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					Vinay Jain
                                                        Res Address: 2707 Portland St., Apt. 209,
                                                        Los Angeles, California 90007
Portfolio:                           Cell no: (213)-618-1585.

   M. S. Computer Science - University of Southern California (Expected Spring 2010), GPA 3.55
   B. E. Information Technology Engineering – University of Mumbai, First Class, GPA 3.50


   Web Technologies: HTML, AJAX, JSP, CSS, XML, XQuery, XSLT, JavaScript, Web servers (Apache).
   Distributed Technologies: Client Server model, Peer to Peer systems, RMI, CORBA, Web Services.
   Programming skills: J2SE, J2ME, C, C++, C#.
   Databases: Oracle 10g ORDBMS and Spatial databases, MySQL, JDBC-ODBC.
   IDE and Tools: Visual Studio 2008, Autodesk Maya 2009, Netbeans, Dreamweaver CS3.
   :.

   Symark (Summer 2009): Worked as a QA Intern on Power Keeper (Privileged Account Mgmt. Software)


   Sports goods shopping portal (USC, Summer 2009)
    Developed a comprehensive shopping portal. Technologies: HTML, AJAX, CSS, JSP, Mysql, Apache.

   Autonomous Calendar Scheduling Agent (USC, Spring 2009)
    Developed a software agent that converts a iCal format to RDF format and gives available schedule
    between two calendars. It also uses user defined constraints and distance calculation while scheduling.
    Technologies:, Java, XML and RDF to iCal converter.

   Peer to Peer Distributed File-System (USC, Fall 2008)
    Designed and implemented a De-centralized, Peer to peer, console based, distributed file-system using
    socket programming in Java and C++,with interoperability between the Java and C++ peers.
    Technologies: Multithreading and synchronization in Java and C++ using posix threads and socket
    programming (Conn. based, datagram and multicast).

   Distributed USC Admissions Server (USC, Fall 2008)
    Implemented a Multithreaded Client Server model of the USC admission Server which offered 6 services
    to client which were stateless and statefull in nature. The same model was re-implemented using Java
    RMI and CORBA Object Server model. Technologies: Multi threading and synchronization in Java, Java
    RMI API and Java CORBA API.

   Wheel-e – Game Engine and Xbox360 Game (USC, Fall 2008)
    Comprehensive Game Engine including Scene, Screen, Camera, Particle, Physics, Network, UI Managers
    and many more. Optimized for Xbox360 performance. System Link, Split Screen and Xbox Live
    gameplay. Title: Engineer, Responsibilities: Level Design in Maya 2009, User Interface Design and
    Gameplay.Technologies: C#, XNA 3.0, VS 2008.

   Interactive USC Map (USC, Fall 2008)
    Implemented an interactive USC map using ORACLE ORDBMS, Spatial databases and JDBC. The visual
    interactivity was done using Java Swing and AWT packages.
    Technologies: Oracle 10g ORDBMS and Java Spatial database API's and JDBC.

Active member of Project Possibility and attended a requirement gathering session with the physically
challenged people in Pasadena, LA for the project “Walk With Me”.

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