; UA shifts operations to custom facility
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UA shifts operations to custom facility


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									Sound Bites
now has a reputation as one of the top
Pro Tools training centres as they pro-
vide ICON training for freelancers,
teachers and post-production studios
                                             rpm RECORDING, POST AND MASTERING
that need access to a dedicated train-

                                            UA shifts operations to custom facility
ing environment. One of its latest stu-
dents was Richard Collins from ITV
Anglia Television. He spent three days
with ICON trainer Justin Fraser explor-
ing all aspects of the D-Control func-
tionality, including the powerful           US: Universal Audio has moved its         room for considerable expansion by
custom fader facility and surround          worldwide headquarters from               the 65-strong company, which has
panning. Other clients include the          Santa Cruz to a new, considerably         developed its product line to include
BBC, Channel 4 and BSkyB. Alchemea          larger site in Scotts Valley,             14 hardware products, ten UAD
director Mike Sinnott explains, “Due to     California. The development takes         DSP Card offers and over 30 pow-
workload pressures there are times          place amidst a period of sustained        ered plug-ins during recent years.
when it is difficult for studio managers    growth for the eight-year-old com-            Looking back on the period since
to book their own facility for training.    pany, which manufactures vintage          Universal Audio was “restarted” in
Even when this is possible the distrac-     audio hardware and DSP software           1999, founder/CEO Bill Putnam Jr
tions of day-to-day operations can get      plug-ins for DAWs.                        commented: “We can proudly say
in the way of the learning process. This       Included in the new 30,000sqft         that by focusing on and under-
is where Alchemea comes in.”                facility are Universal Audio’s man-       standing the needs and desires of
W >> www.alchemea.com                       ufacturing operations and an in-          recording musicians and building
                                            house recording studio. There is also     great products with awesome tone
                                                                                      here in the USA, we have become a
                                                                                      major worldwide audio player in lit-
                                                                                      tle over five years.”
        The Monitors by                                                                   Company president Matt Ward          The in-house recording studio at the new Universal Audio HQ
                                                                                      added: “As we continue to innovate
                                                                                      with our digital product strategy and    well into development for a slew of         DAVID DAVIES
                                                                                      set the standard for audio DSP with      cutting-edge products that will be          CONTACT >> UNIVERSAL AUDIO
                                                                                      our UAD products, we are already         introduced in 2008.” []                     WEB >> www.uaudio.com

                                                                                      Cinecittà becomes latest member of Image Media Group
                                                                                      ITALY: Cinecittà Studios in Rome has     ducer Dino De Laurentiis, Papigno           film ADR.
                                                                                      become the latest European facility      Studios in Terni, Umbria and CLA               The Image Media Group was
                                                                                      to join the Image Media Group con-       Studios in Quarzazate, Morocco.             formed with the aim of offering
                                                                                      sortium of film and television serv-         Among Cinecittà’s credits are           facilities on a pan-Europe basis,
                                                                                      ice providers. The group was formed      Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New              covering all aspects of technical pro-
                                                                                      in April this year by Gruppo             York, Stephen Soderbergh’s Ocean’s          duction and post-production.
                                                                                      Comunicazione Italia, Outside            Twelve with Spike Lee’s upcoming            Managing director Mirko Hansen
                                                                                      Broadcast of Belgium and                 Miracle at St Anna currently in pro-        commented, “Now we can provide
                                                                                      Germany’s Wellen+Nöthen and              duction. As well as sound stages the        our customers with an even more
                                                                                      WIGE Media with the intention of         company offers laboratory and dig-          extensive service range at an inter-
                                                                                      offering OB trucks, studios and gen-     ital post-production facilities, includ-    national level. Furthermore, the
                                                                                      eral production facilities as a com-     ing three 5.1 mixing suites featuring       decision by Cinecittà to join our
                                                                                      plete package.                           THX Diffusion, Pro Tools, Solid             group is proof that our concept
                                                                                          Cinecittà operates what is claimed   State Logic consoles and Pro                pans out.” []
                                                                                      to be the biggest film studios in        Control, a television post-produc-          KEVIN HILTON
                                                                                      Europe. In addition the company          tion television studio, also with Pro       CONTACT >> IMAGE MEDIA GROUP
        ‘Passive’                          www.pmc-speakers.com                       runs Dino Studios, formerly the          Tools and three digital dubbing stu-        TEL >> +49 221 7 88 77 0
                                                                                      Rome studio complex run by pro-          dios, which screens for video and           WEB >> www.image-mediagroup.com

  [8]        November 2007                                                          www.prosoundnewseurope.com
Studiobox houses sound investment in                                                                                                                                          ThinkSpace
Cumbernauld                                                                                                                                                                   plugs holes
UK: Students at Cumbernauld
College got their first glimpse of the
                                         Academy of Contemporary Music,
                                         Aberdeen College, Ayr College and
                                                                                                                                                                              with new course
college’s new Audio & Media              the prestigious Lewes Castle
Technology Unit when Fratellis’          College in Stornoway.                                                                                                                UK: Digital Music is a new course
frontman Jon Lawler opened the              Studiobox supplied and installed                                                                                                  in music and technology intended
new studios with an ‘up front and        the main studio control and live rooms                                                                                               to help musicians of all levels “to
personal’ Q&A session.                   plus the college’s three new edit booths.                                                                                            get the most from their work”. It is
   The opening celebration followed         The unit’s main studio centres                                                                                                    the brainchild of music distance
a six-month, £250k project led by        round a 24-channel Pro Tools HD2                                                                                                     learning specialist ThinkSpace,
curriculum manager Ronnie                system running on an Intel Mac and                                                                                                   developer of the long-established
Gilmour which has seen the college’s     an Audient 24-channel ASP8024                                                                                                        Music for the Media course.
old studios supplemented by a brand      console with Command 8 control                                                                                                           The new course – which allows
new studio control and live room         surface chosen for it’s state of the art                                                                                             students to study at home in their
plus three edit booths.                  analogue technology and features.                                                                                                    own time with back-up from a team
   “We originally started looking at        “There’s a lot of digital technol-                                                                                                of professional musicians, com-
upgrading the facilities a couple of     ogy round the unit, and we feel it’s                                                                                                 posers and creative professionals –
years ago,” explaines Gilmour. “But      really important for the students to                                                                                                 is centred around creating music
our original plans for building from     get hands-on experience with a big                                                                                                   with a computer. Topics range from
the ground up were going to cost         analogue desk,” said Gilmour.                 Ronnie Gilmour, left, and Neil Martin in the main studio control room at Cumbernauld   structuring music to digital audio,
around a million pounds - which just        Dynamic processing is via an               College’s new Audio & Media Technology Unit                                            plugins and studio design.
wasn’t practical.”                       enviable selection of Neve, Avalon,                                                                                                      “Digital Music was created to
   Gilmour – along with technician       TL Audio and Empirical Labs gear,             Soundcraft and Mackie consoles.             Production, NQ Music Technology            help musicians reach their full poten-
Neil Martin – took the project back      TC XL.                                        These, in conjunction with the new          and a brand new Film, TV and               tial. In a world of largely self-taught
to the drawing board and came up            The three edit suites, housed in           facilities give the students a good         Radio       Production       course        musicians, we all have holes in our
with a £250k proposal which was          Soundbox booths, are each equipped            broad-based understanding of dif-           Cumbernauld College is also a              knowledge that are holding us back,”
agreed by the college board and also     with Intel Mac/Pro Tools HD1 systems          ferent systems and environments.            Digidesign-sponsored school.               notes Guy Michelmore, founder of
attracted a £50k contribution via        supplemented with Avid and Reason                 The majority of the studio and             “We acheived Digidesign accred-         ThinkSpace and one of the course
European funding.                        packages, Yamaha 01V96 consoles,              edit suites hardware and software           itation back in January, so this will      tutors alongside the likes of
   The revised proposal was based        Bluesky Mediadesk 5.1 monitors and            was supplied by Mediaspec, who’s            be our first academic year running         mixer/producer Phil Larsen, produc-
round a modular approach                 M-Audio keyboard controllers.                 Billy Law also played a part in spec-       the 101 and 110 courses under              er Steve Hillier and composer/orches-
designed in conjunction with                The unit’s three old studios have          ifying the college’s equipment list.        Digidesign’s education programme           trator Chuck Fernandez. []
German isolation booth and room          also been upgraded within the spend               As well as providing facilities for     alongside the NQ/HNC/HND                   DAVID DAVIES
manufacturers Studiobox who’s UK         and are now running Pro Tools HD2             over 100 students on seven courses          courses,” said Gilmour. []                 CONTACT >> THINKSPACE
installs    include      Guildford’s     and HD3 systems with Yahama,                  including HNC/HND Sound                     DAVE ARCARI                                WEB >> www.thinkspaceonline.com

[10]       November 2007                                                             www.prosoundnewseurope.com
Sound Bites                           rpm
Fleetwood Mobile’s

                                     A birthday present for Far Heath Studios
Tim Summerhayes’ reputation for
live concert mixes earned the
company the contract to mix the
Live Earth CD and DVD in 5.1 sur-
round sound. Having jointly
recorded the concert at Wembley                                                                           UK: Far Heath Recording Studios has        Logic AWS 900+ console running
Stadium with the BBC, Fleetwood                                                                           celebrated its twentieth anniversary       with Pro Tools HD3 with main mon-
were commissioned by Warner                                                                               by undertaking a total refurbish-          itors by Mat Dobson of Exigy. “The
Brothers Entertainment in the                                                                             ment. Located deep in the                  flexibility of the desk is fantastic and
USA to mix many of the Wembley                                                                            Northamptonshire countryside, the          you get that beautiful SSL sound,”
tracks along with some of the acts                                                                        studio has been rebuilt from the foun-     says owner of Far Heath Angus
recorded at other venues around                                                                           dations up, increasing the size and        Wallace. “The main reason for the
the world. Mixing for the project                                                                         quality of the rooms, and adding           refurb was to get the monitoring spot
was carried out at Fleetwood’s                                                                            more windows to make the most of           on – the guys at White Mark have
Denham mixing studio which spe-                                                                           natural light to provide a creative        done a fantastic job with this. We
cialises in mixing live concert                                                                           environment to write and record in.        have also invested in the Aviom head-
recording to visuals. Working                                                                                To complement the new design,           phone system which has been a huge
alongside Summerhayes on the                                                                              the studio has been equipped with a        success,” says Wallace.
three-week project was Fleetwood                                                                          state-of-the-art interior and equip-          Other pieces of equipment that
sound engineer Dave O’Carroll.                                                                            ment, with Whitemark designing             made the £145,000 refurb are two
W >> www.fleetwoodmobiles.com                                                                             both the control and live rooms. At        Neve 1081 mic/line preamps, an SSL
                                     A £145k refurbishment project in the Northamptonshire countryside    the heart of the studio is a Solid State   K Series channel strip, a Urei 1176
                                                                                                                                                     compressor and an Avalon AD2044
                                                                                                                                                     Pure Class A Opto-Compressor.
                                                                                                                                                        Over the years, Far Heath has
                                                                                                                                                     played host to numerous bands
                                                                                                                                                     such as The Prodigy, Spiritualized,
                                                                                                                                                     Love and Rockets and The Fall.
                                                                                                                                                     The studio has also been a regular
                                                                                                                                                     fixture for labels such as Creation,
                                                                                                                                                     Polydor, Beggars Banquet, and
                                                                                                                                                     Fierce Panda. []
                                                                                                                                                     ANTHONY LORD
                                                                                                                                                     CONTACT >> FAR HEATH RECORDING STUDIOS
                                                                                                                                                     WEB >> www.farheath.com

                                                                                                                                                     A far heath, yesterday

                                                                                                                                                      BULGARIA: UK-based producer and
                                                                                                                                                      engineer Matt Howe has been using
                                                                                                                                                      DPA’s new D3/S5 surround mount to
                                                                                                                                                      record an orchestra in Sofia for the
                                                                                                                                                      soundtrack of Ace Combat 6 for the Sony
                                                                                                                                                      Playstation 3 and Xbox games platforms.
                                                                                                                                                      The system – provided by UK distributor
                                                                                                                                                      Sound Network – was used in conjunc-
                                                                                                                                                      tion with five DPA 4006 omnidirectional
                                                                                                                                                      mics, three of which belonged to the
                                                                                                                                                      studio and were used at the front of the
                                                                                                                                                      mount, and two 4006-TL transformless
                                                                                                                                                      versions brought from the UK. “Some
                                                                                                                                                      members of the production team com-
                                                                                                                                                      mented that we’d achieved a well-bal-
                                                                                                                                                      anced recording, which was very
                                                                                                                                                      pleasing,” said Howe. []
                                                                                                                                                      W >> www.dpamicrophones.com

[12]       November 2007                                                     www.prosoundnewseurope.com

Padgham’s Sofa Sound goes
Famous producer opens   UK: As reported in September’s
                        PSNE, the Miloco studio group has
his doors to business   added yet another top of the range
                        facility to the portfolio of London
as Miloco takes over    recording studios that it operates
                        and manages. Producer Hugh
management              Padgham has enlisted Miloco’s serv-
                        ices to hire out his Sofa Sound
                        Studios on a commercial basis when
                        he doesn’t require it for his own
                           Padgham says that this move
                        makes sense on a number of counts.
                        “I was a bit reluctant at first to ‘go
                        commercial’ at first,” says the pro-
                        ducer who has won a string of              The control room at Sofa Sound, based in the old Stanley House building in West London

                                                                                                               awards, including four Grammys.                 “We are hugely proud to
                                                                                                               “After all, it’s my personal studio          announce that we have been asked
                                                                                                               and I’m wary of letting other peo-           to represent Hugh Padgham’s first-
                                                                                                               ple use the facilities and equipment.        class SSL room, taking our total
                                                                                                               But on the other hand, it’s empty a          number of studios to nine,” says
                                                                                                               lot of the time – especially when I’m        Miloco’s operations manager Nick
                                                                                                               working in the States – and it seems         Young. “With the sad demise of
                                                                                                               daft to let such a great facility lie        West London’s Eden studios, we
                                                                                                               idle. Now, whereas it was more of            have seized the opportunity to end
                                                                                                               a hobby before, it is now being run          our barren existence in the west of
                                                                                                               on a sensible business basis.                the city, and are honoured to be rep-
                                                                                                                   “I’m not the first to do this,” he       resenting the area’s leading SSL
                                                                                                               continues. “Miloco is already look-          room. Sofa Sound’s equipment fur-
                                                                                                               ing after a number of other studios          ther includes a vast amount
                                                                                                               and other artist/producer owners             of plug-ins and a large range of out-
                                                                                                               like David Gilmour and Mark                  board gear including rare
                                                                                                               Knopfler let out their facilities to         vintage EQs.”
                                                                                                               selected clients. It’s a bit of a trend         The first client to book Sofa
                                                                                                               and benefits all concerned.                  under the new arrangement was
                                                                                                                   Padgham started out as a tape-           Mark Ronson. “We’re officially
                                                                                                               operator at Advision Studios, work-          open for business,” adds Young.
                                                                                                               ing in recording sessions for Yes and        “The studio has a lot to offer and
                                                                                                               Emerson, Lake and Palmer. From               we are confident it will attract a high
                                                                                                               there he went to Landsowne Studios           calibre of artists.”
                                                                                                               and moved from tape-operator/assis-             Miloco        also       represents
                                                                                                               tant engineer to head engineer. In           Musikbox, located in London’s
                                                                                                               1978, Padgham got a job at The               Kentish Town. Owned by the pro-
                                                                                                               Townhouse, where he engineered               ducer/engineer/artist Pete Heller, a
                                                                                                               and/or produced acts including               key attraction to the studio is the
                                                                                                               XTC, Peter Gabriel, and Phil                 vast collection of analogue key-
                                                                                                               Collins. And he’s retained an affin-         boards. It boasts a Recording
                                                                                                               ty with London recording studios.            Architecture room, and in February
                                                                                                               “With Sofa Sound I want to pro-              this year was enhanced by a Neve
                                                                                                               mote the benefits of good top class          VR60 console.
                                                                                                               recording studios. While others may             “We now offer fourteen rooms
                                                                                                               be crashing out of the sky all around        of varying size and specification,
                                                                                                               us, we’re continuing to fly the flag.”       from basic long-let suites to an all-
                                                                                                                   Padgham and co-owner Chris               singing, all-dancing mix rooms,”
                                                                                                               Porter are gradually refurbishing the        says Young. “While it’s sad to see
                                                                                                               whole Stanley House complex                  long established studios going out
                                                                                                               which alongside the main studio also         of business, we believe that the way
                                                                                                               features a number of programming             we operate at Miloco is the way for-
                                                                                                               suites that are let out to individuals       ward. There is business to be had
                                                                                                               on a commercial basis.                       out there in the commercial studio
                                                                                                                   Formerly the home of Stanley             world, but you’ve got to get your
                                                                                                               House Studios, Sofa Sound is based           sums right – and keep your costs
                                                                                                               on the first floor of an Edwardian           and overheads down. Having a cen-
                                                                                                               Warehouse, owned by Padgham, in              tral administration helps us to
                                                                                                               Chiswick, West London. It consists           achieve this.”
                                                                                                               of a large daylit control room and a            Hugh Padgham agrees with these
                                                                                                               good sized live room with two                sentiments, but adds, “One thing we
                                                                                                               adjoining booths. The control room           will certainly not be doing is dis-
                                                                                                               is light and airy, and features              counting studio rates, letting the
                                                                                                               Quested monitoring. In the heart of          place out at silly prices. I’d rather it
                                                                                                               the room is a SSL G+ series console          was empty than do that.” []
                                                                                                               with 62 mono, four stereo channels           JIM EVANS
                                                                                                               and ‘E’ EQs.                                 WEB >> www.miloco.co.uk

[14]   November 2007                                             www.prosoundnewseurope.com
                                                                                                                                         rpm   Sound Bites
                                                                                                                                               Reproduced Sound 23

Lofty guest at Ganho do Som
                                                                                                                                               will take place at The Sage in
                                                                                                                                               Gateshead on November 29th and
                                                                                                                                               30th. In addition to the usual for-
                                                                                                                                               mat of papers, more demonstra-
                                                                                                                                               tions and interactive sessions
PORTUGAL: “I’m alive and well            omni microphones and the Decca                                                                        have been added to the confer-
working in Lisbon at the best            Tree technique. “The industry’s craft                                                                 ence, which are expected to
sounding mix facility in the world!”     lost this delicate balance between                                                                    inform and challenge even the
Strong words indeed. But when they       the performance space and the per-                                                                    most experienced audio profes-
come from James Lock, you can’t          formers. Now everything is so up                                                                      sional, while being easy to under-
help but sit-up and listen.              close and dry, or boomy. With this                                                                    stand by newcomers. A voting
   Lock is the former Decca chief        amazing technology we have nowa-                                                                      system will bring audience inter-
engineer and two-time Grammy             days and the right craft, we can                                                                      activity to many sessions, and will
award winner (with ten nomina-           recreate the performance and venue                                                                    provide an immediate indication
tions), and is legendary in the          in peoples’ homes like never before.                                                                  of audience opinion during listen-
recording industry having worked         At O Ganho do Som we will fight                                                                       ing tests and demonstrations.
with names such as Pavarotti, Sir        for that. We have the tools and the                                                                   Papers will cover a wide range of
Georg Solti and Karajan amongst          human factor,” Lock concludes. []                                                                     topics, with an emphasis on
others.                                  ANTHONY LORD                                                                                          issues relating to live music.
   Lock is currently spending a few      CONTACT >> O GANHO DO SOM STUDIO                                                                      W >> www.reproducedsound.co.uk
seasons in Portugal’s flagship studio    WEB >> www.oganhodosom.com              James Lock, contemplating his next master(ing) stroke
O Ganho do Som as resident sound
chief engineer and international
business consultant. “Lisbon is such
a warm and sunny capital and the
introductory post-production costs
at this studio are way below any-
thing you can get anywhere in the
world for the same high-end quali-
ty,” he says. “Besides, if I had a
dream for the ultimate listening
experience, this facility would be it.
I had never heard my recordings
sounding so damn good!”
   Housed inside a residential loft
in Lisbon, O Ganho do Som recent-
ly went through a state-of-the-art
acoustic facelift by a Portuguese
firm calle Audiodesigner. The major
concern of the studio was to make
sure the sound engineer could listen
to everything exactly as recorded,
with no negative influence from the
room or the monitoring chain.
   The studio is based around
six    B&W         801D     Nautilus
speakers, powered by six
audiophile Electrocompaniet Nemo
monoblock amplifiers, capable of
delivering 1,200 watts/4 ohms each.
   Recording, editing and mixing
is supported by a Pro Tools sys-
tem, with 196 tracks and 24 phys-
ical faders on a D-Command
mixing desk. Audio resolution is
up to 24 bits and 192kHz, with
Apogee A-D/D-A 16X digital con-
verters and Apogee Big Ben digi-
tal clock. A HD Dreamvision
1080p DLP video projector sup-
ports film and opera mixes.
   Lock is planning some 5.1
remasterings of late ’70s recordings,
as this facility is up to any form of
analogue transfers and multi-chan-
nel remastering. There are also
plans for O Ganho do Som and
Lock to go on the road recording
international classical music events
with a set up of several Schoeps

O Ganho do Som main room

                                                                            www.prosoundnewseurope.com                                            November 2007                 [15]
 rpm                  SPECIAL REPORT

Merry Christmas, Mr Brewer
Audio Warehouse hosts                          IRELAND: “There are a lot of studios        all-important social networking.          and Vovox this year. “We’ve been             “There’s a whole new confidence in
                                               in Ireland, but we thought we could             “There’s the Music Ireland Live       doing a bit with Brauner for a year or       the youth, because of developments
party-cum-trade event                          make them better.”                          show, we’ve exhibited there for a         so, and we saw Vovox at Frankfurt.           in Ireland in the last ten years, so it’s
                                                   Paul Brewer’s simple philosophy         couple for years, but it’s going more     We were convinced that this is the           OK for those guys to say, I don’t
in Ireland’s mid-west,                         underpins more than the raison d’être       in an MI direction,” says the affa-       future for connecting things! A/B test-      know, which is not what people in
                                               for Audio Warehouse, the                    ble Brewer, a former studio engineer      ing with cables and mics – the differ-       my generation did. We would just
with great expectations                        reseller/broadcast installation busi-       and one-time customer of AW, who          ence was night and day. That’s the           keep our mouths shut. That change
                                               ness he co-runs with John Byrne (“he        joined the operation in 2003. “And        sort of thing where the demo was the         has contributed to the likes of Joe
                                               made the first electronic Blankety          the pros don’t go to those shows. So      only way – and that’s what we did at         Egan’s situation. And there’s a lot of
                                               Blank scoreboard for the BBC!”). It         we thought we’d get as many peo-          the Christmas party.”                        guys like that around, so, you know,
                                               also led Brewer to drum up support          ple over here as possible.”                  (Shortly before PSNE went to              we can help. And they help us as a
                                               for and organise the ‘Audio                     AW has a showroom and storage         press in Novemeber, Brewer report-           business. Everyone wins!” []
                                               Warehouse Christmas Party’, held,           space in Dublin, but Brewer reckons       ed the sale of a Manley Slam                 DAVE ROBINSON
                                               with suitable tongue-in-cheek obtuse-       90% of the business is done over the      Compressor Limiter to Wav                    WEB >> http://www.myspace.com/
                                               ness, in the middle of last summer.         phone, email or on customer visits.       Mastering of Limerick, as a direct           audiowarehouse
                                                   And so it was that representatives      “We’re very pro active that way,”         result of the event.)
                                               of UK/Ireland distributors Unity            he says. “I see it as the only way to        Is the studio and recording busi-
                                               Audio, HHB, and Sable Marketing,            generate business. Give the [cus-         ness healthy in Ireland?
                                               plus, among others, experts from            tomer] the units, get them excited.          “It’s actually pretty good,” says
                                               Digidesign and SSL and a party from         It focuses them on the fact that they     Brewer. “Ireland was never full of
                                               SEA Vertrieb/Vovox Cables in                can raise their game.”                    top-notch studio – sure, there was
                                               Germany/Switzerland, descended on               He’s a canny chap, this Mr            Windmill and Westland in Dublin,
                                               The Loft studio in Clara, a village 60      Brewer. He selected The Loft – a rel-     for example – so it hasn’t had the sea-
                                               miles west of Dublin, in July. David        atively new operation, which has          change that the UK has had. Now it’s
                                               Browne of Enhanced Audio, based             played host to the Irish chart-topping    the smaller one-man show that is
                                               in Dublin, journeyed over to show           Blizzards in recent months – for sev-     doing the business. There’s a lot of
                                               off his unique take on the mic spider       eral reasons. “It’s an ideal space for    niche-ing going on: one guy who spe-
                                               issue. Over a long weekend, studio          what we thought we could do. And          cialises in jazz; another who does a
                                               managers and engineers from all over        it’s residential. And two hours from      lot of traditional music; Joe [Egan]
                                               the republic dropped in on Joe Egan’s       Clara will cover 75% of the coun-         here, who does a lot of indie rock
David Browne of Enhanced Audio                 two-room facility for product demos,        try. [Fourth], it’s outside of Dublin,    stuff, his clients are Dublin bands that
                                               advice, a little education and some         [so] if the Dublin guys come down,        come down to get out of the city.”           Loft studio owner Joe Egan
                                                                                           they are definitely interested.”             “In Ireland, it’s finding something
                                                                                               Loft owner Egan has been using        that there is a market for, and that
                                                                                           a Digi 002 with an Apogee front-          you are good at, instead of trying to
                                                                                           end, so playing host enabled him to       be all things to all people.”
                                                                                           see the different technologies and           Brewer is all set to do it again
                                                                                           punters’ reactions to it – and then       next year.
                                                                                           purchase from AW, with any luck.             “Yes – bigger, better! And I think
                                                                                               Not only that. Brewer started up      we’ll get in a live band and do ses-
                                                                                           a MySpace page, and sent out numer-       sions. And there’ll be the banter and
                                                                                           ous emails, in order to build up antic-   the slagging that we saw yesterday…”
                                                                                           ipation for the event. It worked.            Brewer refers to a late night
                                                                                               “Thirty percent of visitors here      ‘debate’ between Digi and SSL rep-
                                                                                           I’d never seen before,” says Brewer       resentatives over who was better.
                                                                                           the day after the party. Guests           (PSNE can diplomatically report
                                                                                           included one studio representation        that there was no clear winner.)
                                                                                           that drove for 4.5 hours to get there.       Brewer closes with a last thought
                                                                                               Audio Warehouse, as a reselling       on what Audio Warehouse, as a
SSL’s Jim Motley demos the AWS 900 controller for visitors to the Loft, Clara, Ireland     operation, has picked up SSL, PMC         reseller, can do, and is doing.              Audio Warehouse’s Paul Brewer

Studio de la Grande Armée installs Sony Oxford console
FRANCE: A couple of months ago                 ger digital desk and finally chose the      make changes in pictures right until      the studio management position when          have mixed here include Herbie
saw the installation of a 160-input            Sony Oxford.”                               the last minute. So the console needs     the market was crashing out, every-          Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Prince and
Sony Oxford OXF-R3 console in                      It was Jean-Luc Denis who took          instant recall. Then, the console had     body was telling that it was the end         more recently Kanye West and many
Studio C at Studio de la Grande                over the technical direction of the         to support a great number of chan-        of that kind of big recording complex.       French artists such as Johnny
Armée. It replaced a Solid State               studio and started talking about the        nels for music-to-picture. And final-     After five years, I can tell you that it’s   Hallyday. The first session that took
Logic board.                                   Oxford, which he knew very well             ly, the panning system in a digital       all wrong! We’ve had a growth of             place in the refurbished Studio C
    Zach Hanoun, managing director             because he had installed the very           console is more flexible.”                more than 20% per year. You just             was a 20-day mix of the Emir
of Studio de la Grande Armée and co-           first one in the world some ten years           Located at Porte Maillot, west-       have to accept the evolution of this         Kusturica’s opera, Time of the
owner along with Jean-Claude Dubois,           ago. In France, this desk has a good        ernmost of Paris, and five minutes        business and make it an advantage.”          Gypsies. []
explains, “Studio C was designed by            reputation, so it meant it was easi-        away from the Champs-Élysées,                 Since Studio de la Grande Armée          GUILLAUME SCHOUKER
Tom Hidley in 1992. It was one of the          er for us to promote the room.”             Studio de la Grande Armée is a four-      was established under the Palais des         CONTACT >> STUDIO DE LA GRANDE ARMÉE
first control rooms dedicated to 5.1           Denis had been officiating as tech-         studio complex founded by Jean-           Congrès, international artists that          TEL >> +33 1 40 68 24 11
mixing. At that time, there was an SSL         nical director at Studios Guillaume         Claude Dubois some 35 years ago.
4000 E/G and it stayed like this for a         Tell, a member of the World Studio          Hanoun says, “We have all the indus-
long time. Two years ago we moved              Group, for fifteen years before he          try standards: a 60-input Neve VR60
the SSL in to Studio B because we              joined the team of Studio de la             mixing board with Encore Plus
decided that studio would be vintage-          Grande Armée five months ago.               Automation in Studio A, a 56-input
oriented. At this point, and with the              When asked about the choice of          SSL 4000 E/G console in Studio B
growing needs of the market for music-         the discontinued Sony Oxford                and now a Sony OXF-R3 in Studio
to-picture, having a full digital room         board, Denis said: “The studio in           C.” There’s also a Digidesign Pro
came naturally.”                               which the console was installed had         Control system in the Studio E edit-
    He adds, “We installed a                   to support stereo and 5.1 monitor-          ing room. The monitoring system in
Digidesign Pro Control system which            ing for DVD and music-for-film.             Studio C is based around the origi-
has been very useful for the last two          Music-for-film is quite an important        nal TAD TSM1 main monitors with
years, but it’s become too small for           market in France. Also, today with          Bryston amplifiers.
our clients. So we looked for a big-           computers, filmmakers generally                 Zach Hanoun continues, “I took        The Grande Armée team with the Oxford: a renaissance for the discontinued desk?

[16]        November 2007                                                                www.prosoundnewseurope.com
Sound Bites                                 rpm                COMMENT
Abbey Road
has started making films about the
things the studio gets up to and the
                                            TIM OLIVER’S STUDIO
products it makes. Highlights so far
include a video diary of all four days of
the recent AES show in New York, as
well as a look at mastering at the
                                            The Great Music Giveaway                                                             ing points of emotional resonance
                                                                                                                                 where people get excited enough to
                                                                                                                                 want to buy into records and mer-
                                                                                                                                                                            necessarily a promotion company
                                                                                                                                                                            heading it up. If the record labels
                                                                                                                                                                            were quick off the mark they could

famous Abbey Road Studios.                      t’s been hailed as a revolution-     few bands that have been lucky              chandise. It is perhaps the only way       have re-branded themselves along
W >> www.abbeyroad.com                          ary act, a challenge to the exist-   enough to go into the black on the          up-coming acts have a chance of sus-       these lines long ago. That said, pro-
                                                ing music industry mould, and        back of heavy investment, and               taining themselves independently if        moters are well set to absorb a major
Dreamtek                                    according to Radiohead’s Jonny           much of the money made on them              they can get enough of a web buzz          cost of developing new talent by con-
in partnership with Apple, recently         Greenwood, “It’s fun to make peo-        by the record company will have             happening to draw a crowd.                 trolling tour supports and the accom-
hosted the initial launch of the most       ple stop for a few seconds and think     gone into the failed development of             The balance of power has swung         panying marketing, supposing, that
significant upgrade to Apple Logic Pro      about what music is worth.” All of       the six or eight signed acts that           from record labels to promoters, a         is, they take on the responsibility and
in three years – Apple Logic Studio.        which is fine for a band who’ve had      don’t make it for the one that does.        swing so great that in a strange and       ultimate reward of developing new
Logic Studio comprises Logic Pro 8, a       the benefit of a six-album deal and      This isn’t to get record companies          ironic twist of fate, whereas until        talent rather than just cherry pick-
major upgrade; Mainstage, for Live          all the investment that goes with        off the hook here. They’ve been             recently, singles were treated as loss-    ing established artists, or worse, lift-
performance, Soundtrack Pro 2, Music        that to elevate their profile to glob-   equally culpable in their own down-         leading ‘jingles’ for the album, the       ing participants from reality TV
to picture, WaveBurner 1.5 CD author-       al proportions. Let’s not forget that    fall by the recent slow withdrawal          likes of Prince are treating the           talent shows.
ing and other audio utilities. The          their first record, Creep bombed         of long-term development and                album as a jingle for their live                Certainly the Radiohead
launch event allowed users to see the       when it first came out in 1992 and       myopic exploitation of back cata-           shows. But ever the enigma, not            approach won’t have the infra-
new features first-hand and speak to        had to be re-released a year later by    logues: An inevitable result of             only does he give away the album,          structure to develop new acts and
experts from Apple and Dreamtek.            Parlophone as the band were flown        majors being run by accountants             there’s no merchandise on offer            beside Madonna’s constructive
W >> www.dreamtek.tv                        around the globe chasing its cham-       rather than music fans with its             either. But that probably doesn’t          response their experiment looks
                                            pioning radio DJs – Israel first, fol-   inevitable consequence.                     matter too much if you’re selling          more like the irresponsible and
Sonalksis                                   lowed by the USA, finally getting to          But back to the giveaway, The          out the Dome for 21 days.                  petulant act of spoilt, over-privi-
has announced a strategic and opera-        No7 in the UK chart a year and a         Charlatans with their ‘canny’ man-              The promoters can enjoy this           leged teenagers rebelling against
tive collaboration with Toontrack Music     couple of other singles later.           ager Alan McLaren [Er…shouldn’t             power shift and go after a much big-       their parents, flicking Vs and stomp-
during the ongoing development of its            It’s fine for Ian Brown and other   that be Malcolm McGee? Ed] go               ger slice of the cake but that cake is     ing off with echoes of “You treat
next professional sample engine for         established artists to laud the move     one step further and announce that          now becoming way too small to sus-         this house like a hotel” ringing in
drums, Superior Drummer 2.0.                in a ‘right on’ way, but how con-        their next album is free. A canny           tain all its suppliers. Enter Madonna.     their ears. A shrink would tell you
Toontrack Music chose Sonalksis as          structive is this ‘experiment’? And      move on their part certainly, not for       Now she is a canny lass, always one        it’s only natural as rock’n’roll pass-
the responsible development partner         what about the plight of unknowns        the free publicity it received or the       step ahead of the game with her            es through adolescence into adult-
for the development of the built in FX      looking to break? Am I wrong in          increased gig attendance, but for the       choice of producers and now pio-           hood and with recent talk of
section provided in Superior Drummer        thinking it might be impossible for      embarrassment it saved from no-             neering the so-called 360? deal to         Radiohead wanting to sign a new
2.0. The FX section will consist of a 5-    any of the millions of aspiring bands    one actually buying it.                     cover record and DVD releases, pub-        deal in 2008 it sounds like they’re
band EQ, high and low pass filter,          on MySpace to sell their music for           Most agree that while people help       lishing, touring and merchandise in        already running out of clean clothes
gate, compression and a transient           next to nothing and then promote         themselves to music from the internet,      cohort with live promoters One             and want to come back and use the
designer, all based on technology from      it globally for a year or more in the    they’re still happy to shell out for live   Nation. In a shrinking market this         washing machine. []
the Sonalksis award-winning plug-ins.       hope that something takes off? I         gigs, and with the sad demise of record     model makes a lot of sense: the all-in-    ■ Tim Oliver is a freelance pro-
W >> www.sonalksis.com                      think not. Radiohead are one of the      shops, this is one of the few remain-       one deal that is, not the fact that it’s   ducer living in Bath.

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                                                                                                                                                     rpm     Sound Bites
                                                                                                                                                             Dean Street Studios

Keeping Kodály
                                                                                                                                                             has become the first commercial
                                                                                      Digital Pro captures                                                   recording studio to auction time on
                                                                                                                                                             eBay. As reported in the October issue
                                                                                      Hungarian composer                                                     of PSNE, the studio recently reopened
                                                                                                                                                             after a major refurbishment. The first
HUNGARY: Back in September, the           PSNE. “Our credo is to use the least   nary experience because of the                                              auction took place in September and
people of Budapest paid tribute to        amount of microphones possible.        never-before-heard details and                                              was so successful it plans to run this
the great Hungarian composer              Therefore the main pickup was our      dynamics, along with the natural                                            as a regular event. The offer includes
Zoltán Kodály, by staging two of          trusty Decca-Tree set-up, three        timbre of the acoustic instruments,                                         the use of all the equipment in the
his symphonic works, the Háry             Schoeps MK2H omnis with two            the natural bends of the instrument                                         studio, plus back-up from in-house
János Suite and Dance of Galánta,         MK2 outriggers. Since Kodály com-      sections and soloists. And compar-                                          engineers to help with the tricky tech-
along with symphonic song Közenít         posed his music with clever arrange-   ing the live sound in the Bartók Hall                                       nical stuff. The first auction resulted
E tél and the Sonata for Solo Cello       ments, not many spot mics are          and the recordings also was very                                            in The Draytones, signed to indie label
(Op.8). Digital Pro took the oppor-       needed to make the solo instruments    interesting experience. Everyone                                            1965 Records, picking up a day of
tunity to record the two concerts in      more prominent. Therefore we only      who heard our recordings said that                                          studio time for less than £200.
parallel to two high-res formats:         used two AKG C414 EB: one for the      the recording’s acoustics are a lot                                         W >> www.deanst.com
PCM and Super Audio CD (DSD)              famous Hungarian string instru-        more pleasant sounding than that of
surround.                                 ments, called Cimbalom, and one for    the Bartók Hall.” []                                                        DACS Audio
   The recordings took place on           the wind instruments. A C12 (an        ANTHONY LORD                                                                designed and installed the new record-
the 1st and 5th of the month at the       AKG mic from the ’50s) was used for    CONTACT >> DIGITAL PRO                                                      ing facility that recently opened at
Béla Bartók Concert Hall in the           the baritone soloist, an AKG C451      WEB >> www.digitalpro.hu                     The trusty Decca-tree set-up   Highfields School in Matlock,
Palace of Arts, Budapest. Soloists        for the harp and a Shure KSM44 for                                                                                 Derbyshire. Two years after it achieved
were Adam Horvath (voice),                the horns. The mic preamps were the                                                                                special status as a Performing Arts col-
Balazs Kantor (cello) and the             two-channel Antony DeMaria’s                                                                                       lege, the school now has a recording
Cantemus Choir lead by Denes              ADL-600 (PreSonus) and eight-chan-                                                                                 facility that will enable pupils studying
Szabo. Gyorgy Gyorivanyi-Rath             nel Millenia Media HV-3D.”                                                                                         for music technology qualifications to
conducted         the      Budapest          From the stage the preamp out-                                                                                  gain essential hands-on experience in
Philharmonic Orchestra.                   puts went by a Sommer snake to the                                                                                 recording techniques. DACS supplied
   Istvan Matok, MD of Digital Pro        venue’s guest mixing room, where                                                                                   much of the equipment, which includes
believes that the choice of the venue     Digital Pro recorded parallel to                                                                                   a custom-built computer system, Magix
makes up 60% of the quality of the        PCM 192kHz/24-bit multitrack                                                                                       Samplitude 9, a Yamaha 01V96 version
final recorded sound. The new             using Pro Tools HD, and to stereo                                                                                  2 digital mixer, Genelec and Pyramid
1,800-seat concert hall, which            DSD via Korg MR-1000. For the                                                                                      speakers, Shure and Pearl micro-
opened in 2005, was designed by           DSD mix a Studer 296 was used as                                                                                   phones, a DACS Mic Amp and DACS
Russel Johnson, and allows the            a line-mixer. Monitoring was                                                                                       HeadLite headphone amplifier. The new
acoustics to be modified in many dif-     PMC/Digidesign         MR2      and                                                                                studio cost approximately £70,000 to
ferent ways.                              Dynaudio BX30 subs through the                                                                                     build and equip. Funding was provided
   “The remaining 40% of the sound        Bryston 10B-LR crossover.                                                                                          from the £100,000 the school received
quality is down to the technology, pri-      About the recordings, Matok                                                                                     from the a government grant.
marily the choice and placement of        comments: “Comparing both the                                                                                      W >> www.dacs-audio.com
the microphones,” Matok told              high-res formats was an extraordi-     The impressive Béla Bartók Concert Hall in the Palace of Arts in Budapest

                                                                            www.prosoundnewseurope.com                                                          November 2007                  [19]

New composing talent                                                                                                        The most powerful PowerCore yet
                                                                                                                            DENMARK: TC Electronic has intro-
                                                                                                                            duced the PowerCore X8.
                                                                                                                                                                           software, which adds new UIs and
                                                                                                                                                                           features to the PowerCore platform.

discovered by Sibelius
UK: The winners of the inaugural       Sibelius Software. “It shows what a         Jonathan and Ben Finn were award-
                                                                                                                               This latest addition to the
                                                                                                                            PowerCore family features eight DSP
                                                                                                                            engines, which offers twice the pro-
                                                                                                                            cessing power of PowerCore
                                                                                                                            FireWire, and allows even more
                                                                                                                                                                              The X8 combines a floating-point
                                                                                                                                                                           Power PC with eight Motorola DSPs.
                                                                                                                                                                           This ensures tight integration into the
                                                                                                                                                                           native world while at the same time
                                                                                                                                                                           maintaining all of the advantages that
Young Sibelius Film Composers          rich pool of talent there is out there      ed an OBE for services to software       plug-ins to be used simultaneously             DSPs offer for signal processing. []
competition are William Church and     in UK schools, and we really think          technology. The twins co-founded         with native digital audio worksta-             ANTHONY LORD
Luke Richards. “Listening to the       we may have unearthed some of the           Sibelius in 1993, with Jonathan spe-     tions. The X8 includes 14 plug-ins             CONTACT >> TC ELECTRONIC
soundtracks produced by the bud-       David Arnolds and Patrick Doyles            cialising in the technical side of the   as well as PowerCore 3.0 system                WEB >> www.tc-now.com
ding composers provided an incred-     of the future!”                             business and Ben handling the sales
ibly inspirational experience for me
and my co-judges,” said Michael
                                          And while Sibelius hands out
                                       awards of its own, the founders and
                                                                                   and marketing side. []
                                                                                   ANTHONY LORD
                                                                                                                                                          PSN data
Price, composer and music editor for   developers of the software received         CONTACT >> SIBELIUS SOFTWARE
film, whose recent credits include     an award themselves. Twins                  WEB >> www.sibelius.com
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.
“The standard, imagination and
innovation surprised us and inspired
us in equal measure and we are sure
this new scheme will provide a real
pathway for the next generation of
top flight composers for film.”
   Sibelius launched the competition
in November 2006 and gave stu-
dents four months to complete a
one-minute composition. There were
two age categories, under-16 and
under-18. Over 500 entries were
received from a broad range of
schools across the country, and
Sibelius has already confirmed their                                                                                        According to research by the IFPI, the overall trade revenues from recorded music
intention to turn the scheme into an                                                                                        totalled $19.6 billion, with digital sales of 11% of that figure. While that is up 2% from
annual event.                                                                                                               2004, showing the rapid growth in digital sales, there is still another 89% of the record-
   “We have been amazed and                                                                                                 ed music pie for physical media. In 2004, global digital sales accounted for $1,131 mil-
delighted by the high standard of                                                                                           lion, while physical sales amounted to $19,578 million. Last year that shifted to $2.089
entries to this competition,” says     Jeremy Silver, Sibelius MD; William Church; Andy Mayell, Church's music teacher at   million in digital sales and $17,498 – a decline but still a large market. []
Jeremy Silver, managing director of    Shenfield School, Brentwood, Essex; Daniel Spreadbury, Sibelius product manager

[20]      November 2007                                                         www.prosoundnewseurope.com

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