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                                                                            Issue Date: 2 February 2010

                                                                                                 Revision no.43


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        In d ex of BM A I nf or m at i on Bu l l et i ns

 1      BMA Information Bulletins and Bahamas National Requirements                                04/2007   01

 2      Public Holidays                                                                            01/2010   04

        Recognized Organisations and Recognized Security
 3                                                                                                 12/2007   01

 4      Ac c id e nt R e por t in g                                                                07/2009   02

 6      G MD S S - E P IR B R eg i s tr a t io n                                                   04/1999

 7      Em er g en c y Res p ons e O f f ic er                                                     02/2007   01

        A pp l ic at i on of a n Ex e m ptio n f r om or a n Ex t ens i o n to a n
 8                                                                                                 01/2009   02
        In ter n at i o na l C on v e nt i on R e qu ir em en t
        A n O f f ic er 's G u i d e to t he Mer c h an t S h i pp i ng Le g is la t io n of
12                                                                                                 11/1999
        th e B a ham as

14      Us e of A R P A Ra d ar f o r C o ll is i o n A v oi d a nc e                              12/2000

15      S hi p a n d O f f ic er s R ad i o L ic e nc es                                           12/2000

18      No t ic es t o M ar in er s                                                                04/2001

19      Com m is s io n in g of Inm ar s a t T er m i na ls                                        04/2001

        Am en de d M er c ha n t S h i pp i ng Le g is la t io n & R e v is e d O f f ic er 's
21                                                                                                 12/2001
        G u id e t o M er c h a nt Sh i pp i n g Le g is l at i on

23      IS M C o de C er t if ic a t io n                                                          01/2010   03

24      W ith dr a w n r ef er 8 1

26      W ith dr a w n r ef er 1 1 5

27      W ith dr a w n r e f er 1 03

29      Em er g en c y Es c ap e Br ea t hi n g De v ic es                                         03/2007   01

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                                                                              Information Bulletin Index
                                                                           Issue Date: 2 February 2010

                                                                                        Revision no.43

      Ref er e nc es t o ST CW 95 in c er t if ic a tes , e nd or s em e nts a n d
30                                                                                         06/2002
      ot h er doc um en ts

31    W ith dr a w n r e f er 1 08                                                         06/2002

44    W ith dr a w n r e f er 1 08

51    Car r i a ge of E l ec tr o n ic Ch ar ts                                            07/2003

57    Co nt i n uo us S yn o ps is Rec or d                                                01/2004

61    W ith dr a w n r e f er 1 04

66    B ah am ia n I ni t ia l a n d A nn u a l Ins p ec t i ons                           02/2010         01

69    Co n di t io n As s es s m en t Sc h em e f or T a nk er s                           02/2007         01

      SO L A S Chapter XI-2 and International Code for the Security of Ships and
70                                                                                         04/2007         02
      Port Facilities (ISPS Code)

71    A ppr o v a l ( Cer t if ic at i o n ) of M ar in e E q u ipm en t                   07/2007         01

72    E nh a nc in g Lifeboat Safety during abandon ship drills                            04/2007         01

73    Ins p ec t i on of P as s en g er S h ip Bo tt om                                    03/2007         01

74    M AR PO L L if e Ex t ens i o ns F or C at e go r y 2 a nd 3 T ank er s              02/2007         01

      M AR PO L 7 3/ 7 8 A nn ex V I R eg u la t i ons f or t he Pr e v e nt i on of A ir
75                                                                                        04/2007          01
      P ol l ut i o n f r om Sh i ps

76    Car r i a ge of Im m er s i on S u its on C ar go S hi ps                            07/2008         01

78    Ma r i t im e Sec ur it y T hr e at                                                  11/2005

      Co nc en tr at ed I ns pec t i on C am pa i gn ( C I C) on S O L A S C ha p ter
80                                                                                         05/2009         03
      III R e q uir em en ts

81    B M A F e es Sc he d u le                                                            01/2010         04

84    O i l R ec or d B o ok s                                                             06/2006         01

85    P or t St at e C on tr ol I ns pec t io n M a na g em ent                            06/2009         01

86    A ppr o v a l of ST CW T r ai ni n g                                                 01/2010         01

87    S af et y of Lifeboat Onload Release Gear                                            04/2007         01

      Competent Person Carrying Out Duties in Connection with Inspection,
89                                                                                         02/2007
      Maintenance and Testing of Ships’ Appliances and Equipment

90    MARPOL Annex II – Carriage of Vegetable Oils                                         02/2007

91    Statutory Approval of Documents                                                      02/2007

92    Application of SOLAS Requirements for High Pressure Fuel Pipe Protection 02/2007

93    Code of Safety for Diving Systems                                                    02/2007

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                                                                      Information Bulletin Index
                                                                   Issue Date: 2 February 2010

                                                                                     Revision no.43
       Application of MARPOL Annex I to Floating Production Storage and
94                                                                                     08/2008        01
       Offloading Facilities (FPSO) and Floating Storage Units (FSU)

95     Relocation of BMA London Office                                                 04/2008        02

96     Maintaining Passenger Ships Watertight Doors Open during Navigation             03/2007

97     Fire Fighting Equipment                                                         03/2007

       Servicing of Marine Evacuation Systems, Inflatable LifeRafts, Inflated
98                                                                                     03/2007
       Rescue Boats, Inflatable LifeJackets and Hydrostatic Release Units
       Survey and Inspections of Ships Operating Solely within Bahamian
99                                                                                     03/2007
       Territorial Waters or the Caribbean Region

100    Wires for Lifeboat Falls and Appliance-launched Liferafts                       07/2008        01

       Application of Mandatory and Non – Mandatory
101                                                                                    02/2008        01

102    Technical Procedures for Registration of Yachts                                 04/2008        04

103    Seafarers Medical Examinations and Certificates                                 12/2007

104    Issue of Bahamas National Certificates and Endorsements                         12/2007

105    Guidance on Manning & Training for Offshore Industry                            12/2007

106    Tanker Training & Certificates / Endorsements                                   12/2007

107    Bahamian Seaman’s Record Book                                                   04/2008        01

108    Bahamian Flag State Endorsements                                                04/2008        01

109    IMO Unique Company & Registered Owners Identification Number Scheme             10/2008        02

110    Relocation of BMA Nassau Office                                                 04/2008        01

111    Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT)                                   07/2009        03

       International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage
112                                                                                    10/2008        01
       (Bunkers Convention)

113    Anti-Fouling Systems Convention                                                 06/2008

       Economic and Ancillary Measures for Certain States
114                                                                                    06/2008
       (UN Sanctions)

115    Safe Manning Document                                                           10/2008        01

       Authorized Testing Application Service Providers (ASP) for Long Range
116                                                                                    12/2008        02
       Identification and Tracking (LRIT) of Ships

117    Lifeboat Safety – The Use of Fall Preventer Devices (FPD)                       08/2009        02

118    Certificate of Proficiency for Ship Security Officers                           01/2010        01

       Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Waters off the Coast of
119                                                                                    01/2010        02

120    Action to be taken concerning Port State or Flag State Detention                12/2009        01

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                                                                   Information Bulletin Index
                                                                Issue Date: 2 February 2010

                                                                             Revision no.43
       Countries Recognised by the Bahamas in accordance with
121                                                                              09/2009
       STCW Regulation I/10

122    Lay Up of a Bahamas Registered Vessel – Practice, Policy and Procedures   01/2010

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