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      Mulligan’s Catering

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             Mulligan’s Cafe & Bar
                3500 McCaw Ave.
             Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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(Choice of Two, except with 75 or more guests Choice of Three)
                     Fresh Vegetable Platter
                      Hawaiian Meatballs
                         Mini Quiches
                7 Layer Mexican Dip with Chips
                      Stuffed Mushrooms
                      Fresh Fruit Skewers
                     Wings: choice of one:
                      (Teriyaki, BBQ, Hot)


                         (Choice of Two)
                       *Tossed Green Salad
                       *Classic Caesar Salad
         *Fresh Spinach salad with Hot Italian Dressing
                          Cucumber Salad
                             Pasta Salad
                         Red Potato Salad
              *(1) of these salads served prior to Buffet

                      Hot Entrees

       (See price options on pg.2 for number of choices)
                             Prime Rib
                Traditional Oven Roasted Turkey
                  Chicken Breast: choice of one:
                    (Rosemary, Picatta, Teriyaki)
                        Seasoned Pork Loin
                   Carved, Peppered Roast Beef
                  Honey Pineapple Glazed Ham
                        Eggplant Parmesan
                Salmon with Caper Lemon Sauce
             (other Fresh Fish available at market price)

                                                                 Wedding Menu   1
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                   Side Dishes

                    (Choice of Three)
            Twice Baked AuGratin Potatoes
           Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Parsley
                   Traditional Dressing
                        Rice Pilaf
          Red Potatoes with Rosemary & Garlic
                 Fresh Vegetables Medley
                      Baked Potatoes
                      Glazed Carrots
            Broccoli with Hollandaise Sauce

               Pricing Options

           All Prices Below Are Inclusive

$39.00 One Hot Entree (excluding Prime Rib & Fresh Fish)
            $41.00 Prime Rib or Fresh Fish
$41.00 Two Hot Entrees (excluding Prime Rib & Fresh Fish)
   $44.00 Two Entrees includes: Prime Rib & Fresh Fish

      *Coffee/Ice Tea beverage station set-up $150.00

                                                            Wedding Menu   2
                           w e d d i n g Menu e n u

                                    General Information

                                      (All prices on page 2 include:)
                                          Cake Cutting & Serving
                                             Champagne Toast
                                                No Host Bar
                                                White Linen
                                          Tented Patio (if needed)

                                       Additional Costs

                               Rental of Dance Floor (Mandatory for dancing)
                                              Wedding Cakes
                                                Punch Bowl
                                        Facility Charge ($500.00)

             Number Guarantee (Minimum 50                             - Maximum 140)

   As for all food functions, the approximate guest count and menu selection is needed no later that 2
   weeks in advance for your function. The final attendance must be given no later than 1 week prior to
your function. However, should your number drastically increase or decrease, please let us know as soon as
 possible. If no guarantee is given, your attendance at the time of booking will become your guarantee. In
 the event fewer people attend you will be charged for your guaranteed number. The maximum number of
    individuals attending any portion of a function will be counted as part of your guaranteed number.

                                   Music & Decorations

 We reserve the right to control the volume of music played. Music must be pre-approved by Mulligans.
 Music can begin at 7:00 p.m. and done by 11:00 p.m. If there will be dancing you are required to rent a
dance floor. No confetti, rice or grains may be thrown on the premises of the Banquet Facility or Clubhouse.
Mulligan’s Café & Bar will not permit the affixing of anything to the walls, floors or ceiling of the Banquet
Room with nails, staples, tape or any other substances, unless prior approval is given by the catering office.
                 Due to our location we have to approve all music vendors (bands and DJ’s).
                         For recommendations of local DJ’s, please see page four.

                                                                                              Wedding Menu   3
                           w e d d i n g Menu e n u

                                Jammin Entertainment DJ

               Music For All Occasions 805-748-9044

  Mario Estrada of Jammin Entertainment has been in business for 5 years although he has been a DJ for
close to 10 years. Music is provided for any part of your event which includes background music for cocktail
hour and dinner. If you are planning a wedding, music and song selections can be chosen for pre-ceremony
               and ceremony along with the reception and the formal events associated with it.

You are not charged extra for meetings, phone calls, travel or set up time since this is all covered in the fee.
             The hourly fee is charged from the time the event starts to the time it is finished.
                                Wedding Hourly Rates – $200.00 per hour
                             Parties & Corporate Events – $125.00 per hour
                           50% Deposit required at the signing of the contract

                                   Equipment & Services Provided
                                   Cordless and Wired Microphones
                                                Light Show
                                        Turntables (upon request)
                   MC (Master of Ceremony) Announcements and Event Coordinator
                               Wedding CD given to the Bride and Groom
                                       Referral List and Music List
                                   Customized Timeline of the Event
                  Timelines provided to vendors (photographers, caterers, videographers)

                   Ron Miller of the The Full Gallop Band

                           Singer and Acoustic Guitarist 805-938-7771

  Ron Miller has delighted audiences throughout California, across the country and all around the world.
  Ron is the band leader of Santa Barbara County’s “Full Gallop Band.” This four member band features
gifted performers who are versatile in entertaining large crowds in many different musical styles. These Cen-
      tral Coast all stars will lead you to believe they’re from somewhere other than your own backyard.

 From golden oldies to rock & roll, western ballads to dance classics. Custom made for your special event-
                                 Solo- Duo-Trio or Four Member Band.

                        Wedding & Parties Hourly Rates – $350.00 for four hours

                                         rates are subject to change
                                                                                                Wedding Menu   4
                           w e d d i n g Menu e n u


No food or beverage, alcoholic or otherwise, shall be brought onto the premises by the patron or attendees
   from outside sources. Wine may be brought in, with permission, but will be charged a corkage fee.
 A corkage fee of $10.00 per bottle (750ml) will be charged for any wine brought in. Must have prior
                                approval from the catering management.

                                             Set-up        Fee

 If anything special is needed to be set or there are decorations, a set-up/take down fee will apply. The fee
      will be based on the estimated time of the job at $40.00 per hour, with a half hour minimum.

                                          Over Time Fee

We allocate each function two hours for lunch and three hours for dinner. Functions wishing to stay longer
may make arrangements in advance. There will be a charge of $150.00 per hour for each additional hour.
                               There is an 11:00 pm curfew on all events.

                                   Overlapping Shift Fee

Should your evening event start at a time that does not allow us to serve lunch until 3:30 or your day event
 runs so long that we are unable to open for dinner at 4:00, an additional charge will apply which will be
                                    determined on a case by case basis.


Mulligans Cafe and Bar does not assume any responsibility for the damages or loss of any merchandise or
articles left in the restaurant prior to or following any function. Banquet organizer is responsible for any
            damage done to the Mulligans Cafe and Bar property by themselves or thier guests.

                                                                                               Wedding Menu   5
                          w e d d i n g Menu e n u


               A deposit is required at the time of your confirmed reservation of $500.00.
                               Balance due upon completion of function.


Once we have confirmed that we are reserving the room for you, we have made a commitment to hold that
               exclusively for you. Should you decide to cancel, our policy is as follows:

                          3 months in advance – a full refund of initial deposit
                          less than 2 months – deposit non-refundable or transferable

                               The Banquet Room has a full bar available.

     To confirm your reservation we need your $500.00 deposit and the 7th page of this menu signed
                                          and returned to us.

We at Mulligan’s Café understand this is a special event and we will do everything possible to assist you in
                                 making this a memorable occasion.

    For assistance with any of your banquet needs please feel free to contact Mario at (805) 682-3228.

                           Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

                                       Mulligan’s Cafe & Bar
                                          3500 McCaw Ave.
                                       Santa Barbara, CA 93105
                                          tel: 805.682.3228
                                          fax: 805.563.0678                                  Wedding Menu   6
               g Menu
   w e d d i n wedding Menu                                infor
                                                          inforMation M               ation
                               Wedding Information Sheet

                    I have read the rules and cancellation policy and fully understand them.

Sign & Return


Date of Function:

Name & Phone Number:

Approximate Guest Count:

Time Function is to begin and end:

Please Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

                                        OFFICE USE ONly

Deposit Information:

Dance Floor:


                                         Mulligan’s Cafe & Bar
                                            3500 McCaw Ave.
                                         Santa Barbara, CA 93105
                                            tel: 805.682.3228
1/09                                        fax: 805.563.0678                                  Wedding Menu   1

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