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					Oh... the choices! Wedding cakes to                 The Heart of Texas ~ Southern Red Velvet
Birthday cakes-Anniversary cakes to                        A moist red velvet cake layered with our
                                                           silky cream cheese frosting.
Cupcakes~ it all starts right here. ..              Espresso LOVES Mocha
Cake                                                       Layers of devil’s food chocolate cake
       chocolate, devil’s food, vanilla~ yellow &          soaked with espresso syrup, filled with
       white, red velvet, carrot, coconut, spice,          chocolate pastry cream & topped with
       pumpkin & lovely lemon.                             espresso buttercream.
Frostings                                           I LOVE Carrot Cake
                                                           Packed with fresh carrots, plump raisins,                     7 Tai Lane
       rich chocolate truffle, vanilla, mint,
                                                                                                                    BOZEMAN, MONTANA
       espresso and peanut butter buttercreams,            pineapple and just the right powerful mix                   406-587-5683
       silky lemon cream cheese frosting, silky            of spices. The layers are cut in half~ a
       cream cheese frosting, silky coconut cream          double layer cake actually has four layers~
       cheese frosting, dark chocolate ganache,                                                                     Inside Wild Joe’s Coffee
                                                           enveloped within out silky cream cheese                   Downtown Bozeman
       & whipped cream.                                    frosting. (triple layer price)                                18 East Main
Fillings                                            Luscious Cheesecake                                             BOZEMAN, MONTANA
       apricot jam, raspberry jam, French vanilla          We make a crust free gluten-free, a sugar
       pastry cream, lemon curd, cherry pie,               cookie crust or ginger cookie crusted                        Handcrafted with
       vanilla whip cream, chocolate pastry                cheesecake that melts in your mouth.
       cream & whip cream, frosting,
       seasonal fresh fruits.
                                                           Topped with your choice of fillings.                           LOVE
Helle’s Belle- Signature Cake                            The options are unending. We have more                          BOZEMAN,
       Devil’s food cake with fresh vanilla                tempting combinations listed online.                          MONTANA
       whipped cream between the layers. A              Personalization of cakes is complimentary.
       touch of chocolate truffle frosting &
       top with dark chocolate ganache &
                                                      Cake Prices– Round & Square                        We are known for our uncompromising
       voila’ . Cake perfection.                                       double layer     triple layer     quality & dedication to baking
                                                                                                         perfection. It has to catch the eye & taste
Lovely Lemon Love                                     6”                  $19               $24
                                                                                                         incredibly delicious to make it off of our
       luscious lemon cake soaked with                9”                  $37               $42          baking tables. From the cocoa to the
       sweet tart lemon syrup & topped with                                                              vanilla, apples to the carrots, we use the
       silky lemon cream cheese frosting.             10”                 $42               $47
                                                                                                         finest & freshest ingredients we can find
Blueberry Lemon Love                                   12”                 $47               $51         for you.
       our luscious lemon cake baked with              14”                 $60               $75            From our Hearts– to Hand—to You–
       handfuls of plump blueberries                                                                                   Always. L.
       throughout. Soak with sweet tart                Please allow 48 hours notice on all cake or-
       lemon syrup, top with silky lemon                 ders. WEDDING cakes by appointment.
       cream cheese frosting & fresh blue
       berries. Ooo la la. (may exchange
       raspberries for the blueberries in season)      Cupcakes & Babycakes
                                                                                                               Bakery &
Coconut Dream
       Our coconut cake layered with
                                                              Cupcakes- $2.75
                                                                                                             Dessert Menu
                                                                                                            We are fearless & creative~ an unbeatable
       vanilla whipped cream and our                   All flavors and fillings available.                combination. Let us create something unique for
       coconut cream cheese frosting–                           Please allow 24 hours notice                          you & your occasion .
       garnished with stunning coconut                             for all cupcake orders.
  Elle’s Belles Bakery &                                     Snickerdoodle
                                                                     new take on an old classic oh~so~good!            Brownies                                   $2.25
      Dessert Menu                                                   catch him, catch him if you can...
                                                                                                                         Cream cheese swirl brownie
                                                                                                                              you have spoken—a hands down
                                                             Ginger crisps                                                    Bozeman favorite.
In 2003, Elle began baking cookies to satisfy                        one of our few crunchy cookies.                     Walnut brownie
Bozeman’s Cookie Monsters. Our cornerstone                   Linzer Hearts                                                    a classic with nutty goodness & chewy
cookie is the famous cream cheese sugar cookie                       gluten~ free hazelnut cookie with raspberry              edges
with cream cheese frosting. Decorated to suit the                    jam filling                                         Blondies
season or designed for any special occasion, the             Macaroons                                        $1.50           Brown sugar, white chocolate goodness
cookies speak for themselves. Little over a year ago,        French Macaroons                                 $1.75    Bars                                       $2.25
we expanded into a full service bakery & café                Black & Whites                                   $2.50
serving an exceptional breakfast nosh & full lunch                   a New York classic bakery cookie                    Raspberry bars
menu. We also offer catering & ship our treats na-           Punkin’                                                     Apricot bars
                                                                     like punkin’ cake drizzled with cream    $2.00
tionwide. Explore the Elle’s Belles world online at                                                                      Lemon bars & discover the LOVE that keeps us                    cheese frosting.
baking.                                                      Neo Classics                                              Whoopie Pies
                                                             Peanut butter & jelly
                                                $2.50        Peanut butter chocolate chip                                Mini                                      $1.50
Cream Cheese Sugar Cookie                                                                                                Punkin’                                   $3.50
                                                $1.25        Craisin white chocolate oatmeal
with Cream Cheese Frosting                                   Butterscotch coconut oatmeal                                Chocolate                                 $3.50
     Sugar, sugar...ah...honey, honey…say hello to           MG’s Pure Love Cookie                                       Red Velvet                                $3.50
     the sweetest cookie of them all. Laced with the                espresso, chocolate chunks, walnuts,                 Custom dipped                             $4.25
     essence of almond, soft & creamy with a touch of               maple syrup & the finest cocoa
     crunch. One bite & you’ll be hooked. Shape &                   make this cookie unique & oh so                    Pastry
     decoration change with the season & holiday.                   delicious. A much asked for new favorite.
     They are available in many shapes & sizes.                                                                          Gallettes varying sizes & prices
     Personalization available.
                                                             Pie!                                                               Free form crust filled with fresh fruit
                                                                                                                                & brushed with an apple jelly plum
Classics                                        $2.00                Yes, there is a secret to the crust & we                   glaze
Chocolate Chip                                                       know it! It’s flakey & perfect every time.          Fresh Fruit tarts varying sizes & prices
        with so many chips to plow through your                      Our pies are edged & topped with                    Chocolate tarts varying sizes & prices
        mouth might tire, but your taste buds will be                beautiful leaf, star & heart cut outs making
        longing for more.                                            for a stunning presentation from                    Rustic Apple Tart 10” at base             $49.95
Peanut Butter                                                        the crust up..                                              thinly sliced tart apples layered with
        Peanut buttery lovin’ fresh outta Elle’s                                                              $19.95             sugar, butter & Gran Marnier encased
        oven. Made with gobs of peanut butter in             Dutch Apple topped with streusel                                    in phyllo dough & baked to perfection.
                                                                                                              $23.95             Served with crème fresh.
        every bite, this cookie will literally melt in       Traditional double crust Apple                   $16.50
        your mouth.                                          Pumpkin edged with a leaf garland                           Croquembouche 70 puffs                    $99.00
                                                                                                              $19.50             A tower of pate ‘a choux pastry puffs
Oatmeal Raisin                                               Pecan edged with a petal garland– sunflower      $16.50
        Oatmeal...raisin the bar on a classic.                                                                                   filled with vanilla pastry cream stacked
        These ain’t your grandma’s cookies, so               Cherry topped with stars, hearts or lattice      $23.95             into a tower & accented with spun
        prepare for a kick in the buds.                      Triple Berry topped with stars                   $19.95             sugar. A show stopping Centerpiece &
Ginger Molasses                                              Coconut Cream topped with luscious whip                             Grande Dame French dessert.
                                                                                cream                         $29.95     Madelines                                $ .75 ea
        Get your molasses movin’ with this sweet n’
        sassy concoction that will keep you comin’ back      Lemon Meringue                                              Palmiers                                 $1.50 ea
        for more.                                            Seasonal fruit options:                      Market         Turnovers                                $2.25
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut                                       Peach topped with lattice             price          Croissants almond, chocolate, savory     $3.25
        Say Aloha to this onaliscious (that’s Hawaiian              Raspberry topped with hearts or stars                Gluten Free products available.
        for delicious) cookies that will erupt with flavor                                                               check for selection
        and leave you screaming…”Mahalo!”                           Blueberry topped with stars