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xbox 360 repair guide


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                 George Decos  
Fix Xbox 360 .info User Tips Guide

 Fix your Xbox 360 , RROD Red Ring Of Death gone In One Hour.
The Ultimate 3 Red Light Fix . Free Guide and Coupon right here.

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Fix Xbox 360 .info


        Red Light Error Why Does it Happen........................ 4

        Get The Most Out Of Your Xbox................................ 6

        Recommend Resources ........................................... 7                               Page 3 of 7 

Fix Xbox 360 .info

Why does Red Light Error happen?

Yes Thousands of frustrated gamers ask why does it happen . Over the
last few years if you have been an owner of an XBOX 360 , then you have
probably experienced the 3 red light error or Red Ring Of Death (RROD )
as it is also known by . Amazingly failure rates of the Xbox 360 have be
quoted at over 50 % .

You may have heard it’s an overheating problem however that’s not the
full picture. Yes the problem does start with an Xbox that is over heated
but the next stage of the problem is more serious. With over 50% failure
rates which should not be happening in general use , we need to go into
the production process to get to the heart of the problem.

After some research, It has been discovered by experts that it is in fact an
engineering flaw in the construction of the XBOX 360. At the core of the
Xbox 360 problem are two computer chips, a Central Processing Unit
(CPU) graphics processing unit (GPU). .

So what causes the 3 red light error? It is an electrical connection failure
between the main computer chip (the CPU, or GPU) and the mother board
( a bit Like a nervous system in the human body ) . So when You play on
your Xbox for too long, It doesn't allow for cooling ventilation, the solder
connection heats up, becomes soft, and often times will then crack or pull
apart. This causes an electrical failure - and the 3 Red Light error will

How do we fix this?

Now some people have been trying what they like to call "the towel trick"(
Not Recommend It can destroy your Xbox ). And basically what this is,
is wrapping your Xbox 360 up in a towel, turning it on for 20 minutes or
so, and letting it overheat. Yes it sounds crazy ? It works for a few hours
because , when you wrap your Xbox up in a towel and turn it on, there
is no ventilation for the heat from your CPU to escape. This basically turns                              Page 4 of 7  

your Xbox into a baked potato with the foil on .This crazy method re-
melts the solder reconnecting the electrical link, and in doing so fixes the
3 red light error.

Fix Xbox 360 .info

HOWEVER - And this is a big however - this method heats up other
electrical connections all throughout your xbox. And while this method
does usually work - it is always temporary. And will eventually
permanently destroy your xbox.

Is there a more safe permanent fix for this?

Yes - after much research, They ( The no#1 Xbox Repair Guide Writers )
come up with a PERMANENT fix for this. They have already fixed
hundreds of Xboxes using this method, and They have made a guide,
which will show you step-by-step how to easily do this same repair
yourself. They have even made some detailed videos showing the easy
process. They’ve made the process so easy - that they will happily give
you a complete refund, if you try the repair and it doesn't work. They
even give you a complete refund, even if you just look at the repair and
decide you don't want to try it.
Click the link below, to get the repair guide.
For You Xbox 360 repair needs get a quality service at a Great price .
Check the Resources section on page 7 for the special
money off coupon.

Amazing Xbox Games and Consoles with Great Cash Back
Offers**                              Page 5 of 7  

Fix Xbox 360 .info User Tips Guide

Get the Most Out Of Your Xbox

Name                                                 Description

Use a USB         For processes that require text entry, you can plug in a
Keyboard          USB keyboard to the console and type with that
                  whenever the Virtual Keyboard pops up. The entire Xbox
                  Live sign-up process can be done completely with a
                  connected keyboard.

Turn Off Your     While doing anything with your Xbox 360, press and hold
Console or        the Guide button (the big round silver button in the
Controller        center of the controller) for over 3 seconds. A message
                  will appear giving you options to turn off your console or
                  wireless controller.

Flip Quickly   While you're in the top-level of the Dashboard, you can
Through Blades use the Left and Right Bumpers (LB & RB) to flip left and
or Tabs        right through the Xbox Live, Games, Media, and System
               blades. You can also do this to flip between Messages,
               Friends, and Players.

Console Ring of The ROL on the front of the console maps to the
Light (ROL)     controllers currently connected. Controller 1 will always
                be top-left light on the console ROL even if you change
                the orientation from horizontal to vertical. Don't do this
                with a disc in the tray!

Quick Scrolling In long lists like your Friends or music, you can use the
Through Long triggers to scroll quickly through them. Left Trigger (LT)
Lists           is page up, Right Trigger (RT) is page down.

Navigating the Use the button shortcuts to use the Virtual Keyboard
Virtual        quickly and efficiently. For example, Y button =
Keyboard       Spacebar, Start button = Done. The keyboard interface
               shows all possible shortcuts.                               Page 6 of 7  

Fix Xbox 360 .info

Recommend Resources

Amazing Xbox Games and Consoles with Great Cash Back Offers**

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