The Future of Happy Ranch by rraul


									The Future of Happy Ranch

Happy Ranch is a large, beautiful, mid-coastal parcel of land in California. The ranch covers 20 square
miles total, with 2 sq. miles of coastline, 7sq miles of flat valley land, 6sq. miles of gently rolling hills
(mostly chaparral), and roughly 5sq miles of dispersed woodland, made up primarily of oak and pine
forests. A natural creek flows to the ocean within the property. Three small tributaries feed the creek.
There is excellent access to the adjacent town of wooded Hills, but only a small two-lane road connecting it
to town.

Happy Ranch belongs to the Beerstein family. Although very successful in past decades, for the past five
years the ranch has been losing money. The ranch is primarily a cattle ranch, with some limited farming on
the flat areas. Well water used in vast amount has somehow damaged some of the flat valley land making
it unsuitable for crops, and for almost any plant life. Homer Beerstein has inherited the ranch and would
like to realize an economic benefit form the ranch either through it’s or through improving the farm. He
would like to keep the ranch if possible, but not if it is going to cost him money. Homer has called for a
town meeting in Wooded Hills and is accepting bids from consulting farm to analyze options that the city
planners have suggested to Homer.

Option 1- new Water District Reservoir: Wooded Hills is expanding and would like to purchase Happy
Ranch to build a large dam creating a reservoir and to gain recreational access to the coastal land for the
townspeople. The city already has a shortage of water, and during the last drought they suffered a great
deal. The town will also use the dam to generate electricity. Furthermore, without new sources of water,
the city is not able to attract major investors into the area. The reservoir will comprise about one third of the
land with the rest being designated as a park.

Option 2- Paradise View Real Estate Development: A private investment group would lie to annex the
property (make it part of Wooded Hills) and build single-family homes throughout the property. They plan
on creating a “very marketable” ocean front resort complex with hotels, restaurants, and shops, as well as
high end beach front estates. Two golf courses are planned with luxury homes surrounding them, as well as
a private lake with surrounding community. Much of the woodland area will be developed to create a
luxury cabin type atmosphere, bringing upscale living into the forest. Another section of the property
(about one fourth) will be preserved as parkland and open space. This area is designed to meet the city’s
need for growth and its need for jobs. This new property will also generate many new tax dollars dir
Woodland Hills.

Option 3- Vacation Ranch: A successful “Dude” ranch from Wyoming would like to partner with Jeb to
create a working vacation ranch. In order to be profitable Jeb would have to change his current mode of
operation, that is cattle ranching. Wyoming would like to bring in more farming, with a large variety of
crops that are harvested at different times of the year. Increase the cattle ranching to include dairy cows and
build a large resort complex on the property. In the future a private lake may be built for recreational
Option 4- Happyland Amusement and Theme Park: A private investment group would like to purchase the
property and develop the flat and oceanfront section into a coastal-based theme park. The park would
include an educational aquarium for public viewing and professional research, as well as many aquatic
themed rides including roller coasters and water ridges. The majority of the property would remain natural
as a refuge. A small train would tour through the area with minimal damage to the environment. This park
would create many jobs and create a large tax income for the city.

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