        Time 10:00 pm
                                                                                      Location: Cat Club

                                                                                        1190 Folsom St
                                                                                        San Francisco, CA 94103-3927
                                                                                        (415) 703-8964

                                                                                        A longtime SF Nightlife staple, The Cat
                                                                                        Club plays host to an array of events and
                                                                                        parties. The venue is mixed, and includes
      RUSSIAN RIVER CANOE TRIP AND BBQ RECAP                                            everything from goth nights to 80’s rewind,
                                                                                        and everything in between. Regular nights
On July 11th about 30 canoes roared           of the lost Scandinavian sandals, t-shirtsinclude the infamous 1984, continuously
down Russian River filled with energetic       and Andy‘s glasses at next years canoe-   voted Best of the Bay. The sound is as
Scandinavians and friends. The sun was        trip! After many hours working on our     erratic as the crowd, forming a fusion of
scorching hot, so the water felt refreshing   sun-burns on the beautiful river, surviving
                                                                                        electronica, rock, indie, 80’s mainstream
and the super-soakers and paddles were        a roller-coaster bus-ride, we all met up at
                                                                                        and underground, industrial, goth, and
frequently used for water-fights (read:        Andy Nielsen’s place, and were served     more. The Cat Club is like no other, with
personal vendettas!). The water was per-      delicious burgers off the grill, comple-  high energy fun for all genres.
fectly tempered and the amount created        mented by a great salad a la Aase. Thank
just enough challenge to keep everyone        you Andy and Aase for putting on yet        See the YSC website for more informa-
on their toes, and the “rushing waters“       another great summer activity!              tion.
even kept some in the water more than in
their canoes. Hopefully we will find some

                          MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL
It is time for many members to renew their membership! Renewals and new member-
ships occur in two cycles beginning either in January or July. Please be aware that         PUB CRAWL RECAP -
membership dues will increase as of July 1, 2009 making individual dues $40 and            HOPE YOU DIDN’T MISS
family dues $50.                                                                                 THE FUN!
                                                                                        On Saturday June 28th we had an excel-
Join the many members who renew their memberships online by credit card. It is a
                                                                                        lent turnout of YSC and friends who par-
great convenience for you, and cuts down on precious YSC volunteer time. If you
                                                                                        ticipated in a fun crawl through the SF Ma-
don’t receive occasional YSC emails with your personalized
                                                                                        rina. We started at the LaBarcas where
login key, please supply your current email address at
                                                                                        we waited for fellow members to join the
                                                                                        pub crawl. We experienced fantastic ice
Otherwise you can mail a check to the club’s P.O. box address listed on the front
                                                                                        cold margaritas and beers. The next stop
page. Please note “Attn: Renewal” to ensure faster processing.
                                                                                        was the Horseshoe Tavern on Chestnut
                                                                                        Street where additional members and
                                                                                        guests joined the pub crawl. At the Horse-
   Helping Scandinavians find a                                                         shoe Tavern, we enjoyed music, drinks,
                                                                                        and played a few rounds of pool. As we
      home in San Francisco.                                                            migrated to the last bar, the Hi Fi Lounge
                                                                                        Bar on Lombard, we had 40 plus people
   Erik Hjorth Reider                                                                   crawling through the Marina. At the Hi Fi
                                                                                        Lounge Bar members and guests enjoyed
              415.252.5225                                                              dancing to disco music and catching up
               www.erikreider.com                                                       with each other.
            COMING UP AT CLEAR LAKE THIS MONTH!!                                                 JULY 4TH AT CLEAR
                                                                                                   LAKE - RECAP
                                                Babette’s feast
                                                Fri-Sun, Sep 12-14

                                                Babette’s Feast was brought back last
                                                year due to popular demand and had a
                                                total of 18 fantastic dishes resulting in a
                                                formal dinner that lasted for more than
                                                3 hours. Dinner Saturday is dress up
                                                (not just the ladies), with many exclusive
                                                dishes. The tables will be decked with
Sailing Weekend
                                                table cloths, candles and other decora-       July 4th weekend – Recap
Aug 14-16
                                                tions. The cost for this weekend is $65 for   A good crowd of about a 100 people
                                                members, to cover the cost of the dinner.     and 13 boats showed up this year for
This time of year the winds pick up a little
                                                Tommy Godsk Jørgensen                         4th July and made for a great week-
bit so it is the perfect weather to take your
sailboat out and about on the lake. You                                                       end. Hair color - blue and red, some
can also enjoy the use of the club boat                                                       people had their own white :-), water
and learn how to water ski or wake board.                                                     balloon fights with the boats sailing by
During this weekend, we have some of                                                          made for a fun filled weekend and the
the local sailors that are friends of the                                                     fireworks at Konocti were spectacular,
club, visiting where members will have                                                        and as usual Carsten treated us all
the chance to be crew on a sailing boat                                                       to his special cakes decorated as the
under the steady reign of an experienced                                                      American flag.
captain in a friendly fun race.
Sailing is fun and a much different experi-
ence than riding in a speed boat, so come
join the fun.

Check out the new reservation system
                                                send it to you. Tahoe@ysc.org
which allows you make a reservation,
                                                The cabin is looking great this year. Many
calculates your payment accurately and
                                                families are taking advantage of the op-
more importantly
                                                portunity to book the entire cabin out for
allows you to pay by credit card using
                                                their friends and family.
PayPal! Members will now need to login
                                                Treat you family to a wonderful Tahoe
to the YSC website to make a reserva-
                                                vacation by doing the same thing.
tion. Weekly members receive emails
                                                Many people enjoy hiking, swimming,
that give them their login code. If you do
                                                bicycling, sight-seeing and many other
not have a login code please send an
                                                great activities Tahoe has to offer.
email with your full name and we can
                    EVENTS IN TAHOE THIS MONTH!                                                           PEEL ‘N’ STICK PARTIES
July 11-August 23                                   tures 50 artists from throughout the West             IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD:
37th season of the Lake Tahoe Shake-                displaying and selling their artwork in this The editor is looking for individuals who
speare Festival                                     beautiful setting. Start/ends 10am-5 pm      are interested in hosting a peel ‘n’ stick
 Encircled by the immense beauty of Lake            on Friday-Sunday.                            party! All of the supplies and the news-
Tahoe’s deep blue waters and nestled                                                             letter will be mailed to you so your only
in a white sand amphitheater, the Lake              August 15,16                                 job will be to pick up the pizza and beer
Tahoe Shakespeare Festival presents                 8th Annual Brews, Jazz & Funk Fest           which are reimbursable if you provide
Shakespeare under the stars capturing               The Village at Squaw Valley USA will pair receipts. If you can gather a group of 4-5
the true spirit of summer at the lake. With         up cold brews with hot music when some people, it will only take about a coupe of
gourmet food and drink at Shakespeare’s             of the most recognized jazz and funk         hours to finish.
Kitchen, nightly wine tastings and time             favorites of this era perform at the 8th An- If you are interested in hosting or volun-
with friends and family, each performance           nual Brews, Jazz & Funk Fest. This free      teering please send an email to editor@
provides an outdoor theatre experience              concert is open to all ages and visitors     ysc.org.
within a festival atmosphere. The 2009              can listen to continuous live music from     Tusind tak to Signe Vik for hosting the
season brings Shakespeare’s “Measure                2-8pm on two stages. All while sampling      July Lick N’ Stick!
for Measure” and “Much Ado About Noth-              the offerings of more than 20 breweries,
ing” rotating nightly Tuesday through               including some hard to find micro and
Sunday with musical entertainment every             macro brews. Beers are available for
Monday night.                                       $3 for 1 or $5 for 2. Festival goers are
                                                    encouraged to bring their BJF glassware
August 14-16                                        from years past as this year’s brews will
11th Annual Arts and Crafts Lakeside                be poured into corn compostable cups.
at Homewood Resort                                  The event will benefit the Truckee Tahoe
 The 11th Annual Arts and Crafts Lake-              Humane Society and last year raised
side, at Homewood Mountain and fea-                 more than $20,000 for the organization.

              is strictly voluntary and the YSC assumes no liability for incidents occurring at or as a result of attending a club event or activity.
     The Young Scandinavians Club, YSC, is a nonprofit social club assembled by and for Scandinavians of Northern California. Attendance at any activity

                                                                                                         San Francisco, CA. 94164-0610
                                                                                                         P.O. Box: 640610
                                                                                                         Young Scandinavians Club

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