Las Ramblas Las Ramblas Evening Menu by fat11113


									                                                            Las Ramblas Evening Menu
                                 STARTERS                                                                  MAIN COURSES
CHEF'S FRESH SOUP OF THE DAY                                      £2.95   DEEP FRIED HADDOCK IN A CRISPY BEER BATTER                               £8.95
please ask your server today's choice                                     served with french fries, mushy peas, salad and
GRILLED PEPPERED SALMON                                           £4.75   tartare sauce
served on a bed of oriental salad & a balsamic dressing                   SIZZLING CHICKEN FAJITAS                                                 £8.95
GRILLED FINNAN HADDOCK                                            £5.25   oven roasted chicken strips, peppers and onions on a sizzling platter.
With black pudding, toasted crumpet and cheddar cream                     served with tortillas, cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole
PRAWN COCKTAIL WITH MARIE ROSE SAUCE                              £4.75   GRILLED FILLET OF SALMON                                                 £9.50
served with melba toast                                                   With a creamy pea and pancetta sauce
SWEET 'N' SOUR RIBS WITH LIME                                             BAKED CHICKEN                                                            £9.50
£3.95                                                                     with sun blushed tomato and goats cheese
STEAMED BLUE SHELL MUSSELS                                        £4.50   VEGETABLE PIE                                                            £6.95
garlic & cream ●coconut & lemongrass ● coriander & tomato                 seasonal vegetables oven baked and topped with puf pastry
served with garlic toast                                                  PRIME SCOTTISH SIRLOIN STEAK                                             £14.95
MUSHROOM & CHEESE BAKE (V)                                        £3.95   10oz sirloin steak, served with french fries, vegetables and a
                                                                          Choice of Diane or peppercorn sauce
TRIO OF SEAFOOD                                                   £5.25
                                                                          ABERDEEN ANGUS BEEFBURGER                                                £6.95
GATEAU OF HAGGIS, TATTIES AND TURNIP                              £4.75
                                                                          99% quarter pounder beef burger with melted monterey jack cheese,
with a herb cream sauce
                                                                          lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Served with french fries and salad
CRISPY VEGETABLE TEMPURA                                          £4.45
                                                                          STEAMED BLUE SHELL MUSSELS                                               £8.50
served with sweet chilli and soya dip
                                                                          garlic & cream●coconut & lemongrass ●coriander & tomato
                                                                          served with garlic toast

HOT ‘N’ SPICY                                                 £7.95
with salami, green chillies, jalapeno, onions and peppers                                                          TAPAS
MARGHERITA                                                    £6.95       PINCHOS MORUNOS                                                          £3.75
with tomato and cheese
                                                                          spicy Moroccan kebabs
                                                                          CROQUETAS DE POLLO                                                       £3.65
                                   PASTA                                  Chicken croquettes made to our special recipe, breadcrumbed
All pasta dishes served with garlic bread                                 and fried until golden
                                                                          ALBÓNDIGAS                                                               £3.85
TRADITIONAL HOMEMADE LASAGNE                                  £6.95       meat balls in a rich tomato sauce (lamb)
minced beef, tomatoes, garlic and mozzarella                              CHORIZO FRITO AL VINO                                                    £4.35
PENNE ARRABIATA (V)                                           £6.45       spicy Spanish sausage sauteed in red wine
pasta tossed in a chilli, garlic & tomato sauce                           GAMBAS PIL PIL                                                           £4.75
SPAGHETTI CARBONARA                                           £7.95       king prawns sauteed in olive oil, fresh chillies and garlic
a creamy pancetta, mushroom and herb sauce                                GAMBAS CON GABARDINA                                                     £4.75
                                                                          king prawns in a light batter with a chilli and garlic oil
                                                                          CORDERO EN SALSA                                                         £3.95
               SUPPER CLUB PROMOTION                                      lamb and wine casserole with red wine
   All dishes in this section are available at the special price of       PATATAS BRAVAS                                                           £3.35
                                                                          piquant potatoes
          every evening between 5.00 pm and 6.30 pm                       PATATAS GRATINADAS                                                       £3.65
                                                                          baked sliced potato with herbs, cream and cheese
                                                                          FRITURA MIXTA DE PESCADO                                                 £5.25
  ALL PASTAS                                                              mixed fried seafood served with a garlic mayonnaise and lemon wedge
  ALL PIZZAS                                                              SOLMILLO CON AJO Y JEREZ                                                 £4.45
  FISH AND CHIPS                                                          bite size sirloin steak with garlic and sherry
  BAKED CHICKEN                                                           CHULETITAS DE CORDERO                                                    £4.45
  GRILLED FILLET OF SALMON                                                lamb chops marinated in garlic
                                                                          QUESO DE CABRA AL HORNO                                                  £4.25
                            SIDE DISHES                                   goats cheese smothered in a sweet chilli sauce, served cold
                                                                          TORTILLA ESPAÑOLA                                                        £3.65
                                                                          traditional Spanish potato and onion omelette
  CHUNKY CHIPS                                            £1.95
                                                                          CHAMPINONES AL AJILLO                                                    £3.65
  GARLIC BREAD                                            £1.95           pan fried mushrooms with garlic, parsley and white wine
  GARLIC BREAD WITH CHEESE                                £2.45
  GREEN SALAD                                             £2.95
  GOATS CHEESE SALAD                                      £3.95
  CHICKEN SALAD                                           £3.95
  PEPPER SALAD                                            £3.45

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